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Dolls, Primitives, Scrapbooks, Furniture Sleigh Buckboard ONLINE Auction - Friday November 15 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Early 2 drawer stand, dovetailed and planed drawers 18x16x27

2.Early maple caned seat chair

3.Maple slat back caned seat chair

4.Folding chair wooden

5.Vanity Stool metal 16" high

6.Stenciled back slat seat chair

7.Stenciled back rush seat chair

8.2 drawer pine half moon bookcase stand

9.Oak clock shelf

10.Small wood stool

11.Set of 6 mahogany dining room chairs

12.Walnut square china cabinet over 1 drawer on legs

13.Mid Century tapered leg coffee table

14.Book holder

15.Mixed wood clock tin face painted door

16.Vintage Solid State turntable speaker combo

17.Maple stool no cushion

18.Mahogany stand

19.2 shelf bookcase

20.Child's roll top desk over 1 drawer

21.Hairpin leg small stool Mid Century

22.Book holder

23.Mid Century triple light pole floor lamp

24.Brass hook coat rack

25.Danish style floor lamp

26.Drop front desk over 3 drawers

27.Handmade corner cabinet 2 door over 2 door

28.Round mahogany stand Duncan Phyfe legs

29.Maple 2/1 drawer princess dresser with oval beveled mirror

30.Corner cabinet 2 door over 2 door

31.Tin Meritoy Conn Doll house

32.Walnut lamp stand

33.Watercolor fall trees

34.Child's stool

35.Early painting unsigned frame damage

36.Metal kitchen cabinet 1 drawer/2 door

37.Vintage Westinghouse roaster and stand

38.3 Spindle back chairs all

39.Painting flowers in vase

40.2/3 drawer stand


41.Oak phone stand

42.Child's Doll bench

43.Wooden ironing board

44.Plant stand

45.Plant stand

47.Small slat front counter top showcase no back

48.3 drawer early dresser painted white

49.Art Deco 3 drawer dresser with mirror

50.2 small coat racks wall mount

51.Coat rack missing one hook

52.Lift top thread box

53.Child's or doll rose carved back chair

54.Cedar chest

55.Wicker planter

56.Signed painting damaged

57.Mid Century arm chair

58.Advertising yard sticks

59.Early stenciled back Victorian style doll bed

60.Wood Chinese checker board

61.Vintage drinking glasses

62.Large box of Pyrex. Various patterns


64.Doll or baby shoes


66.Cat collectibles

67.Aynsley Creamer and assorted dishes

68.Hand and machine done linens

69.Early postcards

70.Vintage white under skirt

71.Crazy quilts for doll and more

72.Nesting mortar and pistils

73.2 Vintage Pyrex measuring cups

74.2 Thermos Vintage

75.Knowles china

76.Poland handmade decoration wood

77.AM Char doll cloth body sleep eyes compo head 18"

78.Quilt and quilt pieces

79.Vintage Nixon button etc

80.3.5" McNess Advertising tin

81.Early Burgess Twin Six lantern

82.Lenox pin box

83.Pair pink Depression salt and pepper

84.Wagner 10.5" iron frying pan

85.Large lot of Vintage dresser or vanity items

86.8 Pieces of Pink Depression creamer sugar and 6 6" plates

87.6 Sets of Pink Depression cups and saucers

88.Vintage kitchen utensils

89.6 9" Pink Depression cabbage rose plates

90.Pink Depression cabbage rose butter dish and oval platter

91.2 pieces of pink pressed glass

92.Cobalt blue plates and decanter

93.Lot of Nautilus Eggshell dishes The Pearl china Co

94.6 Pink Depression Poinsettia 8" plates

95.Pink berry set

96.Pink double bird dish and oval platter

97.Pink creamer sugar and platter

98.Pink Depression cups and saucers

99.Green Depression footed cake plate

100.Green etched center bowl oval

101.Set of 10 6.5" frosted lion head base goblets

102.Victorian Lion head compote

103.Green Depression glass measuring cup and more

104.Juicer clear

105.Effanbee 1965 2500U vinyl 15" doll

106.Vintage Kiss Me Baby Eugene doll with box

107.Vintage Uneeda vinyl 18" doll

108.Sleep eye 19" doll

109.22" Ideal Toy doll K-21-1

110.Berjusa New Born doll in orig box

111.Quilting and quilt pieces

112.History of Susquehanna County Pa 1873 Blackman

113.Vintage perfumes

114.1981 Kutztown State college directory

115.2 Early Bibles and Hymnal

116.Large hand done tablecloth

117.Dresden plate quilting pieces

118.Early tin toy Hercules wind up Ferris Wheel base is rusty

119.2 Early Bibles

120.Holland Stories People of The Whirlpool books

121.Large Early Pictorial Bible

122.Holy Bible

123.2 Books

124.Book massacres of Christians

125.2 Bird Books

126.Quests and Conquests, Leaves of Gold 2 books

127.History of Typographical Union No 6 1942 NY State

128.The American West Book

129.The Youth's Companion Illus Weekly paper 1887 Vol LX

130.Gold and Silver Christmas Cards book

131.Terry Labone Corn Flakes Box

132.Victorian footed quad plate dresser box

133.Scrapbook with postcards and more

134.Small irons and more

135.Small pipes


137.Early children's book


139.3 Early kids paperbacks

140.Early Sesame Street books

141.Books Got em Down Store and Their Yesterdays

142.4 Little Golden Books

143.Muller baby print 13 x 10.5

144.11x13 Autumn Leaf print

145.Small knick knack shelf

146.Scrapbook cards

147.Scrapbook cards

148.Victorian print oak frame 20 x 23, water damage

149.2 Scrapbooks cards

150.2 Scrapbooks One on Dr. Tewksbury of Tunkhannock



153.Vintage slant front counter top store display showcase approx. 2.5' long

154.2 Empty scrap books

155.Scrapbook with early photographs

156.Early scrapbook

157.Vintage plastic dump truck Aura products 13"

158.2 Early Children's toy

159.Vintage hats

160.Vintage Feather hat and more

161.Doll house furniture

162.Embroidery items

163.Teacups and few saucers

164.Early wig for dolls







171.Early child's wood ironing board and table top iron board

172.17 x 21 Picture on velvet plastic frame


174.Early paper items



177.Pyrex various patterns




181.2 boxes books

182.3 boxes books

183.3 boxes books

184.Small hand held vac




188.Early pans

189.Early baking pans

190.Kitchen items

191.2 boxes books

192.2 boxes doll


194.Early dolls

195.Blue rim enamelware pan with lid and double boiler

196.Early stuffed animals

197.Vintage Halloween Witch decorations cardboard and Crete paper One Dancer

198.Pair of chalk ware Holland boy and girl approx. 8" chip on girl skirt

199.Vintage Philco Turntable Model P1441EB

200.Halloween and Fall decorations

201.Primary book

202.Early hand fans

203.Vintage Halloween items

204.Raggedy and Andy paper dolls

205.2 throw rugs

206.Early art supplies

207.Early desk light

208.Toy sewing machine


210.3 dolls

211.Kitchen towels

212.Wood blocks

213.Arko Agate and Fire king

214.Art Deco Casserole

215.Star Dust China items

216.Knick knacks

217.Knick knacks

218.Vintage aprons

219.Ukulele as is

220.umbrellas and vintage magazine rack

221.Raggedy Ann items




225.Titan vintage heater

226.packing quilt

227.fry daddy no lid

228.Early painted off white rocker

229.Avon bottle

230.Early box camera and more

231.Vintage papers and paper items

232.Victorian children's or doll clothing

233.Whiffle tree iron and more

234.Vintage juice glasses


236.Candles etc

237.Horseman cloth body compo head 19" doll

238.Early doll as is

239.1 door knick knack cabinet 14x17x5

240.Wood bucket snack jar

241.2 wood advertising small boxes and Moth ball box


243.Clayware chicken pipe holder piece off base

244.Early dresser boxes and inlaid tray

245.Vintage glasses

246.Early cards

247.2 Boxes doll quilts and more

248.Vintage glasses

249.Shells and Indian rocks

250.2 cloth body dolls one is EIH Co

251.punch cups

252.Oval wood horse picture

253.Germany dishes

254.Etched glasses

255.Early electric press

256.Gold rim stemware

257.Fisher Price record player

258.K & R doll as is

259.Cat knick knacks

260.Early cloth and other calendars


262.Fur coat

263.Material clothing

264.Material clothing

265.Material clothing

266.Ice cream maker




270.Bed trays


272.CD holder

273.Handmade clown and scarecrow dolls

274.Adding machine office items

275.Early wooden items

276.Wood items

277.Photo frame

278.Early Wooden child's doll carriage Wood wheels, handle needs to be reattached

279.crock pot pan

280.2 large clown dolls

281.Large cloth body doll head as is

282.Teapot, etc




286.tin cash box vintage suitcases

287.Chenille bedspread


289.Planter and vase



292.Early dolls and toy animals

293.Pressed glass

294.Early Christmas ornaments



297.2 fans

298.Child's doll bed

299.stenciled black Child's seat

300.2 cardboard drawered cabinets

301.Doll bunk bed vintage

302.Small early doll cradle approx. 20x8x10

303.Piano bench


305.Rattan stand as is

306.Bucket stool and small plant stand

307.Early Wicker doll carriage as is

308.Early wood box

309.Pair of half swinging doors and pants stretcher

310.Small doll cradle



313.Wood shelf

314.Curly Cue cane


316.Horseman 3049 doll

317.2 Vintage paper parosals

318.10" wood doll wagon

319.Stenciled top 12" plant stand

320.Early night clothing

321.Vintage dolls

322.13" blow mold light up Vintage Santa Claus

323.Early dolls and bodies

324.Early Nativity scene

325.doll clothes hangers


327.4" plastic Early Kiddie Products Weeble Santa Clause with bell inside


329.Vintage juice glasses

330.Bakelite style handled umbrellas

331.Pair of Victorian style dresser lamps

332.Victorian pair lamp

333.Cat treat Holder

334.Early games

335.Large box pressed and pattern glassware

336.Assorted Cat and other items

337.Juice glasses and more

338.2 Victorian Lion head compotes

339.Quilt top

340.Pink Depression glass

341.26" squeaky body early doll

342.Amber 8" compote

343.7" covered compote

344.Halloween tin

345.Pink Lemonade set

346.Germany bowl with Camel design

347.Silver-plated items

348.Pink Depression glass

349.Pig and cow

350.Assorted knick knacks

351.Pink Depression glass

352.Breyer horse with box

353.Shoe mold etc

354.Early coffee pot creamer sugar no cord

355.Hand painted and other dishes

356.Mid Century Wheat pattern possibly Hall set of 8 glasses with carrier


358.Clear glassware

359.Germany berry dishes and small plates

360.Hand painted and other dishes

361.Yellow Depression glass

362.Music stand

363.Dresser jars, etc

364.Hall Autumn Leaf pitcher creamer, sugar and coasters

365.Various dishes

366.10 Hall Autumn Leaf glasses tumblers

367.Tall etched fancy compote

368.Effanbee 13" Patricia doll

369.2 early dolls

370.German bisque head doll-crack leather body part


372.syrup, vintage kitchen


374.4 Early Meshoppen Lumber Calendar plates All

375.New Milford and Berk's County plates

376.2 Vintage Kitner Milling plate and platter


378.Harleysville Bank Thermometer advertising

379.Accent Modern chip and dip in box

380.8" Victorian vase

381.Large early light bulb

382.6" creamer

383.honey jar

384.Glass flower frogs

385.2 Vintage metal candleholders

386.Shell pitcher

387.Early glassware

388.Amethyst oval dish

389.Murano style 12" bowl

390.One bookend


392.Milk glass

393.Oil lamp

394.Early dolls and doll clothing

395.large box of piano rolls over 50

396.Early dolls and stuffed toys

397.Concrete dog

398.canning jars pads

400.Vintage playing and other cards


402.Yarn thread



405.Candles etc

406.Metal Hall Autumn Leaf tray and more

407.material etc

408.Dolls, etc

409.blankets etc

410.Piano rolls

411.Wood bird house etc


413.Vintage hair dryer

414.yarn pictures light etc

416.Glacier star items

418.large box of various buttons

419.Early table top loom


421.Painted green wooden doll or child's rocker

422.3 wheel vintage child's ride on toy

423.Cloth body Vogue doll

424.Vintage doll crib

425.Red and silver Adirondack style child's chair

426.2 Vintage trash cans both

427.Wood doll high chair

428.3 Early dolls and more

429.2 magazine holders

430.Train stenciled back doll rocker

431.Advertising tins

432.Doll cradle and clothing

433.Early typewriter

434.Early crate

435.Small wood child's stool

436.Wood painted green doll or child's porch swing

437.Small canopy doll bed

438.Folding small drying rack and sewing



441.Large lot of baskets some vintage

442.Handmade bear with stump

443.Aluminum lounge

444.Early metal box

445.handmade items

446.Early silverware

447.4 pieces early kitchen utensils

448.Early silverware and box

449.Early plated forks

450.Desk light

451.Planter cones

452.Doll in small stenciled cradle


454.Doll house furniture

455.Vintage lamps

456.Singer tiny sewing machine

457.Seth Thomas hump back mantle clock

458.Early wall clocks Google eyed cat is as is

459.Knick knacks

460.Early Halloween cat cardboard and Crete paper One Dancer

461.Small enamel oval bowl

462.Paisley box

464.Vintage linens

465.Pastry press


467.Stainless bowls

468.Chenille bedspread

469.Early tin head doll, cloth body

470.2 dolls

471.Doll cradle

472.Early doll chair

473.Early doll bed with chenille spread

474.Early doll bed with chenille spread

475.Doll chair

476.Bear cradle

477.Rush seat stool

478.Doll cradle

479.Folk Art style stenciled small short stool

480.Doll single swing

481.Doll rattan chair

482.Early wood double doll swing

483.Red Rim enamelware

484.Doll wooden washing machine missing 1 leg

485.Vintage ladies night clothes

486.2 Mid Century Germany pottery vases

487.Mid Century Catalina blue pottery vase

488.Cardboard Halloween jack o lanterns one marked Beistle Co.

489.3 enamel nesting pans

490.Cardboard and Crete paper Halloween decorations black cats

491.Knick knacks

492.Vintage postcards, decals

493.Early sewing basket

494.Hubley 494 truck. I believe the box is replaced because it is plastic

495.Cedar boxes

496.Jack o lantern

497.Vintage clothes

498.View master

499.Enamelware wash pan and cabbage slicer



502.Voice boxes

503.Early keys


505.Early watches

506.2 hand painted pins

507.Victorian pin, etc

508.Victorian library pin and bar pin

509.Enamel over copper jewelry

510.Enamel over copper jewelry

511.1881 Silver Dollar

512.Vintage eye glasses

513.14k Gold man's ring setting

514.2 necklaces

515.Victorian pin, etc

516.Mini level

517.1941-45 Military Medal

518.1945 Army of Occupation Germany Military Medal

519.Good Conduct Military medal


521.Small plastic Vintage Friction Santa Claus 3"

522.Pin cushion

523.Tie tacks cufflinks


525.Scout hat, badges

526.Books, etc

527.Early Grange and Dairyman's league items

528.Early photographs some local

530.Early Horse drawn sleigh as is

531.Early horse drawn buckboard wagon with seat


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