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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
Patricia Hoffman Estate Online Auction - Friday February 1 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Howard Miller Mantle clock with key GTE Sylvania Retirement clock 9.5x6x11 FOYER

2.Small oak buffet with bevedled mirrored gallery Nice shape. 42 x 21 x 57 FOYER

3.OOC painting Early as is, Fruit still life unframed 14 x 12 FOYER

4.Burled walnut carved back Victorian ladies chair FOYER

5.Walnut wall hanging coat rack with Mirror 29 x 51 FOYER

6.2 Oriental Watercolors both with red stamp framed 11 x 11. Sold as a pair FOYER

7.Oak turn leg square stand 20 x 20x 29 FOYER

8.Cream rug 5'1"x7'6" with throw rug FOYER

9.Early ladderback rush seat chair FOYER

10.OG Framed 13 x 18 Mirror some pieces of small veneer off FOYER

11.Lot of purses CLOSET

12.Floor model air conditioner Model ARP-1000ES CLOSET

13.Ladies coats, wool and more CLOSET

14.2 Folding chairs both, CLOSET


16.Early photo album DOWNSTAIRS BEDROOM

17.Candleholders, Pair of ruby red, 2 separate clear ones with prisms DOWNSTAIRS BEDROOM

18.3 Pieces of Victorian glassware Cruet, compote, vase DOWNSTAIRS BEDROOM

19.Box of lead crystal & Victorian glass, Victorian compote-as is, vase, open compote DOWNSTAIRS BR

20.Box of various glassware, deviled egg dish and more DOWNSTAIRS BR

21.Buhl Cold Blast lantern chimney with purple tint 6.5" high DOWNSTAIRS BR

22.P & J London stoneware 6" bottle DOWNSTAIRS BR

23.Cobalt blue & brown bottles and ink bottles DOWNSTAIRS BR

24.Brass & copper items, brass basket ect. DOWNSTAIRS BR

25.E.C. Booz's Old Cabin Whiskey bottle Philadelphia Brown 8.75" DOWNSTAIRS BR

26.Paperweight DOWNSTAIRS BR

27.9.5" Early brownish bottle DOWN BR

28.2 Marigold bowls 7" dia and 3" high DOWNSTAIRS BR

29.5.5" high brown stoneware insulator DOWNSTAIRS BR

30.Early globe by Replogle Globes Chicago Ill, 12" high DOWNSTAIRS BR

31.Early books Galvaston Flood, Hans Brinker DOWNSTAIRS BR

32.Iron beetle boot jack 9.5" repro DOWNSTAIRS BR

33.13" oil lamp with chimney DOWNSTAIRS BR

34.Box with pottery vase, large ship bottle, trinkets DOWNSTAIRS BR

35.Brass & marble base lamp with cut out shade 22" to top of chimney DOWNSTAIRS BR

36.Hemingway 4.5" blue insulator DOWNSTAIRS BR

37.7" Wood Oriental girl DOWNSTAIRS BR

38.2 Ducks 13" wood signed, 11" not signed. Both DOWNSTAIRS BR

39.Box with sugar, glass egg, and more DOWNSTAIRS BR

40.Porcelain shoes, Oriental style dish, ect DOWNSTAIRS BR

41.2 Tone 10" jug DOWNSTAIRS BR

42.3 5" steins All DOWNSTAIRS BR

43.Candleholders, Madonna, bells DOWNSTAIRS BR

44.Pair of 8" brass candleholders & more DOWNSTAIRS BR

45.Vintage scarves, gloves, fur collar DOWNSTAIRS BR


47.Rose decorated 19" Bedroom lamp DOWNSTAIRS BR

48.Early Oak Washstand, nice shape 32 x 17 x 31 w/ towel rack DOWNSTAIRS BR

49.Bag and 2 boxes of books DOWNSTAIRS BR

50.Flowers, decorative items DOWNSTAIRS BR

51.Yarn and knitting needles DOWNSTAIRS BR

52.Umbrellas and more DOWNSTAIRS BR

53.Christmas DOWNSTAIRS BR

54.Piano music DOWNSTAIRS BR


56.Small decorative dome top box newer 17 x 13 x 15 DOWNSTAIRS BR

57.Early Child's arrowback chair 13" to seat 27" to top of back DOWNSTAIRS BR

58.Hand done doll quilt Early DOWNSTAIRS BR

59.Early Child's Bentwood chair 12" to seat, 26" to top of back, back does need to be fixed DOWNSTAIRS BR

60.Early lift top blanket chest cedar lined with cushion top 42 x 20x16 DOWNSTAIRS BR

61.Mahogany headboard bed, complete 61 x 79 DOWNSTAIRS BR

62.2 Throw rugs 47 x 30. Both DOWNSTAIRS BR

63.Cushion top Mahogany vanity stool 25 x 13 x16 DOWNSTAIRS BR

64.Hanging wall decoration DOWNSTAIRS BR

65.Staiger Quartz Plastic pendulum style clock 25" DOWNSTAIRS BR

66.2 Pictures with wooden frames 18 x 15, 15x12, cottage & stream scenes Sold as a set. DOWNSTAIRS BR

67.Toleware waste basket 13" high DOWNSTAIRS BR

68.Mahogany arm & leg tufted back chair DOWNSTAIRS BR

69.Mahogany arm & leg tufted back chair DOWNSTAIRS BR

70.Wyalusing Area Pennsylvania Throw DOWNSTAIRS BR


72.Victorian deep walnut framed pencil drawering 14x16.5 DOWNSTAIRS BR

73.Aladdin Model 11 oil lamp converted to elec with hand painted shade 18" DOWNSTAIRS BR

74.Cottage style spool 1 drawer washstand 31x18x28 DOWNSTAIRS BR

76.Walker, canes, shower seat DOWNSTAIRS BR

77.Oak Round seat caned bottom chair nice shape DOWNSTAIRS BR

78.Throw rug 44 X 25 DR

79.4" x 8" dia butter crock DR

80.Large hand crotched table cover early DR

81.Mahogany gateleg dropleaf table 35 x 13x30 leaves are 18" half moon to make round table DR

82.Large glass jar 20" high DR

83.United Plastic self starting 12" Vintage elec. Clock with children on swing DR

84.Argus M3 movie camera DR

85.Gold guild round rose medallion mirror 31" dia DR

86.Sessions hump back mantle clock 21x9 DR

87.7" Storm glass DR

88.Ice blue glass basket, blue vase & dish DR

89.Oil lamp with iron bracket DR

90.Mahogany 2 door covers 3 drawers over 2 drawers with glass pulls sideboard with key 48x21x40 DR

92.3 Way floor lamp metal/marble base DINING ROOM

93.16" Corner stand DINING ROOM

94.Dell Lap top DINING ROOM

95.HP Officejet 4500 Wireless printer DINING ROOM

96.Vizio 21" screen DINING ROOM

97.Box candles DINING ROOM

98.10" Brown crock with spout, nicks DINING ROOM

99.8" Brown crock chip,crack DINING ROOM

100.Sony portable stereo with cd's DINING ROOM

101.7" Blue chello bottle DINING ROOM

102.5" Green Piso Co. bottle & 8" Chief Wahoo electric Tonic Amber bottle DINING ROOM

103.The Christian Bros. of California bottle 10.5" DINING ROOM

104.6" Brown flask DINING ROOM

105.2 11" Bottles brown & clear DINING ROOM

106.3 Bottles Lea & Perrins, Lydia E. Pinkham's & flask DINING ROOM

107.10" Congress & Empire Spring Co. Saratoga, NY Green bottle DINING ROOM

108.10" Bottle DINING ROOM

109.Lot of assorted bottles DINING ROOM

110.Small crockery jars DINING ROOM

111.2 pictures 11x17, 7 x 9 DINING ROOM

112.17" small lamp DINING ROOM

113.Hangers DINING ROOM


115.Box with wrapping paper, ect DINING ROOM

116.Mahogany Duncan Phyfe dining room set, table and chairs, table is 62 x 44, leaf, small stains on top includes 6 nice needlepoint seat Mahogany chairs

117.Set of Dishes Dinnerware Ashworth Bros. Hanley England porcelain transferware, early, inlcudes 11-9.5" plates, 15-8" plates, 17-7" plates, 3-6" plates, 3 butter patties, Covered casserrole, creamer, pitcher, 17-7.5" bowls, 2 platters 10 x 9 and 13 x 10, 2 serving bowls 10 x8 and 9 x7 DINING ROOM

118.Partial set of Nikko dishes, 8 plates, 8-7" plates, 8 saucers, 2 cups, sugar, serving bowl, 5 cereal bowls DINING ROOM

119.4" Yesterday ChildDINING ROOM

120.3.5" lopsided cup DINING ROOM

121.6" Handblown applied handled vase blue DINING ROOM

122.5 sets of cups and saucers Mason's Austria, ect DINING ROOM

123.8 Saucers, 6 cups Gold design DINING ROOM

124.3 Platters Red transferware, & more 2 smaller dishes DINING ROOM

125.12" Independnce Ironstone teapot DINING ROOM

126.Lot of hand painted and designed plates, Austria,Noritke ect DINING ROOM

127.Lot of Haviland, and other plates gold design DINING ROOM

128.Large lot of various stemware, some etched DINING ROOM

129.Lot with Gravy boats, sugar DINING ROOM


131.Puzzles DINING ROOM

132.No. 17 Enterprise Co. Cherry stoner DINING ROOM

133.Silverplated items, creamer, sugar & more DINING ROOM

134.Box with syrup and candy dishes DINING ROOM

135.Linens DINING ROOM

136.Christmas linens DINING ROOM

137.Linens some with hand done edging DINING ROOM

138.Early quiver and game call DINING ROOM

139.3 Pieces with Ironstone teapot no lid transferware & more DINING ROOM

140.4-3.5" Angels signed DINING ROOM

141.Ruby/clear salt and peppers and sherberts DINING ROOM

142.14" decanter pressed creamer & sugar DINING ROOM

143.Beautiful Broyhill hutch, lighted top, glass shelves 52x18x82 DINING ROOM

144.Linens DINING ROOM

145.Linens DINING ROOM

146.Linens DINING ROOM

147.Blue rug in dining room wear on edge 8'x12' Can not be moved until DR table is gone

148.Early plank bottom chair seat 17", chair 31"

149.Fred Thompson picture Birches in the Meadow 16 x 18" LIVING ROOM

150.Crosley stereo radio, CD, turntable LIVING ROOM

151.Burled mahogany veneered Empire 2 drawer stand 20 x 16 x 29 LIVING ROOM


153.Loveseat 65" LIVING ROOM

154.Brass coated LR lamp heavy LIVING ROOM

155.Loveseat 65" small stain one near window LIVING ROOM in front of window

156.Modern dropleaf 1 dr. cherry end table, pad feet 18x26x22 with plants LIVING ROOM

157.Loveseat 65" LIVING ROOM

158.Early Gilbert mantle clock 16x6x11 LIVING ROOM

159.Decorative greenery LIVING ROOM

160.Samsung 32" flatscreen tv LIVING ROOM

162.Early Rhymes book LIVING ROOM

163.NY Times book LIVING ROOM

164.Books on Civil War LIVING ROOM

165.Entertainment stand or game cabinet/ turn into display 2 doors cover tv over 2 doors 42 x 22x75 Center LIVING ROOM

167.Lift top hamper 23x12x26 and wood holder LAUNDRY

168.4 drawer dresser painted white 26x17x41 LAUNDRY

169.2 folding plastic chairs LAUNDRY

170.Contents of closet LAUNDRY

171.Wooden advertising box M & J.B. Kellam Co. Binghamton NY Pure Spice with tools LAUNDRY

172.Bench 29 x 16 x 19 LAUNDRY

173.Box early bottles various sizes LAUNDRY

174.Box early bottles LAUNDRY

175.Towel LAUNDRY

176.9 x 18" washboard LAUNDRY

177.Decorative bird house on top of cabinet LAUNDRY

178.Butterfly pic and items on top of cabinet LAUNDRY

181.Plastic 4 drawer cabinet 8x18x35 LAUNDRY

182.2 Wooden TV trays, cabinet on wall LAUNDRY

183.Early bottles ect LAUNDRY

184.Early bottles LAUNDRY

185.Early bottles wine, green bottle LAUNDRY

186.Box with small fan, hair dryer, iron LAUNDRY

187.Mirror 15 x 24 BATHROOM

188.Oak washstand serpentine front 32x19x31 pulls look original BATHROOM

189.Wall shadowbox with contents 38 x 30 BATHROOM

190.Sunbeam scales BATHROOM

191.Single wicker fernery 11x11x24 BATHROOM

192.Pewter plate & dish , 2 spoons on wall KITCHEN

193.Corning brick 9x4x3 KITCHEN

194.Plant KITCHEN

195.Small stand 24x9x20 KITCHEN

196.6" creol no lid KITCHEN

197.Box Vintage door handle porcelain, metal, Bennington style KITCHEN

198.Wooden jewelry box and game KITCHEN

199.Moracca KITCHEN

200.2 See Hear Read book KITCHEN

201.Men's watches, Pulsar, Omega all watches sold as is KITCHEN

202.Cookbooks KITCHEN

203.Wooden puzzle KITCHEN

204.3 Small pieces of pottery stoneware KITCHEN

205.Early bell & oiler KITCHEN

206.2 Gallon crock, chip inside KITCHEN

207.Early Victorian plated items KITCHEN

208.Box Vintage ladies cream jars KITCHEN

209.2 Packs early cigarettes KITCHEN

210.2 Small pictures 2.5x4, 6.6x6.5 KITCHEN

211.2 small oilers Eagle and other 3" KITCHEN

212.Vintage wood block puzzle with box KITCHEN

213.16 Pieces of Sterling Silver flatware 2-6.25" forks, 8 teaspoons, 6-7" forks All monogrammed KITCHEN

214.Early photo album with porc. Knobes with 2 tin types 4x5.5x3 KITCHEN

215.The Tower Brand 138 Sohn S. Holler & Co. Germany 11/16" blade straight razor KITCHEN

216.Wade & Butcher 11/16" blade straight razor KITCHEN

217.Arrowheads KITCHEN

218.Brownie Hawkeye camera KITCHEN

219.Set of 2 Iron horses 3x2x3 KITCHEN

220.Schrade Uncle Henry Pocket knife KITCHEN

221.Pocket Watch H.J. Hallock Hamilton Watch Co. 402304 17 jewel, Lancaster Pa. Case 6760208 KITCHEN

222.Plated 10" beveled Victorian hand held mirror

223.3.5 x 3" Ambro or daug type KITCHEN

224.Campaign ribbons KITCHEN

225.Tie tacks KITCHEN

226.Pocket Watch Westclox Scotty All watches as is KITCHEN

227.Pocket Watch American Waltham Co. 76000 50 no crystal case 9993119 KITCHEN

228.1/20th 10k pins KITCHEN

229.Columbian Expo paperweight KITCHEN

230.5" sad iron KITCHEN

231.3/4" Red Cross pin KITCHEN

232.Clock KITCHEN

233.2 pair bionoculars 6 x 30, 7x-15x35 both KITCHEN

234.9" GF Washburn crockery bottle KITCHEN

235.9 Unteith & Co. crockery bottle KITCHEN

236.Candlewick pedestal cake plate and clear bowl KITCHEN

237.2 Pharmacy items KITCHEN

238.6" wooden mortar pestal KITCHEN

239.GTE 10k gold pins some with accent stones KITCHEN

240.Ronson Crown table lighter KITCHEN

241.Small vintage grater and spoon KITCHEN

242.Pocket Watch case only marking is just and Indian head 2.25" dia. KITCHEN

243.Sterling band large stone ring KITCHEN

244.10k General System phone small pin KITCHEN

245.Pocket Watch Waltham Face is blue-as is #10230181 Case B & B 90 yr 336355 All watches sold as is KITCHEN

246.Beautiful daug or ambro type of girl riding horse 4.5 x 3.5

247.Kitchen utensils KITCHEN

248.Knic knacs KITCHEN

249.Office items KITCHEN

250.Baskets, ect KITCHEN

251.Pelonis tower fan KITCHEN

252.Vintage kitchen and tin items KITCHEN

253.Magnets KITCHEN

254.Kitchen towels KITCHEN

255.Pans baking ect KITCHEN

256.Small roaster with lid and extra piece KITCHEN

257.Larkin Soap Co. Advertising piece from box 28 x 8 KITCHEN

258.Plant and plates on wall KITCHEN

259.10 x 14 enamel pan KITCHEN

260.Ladies change purse, shaving brush, ect KITCHEN

261.Studio pottery 8" bowl KITCHEN

262.3 pieces of Ironstone KITCHEN

263.Pink & yellow depression glass KITCHEN

264.Currier & Ives The Road Winter Pie plate & small bowl KITCHEN

265.2 Banks 3" & 5" Both KITCHEN

266.Assorted jewelry KITCHEN

267.Early silverware KITCHEN

268.Pyrex KITCHEN

269.Adams Tunstall Dishes, red transferware Old English Corona and more KITCHEN

270.4.5" early tin and wooden spoon KITCHEN

271.Cannister set KITCHEN

272.3-5" Schutz Germany cups All KITCHEN

273.7" Toyo pitcher KITCHEN

274.5-6.5" White Depression glass plates, 4-7.5" Ruby plates KITCHEN

275.Jewelry Necklaces CZ tear drop, crystal looking, ect KITCHEN

276.Small stand 17 x 9 x18 KITCHEN

277.Round rug 74" dia and matching throw rug KITCHEN

278.2 Oval runners 67 x 25 Both KITCHEN

279.Oval rug 67 x 25 KITCHEN

280.Microwave, kitchen appliances KITCHEN

281.Pyrex & baking KITCHEN

282.Pans bottom cabinet KITCHEN

283.Pressed glass cruet, bowls, juicer KITCHEN

284.Cutting boards, KITCHEN

285.Plasticware btm cabinet KITCHEN

286.Pottery soup bowls, Cups and more KITCHEN

287.Oster toaster oven KITCHEN

288.Universal grinder KITCHEN

289.Glasses some vintage top shelf KITCHEN

290.Casserrole no lid KITCHEN

291.Bowls, ect KITCHEN

292.White everyday dishes bottom shelf KITCHEN

293.3 baking dishes bottom cabinet KITCHEN

294.Wooden calendar on wall KITCHEN

295.Painting ladder KITCHEN

296.Barometer , ect on wall KITCHEN

297.Potato bin 12 x 12x30 KITCHEN

298.Wooden bank, decorative KITCHEN

299.Edison cylinder player with 7 cylinders, Oak, table top model Ser # 10235 12x15x16 does have crank not sure of working condition or condition of cylinders KITCHEN

300.Early tavern table 35" dia. 29" high KITCHEN

301.American Flyer train set Engine 283 with tender, MkT 937 car, 977 caboose, 925 Gulf car, 928 NH car, box of track and accessories KITCHEN

302.3 piece cannister set KITCHEN

303.Hand painted dishes DINING ROOM

304.Walnut Victorian white marble top stand 36x20 x30 DINING ROOM

305.Signed baseball with picture KITCHEN

306.2 Advertising houses, Peanut Barn and The Wren House KITCHEN

307.Pottery base 13" oil lamp newer KITCHEN

308.16" Wooden handmade tractor trailer, truc and sock monkey KITCHEN

309.12" Decorative wooden bird house KITCHEN

310.8" Resin decorative bird house KITCHEN

311.Plant and planters KITCHEN

312.Chaney Battery operated clock KITCHEN

313.2 Kitchen Chairs modern both KITCHEN

314.Flag KITCHEN

315.Kitchen items on wall PANTRY

316.Small drying rack 22" PANTRY

317.Plasticware PANTRY

318.Tools in drawer PANTRY

319.Baking pans PANTRY

320.Mixer, ect PANTRY

321.Hoosier style cabinet painted blue, wood top, no front 41x30x6' PANTRY

322.24" stool PANTRY

323.Decorative items on wall toward cellar doorway

421.floral print framed 27x30 and a straw wreath STAIRWAY

422.3 decorative hats and floral print 10x12 STAIRWAY chair SEWING ROOM

424.organizing bin of asst sewing items buttons etc SEWING ROOM of asst office items UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM of asst sewing items patterns measurers etc UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM

427.extendable wall lamp UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM< go my first sewing machine UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM<

429.pelonis table heater UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM<

430.9 drawer maple desk 30x42x20 UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM<

431.Christmas 1971 Schmid Hummel decorative plate UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM< shelf of asst books UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM<

433.2 glass chimneys UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM<

434.RCA stereo system UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM<

435.extendable wall lamp UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM< accents floor fan UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM<

437.sewing patterns material ironing board baskets etc UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM<

438.oak square top accent table 25x24x24 UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM<

439.Sylvania stereo system with 8 track and record player with some records and speaker mode lumber cp0642 serial number 1743954 UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM<

440.pine stand flip top fold down front 2 door 35x40x21 UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM<

441.partially finished needle point floral piece UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM< print framed 22x18 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

443.oak 1 drawer over 2 drawer by 1 door washstand original hardware on wheels UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

444.wooden Ramsdell child's rocker stencil top 1 spindle is broken UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

445.sheep print 31x21 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1 mat thigh master and 2 sets of dumbbell UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1s

447.Mahogany trifold dresser mirror UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

448.wicker chair with hand stitched quilted cushion UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

449.tree print framed 14x18 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

450.wooden flip top painted bench on wheels 36x45x19 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1br />
451.vintage child's sweater UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

452.blankets and pillows and sheets etc UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

453.hand stitched quilt UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1br />
454.oak rocker UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

455.2 braided oval rugs big one is 11x8 small one is 4x2 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

456.2 jigsaw puzzles 1000 piece and 1500 1 is put together UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

457.Widdicombe Mahogany Empire Style 2 short over 2 long drawer dresser with mirror 34x47x24 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1br />
458.rush seat stencil back chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

459.wooden round top square bottom plant stand with wicker items 20" high UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

460.jigsaw puzzle global picture framed UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

461.asst hand stitched throw pillows UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1br />
462.pair of airwalk crocs and vans size 10.5 ski boots UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

463.plastic trash can extension cords futaba radio control system etc UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

464.2 handstitched framed pieces 13x17 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

465.crystal marble bottom lamp with shade 16" UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

466.Walnut 2 tier wooden night stand 27x16x16 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

467.2 bed throws UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

468.hand stitched when the village music plays west German end table cover 21x15 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

469.full size mahogany bed complete UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

470.genesse cream ale light 17x17 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

471.Mahogany 1 drawer night stand 27x16x13 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

472.wooden octagon shape plant stand 24"high UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

473.Mahogany framed wall mirror 48x31 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

474.rooster print blauer Hahn (Galliformes) signed 12x14 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

475.real pen work self instructor in penmanship book UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

476.Mahogany 8 drawer Dixie dresser 34x56x20 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

477.cane seat carved back chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

478.oak 1 drawer over 2 door wash stand with drying rack on wheels UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

479.brass colored lamp radio alarm clock etc UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

480.woven seat slat back chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

481.shelf full of asst books war books art books etc books only UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

482.wooden bookshelf 35x22x9 bookshelf only UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

483.2 boxes of asst books novels reader digest etc UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2 of purses pocket books hand bags etc UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

485.walnut carved top Victorian chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

486.The Farm Yard print framed signed 25x21 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

487.Rayo electrified lamp with hand painted globe 18" UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

488.Mahogany Duncan Phyfe accent table Imperial 27x24x24 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

489.floral print framed Asian stamps 12x15 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

490.woven trash bin UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

491.asst board games craft supplies horse print etc UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

492.asst Christmas items shelf and floor of closet UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

493.Mahogany 3 shelf corner shelf 23" UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

494.Early plank bottom rocker with cushion UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

495.5 shelf corner shelf UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

496.Oak framed wall mirror 31x28 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

497.milk glass lamp with shade 16" UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

498.Burled Walnut 2 drawer over 3 drawer dresser glass pulls 44x43x22 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

499.floral print framed 14x18 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

500.oak chair woven seat UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

501.ladies scarves UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

502.asst knick knack UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2s

503.state officer book and Bradford places Bradford people book UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

504.3 fox fire books vol 7,8,9 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

505.crotched linens and doilies UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

506.2 porcelain face and limb dolls biggest 1 is dynasty doll collection 17 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2"

507.the great American popcorn machine by sunbeam UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

508.wool table runner and ShawL UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

509.vintage old spice and Conair clippers UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

510.pillow asst material etc UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

511.3 books tales of laughter, the deer slayer and the spy UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

512.elco torpedo boat model UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

513.2 books 5 little peppers and how they grew, and birds UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

514.mohair stuffed turtle possibly Steiff UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

515.glen lock dairies co sunberry PA bottle clear 9.5" UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

516.bride and groom doll furniture set UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

517.2 vintage scrap books UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

518.Timex easy reader clock linden table alarm clock UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

519.national geographic society atlas polio UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

520.asst children's books UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

521.asst knick knacks decorations etc UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2 Pyrex bottle 12" UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2 micky and mini metal trash can stuffed animals etc UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

524.vintage silver ware set knives and forks UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

525.asst war books UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

526.raggedy Andy doll Knickerbocher on woven seat doll chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

527.woven seat painted chair UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

528.electrified crock jar lamp some chips and a crack 15" UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

529.mountain side print framed signed jane parsons UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

530.Danner walnut book shelf 48x37x12 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

531.cooper ideal thermomete UPSTAIRS HALLWAYr

532.woven seat slat back chair UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

533.wreath and hamper UPSTAIRS BATHROOM

534.3 piece bathroom rug set UPSTAIRS BATHROOM

535.16" wall fan UPSTAIRS BATHROOM

536.Primitive yarn winder wood< UPSTAIRS BATHROOMbr />
537.step stool UPSTAIRS BATHROOM

538.hand painted bathroom items UPSTAIRS BATHROOM

539.bathroom decorations UPSTAIRS BATHROOM

540.Holmes humidifier UPSTAIRS BATHROOM

541.bathroom decorations UPSTAIRS BATHROOM

542.flamingo print framed signed 11x13 UPSTAIRS BATHROOM

543.2 prints 1 is joke 11x13 and 1 is mother and daughter 10x14 UPSTAIRS BATHROOM

544.boy and girl print 18x14 UPSTAIRS BATHROOM oil lamp with chimney UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

546.mahogany hallway stand 25x23x12 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

547.little girl print in frame 8x10 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

548.wood framed wall mirror 27x27 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

549.little girl print in frame 8x10 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

550.vintage metal table lamp with crotched shade UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

551.oak 2 short over 2 long drawer dresser original hardware on wheels 32x43x21

552.large quantity asst bed linen sheets blankets etc UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3 shelf 5 shelves carved top 57x32x12 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

554.single bed spindle style headboard and footboard complete UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

555.2 floral prints 8x10 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

556.2 glass lamps with shades 13" UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

557.wooden painted stencil top table 24x36x20 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

558.little girls sun dress size unknown and 2 communion head pieces UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

559.2 vintage bed throws UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

560.hand stitched bed quilt UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

561.single bed spindle style headboard and footboard complete UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

562.Victorian scene print framed and signed 10x14 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

563.rush seat chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

564.vintage print 13x15 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

565.2 milk glass hobnail lamps with shades 14" and milk glass hobnail vase 5" UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

566.round wooden end table possibly home made 24" UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

567.Victorian Iron and brass bed with castors, complete UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

568.6' folding table UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

569.3 vintage pully wheels UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

570.#5 vintage plane UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

571.4 fiesta saucers and 1 desert plate UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

572.lane trinket box wooden bible box Luna fruit advertising box and Mrs. Ralph Noble necklace box UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

573.asst 45 records UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

574.upholstered vanity seat UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

575.asst beer advertising bottles cans cups and a star wars cup UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

576.stuffed animals and decorative items UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

577.cannisters mugs cups decorations etc UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

578.candle picture knick knack etc UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

579.vintage compact napkin holder UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

580.pitcher and bowl hand painted vase and angel bowl UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

581.hard hat safety goggles and styrofome hat UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

582.Bad Co record UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

583.magazines and books UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

584.redone cane seat chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

585.wicker rocker UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

586.Walnut oval wall mirror18x22 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

587.Walnut veneered 2 over 4 drawer claw foot style dresser UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

588.cane seat spindle back oak chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

589.War is not healthy framed poster kids drawing glass is broken 34x23 ATTIC

590.vintage metal floor lamp ATTIC

591.Sylvania chemicals barrel 26" ATTIC

592.mahogany bed with rails ATTIC

593.vintage maple baby crib ATTIC

594.Mahogany spindle bed with rails ATTIC

595.Oriental rug 5x4 ATTIC

596.2 storage barrels biggest is 30" ATTIC

597.Christmas decorations ATTIC

598.cane seat oak chair ATTIC

600.2 Hooked oval shape rugs biggest is 6'x4' ATTIC

601.Square oak 5 leg dining table ATTIC

602.large area rug and smaller throw rug ATTIC

603.wooden boxes drawers etc ATTIC of old news papers and maps ATTIC

605.wooden child's bentwood rocker ATTIC

606.blanket and quilt ATTIC

607.asst bed throws ATTIC

608.2 glass lamps 1 Victorian style 1 with shade tallest is 29"ATTIC easel ATTIC

610.oak 2 drawer over 2 long drawer dresser on wheels with mirror -34x32x20 without mirror ATTIC

611.Early wooden lift top chest with glove box 22x44x19 ATTIC

612.vintage metal ceiling light ATTIC

613.braided rugs ATTIC

614.wooden chair and cane seat painted chair ATTIC

615.bamboo art easel ATTIC

616.wooden box with asst wooden furniture pieces ATTIC

617.enamel bowl ATTIC

618.straw type Mexican hat ATTIC

619.asst records ATTIC

620.wicker basket and lamp shades ATTIC of asst items ATTIC

622.Early windows ATTIC

623.step ladder ATTIC

624.wooden barrel 31" ATTIC

625.2 wooden crates 1 currants franklin packing co new York ATTIC

626.3 wooden crates may be shipping crates ATTIC

627.square top oak accent table 25x24x24 ATTIC

628.4 foot step ladder shop vac box fan etc ATTIC

661.Glass display shelf with 1 door base 23 x 17 x72 Left side of LIVING ROOM

662.Glass display shelf with 1 door base 23 x 17 x72 Right side of LIVING ROOM

663.Advertising box E.R. Durkee & Co. Gauntlet Spices 16 x 9 x 4 LIVING ROOM

665.horns, yard stick, wood box was 1100 on catalog passed out at open house
667.Painting of sailboat approx 13 x 8 BASEMENT TOOL ROOM
669.Nails BASEMENT TOOL ROOM was 1097 on catalog passed out at open house
670.Organizer with assorted smalls BASEMENT TOOL ROOM was 1098 on catalog passed out at open house
671.Craftsman router table BASEMENT TOOL ROOM was 1097 on catalog passed out at open house
672.Bits BASEMENT TOOL ROOM Was 1096 on catalog passed out at open house
673.Chain, elec strip BASEMENT TOOL ROOM Was 1095 on catalog passed out at open house
674.Stanley chisels BASEMENT TOOL ROOM was 1094 on catalog passed out at open house
675.Box with rebar, chisel heads, file BASEMENT TOOL ROOM was 1093 on catalog passed out at open house
676.Pliers and more BASEMENT TOOL ROOM Was 1092 on catalog passed out at ope house
677.Files BASEMENT TOOL ROOM Was 1091 on catalog passed out at open house
678.Screwdrivers BASEMENT TOOL ROOM Was 1090 on catalog passed out at opem house
681.NEWER Husqvarna GT54LS Riding Mower, 33 hours, 54" cut This riding mower is almost NEW Garage kept

682.30' Wooden extention ladder GARAGE

683.24' Aluminum extention ladder GARAGE

684.12' Werner step ladder GARAGE

685.Metal porch chair green GARAGE

686.Metal porch chair, gray GARAGE

687.Moving dolly, hard wheels GARAGE

688.Rug blue/beige approx 5 x 7 GARAGE

689.Early wooden buggy jack GARAGE

690.2 Early wooden shipping boxes GARAGE

691.Sifting box 20 x 8x 7 Early GARAGE

692.Limb saw GARAGE

693.Tins, Christmas GARAGE

694.16 x 21 2 Pc iron grate GARAGE

695.43" sq. patio table GARAGE

696.Good shovel GARAGE

697.D L & W Railroad signed shovel GARAGE

698.Pair saw horses GARAGE

699.Hudson Vintage sprayer GARAGE

700.Flashing GARAGE

701.Lot of garden items GARAGE

702.Large porcelain sink 54 x 21 GARAGE

703.31" fountain part GARAGE

704.3 pc of chicken wire GARAGE

705.Craftsman 5 hp wet/dry vac GARAGE

706.2 baskets GARAGE

707.Box with 2 green botles, small planters GARAGE

708.Early iron hitch GARAGE

709.2 small tires 4.10/3.50-6 GARAGE

710.12" Planter GARAGE

711.Canada Dry advertising soda crate GARAGE

712.New game Washer Toss GARAGE

713.Early window weights and pulleys GARAGE

714.Horseshoes GARAGE

715.Coal skuttle and pail GARAGE

716.Bucket of assorted tools GARAGE

717.Early kitchen items GARAGE

718.Lowe Brothers paint advertising box with quantity of horns GARAGE


720.2 T Floor jack GARAGE

721.11x15 tarp , 2 smaller tarps and galvanized tub GARAGE

722.Lift jack GARAGE

723.Coke bottle, Keebler tin, Barney cup GARAGE

724.No 10 Puritan grinder GARAGE

725.Small cutter and other GARAGE

726.Porcelain 14 x 7 sign Dairymen's League GARAGE

727.Sylvania Towanda metal sign 1966 12 x 4 GARAGE

728.American Agriculture and Wyalusing Rams license plates GARAGE

729.5 1950's License plates, 1951,52,55,56,58 GARAGE

730.7 Motorcycle license plates 2-1958,2-1959,2-1960 and other

731.1941 License plate GARAGE

732.2 Splitting wedges GARAGE

733.2 1924 license plates GARAGE

734.1963 License plate GARAGE

735.9 License plates GARAGE

736.2 Oriental banners GARAGE

737.30 x 24 Japanese flag GARAGE

738.Mixer & mini alum scoop GARAGE

739.Enamelware GARAGE

740.3 pieces of enamel and scribble ware GARAGE

741.Iron buggy step GARAGE

742.Fishing pole GARAGE

743.13" Early ice skates GARAGE

744.Iron Victorian candleholder 16" GARABGE

745.14" brass/copper items SP Townsend Co Orange NJ GARAGE

746.7" oil can GARAGE

747.18" Copper/brass nozzle GARAGE

748.15" Tongs GARAGE

749.15" Dietz No lantern no globe GARAGE

750.Tonka metal grader 17" GARAGE

751.10" high wicker planter hole in base GARAGE

752.Red 14" Barn lantern GARAGE

753.PRR Railroad lantern no globe GARAGE dent

754.14" barn lantern GARAGE

755.Treated lumber planter or flower box 72x13x9 GARAGE

756.1 door/3 drawer hanging cabinet small 15 x 20 GARAGE

757.28" log grab GARAGBE

758.57" runner sled Early GARAGE

759.International Cub Cadet 582 Lawn tractor mower with 42" snow plow, 48" deck, chains, 1408.6 hours Very nice condition GARAGE

760.Early lift top box wooden 32x25x22 GARAGE

761.Lightening Glide runner sled 45" GARAGE

762.Flexible Flyer No 551 Airline Eagle runner sled GARAGE

763.Copper & other plumbing GARAGE FLOOR

764.Vintage AMF Royal Master ladies bike, front light is broke GARAGE

765.Large Christmas wreath and 2 baskets GARAGE


767.Lot of plastic buckets and tub in CORNER OF GARAGE

768.Briggs & Stratton short block Part No. 492106 GARAGE

769.Galvanized tub and pail GARAGE

770.Aluminum pans, vintage teapot GARAGE

771.Tools, metal snow shovels, rake GARAGE

772.Tools, snow shovels, broom, shovel GARAGE

773.Large board used as table top 48x96 GARAGE

774.Wooden crate GARAGE

775.Spade, pick other 3 pieces GARAGE

776.3 Vintage wooden doors & trellis pc GARAGE

777.Porcelain single bay sink Vintage 30x19 GARAGE

778.KC Co tin pie plate and sifter GARAGE

779.Wooden items, 4" bucket, lamp ect GARAGE

780.Trapper basket 13" dia, 19" high GARAGE

781.3' Green metal stakes GARAGE

782.Eye stakes, broom head GARAGE

783.Large Yard Shark chipper shredder, can be pulled behind mower, 8 hp B & S motor GARAGE

784.Copper square bucket 18x21x19 GARAGE

785.Vintage buck saw GARAGE

786.2 Early wooden boxes with vintage cigar boxes & dovetailed boxes GARAGE

787.Early lift top wooden box 29x29x28 GARAGE

788.Small block & tackle rop GARAGE

789.Garden tools, shovel, hoe, rake, GARAGE

790.3 Shelves of games, ect. Bean bag toss, Badmitton GARAGE

791.Chain hanging GARAGE

792.Plant stand or benc h 36x13x18 BACK PORCH OFF KITCHEN

793.Concrete turtle planter, folding plastic stand PORCH OFF KITCHEN

794.Double glider with center shelf PORCH OFF KITCHEN 75"

795.Short wooden table with bird house round 36" dia. FRONT PORCH

796.Plastic porch table 36" dia, 2 chairs and stand FRONT PORCH

797.2 Resin wicker porch chairs, Each FRONT PORCH

798.Wizard hand push lawn cart SIDE OF GARAGE

799.2 Wooden Christmas deer decorations SIDE OF GARAGE

800.2 Green stack chairs BOTH SIDE OF GARAGE

801.Wheelbarrow BEHIND GARAGE

802.Jackson Lime spreader BEHIND GARAGE

803.Handmade wooden pull cart 40 x 30 BEHIND GARAGE

804.Early Pull shovel plow BEHIND GARAGE

805.Early hand plow stenciled NO L40AS BEHIND GARAGE

806.Early Hand plow stenciled Briar Edge 100A BEHIND GARAGE

807.3 Plastic chairs, 2 blue , 1 beige-as is BEHIND HOUSE

808.Sundial dia 18", 28" high BEHIND HOUSE

809.Small enamel top stand 24x20x25 BEHIND HOUSE

810.Metal vintage lawn chair BEHIND HOUSE

814.asst milk glass items wooden items doans pills tin glass canaster glass bucket etc

815.4 asst color and asst size glass insulators

816.7 brown asst bottles asst shapes asst sizes tallest is 8"

817.asst bottles asst colors asst shapes asst styles

818.2 glass canaster jars full of asst trinkets

819.6 asst brown bottles asst sizes tallest is 12"

820.9 asst size green bottles tallest is 13.5"

821.asst of asst bottles asst colors asst sizes shapes styles tallest is 8"

822.asst of asst bottles asst colors asst sizes shapes styles

823.asst of asst bottles asst colors asst sizes shapes styles

824.5 blue green 7oz warranted flask 6.5"

825.6 blue green 7oz warranted flask 6.5"

826.11 blue green and clear Atwood's jaundice bitters George town mass. Bottles 6.5"

827.asst bottles asst colors asst shapes asst styles

828.asst glass ink wells 1 blue green asst sizes and shapes

829.asst bottles some with names various colors asst shapes asst styles

830.asst bottles asst colors asst shapes asst styles

831.asst bottles asst colors asst shapes asst styles

832.3 blue green Pepto-magnum bottles 7"

833.13 blue glass ink wells and jars asst sizes tallest 7.5"

834.2 1 blue green 1 clear mason jars

835.6 blue green asst size bottles 9.5"

836.8 blue green bottles asst sizes tallest is 8"

837.12 brown asst size asst shape bottles tallest is 7.5"

838.6 clear glass 8oz warranted flask 6.5"

839.9 asst blue green bottles 7oz warranted flask 6.5"

840.6 asst mason jars asst shapes and sizes some bail top asst brands

841.9 asst brown bottles asst shapes and sizes tallest is 6"

842.6 asst bottles 2 clear 4 blue green asst sizes tallest is 9"

843.15 asst clear bottles some with names, various sizes asst shapes tallest 7"

844.9 clear bottles asst sizes

845.5 asst canning jars asst colors some bail top some tin top some ball some atlas etc

846.7 asst bottles asst sizes asst colors tallest is 8"

847.7 asst size blue green bottles tallest is 9"

848.2 Listerine lambert pharma Cal company 4.5"

849.the omega chemical co new York 4.75"

850.brazillion balm b.f. Jackson & co arcade new York 5.25"

851.o.f. woodward Leroy new York 5.5"

852.van Buskirk fragrant sozodont 5"

853.anodyne for infants 5.5"

854.the singer manfg co clear 5"

855.grand union company bottle clear 5.25"

856.h.d. jump sayre PA bottle clear 7"

857.j&a moeschlin sunberry PA bottle clear 9.5"

858.USA hosp. dept bottle green blue 9.5"

859.scotts emulsion cod liver oil with lime and soda bottle clear 9.5"

860.lash's bitters natural ponic laxative bottle brown 9.5" green tint bottle with no markings 9.5"

862.the cock & Bernheimer company full quart 9"

863.antediluvian luyties brothers NY bottle brown 12.5" spense bellaire O. bottle blue green 6.75"chip green bottle no markings 6.5"

866.Colgate and co NY bottle clear 7"

867.soda and mineral waters bottle green 7.75"

868.Early Philips milk of magnesia bottle blue 7"

869.dr hc porter and sons drug store bottle blue green 5" chip

870.konjola Mosby medicine co Cincinnati USA bottle clear 8.5"

871.E Robinsons sons brewers Scranton PA bottle brown 9.5"

872.stegmier brewin company wilks barre PA bottle clear 10"

873.cs smith Towanda pa bottle blue green 7"

874.masons improved bottle blue green tint 9"

875.LVRR red color lantern globe 6" smith Towanda PA bottle blue green tint 11"

877.economy trade mark jar clear 7"

878.Chas gulden NY bottle clear with purple tint 4.5"

879.larkin co buffalo NY bottle clear 8"

880.congress & empire spring co Saratoga NY bottle green 9"

881.Wentzler Lykens PA bottle blue tint 9.5"

882.light bulb shape bottle blue green bichi-borghesi chianti Siena Italy 9" hood and co hood's sarsa parrilla bottle blue Lowell mass. 25 on bottom 9"

884.Harris bluinc bottle blue green has crack in top 2b on bottom 8.5" borough improved trade mark one tin top with glass insert blue green #2 on the bottom 7"

886.the Pickering mfc co buffalo NY clear 5.75"

887.cold springs dairy Wyalusing pa half pint bottle clear 5.5"

888.deets Syracuse NY little wizard loc-nob globe has crack 4" clear

889.Pain's celery compound bottle brown 9.75"

890.purple bottle m832 on bottom has chip out of top 9.75"

891.c.s. smith Towanda bottle blue green 7.25" green bottle no markings small crack at top 7.5"

893.swayzee improved mason jar with tin top with porcelain lining 33 on the bottom blue green 9"

894.Watkins bottle 281 on bottom clear 5.5"

895.mchenry 1812 bottle brown 10"

896.Eckels bottle 647 on the bottom clear 8"

897.the Williams brothers co Detroit Michigan bottle clear 8"

898.moxie bail top porcelain cork cracked blue green 10.5"

899.waterman's inc bottle with cork 7.25" clear

900.James E Meredith Towanda Pa bail top bottle 9" blue green

901.Clock,items on wall BASEMENT
902.Tamborine BASEMENT
903.Various toy cars BASEMENT
904.Dinky & Lesney toys BASEMENT ROOM 1

905.5" International tractor BASEMENT ROOM 1

906.3" Furby BASEMENT ROOM 1

907.Collectible records 45's Beach Boys, Chubby Checker, ect BASEMENT ROOM 1

908.Marbles BASEMENT ROOM 1

909.Early Blanket chest 44x17x20 BASEMENT ROOM 1

910.Race car track and plastic train track BASEMENT ROOM 1

911.2 frames BASEMENT ROOM 1

912.Doll cradle 13x25x8 BASEMENT ROOM 1

913.Fountain needs pump 30"

914.Toys, slateboard BASEMENT ROOM 1

915.Fringed 1970's purple beaded ladies vest BASEMENT ROOM 1

916.Chimes, decorative wreaths BASEMENT ROOM 1

917.5-14" blue bottles BASEMENT ROOM 1

918.2 5" Wooden doll chairs signed Strombecker BASEMENT ROOM 1

919.Early settle deacons style bench, very nice condition 90 x 15 x34, 17" to top of seat BASEMENT ROOM 1

920.Decorations on 2 walls BASEMENT ROOM 1

921.Goose and Easter eggs BASEMENT ROOM 1

922.68 x 30 2 plastic framed door sections BASEMENT ROOM 1

923.Magnavox VCR DVD player BASEMENT ROOM 1

924.57" Metal framed bird cage no base in cage BASEMENT ROOM 1

926.Early graduated 4 drawer dresser with splashback-broke 43x18x45 BASEMENT ROOM 1

927.Boy Scout jack knife BASEMENT ROOM 1

928.3 Advertising bottle openers BASEMENT ROOM 1

929.3.5" Ballentine Beer tap BASEMENT ROOM 1

930.Liquids BASEMENT ROOM 1

931.Braided rug 101" x 11' BASEMENT ROOM 1

932.3 Pc shovel, spade, cutter on wall BACK ROOM BASEMENT

933.Garden items BACK ROOM BASEMENT


935.Tomato cages BACK ROOM BASEMENT

936.5' Aluminum step ladder BACK ROOM BASEMENT

937.Bucket and planters BACK ROOM BASEMENT

938.Garden tools BACK ROOM BASEMENT


940.Iron pot 8" high, 14" dia. BACK ROOM BASEMENT

941.Boards, broom BACK ROOM BASEMENT

942.Planters bird feeder BACK ROOM BASEMENT

943.Buckets one has bird seed BACK ROOM BASEMENT

944.Bench 48x17x15 BACK ROOM BASEMENT

945.Charcoal grill BACK ROOM BASEMENT

946.Chair painted beige woven seat BACK ROOM BASEMENT

947.Early Rememberance Framed BASEMENT ROOM 3

948.Bed tray BASEMENT ROOM 3

949.Bissell Ready clean BASEMENT ROOM 3

950.Oval rug 67 x 23 BASEMENT ROOM 3

951.Foot spa BASEMENT ROOM 3

952.Oriental framed print with red Dynasty mark 14x19 BASEMENT ROOM 3

953.Westpoint heater BASEMENT ROOM 3

954.Rubbermaid BASEMENT ROOM 3

955.Swirl Christmas tree base BASEMENT ROOM 3

956.Easel board and picture BASEMENT ROOM 3

957.Pine boards BASEMENT ROOM 3

958.Small Vintage ride on plastic hot dog BASEMENT ROOM 3

959.GE Refrigerator freezer 30 x 27 x 64 BASEMENT ROOM 3

960.Small Kenmore upright freezer 22 x 21 x 50 BASEMENT ROOM 3

961.Prints American Watercolors by John Rogers 19 x 14 BASEMENT ROOM 3

962.Cats Prints by Gladys Emerson Cook 12x16 BASEMENT ROOM 3

963.Mahogany coffee table 30x16x15 BASEMENT ROOM 3

964.Stand 30x26x23 BASEMENT ROOM 3

965.Parts to faucet BASEMENT ROOM 3


967.2 Coolers BASEMENT ROOM 3

968.Games, puzzles BASEMENT ROOM 3

969.Wooden crate 29x22x15 BASEMENT ROOM 3

970.When You Reach for The Stars 18 x 21 BASEMENT ROOM 3

971.Wicker basket with pipe insulation BASEMENT ROOM 3

972.Round rug 74" & throw rug BASEMENT ROOM 3

973.Medical items BASEMENT ROOM 3

974.Box of rugs BASEMENT ROOM 3

975.Bucket of Hardware BASEMENT ROOM 4

976.Plumbing and copper BASEMENT ROOM 4

977.7" Vintage light BASEMENT ROOM 4

978.Coleman lantern BASEMENT ROOM 4

979.Electric knives BASEMENT ROOM 4

980.Come a long BASEMENT ROOM 4

981.10 gallon crown mark crock BASEMENT ROOM 4

982.Early radiator covers BASEMENT ROOM 4

983.Early desk, as is 48x28x29 BASEMENT ROOM 4

984.frames BASEMENT ROOM 4

985.2 Canners BASEMENT ROOM 4

986.Slicer BASEMENT ROOM 4

987.Shelf of garden liquids BASEMENT ROOM 4

988.Corner of garden items BASEMENT ROOM 4

989.Contents of cabinet BASEMENT ROOM 4

990.Hesson advertising pc on cabinet BASEMENT ROOM 4

991.Double bit ax & meat saw, bar IN CORNER NEAR CABINET BASEMENT ROOM 4

992.2 Oval rugs 67 x 23 both BASEMENT ROOM 4

993.Cords & hose on wall on left side of half BASEMENT ROOM 4

994.Craftsman blower vac BASEMENT ROOM 4

995.Cord and rope, chain from center of wall to right BASEMENT ROOM 4

996.Early screen 24x52 BASEMENT ROOM 4


998.B & D 7 1/4" circular saw BASEMENT ROOM 5

999.Craftsman 4" planer and sand paper BASEMENT ROOM 5

1000.Craftsman grinder BASEMENT ROOM 5

1001.Craftsman commercial sander BASEMENT ROOM 5

1002.Assorted nippers and cutters BASEMENT ROOM 5

1003.5 Hand saws BASEMENT ROOM 5

1004.Oak table base BASEMENT ROOM 5

1005.8 Aunt Jemima bottles BASEMENT ROOM 5

1006.Contents of shelf from edge to tank not including tank BASEMENT ROOM 5

1007.Fish tank BASEMENT ROOM 5

1008.Brace and bits BASEMENT ROOM 5

1009.Trunk 38x20x13 BASEMENT ROOM 5


1011.Quantity of Christmas BASEMENT ROOM 5

1012.Blow up tube BASEMENT ROOM 5

1013.Contents of cabinet BASEMENT ROOM 5

1016.Puller, tools BASEMENT ROOM 5

1017.Solder gun, tools BASEMENT ROOM 5

1018.Drill, sabre saw, dremmel BASEMENT ROOM 5

1019.draw knife BASEMENT ROOM 5

1020.hathet BASEMENT ROOM 5

1021.Ball & assorted small advertising items, Mini Challion scale, 2 lighters BASEMENT ROOM 5

1022.Stanley plane BASEMENT ROOM 5

1023.Bit sharpener wet stone BASEMENT ROOM 5

1024.B & D electric drill BASEMENT ROOM 5

1025.Benzo torch & sodder BASEMENT ROOM 5

1026.Craftsman mitre box and saw BASEMENT ROOM 5

1027.Enamel roasters BASEMENT ROOM 5

1028.14" dia. Enamel wash pan BASEMENT ROOM 5

1029.18" Dia enamel wash pan BASEMENT ROOM 5

1030.15" Enamel bowl BASEMENT ROOM 5

1031.Large wooden bowl-crack and cabbage chopper BASEMENT ROOM 5

1032.Large bowl to pitcher and bowl set not pitcher BASEMENT ROOM 5

1033.Picnic basket base as is BASEMENT ROOM 5

1034.Primitive trap BASEMENT ROOM 5

1035.2 Gallon crock with lid, chip BASEMENT ROOM 5

1036.Contents of cabinet appliances, pans BASEMENT ROOM 5

1037.3 Shelves of items jars, ect BASEMENT ROOM 5

1038.Ceramic Christmas tree-as is Apple cookie jar as is BASEMENT ROOM 5

1039.California and Alaska early books both BASEMENT ROOM 5

1040.Lincoln Library book BASEMENT ROOM 5

1041.Garden items BASEMENT ROOM 5

1042.Canning jars on shelves BASEMENT ROOM 5

1043.Early push broom BASEMENT ROOM 5

1044.Christmas BASEMENT ROOM 5

1045.Enamelware BASEMENT ROOM 5

1046.Keys locks BASEMENT ROOM 5

1047.10" cast iron fry pan BASEMENT ROOM 5

1048.Half and Half advertising tin BASEMENT ROOM 5

1049.Pair of bookends BASEMENT ROOM 5

1050.Turkey call BASEMENT ROOM 5

1051.Early kitchen items BASEMENT ROOM 5

1052.Early mouse trap BASEMENT ROOM 5

1053.4"x4" guage BASEMENT ROOM 5

1054.6.5" Griswald cast iron fry pan BASEMENT ROOM 5

1055.No. 50 sad iron BASEMENT ROOM 5

1056.Boy Scout book BASEMENT ROOM 5

1057.Wagner's 11" dia. Pot BASEMENT ROOM 5

1058.Radio BASEMENT ROOM 5

1059.Large creol no top BASEMENT ROOM 5

1060.Pyrex double boiler no lid BASEMENT ROOM 5

1061.Glass vase 10 x7 x 5 Mid Century BASEMENT ROOM 5

1062.2 Glass jars BASEMENT ROOM 5

1063.Glass bird feeder BASEMENT ROOM 5

1064.Box with green glassware and more BASEMENT ROOM 5

1065.Caning BASEMENT ROOM 5

1066.Poker chips, card shuffler BASEMENT ROOM 5

1067.Glass bowl and sq glass jar BASEMENT ROOM 5

1068.Sifter, canner BASEMENT ROOM 5

1069.11" glass jar full of pennies BASEMENT ROOM 5

1070.Christmas BASEMENT ROOM 5

1071.Pressure cooker no guage BASEMENT ROOM 5

1072.Early books BASEMENT ROOM 5

1073.2 Man 64" Cross cut saw BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1074.Craftsman 12' 2 spd 1 1/8 hp band saw with extra blades BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1075.9" Iron decorative piece BASEMENT TOOL ROOM


1077.hardware, ect BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1078.hardware, ect BASEMENT TOOL ROOM



1081.Caulk pc, ect BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1082.Grind wheels BASEMENT TOOL ROOM



1085.Bar, allen wrenches BASEMENT TOOL ROOM


1087.Hammers, pick BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1088.Craftsman tool box with some assorted tool BASEMENT TOOL ROOM


1099.Mower blade BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1102.4 drawer early wooden tool box with few items BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1103.Office Hours framed 15 x 13 BASEMENT TOOL ROOM



1106.Assorted tools BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1107.Quantity of wrenches BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1108.Assorted hammers BASEMENT TOOL ROOM


1110.Large box of various sockets and bars BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1111.Early radio as is BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1112.Oak framed nail advertising 23 x 15 BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1113.Advertising bricks qty 2 BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1114.Shopcraft double grinder BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1115.Early Marriage Certificate 1869 13 x 15 BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1116.3 Ridgid pipe wrenches BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1117.Sand o flex BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1118.4.5" Superior No 44 Vice BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1119.Craftsman router with assorted bits BASEMENT TOOL ROOM


1121.5 bar clamps different sizes BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1122.Early lift top box 27 x 27 x 28 BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1123.Box of clamps, ect BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1124.Various tools BASEMENT TOOL ROOM


1126.Breast drill and more BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1127.Homelite 1/2 hp for parts BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1128.Drill bits BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1129.Early specialty wrench BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1130.Brass hammer head BASEMENT TOOL ROOM


1132.Drill bits BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1133.Large C clamps BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1134.Screwdrivers BASEMENT TOOL ROOM


1136.Assorted tools BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1137.Assorted tools BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1138.Makita palm sander BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1139.Plastic bath container BASEMENT TOOL ROOM



1142.Warming stone, advertising top BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1143.Dewalt 14.4 vt battery drill with charger BASEMENT TOOL ROOM



1146.Assorted tools BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1147.21x7" slicer BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1148.Sprayer spotlight BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1149.Wooden box of wooden items BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1150.Box of early silverware BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1151.Large box of wrenches BASEMENT TOOL ROOM


1153.Craftsman air compressor with hose 150 pst, 3 hp, 15 gal BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1154.Hunters closet rack Must take off wall BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1155.Figidaire dehumidifier BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1156.Large wood box of plumbing items BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1157.Large wooden crate of numerous insulators BASEMENT TOOL ROOM


1159.Gun rack, must take off wall BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1160.Early phone BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1161.Early lamp parts BASEMENT TOOL ROOM


1163.Battery operated leaf blower BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1164.Crow bar, mallet BASEMENT TOOL ROOM


1166.2 lights BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1167.Fishing poles BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1168.Assorted electrical parts on cabinet BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1169.Coleman camp stove BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1170.Pipe vise, tubing bender BASEMENT TOOL ROOM


1172.22" round saw blade, BASEMENT TOOL ROOM

1173.Balor twine older BASEMENT TOOL ROOM


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