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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
Thomas Iszard Estate Online Auction Antiques, Oriental Rugs Artwork, Books - Tuesday May 14 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Early print gold framed Copyright 1908 by A. Fox Philadelphia 21.5x11.5

2.2 Early Silhouettes signed Lomzu 5.5 x 5.5

3.Handmade Silk Fan doily with laced edging. Lace as is 11"x11"

4.Silver over copper candle stick 10"

5.Brass China bowl decorative 12" dia.

6.2 Toyo Oriental scenes on wood 17 x 10 both

7.Wooden frame-pc off, Made in Russia hand decorated mini bowls, wooden walnut coasters

8.3 Brass bowls, one decorated with raised bird and floral design 3' & 5" dia.

9.Salt glaze double handled sugar with molded figure in relief 4" high

10.Large handblown amber bowl 12" dia. 2" high

11.Iridescent white frosted compote 10" dia. 5' high

12.Chez0slovakian pitcher white with blue polka dot design 7" high

13.Early 1800's flying bird decorated plates signed HL qty. 3, 8.5" dia.

14.Blue transferware candlestick, chip underneath the base 9" high

15.Box of Oriental lacquered items, small bowls, covered receiver, plate

16.Hand wrought by Manzoni Boston copper/silver bowl Pie crust floater 9.5" dia., 1" high

17.6 Clayware plates 7.25" dia.

18.Toleware apple design cake saver top on large blue cake plate Top hand painted by Cora plate 13" dia.

19.Box of plated and silver over copper items, hotplates, lattice work bowl, creamer, oval tray

20.Box of Oriental porcelain items includes small covered boxes, pin tray, Mini Rose Medallion salt

21.Mother and child print, Art Deco frame, small pc off frame 5"x6"

22.Flo blue saucer, Minton tile-chip

23.Early wooden decorated dish, Lounging ladies 11" dia.

24.Poole England creamer 4"

25.Wrought iron hand hammered hook back plate 7" long

26.Cork top Stoneware water container bulb shaped with lid 6.5" high

27.Victorian feather fan with white feathers 11"

28.Art glass unsigned shade 5" high

29.Handblown paperweight 3.5"

30.B & G Made in Denmark Vase Floral decorated 5"

31.Hand woven table saver 5.5" square

32.3 Oriental plates, porcelain-small chip . Wooden and decorated 6" dia. To 9" dia.

33.Box with Victorian floral curtain pins, brass oriental handle backs and more

34.Rookwood planter 4.5" high

35.6 Applied handled various color shot fluted shot glasses 2.25" to 3"

36.Brass Oriental handled-decorated dipper, dragon design 1.5" high

37.Studio pottery bowl signed 5.25" dia. 3" high

38.9 Small toleware Social Supper trays 4.75x7"

39.paperweight 2"

40.2 Metal flower frogs, metal wrapped made into flower flower 2" high

41.Salt dips

42.6 Silver rim coasters, unsigned rims

43.2 Mortar/1 pestal-chip 3" dia, 2" high

44.Handblown paperweight 3"

45.Small cloisonn� dish piece off underneath 4.5" dia., 1" high

46.2 Pharmacy bottles one with stopper tallest 5"

47.Native American Chief and Sqaw molded wall decorations

48.Coal miner's lantern 3.5" high

49.6 horse decorative halter decorations various sizes

50.Early 1800's silk hand embroidered side table cover framed 28" square

51.Floor lamp with 4 leg iron base, elec. 62" to top of finial

52.Vintage hats various era's, Knox hat box

53.Black lacquer Oriental tray 14 x 24, from McCarthy Auction Corning, NY


55.Lot of porcelain decorative plates, compote, etc

56.Wooden tray, coasters, etc

57.Teakwood base plates for vases or sculptures

58.Primitive double blade slaw cutter 17.5 x 7"

59.Wooden black lacquer rectangular base holders

60.Box of stoppers and glass tops

61.Box of Oriental porcelain items includes Saki cups, small rectangular and round dishes, divided dish

62.Glass and brass drawer knobs

63.Florentina tissue box and various items

64.Vintage Christmas ornaments

65.3 Mahogany trays various sizes

66.Crockery covered crock 9" high

67.Hand woven flower design basket edging as is and modern handled woven bag

68.Records, 45's, 33 1/3

69.Modern floor lamp 51"

70.Pieced Oriental rug 24"x 33"

71.Early Oriental rug, worn, tear 50 x 61

72.Hand turned hand painted bowl signed Silendra 10" dia.

73.Gold guild framed mirror 23 x 45

74.Walnut lift top box 18 x 18 x 18

75.Early Oriental rug 47 x 71

76.Return of the War Canoes, by William R. Leigh, ca 1920 Print framed 26" x 30"

77.Handmade iron/wood floor lamp 53" to top of shade

78.Clear figural bottle w/ cork 9"

79.Porcelain beer drinking monk cup late 1800's 4"

80.Blue Studio pottery vase with fluted top 8"

81.4 Oriental porcelain pieces, 2 Saki 1 with top/1 without dish ALL 6" & 4"

82.Salt glaze grape decorated vase 8"

83.Brown 5" bottle cork stopper

84.Pair of heavy brass 4" weighted Oriental motif bud vases

85.Stein Made in Germany Copyright 1953 Eriopmilham 8"

86.Pair of Hurricane etched lamp shades 10"

87.Primitive box was lap desk 11.5 x 8 x 3.5

88.2 Drawer crotch mahogany stand hand planed drawers, glass pulls 22 x 17 x 29

89.McCoy Jardini�re 1488

90.Oak stool 14 x 7 x 9

91.Pair of double brass hanging candleholders 7"

92.Large relief figural angel, chariot with horse/driver, plaster of Paris wall decoration 47 x 21 x 2"

93.Carved decoy 14.5"

94.Pair of Georgia pottery mugs 4.5" high

95.Resin green wing teal by JR Thomas 84, 10"

96.Wooden carved decoy B. Hettick 1983 10" piece of tail off

97.Pottery Cup Louisville Neware Co. 4"

98.Wooden decoy signed FFP 11" chip off tail feather

99.Blue decorated stoneware mug 4.25"

100.Oak box decorated with gold leaf decals missing handle 12 x 7 x 6

101.RRP Co No 421 Jardini�re 8" high, 9.5" dia

102.Pottery jardini�re 10" high, 11.5" dia

103.Walnut turn leg 2 drawer desk, dovetailed drawers 40 x 21 x 29

104.Primitive woven and oak tall basket 21" high, 14' dia.

105.Newer planter 10" high, 11" dia

106.Woven seat stool, newer eat 10.5 x 10.5 x 10.5

107.3 Ducks newer

108.Early basket as is

109.Oriental rug 55 x 77

110.Pair metal MI Japan with lids tea holders, decorated 8" one has small dent in top

111.Pair 2.25" Oriental porcelain egg cups

112.Early porcelain 6' teapot

113.Pair 4.5" Chinese Couple Ardalt, lady is repaired

114.Hand blown paperweight with flying goose inside 3"

115.2 cups and saucers, England and Rose Medallion

116.Flow blue planter 5" high 5" dia.

117.2 pottery bulb vases 3.5" & 6" high

118.Pair 11" chalk ware like candleholders, with nicks

119.Early plated silverware

120.Protractor set in case

121.Early 1900's 15" piece of barbed wire

122.Box of jewelry, polished stone bracelets, beaded necklace

123.Box with 2 small silk Oriental banners, Early hand beaded clutch 6x3 and wooden bookmarker

124.Vintage sewing and thimbles

125.7" Clark Furniture tin advertising thermometer

126.Children's plated silverware

127.Early 1900's stamp box leather 5 x 2.5x1.5

128.Robeson frozen heat 7" stick knife with tooled leather sheath

129.Iron inkwell no insert 2.5"

130.Cloisonn� 3" vase

131.Oriental decorated metal cup 2.25"

132.Enameled decorated matchbox holder 2.5 x 1.75 x .5

133.2 Early bottles tallest 4"

134.2.5" paperweight

135.Brass coated medallion necklace medallion is 3"x3"

136.5 Vintage dice in holder

137.6 Sterling silver 7" forks Total weight of all 252 grams

138.3 Enameled spoons marked .800 English silver 5" Total weight 49.2 grams

139.Quantity of salt spoons unmarked silver tone

140.12" thermometer

141.Sterling 3.25" salt shaker not weighted Total weight 26.1 grams

142.8 mini sterling salt and peppers Total weight 40.2 grams

143.Sterling silver Cooperstown NY 4" spoon Total weight 10.1 grams

144.Mexican silver cowboy hat pin with blue cabochon oval stone 1.5" Total weight 15.9 grams

145.Basket with fish stopper, shot glass, etc

146.Napkin ring, interesting key, coin all unmarked

147.Bone & leather handmade canoe necklace Canoe is 9" long

148.Silver plated top dresser jars all 3

149.Turquoise and silver tone scarab necklace total weight 28.3 gr.

150.Sterling clasp 13" double ball strand necklace Total weight 26.8 grams

151.Amber polished stones, strung

152.1.5" Goldstone, purple stone pendant marked Accessocraft

153.Beautiful Victorian silver tone filigree necklace

154.Vintage buckle clips, copper/enameled pin

155.Sterling pendant, red stone push pin, polished stone

156.Sterling and bone earrings, many are singles tone Victorian items and more

158.Amber prisms

159.Box assorted beads and jewelry

160.3 Wooden 1940's card tables

161.9 Early Coca Cola bottles One is clear others from Hornell NY, Birmingham AL, Williamsport PA, Minneapolis MN, Elmira NY, Atlanta GA

162.16 Ga shotgun shells, etc

163.Glass salt box, glass weight, etched dish-chip

164.1930's suitcase with brass corners 28 x 17 x 9

165.Oriental rug 42 x 66

166.Needlepoint 2 pillows and modern throw

167.Wingback chair with pad mahogany feet

168.Painting with curly maple frame unsigned 9,5 x 8.5 framed 15 x 14

169.Kenmore Hepa cannister vacuum

170.2 leather bags

171.Oriental rug worn 34 x 47

172.Vintage ice cream stool 28

173.3 legged iron plant stand, tiled top 22"

174.Chair eat

175.Early kitchen utensils, sifter

176.Lacing and edging

177.Flask 5.75"

178.Oriental 5 bowls 5.5", 1 5" bowl, 5 3.75" cups

179.4-6.5" clear iris Depression glasses

180.Brass tray Oriental,, bowls, candleholder

181.Fur collars, fur purse

182.Cloverdale milk bottle with creamer top

183.6" blue decorated stoneware crock with ears, one ear repaired

184.6" blue decorated stoneware crock with ears,

185.Pair of carved soldiers marked Island 5.5"

186.Modern Hope covered dish 6.5x4 x .5

187.3.25" English cup

188.English hunt scene 3.5" cup

189.6 Wooden container santas 4"

190.Polished stone 4 x 5 x 2

191.4 cut-glass cups

192.English musical scene plates qty 7, 6.5" dia.

193.Staffordshire bowl late 1800's 7" dia. 3.5" high

194.2 Brass push up candleholders unmatched 9" & 10.5"

195.Johnson Brothers England creamer and sugar

196.Balscope Ten 10 power

197.7" carved wooden bear

198.3" Studio pottery toothbrush holder

199.Woodsware English Canton 6 cups and saucers and 14 x 10.5" platter

200.Early small scales

201.Clayware 3" bulb vase

202.Universal grinder

203.Pair iron wall Victorian plant holders

204.Chinese lacquer box 2" high, 4" dia. Late 19c

205.Cleaver and ax

206.Level, nippers, planter in corner

207.12" lamp

208.Caned and carved walking stick

209.8" high brass bucket with hand wrought handle

210.Coleman lantern

211.Concrete frog as is 5"

212.Corning ware 3 trays and 2 dishes

213.2 Boxes of sheets and blankets


215.2 Boxes of pottery, planters, creamer, etc

216.2 Boxes of silverware and knives

217.Plated pickle castor holders, assorted Victorian items

218.Oriental lamp 15' high on teakwood stand

219.2 Early glass jars 12" high Both

220.4.5" blue bottle

221.Gem stone 5x4x3

222.Copper bucket brass handles 5.5" high 9" dia.

223.4 Iron birds

224.7" brown crock

225.Glass chunk 8 x 5 x 4

226.Thread loom

227.Lionel track and 2 prewar cars 1682, 1679

228.Crock with lid 6"

229.Crockery bottle 9.5"

230.Bird made from horns 9"

231.Lacquered box with gold leaf design 3" x 5" dia.

232.Early door knobs, amethyst tint, brass, Benning ton style


234.7" glass covered Vintage candy jar

235.13" dia. Wooden bowl with dasher

236.14" blue pottery lamp, unmarked

237.Stillard scales

238.Vintage parts and pieces

239.Vintage dresser jars, bath salts, etc

240.Oriental Butterfly picture with red emperors mark 5x6

241.Enamel child's soldier cup 3"

242.Early 7" Ball canning jar w/ lid

243.Jeris Vintage brush

244.Inlaid top to walnut box 12 x 8 and cork

245.Black Forest Walnut leaf corner framed bird print J. Latham & Co. Publishing 16 x 14

246.2 Early tin oriental tea boxes 6.25 x 4.5 x 5

247.Walnut card table reeded legs 1940's 36 x 42 opened x 30

248.7.5" crock

249.Rug beater

250.Early tennis rackets white racket Spaulding, Wood racket Columbia Wright & Diston

251.1930's 22" metal lamp


253.2 Metal wall sconce lamps milk glass ball and clear hobnail, Elec

254.Box with Early porcelain teapot, sugar, coffee pot, etc

255.Early toy house logs

256.Basket with early bottles, basket-as is

257.Print in gold frame Copyright 1908 by A. Fox 21.5 x 11.5

258.Watercolor of flowers signed framed 20 x 19 KITCHEN

259.3 tiles coral KITCHEN

260.Corning ware and dishes KITCHEN

261.Framed Victorian Valentine 7.5" sq. KITCHEN

262.4-13" bottles Garrett & Co. Inc., Virginia dare, NY KITCHEN

263.2-7" brown bottles KITCHEN

264.8.5" Cohansey early canning jar KITCHEN

265.11" Horlicks malted milk jar crack KITCHEN

266.8" Lincoln bottle KITCHEN

267.Glasses, cruet, bowls KITCHEN

268.Set of 5 Crotch mahogany chairs, 1800's with uphol. Material 1 is as is KITCHEN

269.Homespun pieces KITCHEN

270.Burled mahogany chair 1800's KITCHEN

271.Woven throw rugs KITCHEN

272.Leaving Home Print Walnut frame CR 1907 by Southern Art Publishing Co. 19 x 15, 25.5 x 22.5 KITCHEN

273.Glasses KITCHEN

274.Pressed glass, bowls, etc KITCHEN

275.Decorated tin box as is with Vintage playing cards KITCHEN

276.Electric top mixing jar Chicago Elec. Co. KITCHEN

277.Dinnerware plates, cups, saucers KITCHEN

278.Games, pottery wheel KITCHEN

279.Kitchen pans, toaster KITCHEN

280.The Happy Cottagers print painted by G. Morland, Engraved by Joe Gozar 27 x 24 KITCHEN

281.Walker, shower stool, 2 canes BATHROOM

282.Tiger Maple veneered 4 drawer columned chest, 2 board top, hand planed drawer bases, cherry diamond key holes 43 x 22 x 37 pc. Veneer off front LIVING ROOM

283.Early basket 18" dia x 5 with lid LIVING ROOM

284.Walnut OG framed mirror 20 x 26 LIVING ROOM

285.Walnut turn leg stand 21 x 12 x 25 LIVING ROOM

286.2 Crotch Mahogany chairs 1800's Both LIVING ROOM

287.Golden Dawn Johns Bros. England butter dish, creamer, etc LIVING ROOM

288.Oriental silk table scarf with butterflies 46" square LIVING ROOM

289.Needlepoint Early pattern 18 x 19 LIVING ROOM

290.Large Paisley LIVING ROOM

291.Cranberry etched marble base lamp 27" to top of shade LIVING ROOM

292.Early Christmas Santa LIVING ROOM

293.Box brass items, Oriental bowls, feet for stands, etc LIVING ROOM

294.Acrylic painting tree framed 10.5 x 7 LIVING ROOM

295.Early painted of ocean, crude framed 14 x 10 LIVING ROOM
296.Vintage electric floor foot heater LIVING ROOM

297.Mini stool 3 legged 7" dia., 6" high LIVING ROOM

298.Needlepoint dog framed 10 x 10 LIVING ROOM

299.Samsung 40" tv LIVING ROOM

300.Swallow on Willows by Keiners watercolor framed 16 x 22 LIVING ROOM

301.Wallace Nutting The Swimming Pool framed 18.5 x 15.5 LIVING ROOM

302.3 Bird print book plates framed LIVING ROOM

303.Vintage 1920's telescopic light 12 x 14 LIVING ROOM

304.Brass handle early duffle bag LIVING ROOM

305.Stamps LIVING ROOM

306.Vintage Christmas balls LIVING ROOM

307.Early material LIVING ROOM

308.HP monitor/computer in one and keyboard LIVING ROOM

309.Rush seat slat back rocker LIVING ROOM

310.Caned seat/back ladies rocker LIVING ROOM

311.2 Early paintings on cardboard signed A. Madrid & M. Antruio 20 x 15 Both LIVING ROOM

312.6" Brass cover Oriental dragon design LIVING ROOM

313.Signed Morgan Pen of 2 Terriers & Freemans Oath 9 x 7 LIVING ROOM

314.Art Deco still life 11x13.5, Picture of European street 16 x 13 Both LIVING ROOM

315.2 Currier and Ives horse prints, damage 9.5 x 8 LIVING ROOM

316.Unsigned on canvas painting framed Man playing instrument 19.5 x 14.5 LIVING ROOM

317.Early painting unsigned Mexican scene man 19.5 x 15 LIVING ROOM

318.Pen of man Early framed 9.5 x 11.5 LIVING ROOM

319.2 Engravings-Columbia Bridge & View of Susquehanna at Liverpool 10.5 x 8.5 LIVING ROOM

320.Box of fur pieces LIVING ROOM

321.2 Floral prints 13 x 17 LIVING ROOM

322.Modern framed planet picture 21 x 11 LIVING ROOM

323.30" quilt rack LIVING ROOM

324.Rush Seat early 1800's chair LIVING ROOM

325.Oil on Canvas fruit unsigned unframed Pears 30.25 zx15 LIVING ROOM

326.Oak drop leaf table 4 leg with 4 leaves, top is 42 x 24, leaves are 13" each LIVING ROOM

327.Watercolor water fowl framed unsigned 21 x 35 LIVING ROOM

328.Primitive 1 drawer cherry stand 2 board top 19 x 18.5 x 27 LIVING ROOM

329.Japanese print people around table 31 x 23 LIVING ROOM

330.Art Deco framed print Boy 16 x 21 LIVING ROOM

331.Lazy Boy blue leather like recliner LIVING ROOM

332.1870 Dickens supplement LIVING ROOM

333.Gateleg dropleaf table 2.5" x 28 x 28 leaves 13" LIVING ROOM

334.Vintage leather money belt LIVING ROOM

335.Winger house painting gold frame signed Chas Waters, Elmira NY 14 x 10 LIVING ROOM

336.Maxfield Parrish print 20 x 12.5 LIVING ROOM

337.Shelf of books, Twain, 4 Vol. of Works of Edgar Allen Pie, Colorado LIBRARY

338.2 Shelves of price guides for antiques and collectibles, Chinese Art, American Antiques, etc LIBRARY

339.Shelf of Early books, Our Times by Sullivan, Heavenly Times, works of Rebelais LIBRARY

340.2 Shelves of VHS tapes, DVD's, Cassette tapes LIBRARY

341.Little Colonel Stories, Mary Ware, Bobbsey Twins, LIBRARY

342.Pinocchio, Disney, Best Cartoons from Punch LIBRARY

343.Plantation of the Carolina Low Country, Charleston, etc LIBRARY

344.Floral & Garden books LIBRARY

345.4 Shelves of Novels

346.12 Vol. of Waverly Novels LIBRARY

347.1-11 Library of American Literature LIBRARY

348.29 Vol. of Dickens Works LIBRARY

349.1-9 Vol. Dumas Works LIBRARY

350.Shelf of Early books, Cat & Candle, Animal Heros, snowed Up LIBRARY

351.Brass Fireplace skirt 48 x8 LIBRARY

352.2 Shelves of Early books Translation from Chinese, Our Times by Sullivan, Belgium, etc LIBRARY

353.2 Shelves of books, First Violin, Prose & Poetry, The Forty, Wanderer in Paris, etc LIBRARY

354.Abraham Lincoln by Charnwood & Eminent Women The Age LIBRARY

355.DeGrazia 6th printing a Biographical sketch, signature LIBRARY

356.Incas, Famous Indian Tribes, etc LIBRARY

357.Art Wolfe Hudson School, etc LIBRARY

358.Box of early frames, various sizes LIBRARY

359.Pair of triple candle metal candleholders converted to electric both missing center globe 25" pair LIBRARY

360.2 Oriental paintings with Emperor marks 10 x 14 Both LIBRARY

361.Art Deco print unframed 13 x 18 LIBRARY

362.Pair of 10" Walnut folding wall what not shelves Victorian LIBRARY

363.Pair of Pen pictures signed 17 x 12 both LIBRARY

364.Porcelain & metal base vase 11.5" LIBRARY

365.Parrish style print unsigned 20 x 11 frame as is LIBRARY

366.Toleware tray 21 x 14 x 1.5 Goodkind & Co. hand painted LIBRARY

367.Painting on artist board unsigned valley with man walking 10 x 24 LIBRARY

368.Painting on artist board unsigned winter church, children wit sleigh 10 x 24 LIBRARY

369.Crotch mahogany sideboard with splash back 2 drawer over 3 door Empire style 68 x 21 x 43 LIBRARY

370.Oriental rug 39 x 60 LIBRARY

371.Oriental rug 35 c 53 LIBRARY

372.Mirror, Disney picture LIBRARY

373.17" brass necklace hanger, iron piece LIBRARY

374.Allertons Old English Roseville pattern 6 saucers, 3 cups LIBRARY

375.2 Early bottles Both LIBRARY

376.Vintage Navy Shirt Wool LIBRARY

377.Early maps and advertisings, 1939 Virginia Esso, AAA, Quaker State LIBRARY

378.Pottery 6" planter, crockery ball LIBRARY

379.JE Mayer stone china 5.5" dish LIBRARY

380.Box of Early cameras LIBRARY

381.Vintage brass design square LIBRARY

382.Early buttons LIBRARY

383.Scribes, etc rulers LIBRARY

384.Assorted glassware LIBRARY

385.Pitcher and 7 glasses LIBRARY

386.Hand done linens LIBRARY

387.Piano scarf 54 x 14 LIBRARY

388.8 Rose etched clear glasses LIBRARY

389.2-6" etched goblets LIBRARY

390.7 Goblets LIBRARY

391.5 Flying Geese etched tumblers LIBRARY

392.Books Garfield, Salted Peanuts, Book of Sequels, Disney LIBRARY

393.Vol 1 & 2 The Rise of American Civilization by Beard LIBRARY

394.Farm Ballads by Will Carleton, There are Men To Gentle to Live Among the Wolves by Fames Kavanaugh LIBRARY

395.Warren County Landmarks, The England of William Penn, Dr. Chas Recipes Information for Everybody LIBRARY

396.Railroad Freight Rates in Relation to the Industry and Commerce of the United States by McPhearson LIBRARY

397.Jacues Cousteau The Ocean World LIBRARY

398.Eric Sloane's An Age of Barns Illus. LIBRARY

399.Bird & tree books LIBRARY

400.2005 Register of Former Cadets of the VA Military Institute LIBRARY

401.Wood Expandable book end Early 1900's LIBRARY

402.Miracles of the Brush playing cards LIBRARY

403.Vintage Singer 301 portable sewing machine in suitcase style holder LIBRARY

404.Tile top iron base stand 9.5 x 18 x 21 LIBRARY

405.Mahogany vanity stool 14 x 19 x 19 LIBRARY

406.Moose tapestry 68 x 48 nice coloring LIBRARY

407.Spool leg stand top needs to be reattached 16 x 27 x 28 LIBRARY

408.Native American picture signed G. Fastillo 15 x 22 LIBRARY

409.Empire mahogany caned seat chair LIBRARY

410.Wool blanket LIBRARY

411.12 x 10 Bobgrese Products painting of flower in pitcher LIBRARY

412.12 x 10 Bobgrese Products painting of flower in vase LIBRARY

413.European etching 13 x 16.5 LIBRARY

414.2 Early chairs as is both LIBRARY

415.2 Metal 26" ladders both LIBRARY

416.Linens LIBRARY

417.2 Boxes of glassware LIBRARY

418.Hand done linens LIBRARY

419.2 Boxes of glasses and stemware LIBRARY

420.Butter crackers adv tin Dayton biscuit Co. dented LIBRARY

421.3 Louvered door cabinet 31 x 17 x 63 WORKROOM

422.Material WORKROOM

423.Primitive plank bottom chair WORKROOM

424.Signed French Y picture framed stone bridge 16.5 x 13.5 WORKROOM

425.2 6.5" lantern globes WORKROOM

426.Fred Hines print as is 22 x 17 WORKROOM

427.French print as is 21 x 27 WORKROOM

428.Sony Handy cam recorder WORKROOM

429.Box of early calculators WORKROOM

430.3 Unframed prints, painting WORKROOM

431.Nikon FG 35 mm camera not digital WORKROOM

432.6" handled jar with lid reddish pottery WORKROOM

433.Early tin mold 8x5 WORKROOM

434.Box with oil lamp, chimneys, founts WORKROOM

435.Silver-plated and enameled items WORKROOM

436.Vintage shades WORKROOM

437.KPM, Germany, Wedgewood assorted plates WORKROOM

438.Sawtooth glasses WORKROOM

439.Brownie Hawkeye camera Vintage WORKROOM

440.Argus Model C3 Camera Box only WORKROOM

441.Kodak Brownie Starmatic and Starflash cameras both WORKROOM

442.35 mm & instamatic cameras WORKROOM

443.2 drawer filing cabinet and office items WORKROOM

444.Home Basix heater elec. WORKROOM

445.Alarm clocks, phone, iron WORKROOM

446.Scales, BP monitor WORKROOM

447.Vase, lights, etc WORKROOM

448.2 boxes of tools WORKROOM

449.Micronta Range doubler WORKROOM

450.Slides WORKROOM

451.Print of Terrier dogs 9 x7.5 WORKROOM

452.Dovetailed silverware carrier 16 x 9 x 44 WORKROOM

453.Baby picture with Art Deco frame 36 x 11 WORKROOM

454.Bookcase 36 x 11 x 24 WORKROOM

455.Bookcase 49 x 8 x 44 WORKROOM

456.Painting watercolor The Creek by JR Fell 57, 19x16 WORKROOM

457.Vintage heavy weighted desk light WORKROOM

458.Sewing WORKROOM

459.Tools, Skil Elec drill etc WORKROOM

460.2 Elec heaters, Honeywell, etc WORKROOM

461.Vivitar Vpt-240 tripod WORKROOM

462.Scissors, batteries WORKROOM

463.12" Early glass bottle WORKROOM

464.Electronics, radio, wires WORKROOM

465.Card table WORKROOM


467.Shutter 15 x 62 BACK ROOM

468.Bookcase 24 x 9 x 36 BACK ROOM

469.Vintage iron base light movable neck 50" high BACK ROOM

470.3 12x38 mahogany leaves and piece of white marble BACK ROOM

471.Baskets BACK ROOM

472.Iron double plant holder Victorian style BACK ROOM

473.Early woven egg basket splint handle BACK ROOM

474.Drop leaf gateleg mahogany table 36x14x31 leaves are 17" BACK ROOM

475.2 Wall shelves, wood and metal both BACK ROOM

476.2 Baskets , oval woven tray BACK ROOM

477.Vintage 1960's metal cart 22 x 16 x 30 BACK ROOM

478.2 Walnut what not shelves hanging both Victorian BACK ROOM

479.Cast Iron cat top pot 12 x6 BACK ROOM

480.Bookcase 21 x 12 x 46 BACK ROOM

481.4 Panel privacy screen each panel 17 x 67 BACK ROOM

482.Metal tiered candleholder BACK ROOM

483.Early gathering basket splint 20 x 14x4 double handle BACK ROOM

484.Early woven circular basket 15" dia. BACK ROOM

485.1940's enamel top pull out leaves table 25 x 40 x 31 BACK ROOM

486.Baskets BACK ROOM

487.Tools BACK ROOM

488.Dropleaf side 3 drawer sewing stand 22 x 23 x 26 BACK ROOM

489.Garden items BACK ROOM

490.Rooster on burlap 18 x 19 BACK ROOM

491.Tools, saw, square nippers BACK ROOM

492.Electric Toro power shovel BACK ROOM

493.Early bottles BACK ROOM

494.Victorian iron floor grates BACK ROOM

495.Elec. 12" Remington chain saw BACK ROOM

496.Oriental rug 40 x 56 MAIN ROOM

497.Silk Oriental framed 4.5 x 18, 11x25 framed STAIRWAY

498.Early Hand done piece framed 10.5 x 12 STAIRWAY

499.Oriental framed piece Emperor red mark 15 x 13 STAIRWAY

500.Oriental framed piece Emperor red mark 15 x 13 STAIRWAY

501.Hand painted Oriental picture emperor mark framed 10.5 x 14.5 STAIRWAY

502.Walnut framed bird print 12 x 14 STAIRWAY

503.In Old Virginia Wilson Chemical Co. Tyrone Pa. Boat/house picture framed 1359 21 x 14.5 oak frame STAIRWAY

504.English picture framed 18x22.5 STAIRWAY

505.Oriental painting 9.5 x 14 framed 13 x 19 STAIRWAY

506.Oriental picture 16.5 x 11.5 STAIRWAY

507.Japanese picture, tear 9.5 x 13.5 UPSTAIRS

508.2 Game plates, fish both 10" dia. UPSTAIRS

509.Oriental rug 48 x 61 UPSTAIRS

510.Velvet/silk bed cover UPSTAIRS

511.Homemade gold butterfly dress UPSTAIRS

512.Art Deco print top split mirror 12 x 23 UPSTAIRS

513.Ladies/gents print oak framed Copyright 1891 by Life Pub. Co. signed 20 x 16 UPSTAIRS

514.Print oak frame H. Costello 20.5 X 10.5 BATH UPSTAIRS

515.3 Native American prints All 12 x 15 BATH UPSTAIRS

516.Hand done chalk picture man playing guitar 15 x 24 BATH UPSTAIRS

517.Oriental silk small banner framed 7 x 28 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

518.Oriental silk small banner framed 7 x 28 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

519.Oriental silk small banner framed 7 x 28 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

520.Oriental silk small banner framed 7 x 28 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

521.Oak framed penguin print 17 x 13.5 BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

522.Bird print 14 x 12 BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

523.Duck print 15 x 18 BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

524.Bird print 17 x 13.5 BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

525.Handmade hand painted stool 14 x 9 x7 BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

526.Large handmade bottle which has won ribbons 17"high, 11" deep BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

527.Mahogany stand 20 x 16 x 20 BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

528.Rope bed complete side rails are metal 49 x 77 BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

529.Primitive wash bowl stand 15 x 14.5 x 32 BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

530.Blankets BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

531.2 Window fans BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

532.Primitive child's blanket chest 26 x 13 x 13 BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

533.Iron floor lamp spider leg 62" BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

534.Victorian tufted back ladies bedroom chair BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

535.Large framed circular mirror 34" dia. BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

536.Needlepoint top stool 15 x 11 x 18 BEDROOM #1 UPSTAIRS

537.Oriental rug 41 x 58 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

538.Framed tapestry 53 x 20 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

539.Early bed cover as is BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

540.Suitcase stand BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

541.Wool blanket BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

542.Primitive rush seat slat back chair BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

543.Print English Wedding not framed Copyright 1901 21 x 29 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

544.Federal style walnut carved top, flying feet couch 85" nice shape BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

545.Primitive stenciled rush seat chair BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

546.Deep Victorian frame as is 29 x 32 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

547.Crotch Mahogany Empire style card table swivel top 24" closed x 18" x 29" high BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

548.Norman Rockwell print 16 x 20 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

549.Art Deco print framed 12 x 15 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

550.1924 Print 12 x 15 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

551.Watercolor of trees 31 x 18 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

552.2 Maple single beds, complete Each x 2 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

553.54" floor lamp BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

554.Blankets and sheets quantity HALL CLOSET UPSTAIRS

555.Walnut drop leaf pad feet table 46 x 16 x 27 leaves 14" BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

556.Victorian tufted back chair and stool BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

557.Primitive blanket chest dovetailed 37 x 20 x 12 BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

558.4 drawer Federal style chest 41 x 18 x 41 BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

559.2 Primitive chairs need seats BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

560.Oriental print 5 x 9 BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

561.Oriental watercolor framed 6 x 12.5 BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

562.Pottery blue lamp 21" to top of shade BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

563.Walnut bookcase, 1940's metal paw feet 29 x 11 x 30 BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

564.Rope bed complete side rails are metal 52 x 74 BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

565.Bird painting signed 13 x 10 BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

566.Hand painted milk glass metal base oil lamp converted to elec. 26" to top of shade BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

567.Cherry 2 drawer sq. leg stand hand planed drawers 23 x 16 x 29 BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

568.Painting of flowers 34 x 42 BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

569.Large lot of Christmas BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

570.OG Framed mirror 16 x 32 BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

571.Early trunk 27 x 18 x 20 BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

572.Spool single bed BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

573.Brass coated floor lamp 66" tall BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

574.Primitive high chair BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

575.OG Framed mirror 22 x 31 BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

576.OG Framed mirror 25 x 37 BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

577.Spool single bed BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

578.Brass fireplace skirt, 1 andiron, tools BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

579.Howe folding furniture mahogany bed tray BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

580.7"x14" oak shutters

581.Walnut chifforobe 41 x 21x57 refinished BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

582.Quantity of 36" tall shutters

583.3 Panel privacy screen each panel is 17.5" x 68 BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

584.18" dia. X 19" high floor seat fan BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

585.Braided rug BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

586.Braided rug BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

587.Early chair BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

588.Crotch Mahogany Empire style 1 dr/1 drawer vanity with mirror 40 x 22 x 30 BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

589.55" floor light BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

590.Early living room chair BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS


592.4 Early chairs as is BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

593.4 Mahogany leaves 14x38.5 BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

594.Hoover upright vac BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

595.3 door top to step back primitive desk 20 x 14 x 56 BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

596.Wooden checker board 24 sq. BACK ROOM UPSTAIRS

597.Rock tumbler BACK ROOM UPSTAIRS

598.Bookcase handmade 40x13x72 BACK ROOM UPSTAIRS

599.Hand carved handle Victorian umbrella BACK ROOM UPSTAIRS

600.Wooden barrel pieces BACK ROOM UPSTAIRS

601.Ladies mahogany rocker BACK ROOM UPSTAIRS


603.Blanket chest 46 x 20 x 14 BACK ROOM UPSTAIRS

604.Child's wooden desk 20 x 14 x 22 BACK ROOM UPSTAIRS

605.3 Early windows BACK ROOM UPSTAIRS

606.Braided rug BACK ROOM UPSTAIRS

607.Rope bed parts BACK ROOM UPSTAIRS

608.Vintage floor lamp 51" BACK ROOM UPSTAIRS

609.Quantity of lumber and dowels ATTIC

610.Early wooden crate 60x14x16 ATTIC

611.Vintage cribs ATTIC

612.Primitive rope bed ATTIC

613.Blanket chest cut nails 41 x 18 x 19 ATTIC

614.Large cedar chest, brass hinges 54x21x20 ATTIC

615.Bookcase 13x13x43 ATTIC

616.2.5' extinguisher BASEMENT

617.Log holder, boiler BASEMENT

618.Quantity of Victorian and vintage lamp parts BASEMENT

619.Large lot of lumber BASEMENT

620.Large lot of wood shutters various sizes SHED

621.Assorted lumber LEFT SIDE OF SHED

622.2 Shelves with assorted items, SHED

623.Corner and bookshelf of various tools, early wood clamp, files, 3 drawer cabinet and more bookshelf to back left corner SHED

624.2 Oak T backs, hanging wall cabinet SHED

625.Lynn Aluminum extension ladder SHED

626.Work bench with vice SHED

627.2 Wrought iron ends for bench SHED

628.3.5 HP Dynamark push mower SHED

629.Ryobi gas small rototiller SHED

630.Gas weed eater TE400 SHED

631.Large quantity of lumber on right side shelves of SHED

632.Right corner of shed, Early doors, windows, lumber SHED

633.Garden pull behind cart

634.Push garden cart, stool, hose, saw


636.Lot of hand and garden tools, RIGHT SIDE OF GARAGE

637.Aluminum extension ladder GARAGE

638.Circular saw with handmade table GARAGE

639.Braided rug GARAGE

640.Craftsman LTS Riding mower GARAGE

641.Iron railing GARAGE

642.2 shop lights GARAGE

643.Wall mountable hose reel GARAGE

644.Basket of tools, pipe wrench, etc GARAGE

645.Craftsman belt sander and Rockwell router both GARAGE

646.No 151 shaver GARAGE

647.Broad ax GARAGE

648.Master Mechanic 6" Bench grinder GARAGE

649.Adz GARAGE

650.Burlap advertising bags GARAGE

651.B & D sander Sears Sander both GARAGE

652.Breast drills and bits GARAGE

653.Early tools, draw knife, wrench, square GARAGE

654.Craftsman hand drill press GARAGE

655.Sharpening stones GARAGE

656.Box of various tools GARAGE

657.Craftsman variable speed Dremel GARAGE

658.Clamps C and corner GARAGE

659.Craftsman sander and jig saw both GARAGE

660.Sharpener GARAGE

661.Chisels GARAGE

662.Craftsman circular saw GARAGE

663.Bucket with saws GARAGE

664.3.5" swivel vise GARAGE

665.Jonsered chain saw GARAGE

666.2 boxes of Vintage hardware GARAGE

667.Miter saw and saws GARAGE

668.Planters, vases GARAGE

669.Extension cords GARAGE

670.Horseshoes GARAGE

671.6 gal. 2 hp Wet dry vac GARAGE

673.Grist wheel FRONT PORCH

674.Folding lounge FRONT PORCH

675.2 Vases FRONT PORCH

676.Metal wall plant holder FRONT PORCH

677.Iron base table with rock garden FRONT PORCH

678.Art Deco Parrish like print unsigned MAIN ROOM BEHIND BACK DOOR

679.Heavy glass cover 10.5" KITCHEN

680.Early 1 drawer/2 door sideboard, nice top tapered legs BEDROOM #3

681.Metal tray on wheels ATTIC
682.Homemade table with stairway spindle legs ATTIC


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