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Advertisings, Collectibles, Jewelry, Furniture, Horse Related Items - Saturday July 18 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.2 Oval gold framed Religious prints. Each x 2 21 x 25

2.Early plastic dolls Best, Irwin and bottles, etc

3.3 Vintage tin noise makers

4.2 Child's umbrella's, rubber donkey, Italy hat, etc

5.The Herb Dr. Book and The One Hundred and One best songs book

6.3 Early dolls in pieces with moving eyes

7.16" Victorian style porcelain doll and 10" Gund bear

8.Early Ford Metal friction car bent wheels

9.2 NYC Brochures

10.Early plastic and wicker baskets for decoration of cakes or party favors

11.sewing items, Singer attachments, etc

12.19 x 24 Gold Framed Victorian style dinner print

13.Washboard style mirror 9x18

14.Mid Century Serving tray 12 x 18

15.1952 State Theatre Falconer, NY Schedule, 1955 Movie Calendar

16.Box of assorted vintage souvenirs

17.Woman's World Oct 1936 Trick or Treat Halloween

18.Around the World Empty box, Party hats, JFK Pictorial biography, etc

19.Early books and paperwork, pictures

20.Pink Rayon scarf, Box of embroidery thread, 2 ear covers

21.2-4" Made In Japan Baby figures 1 Groom Bisque

22.Cedar box 10 x 6x4

23.Early board games and modeling clay, Pin Tail on Donkey

24.Silver-plate Ladle, Rogers knives, spoon in cloth embroidered knife case

25.Advertising Davey Crocket play suit box only

26.Satin slip, yellow satin dress with net underskirt

27.Mariotti, Old Forge Pa Carpenters Apron 1973, Who's Who in Building and Avella Const. Co. book

28.Early scrap books with some vintage greeting cards

29.The Zing King Lingerie Wash board 9 x 18

30.Box with Our Wedding book, Brides' quilts note cards, Studio stencils

31.2 Table coverings Lavender coloring

32.3 Early Rub a pencil and pictures will appear books copyright 1942

33.3 Early calendars 1941, 1957

34.2nd Annual Western NY 1948 Boat and Sportsman Show Advertising

35.1924 Silk baby bonnets and early baby garments

36.2 Crochet doilies

37.3 metal trays of NY

38.12' Topper Beer Tray brewing co. Rochester NY

39.Box with laundry bag, knitted gloves and mittens, etc

40.Qty laced edge table coverings and handkerchiefs

41.Assorted early scarves and handkerchiefs

42.Various Christmas, early paper, etc

43.Early Christmas ornaments and picks

44.Burmel original handkerchiefs and others assorted early ones

45.Pair of early baby shoes

46.Yarn tin 4"x4.5"

47.Box of party hats

48.Misc. Early paper work

49.3 Children's framed pictures

50.Early fillet crochet women's night dress

51.Box of hair combs, vintage shoe horn, crotchet collars, etc

52.10 x 8 Walt Disney Donald Duck mirror

53.2 Vintage Halter tops or under tops

54.Early menus, maps, paperwork, etc

55.3 boxes of Sure Flash Amplex photo flashbulbs

56.Set of pink/white 11" moraccas

57.2 16 x 10 Old Mother Hubbard cardboard place mats

58.Apothecary jar no lid 9"

59.4 Chiquita banana advertisements Each x 4

60.Royal Norfolk set of 5 dinner plates 10.5"

61.Box of advertisements, magazines, tourism, etc

62.Ladies vintage slips

63.Early bulletins and posters

64.2 Early necklaces Ann Barton Faux pink pearls and amethyst bead

65.3 Doves pin Victorian 2'x3"

66.Genuine cloisonn� necklace

67.2 Early brass tone Victorian floral pin and sweater clip

68.Child's ring and heart necklace in original box

69.Cowboy pin Vintage plastic hat/saddle

70.Vintage 3" Floral pin

71.Branch with leaves pin plastic and gemstone

72.Box of assorted jewelry, shoe buckle, pins

73.White cameo pendant set in Victorian setting on chain

74.Early Niagara Falls beaded pillow

75.Box with assorted early Vintage plastic pins, etc

76.3 necklaces and 1 pr earrings Mid Century and Victorian

77.early pins and shoe clips

78.4 set of cuff links and tie bars in original packages

79.Early women's handmade undergarments

80.Canada Dry Advertisement and 7-up advertisement

81.Box of early toys, etc, Tiny Tot rattle, Sally ice skater

82.7 up Advertising banner corrugated

83.4 Handmade embroidered doilies

84.Pillsbury Best Flour Bag wrapper

85.Handmade embroidered vintage pillow covers

86.Vintage Radelle women's size M sculpture Peach satin/lace sleeveless long night gown

87.2 Empty advertising boxes Polaroid Flash Gun and Switzers Cherry Red Candy

88.Assorted Vintage jewelry

89.2 Women's under skirts

90.Early woman's night dress

91.Boston Mass Souvenir Pencils, pipe, J. Hasday glasses, etc

92.Assorted early jewelry

93.Kodak camera items

94.Vintage handmade pillow covers

95.2 vests

96.Brownie No 116 box camera by Eastman Kodak Co

97.Camera items

98.Vintage embroidered pillow covers

99.Assorted cameras, etc

100.Topaz EMT connectors

101.Assorted early jewelry

102.Lowenbrau glass mugs and Pillsbury coffee mug

103.Early jewelry plastic, gemstone

104.Victorian filigree amber stone in gold tone setting necklace

105.Necklace matching earrings Blue Rhinestone

106.Necklace matching bracelet Shell

107.Victorian Cameo bracelet

108.Mid Century children's plastic figurines

109.8 x 9 De Partagas cigar box

110.Early paper items

111.Assorted vintage Christmas items

112.Early Decals and paper dolls

113.Box of early Christmas, Candles, boxes, etc

114.McDonald's Toys

115.12" Tole painted elec. Desk Lamp

116.Early Christmas ornaments

117.Sony Micor CMtbx1 Dis MP3 with speakers

118.Portable DVD player with case model ONA178AV041

119.Canon PC170 copier

120.Assorted remote controls, cameras, headphones, etc

121.Box of assorted floral

122.Stationary and paints

123.Various books

124.Box of tablecloths, blankets, etc

125.2 holiday lanterns, candle in orig. box

126.Bamboo with silk top sewing box with sewing items

127.Battery operated Holiday lantern 10"

128.Early wood box filled with buttons



131.Lot of misc. household items

132.Assorted handbags and totes

133.Blankets, quilts, pillow

134.Plastic garbage can full of hangers

135.Hunting blind with seat in zippered case

136.Hunting blind with seat in zippered case

139.Propane 250,000 BTU heater with long cord

137.Pump sprayer

140.Briggs Stratton 675 E Series 190cc engine

138.Hard hat, saws, etc

142.Quantity of handicap helpers

141.Wood head board with metal frame

143.Tappan Speed 1000 microwave 23x16x16

144.Microwave cart with cupboard below 26x19x33

145.Large floor model portable air conditioner 19 x 16 x 34

146.Wood end table 1 drawer 26x22x22 modern oak


148.Box of assorted cookbooks, Amish, Fix Forge

149.Folding lawn chair, table top ironing board

150.Cast iron tea kettle 10"

151.Oak 2 door stand 30 x 17 x 27

152.4 stroke Honda WX10 sump pump

153.Pine Lift top wood hall seat 38 x 16x38

154.Early wood Child's pull cart 30 x 11 x 12

155.Vintage Plastic and metal child's bouncy horse 37 x 28 x 21

156.Modern Oak table 1 leaf 53 x 41 x 30

157.Baby walker/toy

158.4 Leather topped bar stools Early 28"

159.2 Milk Cans 24" Each x 2

160.Electric lamp post 63"

161.Handmade sturdy Stool 20x15x17

162.Handmade Sturdy Stool 15x18x17

163.Early Wood drying rack

164.Keg 24"

165.Outside Elec lamp post 61"

166.Student desk/chair unit

167.Vintage Adult powered child's sleigh 50 x 14

168.Mid Century TV/magazine stand 28 x 14x24

169.Large flat top trunk 36x21x23

170.Roll of wall sound barrier material 57" wide

171.Brass tone vanity chair plastic covered seat 13 x24

172.Brass tone vanity chair plastic covered seat 13 x24

173.Leather look wood arm chair 23 x 24x 33

174.Metal glass table 17 x18

175.Trunk insert 22x39x5

176.Brass colored loveseat 37x19x35

177.Toy box 30 x 15x17

178.2 Craig 9431 Speakers 12x8x22

179.14" wood plate inlay

180.6 Early plastic baby doll angels

181.7 pieces Royal Albert England

182.Mid Century Exlaphone train track set plastic

183.Gold framed prayer, misc. Religious items

184.Large lot of unusual items Vintage letter openers, dice, etc

185.Box of switch/ outlet plates 18 metal/porcelain

186.Vintage beaded evening bag with matching gloves

187.Early plastic personal care items, razor, soap holder

188.Box of travel brochures, time tables, hankie parasols, etc

189.5 pieces of Bavaria china

190.8 pieces of china

191.Military button polishing kit 4.5x3x1.5

192.Military Mess kit spoon only

193.Grenade dummy heavy

194.Military Tin metal case with brush, etc

195.6 early military items coin leather snap case, badge, etc

196.Germany rapid lightning Mincer in orig box

197.Pink metal Scottie pin 2x1.5", Dark plastic floral pin 1.5x1"

198.Cloth/bead insignia India 2.5x 2.5"

199.Opening Eagle/anchor adjustable metal ring

200.Gold tone Victorian filigree & amber stone pin 1.75 x 1"

201.Arion Award pin and medal

202.German manicure set

203.Embossed metal bracelet, Scenes of Paris 6", butterfly pin

204.Quantity of beads, small glass ashtray, military ar pin

205.Early Scenic location brochures

206.Lg quantity of pieces of jewelry

207.Mid Century children's Legos, doll furniture, figures

208.2 Early purses, Navy Poaudesoir with coin and other

209.Empty Mickey Mouse wrist watch box 4 x 7.25x1"

210.3 Oval portrait of Jesus 10 x 8 O.F. Larson's

211.Number of advertising brochures, etc

212.Metal #311 2 Amish children in red wagon 2.5 x 1.5"

213.White porcelain incense burner Benihangce Tokyo 5 x 9

214.Angel child and 2 salt and pepper shakers

215.Pair of Japan angels, wind chimes, etc

216.Sango Gold dust black 5 oz stoneware cup 7 x 4"

217.Soap box full of matchbooks

218.Brass blow torch

219.Ceramic planters, Etc

220.Pieced International flags, Silk, etc NEBO Cigarettes imprinted on back 13 x15

221.Hit Parader & Song Hits magazine

222.1996 Campbell Kids Calendar, 6 Chiquita Banana cardboard advertisings All

223.2 Early plastic child's toy turtles, Palmer Plastics Souv. Boston, MA

224.Souvenir tape measure Boston Ma, USA 1.5 x .5"

225.Plastic Jiminy Cricket bottle Walt Disney Prod. Colgate Palmolive Co 7.5"

226.Tureen Meakin England 11x7x5.5

227.Japan Kitty bank 3 x 6

228.Assorted glasses, shade, etc

229.Digital Talk Max Cellular phone in orig box

230.3 Early plastic Reindeer as is

231.17 Pieces of Pink Depression 8-9" plates, tray

232.2 Embroidered on muslin table coverings

233.Commemorative liquor bottle Ezra Brooks 101 American Legion Convention 1974 Miami Beach

234.2 oval country scene prints plastic framed 8 x 9.5

235.Elf giruine candles, Merlin

236.Montgomery Ward automatic load slide viewer

237.16" Early doll painted head, cloth

238.Fuss Budget light plastic 45 rec , teeth instruct. Sunlight, etc

239.Crochet edge towel, Golfer table cover, 2 fancy dresser scarves

240.3 Nursery Rhyme Playing baby placemats 14.5 x 12

241.Matchbook, Rescuers Down Under, Paper stand up Donald Duck, 1955 Nature's Remedy calendar

242.Pair of oxford Nanette shoes 8 med

243.Box of Vintage baby and doll clothes

244.2 Early pitchers Shawnee and cow

245.Box of Mid Century greetings cards

246.Religious and oval framed with chain

247.Early children's coloring books,

248.Assorted booklets, Woolworth's 75 years, Jamestown Sterling Corp, etc

249.Conax Co2 pasteurizing handle, carbonated water infuser

250.Falconer Democratic Caucus 1954 sign, 4 Bertonelli oil signs

251.Playskool wood board map puzzle 19 x 12.5

252.2 Chautauqua Lake Creamery 1952 Fold up calendars

253.Lazy Luxury Lounge, BF Goodrich brochure

254.Box of books, record children's story sets

255.Hall optical, Jamestown glass case, etc

256.Heavy metal pieta 6x6, Gimbel's Tea Room 1951 menu, Bigalow Tea Tin, 1930 Jamestown Shell Souv. Etc

257.Southwestern small items , papoose, woven wallet, crochet basket, etc

258.Imperial camera Corp Magimatic magicube Instant load camera 126 x 50

259.2 Tickets Games of The 27th Olympic Sydney Australia

260.2 Early calendars 1952 Post Journal, 1954 Gold Star Supermarket

261.2 Books, Peter Rabbit & Jack The Jumper 1922, Red Head and Whistle Brances 1915 Bancroft

262.Paper with plastic head clown accordion decoration as is

263.Avon collectible paper towel holder in original box

264.Recipes, Time tables and Advertising

265.Marti Gras Banner, Advertising for Knott's Beary Farm Ghost Town California

266.3 Japan Cat mugs All

267.Pretty box of bows and netting

268.Lot of handkerchiefs and Chiffon scarf with F Embroidered

269.3 boxes of The Door Spy The door viewer slide, micro ette viewer, plastic over cardboard box 9x3x3

270.Hupmobile Instruction manual, 1952 Wilcox Crissey Co Ready Reference Diary

271.Falconer Dem. Caucus Sign, GS manual Book, Raggedy Ann Story book, etc

272.4 figurines 2 50's chair boy/girl, 2 Bumpkins by Fabrizio

273.Lot of games, recipes, advertisements, Pin The Tail on The Donkey, etc

274.Antique Colic Nipple box, early match box

275.Paper covered box with 2 drawers 7.5x55.5x3.5

276.Child's Souvenir purse of Boston Ma Flap detached 7x 4.5

277.Decorative typewriter and perfume bottle, 1" baby doll, Babylon Zoo Spaceman Cassette smalls

278.Early plastic green case 8x3x1.5 Coro Necklace case only

279.NYC Silver metal Dec. 3, '42 Tray 7.5 x 4.5, hinged globe, heavy metal teapot

280.11" Ernie, 11" Simpsons, Magnetic Barbie felt doll dress up

281.15" Mexico on Skirt marionette

282.Lot of Early children's books and coloring books

283.Assorted brochures and booklets

284.11 Pieces of Pink Depression Clear relish, platter, Veg. bowls, Saucers, etc

285.Lots of advertising

286.Baby flannel nightgowns, winter bonnet, doll socks, etc

287.Hide a dazy retractable metal towel rack

288.17" Original Appalachian Works Inc Cabbage Patch doll

289.Assorted 1962 Songs cat/kitten, Cristian Fan Geere Dunn Co. Jamestown NY

290.Kodak photographic paper box, # of camera book instructions, etc

291.Lot of Empty Advertising Boxes Milk Shake, Big Pay, Tootsie Rolls

292.The James Dean Classic Poster Book 12 x 17

293.Advertisings, Older children's books, Tennis wrist sweatbands

294.Children's books, Shirley Temple, Sky Roads, Etc

295.3 hand crochet hot pads

296.Valentine boxes from 1945 and decorations

297.Porcelain and feathers angel figurine 6"

298.Early metal and plastic cookie cutters

299.Vintage Christmas decorations

300.Coca Cola Seasons Greetings card on orig.

301.Faux pearl necklaces, shoe buckle, etc

302.Box of handkerchiefs with crochet edging

303.Pair of crochet pillow cases

304.Jamestown Area NY 1947 Telephone directory

305.Lot of Early timetables, Gov't pub, brochures, ads

306.Postcards, Scenic brochures, advertising

307.NI Vintage pencil sharpeners Bazooka mini collection

308.2 Morton Salt cardboard display advertisings cardboard

309.Lot of souvenir ashtrays, A Nervous Wreck wall items

310.2 NIB Deck globe calendars, Vintage

311.Mid Century Electric ceiling light fixture 12"

312.Fla. Grapefruit and Jerry's Drive In Advertisings

313.Box of Early glass Christmas

314.Delores assorted chocolates box

315.1949 Matthews Tire and Tread Co.

316.Chesal Industries Milwaukee WI Tennis Towel

317.royal Winton Brimwades England cheese dish/knife

318.Papillon purse 13x12

319.Treasure box of Timex gift set Sailboat clock, Pyrex oval lid, etc

320.King Hickory Couch 80"

321.King Hickory Living room chair

322.Roll around office chair

323.Contemporary dresser with mirror 1950's Bassett 50x18x60 tapered legs

324.Green glider rocker

325.4 drawer dresser 34x18x41

326.Shelf unit 36x17x61

327.Captains chair

328.Door Mirror 14x50

329.Bassett Mid Century 5 drawer highboy dresser 32x18x43

330.Black wood roll cart with adjustable shelf 23.5x15x21

331.Pine Step back end table with bottom drawer 20x15x26

332.6 Yearbooks, 1 Condolences book

333.2 large Wilderness pillows, green tone rag rug

334.Quantity wall plaques and phot frames many new

335.3 boxes of plastic

336.3 boxes of plastic

337.Large box of gloves and shoes most size 6M

338.Lot of bags

339.Assorted kitchen dec items

340.Quantity early greeting cards new and used

341.4 Baseball gloves

342.Mid Century 14" Glass ceiling fixture

343.Chautauque Fair advertising poster 15x22, 23x30 advertising posters

344.Baseball helmets

345.Chenille bedspread

346.Assorted piano, guitar, polka music

347.Wicker hanging lamp 18" dia.

348.Lawn bocce in orig box

349.Legoland Town system

350.Crochet terry towel, some table coverings

351.Painted metal bread box 14x12x11

352.Box None Such Mincemeat box 9x15x5 with fabric blocks

353.Assorted fabric items, bags, skirts, dress

354.Hue L pajamas items, Rain item

355.Thara P magnetic therapy system in orig box

356.Lot of children's books, magazines, pictures to be framed

357.Campbell cookbooks, Betty Crocker, etc

358.International Musician, Bandwagon magazines

359.Cigarette, Cigar, Resses empty advertising boxes etc

360.Box of upholstery fabric pieces, braid

361.White metal step ladder 18 x 30

362.hard hat, children's plastic toys, Boat truck cab

363.Lot of early calendars 1955, 1943, 1945, 1938

364.Lot of mid century cook booklets

365.Framed USA weekend page 13x16

366.Deluxe battery operated portable black and white TV with radio

367.Genuine leather Mexico handbag, etc

368.Books, The Presidents, Inside the White House, Collier's World Atlas

369.Assorted Look, Post magazines

370.Number of Empty advertising cardboard boxes Panda Bar, Marlboro, Lark, etc

371.JFK Poster etc

372.Assorted advertising boxes, Hershey's Chocolate, Reel of Pope, Kennedy Film, 'some 16mm films, etc

373.Tunturi Bike Reading Book

374.Scenic location brochures

375.Canner no rack 14 x10

376.Box of vintage children's dresses

377.4 framed prints

378.Large box of children's coloring books, pencils, notepads

379.Sport craft badminton set in orig box

380.3 early albums, empty, some calendars

381.5 Johnson messengers with leather cases, car charger qty 3 all

382.Wood Easel approx. 5'8"

383.Mid Century Wire magazine rack

384.Targus bag on wheels

385.Handmade placemats

386.Assorted light bulbs, radio headphone,

387.Early Easy money game board and other

388.Early games, Gimme 5, Lite Brite, etc


390.Kit Kat box

391.2 Framed Marilyn Monroe pictures

392.Assorted books Animal Kingdom, World Atlas, etc

393.Mouli Grater MI France, Pastry maker

394.Plastic pedestal

395.2 Framed Religious prints

396.Assorted glass Christmas ornaments

397.Assorted purses

398.Deluxe Badminton set

399.Assorted glass tiles

400.Smalls NASA paperwork, Algebra Data Guide, Parisian prints towel, etc

401.4 early purses

402.2 boxes of Empty Advertising boxes

403.2 Chandeliers

404.Box of Ball clothes

405.Early books, Calendars Winston Churchill, Scrapbooks, etc

406.Assorted pictures some framed

407.Mid Century Light fixture

408.Box of Early skates

409.80"+39" Early wagon implement

410.80+x46" Early wagon implement

411.80+x46" Early wagon implement

412.40" Early wagon implement

413.37" Early wagon implement

414.144" Early wagon implement

415.18" Early wagon implement

416.2 Early wagon implement

417.180" Early wagon implement

418.216' Early wagon implement

419.Folding wood buggy top 42 x 48

420.180" Early wagon implement

421.painted red 180" Early wagon implement

422.144" Early wagon implement

423.144" Early wagon implement

424.180" Early wagon implement

425.144" Early wagon implement

426.2 metal log holders 14x144" long Each x 2

427.2 heavy large basketball backboards 54 x 32 both

428.Length of corrugated pipe sections

429.Schwinn girls' bike

430.Redwood chaise and 2 chairs

431.Stanley backpack sprayer 4 gal

432.2 wood ladders 48", 108"

433.144" wood ladder

434.27 x 40 Heavy ornate stove base

435.Hoover Wind Tunnel vacuum cleaner

436.NIB 5 in 1 Game table


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