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Item Description
1.HP Deskjet 960 CSE

2.Lot of Alcohol bottle containers

3.Shot glasses

4.2 Stoneware mugs


6.Assorted Budweiser steins

7.Set of 4 Budweiser Olympic glasses

8.2 Brown beer bottles

9.Set of 6 Southern comfort glasses

10.Assorted beer glass mugs

11.Utica Club glasses

12.Lot of various veer glasses

13.Dragon and skull water fog maker 10" tall

14.Assorted plastics beer bucket, Attitube adjustment, etc.

15.13" Metal Hensler's Popular Beer and Ale tray

16.Lot of assorted coasters, Pourers and stir sticks etc.

17.Hinges Ceramic cork sealed brown bottles

18.4 Beer glasses

19.3 Pitcher 2 6" Seagram's 1 Canadian Mist

20.5 Michelob glass mugs

21.2-8" tall glass mugs

22.Tinn Linel 10" Made in Germany Flask Jack Daniels-plastic

23.Box of various beer mugs

24.4 Lowenbrau mugs

25.5 Seagram's glasses

26.4 Catawba Spritzer glasses

27.3 dresser boxes

28.Dragon design saucers, sugar bowl, etc.

29.Dragon design Japan ash trays etc.

30.8" Ginger jar

31.4x2.75 Dragon

32.9" Willow Tree Joy

33.Carved bone 3" dia. Bracelet

34.Japan Dragon design tea set

35.Dragon design Japan tea cups, saucers, pitcher, creamers

36.Japan Dragon plates, vase

37.Hand pted Made in Japan creamer, 7" plates, etc.

38.10" Wacfteiner 5 liter metal beer keg

39.4-10" Pat O'Brien's New Orleans Pa glasses

40.11.5" Coors light baseball bat bottle limited ED Unopened Ernie Banks

41.Lot of unopened collectible beer bottles and cans, etc.

42.7.5" Dortmunder Actein Brauerei beer stein

43.7.5" Berlin beer stein

44.7.5" Kulmbacher Monchshof Beer stein

45.7.5" Beck's of Germany Made in Brazil beer stein

46.7.5" Lowenbrau Munich beer stein

47.7.5" Bischoff Brau beer stein

48.7.5" Kummert Brau Amberg beer stein

49.7.5" Murzburger Hofbrau stein

50.8" Lancaster County #07705 Ceramarte Brazil Stein

51.7.25" Beer stein

52.7" Coors Stein Adolph Coors Co Golden CO 1988 ED #118423

53.7" Birth of a Nation Lewis and Clark Expedition 1804 #134756 Stein

54.6" 2001 Budweiser stein

55.6" playboy stein

56.2 Michelobe light clocks as is both

57.Assorted tools

58.Fancy 2 piece Wellesley Guild imported hand carved furniture drop front secretary serpentine front carved front and back feet purchased 1980 51x25x95 Very nice piece

59.Jwin JX-CD7150 system

60.Copy paper

61.8.5" Mehoopany Methodist Church plate

62.Moosehead beer license plate

63.DVD's and holders

64.Large display unit or bookcase
65.Stagecoach picture 53 x 29

66.Triple floor lamp

67.Wood triple folding legs

68.Mid Century pole lamp

69.Various collectible small cars

70.Vintage eye glass cases

71.Military plastic tanks etc.

72.Sawyer's view master

73.Plastic and metal truck and toy parts

74.Small vintage toys

75.Vintage vehicle toy parts

76.Vintage vehicle toy parts

77.Assorted toys and parts

78.Bottle openers etc.

79.Modern picture 30x29

80.Small plastic horses etc.

81.Private Eye toy gun and as is holster

82.Krest toy gun and deputy badge

83.Vintage religious candleholder frames

84.Tree of life piece 23x23

85.This Guy Is Awesome set NIB

86.Small tin banks and container

87.Kids Remington Derringer belt buckle on belt

88.Vintage tin noisemakers

89.Assorted small fire trucks, etc.

90.Plastic vintage toys

91.2 Studio pottery items

92.L Lewith Wilkes Barre jug as is 16"

93.Painting on canvas as is 36x24

94.Star Trek Generations Lursa

95.19" Nylint fire truck as is


97.Large painting on canvas grist mill framed 44x31

98.Vintage fireworks

99.Pointer dog vintage tie holder

100.Dynamite Mash Walton's etc. books

101.2 Sturdy Boy Wafers in orig boxes

102.1936 1938 Stueben NY voter books

103.12" wood bull dozer

104.Tin cigar box 7.5x5x3

105.Paper Mache clown head puppet

106.Duck painting framed 24x19

107.Vintage spin top 12" as is

108.Early GE Mazda light bulbs

109.Gastronomical maps and Army soldiers guide

110.Painting on canvas of cherries 16x12

111.Stack of early games, Uncle Wiggly, Game Chest, etc.

112.Lance Metal display shelf 10x10x10

113.3 glass bottles Bully Hill Vinyard, etc.

114.Wood box with various metal items

115.2 books Dixie Gunworks by Turner Kirkland

116.2 plastic Texaco ships 27"x3"x4

117.2 glass lamp shades

118.Professional Series Teacher with wood base

119.2 trays Plastic Rheingold, wood Carstairs

120.Assorted early magazines and maps

121.Early Spiderman Magazine and Early Popeye scrap book

122.16x19 marked Michele Mexico on back painting

123.2 glass 8" vases

124.Prince Albert metal tin full of buttons

125.Glass The Solar E.M. Co oil lamp

126.9x4 and 8x3 white glass lamp shades

127.Early basketball, baseball, football magazines

128.Early comic books

129.Early comic books

130.Railroad pamphlets, etc.

131.Early comic books

132.D. Sabella 16x13 painting

133.Box of assorted ceramic figurines, etc.

134.Early handbags, etc.

135.Confined Space Metal sign 14x10

136.17 x 14 framed print of windmill marked G.D.

137.Roy Gene Framks print 15x12 and framed print

138.Sessions mantle clock 22x5x11

139.Box of early large fishing lures

140.Large early fishing lure

141.Flat fish fishing lure box with lure

142.24" early doll

143.Box of vintage manuals and magazines

144.14x11 framed print

145.Assorted clown dolls

146.Milk glass punch set

147.Reinthal & Newman 15x19 framed print

148.19x15 Angater Pub. Co framed print

149.20" Brinns musical collectibles Send In The Clowns

150.Spencer early movie projector

151.Coney Island Zenith Wave magnet early radio

152.Heavy early desk lamp brass tone trim 18 x 17

153.15x11x8.5 wood box with locked lid, drawer base

154.1-12" #6, 1-8.5" #5

155.Grinding wheel 63 12" wide

156.14" dia grinding wheel, Valley Elec 6" Bench grinder

157.11x10 Porter Cable metal box with contents drill

158.27 x 34 Federal Morgan print Cherry Ripe

159.22x11 Mercy Peace & Love Home Interior

160.Fslewart 28 x 23 painting

161.90" Electric lamp post wood based leaded glass shade

162.scale 23x8x8

163.Enamel ceiling hanging light 18 x 13

164.Titleist golf bag and clubs

165.Aronold palmer golf bag and clubs

166.19" Brass tone lamp

167.2 9" oil lamps

168.Pillsbury Dough Boy Poppin Fresh salt and pepper 3"

169.2 oil lamps

170.Box of glassware, green iridescent

171.Ceramic and porcelain items

172.Decorative figurines

173.Early Classic books

174.Lot of picture

175.45 rpm records Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson

176.Early advertising items Kentucky Fried Fingers

177.Copper bell 3.5 x 5

178.4x5 bass and metal bookends J. B. crack on base

179.6x7 Hormel brass tone Pure Pork sausage

180.Basket full of metal and wood items

181.Early can openers, drink mixing tool

182.Glass dishes, Hoosier glass vase

183.Early silver tone and glass condiment server

184.Yonanas Frozen dessert maker

185.Johnson Bros England blue teapot sugar bowl etc.

186.MacMillan Audio Brandon Films books soft cover

187.Early lot of piano organ music

188.Pink glass finger lamp, brass fabric purse

189.small Czech pitcher, porcelain items

190.2 paper weights WRCJ radio 1420

191.21" carved wood

192.Plastic Rheingold in a wood frame 29 x 9.5

193.The Budweiser Clydesdale in case 9x4x10

194.American Harcest Jet Stream Oven

195.Metal Campfire sign 12x17

196.11x6 glass and chrome ceiling light

197.4 ladies watches

198.Assorted kitchen items, teapot, dry rack, etc.

199.2 glass oil lamps 19"

200.14x4.5 nice glass bowl, 3 misc. cups

201.wood chess board 15x16 and pieces

202.14" Busch clock Elec

203.16x13 pencil sketch Tim '98

204.Star Trek items

205.Box of assorted glasses

206.Box of various vases

207.Sony Digital Audio/Video control center with speakers

208.Hanging 3 light light fixture

209.2 planters pottery and milk glass

210.Carling Black Label Lager Beer light 25x17.5

211.13.5 x 13.5 2 Budweiser lights both

212.20 x 16 Genesse Beer light with assorted covers

213.Box with spoons, chalk, early Band Aide tin etc.

214.Assorted glass items, ashtrays, light globes

215.Clowns, duck

216.3 plates

217.Early metal pen holder Atlantic City NJ

218.Star Wars items

219.EKJ clown, Wedgewood plate

220.Early Knick knacks

221.Glasbake J522-77 Loaf pan

222.The Show off Dickie

223.10 x7 wall hanging basket

224.8.5" Taylor Home Candy Thermometer


226.Cardinal items, View master reel

227.Early items in original boxes

228.lock, key, assorted keys, wood bobber

229.Mayfair 2 way radio in leather case

230.Stamps, pictures, postcards

231.Indian d�cor items

232.2 glass bottles Widmer, Grolsch Premium Lager

233.Assorted early toy cars and trucks

234.Box of asst glass items, punch bowl, vases, etc.

235.4 plates tray

236.various plates, pie plate etc.

237.Size L leather jacket

238.13x6.5 Iron Horseshoe item

239.Coo Coo clock

240.Electric Fire Exit sign missing 1 shield

241.Hard plastic press and Sun Bulletin newspaper box

242.Quantity dolls,

243.Tonka Mighty Earth mover metal truck

244.Men's roller skates

245.EPBM Canada oval footed dishes

246.Puzzles and games

247.Lot of table coverings, runners

248.6 glass light globes

249.Metal accordion item

250.Quantity blue Asian pieces

251.2 Elec lamps shades

252.Lot of silver and aluminum metal items

253.Children's box

254.Stringers, hooks

255.Glass lamp globes

256.4 white glass globes

257.Syracuse University grad. Gown


259.Tins, enamel basin, etc.

260.Assorted household items

261.Silver Bullet Coors light 26x16

262.Old Milwaukee bar light 19 x 17

263.5 suitcases

264.18 x 22 Lite Beer mirror On Draft

265.21x26 Michael She's Irish Amber wall mirrors Each x 3 />
266.Jones, NY Black with collar cuffs

267.Walnut Victorian platform rocker

268.Puzzles and games

269.Piano stool

270.Fireplace grates

271.Metal tackle box

272.Mickey's Fun and Games, puzzle, etc.

273.Drum strap and stick

274.K-nex 2 boxes

275.Box of early Fire trucks, 2 Tonka

276.Protocol Golf putting practice kit in case

277.Advertising match books

278.Misc. early tin can products

279.Wizard of the Coast Deckmaster cards

280.Card and Dice games gift set

281.Uncle Sam playing cards

282.Star Trek Cards

283.Accordion value artist Harmonica MI Germany 5"

284.Niloak 8.5" wishing well

285.Revere kettle

286.Box glass globes

287.Thompson & Co Cigar box with and historic bus. Card size scenes

288.14" brass gas light converted to Elec

289.US Navy recruiting poster

290.8" N-1929 Metal convertible touring car

291.3 painted light globes

292.4 glass globes with coasters, wall hangers

294.The Speed Dee Food and Drink mixer

295.14" Elec lamp

296.5 Elec lamps

297.Highway Patrol Police officer Bike battery operated

298.View master with slides

299.1993 Topps baseball cards

300.2 Fire trucks Brush Truck is Tonka


303.Vintage sports card holder with 1980 Topps baseball cards

302.Assorted Football cards 1979 Topps etc.

304.8" stein

305.2 Aladdin chimneys and other

306.Various chimneys

307.2 small leaded glass shades

308.Various 5" lamp shades

309.Isodol lighter

310.Amber glass 4" pig bank

311.Vintage compass as is

312.Small American Can Co bank 3"

313.Wood shaft golf club

314.Simon Snorkel truck 7"

315.The Perfect Motor products in box

316.8" ruby cylinder glass shade, chips

317.Various light covers colored

318.Early scrap books

319.Mid Century pottery 10' lamp

320.Lamps and parts Victorian

321.Lemans game not sure if complete

322.Bonlens glass mixer

323.Oil lamp

324.Satin lamp parts

325.Clown doll Effanbee

326.Small tin cash box 8x6x3


328.Elec wall clock as is 13" square

329.Seth Thomas mantle clock as is

330.Lamp parts

331.Pottery mug

332.3" Mary Gregory style class

333.9" white oil lamp

334.Lamp shades

335.Oak silverware case with assorted silverware

336.2 Brass coated oil lamps

337.2 lamp reflectors

338.clock angel 12"

339.Bell System box 11x7x3

340.2 Glass dishes swirl both

341.Universal grinder

342.Vintage lamp shades parts

343.Marcus 3 sided 9" bottle

344.Frame for Victorian leaded glass shaded 3 panels

345.Cameras, radio

346.Pottery vases, etc.

347.Vintage dresser items

348.Child's tea set pieces


350.Tin cash box 11x7x4

351.Camera belt tri pod

352.Vintage candy container glass 3"

353.Vintage tin 5" toy

354.Starting Line Up Ken Griffey Jr

355.Tin wind up toy 3" no key

356.Chemung water bottle 10"

357.Vintage German children's dishes

358.Wood hay fork as is

359.Wood bat

360.Runner sled

361.Music books

362.Knick knacks

363.Vintage metal pump

364.Mail box etc.

365.Christmas and more


367.Assorted surprise box

368.Storage trunk full of sports cards mostly baseball

369.Music books

370.Wood divided crate 12 x 87 x 6

371.Tonka truck

372.2 Emergency toy vehicles

373.Tonka bull dozer

374.large box of sports cards

375.Coffee grinder as is

376.Hanging Vintage lamp with 3 shades


378.Hanging griddle

379.Early fishing poles and more

380.Speakers, hand held radios

381.modern light

382.Small military ammo box

383.Messages and Papers of The Presidents set of books

384.Metal boxes

385.Drinking cups for barn

386.Bicycle items


388.Glass lamp shades

389.Decorative items

390.Tin cannister

391.Tonka dump truck

392.Iron base for flag pole

393.Iron grabber no handle

394.Movie screen

395.2 lamps

396.CB's microphones

397.Small plastic containers

398.Iron pot with chain

399.3 9" clear vases trumpet style

400.frames etc.

401.folding sewing holder

402.Small stool 15x11x12

403.Early stand 27x22x25

404.3 assorted spindle back chairs oak All

405.Round oak table cut down 26" high 43" dia with 2 leaves base as is

406.Modernism 63" spun material floor lamp

407.Bakers rack 26x12x68

408.Metal decorative tree for hanging decorations black 45"

409.40" brass coated candleholder

410.1 drawer desk needs some clue 35x18x30

411.Oak wall hanging showcase 24x9x28

412.Volt pool blaster cordless vacuum

413.vases pitchers

414.door hardware assorted


416.wood privacy screen stenciled 3 panel 11x65

417.HJC Helmet

418.Brass items tray, coated shelf, etc.

419.Metal fired sign 14" dia

420.Mustache cup, creamers, etc.

421.2 movie cameras

422.Poly Perk coffee maker vintage with box

423.folding hat rack

424.Wood toys and more

425.Vintage Christmas items

426.Large box of milk glass, vases, gravy, hat dish, etc.

427.Champion spark plug advertising boxes and more

428.Cloth doll and Effanbee doll 12"

429.4" Pilgrim glass blue crackle creamer with sticker

430.3 Sets German cups and saucers

431.Early silverware

432.Hand painted and decorative bowls, bon bon etc.

433.Stuffed dolls

434.2 Small dome displays 3"

435.Early violin in wood case with bow as is

436.Sports mugs and base ball

437.Hand blown paper weight

438.ESPN folding chair

439.Artificial Christmas tree

440.Pine Boyd dresser with mirror dresser 72x21x32 mirror 37x47

441.Wool rug Pottery Barn Bijar Rug 8'x10'

442.Nice oak pull out side leave dining room table with floral top chairs 58x44

443.Iron base glass top coffee table with tile design edging 51x30x20

444.Bernhardt very nice large hutch or back bar. The base is 76x23x35 top is 76x15x56 Great condition and nice piece for any home

445.Wool mark rug pottery barn 9 x 12 Adeline blue

446.Wine rack 26x15x76 fancy metal

447.Modern bookcase 24x11x80

448.2 High back metal chairs each x 2

449.2 drawer modern stand 53x19x30

450.Modern pottery floor lamp 63"

451.Heavy pine pineapple ball style bed complete 60x79

452.Modern 5 drawer dresser 31x16x49

453.2 Rush seat bar or island stools Each seats are 25" high each x 2

454.Organizer unit 33x16x63

455.wire rack 25x12x27

456.Modern bookcase 16x11x80

457.Tall modern CD holder 8x7x80

458.Weber gas grill

459.Modern stained glass shade floor lamp 57"

460.Beautiful Bernhardt modern wood bar 69x35x42

461.4 Bernhardt bar stools Very nice condition Each x 4 seat is 31" high

462.Box of CB's etc.

463.Tub of assorted speakers

464.Train pieces and track

465.Cast iron Wagner pot with crack in base

466.22 LR shells

467.Vintage metal green desk lamp top needs fixing

468.Fancy floral design table lamp

469.Early framed photograph 13x10

470.2 wood bowls 1 as is

471.The Magic City World's Fair books

472.Plaster oval portrait relief 11x13 chips

473.tin berry bucket

474.Sword blade 32" unmarked

475.Advertising tins

476.small vehicles

477.Welsh costume cups and saucers and more

478.Croton ladies watch, Blue star burst bracelet etc.

479.Box of assorted jewelry and pieces

480.Pocket knives, lighter, Tootsie toy bus and more

481.Large lot of assorted jewelry pieces and parts

482.Pins, Biketoberfest, Vintage paste stone pins and more

483.Lot of jewelry, pieces and parts

484.Napkin rings, assorted jewelry, CZ movable joint teddy bear pin and more

485.Oak clock shelf

486.Bracelets, necklaces and more

487.Napkin ring, Tri sure cover, buttons, etc.

488.Christmas tree 2 bags

489.Hardcover books Griffin, Sandford, etc.

490.Early store paper roller

491.Rooster painting Dapper Fellow Key West by Antono 14.5x17.5

492.Coleman lantern

493.Bill Bower books, etc.

494.teapot style what not shelf 16x17

495.9" light yellow double handled pottery vase

496.Large box candles

497.Wyeth type print and Forksville Bridge photograph

498.Red enamel covered pot 11" dia.

499.1996 Coca cola Christmas 6 pack 1 is empty

500.Lot of decorative items, advertisings, etc.

501.Enamel pan and dipper

502.Primitive wood shoe mold 9AAA

503.8" Rochester 3 pt tin teapot

504.Tin candleholders decorative

505.Bernard C Scott 1990 Duck picture 15x13

506.Skil variable speed jig saw

507.113 pc Mechanics tool set

508.small fishing box

509.Cuisinart slow cooker

510.Craftsman 3/8" drill

511.Cut-glass pitcher and oval dish may find some flakes

512.Mid Century blue ridged center dish 16x8x2

513.2003 Simon Lever & Co 10 year service lead crystal square bowl

514.plastic dishes, iron etc.

515.early toys

516.tote of light bulbs

517.Various lighters

518.Starting Line UP Ken Griffey Jr

519.Sheet music

520.Various vintage combs etc.

521.Nylint fire truck 22"

522.Box of bubble gum machine toys

523.tin mold and hog scraper

524.Metal Hanlon Mayor sign 11x6

525.Vintage doll carry suitcase 16x9x8

526.Box of bubble gum machine toys

527.Ty Beanie babies

528.York solid state transistor radio

529.Small early painting 8.5x7.5

530.Primitive double sided wood bucket

531.Clown dolls

532.Assorted pins and earrings

533.Vintage portable phone

534.Jewelry box with various items

535.Tonka metal dump truck 17"

536.Orange Crush Bottling Co Elmira Heights bottle 11"

537.Advertising cigar box 9x5x4

538.clown dolls

539.4" metal plane

540.pottery swan flower frog 4"


542.Early glasses parts

543.Box camera

544.satin rose bowl and hand blown bowl

545.Yellowstone National; Park card set

546.Men's cufflinks set

547.small wood block plane

548.Ladies solitaire costume rings

549.Ladies costume rings

550.Small lockets and more

551.Ladies watches

552.Early ladies watches Bulova, Avalon etc.

553.4 lighters


555.Brass tone animal bracelet

556.Men's watches

557.4 Pocket watches all as is

558.Ladies and men's watches

559.Gold tone Victorian pen

560.Ladies costume rings

561.Bicycle bell

562.Silson gun pin

563.Various pocket knives

564.Mickey Mouse Snoopy watches

565.Lighter and watch

566.Various men's watches

567.Various ladies rings

568.Small pocket knives as is

569.Vintage ladies watches Elgin Bulova etc.

570.Assorted bracelets

571.Oval cab stone Victorian pin

572..925 Donkey pin

573.Junior Fire Marshal toy ring

574.Ruby colored heart stones triple ring size 7

575.Heidi Daus Bling ring size 7

576.Titanium ladies solitaire ring size 8

577.Fancy silver tone ring

578.Hobe turquoise clip earrings

579.Lady bug bracelet

580.Men's and ladies watches

581.Vintage bracelet and modern necklace

582.Rhinestone and other jewelry

583.Costume necklaces

584.Early pins and men's items

585.Lot of assorted earrings


587.Men's' and ladies watches

588.Pins elephant, and others

589.Military and other buttons


591.Vintage pins

592.Nice lot of Victorian style and modern pins

593.Travel clocks and more

594.Metal display with various necklaces

595.Metal display with various necklaces

596.Advertising tin

597.Candle snuffers

598.1895 mini Hazeltine's Pocket book almanac

599.Vintage squeaky postcard

600.Jewelry in small box

601.Pearl like collar necklaces

602.Vintage light

603.Frame for Victorian lamp shade

604.Buttons, pins, etc.

605.Various office items


607.Nice Ariel modern ladies watch

608.Modern ladies watch and bracelet

609.Vintage hanging lamp Deco missing globes


611.Modern bookcase 32x11x80

612.Modern round gold colored mirror 28" dia

613.Early 4 graduated drawer chest glass pulls, dovetailed drawers 41x20x39

614.Mic Century walnut window cabinet or sofa cabinet with drawers wicker front 6'x19"x28

615.Large primitive dovetailed blanket chest with glovebox 50 x 23x29

616.Plastic shelving unit 35x14x75

617.Metal shelving unit 35x19x75

618.3 Plastic shelving units 35x27x75 all

619.Modern 3 drawer cabinet 16x16x32

620.2 step ladder

621.Pool floats

622.Scotts mini seeder

623.Fireplace tools

624.White cubby 24x12x36 no back

625.Rake, shovel

626.Splitting wedge

627.Battery b & D weed eater with charger

628.Rake, broom, shovel

629.2 Limb saws

630.Tub with saw, level, batteries

631.baking pans



634.Jewelry holder, vintage hand mirror

635.5 lb. weights

636.puzzles, etc.

637.pillows, clothing hanging cubbies

638.bowls, candle pedestal

639.Farberware rolling pin, HB mixer, knife sharpener

640.Wilton Superbowl bowl


642.Pistol balls .45 cal

643.Mr. coffee toaster

644.3 pieces of studio pottery

645.Cast Iron fry griddle pan

646.cutting boards, etc.

647.bath rugs


649.Burton Elec burner

650.Pted cow key hanger by Koss

651.stemware tire pump

653.mats club

655.Christmas with small tree


657.paperback books

658.paperback books

659.Candles, battery operated etc.

660.Poulan Pro 42cc Chain saw with case

661.Blue Ray player

662.Brass candleholders

663.Set of Lenox China includes 12-10.5" plates, 14-8" plates, 13-6" plates, 12 cups and saucers

664.Garden items

665.2 Ceramic pigs 12" & 17"

666.Box fan


668.tool box with jumper cables, car kit tools

669.B & D Lithium screwdriver

670.ext. cord, garden tools

671.slicer saver

673.Coffee table books

674.Large basket of DVD's

675.Hard cover books

676.DVD's Lord of Rings, etc.


678.Tool box with assorted tools

679.Modern deer lamp 26"

680.8" Pewter modern candleholders

681.Complete book of Shelby Automobiles

682.Bird books


684.Lane cedar box 9x5x3

685.Brass bottle opener


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