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Item Description
1.Child's wooden rocking horse Seat 12", head 22, x 30" DINING ROOM

2.3 Cat kitten puzzles 19x11, 25x18, 21" dia. All DINING ROOM

3.Oak wall coat rack 53 x 2.5 x 2 DINING ROOM

4.Early yardstick DINING ROOM

5.Norman Rockwell print 13.5 x 16.5 The Little Spooners 1972 CPC DINING ROOM

6.5.5" Teapot The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens The White Hart Inn at Southwark DINING ROOM

7.Oak combination lock box bank from the Original Duke Post office 6x6 x 5 DINING ROOM

8.Oak 2 door bookcase Amish made 40 x 14 x 49 DINING ROOM

9.Soda Fountain print 15 x 12 DINING ROOM

10.20 x 15 Knic knac shelf with country smalls DINING ROOM

11.2 Pfaltzgraff cookie and flour jars, no lids, flour is cracked DINING ROOM

12.9" Birdhouse Antiques, & black cat DINING ROOM

13.Toleware magazine holder 12.5 x 6.5 x 14 DINING ROOM

14.Milton Bradley Co. Studio paper cutter 12 x 11 DINING ROOM

15.7.5 x 8.5" dia. Pfaltzgraff cookie jar DINING ROOM

16.Coal skuttle 17 DINING ROOM

17.1 1/2 gal 2 tone crock with top 7.5" high DINING ROOM

18.Brown crock with handle and lid 8" high. Lid has chips DINING ROOM

19.1985 Johnny Wright cast iron cat mold 16 x 7 DINING ROOM

20.Bat house DINING ROOM

21.Primitive wooden ironing board, nice shape 48 x 11.5x28 DINING ROOM

22.child's caned seat/back rocking chair seat is 12" high DINING ROOM

23.Record player oak case as is 18 x 14 x 7 DINING ROOM

24.Iron tredle sewing machine base Saturn Martha Janson Massow with oak top 32 x 17 x 30 DINING ROOM

25.Barometer 15" Swift & Anderson Co. DINING ROOM

26.Oak box, rope handles on wheels 25 x 17 x 19 DINING ROOM

27.Cape Welsh Woolens by Fraser Morgan DINING ROOM


29.Cat print 24 x 34 DINING ROOM

30.Folk Art style print Girl/cat 20 x 24 DINING ROOM

31.Child's mahogany chair seat 10" DINING ROOM

32.32" Raggedy Ann doll DINING ROOM

33.Oak pressed back high chair Amish made DINING ROOM

34.Luggage holder DINING ROOM

35.Handmade from silverware hat rack wall mount 23" DINING ROOM

36.Folk Art style print horse/buggy 23 x 18 DINING ROOM

37.Haan floor sanitizer, Hoover shampooer/polisher, mop bucket DINING ROOM

38.Amish made Oak dining room table with 4 chairs 2 lift out leaves. Very nice condition 60 x 41, 12" leaves DINING ROOM

39.Ladies cowboy boots size 7 LIVING ROOM

40.2 Cowboy hats and hat box LIVING ROOM

41.Storage ottoman 18 x 17 x 15 LIVING ROOM

42.Oak rocker LIVING ROOM

43.Crotch mahogany needlepoint top stool 14 x 14 x 6 LIVING ROOM

44.Cabbage Patch baby Marcella Rhonda LIVING ROOM

45.16" Doll chair and cloth doll LIVING ROOM

46.Stenciled front pine drysink stereo cabinet with Magnavox am/fm and turntable, Realistic cassette player 38 x 18 x 33 LIVING ROOM

47.Baking pans LIVING ROOM

48.Brass, copper ash and coin trays LIVING ROOM

49.2 Alabaster and 3 candle eggs LIVING ROOM

50.Vintage Climan family scales LIVING ROOM

51.Dresser pieces, chimneys LIVING ROOM

52.Sewing, thimbles LIVING ROOM

53.4 Cat, kitten pictures 6x4 to 11 x 9 ALL LIVING ROOM

54.Country decorations LIVING ROOM

55.Wall plaques, candle LIVING ROOM

56.Country baskets, decorations LIVING ROOM

57.11" Resin cat with changes for clothes for the Holidays LIVING ROOM

58.Vintae spatter top LIVING ROOM

59.2 Early wooden shoe molds LIVING ROOM

60.9" Electric candle Santa covers LIVING ROOM

61.2 Tapestries 18 x 18, 53 x 18 LIVING ROOM

62.Stool 15 x 10 x 9 LIVING ROOM

63.Wingback chair with chair cover LIVING ROOM

64.2 Shades LIVING ROOM

65.Griswald Wagnerware dutch oven with glass top 11" dia. LIVING ROOM

66.Westmoreland white milkglass gravy with underplate LIVING ROOM

67.Fenton white milkglass hobnail basket 8"

68.Fenton white milkglass hobnail jam jar LIVING ROOM

69.8" Anniversary clock, battery operated LIVING ROOM

70.9" Cat vase LIVING ROOM

71.10" Dia. Wooden bowl knife and fork LIVING ROOM

72.Wooden carolers 10.5 x 5 x 11 LIVING ROOM

73.Decorative plates LIVING ROOM

74.Brass buckle SE Jacobsen, LM Shimode LIVING ROOM

75.Hohner pocket harmonica LIVING ROOM

76.7.5" vase for antique car LIVING ROOM

77.5" Hershey Glass jar LIVING ROOM

78.10" Candy jar LIVING ROOM

79.Lenox large bowl and 6" plate LIVING ROOM

80.Brownware 10" dia. Bowl with metal handle LIVING ROOM

81.Small rock fountain LIVING ROOM

82.Thatcher's Dairy quart milk bottle LIVING ROOM

83.An Garinger Dallas Pa milk bottle LIVING ROOM

84.German 5" tankard LIVING ROOM

85.German 7" stein LIVING ROOM

86.8 x 5 cast iron dog bank,not sure on age LIVING ROOM

87.Mid Century Seth Thomas clock 9.5 x 5 x 3, pc of glass broke upper right hand corner LIVING ROOM

88.7 Cowboy boot Christmas decorations LIVING ROOM

89.12" Dia. Wooden hand painted bowl LIVING ROOM

90.240/250 light house print unframed 18 x 22 LIVING ROOM

91.Wooden doll benches LIVING ROOM

92.Kitchen appliances small crock, blender, Milkshake maker, chopper LIVING ROOM

93.Steamer pan LIVING ROOM

94.Aroma spa and facial LIVING ROOM

95.Washboard 9 x 18 LIVING ROOM

96.Sunbeam 1 touch humidifier LIVING ROOM

97.Wooden knic knac shelves total 3 LIVING ROOM

98.4 Folk Art style cat prints framed 11 x 12 All LIVING ROOM

99.Variety of decorative and throw pillows LIVING ROOM

100.Couch plaid blues 87" LIVING ROOM

101.Birdhouse design stand 10 x 10 x 27 LIVING ROOM

102.Living room lamp brass coated LIVING ROOM

103.2 Early rush seat stenciled back chairs Hitchcock style Each FOYER

104.Cherry Young House 1 drawer/2 door stand 28 x 17x30 FOYER

105.Wreath FOYER

106.Folk Art style print barn 11 x 9 FOYER

107.Decorative country items hanging on wall expandable coat rack FOYER

108.Rug 66 x 98 DINING ROOM

109.Handy Stitch etc FOYER

110.2 Drawer metal filing cabinet 15 x 16 x 31 OFFICE

111.Venture books and magazines OFFICE

112.8 Car books Street Cars, Classics of the Roads OFFICE

113.Vol 1 -20 Automobile books 85 total OFFICE

114.Car books OFFICE

115.Various books OFFICE

116.Oak bookcase modedrn 34 x 18 x 76 OFFICE

117.Vol 1-22 The World of Automobiles OFFICE

118.Hot Rod and Car books OFFICE

119.Garden books OFFICE

120.Fancy iron base stool or vanity seat 21 x 10 x 19 OFFICE

121.Mahogany 1940's rocker OFFICE

122.Hat, scarves OFFICE

123.3 Books Rickenbacker's Luck, etc OFFICE

124.Hankies, etc OFFICE

125.Card table older OFFICE

126.Ladies purses, bags, clutches OFFICE

127.Early Motor Scrapbooks OFFICE

128.The Amish of Lancaster book OFFICE

129.1909 copyright Practica Treatis on Automobiles OFFICE

130.Mahogany 2 dr. filing cabinet 17 x 22 x 29 OFFICE

131.52" Goose neck floor lamp OFFICE

132.4 Books, New York, 300 Years with the Pennsylvania Traveler, etc OFFICE

133.Windham Township 1787-1977 OFFICE

134.Vol 1 & 2 Meshoppen and Aubrun Schools OFFICE

135.13" green glass shade student lamp OFFICE

136.Early rush seat chair OFFICE

137.Oak Mission style 1 drawer desk 45 x 27 x 29 OFFICE

138.8" high Iron elephant door stop OFFICE

139.2 Wall hangings BEDROOM #1

140.Canning jar lamp 15" high BEDROOM #1

141.12" Hat rack with country style decorations BEDROOM #1

142.Victorian maple stand 24 x 18 x 28 BEDROOM #1

143.Garmet rack BEDROOM #1

144.Hangers in CLOSET BEDROOM #1

145.Duke University mirror 15 x 26 BEDROOM #1

146.University of Cornell stenciled captains chair BEDROOM #1

147.Spool thread lamp 21" BEDROOM #2

148.Pennsylvania House 2 oak 1 drawer night stands 24x16x24 Each x 2 BEDROOM #2

149.Oak Pennsylvania House bed complete 61 x 78 BEDROOM #2

150.Cat clock 12" BEDROOM #2

151.Computer stand with monitor, printer BEDROOM #2

152.Office chair BEDROOM #2

153.Oak Pennsylvania House 9 drawer dresser with mirror 60 x 20 BEDROOM #2

154.Oak Pennsylvania House 6 drawer dresser 38 x 18 x 55 BEDROOM #2

155.Early hand stitched quilt 70 x 62 BEDROOM #2

156.Early hand stitched quilt Star design 83 x 67 BEDROOM #2

157.Hand stitched quilt 66 x 82

158.Quilt hand and machine stitched 84 x 78 BEDROOM #2

159.Early oak desk 39 x 19x 28 BEDROOM #2

160.Office items BEDROOM #2

161.Bentwood chair BEDROOM #2

162.4 drawer cardboard dresser with bags, Christmas etc BEDROOM #2

163.4 drawer cardboard dresser with exercise tapes, etc BEDROOM #2

164.Country box with doll, rabbit FAMILY ROOM

165.Afghan bedcover FAMILY ROOM

166.Pine lift top box 37 x 20 x20 FAMILY ROOM

167.Modern Mission style Southwestern Chair and ottoman FAMILY ROOM

168.K. Brueggerm Ann painting 24 x 30 FAMILY ROOM

169.W. German Wall clock with weights FAMILY ROOM

170.Barometer FAMILY ROOM

171.Country dolls FAMILY ROOM

172.Cabbage Patch doll, etc FAMILY ROOM

173.Wooden TV trays FAMILY ROOM

174.Primitive voting or ballot box 27x18x24 FAMILY ROOM

175.Floor lamp FAMILY ROOM

176.Leather Couch brown FAMILY ROOM

177.Leather modern chair and ottoman FAMILY ROOM

178.4 Crayola Tins to train set FAMILY ROOM

179.Crayola advertising collectible items FAMILY ROOM

180.2 Shelves of books FAMILY ROOM

181.2 Shelves of books FAMILY ROOM

182.Bookcase 40 x 13 x 67 FAMILY ROOM

183.Lamp modern 26" FAMILY ROOM

184.Early box 17 x 9x5 FAMILY ROOM

185.Wreath and bellows FAMILY ROOM

186.Chair KITCHEN

187.Spice box wall hanging KITCHEN

188.GE Electric stove 30" KITCHEN

189.GE Refrigerator older 33 x 29 x 64 KITCHEN

190.Hotpoint washer LAUNDRY ROOM


192.Oak hamper 21 x 13x27 LAUNDRY ROOM

193.Moose iron doorstop 13" HALLWAY

194.Whale books GARAGE

195.Collectible country cats GARAGE

196.Golf balls doz. GARAGE

197.Early skuttles & sewing GARAGE

198.Early wooden large spools GARAGE

199.Candy dispenser, cup warmers GARAGE

200.Linens GARAGE

201.Candles GARAGE

202.Small tea cups, etc GARAGE

203.Modern oil lamp, vase GARAGE

204.White milkglass, pitcher, creamer, sugar etc GARAGE

205.Christmas book, etc GARAGE

206.Lead and presssed crystal GARAGE

207.Decorative plates, bowl GARAGE

208.Knic knacs GARAGE

209.Star tin bucket, birdhouse tissue holder GARAGE

210.Anheuser Busch Inc. wooden advertising box GARAGE

211.Cards, notebooks, tapes GARAGE

212.Pressed glass GARAGE

213.Linens GARAGE

214.Mail box GARAGE

215.Small stool GARAGE

216.Genesee wooden advertising box GARAGE

217.Forty Niner train set GARAGE

218.6" Wooden stool GARAGE

219.Plastic stool, planter GARAGE

220.Books GARAGE

221.Ty Beanie Baby stuffed animals in a basket GARAGE

222.2 Lodge Furniture covers, sofa and chair GARAGE

223.Small drying rack GARAGE

224.Large tote of Christmas ornaments GARAGE

225.Christmas GARAGE

226.Collectibel Russ Berrie Birds with shelf GARAGE

227.Christmas GARAGE

228.Cat jewelry DINING ROOM

229.Large ring with green paste stone DINING ROOM

230.2 .925 pins, floral and coral DINING ROOM

231.Mexican .925 facial scarab stone pin DINING ROOM

232.2 Sterling pins and pair of earrings DINING ROOM

233.Danecraft Sterling necklace DINING ROOM

234.Victorian bracelet and clip DINING ROOM

235.New York Buffalo token and foreign money DINING ROOM

236.Scarab pin DINING ROOM

237.Artinal ladies watch DINING ROOM

238.Art Deco bracelet Marked Wells Sterling DINING ROOM

239.Seed Pearl and Amethyst penant marked 14k on DINING ROOM

240.14k gold clip marked Earrings DINING ROOM

241.Sterling Marked faux pearl screwback earrings DINING ROOM

242.Screwback Sterling earrings, clasp on necklace marked sterling DINING ROOM

243.Assorted bracelets DINING ROOM


245.Jace necklaces, etc DINING ROOM

246.Assortd necklaces DINING ROOM

247.Purple drawers with assorted jewelry DINING ROOM

248.Greenish drawers with assorted jewelry DINING ROOM

249.3 Hershey cereal bowls KITCHEN

250.Pfaltzgraff covered casserole, 8.5" dia. Serving bowl KITCHEN

251.Pfaltzgraff 6" teapot, with 6 cups and saucers KITCHEN

252.Pfaltzgraff 6 4.5" mugs KITCHEN

253.Pfaltzgraff Set of dishes 7-10" plates, 7-8" plates, 8-6.5" plates, 8-8.75" plates, 8 cereal bowls, 6-6.5" glasses, 2-5.5" glasses

254.Pfaltzgraff 8.5" pitcher

255.Pfaltzgraff Salt box, 5" creamer/sugar combo, heart box

256.Pfaltzgraff 8 corn dishes

257.Pfaltzgraff salt, pepper, creamer, sugar, butter dish, butter crock

258.Pfaltzgraff bread tray, 5-4.75" bowls, 2 tin punch items

259.Pfaltzgraff 7 oval trays includes 1-11.5x6, 2-10x5, 4-8x4.5

260.Pfaltzgraff 2 cups

261.Pfaltzgraff 2 platters, 2 oval bowls, platters are 14x9.5, 11.5 x 8, bowls are 10x7,8x5.5

262.Cherry 2 glass door over 2 door show cabinet or display cabinet 34x12x77 LIVING ROOM

263.Thompson Pottery Snowman Dishes includes 8 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 3 bowls, 8 cups


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