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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
Estate Online Auction Vintage boat motors, Antique, Gaming items - Sunday July 7 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.7" Handblown quilted Artglass vase

2.5" Real hair moose

3.Green bull dog ashtray, 3 x 5 chip

4.Box of Depression glass pink, yellow, green

5.Majolica 8" pitcher crack and 4" creamer

6.Pair of Mid Century 5" salt and pepper

7.7" dia. Early tin spin train top

8.5" Howe Pottery stoneware blue decorated pitcher

9.Authentic F-16 4 button stick for all PC Gamers

10.2 Red pyrex refrigeration dishes with lids. 4.5x3.5x2.75

11.2 Green depression 6" dia. Containers with lids

12.Milk glass and other salt and peppers, Austria moose creamer-crack

13.Marigold bowl, plate, etc

14.Northwood Carnival glass orange 8.5" pitcher and 6 4" tumblers Set

15.Pressed and pattern glassware

16.Purple carnival 10" pitcher and 2 5.5" tumblers Set

17.Artglass handblown bird 11x5

18.Hood's 9" bottle

19.Clear biscuit jar 5.5" with lid Factory No 64 District of NC

20.Chevy VCR rewinder

21.Wagner 8" cast iron fry pan

22.9.5" early Pepsi Cola bottle

23.Studio pottery covered double handled small dish 6" dia, 3" high

24.Cast iron fry pan Griswold 4

25.H. C. Porter and Son Durggists Towanda Pa 7.5" bottle

26.2 Childrens dishes, Nurshery Rhyme Cow Jumped Over Moon, Rida Cock Horse to Banbury Cross-Woods and Son

27.Pair of 20" tulip style modern lamps

28.Artglass style 4" rose bowl, satin, hand painted

29.Marigold Carnival butter dish, creamer, sugar

30.Oil lamp Aladdin 11" with 13" chimney

31.Marigold Carnival glass 7" dia bowl and 3.5" Souvenir of Wyalusing Pa cup

32.1804 Locomotive Trevithick's model

33.Tin Cinco Handy Humidor 5x5.5x4

34.Power Line Model 1200 .177 gas operated CO2 bb pistol

35.Hand painted Japanese bulb vase 5"

36.clear-ruby 1901 Pan American Mrs. Minnie Middaugh's Souvenier 5.5"

37.Clash of the Lighsabers Stars Wars Episode I card game

38.3" Old Spice advertising shaving mug

39.Metal Steve Shannon advertising thermometer 16"

40.Siam Cat optics 10 x 50 bionoculars

41.2 Racing posters

42.14" Marigold carnival vase fluted top

43.Hamilton Beach Vintage single milkshake maker with 1 cup

44.Skateboarder extreme kite

45.Vintage Pentron reel to reel

46.Pool stick

47.New Frontier Campfire in box

48.Alsy brass coated lamp 27"

49.Modern print Palm Trees 20 x 22

50.Thomas Kincaide style pricture 23 x 24

51.Dale Earnhardt 50th Aniversary Action collectible racing car

52.Dale Earnhardt Kellogg's Cereal advertising boxes

53.Bear and Dalmation prints

54.Doll in antique looking carriage 15" high

55.Ann Mount print, lady in flower garden 22x18

56.18" Modern wooden churn base

57.2 Spritzer bottles ice and cobalt blue

58.4 Nickel silver spoons

59.Andrea The Giant 7" mug

60.Coca cola alarm quartz clock

61.3 Racing Collectible Christmas balls Dale Earnhardt

62.Vintage 11" stick phone Western Electric Company

63.Military brass Horn US Regulation 17" with mouth piece

64.13 x 11 Modern Campbell's Soup 100th Anniv. Advertising tray

65.Nice Twin comforter and dust ruffle

66.10" Engish scene plate

67.Early 18" bellows with brass end

68.In The Shadow of Pikes Peake photo book

69.Life of Mary Queen of Scots books

70.Hand colored Archtectual pictures

71.Archtectualy drawings

72.Set for 6 hand violet decorated luncheon set

73.Box of Dale Earnhardt racing items, plaques, cards, etc

74.Dale Earnhardt picture with card

75.2 Marionettes clown and Black Bear Gantz

76.Dale Earnhardt racing collectible plates

77.Big Mouth Billy Bass

78.Uncle Mike's Sidekick nylon shoulder holster

79.2 nut crackers 15" Limited Ed

80.Charlie McCarthy vantrilquist doll 29"

81.Marvel Spiderman Sour Gum bites pez like dispenser

82.Tin Camero 9" Japan toy car

83.Made in USA Antique metal toy truck 9.5"

84.Dream catchers and Indian wall hanger

85.Eskimo doll and 11" Real hair dog

86.Vintage Tonka 9" Rescue vehicle

87.Early bottles

88.Hess truck bank

89.Vintage metal Tonak trencher 18"

90.5 vintage metal Tonka trucks all 2.5" tall

91.Bandai truck, Buddy L tin Greyhound bus and Hubley metal 5" wagon

92.Early 5.5" bottle as is

93.Ertl, Matchbox and Hotwheels vehicles

94.Mr. Buns MI Taiwan

95.Vintage traveling Migonphone with crank

96.5" decorative buffalo nickel

97.Milkglass, prec moments bell, etc

98.Rabbit and bird knic knacs

99.Butterfly, light house knic knacs

100.Bird small planter, bird hosue, 2 frogs

101.2 Denium Days figures 4.5" high

102.Outers rifle cleaning kit No 477

103.Fiesta, Booth's etc creamer/sugar,plates

104.Small pitcher and bowl, soup tureen, etc

105.Etched creamer, sugar, etc

106.Cast Iron pan lid Best Made No 10

107.Oil lamps

108.Ruby plate, creamer, salter

109.Rabbit and dog knic knacs

110.3 mini pencil sharpeners

111.Marigold carnival 10" dia. Bowl and 3.5" sugar

112.Oak wall phone Western Electric Antique

113.8" dia. Carnival glass marigold bowl

114.6 Marigold Carnival glass 5" dia berry bowls

115.pottery planter and cup

116.Early bottles

117.Set of Encoe Johnson Bros. England dishes platter, 6-7.5" sq plates, 8-10" dinner plates, 8 cups and saucers, 8-6.25" plates, 8-5" bowls

118.bottles, glassware

119.Box of asst early plates

120.Box assorted early dishes Hall etc platters

121.Vintage childs roller skates with carry case

122.Badminton set

123.Webcor 8 track and Classic DVD player ALL AS IS

124.Taylor bathroom scales

125.Kenwood car radio AS IS

126.2 Motorcyle helmets

127.Barbie type dolls

128.Pyrex lids and mini bowls

129.Small camo cover

130.McDonald's Toys

131.2 Early glass milk bottles

132.Vintage Durabilt elec iron

133.Silverplated items

134.Racing collectibles

135.Mickey mouse, Wiley and Sam4

136.Various tools

137.Large campfire pan with horseshoe handles 19" dia.

138.Throwing horse shoes

139.Dell 17" monitor AS IS

140.Solar lights

141.Coin sorters

142.7" x 12" dia. Enamel pan with lid

143.Racing T shirts

144.Racing collectibl small cars Earnhardt, etc

145.Rusy Wallace Ford Motorsports ceiling light fixture 12" dia.

146.Collectible racing cups

147.Propane burner

148.Disston 70" handle to end log saw

149.6 gal. 2 tone crock, chip on base

150.25" Walnut stand

151.29" Mahogany candlesstand

152.7 drawer dresser 50 x 18 x 30

153.Wavemaster training bag. Great for letting out frustrations

154.Dolomite walker-seat

155.3 mini birdhouse decorations of green glassware

157.Racing collectibles

158.2 soft camo gun cases

159.Fringed chaps

160.Stop tail turn lights

161.Wildgame camera

162.Snowman collectibles

163.Ice tongs 16"

164.3 Collectible wooden cigar boxes ALL

165.11" blue rooster cookie jar. Nick on inside top

166.Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola vintage bottles

167.Vintage Diehl 18' dia. Table fan

168.Coca Cola collectibles

169.9" Early Clorox bottle

170.Auto Emergency kit

171.knic knacs

172.Craftsman 13.5vt battery drill with charger

173.Large hex key set

174.Hartland Plastic 3 horses and 2 cowboys

175.Large talking buck as is

176.2 Ideal plastic jeeps


178.Small sombreo

179.3 Wooden antique car replicas

180.Jeff Gordon 7" clock

181.Vintage lady and Flag oak framed print 11x12

182.5 Race car and other car models

183.Burago 1 /24 1957 Chevy Corvette

184.4 Piece Beam's Train, Engine, dining car, Jersey & Western car, Tank car and box of track

185.Frog, dolphin and butterfly knic knacs

186.1 18 Road Tough 1955 Ford Thunderbird

189.Vintage plastic Roy Rogers Stage Coach with some figures

190.Roy Rogers Chuck Wagon with horses and figures

192.Bear knic knacs

193.Trigger wagon with 3 horses

194.Glass green animals

195.2 Orgainzers

196.6" Antique tin frying pan

197.Cast Iron Wager pan with glass lid 10.5" dia.

198.Vintage 4" Friction plastic duck

199.4 Vintage plastic santa masks 10x12

200.2-9" double brass coated wall sconces

201.3 Midwest Co. metal car wall hangers

202.Early massager

203.Frog collectibles

204.21 pc pneumatic accessory set

205.Cast iron 10" dia. Pot with lid unsigned

206.Cast iron stove kettle 8


208.2 collectible dolls

209.Red Barons mini bat and 2 baseballs

210.Cast alum griddle 14" dia.

211.knic knacs

212.tin grease can and sifter

213.3 aluminum sherberts

214.Marvel comic books Includes 1192 Hulk, 246 203 Dec 92 IronMan, 121 & 85 Wolverine, 324 Capt. America, 5 Transformer, 5 & 6 Spirits, 294 X-men, 45 & 56 Punisher
215.Irish Coffee glasses, mugs

216.Oak case Modern Quartz regulator clock 26"

217.Lionel plastic train cars Lehigh valley, Lionel 6042, NYC 6162, Lionel 1002, 6511-2

218.DC Comic books includes: 443-Batman,5 Superman, 12 Sgt Rock, 526 Superman, 9 and 356 Sargent Rock
219.Napa Dale Earnhardt Jr bobblehead

220.Various comic books Includes Archie, Bettie, 1-Zealot, 74-The Punisher, 3-Star Reach, 11 and 6 Spawn
221.25" & 33" Collectible tractor trailers

222.Dale Earnhardt clocks both

223.Earnhardt and Gordon cars, phone, etc

224.2 Dale Earnhardt collectlbe racing cars

225.2 spotlights

226.Early Atlas

227.Game calls


229.2 boxes books garden, etc

230.2 oxes cookbooks


232.2 boxes records

233.ealry lighting fixtures

234.hand vacs, etc of assorted drill bits, etc

236.2 garden sprayers

237.juicer, covered jar, etc

238.2 plastic bowls

239.bamboo stakes

240.bait buckets


242.unglazed mosaic tile

243.Racing blow up collectibles

244.Toys, Elmo, etc

245.Canner and basket

246.finials, etc

247.large box of racing plaques and pictures

248.Tote with racing collectibles and totes

249.3 Milk carriers and jugs

250.early kitchen items

251.2 Amberina compote and covered dish

252.Sandwich glass 10" dia. Cake compote

253.Unsinged cast iron griddle 16x8

254.Antique brass Kosmos Brenner oil lamp

255.Jack Frost bottle and Cloverdale milk bottle

256.Boy Scout and other canteen

257.Tin milk pails 10" and 8"

258.Gun Control newer metal advertising sign 12x16

259.Wooden bowl, clogs, etc

260.Dick Tracy and Authentic Images cards

261.3 Southwestern Studio pottery bowls and vase

262.Studio pottery bowl 6.5" dia, x 3.5" high

263.5.5" Superman cup

264.small rock lights

265.2 collectible small dolls

266.2 modern small clocks

267.Art pottery, etc

268.Soap stone

269.11" bubble gum machine no key

270.tongs 27"

271.Brass vases

272.Cocc Cola collectibles

273.2 Chicken on nest and set of milkglass salt and pepper

274.Flow blue and blue transferware plates

275.Pyrex refrigeration dishes

276.14" dia. Bird clock

277.Modern Redman Tobacco advertising tins

278.2 Coleman lanterns

279.2 Dome top lunch boxes

280.Early metal mini engine

281.New gazing ball with stand

282.3 Collectible dolls

283.4 Collectible cars in display case

284.Iron footed pot with lid 8" dia., 8.5" high

285.Cast iron stove kettle

286.2 early irons

287.Fender Stratocaster 32" guitar

288.15" GWW lamp reverse paint off top shade 2 Queen Ann fount 9' tin oil lamp

290.Professional table top cork screw


292.Sailor wall decoation signed EJ 2003 29"

293.Cast Iron sizzle server

294.Sailor with pipe table decoration signed 2003 25"

295.Early salt pepper, creamer, sugar egg tray

296.Miner's lamp

297.Purple Carnival creamer with lid 5.5

298.Muhlenberg Reading Pa Dairy milk bottle

299.18" Black Panther Vintage TV light

300.Stroh's 1951 Delivery truck bank

301.Assorted glassware

302.Tooled black leather purse

303.Whiskey advertising tin and bottle

304.Various pitchers

305.Art pottery and more

306.GPx mini TV am/fm

307.Embury Air Pilot red globe lantern 13"

308.Godl rim items

309.Silver overlay ruby vase and clear dish

310.Scale platform


312.Aluminum teapot

313.Red Globe Bell System No 350 Little Supreme 13" lantern

314.8" dia. Yellow enamal strainer

315.knic knacs

316.Sieberling advertising 5" tire, etc

317.Coca Cola hotdog bun maker

318.Music boxes, etc

319.Wagner Iron bacon and egg skillet 9" square

320.Louis Marx train set no transformer, track, Sante Fe 1998 engine, NYC Crane, AT & SF car, CWEX, WECS spotlight car

321.2 Lionel transformers

322.2 small USA iron soldiers

323.Iron Indian, soldiers, etc

324.Telegraph machinne

325.Pit and Kmart Cards

326.Union iron bank 3x3x2

327.18k gold electroplate man's ring

328.Cigar tippers


330.Wade figures

331.Dream catcher necklace

332.Pyrex 6" plate

333.Faux pearls, bird pin, etc

334.5" Iron rabbit

335.metal 3" soldier on horse

336.Pistol style rose lighter

338.2 Corning 4.75" bowls

339.3 Turkey calls

340.Dale Earnhardt pocket watch with holder

341.Halloween blow molds 2 33" ghosts and 21" pumpkin

342.Hair items

344.Marineland shipwreck back drop 20 x 12

345.basket of dolls

346.Country music 8 tracks

347.Vintage roller skates

348.Cups, etc

349.Childrens activities


351.HP printer as is

352.5 Halloween decorations grim reaper and houses

353.Geese items

354.Large quantity of Halloween decorations

355.16" steamer pot with spout

356.DESpectrum garbage disposal

357.Sierra table set enamelware

358.Tippmann paint ball gun and balls

359.sleeping bag

360.Racing collectibles

361.Tub of fishing items

362.log roller and shovel

363.Garden tools


365.Large lot of Christmas and Easter decorations

366.knic knacs

367.2 turkey decoys decorations


370.Collectible dolls

371.buffer polisher

372.The Original S'mores collectibles of Matchbox and Hotwheels vehicles

374.Cast Aluminum roaster 13 x 9

375.Vintage panther TV light 19"

376.Rabbit knic knacs

377.Tub of wooden items, shadow boxes etc

378.modern enamelware cooking items

379.Pyrex baking

380.Large lot of Christmas items

381.BMA/6 3 spd mans bike

382.7" brown jug

383.2 Tone 11" brown jug chip on base

384.Modern pitcher and bowl set

385.Deer painting on velvet 21x13

386.Pabst Beer advertising 17 x 9

387.Budweiser advertising mirror 21 x 15


389.Drill and circular saw

390.Craftsman 1 2/3 hp circular saw

391.Mushroom cannister set

392.set of goose dishes

393.Chicago sawsall

394.Ion digital drum station

395.Outside propane cooker

396.Fender F123060 amplifier

397.2 boxes of dishes

398.Coal pails and skuttle

399.Jay Turser amplifier PG-10

400.2 Mac Gas weedeaters

401.Yamaha GA-10 guitar amp

402.2 Gas weedeaters

403.Tool box with some tools

404.17" Resin doberman dog

405.Marlboro 2.5" No 6 lighter

406.Repro Iron wagon and horses 30" and brown transferware

408.20 ga shells, etc

409.Estean G-10 amp

410.First Act M2A-110 guitar amp


412.3 Cornflower corningware dishes with lids

413.Goose cookie jar 11"

414.Bottles, avon

415.Advertising mini liquor bottles saw blades

417.2 Suzy and Spencer Dept. 56 snowball collectibles

418.Pressed glass

419.Large lot of Santa Collectibles

420.Carry on bags

421.No. 6 Griswold cast iron fry pan

422.No 5 unsigned cast iron fry pan

423.No 4 Griswold cast iron fry pan

424.6 metal Coca Cola bottles full

425.8 Collectible Coca Cola bottles

426.9" batter pitcher as is

427.Tasco scope

428.Jadite Fireking double spout handled bowl 6.5" dia. 2.5" high

429.Repro cast iron fire truck 10"

430.Play cannons, wooden car

431.The Finishing Touch Native American figure missing a piece 10"

432.Egg basket with glass and wood eggs

433.Cast iron Monkey bank, not sure of age 8.5"

434.Depressio glass plates

435.Vintage kitchen items

436.First Act Discovery drum 8.5" dia.

437.Avon Tribute to the Wild West stein 9"

438.Native American Indian collectible statues

439.Native American Indian collectible statues

440.Sheets, full and single

441.Inlaid top stand 15" dia, 19" high, elephants

442.26" modern iron planter

443.Bear compound bow

444.Mahogany case RCA Victor record player am/fm radio 31x17x32

445.Oak plant stand 17"

446.Stromberg Carlson floor model radio missing buttons 32x13x39

447.Early God Bless our Faily 1936 18x13.5

448.Rubber-Aer Advertising 12x18

449.Bushnell telescope Model 78-9512

450.2 tone crock
451.Cottage dresser with mirror dresser is 38x18x34 then mirror

452.2 pc 27" Majolica style jardinere and pedestal

453.2 Early prints water damage with frames

454.Budweiser and Miller advertising signs as is 22x18

455.Chrome leg movable medical stand

456.Reel push mower newer

457.Early school desk

458.Iron foot book stand for table top

459.Philco floor model vintage radio 26x14x36 some veneer off

460.Walkie talkies

461.Fishing etc

462.Girl and St. Bernard print 15 x 17

463.Fancy Mahogany rocker

464.Oak framed Indian print with peace pipe and arrow on frame 17 x 13

465.Enamel top pull out leaf Vintage kitchen table white and black

466.Metal handle sythe

467.Roll around base tool box 27x17x28

468.16" wooden planter cart

469.Handmade wooden 53" 4 tong fork

470.Acoustic guitar

471.Merits 4 wheel battery operated chair AS IS

472.Jazzy 1121 Pride battery operated chair AS IS

473.Metal washboard 12x24

474.2/4 drawer dresser 32x15x44

475.2 folding lawn chairs

476.Snow Chief snowblower as is

477.Halcrafters Civic Patrol radio 13x9x7

478.Enamel columbian pail 7" high

479.Sears elec. Planer

480.Decorative items

481.Camping cookstove

482.Pipe and .925 chain pieces

483.Top Cigarette Tobacco advertising tin and tray

484.large box with depression glass and more

485.Fishing Heddon 205-R reel

486.Baby Brownie Camera as is

487.Large lot of train track

488.American Flyer Train set with Transformer 300 Ac Engine with tender, GAEX 1950 car, 642 car 638 caboose, 641 car and transformer with very small amount of track

489.4 Marx plastic train cars and Marx track pieces

490.5 Piece Beam Train Cars no boxes

491.2 American Flyer transformers

492.Johnson 5 1/2 hp boat motor as is


494.Tools, brake pads

495.collectibles, etc

496.alum bread box, teapot, etc

497.Lot of elec hand tools

498.Sears elec. Paint sprayer

499.Uiversal hand grinder

500.2 Iron holders

501.Vintage Realistic radio 7x4x6

502.Craftsman buffer polisher

503.14" Cardinal planter

504.7 x 50 Sears bionoculars


506.2 alum cups

507.Nevco metal 11" repro advertising tray

509.Elec. Hand tools

510.Grizzly belt sander

511.Toro blower

512.Elec weedeater and edger

513.Metal detectors

514.2 boxes of dishes

515.Gold Spike HO Scale Bachmann train set

516.Sears 4 x 30" belt disc sander

517.Delta 15" scroll saw

518.Large trunk 34x21x14

519.Craftsman 10" band saw 1/3 hp

520.Early bottle jack

521.B & d router and table

522.Base roll around tool box 19x11x28

523.Pc of steel

524.White Westinghouse heater

525.2 Hummingbird feeders

526.Walt Disney coasters

527.Electro bll

528.Air tools

529.Vintage Old Spice Set

530.Mortar and pedstel

531.Vintage GE wall clock 7.5" square

532.Hobart Commercial grinder AS IS

533.Digital camera

534.Ruby glass and hand blown vase

535.Studio pottery etc

536.Vintage pencil sharpener

537.4" wooden plane part

538.Handmade bone belt

539.Pair of jack stands

540.Nylon carpenters belt

541.Plastic 18" dia. Beer advertising

542.New pool ladder

543.Plastic 18" dia. Beer advertising

544.Snowman collectibles

545.Newer Coca Cola advertising tray 9x18

546.Wooden duck and wall decorations

547.Sharp Viewcam AS Is

548.On the Railroad book

549.50" shop light

550.Dome top lunch box

551.5 Dream catchers large

552.Iron Angus Broil fry pan

553.Emergency road kit

554.Easton Arrows

555.Oak frame 24 x 24

556.Early milk stool 11"

557.11" Cast Iron fry pan unsigned

558.4 Kay Electric guitar

559.Acoustic guitar

560.Broadcast seeder

561.Bird house

562.Coca Cola Advertising mirror 28x21

563.3 dr. doll dresser 12xx13

564.Mid Century 14" high base to stand

565.Cast Iron Cracker Barrel frying pan

566.Down the Lane print 30 x 24

567.Champion stuffer elec

568.Rival plastic slicer

569.3 Fishing reels

570.Motorola radio 10x3.5x7

571.Disney cards

572.Buckets and Brawn book

573.Universal grinder

574.12" bottle

575.Budweiser stein

576.mallet, hand drils

577.Wagner 8 cast iron fry pan

578.Early hand seeder

579.9 x 16 Wooden mahogany carved wall mask

580.Over the campfire toaster


582.Kitchen items vintage

583.Metal sign Nevermind the Dog Beware of Owner 18 x 9

584.Early torch

585.8 lb sausage stuffer

586.1925 Kenworth truck bank

587.Vintage metal push toy

588.Plastic Heineken advertising shield 11x12

589.Hoover floor mate

590.Footed bucket with lion head handles 14" dia x 13" high

591.Batmitton set etc

592.2 racing posters

593.B & D elec. Hedge trimmers

594.Homelite 330 chain saw 21" bar


596.item badger
597.Garden decorations, etc

598.Craftsman router and router table

599.Canvas cover and pole

600.2 boat gas tanks

601.Vintage heater

602.Kitchen items

603.Folding wooden childs potty chair and Mickey Mouse

604.crate of planters, garage liquids

605.Tool box rusty

606.Attic vent

607.Kitchen appliances

608.Kitchn items

609.Mahogany magazine rack 17x11x15

610.Early washstand 3 drawer and 1 door 30x16x30

611.Mahogany Serpentine front 3 drawer dresser with mirror dresser measures 44x22x36 w/o mirror

612.Mid Century short sideboard 66x18x29

613.8 drawer dresser 40x17x39

614.Horse collar

615.Oak framed angel prnt 22x26

616.Painting on canvas signed Patrick 23x19

617.3 vintage stools

618.Gold framed round mirror 28" dia.

619.Vintage Doll carriage

620.Murray Extreme Terrain mountain bike

621.No 750 wooden wringer and wash basin stand

622.Craftsman 7.75 hp pressure washer

623.Early Craftsman 90 amp welder

624.Honda EU 2000 generator

625.23" handmade rocking horse

626.Wooden wheel barrow decoration 37" long

627.Eutectic 225 welder

628.Dropfront serpentine secretary 30x16x77

629.Oak case Special tredle sewing machine 34x17

630.5 gun gun cabinet needs glass 30x10x72

631.Oval gold framed mirror 36x20

632.Oak 3 drawer dresser with mirror

633.2 handle 53" cross cut saw

634.Biro commercial meat saw with enamel tray

635.Thanksgiving knic knacs


637.Christmas houses

638.Craftsman reciprocating saw

639.First Act Electric guitar

640.Teddy Bear display 20 x 11 x 3

641.Vintage 19" base metal mesh lamp shade

642.2 Pyrex bowls 401, 402

643.Snowman collectibles

644.large pyrex yellow bowl

645.2 Visions pans

646.Snowman collectibles

647.Christmas houses

648.vintage suitcase

649.Water heater jacket

650.frames, etc

651.Christmas houses


653.Craftsman 8" table saw on stand

654.Wii drum set

655.folding chair

656.Colt 707 62" compound bow

657.Floor fireplace style heater elec

658.Handmade grandmother clock parts

660.4 speakers
661.Hydro farm dehumidifier


663.Horn handled walking stick

664.Early chair

665.Metal board washboard 13 x 25

666.Table lamp stand

667.Child's bow

668.Dropleaf table 46x26

669.Smoking stand 16x12x26

670.Stenciled rocker

671.Vintage push sweeper

672.Dale Earnhardt cooler

673.Vintage kitchen stand 12x25x36

674.Marlboro plug in lighter cooler

675.metal stand

676.Kobalt 5.5 gal air compressor

677.Mity Mite arc welcer Schumacher

678.Spoon carved chair needs caned seat

679.30 Reem Jia series scooter AS IS

680.Jump starts


682.Drill hand



685.Battery operated hand tools as is


687.Elec. Hand tools

688.Shadow box with contents 23x23x4

689.Various tools, plane, etc

690.Tools oil wrench, etc

691.Elec tools router, drill, sander

692.Air tools

693.Organizer with

694.B & D 5" bench grinder

695.Aladdin Aluminum griddle 11.5"


697.Central Machinery bench top drill press

698.Allen wrenches

699.Columbian Vice 4"

700.2 hunting knives

701.large box clamps

702.Cigarette making machine

703.Router bits

704.Sunbeam table top gas grill

705.Large sockets and bars

706.Early Total baseball book



709.2 Sawsall s

710.Ryobi 14" chop saw

711.2 Air tools

712.Hard gun case

713.Tree stand

714.Hitachi sawsall

715.Elec. Hand tools


717.Large picture 42 x 31 modern

718.New England Clock wall curio 30x24x6

719.Set of dishes

720.Set of Dishes Black Halo

721.Horse print 27x21 fancy frame

722.Early Wizard Deluxe fan 14" dia.

723.Mid Century Panasonic radio

724.Louisville wooden baseball collectible bat

725.Grinder and skil saw elec.

726.2 Routers elec.

727.Stanley 42 level

728.Solar panel

729.Racing kids picture 20x16

730.Primitive clothes dasher


732.Vintage Stewart Clipmaster

733.Craftsman saw elec.

734.Wen Model 3700 Allsaw

735.Large socket set up to 2"

736.Craftsman box

737.Acoustic guitar

738.Set of dishes Nicole

739.Vintage Columbia scales

740.1" clear water pump


742.Camp stoves

743.Dale Earnhardt picture

744.Stackpack vent

745.2 elec. Tools impact and wrench

746.Werner ladder parts

747.Post hole digger hand

748.Big Billy Bass

749.shadow boxes and contents


751.Collectible soda and beer bottles

752.10" buffer polisher

753.Coca Cola Collectibles

754.Repro Iron fruit wagon 13"


756.Repro iron bell 13" hanger

757.Hedge trimmer

758.91" Craftsman band saw blade




762.Pick and wood mallet

763.Fishing poles


765.Camp heater, etc

766.Nails, etc

767.Come a long

768.2 Lanterns

769.8 tracks and tapes

770.Gas can metal

771.Torpedo heater


773.Box screws

774.2 Alum. Baseball bats

775.Cornhole boxes

776.SAE 30 oil case

777.Garden tools

778.Long iron bar

779.Compound bow as is

780.Card table


782.Welding helmets, etc

783.Floor jack

784.Tools, sprayer

785.Carpenters belt, etc

786.Tool box with asst.

787.Large lot plumbing, nails, etc

788.Carnival and marigold glass 2 glasses, compote, etc

789.Elec. Dart board

1016.Watch parts


1018.Hand grinder

1019.Vintage kitchen items

1020.2 Air sanders

1021.Sawblades and sand paper


1023.Elec. Tools

1024.16" dia. Enamel pan

1025.Fireman's light

1026.2 frogs and bird


1028.Air tools

1029.Clamp and bar

1030.Croquet set

1031.Wilton 4" vice

1032.Craftsman battery operated tool set missing pieces

1033.Early mini tv and radios

1034.Tool box etc

1035.Work light on legs

1036.Early Neptune Model WC1 trolling boat motor AS IS

1037.Vintage boat motor parts

1038.Vintage boat motor Scott-Atwater 3.6 hp Ser # 30853789

1039.Early Elgin boat motor Model # 562 1913

1040.3 Lionel transformers

1041.Plasticville items and Silver Streak kit

1042.Marx 490 Engine, unmaked tanker, Lionel platform and Lionel empty box

1043.2 Lionel 1010 train engines

1044.3 Lionel train engines 8042 246 and 1061

1045.Lionel Scout and 2 tenders

1046.4 Pc plastic New Bright train with couple pc of track

1047.Lionel train set includes engine 8300, stock car, ATSF, 9024, 6057, yellow caboose, PC9062

1048.Lionel crossings and track

1049.X box with controllers

1050.X box and xbox 360 games


1052.Atari 2600 game system with some controllers and games

1053.Nintendo games

1054.Madcatz controller and more

1055.Nintendo games and controllers

1056.Vintage portable Clubia Grafanola No 109

1057.Mijam game guitar and Buck hunter pro gun

1058.Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero guitars

1059.Ward CB base station 702

1060.Sony DVD , Optimus stereo receiver

1061.radios etc

1062.turntable, craig etc

1063.guages and hoses

1064.battery operated hand tools and various batteries

1065.Universal charger car vac

1066.Swivel storage, etc

1067.large lot of cords and game controllers mixed in


1069.Smart Start and kids saw

1070.grease guns

1071.hardware and wheels

1072.Video game controllers

1073.2 Play Station 2 consoles and few games

1074.Lot of CD's

1075.Large box with video games and empty cases



1078.JD plow for garden tractor

1079.lawn roller

1080.Cap for full size truck


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