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Household, Tools, Trailer, Meredith Bottle - Wednesday August 21 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Golf Bag Carrier OUTSIDE

2.Wooden press OUTSIDE


3.2 plastic 3 drawer containers both OUTSIDE

4.Waterproof HD box with snaps OUTSIDE

5.Small patio stand OUTSIDE

6.Aluminum cot frame OUTSIDE

7.Paddle wheel OUTSIDE

8.Vintage metal stool OUTSIDE

9.Wood top metal base stool OUTSIDE

10.Metal rack OUTSIDE

11.Short frog water fountain OUTSIDE

12.Metal rack possibly for ball caps OUTSIDE

13.Wooden child or animal gates GARAGE

14.Copper and brass items GARAGE

15.shaving knife missing handle GARAGE

16.Vintage bottle opener GARAGE

17.Wood frame GARAGE

18.Crow Shooter's handbook and others GARAGE

19.Pipe, 2 lures, etc GARAGE

20.Canteen and mess kits GARAGE

21.Brass hunting items GARAGE

22.Vintage knob for shifter and 2 bells GARAGE

23.2 Wall sconces GARAGE

24.1982 Survey of Waverly NY book GARAGE

25.Various character prints GARAGE

26.Sunbeam Mixmaster parts GARAGE

27.Brass candleholder GARAGE

28.brass Oriental man double candleholder GARAGE

29.Radio and intercom GARAGE

30.crate with car radios GARAGE

31.Various tool items GARAGE

32.Grinding wheel GARAGE

33.Religious pictures GARAGE

34.Electric fake woodstove heater GARAGE

35.Antique iron gas heater or fireplace insert GARAGE

36.Variety GARAGE

37.cords and hoses GARAGE

38.2 Hedge trimmers GARAGE

39.2 Bassinettes Each x 2 GARAGE

40.Planters GARAGE

41.2 blue cases GARAGE

42.wood case GARAGE

43.Exercise bike GARAGE

44.2 Ceiling lights both GARAGE

45.Lamps GARAGE

46.Heavy metal shelf GARAGE

47.Pressed pattern glassware GARAGE

48.Vintage Christmas tree stand, etc GARAGE

49.Grill turner air pump etc GARAGE

50.Vintage radio, analyzer, etc GARAGE

51.Early Encyclopedias GARAGE

52.Pyrex, corning items GARAGE

53.Basket of decorative items GARAGE

54.Planters GARAGE

55.Assorted glassware, creamers, vases, etc GARAGE

56.Crate of collectible plates GARAGE

57.Milk glass GARAGE

58.Air hose GARAGE

59.Walker GARAGE

60.3 Newer cribs but have been recalled Each x 3 GARAGE

61.8 Track tapes and more GARAGE

62.Lamp parts GARAGE

63.Poker table top GARAGE

64.Large Iron safe lock is broken BRING 4 GUYS TO MOVE AT LEAST IN BACK CORNER OF GARAGE

65.Grinder GARAGE

66.Nails GARAGE

67.Sundae boats GARAGE

68.Plant stand GARAGE

69.Glass and frames GARAGE

70.Plumbing GARAGE

71.Tray umbrella etc GARAGE

72.cutting board, dish strainer GARAGE

73.Saw blades etc GARAGE

74.Various tool items in gray tub GARAGE

75.Various tool items in orange crate GARAGE

76.Electric plug box and more GARAGE

77.Clamp and more GARAGE

78.Wood box of saw blades, weight etc GARAGE

79.Box with vintage weights, and more GARAGE

80.Box saucers and surprises GARAGE

81.Pump, electric box and more GARAGE

82.Metal items can etc GARAGE

83.Metal tub with curry brush etc GARAGE

84.Electrical and other items GARAGE

85.Box of variety of wooden items, trays, bowl, etc GARAGE

86.Door knobs GARAGE

87.Small iron pots GARAGE

88.Stand GARAGE

89.3 Newer cribs but have been recalled Each x 3 GARAGE

90.Pack packs GARAGE

91.Pans, sifter etc GARAGE

92.4 Glass grape like shades All GARAGE

93.Etched platter Cups Saucers, gravy GARAGE

94.Small gold rope edge stand GARAGE

95.Child's 4 drawer wooden dresser GARAGE

96.Cups, mugs Correlleware plates GARAGE

97.Box of deviled egg trays Chicken design etc GARAGE

98.Oil lamps GARAGE

99.Juicer, goblet and more GARAGE

100.Fire king and other gold rim dishes GARAGE

101.Pottery vase and more GARAGE

102.Enamelware GARAGE

103.Bottles GARAGE

104.Wood recipe box GARAGE

105.Vintage music holder GARAGE

106.Large box of nice decorated china GARAGE

107.Jewelry box, silverware box GARAGE

108.Whale cutting boards GARAGE

109.Cups, hall bowl GARAGE

110.Books GARAGE

111.Electric hand tools GARAGE

112.Art pottery items GARAGE

113.2 Vintage metal cone shaped holders both GARAGE

114.Bottles GARAGE

115.Large box of Deviled egg trays and platters GARAGE

116.Finials GARAGE

117.2 pieces of iron GARAGE

118.Tool box GARAGE

119.Belt GARAGE

120.Drill bits early tool pieces GARAGE

121.Metal bar GARAGE

122.Butterfly picture handmade with beads GARAGE


124.Floral picture GARAGE

126.Office chair GARAGE

127.Fogger GARAGE

128.Inflatable boat GARAGE

129.Advertising fruit bags GARAGE

130.Hardware GARAGE

131.Basketball net, basketball GARAGE

132.Various glassware GARAGE

133.Ceiling fan used GARAGE

134.Vintage metal window fan GARAGE

135.Outdoor light bulbs etc GARAGE

136.Large box of glassware, vases, cups, saucers, platters GARAGE

137.aluminum ware, vintage toaster GARAGE

138.collectible boxes GARAGE

139.Tray and wood doors small GARAGE

140.Games GARAGE

141.2 boxes of electrical GARAGE

142.Tub of Beanie baby's GARAGE

143.Avon, vintage clock, etc GARAGE

144.Large steamer trunk GARAGE

145.2 Chairs GARAGE

146.2 Modern oak display cases upright one missing glass Both GARAGE

147.Wool GARAGE

148.Silverware box GARAGE

149.Large center piece to entertainment center would make a great clothes closet GARAGE

150.Long cross cut saw missing handles GARAGE

151.bucket with 2 motors GARAGE


153.Motor GARAGE

154.Iron bowl GARAGE

155.Duster and iron items, scrap GARAGE

156.Crate of various small tools and scrap items GARAGE

157.Humidifier GARAGE

158.Silver-plated and aluminum items GARAGE

159.Wooden stool frames GARAGE

160.2 wood trays of electrical, belts etc GARAGE

161.Stand GARAGE

162.Crate of scrap GARAGE

163.Green crate with assorted GARAGE

164.Speakers GARAGE

165.Piano rolls GARAGE

166.ball peen hammers GARAGE

167.Glassware pressed GARAGE

168.WKTA FM alert radio GARAGE

169.Hardware GARAGE

170.Dresser items, fan GARAGE

171.2 Early wood boxes both GARAGE

172.Steam roller music box GARAGE

173.Large iron piece GARAGE

174.Small bell with stand GARAGE

175.Vintage ashtray GARAGE

176.Antique hose sprinkler end GARAGE

177.Iron skillet GARAGE

178.Vintage Plastic Christmas houses GARAGE

179.Large plane GARAGE

180.Gilbert 5" clock GARAGE

181.thermos GARAGE

182.Baby planter GARAGE

183.Vintage pencils, etc GARAGE

184.Iron fry pan GARAGE

185.Pottery items, salt peppers, etc GARAGE

186.Pottery teapot GARAGE

187.Advertising Hyde Park creamer GARAGE

188.Small Denmark dish GARAGE

189.Art Pottery fish set GARAGE

190.Victorian ceiling light GARAGE

191.Hand painted and decorated porcelain GARAGE

192.Studio pottery etc GARAGE

193.2 newer cribs recalled each x 2

194.Stand GARAGE

195.Lot of scrap

196.Small stenciled stand LIVING ROOM

197.Knick knacks LIVING ROOM

198.Oriole food LIVING ROOM

199.Seat belt adjuster LIVING ROOM

200.phones LIVING ROOM

201.Household tip, boarder LIVING ROOM

202.cloth mop LIVING ROOM

203.pressure cooker LIVING ROOM

204.British Columbia souvenir LIVING ROOM

205.Knick knacks LIVING ROOM

206.Dragon statue LIVING ROOM

207.Cup heater, mini food chopper LIVING ROOM

208.plastic snoopy bank LIVING ROOM

209.Channel master Elec razor LIVING ROOM

210.Milk glass chicken on nest LIVING ROOM

211.Door locks pan LIVING ROOM

212.Rolling ruler LIVING ROOM

213.Pressed cake plate and more LIVING ROOM

214.Teakwood cheese server LIVING ROOM

215.plasticware LIVING ROOM

216.baking LIVING ROOM

217.hat sneakers bag LIVING ROOM


220.Plastic race car game LIVING ROOM

221.Carved head man with derby hat walking stick LIVING ROOM

222.Bakelite style golfer walking stick LIVING ROOM

223.Brass goose head cane LIVING ROOM

224.Vintage record holder

225.Picnic basket LIVING ROOM

226.Prints LIVING ROOM

227.Coolers LIVING ROOM

228.Sombreros LIVING ROOM

229.Maple round table LIVING ROOM

230.Carved foot couch some fraying LIVING ROOM

231.Coffee table LIVING ROOM

232.Grill tools LIVING ROOM


234.Duck Hunter LIVING ROOM

235.Early cards LIVING ROOM

236.Beading LIVING ROOM

237.3 Piece silver-plated set LIVING ROOM

238.Egg relish tray LIVING ROOM

239.Popcorn popper LIVING ROOM

240.Vintage child's slide viewer LIVING ROOM

241.Vintage Argo flex camera and vintage movie camera LIVING ROOM

242.Silver flask LIVING ROOM

243.Black ceramic geese LIVING ROOM

244.Red Baron Official Flight Decks playing cards LIVING ROOM

245.Vintage tape dispenser LIVING ROOM

246.Coconut heads LIVING ROOM

247.Carved modern statue LIVING ROOM

248.marble base deer ashtray LIVING ROOM

249.J. E. Meredith Towanda Pa Bottle LIVING ROOM


251.Vintage cameras LIVING ROOM

252.Glass round base bottle and brown bottle LIVING ROOM

253.Wood letter holder, puzzles frames etc LIVING ROOM

254.King size bedspread and pillow sham LIVING ROOM


256.Dog items LIVING ROOM

257.Snowmen LIVING ROOM

258.Ukulele LIVING ROOM

259.Santa's Tuney Toy book LIVING ROOM

260.Mirror BR 1

261.Desk items and backpack BEDROOM 1

262.Filter BEDROOM 1

263.Play Station 3 BEDROOM 1

264.Mid Century Modernism starburst clock BEDROOM 1

265.Mid Century modernism telephone bench BEDROOM 1

266.Racing collectible hats BEDROOM 1

267.South Western style decorations BEDROOM 1

268.4 Race Car models all BEDROOM 1

269.Glassware BEDROOM 1

270.Las Vegas battery operated dice clock BEDROOM 1

271.Beam Bottles BEDROOM 1

272.1931 Hawkeye wrecker bank diecast BEDROOM 1

273.Realistic radio no cord blue BEDROOM 1

274.Small lava style lamp BEDROOM 1

275.Annie Cup BEDROOM 1

276.Vintage plastic child's turntable record player BEDROOM 1

277.chalk ware Last Supper BEDROOM 1

278.Cups saucers etc BEDROOM 1

279.Cords BEDROOM 1

280.Yarn BEDROOM 1

281.Reel to Reel BEDROOM 1

282.Meet Geyser II submersible pump BEDROOM 1

283.4 Boxes of Collectible Exxon coins Each x 4 BEDROOM 2

284.4 Drawer dresser BEDROOM 2

285.Speaker stand BEDROOM 2

286.dresser mirror BEDROOM 2

287.Ash tray, tree silhouette etc BEDROOM 2

288.Mid Century entertaining items BEDROOM 2

289.8 drawer dresser BEDROOM 2

290.Racing Champion cars BEDROOM 2

291.Nascar and other racing cars BEDROOM 2

292.Sport wheels and Revell cars BEDROOM 2

293.Race cars, tractor trailers, cards BEDROOM 2

294.Stock Rods cars BEDROOM 2

295.American Flyer train set 21160 engine, tender, caboose, tank car and other car BEDROOM 2

296.2 6" Porcelain elephants BEDROOM 2

297.crock BEDROOM 2

298.Negative BEDROOM 2

299.Child's peg table BEDROOM 2

300.3 folding camp stools BEDROOM 2

301.Handmade sculpture BEDROOM 2

302.Heart Cannister set BEDROOM 2

303.Racing Champions Race cars BEDROOM 2

304.collectible car BEDROOM 2

305.Winners Circle Race cars BEDROOM 2

306.Hot wheels Pro racing cars BEDROOM 2

307.Racing Champions cars and trucks BEDROOM 2

308.Winners Circle Race cars BEDROOM 2

309.Toshiba Toner T-2060 BEDROOM 2

310.Jars BEDROOM 2

311.Winners Circle Race cars BEDROOM 2

312.Mardi Grau beads BEDROOM 2

313.thermometer cribbage board BEDROOM 2

314.linens BEDROOM 2

315.Pans BEDROOM 2

316.Deviled egg trays, platter BEDROOM 2

317.lamp shades BEDROOM 2

318.Keyboard Yamaha BEDROOM 2

319.Play Station 3 BEDROOM 2

320.KeyKord 4 string acoustic guitar with case BEDROOM 2

321.Loveseat some fray LIVING ROOM double recliner BACK PORCH

323.Mid Century modernism metal round plant stand BEDROOM 2

324.Wurlitzer Studio upright piano with bench MUST BRING YOUR OWN HELP BACK PORCH

325.Platform rocker BACK PORCH

326.patio stand BACK PORCH

327.Loveseat BACK PORCH

328.Pull behind wood cart or trailer with title for frame OUTSIDE

329.Triple swing with awning OUTSIDE

330.Refrigerator freezer FRONT ENCLOSED PORCH

331.Metal folding chairs folding grocery cart BASEMENT

332.Wicker basket with canes BASEMENT

333.Lounge cushions BASEMENT

334.Purses BASEMENT

335.Painting BASEMENT


337.Music BASEMENT

338.Fur hat etc BASEMENT

339.Afghans BASEMENT

340.drop bed couch BASEMENT

341.Handicap helpers BASEMENT

342.Large quantity of Christmas and decorations BASEMENT

343.Vases and bottles BASEMENT

344.Canning jars BASEMENT


347.lamps BASEMENT

348.Coin counter, small iron ashtrays BASEMENT

349.Mid Century lazy Susan BASEMENT

350.Vintage shoe buffer BASEMENT

351.Plate with stand BASEMENT

352.Plated spoons BASEMENT

353.Early viewer with discs BASEMENT

354.Small jewelry box with assorted BASEMENT

355.Blower BASEMENT

356.Piano rolls BASEMENT

357.Maverick pump BASEMENT

358.Amethyst pitcher BASEMENT

359.German stein BASEMENT

360.Vintage bottle BASEMENT

361.Hand painted saw blade BASEMENT

362.Brass candleholders BASEMENT

363.Victorian curtain ties BASEMENT

364.Eisenhower plate BASEMENT

365.Vintage humifier BASEMENT

366.Colored glassware BASEMENT

367.Display shelf BASEMENT

368.Quantity of plates and deviled egg plates BASEMENT

369.Boom box BASEMENT

370.2 Edison cylinders not sure of condition and vintage eye glasses BASEMENT

371.Early Christmas balls BASEMENT

372.Mid Century metal kitchen cabinet BASEMENT

373.VCR tapes BASEMENT

374.Metal office chair BASEMENT

375.Rush seat chair BASEMENT

376.2 Molded Mid Century Chairs black and green Krueger Metal Products Each x 2 BASEMENT

377.Ice cream maker BASEMENT

378.2 Pool table weight sticks BASEMENT

379.8 Track tapes BASEMENT

380.Planter and more BASEMENT

381.Creamer, sugar, cup saucer etc BASEMENT

382.Saucers and more BASEMENT

383.Surprise box BASEMENT

384.md2 BASEMENT


386.Wooden items BASEMENT

387.Cups and more BASEMENT

388.Seashells, glass decorative balls BASEMENT

389.Small kitchen table BASEMENT

390.2 Card tables BASEMENT


392.GE player BASEMENT

393.Glass cube BASEMENT

394.Early Mansfield State School photograph BASEMENT

395.Utensils BASEMENT

396.South Western style prints BASEMENT

397.Early photograph Signal Company Aircraft Hawaii BASEMENT

398.Kitchen appliances BASEMENT

399.bag with ribbon etc BASEMENT

400.prints and paintings BASEMENT

401.Books BASEMENT

402.Print BASEMENT

404.Turntable stereo BASEMENT

405.Vintage Television BASEMENT

406.Lost sheep print BASEMENT

407.Stamp print BASEMENT

408.Animal yard decorations BASEMENT

409.craft supplies BASEMENT

410.Painting on velvet and others BASEMENT

411.Mid Century molded Eggshell blue chair Rubber metal products Green Bay Wis. BASEMENT

412.Mid Century molded black chair Rubber metal products Green Bay, Wis. BASEMENT

413.Office chair BASEMENT chair BASEMENT

415.Kitchen table BASEMENT


417.Mid Century tapered leg coffee table BASEMENT

418.Cardio glider BASEMENT

419.Plank bottom rocker cracked seat BASEMENT

420.Mushroom chair circle only no base BASEMENT reel, globe bank, etc BASEMENT

422.2 Drawer filing cabinet BASEMENT

423.Music BASEMENT

424.2 boxes assorted BASEMENT

425.marble game and more no marbles BASEMENT

426.Large box wooden items BASEMENT

427.Box of collectible jewelry boxes various sizes BASEMENT

428.glassware, clock BASEMENT

429.Tub with flags umbrella BASEMENT

430.Workshop BASEMENT

431.Fogger BASEMENT


433.Table top oak podium BASEMENT

434.Early electronic machine BASEMENT

435.Plasticware BASEMENT

436.Games puzzles BASEMENT

437.Vintage hats BASEMENT

438.Wood items BASEMENT

439.Umbrellas etc BASEMENT

440.Costume hats BASEMENT

441.Elec oil heater BASEMENT

442.Baskets BASEMENT


444.Blow mold skinny rabbit BASEMENT


545.Hanging light BASEMENT

546.Gray metal shelf unit BASEMENT

547.Brown metal shelf unit BASEMENT

548.Pizza stone BASEMENT

549.I Love Towanda Week Newspaper May 16 thru May 21 BASEMENT

550.Gouda hand painted vase BASEMENT

551.Cottage vintage clock BASEMENT

552.Woven basket with lid BASEMENT

553.Oliver Twist Scotland creamer and sugar BASEMENT

554.Reproduction iron match holder BASEMENT

555.Barbicide glass comb holder BASEMENT

556.Silk New Zealand flag BASEMENT

557.Wheelbarrow salter BASEMENT

558.2 Man on the Moon glasses and other BASEMENT

559.Ink well missing one well BASEMENT

560.Mid century wire record holders BASEMENT

561.2 boxes of glassware BASEMENT

562.Blankets BASEMENT

563.Macarthur makes Landing on Mindoro only 150 mile from city of Manila Early Towanda papers BASEMENT

564.Hall tree BASEMENT

565.Fur coat BASEMENT

566.Trunk BASEMENT

567.Fabric swaths BASEMENT

568.2 boxes of pots and pans BASEMENT

569.make up mirror, etc BASEMENT

570.Candleholders, candles, etc BASEMENT

571.2 boxes blankets BASEMENT

572.Vases, trays BASEMENT

573.Centrex by Pioneer 8 track player with radio tuner and turntable combo BASEMENT

574.Quantity of Deviled Egg plates BASEMENT

575.bowls, vases, compotes BASEMENT

576.Box of small dresser boxes BASEMENT

577.Mid century glasses and 2 chip bowls BASEMENT

578.VCR and other electronic equipment BASEMENT

579.Kodaslide Highlux III projector BASEMENT

580.Painting BASEMENT

581.Vases and more BASEMENT

582.Plates cups etc BASEMENT

583.plated challis's, ashtray etc BASEMENT

584.Interesting hand made doll and more BASEMENT

585.Copper items, rolling pin, etc BASEMENT

586.Various dishes BASEMENT

587.The Singing Machine Karaoke TV BASEMENT

588.Mikasa and more BASEMENT

589.Floor lamp BASEMENT

590.Wicker plate holders and bread basket BASEMENT

591.2' bakers rack BASEMENT

592.Brown ware bowl and planters BASEMENT

593.small heater BASEMENT

594.Cups saucers, Tree candy container etc BASEMENT

595.Vintage vanity items BASEMENT

596.Green Depression cake plate and Murano style bowl BASEMENT

597.Egg plates and amber plate BASEMENT

598.Vases BASEMENT

599.Christmas dish items and more BASEMENT

600.Ceiling lights BASEMENT

601.Styrofoam rings GARAGE

602.Gate GARAGE

603.Pool sticks GARAGE

604.3 Newer mirrored cribs recalled Each x 3 GARAGE

605.Metal shelf unit GARAGE

606.Metal box and other GARAGE

607.baskets GARAGE

608.Small toy box and doll potty chair GARAGE

609.Fan GARAGE

610.Motor, etc GARAGE

611.Bucket of variety GARAGE

612.Box with wire rings GARAGE

613.Wicker shades qty 2 both GARAGE

614.Duster, grinder parts, iron GARAGE

615.stand GARAGE

616.bucket with breast drill and more GARAGE

617.Bucket with belts and rings GARAGE

618.Shoe molds GARAGE

619.3 prints GARAGE

620.breast drills, etc GARAGE

621.round stand GARAGE

622.Iron dumbbell GARAGE

623.sheeting GARAGE

624.Iron artwork GARAGE

625.Prints frames GARAGE

626.Life jackets GARAGE

627.Files GARAGE with pulley and more GARAGE

629.Puller, iron part GARAGE

630.Holiday blow up GARAGE

631.Motor GARAGE

632.Magazine rack GARAGE GARAGE

634.Assorted GARAGE

635.Large file box with stand GARAGE

636.Purple crate with a large variety of items GARAGE

637.2 screens GARAGE

638.stand GARAGE

639.Pieces of cabinet GARAGE

640.Lights GARAGE

641.Pipe items etc GARAGE

642.Large box of prints GARAGE

643.4 Brass head canes 2 with lights, brass horse head is liquor holder LIVING ROOM

644.Assorted dishes BACK PORCH


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