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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
Norman Rockwell Figures, Steins, Victorian furniture, Tanning Bed and more - Sunday October 20 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Harvest table dropleaf cherry with tapered legs 6'x20"x28" leaves are 10" LIVING ROOM

2.Power lift recliner LIVING ROOM

3.Ikea spider lamp LIVING ROOM

4.Ikea stand 20 x 19 x19 LIVING ROOM

5.Royale Chair and ottoman LIVING ROOM

6.3 Cubes 10" sq x 5.5" high LIVING ROOM

7.Iron base lamp EM & Co 1163, 22" LIVING ROOM

8.Crosley turntable/radio, Disc player 17.5 x 14 x 10 LIVING ROOM

9.White stand 16 x 11 x 23 LIVING ROOM

10.2 Speakers Both EPI 120C 15x10x26 LIVING ROOM

11.Vizio 32" flat screen TV LIVING ROOM

12.Stereo cabinet 23x16x38 on wheels LIVING ROOM

13.Box of desk lamps LIVING ROOM

14.Gate, sewing board, suitcase caddy LIVING ROOM

15.Lighthouse painting by local artist RG Robinson LIVING ROOM

16.Lot of travel posters LIVING ROOM

17.Queen Anne leg chair LIVING ROOM

18.Small 36" wood paddle LIVING ROOM

19.2 Early splint baskets larger is 19" dia. Smaller is as is

20.Lot of baskets LIVING ROOM

21.Woven baskets LIVING ROOM

22.Basket carry alls LIVING ROOM

23.Rug Blue wool B & C Windsor 72408 8'6" x 11'4" LIVING ROOM

24.Timber style rocker DINING ROOM

25.Walnut carved back ladies rocker needs reuphol. DINING ROOM

26.Karastan rug 8'8" x 12' Green Persian Garden DINING ROOM

27.2 Small braided throw rugs both DINING ROOM

28.Idylis Small chest freezer 37 x 20 x 33 KITCHEN

29.Kitchen utensils DINING ROOM

30.Silverware DINING ROOM

31.Cuisinart mixer, coffee grinder DINING ROOM

32.Cookie cutters DINING ROOM

33.Early kitchen utensils DINING ROOM


35.Pottery mold & studio pottery covered dish lid as is DINING ROOM


37.Sterling handled salad fork and spoon and Victorian plated picks DINING ROOM

38.Russwin No. 2 grinder DINING ROOM


40.Large lot of baking and pans DINING ROOM

41.14" Fiesta platter and other round platter DINING ROOM

42.Box of Studio pottery items DINING ROOM

43.Tin candle holder, 3.5" tin pail DINING ROOM

44.2 Sweet Cuba advertising tins 8" dia. Both DINING ROOM

45.2 Cake compotes one with lid DINING ROOM

46.Box of Studio pottery items DINING ROOM

47.2 Chef's choice knife sharpeners DINING ROOM

48.3-7" Cannister jars DINING ROOM

49.Wood salad set DINING ROOM

50.Jumbo Peanut Butter 5.5" jar and salt and pepper DINING ROOM

51.Green 6" covered dish with gold overlay DINING ROOM

52.4 Pyrex measure cups DINING ROOM

53.7" tin oiler DINING ROOM

54.Strawberry Street fish dishes DINING ROOM

55.2 Waffle makers DINING ROOM

56.Marble stone planter DINING ROOM

57.2 boxes of Pyrex and corning DINING ROOM


59.Kitchen items DINING ROOM

60.Set of 4 Corey chairs from Virginia need seats All BACK ENCLOSED PORCH

61.Yankee GT ladies bike BACK ENCLOSED PORCH

62.GE Outpost trail bike 7 spd BACK ENCLOSED PORCH

63.3 Early chairs All BACK ENCLOSED PORCH

64.Luggage holder, hat rack BACK ENCLOSED PORCH

65.Soleusair swamp cooler 31" high BACK KITCHEN

66.frontgate Ultra misting cooler 25" BACK KITCHEN

67.Panasonic microwave BACK KITCHEN

68.Kenmore air conditioner BACK KITCHEN

69.Double window fan BACK KITCHEN

70.Kenmore air conditioner BACK KITCHEN

71.folding red metal chair BACK KITCHEN

72.Soleusair swamp cooler 31" high BACK KITCHEN

73.Sears air conditioner BACK KITCHEN

74.2 door plastic cabinet 26x15x38 BACK KITCHEN

75.Chargeable dirt devil vac BACK ENCLOSED PORCH

76.4 Plastic shelving units BACK ROOM

77.2 Small plastic stools BACK ROOM

78.Metal table 61x30x30 OFFICE

79.Metal desk with drawer 61x30x30 with top book shelf unit OFFICE

80.4 drawer filing cabinet OFFICE

81.Metal 2 dr. cabinet 30 x 19 x 29 OFFICE

82.Metal table 61x30x30 OFFICE

83.Metal bookcase 38x15x42 OFFICE

84.Handicap helpers shower seats SIDE PORCH

85.Suitcase dolly, drying rack SIDE PORCH

86.2 wheelchairs both SIDE PORCH

87.4 drawer filing cabinet 18 x 25 x 52 SIDE PORCH

88.Drive walker/seat SIDE PORCH

89.Jwin stereo cd player jammed SIDE PORCH

90.Corner table for PC needs to be put together SIDE PORCH

91.Large wicker hamper UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

92.Office chair UPSTAIRS PINE ROOM

93.Frigidaire air conditioner UPSTAIRS PINE ROOM

94.Clothes rack UPSTAIRS PINE ROOM

95.Small greenhouse and wine box UPSTAIRS PINE ROOM

96.Fisher Price monitor UPSTAIRS PINE ROOM

97.Sopwith Camel kite UPSTAIRS PINE ROOM

98.3 Crates of records UPSTAIRS PINE ROOM

99.Model B 24 with book UPSTAIRS PINE ROOM

100.Model Revell SBD Dauntless UPSTAIRS PINE ROOM


102.Blue Nose ship model UPSTAIRS PINE ROOM

103.Office items UPSTAIRS PINE ROOM

104.Alder typewriter as is UPSTAIRS PINE ROOM

105.Hanging plane model UPSTAIRS PINE ROOM

106.1931 Ford Model A model UPSTAIRS PINE ROOM

107.Lobster buoy hanging UPSTAIRS PINE ROOM

108.Single bed with 3 drawers UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #1

109.Mid Century leather Swedish office chair with ottoman chrome leather as is UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #1

110.Swedish Mid Century leather and wood rocking chair with ottoman UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #1

111.Folding lounge UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #1

112.6 drawer desk set from NJ maker UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #2

113.Wool Oriental style rug 11' x 8'5" UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #2

114.Yardsticks UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #2

115.2 door wood cabinet 33 x 9 x 49(top) UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #2

116.Open bookcase 39 x 15 x 49 (bottom) UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #2

117.Primitive yarn winder UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #3

118.Wingback claw/ball foot chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #3

119.Ikea stand 20x20x20 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #3

120.Small fan UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #3

121.Wood shelving unit 36 x20x90 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #3

122.Walnut frame with assorted prints 30 x 31 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #3

123.Tufted back chair BEDROOM #4 Back of house

124.Box fan BEDROOM #4 Back of house

125.Desk with chair 67 x 20 x 28 BEDROOM #4 Back of house

126.Single bed with drawers BEDROOM #4 Back of house

127.Ikea stand BEDROOM #4 Back of house

128.Double swing with canopy 9'x6' FIRST FLOOR BACK PORCH

129.2 Boxes of light bulbs FIRST FLOOR BACK PORCH

130.Home stretch leather lift chair FIRST FLOOR BACK PORCH

131.Golf Cart E-Z-Go 2003 Textron Co. Runs with cover BACK GARAGE

132.Large quantity of hand tools garden BACK GARAGE

133.Ariens Gravely snowblower looks like not much use BACK GARAGE

134.Cabinet, nails, saws BACK GARAGE

135.Planters ON SIDE OF HOUES

136.Tote and Stor waste water tank, 5 gal ON SIDE OF HOUSE

137.Large lot of material GARAGE

138.Knitting books GARAGE

139.Large lot of books, novels, cooking, war GARAGE

140.Large lot of knitting and yarn GARAGE

141.2 blue plastic cabinets 27 x 15 x 33 GARAGE BOTH

142.2 Door plastic cabinet 27 x 18 x 69 with snow shovels GARAGE

143.Metal brackets for shelving GARAGE

144.Plastic shopping cart on wheels BACK ENCLOSED PORCH


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