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Automobile Lift, Tools, Motorcycle, Motors & Parts, Much More ONLINE Auction - Sunday November 8 6:00 pm

Item Description of automotive fluids, gas and oil additives etc. of fluids fuel injector, instead of lead, etc. of asst vise grip clamps w/torpedo boy, spool of wire, master lock etc. of fluids, air conditioning fluid, tune up fluid, oil etc.

6.Schumacher 10 amp battery charger 2 amp maintainer

7.Zero early electric fan w/battery chargers

9.tin container of automobile light bulbs

10.Chicago 14 gauge swivel head Shear item 92115 of asst lights, etc.

12.3 Coleman lanterns

13.bucket of welding rods

14.welding shields and other protective gear of asst oil of asst oil filters of oil, orchard spray, windshield wiper fluid etc.

18.Larin jack

19.air hydraulic riveter, hack saw and box of aluminum rivets

20.7 pc Pittsburgh plier set

21.Central Pneumatic gravity feed abrasive blaster gun item 95793

22.Air Die Grinder Kit Model 34940

23.compression tester

24.4 repair manuals

25.standard socket set etc.

26.Chicago Electric Power tools Model 36175 12 volt lighter or battery impact wrench

27.socket set 1/4/ 3/8/ 1/2 in case

28.Power Craft 52 pc 1/4 3/8 1/2 combination socket set

29.1 floor jack

30.pair of floor jacks

31.Larin motorcycle jack

32.pair of floor jacks

33.central pneumatic 11 Gal Air tank (yellow)

34.4 way wrench

35.MVP protech air tank

36.Chicago Electric Welding System Gas welding accessory kit

37.socket set standard

38.husky socket set standard

39.Stanley, Pittsburgh and Kingcraft asst wrenches

40.Craftsman, Pittsburgh and Taiwan tools of asst wrenches, socket wrenches, etc. of asst wrenches, some Craftsman of asst wrenches, some Craftsman, Bargalo etc.

44.metal case w/large sockets and socket wrench standard

45.metal case w/large sockets and socket wrench metric of asst sockets and socket wrenches w/sockets and extenders

48.asst screwdrivers, sockets, wrenches, etc.

49.Ratchet wrench socket set metric and standard of utility knife, chisels, etc.

51.Dremel in plastic case w/attachments

52.set of large orange floor jacks

53.Kerosene tank

54.2 Kerosene heaters

55.4 clamps on rods

56.hand crank for a 55 gallon drum

57.hand pump

58.large metal clamp

59.cart w/metal tool box and contents, items on bottom of cart included

60.garbage can w/asst wire and automobile radios

61.lashing straps and titanium Nitride coated drill bit set w/zip ties, shop gloves etc. of cable ties

64.3 small tackle/tool boxes

65.heavy duty extension cord of asst sockets of asst meters of asst measuring tapes

69.impact screwdriver and other misc. tools

70.torque wrench etc.

71.misc. tools of asst pliers, screwdrivers and scrapers of wrenches, some craftsman

74.universal blower motor

75.Skilsaw 7 1/4" circular saw

76.misc. measuring tools of misc. sockets of asst sockets standard and metric

79.2 tail lights w/electrical tape, zip ties, etc.

81.early glass and metal bank

82.Schumacher electric battery charger 6amp ---2 amp

83.SE Series Schumacher Batter Charger 6 amp---2 amp

84.Schumacher 6/2 Dual Rater battery charger for 6 and 12 volt batteries (no clamps)

85.Schumacher electric battery charger 6amp ---2 amp w/2 Chicago electric systems Model 93781 automatic batter chargers

87.metal Johnson Level and Tool Mfg. Co Inc yard stick

88.spool of wire

89.fill rite oil pump

90.4 rubber connecting mats

91.2 Imperial speakers

92.Air compressor 2 HP 8 Gallon

93.Briggs and Stratton 8 HP engine

94.wooden pully metal cabinet w/contents

96.2 plastic divided containers w/contents of bolts, nails etc.

97.plastic fuel tank of asst tools, hammer, fencing pliers etc.

99.misc. wrenches of asst tools, nail puller, hole puncher, etc. of asst wrenches, pick etc.

102.Wrenches and Star Drivers

103.Pittsburgh1/2" Drive Sockets set in a Metal Case: SK and Others


105.Pliers and More

106.Assorted Tools

107.Set of 7 Sockets


109.15" Pittsburgh Crescent Wrench

110.Long Bar Wrenches and Breaker Bars

111.13 Piece Pittsburgh Combination Wrench Set

112.Assorted Rachets and More

113.Roll Around Two Piece Black Tool Box

114.11 Piece Combo Wrench Set

115.Assorted Wrenches

116.Metric and Standard Wrenches

117.Hammer, Shaver and More

118.Hammer, Tape Measure, Scissors

119.Small Wrenches and Screwdriver Heads

120.Small Tools

121.Razor Blades, Small Picks

122.Mallet, Pliers and More

123.Air Gauge, Small Mirror, and other Small Tools

124.Drill Bits and Screw Driver Heads

125.Pittsburgh Pliers

126.Wire Cutters, Pliers, etc.

127.Assorted Wire Cutters

128.Handle Hex Key Set and Flashlights

129.Small Oil Cans

130.Various Screw Drivers

131.Various Screw Drivers

132.Organizer with Various Bolts and More

133.Parts to a Stainless Steel Milker

134.On Wall: Utility Carry Bags

135.On Wall: Car Parts, Antenna, White Straps, Climbers

136.On Wall: Two Come-A longs

137.On Wall: Various Climbing Belts and Straps, and other assorted Items

138.Automotive Lift: Bend Pak with Doerr Motor, 9,000 lb. Cannot Be Disassembled Until Last Day of Pick-Up

139.Various Sockets, Large to Small

140.Assorted Wrenches

141.Metric and Standard Sockets

142.Assorted Smaller Wrenches

143.1/2"--2 1/2" Hole Saw Set

144.Hole Saw Set: 2 1/2-5"

145.Drill Bits, Screw Drivers, etc.

146.Iron Chisels

147.Mallet, Zip Ties, etc.

148.Carbide Tip Drill Bits and More

149.Assorted Body Tools

150.Fan Clutch Service Kit

151.Grey Metal Tool Box with Various Tools

152.Roll Around Cart: TOOLS NOT INCLUDED

153.On Wall: Power Paint Sprayers

154.Various Items on Shelf and Wall to Stud including Mirror

155.Swivel Vise: Including Work Bench and items on work Bench

156.Early Craftsman Drill Press on a Metal Cart with a Large Motor

157.Half Horse Power Bench Grinder

158.On Wall: Helmets, Light and More

159.Tool Belt, Files and Misc. Items on Floor under Grinder

160.Dayton 6" Bench Grinder on Blue Cart, including Items on Top and Inside

161.Wire on Window Shelf and Above Window

162.Cabinet Full of Assorted Garage Liquids Plus Items on Floor To Left of Cabinet

163.On Wall: Wires Above Metal Cabinet

164.All Sanding Paper on Top Shelf of Metal Cabinet

165.Metal Cubby Cabinet with Item In Front of it and Inside it on Floor

166.Large Metal One door Hanging Cabinet: Front Says Keys

167.All Fan Belts, Belting and Hose on Wall and on Floor to Right of Key Cabinet up to Joist

168.Master 75,000 BTU Torpedo Heater

169.Oil Funnel and Tank on Wheels

170.S.D. Lee High Frequency Arc Stabilizer

171.Miller #TC-150, DC Converter

172.Blue Plastic Shelves

173.Gun Rack

174.10W30 Oil

175.Large Box of Manuals and Magazines

176.Riveter Kit, a Driver Kit

177.2 Vintage Plastic Skate Boards

178.Flaring Tool and Brushing Bearing Driver Set

179.Air Hose, New 3 Way Couplers, etc.

180.Gas Powered Small Heater

181.Early Reel to Reel Projector

182.Craftsman Tool Box


184.Transfer Punch Set and a Tie Down

185.Sockets, Wrenches, etc.

186.Wrenches and Star Drivers

187.Grease Gun, Long Screw Drivers, Pipe Cutter�

188.Large Wrench, Hammer, Pliers, etc.

189.Clock and Funnels

190.Central Pneumatic Air Straight Line Sander

191.Air Jitter Bug Sander and Sanding Sponges

192.Mini Air Die Grinder Kit and Flexible Shaft LED light

193.Belt Measuring Stick

194.Two Piece Red Roll Around Tool Box with a Few Tools

195.Antique Dietz Barn Lantern

196.Air Line Connecters and Garage Sprays

197.HYPressure Jenny Steam Cleaner on Iron Wheels

198.Car Charger Air Compressor

199.Vac on A Bucket

200.Tie Downs, Zip Ties and More

201.Clip On Light

202.Antique Rachet Bar and Early Sockets

203.3 Piece Locking Pliers Set


205.Screw Driver and Bits

206.Professional Mini Detail Spray Gun

207.Screw Driver with Flex Shaft

208.Impact Screw Driver Set

209.Squeeze Ratchet

210.Trainer Base to a Scale

211.Air Brush Kit and some Tubing

212.Assorted: Light, Scribing Knife, etc.

213.Super Glue, Mini Batteries and Assorted Smalls

214.Pickle Fork Kit

215.Air Body Saw

216.1/4" Air Die Grinder

217.Ear Protection: Two sets

218.Compression Tester, Etc.

219.Pipe Wrenches

220.Hammers, Compass Saw and More

221.Wood Carrying Tool Box with Various Tools, Level, Etc.

222.New Items: 14 Piece Jig Saw Blades, Rotary Rasp Set and More

223.Battery Tester

224.Assorted Sockets

225.Rotary Tool Kit and Other New Items

226.3" High Speed Air Cutter

227.10 Piece 3/8" Drive Shallow Socket Set

228.Electric Cut Off Tool

229.Naughty Tapes

230.Wire Brushes, Magnifier Headlight, etc.

231.Magnetic Tow Light Kit

232.Electric Hand Grinder

233.Magnetic Tow Light Kit

234.Gloves, Mini Spot Light, Drill Sharpener

235.New Items: Submersible Air Pump and More

236.Metal Quaker State Advertising Can

237.Double Halogen Work Light as is

238.2 1/4 Ton Trolley Jack

239.Gray Tarp

240.Motor Cycle Wheels and Rims

241.2 Jacks

242.Small Wooden Box with Nails and More

243.Tool Bucket with Various Tools

244.Mounting Tape, Drying Towels and a Box of Assorted

245.As Is: Stereo Parts

246.Light Bulbs

247.Bucket of Vehicle Mirrors

248.Gloves, Micro Butane Torch and More

249.New Sand Blast Kit

250.Spring Remover and Puller

251.Hex Keys and a Regulator

252.Welding Rods

253.Grinder with a Large Wheel and a Cart with a Motor

254.Evinrude Fast Wyn Boat Motor AS IS, Moving Cart NOT INCLUDED

255.Heavy Duty Feed Cart


257.Early Box Fan on a Metal Dolly

258.Gas Can, Heat Shrink Wire Wrap and More

259.50 Pound Sand Blaster

260.ANCO Advertising Metal Wiper Blade Box

261.3 7 1/4" Circular Saw Blades

262.Early Hub Cap

263.3 Pack of 7 1/4" Saw Blades

264.Battery Operated Skill Set: 18 Volt No Charger

265.7 Gallon Air Tank

266.Building Jack

267.Floor Jack

268.Metal Seat and 2 Metal Engine Parts

269.Roll Around Shop Stool

270.Wooden Step Ladder

271.Early Primitive Feed Bag Cart

272.Torch Tank

273.Floor Jack

274.torque converters
275.Air Hose, Mirrors and More

276.Car Repair Items

277.3x21" Belt Sander

278.Short Metal Step Ladder


280.Bucket with a Screen and Vacuum

281.Large Wrench, Assorted Pry Bars

282.Various Paint Brushes

283.Airless Spray Gun

284.Shop Light

285.Portable 10 Ton Puller

286.Assorted Books

287.Oils and Funnels

288.Crate of Various Manuals

289.Caulk Guns and an Air Sander Gun

290.Air Paint Guns

291.8 ' Wooden Step Ladder

292.Roll of Rubber

293.Solar Light


295.2 Door Metal Cart

296.Hex Key Set and a Tail Light Cover

297.Small Motor

298.Tool Box with First Aid Items

299.Extension Cords

300.3 Volkswagen Hub Caps

301.2" Ball

302.2 Ton Hoist Balance

303.Sand Belts, Multi-Tester

304.Kerosene Heater, Square


306.250 Feet of 12 -2 G Wire

307.9 Small Antique Wood Boxes

308.Packing Blankets

309.4 Ton Portable Puller with Extra Pieces

310.Center Console for a Car

311.Stamping Sets

312.Lynch Pins

313.Male Air Coupler Plug: Ten Piece Set

314.Roll Pin Assortment

315.Lock Nut Assortment

316.Push Button Testers

317.Allen Wrenches

318.Brake Box


320.Various Deep Sockets

321.Calipers, Micrometers

322.4 Boxes of Roll Pins and Spring Pins

323.An Angle Drill and Tap and Die Pieces

324.Hitch Clips and other Clip Assortment

325.Technical Measuring Sets

326.Allen Wrenches, Screw Driver Heads, Deep Well Sockets

327.Caliper, Micrometer

328.Dial Caliper

329.Black and Decker Tool Set


331.Screw driver Set

332.Tool Set

333.Large Wrench and Assorted Tools


335.Wrenches, Sockets, Etc.

336.Air Gauges and other Air Items

337.Sockets, brake tools, Assorted Tools

338.Motor Cycle License Plate

339.Flare Nut Wrench Sets

340.Metal Quaker State Can

341.Air Impact Drivers and Sockets

342.Gloves, Universal Spray Gun and More

343.12x12" Metal Sign

344.Face Shield

345.Center Camera Lens

346.Gauges and More

347.Ignition Tune Up Analyzer

348.Metal Johnson and Johnson First Aid Kit

349.Sanding Ends for a dremel

350.Socket Set

351.Set of Wrenches-- NOT Complete

352.Saw Blade Clock AS IS

353.Large Pliers and Assorted Tools

354.Ooga Horn

355.Mini Anvil, Mini Vises and More

356.Soldering Gun


358.New Items: Pocket Blow Guns, Grommet Installation Kit and More

359.Antique Door Pulley

360.Wrenches and Precision Screwdrivers

361.Hack Saw and Extra Blade

362.Tubing Notcher

363.Electrical Tape, and Oiler and a Saw,

364.Iron PART


366.Pipe Cutters and a Variety

367.Electrical Tape

368.Lashing Straps, Wheel Chucks

369.PVC Electrical Tape


371.4 1/2" Angle Grinder NEW

372.PVC Electrical Tape

373.Dremel Moto Shop Saw

374.2 Revolving Emergency Lights

375.Porcelain Insulators

376.Pittsburgh 40 Piece Socket Set: NEW

377.Knife Sharpener

378.New Items: Circuit Tester, Saw Blade and More

379.Iron Clamp

380.Air Impact Hammer Kit

381.Welding Goggles and a spot Weld Gun

382.127 Piece Socket and Tool Set

383.New Garage Items: Tester, Pipe Cutter and More

384.Garage Creeper

385.Needle Files, and More New Items

386.Router Bits

387.Forstner Bits: NOT Complete

388.Files and Rasps

389.Needle Nose Pliers

390.Pittsburgh 3 Long Handled Needle Nosed Grips

391.Pittsburgh 6 Piece Plier Set

392.New Pittsburgh Compression Test Kit: 8 Piece

393.Pittsburgh 40 Piece Socket Set: NEW

394.151 Piece Eye Hook Assortment: NEW

395.Needle File Set and Various New Tools

396.Trailer Wiring Kit, Tow Strap and More

397.NEW 10 Piece Hex Screwdriver Set

398.NEW 52 Piece Pittsburgh Socket Set

399.NEW 5 Piece File Set

400.Compression Tester

401.Cummins 5 Piece Heavy Duty Tin Snips

402.Pittsburgh 3 Piece Aviation Tinner Snip Set

403.Electric Sockets

404.Helping Magnifier, Adapter, etc.

405.NEW Metric Hex Bit Socket Set and 9 Piece Star Bit Sockets

406.Small Inflator and Other

407.Detail Brushes, Square and More

408.2 Reciprocating Electric Saws

409.NEW Wire Wheels and Rotary Tool Kit

410.Double Shop Light AS IS

411.Antique Western Union Naval Observatory Time Metal Clock, 18" AS IS

412.Large Barrel with Pump on Iron Cart with Handle

413.Car Engine

414.Vehicle Motor

415.Motor Cycle Parts Hanging on Back Left Wall

416.Contents of Back Left Floor Corner including Boat Motor and More

417.Pile of Vehicle Motor Parts-- Back Wall Floor of Garage

418.3 Early Scrap Stoves and More

419.Vehicle Motor

420.Approximately 4x3 ' One Side Kendall Metal Advertising Sign

421.Gas Tank

422.2 Wooden Clamps, One is very Large

423.Wicker Basket AS IS

424.Shop Light


426.Fan AS IS

427.Large Motor on a Cart

428.Screw Driver Bits

429.Clevis Grab Hooks and Grommet Installation Kit

430.2 Partial Socket Sets

431.Body Repair Tools

432.Chisel Punches

433.Kobalt 14 Piece Direct Drive Rachet and Multi Fit Socket Set

434.3 Piece Pry Bars

435.Extremely Large Pipe Wrench

436.Metal Box with Assorted, Some Copper

437.Metal Stand on Wheels, Tools NOT Included

438.Box and a Pail of Bolts and other items

439.Transmission Parts

440.Metal Moving Cart

441.Moving Cart: Metal

442.Shop Light on a Wooden Post

443.Welded Steel Gas Can

444.Tail Gater Generator # 63 CC

445.Grizzly 12 Ton Hydraulic Press

446.2 Sets of Fiber Glass Skis

447.Floor Jack

448.6 and 12 Volt Chicago Charger

449.Sun Early Battery Charger

450.12 Ton Pipe Bender, Hydraulic, Vertical and Horizontal

451.Grease Tub

452.Johnson Sea Horse Boat Motor

453.High Speed Drill Bit Sharpener

454.Travel Machinist's Dial Indicator

455.Needle Nosed Plier Set

456.Fuel and Vac Gauge Tester

457.4 Piece Heavy Duty Pittsburgh Pry Bar Set

458.Flex Drive Compression Tester

459.Chicago Welding 80 Watt Iron Plastic Welding Kit

460.New Items: Screw Guides and More

461.Steel Wool, a Square, Carpenter's Chalk

462.150 Piece Rotary Tool Accessory Kit

463.New: Wood Chisel, 14 Piece Screw Guide Drive Set

464.Small Laser Level

465.New: Screw Guides, Hex Bits and More

466.Chisels and Files

467.New: Bit Set, various screw Drivers, and More

468.T Handle and other Screw Drivers

469.Electrical Couplers

470.New: 4" Cross-Slide Vise

471.Drill Bits


473.Folding Work Bench

474.Antique Jack

475.Large Box of Assorted Items, New and Used

476.Screw Drivers

477.Pittsburgh Wrenches

478.5 Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set SAE

479.Punch and Chisel Pieces

480.Channel Locks and More

481.Pittsburgh 7 Piece Metric Fuel Wrenches

482.Body Hammer Tools

483.Cummins Allen Wrenches

484.Pittsburgh 5 Piece Ratchet Wrench Set: Metric

485.Assorted Sockets and 2 Ratchet Bars

486.Pittsburgh Standard Deep Impact 3/8" Sockets

487.Pittsburgh 9 Piece Combo Wrench Set

488.Hose Clamp Set

489.Hose Clamp Assortment

490.Punches, and More

491.5 Piece Long Drive Pin Punch Set

492.Pittsburgh 9 Piece Combo Wrench Set

493.Metric and Standard Deep Sockets, 3/8" Pittsburgh

494.8 Piece Pittsburgh Wrenches

495.Pittsburgh 6 Piece Combo Wrench Set

496.Wrenches and Allen Wrenches

497.New: 7 Piece Impact Drive Set, Metric Hex Sockets, Etc.

498.Small Sockets

499.14 Piece Pittsburgh Wrench Combo Set

500.14 Piece Pittsburgh Wrench Combo Set

501.Pittsburgh Sockets, NO Ratchet

502.2 Motor Parts

503.Hammer Handles

504.Bucket of Assorted Small Tools and Garage Items

505.Assorted Pittsburgh Sockets

506.20 Piece Bungee Ball Set

507.Air Stapler

508.Staple Guns with Staples

509.Large Assortment of Drill Bits

510.Electric Stapler and a 3" High Speed Cutter

511.Tubing Cutter and Flanger

512.Rigid Screw Extractor Set

513.Drill Bits

514.Pittsburgh 7 Piece Nut Driver Set

515.Drill Bits

516.DeWalt Jig Saw Blade Set

517.7 Piece Forstner Drill Bits

518.16 Piece Precision Screw Driver Set

519.Drill Bits

520.Screw Driver Bits

521.Tap and Dies

522.Various Sized Drill Bits

523.Saber Saw Blades

524.Various Eye Hooks and Cotter Pins

525.Hose Clamps, Ring Assortment and Reflectors

526.Grease Fittings, Metal Sheet Rock Screws

527.Grease Fittings, O Rings and Key Stock

528.Tap and Dies

529.Fuel Pump and Vacuum Gauge Tester

530.Wood Drill Bit Anchors

531.Ryobi 90 Piece Drill Accessory Set

532.Band File for an Angle Grinder and More

533.Metric Tap and Die Set


535.Boat Motor Manuals

536.Car Manuals

537.Chilton Truck Repair Manual

538.Chilton Vehicle Repair Manual

539.3 Sets of Pittsburgh SAE Sockets

540.3 Sets of Pittsburgh Metric Sockets

541.Large Jack

542.Bucket of Garage Items

543.Cross Cut Saw

544.Container of Paint Thinner

545.Part off an Antique Tractor

546.Single Jack Stand

547.Floor Jack

548.Ball Hitch



551.Antique Weight

552.Riveter and Key Stock

553.Reese Ball Hitch

554.Drill Bits and More

555.Form for Concrete Stones

556.Pittsburgh Heavy Duty Bars

557.Assorted Battery Tester, Timing Lights, Etc.

558.Honda Motorcycle No title Receipt ONLY

559.Part of a Transmission


561.Antique Property of PO Department Scale

562.Wood Shelves on Wheels with Welding Helmet and Assorted

563.Bucket of Nails and More

564.Prairie Grinder Work Station

565.Shop Stool

566.Large Bucket of Assorted Small Scrap Metal Items

567.Two Plastic Empty Tool Boxes

568.Hoe Reel

569.Minnow Trap and More

570.4 Horse Power 10 Gallon Air Compressor with Hose and Extra Hose

571.Floor Fan

572.Advertising Box Full of Assorted Metal and Car Parts

573.Large Bucket of Piping

574.Antique Advertising Box with Speedometers

575.2 Bolt Cutters

576.Fawn Advertising Box with various items

577.Wiper Blades

578.Assorted Nails

579.Lights and Wiring

580.Large Wooden Antique Box with Various Automotive Tune Up Papers

581.Large Heavy Duty Grinder: Cord AS IS

582.Box of Various Car and Trailer Lights

583.Iron Pieces

584.Truck and Trailer Mirrors

585.Metal Tubular Shaped Items

586.Fireplace and Other Tools

587.Motor Cycle Fender

588.Tail Lights, Reflector and More

589.Air Hose

590.Skis for Snow Mobiles

591.Large Blower Fan

592.Hitch Pieces

593.Large Lot of Heavy Duty Rope

594.Antique CB

595.Small Poulan Chain Saw

596.Crate with Fan Motors, Cable and More

597.Car Lights, Rear View Mirrors and More

598.Antique Rims

599.Exhaust System for an Antique Vehicle

600.Crate with a Pipe Cutter and a Pick

601.An Evinrude Motor Stand with a Game Fisher Trolling Motor and Minn-kota Trolling Motor

602.Engine Stand: 750 pound Capacity

603.Top Left Shelves in Back of Barn: Radiators, etc.

604.Second Shelf Down Large Transmission for a Vehicle and Parts on Left Side

605.Light Bulbs, Mail Boxes and Doors

606.Left Side Under Shelves on Floor: Large Motor

607.On Floor: Left Side, Middle Section: 2 Small Engines

608.On Floor: Left Side, Center: Large Engine Block and Crate of Parts

609.On Floor: Left Side, Bottom Right" Large Lot of Engine, Transmission Parts

610.Back Wall: 3 Pieces of 10'x12" Seal

611.Top Right Side: Steering Wheel to Wall

612.Middle Right Side, Next Shelf Down: 2 Sections of Assorted Motor Parts and More

613.Bottom Floor of Right Side Shelves: Mufflers, plus a lot more

614.12 Crates of Various Car Related Items: Items in the Crates ONLY

615.Wooden Box full of Antique Wrenches, Pullers and More

616.All Items Right Side of Crates to Beam

617.Bike Hitch Holder

618.Battery Operated Tool Set, no Charger or Batteries

619.Assorted Items: Right Side From the Beam to the Wooden Cubbie


621.Engine Stand with an Engine

622.Wooden Cubbie Full of Items and All the Scrap Metal on the Floor in Front of it

623.21 Drawer Metal Organizer Full of Washers, Bolts, Nuts, ETC: BRING HELP

624.Pipe Cutters, ETC.

625.Large Lot of Grease Guns

626.5 Grinders in Various Condition

627.Electric Jig Saw and Grinder

628.Screw Driver Heads and More

629.2 Antique Tool Pieces

630.Angle Grinder

631.Dremel with various heads

632.Riveter and Accessories

633.Zenith Pump

634.Welding Wire

635.Bucket of Assorted Tools

636.Riveter and More

637.Small Metal Organizer with Nails

638.2 Saws

639.Bolt Cutters

640.Small Gas Can

641.Tool Box with Nails, Etc.

642.Heavy Metal Table with Wheels on one end: NOT INCLUDING THE TOOLS

643.Box Fan

644.Dolly Cart

645.5" Swivel Vise: BRING TOOLS TO REMOVE


647.Metal Table with all Small Items on top and underneath: NOT INCLUDING VISES

648.Contents of the Hanging Metal Cabinet

649.1500 Watt Heat Gun

650.Chop Saw

651.4 Drawer Wooden Stand

652.Russia Ammunition Advertising Box

653.Electrical Clip Kits

654.Assortment of Terminal and Connectors

655.Tail Pipe Stretcher, ETC.

656.Early Craftsman Table Saw

657.Antique First Aid Kit

658.Craftsman 4 Drawer Roll Around Tool Box

659.Air Hose

660.Advertising Quaker State 3 Foot Grease Can with Pump on Wheels

661.Gerry Can

662.Crate of Car Radios

663.Metal Container of Welding Rods

664.Wooden 4 ' Cubbie with Assorted Contents

665.Bucket with a Large Spring and a Car Light

666.Pair of Early Fiberglass Water Skis

667.Contents of Scrap and Gaskets Under the Window

668.Small Grinder

669.2 Buckets of Grinding Wheels

670.Garage Liquids

671.Antique Reel Mower



674.Bucket of Nails, ETC.

675.Tool Box with Assorted Items

676.12 pound post mall

677.Plastic Bin with Lights, Funnels, Etc.

678.Iron Pulleys

679.Antique Wheel Changer

680.Floor Jack

681.Gaffe with Chain

682.12" Iron Wheel

683.Large Assortment of Jacks

684.Antique Wooden Water Skis

685.Early tire changer
686.Contents of Wire and Scrap Metal from Window to Window on Right Side as you Walk in the Shed

687.Large Lot of Hand Tools and Handles

688.Garage Light

689.New Items: Ear Muffs, Tow Rope, ETC.

690.Framing Hammer and a Small Torch

691.Tool Set


693.Allen Wrenches

694.19" Burner

695.Assorted 20 some Pittsburgh Wrenches: Not full set

696.3 1/4" Electric Planer


698.Orange Gloves

699.Huskey Hood Ornament

700.Antique Bell System First Aid Kit

701.Flex Drive Compression Tester

702.Large Box of Grinding Disc's: Some New


704.Large Lot of Assorted Condition Saw Blades, Some New, some rusted

705.Runner sled


707.225 Amp welder

708.Items in corner behind door


710.Boat gas can

711.Pair of blue jack stands


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