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Item Description
1.Vintage Glass Dog Candy Container & Glass Boot

2.7 Walt Disney Productions 1964 Mary Poppins Spoons

3.Sterling Serving Spoon 2.4oz RW&S A1 Serving Spatula & Small Spoon Hallmarked

4.3 Gold Collector Spoons Signed Italy & 5 Early Kitchen Utensils

5.2 Fry Glass Decanter Tops & 2 Weisler Glass Items

6.Vintage Glass Chicken on Nest Candy Conatiner

7.2 3" Pottery Pitchers

8.Holland House Coctail Mix Jigger Glass

9.Vintage Domino Set

10.Columbia Deluxe Needle No 1690 & Pickin' Chicken Menu

11.2 4" Blue Glass Perfumes Not Original Stoppers

12.4.5" Brass Flask or Early Cane Handle

13.Bailey Banks & Biddle Silver Plate Punch Ladle

14.Vintage Toy Figurines & Ornamnets Some Plastic Some May Be Celluloid Etc

15.Wade Little Red Riding Hood Figurine

16.Little Red Riding Hood Mug

17.Vintage Wick Snippers

18.Early 1900's Old Maid Card Set Great Pictures Metal Case

19.6" Hand Painted Metal Jug Back Mountain Library Auction Dallas PA 1998

20.Vintage Apple Parer Slicer & Corer

21.Light Blue Glass Cowboy Hat

22.8 Day Germany Wall Clock 9x9

23.Lil' Boy on Tricycle Print 12x15

24.Lil' Girl & Bird Print 11x14

25.Ironstone Blue & White Pitcher & Bowl 9" Pitcher

26.Hall's Teapot 8"

27.Terracotta Hand Made Florence Italy C Ronley Pot 4"

28.3 Fry Glass Hot Plates

29.Framed Black & White View of Rockwood PA 1905 23x20

30.Light Blue Chicken in a Basket 8"

31.Asst Fry Glass Separated Dish 2 Small Bowls Etc

32.Hall Pitcher 7"

33.Cobalt Blue Glass Covered Dish 8"

34.Irridescent Chicken in a Basket 4"

35.6 Green Glass Glasses

36.Fenton Milk Glass w/ Blue Glass Head Chickem in a Basket 4"

37.2 11" Early Glass Lamps

38.2 10" Lamps Glass & Metal Bases

39.Early 6.5" Onyx Colored Glass Lamp

40.McCoy Style Covered Dish 5" Lid Has Chip

41.Springtime Print Signed V. Preiffer 16x20

42.3 Corning Cornflower Pattern Dishes 1 w/ Lid

43.2 Fry Glass Coverd Casseroles Has Some Chips

44.Mop Cap Mom Utensil Holder 10"

45.Milk Glass Chicken in a Basket 4.5"

46.2 Needlepoint Bird Scene Wall Hangings 10x24

47.Gold Rim Plates Saucers Cups Etc

48.Tin Roullette Serving Tray w/ Ice Bucket & 7 6" Glasses

49.Silver Rim Cobal Blue Glasses Set of 6 4"

50.2 10" Vases

51.Hall's Tea Pot Lid Has Chips Lid Handle is Cracked 7"

52.Family Tree Print Signed 19x23

53.Asst Vintage Cameras & Accessories Sitacon Kodak Etc

54.6 Small Chicken in a Baskets Bggest 3.5" Asst Colors

55.2 Blue Glass Chickens in a Basket 6"

56.Asst Vinatge Plastic Soldier & Cowboy & Indian Toy Figurines

57.5 Early Noise Maker Favors

58.2 Amish Prints 14x12

59.Cookie Cutters Asst Sizes Designs & Styles

60.Milk Glass Chicken in a Basket 5"

61.Poker Chips & 1 Die

62.Il Bacio Print 25x19

63.Framed Mirror 15x20

64.Corning Cornflower Pattern Platter Coffee Pot & Tea Pot

65.McCoy Gold Planters 4.5" Tall 13" Long

66.3 Small Early Tallest Lamps 10" Some Need Repair

67.Ivy Pattern Punch/Fruit Bowl Set

68.Edwin Knowles Yorktown Shape Covered Dish Plates Bowl Etc Dish Lid is Cracked

69.Cobalt Blue Wine Decanter 9" w/ Asst Size Glasses

70.Red Riding Hood Print 18x22

71.4 Ruby Red Creamers & 4 Ruby Red Double Handle Sugars 3"

72.3 Glass Knives & Spoon

73.1 Hall Blue Teapot & Teapot Unmarked w/ Lid

74.3 Pink Glass Pedestal Dishes w/o Lids & 2 6" 1 3"

75.2 Cracker Jars 1 w/ Lid 9"

76.4 Copenhagen Mother;s Day Decorative Plates 6"D

77.The Intruder Print 22x26

78.Pink Depression Glass Plates 13 3 Different Designs

79.5 Asst Bud Vases 11"

80.Asst Ruby Red Cups Creamer Sugar Etc

81.2 Cobalt Blue Mugs

82.Waterford Desk Clock 2" & 2 Glass Candle Holders 3.5"

83.Country Print 36x16

84.Lincoln Print The Last Photograph by Alexander Gardner 14x17

85.Asst Green Glass Vases 10"

86.4 Carnberry Glass Vases 4"

87.Jesus Print 34x20

88.Asst Pink Depression Glass Plates Pitcher Etc

89.Asst Toothpick Holders

90.2 Sets of 3 & 4 White Glass Shot Glasses 2.5" & 3.5"

91.Asst Size Gold Rim Grapevine Pattern Glasses

92.Asst Blue Glassware Vase Salt & Pepper Etc

93.Capri Blue Bowl & 2 Relish Trays

94.Amber Glass Covered Refrigerator Dishes 8x8

95.More Watership Down by Frederick Morgan 26x22

96.Harcrest Stonewar Pitcher Bowl & Covered Bowl & Stoneware Mug

97.Fireking Bowl 5"

98.Noritake Father's Day Cups 3.5"

99.2 Round Fireking Covered Bowls

100.5 in 1 Game Table Air Hockey Foosball Etc New in Box Needs Put Together

101.4 Asst Colored Glass Items Dish Pots Etc

102.Bridge & Canal Prints 16x13

103.7 Fireking Saucers & 11 Square Unmarked Saucers

104.Pfaltzgraff 39 Saucers 10 Mugs Yorketown Pattern

105.Framed Star Spangled Banner Poster 17x21 & Countryside Print 24x20

106.Franciscanware Apple Pattern 11 Saucers & Cups

107.Franciscanware Ivy Pattern 5 Saucers 2 Bowls

108.2 Small Vintage Lamps 1 Glass 10" & 1 Marble Like Has Chips 17" Small 4" Shade

109.Hand Painted Canister Set No Base No Lids Some Have Cracks 7.5"

110.Moderntone Bowl 8 Saucers & 3 Sherberts Green & Blue

111.George Washinton Print 19x25

112.Asst Decorative Plates

113.2 Swan Statues 10" 1 Has Chipped Wing

114.Asst KnickKnacks

115.Noritake Azalea Pattern Gravy Boat Sugar Creamer Etc

116.Noritake Azalea Pattern 4 Cus & Saucers 1 Dessert Plate & 9 Dinner Plates

117.Amethyst Glassware Bowls Cups Plates Etc

118.Dixie Dogwood Joni 4 Plates 5 Small Bowls

119.Framed Dresser Mirror 27x42

120.2 16" Woven Triangle Wall Baskets

121.Mason's Christmas 1978 Plate & 3 Plates & Bowl Adams Wedgewood

122.GE VHS Video Camera

123.Asst Royal & Britain Books

124.Vintage Clothing

125.Stuffed Animal & Games

126.Artificial plant Basket Etc

127.4 Boxes of Asst Stemware

128.Box of Asst Material

129.3 Boxes of Asst Shot Glasses

130.2 Boxes of Asst Glassware

131.Napkin Rings Decorative Plates Etc

132.8 Monogram V Glasses & 2 Stemware Glasses

133.2 Boxes of Asst Bud Vases

134.2 Boxes of Asst Glassware

135.Asst Corelle Dishes Asst Patterns

136.Decorative Plate Holders

137.Asst McCoy Style Planters & Vases

138.Asst Perfume/Cologne Decanters

139.6 Small Asst Lamps Asst Styles & Makes

140.Asst McDonald's Collectible Glasses Garfield The Muppets Etc

141.Asst Canning Jars Some Bale Top Some W/ Lids Asst Sizes

142.2 Wall Mirrors 1 w/ Shelf 11x23 1 w/o 12x15

143.5 Decorative Plaques/Wall Hangings Biggest 5x7

144.13 Colonies Collectibe Spoons on Display Rack 13x14

145.4 Glass Trinket Holders Asst Designs & Ash Tray

146.3 Boxes of Asst Blue Transferware

147.Asst Stangl Dishes

148.Asst White Glass Saucers Cups Creamers Etc

149.3 Vintage Decanters & Shot Glasses

150.5 in 1 Game Table Air Hockey Foosball Etc New in Box Needs Put Together

151.Onyx Colored Glassware Vase Candle Holder Etc

152.Asst Bakeware Glasbake Fireking Etc

153.2 Glass Chickens in a Basket 1 Blue 1 Green 5"

154.8 Stoneware Mugs

155.5 Asst Glass Chickens in a Basket Biggest 5" Some Chipped

156.3 Plastic Shoe Banks Possible Celluloid

157.Green Glass Chicken in a Basket 4.5"

158.Asst Patches Toys Etc

159.2 Boxes of Cape Cod Style Stemware & Cups

160.PartialFloral Pattern Dinnerware Set

161.2 Chickens in a Basket Amber/Brown Color Biggest 5"

162.2 Shawnee Vases Grey & Olive 9"

163.Partial Steubenville Dinner Set

164.12 Blue Glass Cups & 2 Small Glasses

165.Turquoise Chicken in a Basket 6"

166.Westmoreland Chicken in a Basket 4.5"

167.Asst Blue/Green Tint Glasses

168.2 Boxes of Asst Blue Tint Glasses

169.2 Apothecary Jars w/ Lids 10"

170.Amber Decanter w/ 2 Cordial Glasses

171.Hand Vase 7"

172.Asst Decorative Plates

173.Asst Stangl Dishes

174.Asst Amber Glassware

175.Asst Glass Candle Holders Some Milk Glass

176.Onyx Colored Glassware Vase Candle Holder Etc

177.American Sweetheart 4 Sugars 21 Saucers

178.Asst Green Transferware Dishes Cups Plates Etc

179.Stoneware Dishes Plate Mugs Bowls Etc

180.2 Chickens in a Basket Biggest 9"

181.3 McKee Serenade Mugs 5" 2 Shades of Green 1 White & Stein

182.Amber Glass Cups & Plate

183.5 Floral Pattern Plates 4 Cups & Bowl

184.Cobalt Blue Saucers Plates Stemware Etc

185.Lg Qty English Dinner Partial Set Plates Bowls Creamer Sugar Etc

186.Milk Glass Mixing Bowls & Bake Dish

187.Pfaltzgraff 10 Cups 12 Saucers 10 Dinner Plates Tea Pot Etc Yorketown Pattern

188.Asst Juice Glasses

189.Pyrex Mixing Bowl & Covered Bake Dish

190.4" Hamilton Beach Mixing Bowl & 4.5" Mixing Bowl

191.Harker Pottery Plates & Cups Green & Brown

192.Royal Bayreuth Vase 5.5 & Wedgewood Style Pitcher 4"

193.Anchor Pottery Vase 6" & Madocks Bowl 15"D 4.5"H

194.Organdie Vernonware Plates Cups Saucers Etc 2 Patterns

195.Moderntone Saucers Plates Etc

196.Cranberry Glass Saucers Vase Pitcher Stemware Glass

197.Vintage Green Glass Flask Stemware Glasses Etc

198.Amethyst Bowl & 2 Stemware Glasses

199.Moderntone Bowl & 4 Cups

200.Moderntone Saucers Plates Etc

201.Francisacneware Apple Pattern 18 Saucers 3 Dessert Plates 1 Sandwich Plate & 2 Dinner Plates

202.English Village Blue Transferware 10 Saucers 2 Small Bowls & 3 Dinner Plates

203.Indian Tomahawks & Frontiersmen Belt Axes Book

204.Asst Cookbooks

205.Asst Art Books

206.2 Harvesting Books & People of the Stone Age

207.The World Encyclopedia Cactus & Succulents

208.LL Bean Century of Outfitting America Book & Anne Geddes Autobiography

209.2 Vintage Dresses 1 Pair Pantaloons & Crocheted Scarf

210.Early Bobby Pins Mending Thread Rolling Pin Hanger & Broken Glass Picture

211.Vintage Petticoat 2 Child Slips 2 Child Hats 1 Dress

212.Tea Set Cups Saucers Tea Pot Etc

213.Vintage 1 Hat 1 Romper 5 Dresses

214.Asst Mexican Pottery Books

215.5 Native American Books

216.Asst Art Books

217.Asst Midwest Books

218.Asst Pottery Books

219.Asst Native American Books

220.Quilts Sheest Lace Linens

221.Asst Glass Platters

222.Asst Glasses Vases Decanters Etc

223.Christmas Greetings Linen Set

224.Asst Pyrex Bakeware

225.Asst Glass Bakeware & Refrigerator Dishes

226.Asst Stoneware Vases

227.Puzzles & Plastic Canon Base

228.Elephant Print Luggage

229.Asst Material

230.Asst Vintage Greeting Cards Post Cards Etc

231.Asst KnickKnacks & Glassware

232.Small Vinatge Suit Case & Travel Box

233.Asst Wicker Baskets & Place Mats

234.Rubbermaid 28 Gal Flip Top Tote

235.Asst Vinatge Dresser Items Soap Etc

236.Asst Advertsing Boxes Cigars Hanes Etc

237.Enamel Roaster

238.Asst Vinatge Tins

239.Asst Pottery Vases

240.woven Carpet Runner

241.Asst Wicker Baskets

242.Lg Glass Jug & Extract Bottles

243.Spice Set & La Cotta Bake Dish

244.Asst Vintage Adv Bottles

245.Asst Vintage Baby Dolls

246.Kitty Print 22x19 Felt Print 16x22 & Tree Stump Print 23x23

247.Vintage Advertising Pages Rug Cutter Milliner Gossiper Etc

248.Asst Vintage Post Cards

249.Stoneware Jug 12" Large Chip on Side

250.5 in 1 Game Table Air Hockey Foosball Etc New in Box Needs Put Together

251.2 Vintage Tins USA Tobacco & Fine Canies

252.Pastime Picture Puzzle 300 PCS A Bit of Old Venice

253.11" Alladin Style P&A Co Oil Lamp

254.Wayside Harmony Hummel 4"

255.Just Resting Hummel 4"

256.3 Iron Fisherman Statues 7"

257.2 Early Tin Covered Berry Buckets

258.Marble Bottom Brass Ship 10" Brass Ship 9" & Sand Castle 10"

259.Vintage Brass Bucket 8"

260.2 Vintage Sad Irons

261.Early Children's Wooden Building Blocks

262.Wooden Bucket 6.5"

263.Early Manicure Kit Nut Crackers Etc

264.Hand Painted Match Box Holder Comb Box & Hand Painted Long Match Holder

265.Board of Education 31"

266.Wooden Yoke 28"

267.Box of Asst Mugs Campbell's Morton Salt Etc

268.Box of Asst Pressed Glassware

269.3 Heavy Duty Totes w/ Lids

270.Topsy Turvy Little Red Riding Hood Doll 9" & Little Red Riding Hood Apron

271.Early Dresser Set

272.Asst Perfume Decanters Refrigerator Jug 8" Etc

273.Honey Nut Cheerios Box Save Little Red Riding Hood on Back The Storybook Cooks Little Red Riding Hood Cake Mix Kit

274.Asst Apple Decorations Tea Sets Etc

275.Mini Snowman Candle Ornaments Crystal Snowman Figurine Cat Decorations Etc

276.Rustic Style Apple Home Decorations

277.Clown Mantle Doll 24"

278.Magic Scarf & Polyester Butterfly Scarf

279.Lg Rolling Pin 22"

280.Apple Piggy Bank 8"

281.Lolita Birthday Goddess 15 oz Hand Painted

282.Wooden Chicken Statue 11"

283.Wooden Decorations Santa Plaque Noah's Arc & Tricycle Horse

284.Apple Egg Basket 10"

285.Asst Apple Decorations Candles Paperweight Etc

286.Wire Decorations Wooden Heart Decorations

287.Snow White & the 7 Dwarves Figurines Rabbt & Mouse Figurines

288.Asst Wooden Decorations Flag Deer Etc

289.Havikand Dinner Set Partial

290.Early Ice Block Tongs

291.2 Blue Ball Canning Jars w/ Buttons

292.3 Canning Jars Bale Top of Buttons

293.Wooden Handle Gold Silverware Set

294.Brass Bell Angel Ornamnet Hour Glass Etc

295.Asst Costume Ear Rings

296.Candle Holder 2 Mugs Measuring Spoons Etc

297.2 Early Pyrex Baby Bottles 4 oz & 8 oz & Silverplate Sppon & Fork

298.400 Games Hand Shadows & What's Heaven Books

299.Asst Keys Whistles Edger Etc

300.Noel Bag Crocheted Slipers Etc

301.Chimey Cover Wooden Reindeer Decoration Wade Figurine Etc

302.Asst Vintage Boy Scout Patches

303.4 Pizza Hut Care Bear Glasses

304.Asst Santa Decorations Dolls Etc

305.Willow Tree You're the Best & Good Health Figurines

306.Stove Grate Handle Bottle Decoration

307.Marble Heart Trinket Holder Nat Sherman Cigar Box Flower Trinket Box Etc

308.6 Stemware Glasses Glass Pitcher Etched Vase Etc

309.Vintage First Time Hair Cut Box Apple Decorations Etc

310.Santa Figurine 15"

311.Hill Side Farms Inc Gallon Jug

312.Bit Crystal Feamle Golfer

313.Asst Vases & Pitchers

314.Box of Asst Comic Books Superman Justice League Etc

315.Asst Little Red Riding Hood Books

316.Hand Made Rug Purse

317.Syria Camel Planter 7"

318.Emotions Piggy Bank 6"

319.Wooden Spoons & Forks

320.Vintage Scale

321.Kodak Pony 135 Camera Model B

322.Asst Little Red Riding Hood Books

323.Noritake Arlene 4 Cups $ Saucers & 8 Plates

324.Wooden Zoo Animals

325.Wooden Apple w/ Wooden Weebles Inside

326.Asst Glassware

327.Asst Pressed Glassware

328.Asst Etched Glassware Green Glassware Etc

329.Early Garden Tools

330.Handpainted Teapot 7"

331.Cobalt Blue Cream & Sugar

332.8 Hand Stitched Coasters

333.Vintage Zadiix Camera

334.2 Early Children's Shovels

335.Vintage Argus Camera GE Light Values Accessories Etc

336.6 Argus Slide Magazines

337.Vintage Kodak Camera

338.Asst Vintage Keys Some Skeleton

339.Asst Country CD's Tom Jones George Jones Etc

340.Vintage Brownie Starflex Outfit

341.Cast Iron Trivetts Matchbox Holder Etc

342.Asst Gold Rim Glassware Cups Salt & Peppers Etc

343.2 Vintage Stir Ups

344.Asst Skeleton Keys

345.Partial Bull Whip Leather

346.Cast Iron Wilkes Barre Welding Co Boot Scraper

347.Brass Bells 38 on Leather Strap 2 Loose

348.2 Gallon Milk Bottles w/ Carrier

349.Brass & Silver Apple Bell Clock Lighter Etc

350.5 in 1 Game Table Air Hockey Foosball Etc New in Box Needs Put Together

351.Asst Country Style Decorations Potpourri Basket Wooden Alphabet Blocks Etc

352.Handmade Quilt Decorations Place Mat Wall Hangings Etc

353.Asst Hanp Painted Glassware

354.Theodore Haviland Dinner Set 11 Place Setting

355.4 6x8 P. Werkhesier Prints & 1 5x7 Winter Print

356.3 Hand Made Quilt Wall Hangings 1 12x6 Cottages 1 10x7 Crazy Quilt & 1 8x10 Patch Quilt

357.3 Vintage Curling Irons

358.2 Vintage Curling Irons

359.Etched Glassware Pitcher Vase & Covered Pedestal Dish

360.Asst Glassware Pressed Cut Etc

361.2 Cut Glass Bowls Plate & Dish

362.Early Hand Washer/Masher

363.Hallmark Little Red Riding Hood Figurines

364.2 Sets Tin Little Red Riding Hood Tea Sets No Cups

365.Tin Little Red Riding Hood Teas Set No Cups

366.Crock Bottle 11"

367.Beameister Crock Bottle 11"

368.JC Buffum & Co City Bottling House Pittsburgh PA Bale Top Bottle 12"

369.Mini Little Red Riding Hood Book Magnet & Wooden Deoration

370.2 5x6 Silhouette Prints

371.Vintage Royal Typewriter

372.Basket of Sewing Items

373.Asst Tin Train Cars Etc NY Central Rock Island Etc

374.8x10 Floral Print Flip Top Trinket Box

375.Playskool Wooden Wagon & Aplphabet Blocks

376.Vintage Mason Jar w/ Holder & Marbles

377.3 Vintage Skeleton Keys

378.Vintage Pipe Cracked on Bowl

379.Vintage Buttonhole Cutter & Thread Hooks

380.Asst Costume Ear Rings

381.Sterling Pendant Hallmarked Sterling

382.Vintage Hand Corn Husker

383.Vintage Yale Lock

384.Vintage Carter Tin 3"

385.Small Blue & White Container 2.5" w/ 7 Coburn Spoons

386.18 KT Ring Approx Size 7 w/ 7 CZ Rhinestones Hallmarked 18K

387.2" Tiffany & Co Sterling Apple Trinket Holder Hallmarked Tiffany & Co Sterling

388.1/30 10K Gold Filled Ring Approx Size 5 Hallmarked 1/30 10K HGF

389.5 Vintage RR Skeleton Keys B&O RR 2" Times the $

390.Vintage Ink Well Glass w/ Tin Lid Approx 2"

391.Vintage Glass Dog Candy Holder 3"

392.Asst Wooden Toys 3 Tops Biggest 2" Small Push Dancing Toy 5" & Rolux Die Clock 2"

393.2 2.5" Tin Match Holders

394.Wooden Plaque w/ Asst Keys Some Old Some Yale Master Chicago Roller Skate Co Etc

395.2 5x6 Silhouette Prints

396.Wedgewood Tea Cup & Saucer

397.2 Vintage Wooden Wash Sticks Longest 20"

398.Basket of Vintage Wooden Aplhabet Blocks

399.9" Blue Glass Mason Jar w/ No Lid

400.Roseville Vase 7"

401.Cast Iron Pot 3" Deep

402.9" Hand Blown Vase Graduated Colors

403.Vintage Thermometer Fox Hunt Print 11x9

404.4 Skeleton Keys Biggest 6.5"

405.Brass Lamp w/ Shade 32"

406.2 Small Cast Iron Pots 1 Skyline Dr Shenandoah Nat'l Park VA 3"

407.9 Small Vintage Wooden Children' Blocks

408.Carved Drift Wood Wall Hanging Signed Anna Crew/Grew Sailboat Scene 22" Long

409.Gold Tone Lamp w/ Shade 27"

410.Men Knox 7 1/8 Hat w/ Box Dasch's Wilkinsburg PA

411.Iron Wall Rack Half Circle 15x16

412.2 Sailboat String Wall Hangings Biggest 16x14

413.Vintage Wood & Glass Washboard 24"H

414.Asst Apple Home Decorations

415.Asst Cardinal Home Decorations Wall Hangings Etc

416.4 Asst Size Asst Style Jars/Bottles Some Bale Top

417.2 Tennis Rackets

418.Needlepoint Thoreau Verse Wall Hanging 11x20

419.Asst Vinatge Mason Jars Asst Brands w/ Tops Some Bail Top Some Tin Top

420.2 Adv Hat Boxes Fowler, Dick & Walker Wilkes Barre Pa & Bergman's

421.1 Door Wooden Knick Knack Shelf 23x19

422.Vintage Argus 300 Automatic Slide Changer

423.Asst Apple Home Decorations

424.Driftwood Bird Decoration

425.Cast Iron Pot 8"

426.2 Wall Coat Racks Longest 4'

427.3 Vinatge 35 LB Lab Plaster Buckets

428.Cast Iron Pot 5"

429.2 Steel Band Saws

430.2 Under Bed Totes

431.Round Barrel Container Maybe Cardboard 14"H

432.Bowling Ball & Bag

433.Vintage Travel Box

434.Asst Books & Games

435.Vintage Shoe Molds & Holder

436.Vintage Audiotronics 300T

437.Vinatge Shoe Mold

438.Asst Apple Silverware

439.4 Asst Novels The Da Vinci Code Etc

440.Cast Iron Pot 9"

441.Cookie Cuters Timer Edger Etc

442.HP Photosmart C4795

443.Vintage Washer

444.Cast Iron Pot 9"

445.Asst Wall Shelves Biggest 23x15

446.Asst Wall Hangings Clock & Knick Knack

447.Vintage Toaster

448.Asst Buttons

449.Can of Asst Buttons

450.Metal Holder w/ Apple Decorations 1 Wooden 8 Cloth Wall Rack 19"

451.Vinatge Slicer 12"

452.Asst Wooden Utensils

453.Bacon Press

454.Metal Tricycle Decoration 7.5"

455.Apple Tea Pot

456.Henry McKenna Crock Jug 8"

457.Vintage Drumming Bear Wind Toy

458.Vintage Winsted HDW Electric Iron

459.Asst Vinatge Kitchen Utensils

460.Mink Fur

461.Mohawk Shaving Cup w/ Brush

462.Wooden Bowl

463.Roberts Castleford Bottle 10"

464.Embroidered Double Bed Coverlet

465.Apple Cookie Jar 10"

466.Vintage Sifter Press & Tin Walkerware Canister

467.Scrap Book of Asst Vintage Topps Baseball Cards Don Zimmer John Kennedy Ron Kline Etc

468.Wooden Pull Duck Toy

469.Box of Asst Wooden Box Home Decoartions

470.5 Asst Size Wooden Trinket Boxes

471.Vintage Dubrul & Peters MFG Co Wooden Cigar Mold

472.Ironstone Commode Pot w/ Lid 8" Lid Has Chips

473.Handpainted Tea Set Complete Set

474.Handpainted Tea Set Complete Set

475.Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf Statue 14"

476.Rollman MFG Co Cherry Seeder

477.1964 Topps Baseball All Star Coins 44

478.Harry Potter Wand in Box 15"

479.Bennington style brown spongeware ladies spitoon 4"

480.Wooden Rabbit Pull Toy

481.Wooden Drummer Pull Toy

482.Basket of Sewing Items

483.2 Peach Milk Glass Alladin Lamps 19"

484.Wooden Mortar & Pestal

485.Asst Records Peter Wood Christmas Lesyter Lanin Etc

486.Little Red Riding Hood Story Picture Plus Set

487.Monesatry Bells Waltz Edison Record

488.Wooden Pull Along Horse 11"H

489.Wooden Rocking Horse 13" split runner

490.Vintage Baby Doll 13" Leg Needs Repair

491.Vintage Rug Beater

492.Seth Thomas Mantle Clock w/ Key

493.Wooden Grasshopper Decoration 6"H

494.Wool Thread And Accessories

495.Asst Wooden Spools

496.Asst 45 Records Loggins & Melissa Crocodile Rock Etc

497.Small Wooden Shelf w/ Contents 9x12

498.Vintage Rug Beater

499.2 Arrows

500.4 Vintage Dolls 9"

501.Wooden Display Shelf & Souvenir Spoons

502.4 Vintage Flintstone Glasses

503.Wooden Bird Toy

504.Vintage Rug Beater

505.Sandle Print 12x20

506.Box of Asst Glassware Some Mikasa Studio Nova Etc

507.Box of Asst Candles & Candle Holders

508.2 Boxes of Asst Glassware

509.Pleasant E Weimer Political Ad Framed 9x11

510.Baking Racks BBQ Clamp Lamp Etc

511.Vintage Slicer

512.Cast Iron Pot 9"

513.Box of Asst Apple Decorated Dishes

514.Asst Apple Home Decorations

515.Asst Apple Home Decorations

516.Asst Apple Home Decorations

517.Asst Apple Home Decorations

518.Teddy Bear w/ Asst Holiday Knitted Sweaters

519.Vintage Slicer

520.Asst Apple Kitchenware & Decorations

521.Box of Asst Light Bulbs & Power Strip

522.Cast Iron Pot w/ Lid 6"

523.2 Wooden Rolling Pins & Masher

524.Set of Cloth Napkins

525.Box of Asst Bottles & Mason Jars

526.3 Asst Decorative Boxes

527.Box of Bakeware & Pots & Pans

528.Box of Asst Glass Spice Jars

529.Box of Asst Russell Wright Dishes Cups Saucers Plates Etc

530.Asst Wicker Baskets

531.Box of Asst Tams

532.Asst Apple Home Decorations

533.Asst Apple Home Decorations

534.Pine Village

535.Asst Kitchen Utensils Insulators Wood Spools Etc

536.Cast Iron Spoon & Aluminum Fork

537.Mini Expositon Made in Germany Reord Player w/ 2 Records

538.2 Pair Vintage Hot Dog Grillers

539.6 Asst Wooden Canes

540.Vintage Star Rite Electric Hair Dryer

541.Apple Pie Plate Sunnycraft

542.Pine Village Light Set

543.Vintage Shade Umbrella

544.3 Ladles 2 Lg 1 Small

545.Wooden Hand Made Spoon Ladle Art etc

546.Asst Puritan Silverplate Silverware

547.78 Mitch Miller Record & 45 Cricket Records Musical Chairs Record

548.4 Elvis Presley 45 Record Look to be in GREAT condition

549.Wooden Stool & Bowl

550.Tote of Asst Christmas Decorations

551.Box of Asst Knick Knacks Etc

552.Box of Asst Items Wooden Goose Pony Apple Decorations Etc

553.Vintage Popcorn Popper US MFG Corp Decatur IL

554.Ceramic Plant Stand 20"

555.Small Wooden Child's Stool 8"H

556.Vintage RCA Victor Record Player 4"H

557.2 Sterling Weighted Candle Sticks 4"

558.Board of Education 18"

559.Silhouette Wood Carving 10"

560.2 Sterling Weighted S&P's

561.Pepper Cricket Farms Sculpture Charles Wysocki 5"

562.2 Cardinal Prints Biggest 14x12

563.Bowling Bag Bank

564.Apple & Pear Paper Machet

565.2 Christmas Ornaments Danbury Mint

566.Jerome Bonaparte Print 6x7

567.Asst Tea Cups & Saucers

568.2 Wooden Art Floral Design Biggest 12x15

569.3 Slate Paintings Apples & Houses Biggest 14x6

570.Carved Wooden Pitcher & Bowl w/ Handle

571.2 Small Topsy Turvy Little Red Hood Dolls

572.Asst Little Red Riding Hood Books

573.Little Red Riding Hood Topsy Turvy Doll

574.Asst Apple Home Decorations

575.Woode Bowl 3"H

576.4 Little Red Riding Hood Dolls & 1 Wolf

577.2 Little Red Riding Hood Topsy Turvy Dolls

578.Asst Apple Kitchenware & Decorations

579.Apple Slicer Corer Crust Shield Etc

580.Asst Towels Umbrellas Etc

581.Asst Tins Charles Chip Etc

582.2 Boxes of Asst Glasses

583.Box of Asst Christmas Decorations

584.Asst Apple Home Decorations

585.Asst Apple Home Decorations

586.5 in 1 Game Table Air Hockey Foosball Etc New in Box Needs Put Together


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