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Item Description
1.wind chimes


3.Folding hunting knife 18" long

4.12 Days of Christmas handpainted tree ornaments

5.2 pc of Lock and Lock baking dishes

6.Hummel 5" umbrella repaired

7.Hummel 4.5" damage

8.Hummel 4.5"

9.6.5" vintage plastic santa light cover

10.Pyrex dishes some with plastic covers

11.Pair of 13" bedroom lights

12.Craftsman 1" auto scroller saw with case

13.Cricket Loom and more

14.2 Palisades Interstate park jackets

15.Dewalt screwdriver set

16.Crate of good plastic with covers

17.Vintage desk top GE fan 13.5" dia

18.Proctor Silex coffee maker NIB

19.20 mil. Candlepower Powercraf spotlight no cord

20.Vntage mixer with bowl

21.12 colored quart canning jars with lids

22.small feed bucket

23.Ninentgo games

24.Plastic wonder clean pressure washing machine

25.small modern coffee grinder

26.24 colored pint jars with lids

27.Anderson gliding door hardware

28.Volcano cvollapsile stove

29.Box of grilling itmes

30.Jupiter dietz lantern 14" 12 oz jelly jars

32.Canning items

33.Set of Corelle dishes

34.4' Artificial Christmas tree

35.10" coffee pot

36.Vintage christmas tree stand 17" dia base

37.Jupiter dietz lantern 14"

38.Roaster 13x17

39.Diamond point 8 pc wine decanter set

40.Large pressure cooker


42.50' hose

43.Sheets full, etc

44.Decorative cannister jars

45.Set of Traditions porcelain china Service for 8 with many extras Most still in boxes

46.Lem meat slicer

47.Jupiter dietz lantern 14"

48.Teapot, creamer, sugar

49.Al Clad steamer 10" dia. 11" high

50.Volcano No. 12 cast iron footed pot with lid

51.Ball plastic jars

52.Jupiter dietz lantern 14"

53.Klean Heat 3 gal. tools

55.Nature Zap broadlead weed killer elec

56.Breville maker

57.Pry bar and hatchet

58.Magimix toaster

59.Griddler by Cuisinart

60.Cookie cutters over 100


62.KitchenAid Professional 600 mixer

63.Fenwick fishing box with tackle

64.Fabreware pans with lids

65.Nesco 18 qt roaster elec

66.Baking pans

67.Brass scales

68.Breville elec griddle

69.Cuisinart crock pot

70.Breville juicer elec

71.Fired up fire starter

72.rubber baking pans

73.Kelly Kettle

74.cooks Club pans

75.Measure pitchers, etc

76.Extension cords

77.Baking pans

78.Elec. Kitchen appliances

79.Case of Chinese food containers

80.Plastic garbage cans and plasticware

81.Rubbermaid glass contaners with pop onlids

82.SPT Icemaker

83.Food dehydrator

84.Ziplock bags, aluminum

85.Approx 26 half gallon canning jars 6 are new

86.Bird feeders, etc

87.11 ball 8 oz canning jars

88.Various jars

89.2 boxes of office items

90.Large pressure cooker 14" dia, 12' high

91.2 rolls landscape fabric

92.Crate of jelly jars

93.3 totes of Christmas

94.2 Diesel cans

95.Large lot of coin wrappers

96.Pine Mountain super logs


98.2 cat or small dog crates

99.Bedding and litter

100.SAE metric folding lug nut wrench

101.Porter cable bayonet saw

102.Lighter and 3 cigarette pack holders

103.Canadian money

104.Fishing tackle box with tackle

105.Canada 2000 coin

106.Vintage WB lock no key

107.Pocket knife and multi tools

108.Kalimar 6 x 20 compact bionoculars

109.Jobsmart hand saw

110.Duropro socket set

111.Dewalt 18v drill with battery and charger and case

112.Large lot of wrenches


114.Jobsmart sockets and ratchets

115.2 sets of drill bits

116.4 stock pots various sizes only 1 lid

117.Cast iron pot with lid



120.Kassseu 31 day clock 13" tall

121.Vantriloquist doll head

122.Onion holder

123.Carnival glass style turkey on nest 9 x 7

124.Clothes line, etc


126.Orvis kindling and advertising box

127.Large lot sockets

128.Large box of wrenches

129.Pasta maker

130.knic knacs

131.Lanterns and oil lamps


133.Electrical and organizers

134.6 Fruit mugs

135.Bike rack

136.Skewers, bbq

137.2 boxes screwdrivers, bits

138.Various dishes

139.Gun cleaning items


141.Various tools

142.Scissors, etc

143.County Fair milk bottles and others

181.Early Tootsie truck no wheel, midget toy mini tank

182.Matchbox and Lesney cars, jeep, etc

183.Match box Lesney tractors, plane, car hauler

184.5 Racing Champion cars 4.5"

185.Variety of mini cars, etc

186.3.5" box of Racing Champions cars

187.Diecast and plastic matchbox style cars

188.Shamrock double decker bus

189.2 mini trolly cars and mini Southern Pacific train engine

190.Clover, Ertl and othe mini construction vehicles

191.Hotwheels cars, truck

192.Matchbox Lesney Trucks and vehicles

193.Yaming cars and trucks

194.Matchbox Lesney cars, trucks, etc

195.small diecast cars, plane

196.Matchbox Lesney 2 train engines and dirt hauler

197.3 GI Joes various conditions

198.Matchbox Lesney Trucks

199.Miniature car cases

200.GI Joe Accessories

201.Lesney trucks, busses, cars

202.Advertising items, bottle

203.1.5" vintage diecast cars

204.2 small boxes

205.Box of smaller cars and vehicles

206.Cedar box 8"x6"x5"

207.Advertising tins Rich's and Chas C Wells Co

208.Paper dolls

209.Advertising tins and banks

210.Paper dolls

211.Tyco nite glow elec race track no cars

212.Vintage playing cards in wooden box

213.Vintage suitcase 18x13x6


215.GI Joe Accessories

216.Racing track pieces

217.GI Joe Accessories, guns, bionoculars, etc

218.GI Joe Clothing


220.miniature car parts and pieces

221.Multi position wall brackets

222.Pair of jack stands

223.Werner ext. ladder
236.4 shelf roll around dolly with wheels large

237.Garden sprayers

238.2 plastic geese and metal frog decoration

239.Patio table and 4 chairs


241.2 patio stands

242.Firewood holder

243.2 wood patio chairs

244.hose and reel with wheels wagon

246.weedeater and wheelbarrow


248.metal garden wagon

249.2 dog crates both

250.Pair of Dynazap bug paddles

251.Vintage metal and plastic santa light as is

252.Stapler, etc

253.Ice grips for shoes, etc

254.Lot of fishing poles

255.Small multi tool

256.2 elec drills

257.Money bags

258.Brass items

259.Streetpilot GPS

260.Brass items

261.Kitchen utensils

262.Bissell spotbot

263.Kitchen utensils


265.2 boxes decorative jars with lids

266.metal tool box


268.Stock pot with skewers


270.Allenite 53 pc ratcheting screwdriver bit and socket set

271.Kitchen utensils

272.Large metal dust pan

273.2 pair bolt cutters

274.small screwdriver set

275.2 partial sets screwdriver and sockets

276.Set of deepwell sockets, screwdriver

277.Chisels, wire brush

278.Lot of screwdriver bits

279.Large box asst tools

280.Various wrenches

281.Eklink multipurpose tools

282.Zip wrench set

283.Burger presses

284.Large glass pail etc

285.knives, etc

286.Pyrex shoe decoration

288.Various mini knic knacs

289.lot of plastic funnels, etc

290.ll bean boots womens size 9 and pr gloves

291.4 bottles hydrogen peroxide

292.small wooden planter wagon

293.variuos glassware corn popper

295.iron molds scrapers, etc
297.2 pottery bowls

298.large casserrole with lid

299.graduated set of glass dishes with rubber lids

300.baking pans caraffes etc


303.Cuisinart yogart maker


305.Sundea dishes

306.Large lot of plastic file boxes with lids

307.Lock lock plastic boxes

308.Lock lock plastic boxes

309.Paintng of barn and print


311.quilted bed cover

312.2 boxes with holiday cat, soda fountain print etc

313.2 boxes, baking, etc

314.rock fountain, etc

315.Kenmore humifiier

316.JD plate holder, etc 2 boxes

317.2 crates with jacks, etc

318.Box of CD's etc

319.Table pieces, etc

320.2 boxes holiday decorations

321.large box candles


323.Large box of records

324.light bulbs, etc


326.4 gal of organic vinegar

327.6 large glass containers with lids

328.yarn, etc


330.Hummingbird feeders, etc

331.garbage can with organic vinegar etc

332.Large bird perch

333.2 folding bag chairs

334.6 drawer dresser 46x17x32

335.2 raised garden kits both

336.Nice futon frame 87" end to end

337.Bubble gum machine no key

338.Slide out dining room or kitchen table with 6 padded folding chairs table is 40x21 with 2 16" leaves

339.Mid Century end table drink holder 12x19x17

340.Modern stool no cushion 24x22x10

341.Titanium staples shredder

342.Floor fan coolpro 23" dia.

343.folding paint ladder

344.Modern 1 drawer coffee table 42x24x18 table 39x19x16

346.Louisville aluminum ext ladder 16'

347.toolbox stool

348.wrenches, etc

349.various tools, mallet, pry bar

350.various tools


352.Sterlite box 31x18x13

353.Large bird cage for larger birds with toys 46x30x70

354.fireplace tools

355.folding step stool

356.White bird cage in parts

357.2 folding lounge chairs canvas


359.nippers limb asw

360.rake weedcutter, etc

361.short handled garden tools

362.Newer adz

363.4 shelf roll around dolly 60x36x68


365.4 shelf roll around dolly 60 x 36 x 68

366.4 shelf roll around dolly 60 x 36 x 68


368.grain shovel

369.pick, stone forks

370.Victorian base 56" adjustable floor lamp

371.Large folding drying rack 48 x 30

372.Vintage floor lamp

373.Green wire garden rack 39x22x68

374.4 drawer metal filing cabinet 15x24x53

375.Soleusair air conditioner

376.folding aluminum ladder


378.3 4 drawer stands 19x16x29 Each x 3

379.2 modern end tables 23x12x24 Each x 2

380.Extend handled wiper cage 22 x13x16

382.Campbell Hausfeld 1800 pst power washer

383.Cosco kitchen stool seat

384.Comfort furnace elec heater 15x13x18

385.Victorian fancy brass bed for 53" mattress possibly canopy

386.Kwik gate for truck

387.2 Flip top bench tables selling as one to make childs picnic table

388.Childs futon frame Approx 46" long

389.Craftsman 4 gal shop vac

390.SPI sprayer


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