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Item Description
1.Blue stoneware decorated crock Roberts Binghamton hole and crack

2.5x3 stoneware Germany bowl

3.Dasco 399 Early hammer 9"

4.Cutler Ice Co, ice tongs 13"

5.12" Lectrolite corp Defiance, Ohio USA early wrench

6.5 1/2" early horseshoe

7.Richelieu Tea tin

8.8x6 brass spittoon

9.Early dresser items set punchbowl w/cups

11.8" blue glass Warranted flask chip on base

12.Watkins Liniment 8" glass bottle

13.2 early biscuit cutters

14.GE solid state portable am/FM radio

15.Heavy stoneware cookie jar

16.Grandpa's popcorn pot (enamel)

17.81 York Gourmet Ware 7x8 cookie jar

18.Early wooden plane, 11x8

19.Dresser items and perfume

20.9" Uncle Henry Schrade 187USA pocket knife in leather case

21.2 Anchor Hocking 5x9 Glass loaf pans

22.5 1/2" Kamking 2 blade metal knife

23.Campers Knife 3 blades

24.5x9 early wooden pulley

25.6x5x7 blue frosted glass basket

26.stain glass trivet and metal paper skewer

27.5" 1932 confederate series car of brass and silver items

29.wireless chime

30.7x4 1/2 cast iron pan Griswold Erie PA USA small

31.7x7x5 wood and cast iron coffee grinder

32.Polaroid Land camera

33.12x4 enamel basin

34.34" Daisy BB gun

35.tote of paper plates, cups, bowls, etc.

36.God Bless our Camper plate and plate holder

37.wooden boot jack

38.painted cast iron lamp base No 537 on base

39.2 metal oil cans

40.Hit Master wooden ball bat

41.15" wooden plane

42.24" Early Stanley wooden level

43.big box of pots and pans of asst crocks/stoneware of misc. items of asst lamps and shades

47.size 8 Men's boots of asst. lawn flags of 3 pictures includes Done Got Caught

50.Glider Rocker modern oak arm

51.Assorted Necklaces

52.15x11x9" stool

53.Early Corn Planter

55.Galaxy Box Fan

56.Pine Wood Stool: 11x6 1/2"

57.Plastic Table Cloths

59.Rolling Microwave Cart

58.Emerson VHS Player/ Cassette tapes and case and some VHS tapes

60.Assorted CD's Danny O'Donnell and others

61.Metal Wardrobe Bedroom Downstairs

62.Early hamper

63.Assorted sayings and signs

64.37x17x71 Early 3 Drawer Dresser: attached mirror teardrop pulls

65.3 Bolo Ties

67.24x15 1/2" Wooden Barn Board Framed Picture of Children # 5031

68.Early butter print Bed, complete: 58 1/2x 78"

66.2 Framed Prints: 1= 12x16 oil signed PLB

69.Retractable Hand Fan, Glass Creamer, Lamp, salt shaker and a Creamer

70.Box of Sewing items

71.Plank bottom chair

72.Assorted Books

73.2 Drawer Metal Filing Cabinet with contents, office supplies

76.Big Box of Assorted Blankets

75.30x19x40 1/2" Painted drop front desk ( with contents) Drawer pull detached, but in the drawer tear drop pulls

77.Tablecloths, sheets and towels

78.Living room Chair Queen Anne legs

79.Pins and Earrings (Pierced)


81.22x13 1/2x13" Wooden Box

82.Very Heavy, early electric floor lamp, Approximately 5' tall

83.Pots and Pans

85.Stainless Steel Bowls

86.Early enamel pie plate, 1 fancy custard dish and glass pie plate

87.Early Oak Alaska Ice Box: 30x15x40" nice small size, nice shape

88.2 Boxes of Household Repair Items

89.Electrical cords, etc.

90.3 Chrome and Plastic bar stools

91.Glass Pitchers, vases, footed bowl

92.Recipes and Taste of Home Cook book

93.GE waffle maker and a Presto electric pan of goblets and juice glasses iridescent of corning dishware of asst tools

97.Roadrunner print framed in barnboard frame

98.2 cast iron 6" frying pans

99.3 Anchor hocking bowls

100.asst of Pyrex baking dishes

101.Stainless steel dinnerware

102.misc. spices etc.

103.metal kettle

104.asst of glassware

105.corkscrews etc.

106.asst kitchen knives

109.early kitchen items, masher, graters, etc.

107.aluminum dipper

110.Charles Chips tin 10"

108.variety of kitchen utensils/tools

111.20" wooden rolling pin

112.misc. cleaning and kitchen items kitchen items juicer, jars

114.misc. pottery and glass items

115.lot of plastic items, bowls, dish strainer, cups, etc. of asst baskets

117.2 hand mixers in boxes

118.2 curling irons

119.2 metal early canisters

120.couch and pillows

121.early Dietz lantern

122.2 slow cookers and toaster

123.early finger oil lamp of asst watches

125.2 porcelain figures

127.Cherry corner cabinet

126.Oak 2/2 drawer dresser

128.small glass cheese dish w/cover

129.chronos anniversary clock

130.milk glass footed dish white hobnail

131.families are forever sign of asst clothes, mostly large and an Auburn ball uniform of asst lamps/shades and balls

134.drop leaf gate leg table 30x29

135.afghan w/pink roses

136.Platform rocker with cushions

137.chenille Bedspread, blue/green/white w/belts, gloves, and hair items

139.wooden rocking chair flite golf club bag (empty)

141.backyard charcoal grill of asst hats, including Harley Davidson one

143.power wrench in plastic case and decker drill w/battery and charger in case

145.tan recliner

146.tote full of purses

148.lamp and wooden end table UPSTAIRS

147.59x78 High back early bed stenciled UPSTAIRS

149.garbage cans and Toro leaf blower UPSTAIRS afghan and asst suit cases UPSTAIRS

152.Speakers, Emerson stereo and RCA DVD Player UPSTAIRS

151.104x88" Quilt like comforter cover and throw rug UPSTAIRS

153.Manual Typewriter in Case-- Sears UPSTAIRS

154.Small Wood Bench UPSTAIRS

155.Canvas Cot, etc. UPSTAIRS

156.Bee Hive UPSTAIRS

157.39x17x77" 3 Drawer Dresser UPSTAIRS

159.Box of Assorted Chair Cushions UPSTAIRS

158.Wooden Chair UPSTAIRS

160.Wooden Bench with 3 Hats UPSTAIRS

161.2 Painted Wooden Harness part UPSTAIRS

162.Gold Framed Mirror UPSTAIRS

163.Electric Enamel Hanging Light UPSTAIRS

164.Bee Hive UPSTAIRS

165.Leather horse collar UPSTAIRS

166.Bee Hive UPSTAIRS

167.2 Trunks, one with bed coverings and blow up mattress UPSTAIRS

170.50x18x32" 6 Drawer Dresser UPSTAIRS

168.Star Quilt and Pillow Shams (Machine?) UPSTAIRS

171.Assorted Record Albums, etc. UPSTAIRS

169.4 items: Chamber Pot with chips, basket, stool and walker/seat UPSTAIRS

173.Covered Swing

172.30x18x29 3 Drawer Dresser UPSTAIRS

174.2 Baseball Mits: 1= Wilson, 1= Full grain cow hide catcher's mit

175.4 Sad Irons

176.Bottle Capper and Minnow Trap

177.Approximately 8" Spike

178.Miracle Made Cook ware pan

179.Jacks, Wheel, etc.

180.Length of rope and a bit

181.Pulley and other iron item

182.Catalytic Converter?

183.Ice Auger

184.misc. early tools and door parts

185.small metal vise

186.Florida license plate 2001

187.metal tongs and other metal piece of asst tools

190.Uisge Baugh Blended Irish Whiskey Jug of asst glass dishes, mugs etc. w/hanging light, lamp etc.

192.2 juggling sticks

194.hand water pump (green)

193.wooden lawn ornament, kerosene metal can, seat cushions, etc. roll roofing paper


197.2 wood/iron harness implements

198.Lane cedar chest

199.metal box

200.2 wood/iron harness implements

201.for sale sign on post and metal part


203.runner sled (broken runner on one side)

204.3 wooden/iron harness implements

205.2 tires 1 all state, 1 Armstrong 5.25-18 5.5-18

206.wooden handled ice auger

207.wood/iron harness implement

210.2 containers of misc. tools etc.

208.1 metal bucket/1 metal tub


209.mower deck wheel horse #3537SL01 64860

212.electric hedge trimmer

213.2 harness implements

214.2 harness implements

215.metal wheel and 2 cast-iron frying pans

216.lot of asst forks, shovels, etc.


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