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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
Donald Gardner Estate ONLINE Auction - Saturday October 19 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Nice bed complete 77 x 66 and night stand BEDROOM 1

2.dresser with mirror 63x16x80 BEDROOM 1

3.Highboy dresser 35x16x52 BEDROOM 1

4.Small stand 18 x 21x20 BEDROOM 1

5.floor lamp black with white shade 52" high BEDROOM 1

6.Stainless trash can 26 x 10 dia BEDROOM 1

7.Queen blanket, comforter BEDROOM 1

8.Box of Religious pictures and frames LIVING ROOM

9.Lot of Religious statues LIVING ROOM

10.2 Religious pictures on tin both 17.5 x 23.5 LIVING ROOM

11.Colorful Religious picture with convex glass 18 x 11 LIVING ROOM

12.4 lamps 15" to 24" LIVING ROOM

13.2 oak end tables Each x 2 20 x 22 x 19 LIVING ROOM

14.Oak coffee table 46 x 16 x 23.5 LIVING ROOM

15.Lazy Boy sleeper sofa 84" long burgundy blue plaid LIVING ROOM

16.Cedar chest 48x20x21 LIVING ROOM

17.Brass coated handled wooden cane 37" LIVING ROOM

18.4 Pyrex Casserole dishes one with lid LIVING ROOM

19.1 Cameras both Kodak easy share C195, HP Photosmart LIVING ROOM

20.Wolfgang Puck Stainless pots, games glass lids 5 piece set LIVING ROOM

21.Royal 12 piece Seafood set LIVING ROOM

22.Silverware LIVING ROOM

23.Sheet music LIVING ROOM

24.3 Collector plates Labrador Retriever, Indian/horse All LIVING ROOM

25.Wolfgang Puck matching stainless steamer pot 10 x 11 LIVING ROOM

26.Cuisinart Egg cooker LIVING ROOM

27.Crock pot LIVING ROOM

28.Various new kitchen items Slap chop etc LIVING ROOM

29.Minute Man necklace, etc LIVING ROOM

30.Lot of Pyrex LIVING ROOM

31.Pyrex baking dishes LIVING ROOM

32.Assorted new Adult undergarment items LIVING ROOM

33.Lot of cleaning supplies, trash bags, gloves LIVING ROOM

34.Assorted kitchen items, glasses, etc LIVING ROOM

35.Keurig coffee maker and related items KITCHEN

36.Hamilton Beach mixer, blender, crock pot etc KITCHEN

37.2 Skillets 8" and 12" KITCHEN

38.4 Pc black cannister set KITCHEN

39.Large box of paper goods, paper towels, plastic KITCHEN

40.2 boxes laundry and cleaning supplies KITCHEN

41.Box of assorted Religious items KITCHEN

42.Shark Steam bottle KITCHEN

43.Wood lazy susan, cutting boards KITCHEN

44.Kitchen table pedestal 40" dia. 30" high KITCHEN

45.5 Stackable padded chairs All KITCHEN

46.Lot of games, CDs cassettes IN CABINET IN SITTTING ROOM

47.Lot of picture frames SITTING ROOM

48.Lamp table SITTING ROOM

49.Luggage set, 2 air mattresses SITTING ROOM

50.Swivel rocker recliner, needs cleaning SITTING ROOM

51.Lot of figurines on mantle SITTING ROOM

52.Lot with swifter products cleaning SITTING ROOM

53.Dresser 42x14x34 BEDROOM 2

54.Dresser 26x15x42 BEDROOM 2

55.2 drawer stand 16x12x23 BEDROOM 2

56.Single bed complete Metal frame BEDROOM 2

57.Step end table 17x26x21 BEDROOM 2

58.Assorted box flag, candles, etc BEDROOM #3

59.Box with a variety tools, connectors BEDROOM #3

60.Stand, box of CD/s, BEDROOM #3

61.Sylvania color tv 16 x 21 BEDROOM #3

62.Bushnell binoculars 12 x 25 BEDROOM #3

63.Assorted items, screws, connectors BEDROOM #3

64.Digital postal scales unit BEDROOM #3

65.Lot of cables and ext. cords BEDROOM #3

66.Lot of sewing supplies, hand stitcher BEDROOM #3

67.Tape, various items BEDROOM #3

68.Personal car Hair care kit, razor BEDROOM #3

69.Office supply box BEDROOM #3

70.3 Canes, umbrella BEDROOM #3

71.Shark Steam mop BEDROOM #3

72.2 5 drawer plastic storage towers both BEDROOM #3

73.2 drawer black filing cabinet 14x17x29 BEDROOM #3

74.4 drawer beige filing cabinet 14x25x52 BEDROOM #3

75.Royal Brant paper shredder BEDROOM #3

76.Computer screens, keyboards, Computer contents of closet BEDROOM #3

77.Grizzly safe with key BEDROOM #3

78.Box of plasticware BEDROOM #3

79.Residential gas water heater BASEMENT

80.2 gray stacking chairs as is BASEMENT

81.Bootz 19" round bathroom sink BASEMENT

82.Lot of metal fixtures, etc BASEMENT

83.Box of misc. plumbing parts BASEMENT

84.Dog tie out approx. 15' BASEMENT

85.Shelf of pipes, etc BASEMENT

86.Lot of sump pump and accessories BASEMENT

87.Buckets of mesh, fencing material BASEMENT

88.Strip lights in box 2 8' and bulbs BASEMENT

89.Werner metal ladder BASEMENT

90.Coleman Power mate plus air compressor 5 hp 29 gal BASEMENT

91.Carab-Tec lathe with accessories BASEMENT

92.Lot of building materials 2 x 4, door etc BASEMENT

93.Rockwell saw stand BASEMENT

94.Cart with coil of 46 x 24 BASEMENT

96.Lot of electrical , stereo wire BASEMENT

97.Dryer vent cleaning system in box BASEMENT

98.Plastic beige patio set 3 chairs, end table BACK PORCH

99.3 Garbage cans all BACK PORCH

100.Lot of Rubber, roof cement BACK PORCH

101.Spot light, target sheets on shelf BACK PORCH

102.4 Roof vents, second shelf BACK PORCH

103.Lot of metal venting pieces BACK PORCH

104.small step ladder Step right Brand BACK PORCH

105.Gas Grill Charbroil SS with extra burner, prep station OUTSIDE

106.Small 30 propane tank OUTSIDE

107.Ext. ladder metal approx. 24' OUTSIDE

108.Garden tools, hoses, pruner, left side METAL SHED

109.Gas cans, etc RIGHT SIDE OF SHED

110.Lawn roller 230 lbs. precise it OUTSIDE

111.Roofing underlayment top shelf left side WOOD SHED

112.Lot of plywood, Portable board mover Powerline BREEZEWAY

113.2 Rubbermaid garbage cans BREEZEWAY

114.Whirlpool 18 cu ft. refrigerator freezer BREEZEWAY

117.Gun rest GARAGE

118.7 HP 60 gal. Campbell Air compressor with extra hose and attachments GARAGE

119.3 Fans GARAGE

120.Gray metal cabinet on wheels

121.2 Fire extguisher 1 full GARAGE

122.Blue vise GARAGE

123.Box of tools, bits, snippers GARAGE

124.Bid lot of 5 vehicle radios 2 look to be new GARAGE

125.3 piece knife set 2 blades only GARAGE

126.Box of assorted size drill bits GARAGE

127.Drillmaster combo cordless set 18 vt GARAGE

128.2 boxes hitch clips, clevis pins GARAGE

129.Box of measuring tapes GARAGE

130.Tumblers GARAGE

131.3 knives, filet and pocket GARAGE

132.Red work bench 1 drawer GARAGE

133.Larin 5" red vise GARAGE

134.Wall of containers filled with bolts, etc GARAGE

135.Pittsburgh mini charger GARAGE

136.Skil electric grinder GARAGE

137.Vise Reed Erie, Pa 3.5" GARAGE

138.2 Angle/disc grinders 1 is Makita GARAGE

139.Quick set rolling stool GARAGE

140.Work bench with 1 drawer GARAGE

141.Chicago elec. Reciprocating saw GARAGE

142.Chicago 1/2 compact angle drill Mod 44790GARAGE

143.B & D Quantum 7.25" 12 amp circular saw GARAGE

144.Chicago rotary hammer drill Mod 41983 GARAGE

145.Chicago Close quarter drill 3/8" Elec GARAGE

146.Porter Cable jig saw, B & D drill GARAGE

147.Porter Cable reciprocating saw

148.Chicago Elec angle 7" grinder Mod 34532 GARAGE

149.Bucket of drill bits GARAGE

150.Lot of drill bits in containers GARAGE

151.Creeper and moving dolly GARAGE

152.Garage storage bins qty 25 GARAGE

153.2 in 1 support cargo bar GARAGE

154.2 coolers GARAGE

155.Saw horses plastic and metal GARAGE

156.Lot of T squares, various measuring GARAGE

157.Ladder stabilizers GARAGE

158.Moving dolly

159.Chicago cut off saw

160.Grizzly drill press radial Like New GARAGE

161.14 gal. Contractor shop vac GARAGE

162.Shop vac GARAGE

163.HD floor jack, will not rise GARAGE

164.Extension cords GARAGE

165.Car cleaning lot GARAGE

166.Lot of nuts, bolts, etc GARAGE

167.Central Pneumatic nail gun and nails coil GARAGE

168.Mirrors for auto GARAGE

169.Pair of jack stands GARAGE

170.Lot of misc. garage tools GARAGE

171.Box of boot cleaner, trash bag stand, tarps GARAGE

172.Portable air tank 7 gal GARAGE

173.Lot of levels GARAGE

174.Box of windshield and glass removing tools GARAGE

175.Chicago reciprocating 4.5" saw GARAGE

176.Chicago variable jig saw and wet dry vac pump accessories GARAGE

177.2 Electric sanders GARAGE

178.Folding metal ladder stand GARAGE

179.Ryobi reciprocating saw in case GARAGE

180.Drill bits GARAGE

181.Long bench unit BASEMENT
182.5 shelf unit BASEMENT
292.Welding kit GARAGE

293.Hammers GARAGE

294.Box chisels, pullers, etc GARAGE

295.Hardy gloves GARAGE

296.Clamps GARAGE

297.Box with saw, etc GARAGE

298.Air wrench, mini hammer GARAGE

299.Air punch/flange tool and wrench GARAGE

300.Central Pneumatic air nailer/stapler, saw GARAGE

301.Air punch/flange tool and wrench GARAGE

302.2 lock sets GARAGE

303.2 Air nailer/staplers GARAGE

304.Box clamps GARAGE

305.Master Conversion Type C kit GARAGE

306.Compression tester kit GARAGE

307.Saw blades for saws all and scroll saw GARAGE

308.Circular saw blades and datos GARAGE

309.Industrial Air filter regulator unit GARAGE

310.Cen-tech 12 vt battery charger GARAGE

311.Knee kicker carpet installer GARAGE

312.3/4 ton lever chain hoist GARAGE

313.Box of assorted size grinding discs and sanding discs GARAGE

314.Large box of tie downs GARAGE

315.Box of bolts GARAGE

316.Grinding brushes and discs GARAGE

317.metal magnets GARAGE

318.2T floor jack AS IS GARAGE

319.Grease guns GARAGE

320.Trouble light, flashlights GARAGE

321.Welding clamps GARAGE

322.Large scissors, snips GARAGE

323.3 drawer plastic stand organizer GARAGE

324.Echo Chain saw CS-352 16' bar GARAGE

325.Bucket of hole saws GARAGE

326.Bucket of electrical GARAGE

327.Small grinding discs GARAGE

328.Hand wipes GARAGE

329.2 large grinding wheels GARAGE

330.100' fiberglass tape and others GARAGE

331.Bucket of O rings, fasteners, etc GARAGE

332.Wire cutters, riveters GARAGE

333.Squares GARAGE

334.Brakes, etc GARAGE

335.Bucket of Bushings, rings GARAGE

336.Electric stapler, various staples GARAGE

337.AMT Power Gouge GARAGE

338.Flag GARAGE

339.Lunch pack GARAGE

340.Portable 12 vt impact wrench GARAGE

341.Central Pneumatic contractor series air stapler GARAGE

342.Red Wing shoe horn GARAGE

343.Air Nozzles GARAGE

344.Small levels, quick corner guides GARAGE

345.Central Pneumatic portable sandblaster GARAGE

346.Wire cutters, riveters GARAGE

347.Hi tech Mod. 87 internal/ext. retaining ring set GARAGE

348.Craftsman 3 x 21 belt sander GARAGE

349.Wagner paint sprayer GARAGE

350.Central Machinery mini cement mixer 1.25 cu ft. electric Looks like new GARAGE

351.Central Forge 4" pipe yoke vise GARAGE

352.HD Cart folding handle 20 x 32 platform GARAGE

353.2 gas cans both GARAGE

354.Pry bars, saw GARAGE

355.Plumbing GARAGE

356.Plumbing snakes GARAGE

357.Echo gas weed eater wheels attached SRM-210 GARAGE

358.Parker MP Plasma Tec 40/160 Welder with cart and 3 helmets and accessories GARAGE

359.HD Wheeled cart Panther 30 x 50 GARAGE

360.4 Organizers on wall with variety of items GARAGE

361.Large box of assorted garage items GARAGE

362.Box of assorted stud finder, dry wall anchors etc GARAGE

363.Metal shelving unit 48x19x70 GARAGE

364.5 Piece silver & Deming drill bits G

365.Drill bits GARAGE

366.Drill bits GARAGE

367.Drill bits GARAGE

368.Drill Master 5 pc SDS Masonry bit set GARAGE

369.Box of assorted bits GARAGE

370.3 piece 1/2" 9 16" 5/8 wood bits GARAGE

371.Large box of mulit meters, analyzers, etc GARAGE

372.Croquet set GARAGE

373.Wagner Power scraper and soldering guns GARAGE

374.Cable ties GARAGE

375.Porter Cable 1 1/2" grinder GARAGE

376.Porter Cable grinder GARAGE

377.Chicago elec. Grinder 7" angle GARAGE

378.Pair of folding trailer ramps like new GARAGE

379.Truck bed roller GARAGE

380.Concrete mixing tubs and trowels GARAGE

381.Keller Ladder 6' Model 776 Type 1 GARAGE

382.Shovels, broom GARAGE

383.Metal shelving unit 48x19x70 GARAGE

384.4 Bar clamps all GARAGE

385.Grease fittings, and more GARAGE

386.Clamps, etc GARAGE

387.Gun related items GARAGE

388.Oil pans, sprayer GARAGE

389.4 Wood clamps All GARAGE

390.Shovels, broom GARAGE

183.Light bulbs
185.Knives, some new


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