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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
- Thursday February 27 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.White board on wheels 59 x 53


2.2 Book carts on wheels 48 x 20 x 39 Each x 2

3.Cubie 47 x 16x30

4.Turntable and speakers Philco

5.Wooden shelf unit 40 x 20 36

6.Clarke Ultra Speed Burnisher 1500

7.Hamilton Beach microwave

8.2 Long tables 10'x29"x27" Each x 2

9.Wood display board

10.Wood chair, plastic cubbies

11.Wooden cubie 48 x 13x 42

12.Short table

13.2 Roll around closet units 48 x 24 x 68 Each x 2

14.Half moon wooden table 19 high

15.2 Metal school desks both

16.Mahogany knee hole desk

17.9 student chairs 12" to seat

18.3 Student chairs 18" to seat

19.Roll around book cart 48 x 2 x 39

20.Chair, stool, metal stool All

21.4 metal student desks OFFICE

22.Various chairs OFFICE

23.Oak office desk 58 x 32 x 30

24.Oak 2 drawer filing cabinet 34x 20 x 29 OFFICE

25.Large ABC Rug

26.Long table 10'x28" x 26"

27.Long table 10'x28" x 26"

28.Stereo, globe, metal cart, trash cans

29.Student desk and chair

30.4 drawer metal filing cabinet 19x29x53

31.Metal shelf

32.Long table 10'x28" x 26"

33.Overhead projector and flag

34.Long table 10'x28" x 26"

35.Rolling cart on wheels full of games

36.Reschool basketball net and car stroller

37.Stool and student chair

38.Metal shelving units in parts

39.Quantity of books, basketballs, kindergarten teach, count items PLAYROOM CLOSET

40.White metal table 60x28x26

41.Large metal desk

42.Piano and bench

43.Metal shelf and garbage can

44.Janitors cart

45.Large metal desk

46.5 student chairs 16" to seat

47.Rolling collapsible shelves

48.Long table 10'x28" x 26"

49.Blonder Tongue SMR 821

50.Tall table 72x24x3u0

51.All contents of learning supplies on sliding shelves DOES NOT INCLUDE SHELVES

52.Blonder Tongue Video monitor unit

53.Quantity of student chairs most 14" to seat

54.Student desk and chair

55.Group of student chairs 16" to seat

56.Office chair on wheels

57.Quantity of student chairs most 14" to seat

58.2 student desks

59.8 Student chairs 14" to seat

60.Quantity of nap mats

61.Metal table adjustable height 6'x30

62.Nurses light

63.2 4 drawer metal filing cabinets 18 x 29 x 52 each x 2

64.2 Infirmary cots both

65.5 student chairs, folding shelves

66.Office chair

67.2 Tables adjustable heights 6'x 30 Each x 2

68.3 tables adjustable heights ALL

69.Quantity of student chairs most 14" to seat

70.Wooden magazine holder

71.Quantity student chairs various seat heights

72.3 student desks all

73.Styrofoam cups-2 lg boxes

74.Student chairs 16" to seat

75.Student chairs 14" to seat

76.Student chairs 16" to seat

77.Student chairs 14" to seat

78.Student chairs 14" to seat

79.Rolling cart

80.Quantity of student chairs various sizes

81.Quantity of student chairs various sizes

82.Student chair and desk

83.Quantity student chairs 14" to seat

84.Rolling cubie

85.Metal storage shelf unit

86.Entrance rugs

87.Table 60x28x26

88.2 rolls of rainbow kraft 35" x 1000'

89.2 student desks

90.Four drawer filing cabinet

91.Rolling cubie

92.3 balls

93.Quantity of nap mats

94.Large lot of Elementary Science related items

95.Stainless rolling metal cart 48x20x17

96.2 student desks

97.Play kitchen

98.2 metal rolling carts both cart with ED items

100.Large lot of student desks

101.7 wall pad cubes

102.Quantity of student chairs 14" to seat


104.Set of wooden steps

105.2 student desks

106.Folding mats

107.Wood podium

108.Box of balls, basket, soccer, etc

109.Orange metal monkey bars FRONT OF SCHOOL

110.Orange/tan slide metal/plastic FRONT OF SCHOOL

111.Metal slide FRONT OF SCHOOL

112.Orange/black spiral slide FRONT

113.Dome monkey bars FRONT

114.8 Swing unit swings FRONT

115.Grey/black dome monkey bars FRONT

116.Frisbee catcher FRONT

117.Large 4 Slide play house unit SIDE/BACK

118.Small dome Monkey bars SIDE/BACK

119.4 Swing unit BACK

120.8 Swing unit red trim BACK

121.4 Swing unit no swings BACK

122.Orange brown slide metal/plastic BACK

123.Slide orange/silver BACK

124.Frisbee catcher orange BACK


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