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Robert Stevens ONLINE Personal Property Auction - Sunday December 15 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Ladies Oak Drop front desk 28"x16"x40"

2.shelf of assorted knick knacks and planters

3.primitive Russ seat chair

4.oak Ingraham Company kitchen clock pheasant flying decorative door tin face with key and pendulum 19"

5.9" Wedgewood plate

6.hand painted Dutch scene 9" plate

7.windchimes and miniature ducks

8.14" silverware battery operated clock

9.11" Frary's brass scales 30lb.

10.3' handmade fork missing tines

11.3' primitive wooden shovel

12.early dove tailed box with hair 13"x9"x8"

13.2 primitive plank bottom thumb back chairs

14.early lift top tin 8x7x9

15.large primitive store tin Canco 10x10x11

16.primitive stenciled tin 8x7x10

17.primitive hand carved shovel 36"

18.pair of wooden child's boot molds 11" high

19.primitive pine dry sink 2 doors 41"x18"x32

20.wooden base stained glass top early street/porch light 7'2" total top shade is 19" electrified and 3 decorative wall hangings

22.20" dia. Hand turned bowl

23.15 gal. crock, crack and chips

24.hand carved 28" primitive ladle

25.15" hand carved ladle

26.Early basket

27.Early tin oil lamp green shade electric, needs cord

28.pair of 15" high real feathers Chicken and Rooster

29.primitive wooden berry box or silverware box 25x12x4

30.primitive 1/2 early kitchen cupboard with splash back 43x17x45

31.Early cigar mold made into candle holder

32."Saying" what happened to my delinquent customers

33.New Orleans slate 8.5x7

34.15" battery operated clock

35.assorted every day dishes and brown mugs

36.drawer of silverware

37.cups and drinking glasses

38.set of correll ware ivy pattern

39.Early 4pc canister set some tops as is

40.Grouping of salters, sifter, etc.

41.handmade basket

42.24" wooden paddle

43.carved dog head and brass handled umbrella and decker cordless hand vac

45.microwave and salt and pepper etc.

46.primitive cherry one drawer wash stand 22x16x29


48.Belt buckle Galloping to greatness Shell horse products limited addition 1976

49.Large Right to Bear Arms belt buckle

50.Bergamot brass works large horse belt buckle not brass

51.Sabre Buck design pocket knife

52.Santa Fe knife

53.3 collectible tokens

54.Brass Hotel door markers antique

55.Early pipe with a driftwood holder

56.2" oiler

57.8" brass decorative cannon

58.3" brass cannon

59.Sterling silver #218 engraved box 10x3.5x1" weight 18.9 oz.

60.small brass pipe end with ball

61.Early draw knife signed A.Statser

62.Early powder horn

63.Silver 3" covered demi

64.4 B &M sterling George Washington reproduction salt and pepper 4oz.

65.Vintage Meerschaum pipe with case

66.McAndrews pipe

67.Brakner antique hand cut Denmark #810 pipe

68.Lincoln desk top ornament

69.Miniature hand blown egg and a paper weight

70.Sherwood Italy pipe

71.Briar made in France pipe

72.Briar pipe

73.3" handblown paper weight

74.3" brass sheriff badge

75.2" brass sheriff badge

76.Swedish hand etched glass egg

77.Belt buckle 1991 Dolly by RMS

78.Belt buck 1991 Dolly by RMS

79.7 oriental carved 1.5" figures

80.Elgin pocket watch #22122559, case # 10369589 Dueber 20yr.

81.Pocket watch E.Chippement A. Gen�ve #25231 no crystal

82.Jupiter pocket watch/ case Brevet numbered English makers marks no crystal

83.pocket watch no mechanism makers mark on case

84.Advance 17 Jewel pocket watch as is

85.Zippo lighter engraved 82 43rd Sit Korea

86.Signal Group company engraved Tiger lighter Korea

87.Two men's watches as is

88.5 Chalk relief carvings

89.Silver toned horse pins and ring

90.Silver toned horse pendant

91.Solid brass flower belt bucket

92.4 bone China flowers and a Wade dog

93.Airforce commemorative coin

94.1979 the National Metal

95.Abraham Lincoln Commemorative mint coin

96.Face value $12.55 of Kennedy halves and a buffalo nickel

97.Ancient Rome bronze coin

98.2019 Commemorative Airforce coin

99..999 Silver Leaf Wild West Tribute collection bills

100.1" Sterling Silver Victorian stamp holder

101.Early Tarot cards

102.12 Colonies Iron Crests

103.Oriental enameled handle and sheath dagger

104.Good conduct military metal

105.Mercedes Benz enameled emblem

106.Black laguar oriental letter opener

107.3 Micrometers

108.Military metals and bullet

109.Flint stone 2 primitive nails

110.2 Frames with Military patches and metals

111.Small 8x10 what not shelf with miniatures

112.3 Early books

113.Miniature nut shell library books

114.11" primitive wooden pitcher

115.Early leather hinged box 13x10x7

116.Early 6" Tea tin

117.Early 6.5 inch Risa Tin

118.5" pottery Pitcher sailboat design

119.5" diameter glass ball

120.Early kitchen items ice cream scoop rolling pin etc.

121.Wooden carved Duck 10.5x4

122.Early carved Duck Decoy 11x5

123.Oil lamp

124.wooden carved spoons

125.Early oil lamp

126.pair of 11" pottery oil lamps

127.2 Anchor Hocking white milk glass egg nog cups

128.Ardalt Presden Italy 12" Floral and Shell covered compote may find a flake chip on base

129.8" replica of a 3 wheeled gas bike

130.4" Nemadji pottery vase

131.Mid Century 6" Compote planter

132.4.5" South Dakota pottery vase

133.2" Alabaster dresser jar

134.9" Brass cowboy boot hot plate w/ horse bookmark

135.Marvetti Cultured Ivory engraving of dog 5x6

136.3" solid brass candle holders

137.Poly gladding hand made pottery plate 7x10

138.2 large platters 1 is Rosenthal

139.Yankee Candle warmer

140.Polar watch and pet safe dog collar

141.assorted hand made dolls

142.Variety box

143.2 boxes of kitchen towels and linens

144.2 toned 5 gallon horse shoe jug

145.2 toned planter

146.4 wooden hand made antique style trucks

147.2 early tins

148.basket of dog sayings

149.18" stool

150.#7 Sad iron

151.Shelf of decorative items some as is

152.3 pieces of Phalzcraft

153.shelf of kitchen appliances, toaster, fresh saver, etc.

154.quantity of baskets

155.quantity of tins and thermos bags

156.set of corning ware baking dishes

157.decorative plates


159.shelf of planters and vases

160.Shark vacuum

161.pair of spindle back chairs

162.small homemade plant stand

163.Brass oriental pot stand 15x9x7

164.primitive spider leg bowl on feet broken handle 30"

165.pair of sterling silver 8" candle holders 13.4 oz

166.12 Ruby 5" glasses

167.pair of sterling weighted 6.5" candle holders Duchin 19.2 oz.

168.oriental tea set will find chips and cracks

169.brass carriage clock beveled glass with key, Ansonia 6.5x5x11

170.12" sterling weighted candle holder 13.8 oz.

171.8" oriental Imari plate

172.8.5" Lenox vase

173.6" brass humidor

174.2 vases

175.pair of brass candle holders and mouse

176.Italian pottery 11x8 Piggy bank

177.9" Toleware design hand painted cream can

178.medical bandage and gauze glass holders

179.Boom box cassette player

180.large lot of Christmas and holiday decorations

181.Gevalia cups and coffee container

182.7" solid brass horse

183.Silver plated ice bucket and bowl

184.centerpiece plate compote 4 pcs total

185.Rose decorated dishes, musical teapot etc. of interesting wooden items

187.2 sets of cups and saucers

188.clock crystal and miniature mirror

189.decorative dresser items

190.brass base candle holder and various brass items

191.11" Mercedes Benz 630 K replica car

192.9" Mercedes Benz replica car

193.Mercedes Benz 1966 280 SE replica car of assorted replica cars

195.500 SL Mercedes Benz replica car

196.2005 Mercedes Benz replica car

197.9" Green Safe kidney or liver cure Rochester NY bottle

198.7" lead crystal rose bowl footed

199.10" mid century green pottery vase

200.11" battery operated hub cab clock

201.Early brass decorated lap desk

202.2 oak boxes

203.exacto kit

204.Brass and metal antique microscope, 1852

205.17" Iron Victorian frame with thermometer numbered 572

206.1953 Buick Skylark Replica car

207.Brass antique warmer 8x6x1.5

208.Fruit picture on cardboard 26x15

209.David Lee 78 Emperor's red stamp painting 22x29

210.planters of pressed glass vases and more knick knacks of office items

214.Assorted tools and Makita cordless drill

215.Craftsman 19.2 volt cordless drill with charger

216.snow globes, bank, etc.


218.21.5" carved oriental statue of oriental bearded man chip on base

219.6" dragon carved oriental vase

220.Edwardian Meat plate Tunstall England, Montrose 14"x17.5"

221.oriental carved ash tray 6"x2.5"

222.13" inlaid sessions dome top clock

223.13" brass and marble candle holder

224.Early oil on canvas signed Ward Framed 43.5"x 35.5" Angry ocean

225.Early drop handle wooden box 26x9x9.5

226.13" tiger maple plant stand

227.10 Time life books

228.primitive 13x10 wooden bucket

229.15" homemade house fall decoration

230.Early toilet soap box 7x4x2.5"

231.Vintage leather spoon holder

232.Early Wooden Hygieia crayon box 11x4x2.5

233.Early miniature domed top wooden box 6x2x2

234.Early drop front spring hinged wooden box 19x12x11

235.Horse weather vane

236.2 part drop leave kitchen table, no center legs it is in two parts

237.oriental copper metal decorated shoe shine box 15" high horse motif on the side

238.Leather over wood small box 6.5"x4"x2"

239.oriental and red transfer ware plates

240.polished stones

241.2 Leeds Royal dolphin bullion cup and saucers

242.handmade wall tapestry stained

243.13" Sheffield silver plated serving spoon

244.8" oriental pace ware soup bowl

245.small box of lace

246.Midland walkie talkies of nice decorated porcelain

248.Tiffany and Company signed 8.5" diameter lead crystal bowl

249.4" red glass hand blown ornament

250.Signed coned 5" lead crystal vase

251.6 silver rimmed coasters

252.Horse beam bottle empty

253.Miniature back gammon set

254.2 mini Irish books

255.McCoy 6" pitcher and bowl

256.Etched bowls and bottle

257.Wagner 11" cast iron skillet

258.2 leather belts need buckles

259.set of Danish vintage knives

260.Early carved 13" musical instrument

261.Handmade handled small saw

262.Danish 2 pc carving set

263.dried flowers under glass 6.5x14"

264.pair of Vinolus binoculars 7x50

265.Early papers and stamps

266.2 horse photographs

267.2 fancy candles


269.12" brass top

270.Danish silver rimmed serving trays

271.lamp shades

272.small wicker basket

273.Paul Gauguin copy of print 23x29"

274.Early Brass and iron scales 20" LIVING ROOM

275.Decorative wall hanging Wells Fargo station metal 44 x 23 LIVING ROOM

276.5 Stack Oak bookcase with 1 drawer base 35x12x62

277.RCA Flat screen TV 42" 2012 LIVING ROOM

278.Early pine 1 door stand 28 x 17 x 29 LIVING ROOM

279.2 Barometers and clock LIVING ROOM

280.Wooden hanging plane 13x15x7 LIVING ROOM

281.Oak stand 16 x 16 x 30 LIVING ROOM

282.Walnut carved humpback Victorian settee recovered, 66" long LIVING ROOM

283.Metal match holder reproduction LIVING ROOM

284.Early tin oil lamp wall hanging LIVING ROOM

285.35" Metal horse for weather vane LIVING ROOM

286.Onkyo turntable Mod CP-1057F LIVING ROOM

287.Wooden Horse 38 x 23 LIVING ROOM

288.7'6" wood base plastic shade lamp looks like lamp post LIVING ROOM

289.Pillows LIVING ROOM

290.Early Iron Acorn design Log holders LIVING ROOM

291.Early walnut 2 piece 2 door over 3 drawer cabinet, Fancy carving, metal drop pulls, dovetailed drawers, 2 piece 37 x 20 x 7'9" LIVING ROOM

292.2 Horse photographs LIVING ROOM

293.Early dome top stagecoach trunk, metal strap brass knob 28 x 15x 15 LIVING ROOM

294.2 Kitchen chairs both LIVING ROOM

295.Artist Proof Predator by S. Patricia Benson framed 13 x 17 LIVING ROOM

296.Many Bears Flathead picture framed 12 x 14 LIVING ROOM

297.Lift top child's blanket chest over 2 drawers 26x16x17 LIVING ROOM

298.Living room chair and ottoman blue LIVING ROOM

299.Treasury of American Design furniture book LIVING ROOM

300.Dolly Parton CD and book LIVING ROOM

301.3 Stack Oak bookcase 34x12x40 LIVING ROOM

302.Glass shank metal Victorian base floor lamp 63"LIVING ROOM

303.Small oak stand with pull out shelves Oak Chapman Made in Spain 1x11x17 LIVING ROOM

304.Double recliner end couch 87" LIVING ROOM

305.Assorted books LIVING ROOM CLOSET


307.Iron board, briefcases, iron etc LIVING ROOM CLOSET

308.2 Scales BATHROOM

309.Courting Buggy by M. Kosky 9 x 11 BATHROOM

310.French print framed 15 x 18 from book FOYER

311.English print framed 28 x 28 FOYER

312.French print framed 15 x 18 from book FOYER

313.Walnut carved back Victorian side chair

314.Tower fan 39" FOYER

315.14" Oriental style lamp base turned into vase FOYER

316.Modern painting signed M & M on canvas unframed 17 x 10.5 FOYER

317.Oak half and half bookcase/desk with mirror 42x14x67 FOYER

318.Various books FOYER

319.2 Small mirrors gold frames both FOYER

320.Vintage glass top ball gumball machine, 14" no stand, no key Rain blo FOYER

321.Silver plated, enameled demi spoons and 2 small sterling salt and pepper FOYER

322.Silver plated creamer sugar and handled sherbets FOYER

323.Early 1 drawer washstand dovetailed drawer 29x17x26 FOYER

324.Oriental box 12x5x3 FOYER

325.10" Oriental metal Early bedroom lamp FOYER

326.Mixed wood heart cut out side telephone stand 9.5x8x25 FOYER

327.Primitive turn leg 1 drawer stand 31x18x28 Cherry drawer FOYER

328.Wooden mallet and masher FOYER

329.Fancy Rose and feather framed Victorian mirror 43x37 FOYER

330.Silver-plated silverware FOYER

331.2 Spindle back early chairs Each x 2 FOYER

332.Talking parrot FOYER

333.Walnut 1 drawer stand 12x12x25 FOYER

334.Brass Oriental plate, brass candleholders and small tin box FOYER

335.Pair of heavy brass candleholders 8" FOYER

336.Early ink well FOYER

337.Aynsley plate and Egyptian style plate 10" both FOYER

338.Early 8" Oriental plate FOYER

339.Oriental marking 10" Geisha girl plate FOYER

340.Set of 4 4" etched horse tumblers All FOYER

341.English decorated items one with chip FOYER

342.Oriental small plates, cup, saucer etc FOYER

343.Wallace Nutting Furniture Treasury 2 vol in 1 book FOYER

344.7.5" floral decorated Oriental signed Vase FOYER

345.0.75 L MKM Stoneware bottle 11" FOYER

346.7" 2 tone Early stoneware bottle FOYER

347.8" Egyptian style bust corner off top FOYER

348.Adolf Hitler Vol 1 & 2 by John Toland FOYER

349.Lionel 2035 Engine and tender 6466W FOYER

350.Desk bell FOYER

351.Handblown early 2.5" ink well FOYER

352.Macau 6x6 Bird design small plate FOYER

353.Signed B1202 Crystal vase 5" FOYER

354.Etched decanters and glasses FOYER

355.2 Decanters with pewter tags FOYER

356.5" Carved Oriental Wise old man FOYER

357.Brass 5.5" Cowboy FOYER

358.3.5" Kraft Mayonnaise jar FOYER

359.3.5" Dragon Cloisonn� covered dish FOYER

360.Mercedes emblem FOYER

361.Japan 4" Rickshaw spoon FOYER

362.7" Carved Elephant letter opener FOYER

363.Early massager FOYER

364.2 primitive wooden bowls one with crack FOYER

365.5" 2 Tone stoneware creamer FOYER

366.Early wood carved 9" Egyptian God figure bump on nose FOYER

367.9" Marble base iron bust FOYER

368.Marble base iron statue of natural man 11" FOYER

369.Marble base iron statue of natural man 13" with leaf FOYER

370.Unsigned lead crystal 8" vase FOYER

371.Pair of candleholders FOYER

372.Early bottles FOYER

373.2 oak case sewing machine kits both FOYER

374.Great Smokey Mountains Ornament FOYER

375.Oriental small dishes FOYER

376.Eric Sloane books FOYER

377.Witchcraft books FOYER

378.Assorted FOYER

379.Stemware FOYER

380.Early postal scale FOYER

381.Electronics FOYER

382.Silverware flatware FOYER

383.Books FOYER

384.Roberts and Belk silverware flatware FOYER

385.Trundle single bed FOYER

386.Colt Firearms book FOYER

387.The American West by Beebe and Clegg book FOYER

388.Rebels and Redcoats, Civil War books FOYER

389.Indians Books FOYER

390.Lost in New York and NYC book FOYER

391.Books on early cars FOYER

392.Small gold framed mirror and crucifix FOYER

393.2 Fancy back oak chairs one arm, one side Each x 2 FOYER

394.1916 Good Housekeeping book FOYER

395.Small 1 drawer tapered leg stand 16x12x27 FOYER

396.Early bellows FOYER

397.2 Small modern mirrors FOYER

398.26 The Old West Books by Time Life FOYER

399.Early lift top box 26x16x12 brass accents FOYER

400.Goose side vase back Early side chair FOYER

401.Early tin oil lamp with chimney 14" FOYER

402.Pair of deep walnut framed needlepoints Each x 2 12x14 FOYER

403.Pair of heavy brass ship bookends FOYER

404.Sterling silver candleholders 7.5" weighted, 12.2 oz FOYER

405.The Great Comic Book Heroes and Buck Rogers books FOYER

406.2 Brass candleholders FOYER

407.Pair of early deep framed Victorian mirrors 12.5x15 FOYER

408.3 Pair of sterling weighted candleholders all FOYER

409.Brass fireplace tools FOYER

410.74" Round braided rug OFFICE

411.Sessions 13" Round early clock OFFICE

412.Currency with presidential pictures framed all 3 OFFICE

413.13" fancy metal early candleholder OFFICE

414.Photos and advertisings in briefcase OFFICE

415.Stand on wheels 2x16x25 OFFICE

416.Walnut Victorian cylinder roll top secretary 2 glass door top over cylinder roll over 1 drawer/2 door 37x21x 8' OFFICE

417.Life and collectible papers OFFICE

418.Vinyl claw/ball foot wing back chair OFFICE

419.Yarn work picture of train 23x18 OFFICE

420.Early pottery cookie jar chip on top OFFICE

421.Early brown jug 8" OFFICE

422.Large set of Liberty blue dishes approx. 97 pieces platters, teapots, gravy and more OFFICE

423.10" Stoneware jug as is OFFICE

424.8" Stoneware brown canning crock with bail handle OFFICE

425.7" Brown ware jug OFFICE

426.3 Photographs OFFICE

427.Early framed gold in color Star Spangled Banner approx. 19 x 24 OFFICE

428.Printer computer speakers OFFICE

429.Desk retractable light OFFICE

430.JVC Super VHS video recorder OFFICE

431.3 Tripods OFFICE

432.Early camera box with 2 parts to lens OFFICE

433.Office chair and ottoman OFFICE

434.Early Camera books OFFICE

435.Nikon 35mm camera OFFICE

436.Nikon camera and Polaroid camera both OFFICE

437.Vivitar skylight lens with handle OFFICE

438.Atlas and Truman Capote books OFFICE

439.Massacres of the Mountains and other books OFFICE

440.Sentry 1170 safe with key OFFICE

441.H.N. Bailey and Son Wyalusing Pa board off crate OFFICE

442.21" telescopic shade early light electrified OFFICE

443.Primitive Wood chest with glove box dovetailed sides 40x21x21 OFFICE

444.New England Regulator clock 16x6x31 OFFICE

445.Brass bucket missing bottom OFFICE

446.2 13" glass bottles with glass stoppers both OFFICE

447.48 Star Flag Premier 4'x6' some damage OFFICE

448.Large Flag OFFICE

449.Handmade Steps 22x38x16 OFFICE

450.Painting of girl on canvas 10 x 14 OFFICE

451.Birdseye View of New York 1867 picture 19 x 15 OFFICE

452.2 17" brass candleholders heavy OFFICE

453.Early Oil on Canvas painting signed R. Stuart framed some cracking in painting and small chip off bottom left framed size is 42x30 OFFICE

454.Iron reproduction 9" dog nut cracker OFFICE

455.Finish Art Box 10x4x5 OFFICE

456.Photograph OFFICE

457.2 small mirrors both FOYER

458.Blue Oriental rug 4'x6' FOYER

459.8" Iron horse head reproduction FOYER

460.Primitive handmade lift top box 19x13x12 FOYER

461.Painting signed Altin home framed 14 x 12 FOYER

462.3.5" bisque relief head FOYER

463.Ladies Oak drop front desk with pigeon holes 31x18x51 FOYER

464.12x16 Oak framed mirror with gold leaf design FOYER

465.Brass wall candleholder FOYER

466.Early carved case Grandfather clock convex glass for face, has works and weights 23x13x78 Looks to be English FOYER

468.Our Hope 13x21 STAIRWAY

469.Large Oak oval mirror 29x48 STAIRWAY

470.1 drawer washstand 26x16x32 FOYER

471.Large Early painting on canvas girl carrying laundry unsigned approx. 3'x4' STAIRWAY

472.Early oil on canvas portrait of lady unframed 29x36 STAIRWAY

473.Early oil on canvas portrait of man framed 24x29 STAIRWAY

474.Early painting on canvas as is of lady unframed 21 x 26 FOYER

475.Portrait painting on canvas framed of lady 25 x 28 UPSTAIRS LANDING

476.Early Regulator clock 12x22x5 UPSTAIRS LANDING

477.Primitive lift top plantation style desk not sure if legs are correct base 36x30x42 UPSTAIRS LANDING

478.Moose in a basket UPSTAIRS LANDING

479.Machine and hand done quilt UPSTAIRS LANDING

480.Fringed Southwestern style wall hanger 64x27 without fringe UPSTAIRS LANDING

481.Wool Cashmere Oriental style rug 55 x 78 UPSTAIRS LANDING

482.Early carpenters box painted blue 39x12x12 UPSTAIRS LANDING

483.The Acrobat print 23 x 28 reprint UPSTAIRS LANDING

484.12" Iron horsehead newel post topper UPSTAIRS LANDING

485.Pine framed mirror 14x28 UPSTAIRS LANDING

486.15" Religious figure UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

487.Large 2 door over 1 drawer primitive wardrobe 53x20x75 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

488.Needlepoint framed 18 x 22 water damage UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

489.Early shaker style bentwood chair repaired UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

490.Fancy Victorian child's cameo back settee 3'x23" x 17" to top of seat UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

491.God Bless Our Home needlepoint framed 22x18 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

492.Japan Needlepoint jacket with Dragon back UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

493.2 Clothes racks both UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1


495.Knick knacks UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

496.No Face dolls UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

497.2 Boxes of stuffed animals UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

498.Modern pitcher and bowl set UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

499.Stand 20x20x17 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

500.Brush and Comb handmade framed 16x12 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

501.Early walnut column side wall mirror 16x27 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

502.Primitive triple towel holder UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

503.8" Bisque blue boy UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

504.Finger oil lamp with chimney UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

505.Early cherry 4 drawer dresser 44x21x45 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

506.Early books UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

507.Primitive lift top box 14x9x6 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

508.Karastan rug 2.10 x 5 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

509.Early paper UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

510.2 Brass Oriental 7.5' plates UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

511.15X12 framed chalk Oriental tree picture signed Benge UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

512.Oriental tree needlework framed 10.5x8.5 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

513.Primitive child's stenciled rocker UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

514.9" covered iron scenter UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

515.Oriental red with brass design 1 door/2 drawer stand 18x18x37 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

516.Reproduction iron monkey on donkey mechanical bank UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

517.13" dia dog thermometer UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

518.18" carved primitive horse figure UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

519.Oriental red with brass design 3 drawer 1 door stand 36x18x19 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

520.2 22x45 Oriental style mirrors Each x 2 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

521.Brass base Oriental lamp 26" to top of fringed shade UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

522.Framed mirror 15x20 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

523.4 Black Laque stands 11x11x16 Each x 2 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

524.Emperor stamped Oriental signed Geisha Girl painting framed 21 x 24 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

525.Dragon picture signed K Chin not sure if print or painting 21x17 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

526.75/200 print NARA 25 x 23 signed UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

527.Early wooden carved Oriental Dragon wall figure with some early metal work left as accents 47x47 piece off top left UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

528.Chinese lantern UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

529.Christmas items UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

530.Early unsigned Oil painted large wood primitive frame GOOD PIECE 44 x 40 x 3 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

531.Unframed April Ford piece 1972 26x31 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

532.Luggage in closet UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

533.Large tin UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

534.Beautiful GWW lamp Elec 29" to top of chimney BEDROOM 3

535.Oval framed mirror 12 x 31 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

536.2 hand done pieces small UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

537.Suede purse UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

538.Primitive 4 drawer dresser 42 x 20 x 41

539.Machine and hand done quilt UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

540.Quilt rack UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

541.ABC sampler framed 27 x 27 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

542.James Ha rill poster framed 27 x 24 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

543.Footlocker 30x16x13 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

544.18" Angel UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

545.Various colors quilt machine and hand done UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

546.Ginny Lind bed footboard is in garage near car 53 x 75 complete UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

547.Tan machine hand done quilt UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

548.Eagle Machine and hand done quilt UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

549.Early blanket box with glove box 38x17x17 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

550.Painting on canvas signed A. Roldan unframed 20 x 23 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

551.Owl yarn work picture 18x18 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

552.Child's dome top blanket chest 26x13x13 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3


554.Early chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

555.Early Regulator clock 14x25x4 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

556.Walnut mirror with brass medallions 15x22 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

557.Cottage dresser 2/3 40x18x45 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

558.2 Wood wall shelves both UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

559.Painting on canvas signed Minet framed of flowers 16x18 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

560.Painting on artist board of trees 9x7 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

561.Primitive washbowl stand 14x14x32 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

562.Primitive wood 3 leg milking stool UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

563.Room size Chinese style rug faded 9'x12' UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

564.Footlocker ATTIC

565.3 Large Oriental paper panels all ATTIC

566.Early papers ATTIC

567.Singer Sewing machine ATTIC

568.Contents of shelves around post organizer, nuts, etc BASEMENT

569.Contents of shelves around post organizer, nuts, etc BASEMENT

570.Extension cords BASEMENT

571.Kero heater BASEMENT

572.Tools on metal shelving unit not unit, levels, etc BASEMENT

573.Early stand BASEMENT

574.10" Craftsman radial arm saw BASEMENT

575.Small kero heater BASEMENT

576.Craftsman 3.5" swivel vice BASEMENT

577.Tools on board wrenches, screwdrivers etc BASEMENT

578.6 Electric hand tools on shelf BASEMENT

579.Wrenches etc hanging on board BASEMENT

580.Lasko tower fan BASEMENT


582.Milk Can SIDE PORCH

583.2 Harvest figures SIDE PORCH

584.Early hooks SIDE PORCH

585.Hose Reel OUTSIDE

586.Whiffle trees OUTSIDE

587.Water Trough OUTSIDE

588.Early Hook GARAGE

589.Battery charger, items on shelf GARAGE

590.Painter, vac GARAGE

591.Blankets GARAGE

592.Early heavy large antique wrench GARAGE

593.Air tank GARAGE

594.B & D Cordless weed eater GARAGE

595.Ext. cords GARAGE

596.Wooden Track 21 Victoria Station sign approx. 2'x1.5' GARAGE

597.Wood Gilabend sign approx. 2 x2' GARAGE

598.Quantity of hand and garden tools GARAGE

599.Garden supplies GARAGE

600.Garden outhouse shed GARAGE

601.Seeder Tools in corner GARAGE

602.Husqvarna gas weed eater GARAGE

603.Aluminum ext. ladder Mod 385 approx. 20' GARAGE

604.2 Shovels GARAGE

605.Cub Cadet XT1 46" Cut riding lawn mower kept in GARAGE

606.Large metal Be Prepared To Stop sign, no Standing sign GARAGE

607.Agri Fab lawn sweeper GARAGE

608.Sockets & tools on metal shelf GARAGE

609.Oriental paper screen GARAGE

610.McCook Sign GARAGE

611.Large lot of early feed bags GARAGE

612.Central High cardboard sign GARAGE

613.Saddle GARAGE

614.Large tree stump would make great table GARAGE

615.Craftsman pull behind lawn dump cart GARAGE

616.Contents of corner, cooler, step stool GARAGE

617.Dolly GARAGE

618.Contents on board grease gun, etc GARAGE

619.Contents on metal shelf and dolly underneath GARAGE

620.Troybilt 4.5 hp pressure washer GARAGE

621.Whiffle tree GARAGE

622.Jack GARAGE

623.Metal and wood step ladders both GARAGE

624.Blue Werner 6' step ladder GARAGE

625.Aluminum med. Duty 6' step ladder GARAGE

626.Kodascope Eight 33 GARAGE

627.Bamboo stand GARAGE

628.Director chair no canvas GARAGE

629.Rope above door GARAGE

630.Reserved for Government Personnel sign GARAGE

631.Vail sign GARAGE

632.Steven's Foreign Auto Repair sign probably cardboard GARAGE

633.Kids kitchen GARAGE

634.3' Taylor Rental lighted sign clock GARAGE

635.Iron wood porch bench GARAGE

636.Garden cart GARAGE

637.Yard Machine snow blower 8.5 hp Gold Series GARAGE

638.Sprayer GARAGE

639.Aluminum ext. ladder 14 rung each part GARAGE

640.2 Moving dolly's GARAGE

641.Craftsman 3 hp 8 gal shop vac GARAGE

642.Tool box GARAGE

643.Early pressed back caned seat rocker GARAGE

644.Chinese style throw rug GARAGE

645.Early Oriental rug GARAGE

646.Wheelbarrow HORSE BARN

647.Approx. 4'x8' Trailer with tall sides HORSE BARN

648.Ramps HORSE BARN

649.Trailer approx. 4x8' HORSE BARN

650.Oak lift top table top desk chestnut and oak 31x22x13 HORSE BARN

651.Primitive 3 board top table with 2 drawers 4'x3'x29" HORSE BARN

652.Saw horses HORSE BARN

653.Iron wood porch bench HORSE BARN

654.Large barrel with hose HORSE BARN

655.Wood plant stand ladder HORSE BARN

656.Primitive large grain box on wheels 37x38x44 HORSE BARN

657.Saw horses HORSE BARN

658.Primitive table 25x50x32 HORSE BARN

659.Saw horses HORSE BARN

660.1966 Mercedes Benz Sedan Vin # 11001110008691 This was bought in 1979 mileage at that time was 78,000 40 years ago. Gas AS IS SIDE GARAGE

661.Worx battery weed eater SIDE GARAGE

662.Car Ramps SIDE GARAGE

663.Folding double chair FRONT PORCH

664.2 Harvest figurines FRONT PORCH

665.Colt Single action Frontier Scout 22 LR revolver #168377F. Revolver will be at Fulmer's Gun Shop Wysox, Pa. for purchaser to transfer through legal channels

666.Board Gilabend sign GARAGE


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