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Item Description owl light 9" tall

2.perky pet hummingbird feeder 7"

3.operation care and repair of farm machinery book copyright 1955 Deere and company

4.Roosevelt wild life bulletin 1926

5.books on Iacocca dessert storm Schwarzkopf DVD of Korea

6.fisherman statue 8" high

7.hand painted crane with flower L'amout China 8"

8.wooden carved duck decoy

9.asst of old postcards

10.asst of old postcards

11.asst of old postcards

12.asst of old postcards of asst books Gingerbread boy, Haddon Hall

14.made in west Germany Fledermaus coocoo clock

15.asst of electronic wires

16.5'3"x5'10" area rug

17.jardini�re with crack 10"

18.mother and child glass vase hand blown possibly reverse painted 13"

19.Nippon hand painted oriental style vase 13" gathering glass vase Hand blown Possibly reverse painted 13"

22.mantel clock 12" tin face

23.2 drawer over 2 sliding door buffet 30"x60"x20" audio pa system pyle pro pwma-1050 25"

25.wooden candlestand or plant stand 40"

26.Modern end table cabinet/night stand 1 shelf over 1 door 27x12x13

27.3 Santa figurines 1 is a bank

28.turtle shell

30.the Ingalls bull signed print Ducks Unlimited 1994, 979/1000 Keith Warrick 23x26

31.the American artist clothtique collection Santa clause statue 10"

32.the American artist clothtique collection Santa clause statue 10"

33.the American artist clothtique collection Santa clause statue 10"

34.the American artist clothtique collection Santa clause on a scooter statue 10"

35.the American artist clothtique collection Santa clause with a baby statue 10"

36.the American artist clothtique collection Santa clause at his work desk statue 8"

37.the American artist clothtique collection Santa with his groceries statue 10"

38.the American artist clothtique collection Santa with gift bag statue 10"

39.the American artist clothtique collection Santa 2000 statue 10"

40.the American artist clothtique collection Santa with walking stick and bird cage statue 10"

41.the American artist clothtique collection Santa petting kitten statue 10"

42.the American artist clothtique collection Santa with a bag of toys statue 10"

43.the American artist clothtique collection Santa laughing statue

44.the American artist clothtique collection Santa with walking stick statue 10"

45.the American artist clothtique collection Santa making toys statue 10"

46.the American artist clothtique collection Santa with coke statue 10"

47.barrister book case 4 shelves

48.American cordless screwdriver with case

49.3 wicker baskets

50.Solitary Snow Goose Ducks Unlimited signed print 87/5600 Daniel Smith 1989/90 Ed 26x30

51.banfi buck liquor decanter 17"

52.melody in motion movable saxophone player statue signed 12"

53.the beef eater wooden figurine 12"

54.melody in motion hobo fishing statue 12"

55.Johnny walker scotch whiskey woodened figurine 14"

56.push button phone

57.melody in motion hunter and dog statue 8"

58.melody in motion cowboy with guitar statue

59.the American artist clothtique collection Santa statue 10"

60.the American artist clothtique collection Santa with walking stick statue 10"

61.3 Zane grey books

62.melody in motion hobo guy with trumpet statue

63.Santa checking his list statue 11"

64.Avon stines 10"

65.Christmas donkey statue carrying toys

66.wild life art by dan feaser

67.melody in motion clown playing banjo statue 12"

68.the American artist clothtique collection Santa and angel statue

69.Santa and the little boy statue

70.beef eater gin bottle and wooden figurine

71.the American artist clothtique collection Santa statue

72.signed ceramic mug

73.old stony mill creek studios bear statue

74.4 children books Roy rogers dick Tracey red rider and mickey mouse

75.3 pressed glass candy dishes

76.wood like table lamp 29"

77.vintage cruet set hand painted oil has a crack

78.porcelain doll signed Geddes

79.doggy door stop statue 5"

80.flat iron

81.metal and wood wall hanging deer and forest 15"x12"

82.sleepy eyes baby doll

83.Stewart warner radio

84.pressed glass pitcher has large crack on back with 6 glasses

85.the white house cook book missing pages

86.singer skirt marker

87.general electric alarm clock

88.sleepy eyes ballerina doll

89.7 peace cruet 6 piece in holder

90.10 Pennsylvania game news magazines 1948

91.5 pieces of candle wick and 2 spoons

92.pickle jar with tongs

93.candle wick serving tray

94.7 candle wick plates

95.6 candle wick dessert plates

96.2 candle wick platters 1 with handle

97.3 candle wick cups and saucers

98.candle wick creamer sugar salt dips and 4 salt and pepper

99.6 candle wick cup and saucers

100.Legend of Mango Creek Ducks Unlimited signed 627/2600 by Binks 29x36

101.2 condiment dish's salt and peppers vase and bowl

102.3 candle wick serving platters

103.8 mark twain and Charles Dickon's books of asst books

105.premium 8 input 2 bus mixer with henyx mic preamps and British eqs

106.Holy Bible

107.outdoor life magazines 1956

108.5 in 1 Wii fit fitness bundle Wii fit Wii accessories and guitars for band hero etc

109.foot spa, therapy magnetic system and comfort zone masseur personnel

110.2 classic series singing machines Each

111.gee air conditioner

112.metal quilt rack

113.crocheted table cloth has small rip

114.hand stitched quilt topper heavily used

115.fringe table cloth

116.woven coverlet

117.hand painted flying goose scene plate

118.worn office chair

119.3D bird and flower signed G. Berner print framed

120.salad dressing mixing bottle and mason jar glasses

121.stemware glasses 12 big ones and 9 smaller ones

122.metal bowl and container

123.salt and peppers made from spice jars

124.3 corgial glasses a pitcher a bell and a funnel

125.2 glass salad bowls and 1 dip bowl

126.serving plate and 10 saucers Pearl

127.cake plate and server

128.45 records bobby Vinton dell Shannon etc

129.hand painted vintage salt and pepper of stemware

131.3 goblets and 1 hand painted vase

132.Mid Century set of 6 glasses

133.asst sewing and white water jug pitcher

135.Nippon 1 serving plate and 6 saucers

136.hand painted tin lunch box

137.general electric transistor am/fm radio

138.battery operated flag

139.naked lady glasses bugs bunny glasses etc glass cocktail shaker

141.cocktail swizzle sticks can openers bottle stoppers of shot glasses

143.swizzle sticks cocktail tooth picks ice crusher etc river forge pattern for high waisted pants paper girddle

145.metal tray with ceramic chip and dip

146.small Pyrex mixing bowl

147.durabilt folding travel iron

148.metal cocktail shaker

149.2 glass serving bowls and 2 glass pitchers one has big crack

150.vintage kitchen utensils and a hot pad

151.McCoy pitcher 9"

152.holt-Howard Santa pitcher and 6 mugs

153.electrified oil lamp with red hand painted globe 23"

154.American farm scene currier and ives plate and Hankook pie plate

155.3 graduated Pyrex mixing bowls

156.wooden and metal rooster candle holder 60"

157.2 glass metal topped cocktail shakers tools coasters and ash trays

159.2 glass metal topped cocktail shakers

160.5 history books

161.3 scotty dog glasses

162.1927 telephone directory

163.jbb bear

164.metal religious wall hanging

165.rotary table phone

166.vintage kitchen utensils

167.asst card games

168.platter serving bowl and 8 regular bowls Alfred me akin 8 cups 7 saucers cream and sugar 8 small plates and 6 small bowls 8 dinner plates and 8 desert platessome chips of 45 records the flippers carl man 4 aces pat Boone

172.presto fry daddy and a Weston French fry cutter

173.asst office supplies of 45 records bobby Vinton culture club bobby vee etc

175.presto food dehydrator with spices

176.pillows and cushions of asst medical supplies BP cuff, ect

178.regal bread maker apple peeler a small Forman grill etc

179.crotched kitchen hot pads

180.religious and Christmas angels

181.angel scotty dog and a stuffed bear of asst CD's and CD cases

183.apron doll pants doll dress and crotched place mats

184.pressed glass platters handled vase candy dish etc

185.cow creamer Czechoslovakia

186.lady head planter cracked

187.pressed glass platter bowl and candy dish glass and metal serving dish hand blown animals

189.2 rooster in the basket hen in the basket 2 rooster figurines 1 chipped and 2 hens hand painted glass decanter and 6 corgial glassed

191.3 cocktail shakers glass bottom metal top

192.milk glass chicken in a basket chip in basket

193.amber colored chicken in a basket

194.oil and vinegar cruets etc

195.healacraft china Lamour china etc chicken in a basket

197.amber pressed glass bowl 3" glass candle holders

199.Victorian couple figurine cucci

200.yeti pop top can

201.sensitive hunter Hummel 5"

202.flower vase abingdon & Niloak pottery vase creamer ash tray and 2 handled canister with a crack

203.Victoria figurines and farm couple

204.iron scotty dog door stop 7" of coasters

206.salad bowl set and a welcome sign

207.artificial fruit and flowers

208.small storage cabinet with drawers 11" of cocktail shakers and bar tools

210.Aroma 8 piece buffet server set of 45 records in a dick Clark case Ricky nelson pat Boone etc

212.wireless microphone receiver headphones and Logitech speaker system sugar and cream and 4 side plates 1 chipped

214.7 metal and porcelain canning jar tops

215.brown stone ware bean pot cracked lid 6"

216.small iron pot 4"

217.2 hand painted dishes mustache cup and a lidded 2 handled dish

218.4 cups and saucers and small bowl satin candy dish amber satin colored candy dish and Christmas candle holder etched globe

221.Vintage refrigeration glass water dispenser has a crack

222.3 vases lead crystal & cut crytal and a hurricane globe vase 10"

224.Bohemian glass red etched glass apothecary jar

225.Ruby red plate and red bowl

226.iron stone turkey platter

227.Fenton bowl and candle holders

228.pitchers and tea pots

229.asst aprons

230.asst baking molds

231.iron trivets and a butter dish

232.heating stone

233.2 paper back books john browns raid the Amish of Lancaster county

234.American birds and eastern birds

235.6 mini Santa mugs

236.paper back book boy of Appalachia 1900-1910

237.paper back book new York advancing worlds fair addition

238.2 paper back books centennial Eaglesmere and Eaglesmere ice toboggin slay

239.paperback a quiet boomtown Jamison city PA

240.history of union lodge Towanda PA

241.asst boy scout books

242.2 books on Sullivan county and 1 on dushore

243.2 chicken statues

244.2 ball caps and a cowboy hat that�s 7/4 in size

245.story of Rockefeller center

246.2 paper backs remembering PA and Storm scenes 1950

247.oil and vinegar and candle stick holders

248.4 red pedestal glasses and 5 water glasses

249.pheasant plate that is Limoges little handled dish that is napon hand painted leaf dish with spoon and hand painted dish nor tike

250.2 thermal jugs 1 says universal 11" smaller one says Thermus 8" and a matching tray

251.vintage kitchen utensils

252.vintage kitchen utensils

253.hull stone ware bean pot 7"

254.4 cups and saucers plate pitcher and 6 colored metal glasses

256.3 stemware glasses 2 candle holders bubble
257.3 candle wick coasters a pickle relish candle wick dish and knife rests

258.4 green graduated mixing bowls block bank dish and 2 candle holders

261.tureen 3 platters and latona platter

262.3 hand painted plates and large platter

263.2 flower sifters etc 1 is bromswells

264.Set of 5 vintage santa cups, Japan Commodore Japan

265.Box of bottles Liquor

266.Cast iron Scotty Dog door stop 16"

267.Box of assorted kitchen glasses, Norman Rockwell, cannister, bowl

268.Box of linens, doilies, runners

269.Original holder full of vinyl 45 records

270.Box of vintage aprons

271.Box of cups, country soup crock cups

272.Early record holder full of 45's vinyl records

273.Candlewick creamer, sugar, divided bowl, small cake pedestal, serving bowl with underplate

274.Candlewick 4-7" goblets, 5-7" drinking glasses

275.Candlewick 5-8" salad plates

276.Candlewick 8 10" dinner plates

277.Candlewick triple divided candy dish with lid and heart candy dish

278.Candlewick 23 4.5" etched cordials

279.Candlewick large 9.5" bowl

280.Candlwick 10-5.5" juice glasses

281.Candlwick 10" large bowl with serving fork and spoon

282.Candlewick 8 3.5" parfait or dessert glasses

283.Cast iron fireplace tools, bellows, poker and dust pan

284.Vintage Fishing print 30 x 25, could not find signature

285.Wrought iron long match stick holder

286.Toastmaster 12 cup coffee maker

287.Vintage red and yellow floral bread box

288.Walnut library table with pop up leaf in the middle 5' x 22" closed

289.Victorian Walnut hanging curved front corner display cabinet 23" x 37"

290.Wing back chair

291.Signed J. Donahue painting on board farm scene 23 x 18

292.Solid oak Baking Hoosier style cabinet with slide out smaller porcelain top base, flour sifter, 5 drawers, glass & woode doors. Unsigned

293.Cars, Trains,Boats and planes by Kenneth Allen Book

294.Altoona Cetennial Booklet, History of Lakemont Park, Hollidaysburg Pennsylvania Book

295.1969 US Army Infantry School Fort Benning Ga. In

296.Bierstadt Litho No OP146 Trees/Mountain Scene 17 x 13

297.Green painted wagon with doll

299.Sidewall 3 tier table Mahogany 23 x 12 x 24

300.Fred Westing Pennsylvania Steam and Stemaphores

301.The Barn Eric Arthur & Dudley Witney book and Harpers Ferry by James V. Murfin

302.Set of 5 caned seat chairs, Victorian, 2 need recaning. Sold as a set

303.2 Tier round Mahogany stand Duncan Phyfe 27"

304.Solid 2 door pantry 16" x16 x70

305.13" around molds Byron Mold 1972

306.18.5x15 Royal H. Milleson Picture

307.Nice Large Early step back cabinet, refinished 2 piece top 3 doors, 48" x 61.5" Bottom 2 door/3 drawers 33 x 63 BRING HELP!!!!!

308.17.5 x 4" knic knac shelf

309.Moes Line galvanized 2 doz. Egg carriery

310.Crowley's 1/2 pint milk bottls

311.Pair of plastic creamers Whirley Industries

312.Pint Levengoods Milk bottle Pottstown, Pa. Wax contaner

313.Dairylea quart milk bottle

314.Universal store bottle 1 qt.

315.Maple Farm Dairy quart milk bottle

316.2 French Dairy Milk caps Both

317.Merit aluminum cream can

318.Aramoun pure aluminum coffee pot

319.Blue Domino's sugar cannister with lid

320.2 Tins Ritz Cracker and Premium

321.Antique double sided toaster

322.Early coffee grinder, 1 drawer

323.Son Chief metal double sided toaster

324.Farber Coffee grinder with drawer

325.Early Linit jar, salt and pepper

326.12" Austria plate

327.4-8.5" Majolica fruit plates, few nicks sold as a set DINING ROOM

328.5.5" tin match box holder DINING ROOM

329.3 Piece Teapot, creamer, sugar Japan DINING ROOM

330.8 Hoosier style jars 4" to 7" DINING ROOM

331.2- 4.5" high McCoy ball planters Both DINING ROOM

332.4 pieces of fruit decorated enamelware, large bowl, teapot, ect DINING ROOM

333.8" Victorian plated & pressed glass double handled sugar DINING ROOM

334.9x3.5x2.5 Kraft Advertising box DINING ROOM

335.11" Green decanters DINING ROOM

336.5" Hand painted Nippon shaving mug DINING ROOM

337.Nesting dolls set of 5 Bill Clinton, Hillary, Monica Lewinsky, ect DINING ROOM

338.3 Green satin pieces bowl, vase candy DINING ROOM

339.4.25" cobalt blue Shirley Temple creamer DINING ROOM

340.7" Early syrup DINING ROOM

341.Box of cobalt blue salt and peppers, cups, ect DINING ROOM

342.3 Bowls Beautiful hand painted 10.5", 9"-cracked, 6" Austria, Nippon DINING ROOM

343.4 Pyrex refrigeration dishes DINING ROOM

344.3 Pieces of greenware, 2 refrigeration dishes 1 lid, 3.5" container DINING ROOM

345.Satin green pitcher 7.5" & 4-7" glasses DINING ROOM

346.9" dia. Northwood Marigold carnival bowl

347.7x6" Marigold carnival double handled dish DINING ROOM

348.17" Primitive meat grinder DINING ROOM

349.Box with scales,food saver ect.


351.Pyrex and serving dishes

352.Queen bed cover & pillow shams

353.33 1/3 Records Neil Diamond, Reeves, ect

354.Aluminum 4' step ladder Werner

355.B & D 20 vt cordles trimmer KITCHEN cover & iron matchbox holder-newer KITCHEN

357.Early hand planter KITCHEN

358.Berry box with baskets KITCHEN

359.Berry box with baskets KITCHEN

360.Games, Crystal chess set, ect. KITCHEN

361.3 pieces of stained glass hummingbirds, flowers KITCHEN

362.Naughty sayings, ect KITCHEN

363.Costume items, hair, ect KITCHEN

364.Croscoe Tens 3000 KITCHEN

365.Decorative items, country KITCHEN

366.Coors Light Advertising bottles KITCHEN

367.Box with beer Advertising cans empty, Michael Jackson, Billy Beer, ect KITCHEN

368.Therm-a-jug Early water thermos 10" KITCHEN

369.8.5" tin bread maker New Britian Conn. KITCHEN

370.28" rug beater decorated KITCHEN

371.33" Primitive cutter KITCHEN

372.Early wooden berry crated with boxes, and country frogs KITCHEN

373.Pine lift top box 32x12.5 x 14 KITCHEN

374.Keystone kitchen cabinet Hoosier style Enamel top, flour bin 41x25x67 KITCHEN

375.Brass deorative squers with holder on wall KITCHEN

376.11" tin wall coffee grinder, stenciled KITCHEN

377.Cannister set and jars KITCHEN

378.Tin bunt pan, thermos, ect KITCHEN

379.Box of playing cards KITCHEN

380.Plasticware and surprises KITCHEN

381.Light bulbs KITCHEN

382.Large box of cookbooks KITCHEN

383.2 Handblown bowls 6" & 7" Italian glass KITCHEN

384.Sad iron with handle KITCHEN

385.Early bottle capper KITCHEN

386.Early iron step possibly buggy KITCHEN

387.Alice Luella Tidler 1909 South Hampton Girl picture 12x19.5 HALLWAY

388.G. Berner raised shadowbox style barn picture 34.5x18.5 HALL

389.7.5 hi 9" dia Art Deco hanging shade from Elmira Hotel HALLWAY

390.623/1000 The Old West Passes print with book 32 x 27 HALLWAY

391.52x28 Horse & buggy picture HALLWAY

392.Birch Tree picture 17 x 17 BATHROOM

393.Trunk with insert 29 x 16 x 17 BATHROOM

394.Early dough box 36 x 14 x10 BATHROOM

395.Signed Oil on Canvas S. Eggett 65 boat & deck scene 28 x 23 BATHROOM

396.Cottage 4 drawer dresser BATHROOM

397.7.5 hi 9" dia Art Deco hanging shade from Elmira Hotel BATHROOM

398.7.5 hi 9" dia Art Deco hanging shade from Elmira Hotel BATHROOM

399.9 drawer dresser BATHROOM

400.12" wooden goose and bird house BATHROOM

401.2 Modern oil lamps BATHROOM

402.Hanging modern cabinet with tin punch door insert 17 x 28 x 5 BATHROOM

403.Oak Bench 26 x 12 x 15 BATHROOM

404.12" dia. White hobnail hanging basket BATHROOM

405.Oval convex framed picture 35 x 28 BEDROOM 1

406.Key chains, ect. BEDROOM 1

407.Pantum printer BEDROOM 1

408.2 boxes of office items and knic knacs BEDROOM 1

409.Chemung Indian paper advertising framed 35 x 38 Number Two Elmira, NY BEDROOM 1

410.2 19x15 Fawn pictures both BEDROOM 1

411.21" GWW lamp, metal base elec. BEDROOM 1

412.Compaq Computer main w/ 2 screens, keyboard BEDROOM 1

413.Flapper dress and hat BEDROOM 1

414.Maple kneehole desk with bench 44x20x30 BEDROOM 1

415.Queen sheet set, new, and more BEDROOM 1

416.B & D 1700 pst power washer BEDROOM 1

417.Tony Lama Gold Label cowboy boots, mens style 880 size 10 BEDROOM 1

418.Archie and related comic books BEDROOM 1

419.Alf, Lil Dot, ect comic books BEDROOM 1

420.2 porcelain head 13" dolls both BEDROOM 1

421.Tom & Jerry, Wendy, Lil Dot comic books BEDROOM 1

422.Richie Rich comic books BEDROOM 1

423.Bachmann Liberty Bell Train set, G scale BEDROOM 1

424.Gem box pad, discs BEDROOM 1

425.Camel advertising dart board 20 x 26 BEDROOM 1

426.Cadillac 1949 Coup de ville 1:18 scale BEDROOM 1

427.1948 Ford Convertible 1:18 scale BEDROOM 1

428.Life and Kennedy magazines with articles BEDROOM 1

429.1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser 1:18 scale Road Signature BEDROOM 1

430.2003 and 2002 Miniature Hess car and boat BEDROOM 1

431.Early Look magazines BEDROOM 1

432.Large lot of Early Life magazines BEDROOM 1

433.Saturday Evening Post early magazines BEDROOM 1

434.Post Magazines, early BEDROOM 1


436.Shoe shine box 8 x 11x7 BEDROOM 1

437.Kenmore Air filter 22x24x10 BEDROOM 1

438.Early maps BEDROOM 1

439.1 door cabinet with shelves 22x24x10 BEDROOM 1

440.Marvel, ect Early comic books BEDROOM 1

441.Citgo 1953 F-100 Tow truck bank 1:24 scale BEDROOM 1

442.6" early egg scales BEDROOM 1

443.1958 Chevy Impala 1:18 scale BEDROOM 1

444.Green jadite 4" salt and pepper and jam jar BEDROOM 1

445.White milkglass 5" Hoosier style salt and pepper

446.Now & Marvel Comic books BEDROOM 1

447.White milkglass 3.5" 3 peppers

448.6" Dodge truck red BEDROOM 1

449.6" Dodge power wagon gray black BEDROOM 1

450.Maisto Thunderbird show car 1:18 BEDROOM 1

451.NH Ertl 9" 1953 Ford Delivery Van BEDROOM 1

452.Hallmark Great American Railroad Lionel 2322 Pa GG1 Electric Locomotive in display box 9" BEDROOM 1

453.1:18 1955 Thunderbird Road Legends BEDROOM 1

454.Tavern pipe clay 15" BEDROOM 1

455.Lionel train clock BEDROOM 1

456.Alabaster sled dog team Eskimo 12" BEDROOM 1

457.Early Gilbert puzzles and 2 other early games BEDROOM 1

458.Office lights BEDROOM 1

459.Hunting socks BEDROOM 1

460.Ariat size 10 boots worn BEDROOM 1

461.Computer desk 48x26x56 BEDROOM 1

462.Mens' wallets, watch New items BEDROOM 1

463.New mens hankerchiefs BEDROOM 1

464.Game News BEDROOM 1

465.Box of assorted books BEDROOM 1

466.Folding plastic chair BEDROOM 1

467.Early childrens books BEDROOM 1

468.7" hand painted cracker jar Deer scene BEDROOM 1

469.6" teapot BEDROOM 1

470.4" Sagamore silver sodered creamer BEDROOM 1

471.Knic knacks BEDROOM 1

472.4 Gold leaf 5" Libbey tumblers BEDROOM 1

473.Buttons BEDROOM 1

474.Box Scotty dog collectibles BEDROOM 1

475.Early cigar box with smalls BEDROOM 1

476.Advertising items ect BEDROOM 1

477.Buttons BEDROOM 1

478.Mason and Eastern Star 3 pcs BEDROOM 1

479.Syrups, graters, pitcher BEDROOM 1

480.Sony Hi 8 handy cam BEDROOM 1

481.Konica 35mm camera with Soligor auto tel lens and other lenses BEDROOM 1

482.Nikon L320 Cool pix camera BEDROOM 1

483.Tasco 7 x35 bionoculars BEDROOM 1

484.Small collectible cars BEDROOM 1

485.Gun cleaning kits BEDROOM 1

486.Stock finish kit BEDROOM 1

487.Cutco Vintage knife sharpener BEDROOM 1

488.2 Gun clean rods BEDROOM 1

489.Weed Burlap bag BEDROOM 1

490.Gun cleaning items BEDROOM 1

491.Hand warmers, ect BEDROOM 1

492.Advertising pencil pouches BEDROOM 1

493.Game calls BEDROOM 1

494.Early cigar box small cedar box BEDROOM 1

495.3 Airplane models BEDROOM 1

496.Early papers on Flood BEDROOM 1

497.Assorted pictures various sizes BEDROOM 1

498.2 Wood flying ducks on wall 12" and 18" BEDROOM 1

499.1893/3000 Mallard Morning by Lee LaBlanc print BEDROOM 1

500.3 collectible 6" gas pumps BEDROOM 1

501.Stethoscope, BP monitor BEDROOM 1

502.Early dish towels BEDROOM 1

503.Cottage cookie jar lid repaired, 4" creamer BEDROOM 1

504.4 Kelloggs advertising bowls, hard plastic BEDROOM 1

505.3 Early hand mixers Vintage BEDROOM 1

506.Assorted knic knacks Butter patties, ect BEDROOM 1

507.12" oil lamp BEDROOM 1

508.White frosted vase, 6-8" white frosted horn of plenty style glasses BEDROOM 1

509.2 Marigold bowls 9.5" and 12" dia. BEDROOM 1

510.4 Juicers, white milkglass, Sunkist BEDROOM 1

511.Footed centerpiece 9x12x4.5 BEDROOM 1

512.12" Enamel dipper BEDROOM 1

513.Hobnail and other items BEDROOM 1

514.Box early kitchen utensils, green handles BEDROOM 1

515.Box of early kitchen utensils BEDROOM 1

516.3 Juicers, 2 are 2 piece BEDROOM 1

517.Early baseballs BEDROOM 1

518.2 2 piece juicers and flower frog BEDROOM 1

519.6 early large juicers BEDROOM 1

520.14" handmade raggedy andy doll BEDROOM 1

521.4" red reflector for lantern BEDROOM 1

522.2 Early grinders BEDROOM 1

523.7" green cracker jar with musical top BEDROOM 1

524.Archie series comic books BEDROOM 1

525.Stangl, gold overlay and other dishes BEDROOM 1

526.2 Plastic cow 6" creamers, Tony the Tiger salt/pepper BEDROOM 1

527.3 Beautiful plates 2-10", 1-12" Royal Art & England BEDROOM 1

528.1950's 60's salt and peppers BEDROOM 1

529.White milkglass, Deco condiment holders BEDROOM 1

530.Part to vintage lamp BEDROOM 1

531.Large box of salt and peppers, small bells BEDROOM 1

532.Creamer, sugar small vases BEDROOM 1

533.Early books BEDROOM 1

534.Large box of assorted stemware BEDROOM 1

535.Early kitchen items BEDROOM 1

536.Large box pf pressed glass, pattern glassware BEDROOM 1

537.Clown cookie jar-as is, soup tureens BEDROOM 1

538.2 Vintage pocketbooks BEDROOM 1

539.Table cover BEDROOM 1

540.Early bottles BEDROOM 1

541.Avon BEDROOM 1

542.Early games BEDROOM 1

543.Blue Willow and other blue decorated porcelain BEDROOM 1

544.Candlewick glasses BEDROOM 1

545.Early Popular Science magazine HALLWAY

546.ABC of Bee Culture book HALLWAY

547.7.5" Regent Supreme beverage bottle HALLWAY

548.4.5" tin oiler HALLWAY

549.Cars & 1950's 2 books HALLWAY

550.Milk bottle quart HALLWAY

551.Vintage barometer plastic case cracked front 8 x 5 x2.5" HALLWAY

552.Diary of Early American Boy Book HALLWAY

553.Images from the Past I & II by the Daily Review Towanda HALLWAY

554.Kasco Poultry Guide and other HALLWAY

555.2 William Bauer books HALLWAY

556.Fly tying holder HALLWAY

557.Advertising items, Hess glass, small cooler HALLWAY

558.Early change holder HALLWAY

559.11" Gibson's Kant slip bottle HALLWAY

560.10" brown bottle HALLWAY

561.Trains Motion Picture Library HALLWAY

562.8" Coffee & Sugar Art Deco containers HALLWAY

563.Fly fishing books HALLWAY

564.Aviation Meet Book HALLWAY

565.2 Train books HALLWAY

566.Boston Silver Comet Vintage pencil sharpener HALLWAY

567.The Duffy Malt Whiskey Co. Rochester NY 10" bottle HALLWAY

568.10.5" Moxie Nerve Food bottle HALLWAY

569.Stained glass hanging Victorian lamp, deer tree design 15" dai HALLWAY

570.5' Wooden step ladder HALLWAY

571.Relax Enamel bed pan with box HALLWAY

572.Oak lift seat hall tree with beveled mirror 27 x 14 x 73 HALLWAY

573.Enamel bed pan white blue rim with top

574.Commercial Aircraft book HALLWAY

575.Jenninghurst Stock Farms Book Towanda Pa HALLWAY

576.Trains Album of Photographs Book I Eastern Railroads HALLWAY

577.Noisemakers HALLWAY

578.World Atlas of Trains Book HALLWAY

579.3 Boods WC Fields ect HALLWAY

580.Cheater glasses HALLWAY

581.Pin UP book HALLWAY

582.Bradford County Bicentennial A Photographic History Book HALLWAY

583.Thorhern's Mammals Book HALLWAY

584.Laughter 12 cassettes HALLWAY

585.Polaroid digital camera HALLWAY

586.Comical boxes & jokes HALLWAY

587.Sony speaker 10 x 12 x 13, no wire HALLWAY

588.Postcards HALLWAY

589.Playing cards HALLWAY

590.Postcards HALLWAY

591.Battery charger HALLWAY

592.Blue speckled enamel bed pan HALLWAY

593.Paints for models HALLWAY

594.Hat collection HALLWAY

595.Small tool box with asst tools HALLWAY

596.Porcelain urinal HALLWAY

597.Porcelain bedpan HALLWAY

601.17 x 12 Gray agate bedpan with cover BACK BEDROOM

602.Relax white enamel bed pan BACK BEDROOM

603.Early Sexy papers and magazines BACK BEDROOM

604.Interesting papers BACK BEDROOM

605.Oak framed print The Peacemaker 32 x 27 inside 24 x 20 BACK BEDROOM

606.2 door white cabinet with shelves 32x17x33 BACK BEDROOM

607.Vintage earrings on 23 x 14 frame BATHROOM 2

608.Vintage earrings on 23 x 14 frame BATHROOM 2

609.Vintage earrings on 23 x 14 frame BATHROOM 2

610.Eureka multicyclonic vacuum BACK BEDROOM

611.Woven seat primitive stool 14x12x10 BACK BEDROOM

612.4 9" toy tractor trailers BACK BEDROOM

613.Large lot of Cermaic Christmas houses 24 plus BACK BEDROOM

614.Butterfly suncatcher wind chime BACK BEDROOM

615.Hand painted 1 door bird house cabinet with clock in top shelves 13 x 11 x 63 BACK BEDROOM

616.Marble game BACK BEDROOM

617.desk light, battery back up BACK BEDROOM

618.Ironstone pitcher and bowl bowl has crack BACK BEDROOM

619.4 advertising yardsticks BACK BEDROOM

620.Mikado AM FM Multiplex receiver BACK BEDROOM

621.9" copper strainer BACK BEDROOM

622.Majolica style jardinere 9.5" dia, 8" high few chips BACK BEDROOM

623.Ransbottom Roseville 1400 10 Jardinere 10" dia. 9" high BACK BEDROOM

624.Deco sewing machine Model 6900S w/ cabinet and chair Ser. # 13791 BACK BEDROOM

625.Realistic turn table & 8 track pre amp 1100 by Cartape BACK BEDROOM

626.Sony 800w receiver STR-K700 BACK BEDROOM

627.Bird books BACK BEDROOM

628.Shop vac 8 gal, 3 hp BACK BEDROOM

629.Handmade Circus This was featured in numerous papers. Includes partial train set, circus cars with animals, vintage Christmas lights. QUITE AN INTERESTING ITEM. One and Only The lot may not contain all the items in the lay out This is just so you know how it basically looked set up. Please attend open house to see what exactly is in the lot

630.Oak rocker BACK BEDROOM

631.Pair of 18" hurricane lamps, elec BACK BEDROOM

632.5 bottles Rawleighs PDQ ect BACK BEDROOM

633.Gold rim candlewick sherberts and clear juice glasses BACK BEDROOM

634.Vintage kitchen items BACK BEDROOM

635.3 Coca Cola bottles BACK BEDROOM

636.Lady Remington Vintage shaver BACK BEDROOM

637.Fawn 7" Bottle Elmira NY BACK BEDROOM

638.Decorations, Cow crock 4" BACK BEDROOM

639.7" F H Farrell Dushore bottle, chips on top BACK BEDROOM

640.Clicoquot Glue 10" bottle BACK BEDROOM

641.10" Liebmann Breweries Bottle Brooklyn NY BACK BEDROOM

642.10" BNP Co bottle BACK BEDROOM

643.Small advertising tins, and boxes BACK BEDROOM

644.Assorted stamps BACK BEDROOM

645.Childs dishes BACK BEDROOM

646.Lionel 027 Erie 610 Engine BACK BEDROOM

647.Lionel 6414 auto loader no cars BACK BEDROOM

648.Lionel log carrier 3 logs BACK BEDROOM

649.12" meat cleaver with tenderizer end BACK BEDROOM

650.3" clear insulators BACK BEDROOM

651.Early kitchen items BACK BEDROOM

652.5" Plastic Tonka trucks BACK BEDROOM

653.15.5x5.5x5" train station BACK BEDROOM

654.Porcelain bedpan chip BACK BEDROOM

655.Train set Marx 666 Engine Santa Fe, 4427, Erie, refrigeraton car with Toy Transformer BACK BEDROOM

656.Insulators BACK BEDROOM

657.Lionel train set 1130 Engine, 6511 Flatbed, 6112 with containers, 6015 Sunoco, 2-6017 Caboose, 6012, 6024 Shredded wheat car, 3656 No animals, 6456, 6476, track and Toy Transformer BACK BEDROOM

658.Green insulators BACK BEDROOM

659.Early bottles BACK BEDROOM

660.Green & Bennington style insulators BACK BEDROOM

661.Early kitchen items BACK BEDROOM

662.3" chalkware pig bank with hole in back BACK BEDROOM

663.12" Lady, girl statue BACK BEDROOM

664.Lorraine metal small grinder BACK BEDROOM

665.9.5" Repro poland water bottle BACK BEDROOM

666.Precious Moment BACK BEDROOM

667.12" dia. Enamel painted bowl BACK BEDROOM

668.Chopper and grinder BACK BEDROOM

669.Cream with green rim enamel items scoop, large bowl, bowls BACK BEDROOM

670.Thor speed snips Vintage BACK BEDROOM

671.Cream with greem rim 8" teapot and cup BACK BEDROOM

672.7" Green apple cookie Knics inside lid BACK BEDROOM

673.Amber cube 8" pitcher with 6-4.5" tumblers BACK BEDROOM

674.Art Deco 13" Perculator with cord ceramic BACK BEDROOM

675.6" Vintage shaker BACK BEDROOM

676.2 Bottles BACK BEDROOM

677.3.5" Pink Satin triple bird dresser jar BACK BEDROOM

678.1 qt green Depression measuring cup with mixer BACK BEDROOM


680.7.5" Base amber lamp BACK BEDROOM

681.Floral prints BACK BEDROOM

682.Dormeyer Food Fixer not complete BACK BEDROOM

683.Assorted toy cars BACK BEDROOM

684.Weights BACK BEDROOM

685.Knic knacs as is BACK BEDROOM

686.19" Auger BACK BEDROOM

687.Nylint & road champ toys BACK BEDROOM

688.12" Hatchet BACK BEDROOM

689.13" Cleaver BACK BEDROOM

690.9" Hatchet BACK BEDROOM

691.Draw knife BACK BEDROOM

692.11" hatchet/hammer BACK BEDROOM

693.16" Iron tongs BACK BEDROOM

694.17 x 5" hand painted geese slaw cutter signed Mary H BACK BEDROOM

695.Repro Coca Cola tray and tin BACK BEDROOM

696.11" dia. Green enamel strainer BACK BEDROOM

697.Mustache cup, planter, ect some knics BACK BEDROOM

698.2 Marigold bowls and pressed glass BACK BEDROOM

699.Aluminum ware BACK BEDROOM

700.Toleware cake saver BACK BEDROOM

701.Advertising items BACK BEDROOM

702.Naughty cup BACK BEDROOM


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