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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
Oriental Rugs, Antiques, Hummels, Madame Alexander Dolls, Milk Bottles, Books and More - Saturday January 9 5:00 pm

Item Description
1.21x24 Victorian style frame photograph

2.Vintage Crosley radio Missing one knob 12x7x7 tan coloring needs cord

3.Vintage Radio Receptior dark brown plastic case 9.5x6x6

4.2 Hard plastic case vintage military radio phones Each x 2 11x4x8

5.Early photographs and post cards One Harvey's Lake postcard

6.Mastercrafters elec. Carriage clock Model 308 7.5x5.5x9

7.Oval framed engraving Washington Family 12.5x14.5

8.Assorted postcards

9.10 Norman Rockwell plates with holder Each x 10

10.3 Bird and cat plates Each x 3

11.Still life painting on artis board signed Athena Anestes 23x29 frame some damage

12.2 Mid Century hanging plastic insert lights 10" High approx 9" dia at widest part Each x 2

13.Oak framed Ammetta print 16x18.5

14.Early metal 9" cooler

15.Child's muff

16.2 Early metal thermos bottles one JC Higgins 8.5" and 10" both

17.3.5" Hall teapot

18.Roseville double handled vase 180-6"

19.Various early pictures

20.Pair of framed King and Queen wall art 12.5x9.5


22.Art Deco framed Victorian style print 10x10

23.Vintage coasters

24.Songs of Song-ah-tah

25.WWII knife Eagle head handle end with metal sheath 11" total length

26.Vintage E. Pack and Sohne Solingen dagger with metal sheath Eagle head end handle 15.5" total length

27.First Lunar Landing 8" souvinier dish

28.Ealry pottery green mixing bowl 9" dia, 5"high

29.Child's 3.5" daisy top hand bag

30.The End of The Trail Print framed 18x22

31.Anthony and Cleopatra by carl Romanelli plate 10".

32.6 The Treasure of the Dore Bible plates Each x 6

33.10 Russian Legends collectors plates Each x 10

34.2 Historic pictures both 25 x 21

35.4 Charles Grimm plates Each x 4

36.Vintage Enamel 9" electric hot plate

37.4 Charles Grimm plates Each x 4

38.lobsters and 2 pottery wall pocket bees

39.Vintage The F & E Check protegtor The Headman Manufacturing Company No 2042036

40.Cherypoyka mystical plate

41.35" Vintage plastic doll

42.35" plastic girl doll not marked

43.35" boy doll plastic not marked

44.Bird stuffed

45.Pair of Ming Dog 7" alabaster or marble bookends

46.2 5" ceramic buddah's both

47.Vintage Solid State AM-FM-AFC soundwave radio 22.5x5.5x6.5

48.9' iron pry bar

49.Picture of cottages 53 x 29

50.Electroplate early silverware set and other patterns in box

51.Pair of 5" black marble bookeds

52.Pair of hard plastic Vintage Wartime radios Each x 2

53.Vintage Poloroid Model 150 Land camers

54.8 John Eggert Collection fish plates Each x 8

55.Gilber No 5 1/2 Erector set 1961 directions, box dented not sure if complete

56.Art Deco waffle maker no cord

57.Ladies vintage brown cloth clutch large 18x9

58.Early metal Oriental style back light 11x5 as is cord


60.Child's Early wooden piano Ring Around The Rosy 12x13x6

61.Various plated silverware in box

62.Plated ring and faux pearls-as is

63.Bird print 8 x 10

64.Antique camera

65.Kodak Ducaflex III camera

66.Gallery of Art print 15 x 13.5

67.Vintage Camera Bolsey Model B2 Wollensak Rochester

68.Ansco sur shot box camer

69.Oriental decorated collector plate

70.Kodak No 2 C Pocket Kodak vintage camera

71.Ansco Anscoset camera

72.3 cameras Ansco disc 360, Kodak 155x Instamatic and Kodak instamatic 314

73.Brownie Target Six-16 box camera vintage

74.Victorian 2 hats and feather piece

75.7 Early red hats

76.Child's cowgirl skirt cloth

77.2 ladies vintage red hats one made by Doeskin

78.5 Vintage ladies black hats and hair pieces all

79.Vintage Ansco Rokkor camera flash and more

80.Ealry metal Lumar Scraper hauler toy nice shape 18" long

81.Kodak Brownie 8mm movie Camera II nice condition

82.2 ladies vintage hair pieces

83.1976 Scranton paper

84.Voighander vintage German camera

85.kodak Duaflex 16 camera

86.9" vintage purse

87.Cine-Kodak Medallion 8 Camera

88.Valley Forge Flag Co. Size #5

89.But Judge, I meant Your Honor It Just came out Meathead

90.Gregory Perillo Daniel Boone and Buffalo Bill plates Each x 2

91.2 Vintage plastic War style radio radios Each x 2

92.Kodak No 2 folding cartridge Premo

93.4 Collector plates Each x 4

94.Hanging metal knight knight is 15"

95.2 Vintage ladies bags

96.4 Piece child's play table and chair set for dolls Early

97.Vintage metal child's toy refrigerator 8x13x9

98.Early Structo metal garbage truc 19" long

99.Chalkware bongo playing flower holder 9x9 chip on tip of front base

100.Amethyst dot glass top made in France atomizer

101.2 ladies flower hats both

102.Alpex deluxe swivel flash tun

103.Baby purple velvet jacket and doll shoes

104.Ladies vintage hats

105.Vintage baby clothes

106.Early Men's hats

107.Cradle Togs vintage doll clothes

108.Early pennants

109.Vintage Plantation Chocolate tin 10" 5.5" high

110.Bookcase headboard bed with metal sides

111.2 Electric heaters both

112.School deck

113.Wood box


115.Pair of wood oars

116.Mid Century chair

117.Fancy Early Wrought Iron bench nice condition 5'

118.Metal cabinet with shelves

119.Early 1 drawer wall cabinet with shelves 23x10x32

120.Wood green folding chair

121.Early Walnut 2 door wardrobe over 1 drawer cabinet drop down style 39x16x80

122.Walnut Victorian bookcase made into gun cabinet flower design 22x14x73

123.Mid Century 35" lamp

124.Hand Crafted in France pink glass lamp 25"

125.9" canning crock

126.1978 Carmen plate

127.Grimwade cup saucer small teapot creamer

128.Vintage Little Giant adding machine

129.Jewelry coffin 4.5x4x3

130.10 La Porta Del Paradiso plates Each x 10

131.Persian Wilton Oriental rug 13'6"x16'6"

132.Karastan Sarouk Oriental rug Wool 11.5x14

133.Oriental style throw rug off white

134.Nice Early Oriental runner 3'4" x 11'

135.Early Oriental rug 6'8"x4'1"

136.Oriental rug 7'6" x 5'

137.Oriental rug 3'10" x 6'6"

138.Nice Oriental runner 26" x 12'6"

139.Imperial rug 5.3x8.1

140.Heavy metal base Mid Century 31" lamp

141.26" lamp

142.18" hand painted ball lamp

143.Early reverse green lamp

144.Clear glass ball lamp shade 10 x 9.5

145.9" Victorian lamp shade some panels missing

146.Cameo plate

147.The Cougar plate

148.12" Imari style Chinese plate

149.Jeweled style lamp 40"

150.36" red base glass lamp

151.3 collectible plates all

152.2 Vintage ladies red small purses

153.3 Rique Ladies plates frames Each x 3

154.Small vintage plastic material child's purse

155.2 clock pendulums

156.12" Germany painted on glass plate

157.Small vintage plastic material child's purse

158.5 x 4.5 refrigeration dish

159.Plate holders

160.Child's toy cowboy hat and others

161.Sioux War Pony plate

162.5.5" metal MI Greece ashtray

163.Lenox Madma Butterfly plate

164.Art Deco drink mixer 11"

165.Ladies vintage purse 8x3x6

166.Steam iron

167.Sony Dream Machine radio 5" square

168.Sessions Mantle clock as is wood

169.Barber shop comb holder 10"

170.Wicker framed tray cracked glass 19x12

171.Wood MI Italy for Hess's bookends

172.1980 Grand Master

173.Lodge hat

174.Aluminumware and more

175.Clear vases, platter, etc

176.planters and candleholders

177.Various pottery as is items

178.Power to The People Chained First 29 x 41 poster

179.3 Early posters 21x28 Third Eye, 2- 1969 Denham's #203 29 x 33 all

180.Soft Toucher Joe Roberts, Jr. A. Sirkia 63 Yucco Los Angeles 21 x 31 poster

181.CCR Revival #19 Dale W. Beeghly creative posters inc 22 x 34.5 poster

182.Work for Peace Creative Posters Inc #29 21.5 x 35

183.Moonstone 1971 Lead Media Inc LD Wood New Horizons poster

184.Rolling Stones #39 Creative Posters Inc Dail W Beeghly 23 x35 Black light

185.War D. Ambrosi Cocorico Graphics USA poster

186.Rolling Stones #39 Creative Posters Inc Dail W Beeghly 23 x35 Black light

187.Doing Our Thing 1969 Houston Blacklight poster HB 42 33x21

188.Welcome to Marijuana Country 17 x 22 poster

189.Woodstock #1 1970 Creative Posters Inc 35 x 22.5 poster

190.Poster Prints 1969 35 x 24

191.F & H Zodiak 22 x 33 poster

192.In Memory of The Great Jimmy Hendrix dwb Dail W. Beeghly poster 23 x 35

193.Surf's Up 1970 Creative Posters David W. Beeghly #94 1970 poster 35 x 22

194.2 Velvet posters Zodiac 33x24, 33 x 21 black light both

195.Western Graphics Flocked 32 x 23 velvet black light poster

196.Black flock Western Graphics poster 31 x21

197.Poster Black Flock Western Graphics 31x21

198.Led Zepplin Creative Posters #49 22x35

199.The Women's Army Corps pamphlets

200.Early doll as is

201.2 bedroom lamps

202.Enamel and other trays

203.Early Remington Rand adding machine

204.Grand Lodge F. & A.M. of Pennsylvania binder

205.Bob Dylan #79 1969 poster Creative Posters Inc 23 x 36

206.Black Light Flock Western Graphics poster NEW 31 X 21

207.Black Flock zodiak 22 x 33 poster

208.Have Nice Day 1970 Kersten Bros Co poster

209.Iron Butterfly NEW #55 Creative Posters

210.CCR #19 Creative Posters 22 x 34.5

211.Early wool socks

212.Vintage Free France magazines

213.Vintage ladies black purse, Swirl knob closure with costume large heart pin

214.2 Ealry frames

215.6 6" Norman Rockwell plates in holder all

216.Victorian feather hats and feathers

217.Early hot plates

218.Silver plated trays

219.Toleware tray 22x16


221.TV trays

222.Beveled veneered dresser mirror 33xs27

223.Early wood child's rocking horse


225.Early maps

226.Vintage records

227.Vintage records

228.Early souvinier trays various sizes

229.Vintage records

230.Arugs 500 Automatic slide projector

231.Antique Zeiss Ikon W52867K reel to reel with hard leather covered case

232.antique hats

233.Early dog wheel for handicapped dog


235.Shoe laspe

236.Cat pictures

237.Wood croquet mallets Johnny Walker Badmitton set

238.Hand sweeper

239.Child's runner sled 33"

240.Runner sled Fleetwing racer No 355

241.2 mini pictures mice

242.Brass items

243.Early steamer trunk from Greece to Elmhurst Pa 43x23x25

244.33" 251 AE rubber coated doll

245.Mahogany full size bed reeded

246.Antique hats

247.4 drawer dresser 32x17x39

248.Large Marx tin doll house 33x12x17

249.Mahogany spinnet desk 33x18x32

250.Ladies vintage hats

251.Wire magazine holder

252.Art Deco vanity with mirror original pulls base 49x19x25 mirror 43x46

253.Maple 2 drawer stand 42x18x30

254.Vintage dark colored hats

255.Magazine holder 16x11x16

256.Magazine holder 16x11x16

257.Child's metal doll bed 26x15x22


259.Mahogany chair

260.2 Modern chairs metal Each x 2

261.Vintage green vinyl chair

262.4 Fancy metal chairs Each x 4

263.Walnut Victorian cameo back chair

264.Wood rocker

265.Pine floor lamp

266.1940's chair


268.2 Ealry chairs both

269.TV trays

270.2 Oak Bentwood youth chairs Each x 2

271.Pink marble top Medit. Coffee table legs need to be tightened

272.Metal step seat

273.Aero Flyer childs wooden antique wagon

274.Oak case Singer tredle sewing machine

275.Caned side cameo Mid century chair

276.Beautiful Oriental 4 panel privacy screen Each panel is 16x72

277.Step end table

278.Leather top mahogany double bank desk 48x26x30

279.Vintage child's bouncy horse as is

280.Mahogany 2/3 drawer dresser no mirror 44x20x35 reeded side

281.Stand with shelf 20x16x29

282.Ladies mahogany bedroom rocker Elk Furniture Co. Lexington NC

283.Mid century lamp table tapered legs 20x20x26

284.Flat top trunk as is 32x20x22

285.lighted pointsettia artificial plant

286.Vintage bouncy horse as is

287.Large flat top steamer trunk Greece to Elmhurst pa 40 x 24x24

288.Mid Century Heavy with draped chain and Lion head design living room chair

289.6 Peacan wood dining room chairs Each x 6 Hickory Mfg. Co.

290.Nice Loveseat

291.Nice living room chair

292.Nice office chair


294.2 Modern end tables 21x31x21 Each x 2

295.Early 1 drawer over 1 door cabinet 24x16x29 mixed woods

296.Mid Century oak arm living room chair

297.Burwood products Inca design wall clock 20x20 battery operated missing hands

298.Early walnut heavily carved arm chair and settee with large paw feet settee is 524" lon

299.Vanity stool 20x14x17

300.Mid Century butler chair

301.Fancy iron base marked 66 off pink marble top stand with iron handle 32"

302.Walnut 2 door cedar lined chifferobe with drawers 40x21x63

303.Leather top mahogany 1 drawer end table metal casters 22x26x24

304.Mahognay 2 door covering 6 drawers over 4 drawer chest of drawers 44x22x58

305.3 Vintage hats

306.Vintage ladies hats

307.Vintage ladies hats

308.Antique 35" metal fishing pole with large early reel

309.Assorted fishing poles some with early reels Lake Cast, Langley etc

310.4 pieces antique bamboo fly rod parts not sure if complete

311.Orange hunting hats


313.Metal fishing rod holder

314.38" antique metal fishing rod with large reel

315.Early gun cleaning rods

316.JC Higgins model 46 reel

317.Various early fishing poles and parts

318.Large antqiue oak and walnut corner desk with leather top main section 84x42 Bring help to load HEAVY

319.Early lift top large blanket chest 47x27x25

320.Fancy gold guild frame with stitched and paper doll picture 31x27x3 small damage on frame

321.Primitive style candleholder

322.Red Lady Petite dress

323.Vintage green dress

324.Black velvet ladies dress

325.Yellow ladies coat with some damage

326.ladies vintage coat

327.Handmade runner

328.Tafeta style dress with velvet vest

329.Child's or ladies small jacket

330.Victorian style ladies clothing


332.Electric typewriter

333.Early sheet music


335.Photography books

336.Early music and sheet music

337.Early music and sheet music

338.Early music and sheet music

339.Early music books

340.Early music and sheet music

341.Vintage records

342.Vintage hats

343.Ladies vintage hat

344.Superman poster

345.2 Peter Max posters

346.Various prints

347.Vintage posters

348.Vintage posters

349.Early Life magazines

350.Early music


352.Early music

353.Early music

354.Early music




358.Architect books

359.Vintage posters

360.Early advertising from early papers

361.Geo magazines

362.Early Life magazines

363.1930's and up Atlantic Monthly magazines

364.waste can

365.Japanese tea set pieces

366.Ealry Elvis Bill Cosby posters record sleeve parts


368.Early music and sheet music

369.Ealry music

370.Mosquito and music box

371.Vintage boxing gloves

372.Depression walnut bed

373.Victorian heavy brass headboard and footboard

374.Beautiful Cherry and Tiger maple 2 drawer over 4 graduated drawers dresser with white glass pulls

375.Kling mahogany Gov. Wintrop drop front desk

376.Beautiful refinished primitive corner cupboard open top over 1 door all one piece

377.Vintage ladies shirt

378.Ladeis coat with feather collar

379.Ladies dress

380.Casual maker dress

381.Karib Vintage dress

382.Victorian ladies top

383.Townley dress and jacket

384.Blue velvet pants with gold design

385.Pink dress

386.Victorian shear vest

387.Vintage short jacket

388.Victorian ladies jacket

389.Vintage skirt

390.Black shirt

391.Vintage jacket

392.Long black veil hat

393.Victorian ladies shirt

394.Costume shirt and hat

395.Victorian bloomers and underskirt

396.ladies clothes

397.vintage dress

398.Ladies shirts qty 2

399.Vintage Glentex jacket and Victorian shirt

400.Ladies skirts and clothing

401.Various ladies tops

402.Vests and jackets

403.2 pair ladies bloomers

404.Ladies vintage shirts

405.2 Jackets

406.Ladies skirts and pr. Vintage Wrangler pants

407.Ladies assorted clothing

408.Ladies assorted clothing

409.Hall tree

410.Copy of Wm Penn charter rough shape

412.Leslie's 1918 magazine and more

413.Soviet Life Magazines

414.Early Gravely magazine

415.Nice variety of mostly single strand necklaces

416.Vintage single, double and triple strand necklaces

417.Vintage lot of necklaces and bracelets

418.Closinne style lot of pendants earrings and bracelet

419.Early celluloid 3" Cross

420.Signed Weiss aurora borealis pin wheel earrings

421.Goebel #KE56 Friar Thermometer

422.Hummel Dealer Plaque #187 A Tmk5

423.Hummel Bumble Bee Friend #837 Tmk8

424.Goebel Friar Wine Bottle #89095-25 Tmk6

425.Hummel Hello #124 Tmk

426.Goebel Friar At The Well #8104 Tmk6

427.Bookends Hummel like not hummels

428.Hummel plaque 100 Years #187A Tmk6

429.Hummel Merry Wanderer #11 Tmk1

430.Hummel Botonist 1972 #351 Tmk6

431.Hummel Doctor #127 Tmk5

432.Co-Boy Elf with Stein 1970 #Welll514 Tmk5

433.Co-Boy Elf with pot and spoon 1970 Well505 Tmk6

434.Co-boy Elf with tennis racket 17531-17 Tmk6

435.Co-Boy Elf with blackboard 1971 Well516 Tmk5

436.Mayfair Clock Tower #606

437.Hummel Liittle Pharmasist (Vitamins) 1955 #322 Tmk6

438.Hummel Dealer Plaque Blumenkinder 1966 #Love 238 Tmk4

439.Hummel style 3 wall hangers or plaques different pictures

440.Hummel School irl #81 Tmk1

441.Hummel Hello #124/0 Tmk6

442.Hummel Fascination 1991 #649/0 Tmk8

443.Hummel Flower Madonna #10/1 Tmk3

444.Goebel Friar Calander KE55 Tmk3

445.Hummel Meditation 1962 #13/2/0 Tmk6

446.Goebel Mother and Child #HM133 Tmk2

447.Hummel Soldier Boy #332 Tmk7

448.Hummel The Artist #304 Tmk7

449.Hummel Madonna with Halo White Glaze #45/I Tmk6

450.Hummel Just Dozing #451 Tmk7

451.Hummel Bookworm Girl #8 Tmk6

452.Hummel Hello #124/0 Tmk3

453.Hummel Honor Student #2087/B Tmk8

454.Hummel Flower Girl #548 Tmk6

455.Hummel Post Man #199/0 Tmk6

456.Hummel Brother #95 Tmk2

457.Hummel Heavenly Angel #21/0 Tmk6

458.Goebel Friar Milk Pitcher cracked no top T74/I Tmk3

459.Goebel Bird #543 Tmk3

460.Hummel Hear Ye, Hear Ye #15/0 Tmk8

461.Hummel Plaque 1984 #460 Tmk7

462.Blue Glass goose Girl 7 1/2" not hummel

463.Clear glass Goose Girl 7 1/2" not hummel

464.Goebel Friar Salt and pepper Tmk2

465.Frosted glass goose girl 5 1/2" not hummel

466.Hummel A Gentle Glow #439 Tmk6

467.Goebel Large salt and pepper 1 white 1 brown

468.Hersey Museum Plaque 1966 #604 4Oct1977 Tmk6

469.Hummel Museum in Texqas Grand Opening plaque #756 Tmk7

470.Hummel Joyous News #III/440/I chipped on base horn and wing Tmk3

471.Green glass goose girl 7 1/2"

472.Bottle with Friar stopper

473.Frosted glass goose girl 5 1/2"

474.2 Unknown Goose Girl bookends

475.Hummel Natures Gift #729 Tmk7

476.Hummel Garden Treasures #727 Tmk7

477.Hummel From Me To You #629 Tmk7

478.Hummel Forever Yours #793 Tmk7

479.Hummel Christmas Bell 19900 #776 Tmk6

480.Brown glass goose girl 7 1/2"

481.Pink glass goose girl 5 1/2"

482.Goebel Friar Creamer, sugar, tray S141/0 Tmk6, Z37 Tmk2, T69 Tmk5

483.Hummel Flower Madonna white glaze #10/1 Tmk6

484.Goebel Friar Sugar bowl #Z37 Tmk6

485.Hummel Goebel Bee Small plaque Tmk6, Hummel Celebratuon of Glorious Past & Future oval signed Tmk7, Hummel Thank you for Coming Round Plaque Tmk7

486.Frosted goose girl 5 1/2"

487.Goebel Vase 9 1/2" x 6x2 3/4" Bertha Hummel Gallery Tmk6

488.Goebel ZF43/2 Ash tray chipped

489.Goebel Madonna No halo HM38/2/0 Tmk3

490.Goebel Friar Sugar bowl #S183 Tmk6

491.Hummel Christams Bell 1990 #776 Tmk6

492.Hummel Calender #788/A Tmk7

493.Hummel 12 pc Nativity set 214 with Cresh colored

494.Hummel plaque #756 Tmk7

495.Hummel Grandma's Girl #561 Tmk7

496.Hummel Let's Sing Ashtray chip on hair #114 tmk3

497.Hummel School Boy #82/2/0 Tmk3

498.Hummel Watchful Angel #94 Tmk3

499.Hummel I Brought You a Gift #479 Tmk6

500.Goebel Bell Tower candle SPO 48 Tmk6

501.Hummel Merry Wanderer #11/2/0 Tmk3

502.Hummel Winter Song #476 Tmk6

503.Hummel Check Point Charlie #331 3 pcs Tmk7 Not Commemorative Ed.

504.Hummel Virgin Mary White #214A Tmk3

505.Hummel Mountaineer #315 Tmk7

506.Hummel Merry Wanderer #7/0 Tmk6

507.Hummel Meditation JH 124 year Ed

508.Goebel Friar Sugar bowl no lid T74/0 Tmk6

509.Hummel White Members Plaque Tmk6

510.Hummel 1981 Festival Plaque Eaton, Ohio

511.Goebel pair candlesticks #3104 Tmk6

512.Goebel Girl standing with flowers Lore244 Tmk4

513.Goebel Girl sitting with flowers Lore246 Tmk4

514.Hummel Telling Her Sercret #196/0 Tmk2

515.Hummel sister #98 Tmk3

516.Hummel Pharmasist (rizinusol) #322 Tmk4

517.ERCOLANO Trinket box Italy

518.Hummel Little Fiddler #2/0 Tmk6

519.Hummel Checkpoint Charlie Commemorative Ed Tmk6

520.Scene Birthplace of Bertha Hummel

521.ARS Picture on Easel

522.Goebel Angel with Hesus HX262 Tmk3

523.Goebel 3 pc sugar, creamer, tray Tmk6

524.Hummel Plaque Museum Texas Tmk7

525.Goebel Sugar with lid S183 Tmk6

526.Goebel Angel with infant 44 254C9 Tmk6

527.Hummel Peace on Earth #484 Tmk6

528.Goebel Salt and pepper KL94 Tmk6

529.Angels One may be a Goebel IF20 Tmk2 Bacrary

530.Hummel Lamb 214/0 Tmk4

531.Hummel Infant of Krumbad in Basket 78/II 1/2 Tmk2

532.Hummels mini plate #887 Tmk8, plaque unknown

533.ARS Music box

534.Hummel style items not Hummels

535.Das Hummel Buch book signed

536.Chalkware Holy Water wall holder small

537.Chalkware Hummel style figurines

538.Porcelain Hummel style figurines

539.Norcrest Hummel style figurines

540.4 Hummel style figurines

541.ARS Sacra 1943 figurine

542.Hummel style figurines

543.Hummel style figurines

544.Hummel style figurines

545.Madonna purchases 1943

546.Hummel like chalkware figurines

547.Hummel style figurines

548.2 Napco toothpick Hummel like

549.Steiff Teddy bear newer jointed

550.Madame Alexander Indonesia doll

551.Madame Alexander Mother Goose miniature showcase doll

552.Kewpie Effanbee 12" Little Miss Muffet doll

553.Storyland doll Madame Alexander Red Riding Hood

554.Madame Alexander Norway doll

555.American Collection Madame Alexander Halloween Devil doll

556.Madame Alexander Brazil doll

557.Storyland doll Madame Alexander Geppetto doll

558.Miniature Showcase Madame Alexander Jill doll

559.Zasan porcelain doll

560.Storyland doll Madame Alexander Bible Series

561.Miniature Showcase Madame Alexander Jack doll

562.Storyland Madame Alexander doll White Rabbit from Alice in Wondeland Series

563.American Collection Madame Alexander Bo Bo Clown doll

564.Storyland Madame Alexander doll Pinocchio

565.Madame Alexander Little Women Turkey doll

566.Soryland Madame Alexander Alice doll

567.Madame Alexander Mexico doll

568.Storyland Madame Alexander doll Mop Top Billy

569.Alexander Kins Beth

570.Madame Alexander doll Austria Boy

571.Miniature Showcase Madame Alexander Cheerleader doll

572.Madame Alexander doll Japan

573.Madame Alexander doll Sweden

574.Madame Alexander doll China

575.Madame Alexander doll Spain

576.Storyland Doll Madame Alexander Toy Soldier

577.Storyland Series Madame Alexander doll Miss Muffet

578.Porcelain blonde hair doll

579.Porcelain blonde hair doll with jumper outfit

580.Consumers Dairy Union City, NJ with Whipping cream cardboard top pint

581.Tarbell Farms Golden Guernsey Greene, NY 1/2 pint milk bottle

582.Bushko's Hillcrest Farm Dairy milk bottle Quart

583.Russell's Milk bottle Quart

584.Castanea Trenton, NJ Milk bottle quart

585.Cloverleaf Stockton California milk bottle Quart

586.Tarbell Guernsey Farms Smithville Flats, NY with Lemonade Cardboard top milk bottle Quart

587.Janssen's Diary's Carlstadt Bergen County NJ milk bottle Quart

588.Frederick Lipp milk bottle Quart

589.Ceram Craft milk bottle Quart

590.Castle Hill Farm Newtown, Conn. Milk bottle Quart

591.Waddington Milk Bo. NY Milk bottle 1/2 pint

592.Speedwell Farms milk bottle Pint

593.DeLong Dairy milk bottle 1/2 Pint

594.J.H. Rich Diary milk bottle 1/2 Pint

595.BFW Stoneleigh Famrs Carmel, NY milk bottle 1/2 pint

596.Abington Diary Co. milk bottle Scranton, Pa. 1/2 pint

597.Allendale Dairy Old King Cole with cardboard top milk bottle Quart

598.Mercer's Dairy milk bottle Quart

599.Blue Ridge milk bottle Quart

600.Stephens Bros Dairy Carbondale, Pa. Milk bottle Quart

601.Valley Farms Dairy with cardboard top Milk bottle Quart

602.Stephen's bros Dairy Carbondale, Pa. milk bottle Pint

603.Brewer's Dairy Elmira, NY with Pioneer Dairy Cardboard top mlk bottle 1/2 pint

604.Bower Dairy Pine City, NY Milk bottle 1/2 pint

605.Belview Dairy milk bottle 1/2 pint

606.Sweet Clover Farms Mountainville, NY Milk bottle 1/2 pint

607.Paradise galleries doll

608.Madame Alexander The Sound of Music Maria Travel Ensemble 75th Anniv. Doll

609.Madame Alexander Czechslovakia doll

610.Hopechest Heirloom doll Red heart dress

611.Madame Alexander Argentina doll

612.Madame Alexander Austria doll

613.Madame Alexander France doll

614.Madame Alexander Scotland doll

615.Madame Alexander Storyland Little Women Series doll

616.Months to Remember October doll

617.Madame Alexander Portugal doll

618.Carlson doll Warbonnet Princess, New Orleands doll both

619.2 Collectible dolls

620.Amber Stone Alicia doll 1990

621.Gorham Suzanne Love Story Doll Sugar & Spice

622.Schmid Musical porcelain doll

623.A Royal Doll Miss Elsa of a Royal doll

624.Minitature Showcase Madame Alexander Armenia doll

625.Miniatue Showcase Madame Alexander Tommy Tittlemouse doll

626.Madame Alexander Ireland doll

627.Madame Alexander Rumania doll

628.Madame Alexander Canada doll

629.Assisi doll

630.Madame Alexander Denmark doll

631.Madame Alexander Great Britain doll

632.Brinn's doll Kimberly

633.Madame Alexander Hungary doll

634.Silhelm Original Hand Made In Germany doll

635.Madame Alexander Finland doll

636.Madame Alexander Yugoslavia doll

637.Madame Alexander Russia doll

638.Madame Alexander Thailand doll

639.Madame Alexander Netherlands doll

640.Madame Alexander India doll

641.Madame Alexander Israel doll

642.Madame Alexander Belguim doll

643.War Newspaper Truman dies and more

644.Early Standard Encyclopedia

645.The University Enlyclopedia Copyright 1908

646.Novels, Pickwick Papers, ect

647.Psychology , Crime books


649.Limerick, Dictionaries, Quotations

650.Horsefeathers, Play on Words, ect

651.Mythology, Chess, ect

652.Early novels Back to the Woods, Ect

653.Tibet, Rome, travel books


655.Songs, Carols

656.Almanacs and more

657.Books on WWII

658.Various novels

659.Fishing, Flowering Wilderness, ect

660.Early novels

661.Lot of large chunky Wilma Flinstone necklaces

662.2 Vocalion cardboard posters 12x16

663.Fisher handbook etc

664.Early Edison record

665.Vintage sheet music

666.Vintage Toshiba poster

667.Early song books

668.Early song books

669.Early records

670.Sheet music

671.Shell and mother of pearl like necklaces

672.Vintage necklaces all with pendants one Sarah Coventry

673.Earthtone plastic wood and beaded necklaces









682.Early books (Fisherman's Luck, The Last of the Baron's, Vanity Fair, etc.)

683.Early books (A Tale of Two Cities, Exploring Latin, The Lady of the Lake, etc.)

684.Assorted religion books ( A Digest of the Bible, The Life of Jesus, Mink of Weekdays, etc.)

685.World War II books and more

686.Books about Egypt, Arab Peoples, The Middle East, etc.

687.Various poem books

688.Early books (The Search for Lost Flyers, The Young Reporter and the Bank Mystery, etc.)

689.Various literature and theatre books

690.Assorted religion books (The Bibles in Court, Folklore in the Old Testament, etc.)

691.7 assorted books about history

692.Books - The Wit and Humor of America, Les Miserables, and more

693.5 Oscar Wilde books

694.Books - The Brothers Karamazov, The Possessed, & The Philosohpy of Nietzsche

695.Byron's Poetical Works (The Poetical Works of Lord Byron) Illustrated with elegant steel engravings - Philadelphia Henry T. Coates & Co.

696.1913 An End And A Beginning, The Book of Ages, Fads, Follies and Delusions of the American People, and more

697.Assorted poetry and english books

698.Assorted poetry and literature books

699.Books - Writer's Market, The New Modern Poetry, The Merk Manual, and more

700.Books- The Greatest Stories Never Told, Trial and Terror, Weird History 101, and more

701.Various philosophical books, (How to Read A Person Like A Book, The Elements of Grammar, Censored News, etc.)

702.World War II Books and more

703.Various history books (The Birth fo Britain, The American Government, etc.)

704.Theatre and play books

705.Various history and war books (American Epoch, Never Call Retreat, Grant and His Generals, etc.)

706.Books about plants and gardening

707.Various early books (Star Spangled Kitsch, Irving's Sketch Book, The Common Sense of the Constitution, etc.)

708.Shortstory novels and more

709.The Peoples Almanac & Hand-Book of Ready Reference

710.Political, law, and theory books

711.Various early books (Mother West Wind "Where" Stories, The Odyssey of Homer, etc.)

712.Various books (Strange Secrets, Alfred Hitchcock Tales of Terror, etc.)

713.Various early books (A Changed Man and Other Tales, War and Peace, The Edge of Things, etc.)

714.Various early books (Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Purple Testament, The Old Fashioned Fairy Book, etc.)

715.Books - (The Source, This Land is Ours, Sharing Experiences, etc.)

716.Various early books (The Catcher in the Rye, The Life of Mary Eddy, Over the Polar Ice, etc.)

717.Books - (The Sound and The Fury, The Godfather, Tales of Suspense, etc.)

718.Commentary, Critical and Explanatory, On The Old and New Testaments (1874)

719.Various early books - (Great Experiments in Psychology, Little Women, etc.)

720.Maps of local Pennsylvania Countys (Susquehanna county, Bradford, Luzerne, Lackawanna, etc._

721.Hi Fi and High Fidelity magazines

722.Franch Canada and Free France magazines

723.Early McCall's magazines

724.Various travel magazines

725.Poland Today magazines

726.The Aquarium magazines


728.Vintage Look magazines

729.Various early magazines

730.Ladies vintage hats

731.Ladies vintage hats

732.Ladies vintage purses clutches

733.Ladies vintage shirts

734.Ladies vintage coats

735.Lap desk 20x13x11

736.Assorted books (2 boxes)

737.Assorted books (3 boxes)

738.Assorted novels (2 boxes)

739.Assorted books (3 boxes)

740.Assorted books ( (4 boxes)

741.Assorted books (2 boxes)

742.Assorted books (5 boxes)

743.3 Dictionaries

744.Early National Geographic Magazine books

745.Look, Life Magazines

746.Assorted Freemasonry encyclopedias, Holy Bible

747.Various vintage hard cover and paperback books

748.5 Judaism books

749.9 John L. Stoddard's Lectures (various states and countries)

750.11 The After School Library books

751.19 The Works of E.P.Roe books (late 1800's)

752.The Life of John Marshall by Albert J. Beveridge (I-IV)

753.The Essays of Montaigne 1, 2, Handbook

754.Various Dumas' Works Gascon Edition

755.Milman's Gibbon's Rome I, II, III by Edward Gibbon

756.Early Popular Poetry I, II, II & Early Popular Scottish Poetry I, II

757.Civilization Past and Present I, II by T. Walter Wallbank and Alastar M. Taylor

758.Abraham Lincoln The War Years by Carl Sandburg I, II, III, IV

759.Emerson's Complete Writings Volumes 3-12 Wise & Co.

760.Garlyle's Works Fredrick the Great Volumes 1-6 Belford Clarke & Co.

761.History of the United States Bancroft Volume 1-6 Subscription Edition

762.Pennsylvania A History (Biographical, Volume I, III, IV)

763.The Honor of the Name, Other Peoples' Money, The Widow Lerouge, Monsieur Lecoq by Gaboriau

764.Pennsylvania Digest 2 d (Volume 70, Volume 72, July 2001)

765.10 Little Master Pieces (Poems, Short Stories)

766.Assorted Law Books

767.10 The Story of Modern Science by Henry Smith Williams

768.Duke of Yorkes Book of Laws 1676- 1682 Charter amd Laws of the Province of Penna 1682-1700

769.Superior Court Paper Books 62 Penna, State 296-332 Penna State Library

770.Laws Applicable to Immigration and Nationality Edition 1953

771.The World of Law Edited by Ephrain Londom I, II Simon and Schuster

772.Purdon Penna, The Pennsylvania Manor, Pennsylvania Fiduciary Guide

773.Great Men and Famous Women Volume I-VIII by Selmarhes

774.The Works of Ralph W. Emerson Volumes XI, XII, XIV Houghton Mifflin & Co.

775.Masters in Music Volumes I-V 1903-1905

776.Pennsylvania Colonial and Federal Volumes I-III by Jenkins

777.Macaulay's History of England Volumes I-V Dodd Mead & Co

778.Collection of Books containing The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Republic, The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin, Psychology AND more (11 total)

779.Harvard Classics 44-50 1910

780.Early music paperback books

781.6 Frank R Stockton Novels

782.Early Kipling Novel Collection

783.The Illustrated Library of The World and its Peoples USA 1,2,3 France 1,2

784.Two president books

785.American Heritage books (paperback and hardcover)

786.Assorted Home & Garden Magazines

787.Early sheet music

788.Early sheet music

789.Famous American Songs

790.Early sheet music

791.The National Herald Greek- American Daily and Sunday Newspaper 1968

792.The New Haven Register 1961

793.Various Scranton Newspapers 1968

794.Tech Quarterly early magazines 1937, 1938

795.2 Rolling Stone cardboard posters

796.Boogie Woogie and Great Songs of Lennon & McCartny sheet music

797.In Wonderful Wisconson magazine

798.Above and Beyond The Encyclopedia of Aviation and Space Sciences (1,2,3,6)

799.Early space, science, etc, books

800.Sherlock Holmes books

801.Knight's Shakespere Biographies & Histories Volume 6, 7, 8

802.6 Various books on dogs/dog training

803.7 Various book on cats

804.The Best of the Worlds Classics 10 Volume Set - Hardcover

805.Books on Mark Twain

806.The Civil War Volume 1 & 2 (1861-1865)

807.The Memoirs of Cordell Hull (Two Volumes) The Macmillam Company 1948

808.4 early various history books

809.6 Erckmann-Chatrian Novels Charles Scribner's Sons 1903

810.The Diary of Samuel Pepys Volume 1 & 2

811.A New Age Now Begins by Page Smith Volumes 1 & 2

812.Modern Eloquence Volumes 1,3,4,57,9,10

813.The Complete Short Stories of W. Somerset Maugham Volumes 1 & 2 (Doubleday)

814.The American Image Boxed Set of 4 by George Braziller

815.The Passing of the Gapsburg Monarrhy Boxed Set of 2 (1914-1918)

816.Memorial Addition - Anthology of the World's Best Poems Volumes 2-6 Wise & Co.

817.The World of Psycology by G. Blevitas Boxed set of 2

818.The Demons by Heimito Von Doderer Boxed set of 2

819.Various sexual books (informative and stories)

820.The Return of the Native, The Beggers Opera, The Turn of the Screw, etc.

821.The Physiology of Taste, Gulliver's Travels, Les Miserables, etc.

822.Books about William Shakespeare

823.The Three Musketeers, Pride and Prejedice, Leaves of Grass, etc.

824.Various books about laws, courtcases, etc. ( Crime and the Psychic World, The Divorse Lawyers' Casebook, The Detection of Murder, etc)

825.12 books - The Historian's History of the World

826.Early junior books (The Bobbsey Twins, Cherry Ames books, Carolyn Keen books, etc.)

827.Larger lot of various volumes - Messages and Papers of the Presidents

828.Sinclair Lewis Collection - 6 books (It Can't Happen Here, Bethel Merriday, Arrow Smith, etc.)

829.7 books about Scranton, PA

830.The Master Library Copy Right 1923 Volumes 1-9 and My Best Book

831.Larger lot of various volumes - The Book of Knowledge The Children's Encyclopedia

832.6 The Story of Civilization books (Simon and Schuster)

833.3 Library of Musical Classic sheet music books ( Beethoven, Chopin)

834.The Story of the Great War Volumes 1-8 Diplomatic Edition

835.John L. Stoddard's Lectures Volumes 2,3,4,10

836.16 books - The Golden Book Encyclopedia

837.Collier's World Atlas and Gazetteer book of maps and information 1935-1940

838.Handmade scrap books with various news paper articles and pictures (1940s)

839.Box of early German post cards

840.The Story of the War of 1898 (The Story of The Spanish-American War and the Revolt in the Philippines told by W. Nephew King)

841.Pope Paul VI In The Holy Land (Herder and Herder)

842.white washed wooden tray

843.Gold & black pentagon piece with black sheer and white hat

844.9 Gold & Silvertone Bracelets Including 2 - 10 commandment bracelets

845.Wooden bowl, truck, and salt and pepper shakers

846.Various lamp shades

847.Blue Streak Racer sled -good condition

848.Reindeer sled - good condition

849.wooden chair

850.Lot of antique iron fencing

851.Various volumes - The Historians History of the World

852.Various volumes - Carlyle's Works ( Fredrick the Great, Critical and Miscellaneous Essays, The French Revolution, etc.)

853.A Library of Universal Literature (Wealth of Nations, Life of Napolean, Text Book of Geology, etc.)

854.The Works of Bret Harte (The Three Partners, Under the Redwoods, The Bell Ringer of Angels, etc.)

855.Thackeray's Works ( The History of Pendennis, The Newcomes, etc) AND 7 different Thakeray Beacon Edition books

856.The German Classics (various volumes) Patrons Edition

857.The Writings of Bret Harte Standard Library Edition Novels (Maruja and Other Tales, Eastern Stories and Sketches, The Luck of Roaring Camp Early Tales, etc.)

858.Harvard Classics larger lot with various volumes, 1910

859.The Works of Theophile Gauter (Set # 236)

860.Irvings Works Volumes 1-10

861.Robert Louis Stevenson (22 novels)

862.Modern Eloquence Volumes 1-10

863.The Book of History ( Western Europe to the Restoration of the Stuarts, The World War, etc.)

864.Sir Walter Scott Poems and Ballads & Waverly Novels

865.Various enclyclopedias (The New Concise Pictorial Encyclopedia, New Masters Encyclopedia, etc.)

866.History of Freemasonry by Albert G. Mackey and WM.R.Singleton (various volumes)

867.Various books (The Great American Rascal, Helen Keller Scketch for a Portrait, The Warburgs, etc.)

868.Various books - mainly biographies ( The Incredible Kaiser, Soldiers Without Swords, President from Missouri, etc.)

869.Various books, biographies, etc. ( The Lies of George W. Bush, I'll Always Have Paris, Soldier in the White House, etc.)

870.Biographies (The Rockefellers, The Private Life of George Washington, etc.)

871.A Collection of Operations From Homer to McKinley (Various volumes)

872.Large lot of World's Best History Books (France, Rome, Ireland, England, China, etc.)

873.The Worlds Best Music Volumes 2-5, Treasury of World Literature, etc.

874.Various early books/novels, (Onions in the Stew, Entertaining in the White House, The New English Bible, etc.)

875.Assorted - mainly russian and soviet union books

876.15 variouis books about free masonry

877.Various - masonry, holy bible, ARS Quatuor Coronatorum, etc.

878.Various opera and music books (Jewish Music in Its Historical Development, The New Encyclopedia of the Opera, etc.)

879.Various opera and music books (Conductor's World, Ewen's Musical Masterworks, etc.)

880.Mystery books (Strage Mysteries of Time and Space, The World's Most Incredible Stories, etc.)

881.Art books (Roman Art, Great Drawings of the Louvre Museum, etc.)

882.Early school books ( Introduction to College Mathematics, The Elements of English Grammar, etc.)

883.The World and Its Peoples, American Place Names and their Derivaton, & U.S. Fitness Book

884.5 different purses

885.Various Presser's Musical Magazine

886.The Scranton Times news paper 1978

887.Various magazines mid 1900's

888.Time The Weekly Newsmagazine (1930's & 40's)

889.Newsweek magazines (various dates from 1940-1980's)

890.Post magazines 1960's

891.The Nation articles ( 1944), The New Republic articles (1944), Buy a Liberty Bond (1918)

892.Soviet Life (October 1970), India Today and Tomorrow (March 1966), The New York Times Magazine (April 1965)

893.The New York Times Magaine's (1960's) and U.S. News and World Report magazine

894.Assorted fitness and health books

895.The Worlds Great Romances, The Insects Are Coming, etc

896.Assorted - mainled government and political books

897.Various - ( Verdi, The Creative World of Beethoven, Portrait of Carnegie Hall, etc.)

898.Various German books

899.Various French books

900.Large lot of informative science books

901.Large Oriental rug 14'4"x 14'6"

902.Blue Chinese wool 9 x 12 Oriental rug

903.Woolen Needlepoint rug 8.9 x 12.1

904.Iranian Oriental rug 10'2"x10'2" Nice shape


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