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Large Online Auction Vehicles, boats, Airplane, Tools and more - Tuesday November 10 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.3 Books: Birds, Gnomes, Halley's Comet

2.21x15x29" Metal Tier Rolling Cart

3.4 Boxes of Books: Plants, National Geographic Service Manuals

4.23x40" , 16" Diameter Heirloom Globe by Replogle

5.Assorted Kitchen Items: Terra Cotta Taco Shell Holder, Strainer, ice pick, etc.

6.Glass items: Candle Holders, Salt and Pepper Shakers

7.Battery Clock, Thermometer and Hygrometer

8.Disney Little Mermaid Thermos

9.Wood Mortar and Pestle, 2 Made in Russia Nesting Dolls

10.Arval Manufacturing Co. Slicer: Model 1101E/7

11.Citrus Express Peeler, Slicer and Assorted 22 and Shotgun Shells

12.Birds of the World Book

13.Model 631 Triplett Brand Volt Meter

14.Assorted Kitchen Items, Many new: Kitchen Scale, Slice and Dice, Measuring Sifter, Toucan Hands Free Can Opener, Hamburger Press, Libbey Juice Glasses

15.Juliette AM FM Stereo Multiplex Radio

16.New in Box Wooden Chess Set

17.2 6" Ovenproof Hull items 1 pitcher, 1 teapot

18.Brass bookends sailing ships w/ruler, Gaylord Gator Avon mug, Early ashtray, Ronald McDonald figure and a Snoopy figure

20.pair of early Childs shoes

21.Telescope w/tripod

22.approx. 4" brass cowbell

23.6" Glass and metal racing mug

24.early wooden rug hooking needle, map distance measuring tool, and a miniature pool table, and a early microphone

25.barrel base table set w/four chairs

26.cast iron fireplace set

27.2 early Christmas candle lights

28.Self winding clock company New York wooden framed 21x6x21 clock with keys

29.5x8 eagle figurine

30.6x21 Handy lite rechargeable camping light

31.Monster HD tv wireless headphone kit w/Bluetooth audio transmitter and headphones and signal flex micro mixer

32.RCA WHP 141 Wireless 900 headphones of asst headphones of asst audio hookups etc. of asst audio headphones etc.

36.LED Bivouac light and a tape dispenser and 2 spotlights in boxes

37.Weather radio, American flags, stopwatch, Sony microcassette recorder, cell phones and sewing kit

38.Early Dial handheld earpiece 5x11.5" telephone

39.12" wooden slicer

40.Melissa Collection limited edition by Melissa Vastelli

41.Angelina Collection limited edition by Angeline Vistconti

42.Concertmate 460 keyboard

43.Heat surge Hybrid-thermic electric heater Model 3000833

44.Apple master apple peeler and slicer

45.Universal Grinder w/wooden handle

46.International Harvester tin of coasters

47.7x8 footed bowl w/lid

48.entertainment center (items on it not included)

49.VHS tape rewinder, DVD player

50.Marantz Model 4240 receiver and Technics Stereo double cassette tape deck w/2 Fisher speakers

51.4 pcs. Vornado portable TV, Wedge CD player, Radio cassette player and a Lenox sound high speed dubbing

52.Piano w/bench

53.Sanyo 40" flatscreen tv w/remote

54.7 pc living room set, couch, 2 chairs, 2 end tables, coffee table and 2 foot stools

55.metal fire extinguisher

56.wooden bird decoration

57.white sewing machine

58.2 oil lamps etc.

59.hummingbird feeder

60.Nascar monopoly and 2001 Calendar etc.

61.misc. sewing items

62.sewing machine w/accessories

63.pair of wooden crutches patio umbrella (scotchguard) and lampshade

65.Powermaster 760 BB Gun

66.Daisy BB Gun

67.Crossman Allguns BB Gun


69.4 wall items, coo coo clock, flying eagle, buck picture and decorative mask

70.Kay Dreadnought Guitar # K505H made in Korea

71.2 boxes of sheet music of early books

73.2 boxes of asst record albums, some sleeves are empty

74.Hamilton Beach blender, iron, etc.

75.asst CD's VHS tapes and 8 track tapes

76.Remo world percussion made in USA drum

77.misc. decorative items and candles

78.household medical supplies

82.canning and freezing items

79.4 beer glasses

84.misc. household tools

91.smoke and fire alarm curtains, etc.

80.steam cleaner

92.wireless headphones, tub and tile finish, corn holders etc.

81.misc. wallets, sunglasses, cap lamp etc.

93.asst batteries flash lights and chargers

83.early Westinghouse sewing machine in case

94.Knee Kicker carpet installer

85.asst cassette tapes of asst items

86.batteries etc.

87.Barbie doll and Surfer Marina by Mattel in original boxes

96.Pool Sticks in Case

88.Remington VicVac

97.3 Wall Hangings: 1= Dale Jarrett, 88 Plastic License Plate

89.misc. fishing, scuba diving, etc. items

98.In Corner: Fire Extinguisher, DoIt Door Bottoms, Canes, Folding Metal Chair

99.4 Plus Boxes of Books: An Old Bible, Cook Books, Health, etc.

90.misc. plates, ashtray, griddle etc.


101.Moist Air Humidifier

102.Wood Telephone Stand (Telephone not included)

103.Wood Wall Sconce and a Bulova Quartz Clock, Thermometer, etc.

104.Thermometer, Barometer, etc.

105.2 Manual Typewriters in Cases: Royal and Smith Corona and a Brief Case

106.Cosco Step Ladder and a Metal Framed Cork Board

107.2 Full Sized Comforters

108.2 Full Sized Comforters

109.Small Fan and a UHER 4000 Report L

110.Assorted Men's Hats and an orange Hunting Vest

111.Wooden Jewelry Box, 2 Penguin Bird Houses and a Small Basket

112.Racing Attire

113.Vest: Tri-County Motor Cycle Club

114.Tee Shirts: Harley Davidson, Size Medium

115.Gooseneck Desk Lamp

116.Two Electric Lamps ( 1 has glass shade missing)

117.Assorted Clocks: Alarm and Wall

118.Men's Hats: Cowboy: size Medium

119.Double Bed, 5 Drawer Dresser and 2 Bedside Tables with bed frame

120.New Packages of Full Sized and Twin Sized Sheets with some Kitchen Towels

121.Knee Pad, Massagers, etc.

122.Men's Belts and Suspenders

123.Adult Bibs

124.New Men's' Clothing items: Medium: Tank tops, T Shirts and Flannel Shirts

125.1 Electric, 1 Oil Lamp

126.2 Boxes of Brand New Men's Shoes: Size 7 1/2

127.Suitcase, Wallets, Purses and other items

128.Men's Briefs, Socks, New in Packages Size Medium and Gloves

129.Nesco American Harvest Dehydrator


131.Lap Quilt, an Afghan and a Car Blanket

132.New Men's Shoes, Size 7 1/2

133.Entertainment Center with Sanyo TV, Sylvania VHS Player, a DVD Player, Extendable Lamp, A Video Cassette Rewinder and a Cassette Case

134.Mattress Pad

135.2 Boxes of Eye Glasses and Glass Cases

136.Personal Care Items: Shoe Horn, Blood Pressure Gauge, Clocks, etc.


138.Personal Care Items: Razors, Nail Clippers, etc.

139.Massager in Case

140.Cigarette Lighters, etc.

141.Playing Cards, New Testaments

142.Twin Mattress Pad, Full Sized Blanket, and Bath Towels

143.2 Overalls: 1= Safety Racing, Sized Large

144.3 Pocket Knives

145.Box of Pocket Knives

146.1 MAXAM Pocket Knife

147.1 Stainless

148.Colt Double Series BB Gun with Ammunition

149.Brass Items: Lighter, etc.

150.Bontempi Instrument

151.3 Animal Skins

152.Nascar Collector's Edition and a Good Wrench Racing Team Truck and another Good Wrench Truck

153.5 Stainless China Pocket Knives

154.Hand Warmers

155.Lot of Assorted Pocket Knives

156.lot of brief cases and bags

157.asst copiers/printers etc.

158.framed print

159.2 sets of binoculars

160.pair of century mark iv 8x-16x40 binoculars of 3 cameras

162.metal and copper floor lamp

163.Bosch binoculars w/case

164.apelco fish finder and a Eagle Strata 128 neither unit has cords w/asst lenses and camera

166.2 camera's etc.

167.early binoculars etc.

168.Sony cybershop 7.2 megapixels camera

169.early Kodak 35 camera in leather case step polaroid land camera

171.Spartus Full vue Chicago Ill camera

172.2 shelving units (items on them not included) of national geographic magazines

174.Pentax camera, lenses and cases/bags

175.2 drawer filing cabinet

176.typewriter table and IBM typewriter

177.2 plastic containers of office supplies etc.

178.roll of brown paper and early hamper

179.wooden tv tables/trays w/holder w/digital wireless headphones, and radio camera Gaf automatic

182.tripod , Samsung movie camera, etc.

183.wooden ladder stand that holds cardboard boxes to make a shelving unit

184.1968 MBR�. Framed painting of asst books

186.3 boxes of office and Christmas of medical instruments, blood pressure, sugar test, etc.


189.2 metal stands, one is 3 drawers, one is a wire rack of asst plastic items desk w/computer screen

192.shelf in cellarway w/matchbox cars

193.Harley Davidson FLH Heritage soft tail wood picture

194.framed picture of a 57 corvette fuel injected car

195.BP Super 93 truck

196.2 Brass ducks

197.gag gift cane (bottom of cellar steps)

198.wood coat rack

199.Can crushers BASEMENT REC ROOM

200.Wooden rocker BASEMENT REC ROOM

201.Beer advertising items BASEMENT REC ROOM

202.Mirror light BASEMENT REC ROOM

203.Slate top stand 14" BASEMENT REC ROOM

204.Kay Acoustic Guitar Model K 7905 BASEMENT REC ROOM

205.Bar with 3 stools 46x17x43 BASEMENT REC ROOM

206.2 Swivel arm bar stools Each x 2 BASEMENT REC ROOM

207.Billy bass and horn clock on wall BASEMENT REC ROOM

208.Florescent modern floor lamp BASEMENT REC ROOM

209.Planter with bowling ball BASEMENT REC ROOM

210.Recliner as is BASEMENT REC ROOM

211.Quartz wall clock 10 x 17 BASEMENT REC ROOM

212.Sony radio cassette player BASEMENT REC ROOM

213.Metal bookcase with 2 tins BASEMENT REC ROOM

214.18" folding stool BASEMENT REC ROOM

215.22" stool BASEMENT REC ROOM

216.Dart board BASEMENT REC ROOM


218.Swivel stool with back BASEMENT REC ROOM

219.Weight bench BASEMENT REC ROOM

220.Metal Heineken sign and Before and After beer sign-plastic BASEMENT REC ROOM

221.Cooler bags BASEMENT REC ROOM with scissors etc. BASEMENT REC ROOM

223.Yukon Jack small wood advertising box BASEMENT REC ROOM

224.Ruby base lamp BASEMENT REC ROOM

225.Sanyo television 43" BASEMENT REC ROOM

226.Metal bookshelf BASEMENT REC ROOM

227.Metal road sign 12 x 12 BASEMENT REC ROOM

228.Anheuser Busch Brewing Assoc oval beer tray not sure of age BASEMENT REC ROOM

229.Living room chair BASEMENT REC ROOM

230.Brass box and 2 small oil lamps BASEMENT REC ROOM

231.Carved bird 7" BASEMENT REC ROOM

232.24" plastic skeleton BASEMENT REC ROOM

233.Self Winding Clock oak case metal tag says Self Winding Clock Company New York 18x40x8 BASEMENT REC ROOM

234.Dart board BASEMENT REC ROOM

235.Heavy iron homemade 32" ashtray BASEMENT REC ROOM

236.4" jingle Santa BASEMENT REC ROOM

237.6" battery operated clock BASEMENT REC ROOM

238.Ice crusher BASEMENT REC ROOM

239.Wood bookcase 50x38x8 BASEMENT REC ROOM

240.Corona mirror 19 x 14 BASEMENT REC ROOM

241.Tapestry 54 x 37 BASEMENT REC ROOM

242.Games etc. BASEMENT REC ROOM

243.Genesee beer plastic light 24x16 BASEMENT REC ROOM

244.8" pottery dog light BASEMENT REC ROOM

245.Fisher Stereo BASEMENT REC ROOM

246.Assorted CD's and cassettes BASEMENT REC ROOM

247.Brass knob pool cue in carved case BASEMENT REC ROOM

248.Brass handled sabre blade etched BASEMENT REC ROOM

249.Assorted lamps oil and Elec BASEMENT REC ROOM

250.Small 3 drawer stand 15x16x23 BASEMENT REC ROOM

251.Budweiser mirror 14x7 BASEMENT REC ROOM

252.Stroh's Beer mirror 13x11 BASEMENT REC ROOM

253.Jack Daniels mirror 14x12 BASEMENT REC ROOM

254.Genesee cardboard advertising sign 23x30 BASEMENT REC ROOM

255.Tension Meter BASEMENT REC ROOM


257.Small Titan Elec heater 8" BASEMENT REC ROOM


259.Miller metal bucket BASEMENT REC ROOM

260.Manning Bowman 10" early oscillating fan BASEMENT REC ROOM

261.Assorted glasses BASEMENT REC ROOM



264.SDM Yellow Bee Remote control plane package BASEMENT REC ROOM

265.Glider model airplane large BASEMENT REC ROOM

266.Brunswick Contender Series Pool table with 2 groups of balls and numerous sticks and holders 4'1" x 7'6" slate top very nice condition. Bring your own help to disassemble and move BASEMENT REC ROOM

267.Various pool sticks BASEMENT REC ROOM


269.3 Wood ladders or parts of HOUSE GARAGE

270.2 Early telephone company phones HOUSE GARAGE

271.Small pump

272.Western Electric Data Precision tool HOUSE GARAGE

273.Vintage Napa Belden metal box only HOUSE GARAGE

274.2 Pair headphones HOUSE GARAGE

275.Door lock and touch lights HOUSE GARAGE

276.Early Johnson and Johnson Insurance First Aid Kit in metal container with contents HOUSE GARAGE

277.Metal cash drawer HOUSE GARAGE

278.Tool box with crimper HOUSE GARAGE

279.Iron shoe molds HOUSE GARAGE

280.Ratchet Screwdriver HOUSE GARAGE

281.40 Pc ratchet socket set SAE & Metric HOUSE GARAGE

282.Helping magnifier HOUSE GARAGE

283.2" vice HOUSE GARAGE


285.Dial O Gram scales HOUSE GARAGE

286.Pulmo Mist HOUSE GARAGE

287.Soldering gun HOUSE GARAGE

288.5 Pc file set HOUSE GARAGE

289.Large box with early telephone company items HOUSE GARAGE

290.Flashlights HOUSE GARAGE

291.Heat gun HOUSE GARAGE


293.Belt buckles HOUSE GARAGE

294.Paint mate HOUSE GARAGE

295.Christmas HOUSE GARAGE

296.Early shoe shine box with contents HOUSE GARAGE

297.Rubber and other boots HOUSE GARAGE

298.Garage liquids HOUSE GARAGE

299.3 Ammo boxes HOUSE GARAGE

300.Vintage mop bucket HOUSE GARAGE

301.Large roll of plastic HOUSE GARAGE

302.Assorted tools scissors HOUSE GARAGE

303.Various tools and more small clamps, wrench HOUSE GARAGE

304.Early First Aid book HOUSE GARAGE

305.Hand drill with large bit HOUSE GARAGE

306.Various tools tape measures and more HOUSE GARAGE

307.3 Mallets HOUSE GARAGE

308.Wire markers etc. HOUSE GARAGE

309.Art Deco toaster HOUSE GARAGE


311.Childs vintage roller skates HOUSE GARAGE

312.Assorted items HOUSE GARAGE

313.Early Carrier HOUSE GARAGE

314.Tools ruler, knife etc. HOUSE GARAGE

315.Coke a cola bottles and adv bottle HOUSE GARAGE

316.Vintage Nintendo game with games as is HOUSE GARAGE

317.Jumpers and more HOUSE GARAGE

318.Advertising posters HOUSE GARAGE

319.5 Electric insect killer paddles HOUSE GARAGE

320.Vintage light stick HOUSE GARAGE

321.Stop light voltage tester HOUSE GARAGE

322.Empty small tackle box HOUSE GARAGE


324.Red rotary telephone HOUSE GARAGE


326.See through push button telephone HOUSE GARAGE

327.Mickey Mouse wall wrist watch clock as is HOUSE GARAGE

328.Silverware HOUSE GARAGE

329.Cassette radio player HOUSE GARAGE

330.Dyna Mite electric fencer HOUSE GARAGE

331.Fold up anchor small HOUSE GARAGE

332.2 pipe clamps iron HOUSE GARAGE

333.Camp stove and accessories HOUSE GARAGE


335.Electronics HOUSE GARAGE

336.Telephones HOUSE GARAGE


338.tarp 10x12 HOUSE GARAGE

339.extension cord, trouble light HOUSE GARAGE

340.Large fire extinguisher as is HOUSE GARAGE

341.Thermos bottles etc. HOUSE GARAGE

342.2 Boxes of light bulbs HOUSE GARAGE

343.Box fan HOUSE GARAGE

344.Wire crate with welding wire HOUSE GARAGE

345.Battery operated clock HOUSE GARAGE

346.Bungie cords HOUSE GARAGE


348.Cleaner items HOUSE GARAGE

349.Vintage Mid Century triple cone shaped floor lamp HOUSE GARAGE

350.Crate of burlap bags HOUSE GARAGE

351.Early wood pie safe as is HOUSE GARAGE

352.Telephone company employee items HOUSE GARAGE

353.Hunting jacket etc. hanging HOUSE GARAGE

354.Extension cord HOUSE GARAGE

355.Craftsman Steam cleaner and power washer HOUSE GARAGE

356.Volkswagen motor HOUSE GARAGE

357.Fishing reel HOUSE GARAGE

358.Mini microscope HOUSE GARAGE

359.Pittsburgh socket set HOUSE GARAGE

360.Early thermos bottle HOUSE GARAGE

361.Coast Guard remote control boat HOUSE GARAGE

362.Assorted tools HOUSE GARAGE

363.Drill bits HOUSE GARAGE

364.Allen wrenches and more

365.Drill bits HOUSE GARAGE

366.Makita Elec drill HOUSE GARAGE

367.E6011 welding rods HOUSE GARAGE

368.Pittsburgh socket set HOUSE GARAGE

369.Impact driver HOUSE GARAGE

370.for submersible fixtures HOUSE GARAGE

371.Vintage cigarette roller HOUSE GARAGE

372.Brass handled folding knife HOUSE GARAGE

373.Early plastic small cube container HOUSE GARAGE

374.Speaker horn etc. HOUSE GARAGE

375.Submersible mini pump HOUSE GARAGE

376.Ryobi drill HOUSE GARAGE

377.Remote control boat no remote as is HOUSE GARAGE

378.Hammer fastener HOUSE GARAGE

379.Small lock HOUSE GARAGE

380.Benz Cutter HOUSE GARAGE

381.Advertising matches 3 boxes HOUSE GARAGE

382.Early stamper HOUSE GARAGE

383.Small humidor for tobacco HOUSE GARAGE

384.Hobby knife set HOUSE GARAGE

385.Weight Limit sign HOUSE GARAGE

386.Mile ahead sign HOUSE GARAGE

387.Bridge sign HOUSE GARAGE

388.Shop vac HOUSE GARAGE

389.2 Extra long screwdrivers HOUSE GARAGE

390.Small shop stool HOUSE GARAGE

391.Ruler and square HOUSE GARAGE


393.Various size clamps HOUSE GARAGE

394.2 levels both HOUSE GARAGE

395.Clay pigeons HOUSE GARAGE


397.Fishing reels HOUSE GARAGE

398.variety box HOUSE GARAGE

399.Tackle box with HOUSE GARAGE

400.variety box HOUSE GARAGE

401.variety box HOUSE GARAGE


403.Red tool box with socket set and wrenches HOUSE GARAGE

404.2 Bar clamps HOUSE GARAGE

405.Vintage battery charger HOUSE GARAGE

406.Early Coke bottle HOUSE GARAGE

407.Fish bowl HOUSE GARAGE


409.Early scales HOUSE GARAGE

410.Assorted tools HOUSE GARAGE

411.Various new items for garage HOUSE GARAGE

412.2 large pipe wrenches HOUSE GARAGE

413.Canning items and more HOUSE GARAGE

414.small wood 2 step ladder HOUSE GARAGE

415.Oil lamps HOUSE GARAGE

416.7 pc impact driver set etc. HOUSE GARAGE

417.Staple guns and staples HOUSE GARAGE

418.Early carved large wood bowl HOUSE GARAGE

419.Assorted meter testers and more

420.2 Plane models not sure of being complete or not HOUSE GARAGE

421.Electronics HOUSE GARAGE

422.Small iron fry pan newer HOUSE GARAGE

423.2 Wood rolling pins HOUSE GARAGE

424.Contents of middle corner area HOUSE GARAGE

425.Coolers OUTSIDE

426.Metal crate with flower pots OUTSIDE

427.2 Metal ice cream chairs OUTSIDE

428.Bird cage OUTSIDE

429.Bird feeders OUTSIDE

430.Coolers OUTSIDE

431.Little Guy grill OUTSIDE

432.Fish Tank items OUTSIDE


434.Weber grill FRONT PORCH

435.Plastic flower pot FRONT PORCH

436.Drying rack FRONT PORCH

437.Metal patio table with 4 chairs FRONT PORCH

438. 16' Werner aluminum ext. ladder FRONT PORCH

439.2 metal porch chairs both FRONT PORCH

440.Stone top flower stand FRONT PORCH

441.3' Windmill YARD

442.Folding stool LOWER TRAILER

443.3' Aluminum ladder LOWER TRAILER

444.Wood step ladder approx. 4' LOWER TRAILER

445.Apple picker LOWER TRAILER


447.Scotts seeder LOWER TRAILER

448.Vintage fun-Ski LOWER TRAILER

449.Vintage larger fun ski LOWER TRAILER

450.Saw horse LOWER TRAILER



453.Pipe vice LOWER TRAILER

454.Grinder wheel 3" no motor LOWER TRAILER

455.Fishing box with lead LOWER TRAILER

456.Large metal box LOWER TRAILER

457.Tackle box with tackle LOWER TRAILER
458.ext. cord and coke crate-plastic
459.Tackle box with tackle LOWER TRAILER


461.Post malls LOWER TRAILER

462.Large iron bar LOWER TRAILER

463.Pick, shovels LOWER TRAILER

464.Adz, rake LOWER TRAILER



467.Vintage child's bicycle Rollfast As is LOWER TRAILER




471.Craftsman drill and bits LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

472.Craftsman 3 hp 10" compound miter saw LOWER TRAILER INSIDE


474.Vintage battery Santa light approx. 3" LOWER TRAILER INSIDE



477.Circular saw blades LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

478.3" Bench grinder LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

479.Berol Chicago pencil sharpener LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

480.Grinding wheel with motor as is LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

481.Trouble light, etc. LOWER TRAILER INSIDE


483.Mini saw horses LOWER TRAILER INSIDE


485.Small stand top as is LOWER TRAILER INSIDE


487.Drop leaf stand LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

488.Iron round stand LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

489.Radial arm saw parts LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

490.Radial arm saw parts LOWER TRAILER INSIDE



493.Ext cords, etc. LOWER TRAILER INSIDE


495.Tools, stapler LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

496.Assorted smalls LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

497.Hammer, mallets LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

498.Tool box with asst. tools LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

499.Table for table saw LOWER TRAILER INSIDE


501.Vintage light LOWER TRAILER INSIDE




505.Grinding wheels LOWER TRAILER INSIDE



508.Iron bench for dato LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

509.Grind wheel on bench no motor LOWER TRAILER INSIDE


511.Bed headboard and mirror LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

512.Decorative fan LOWER TRAILER INSIDE


514.Crate and pail of metal LOWER TRAILER INSIDE


516.3 pipe wrenches LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

517.2 Aluminum chairs LOWER TRAILER INSIDE

518.Pipe cutter parts LOWER TRAILER INSIDE




522.4 White stack chairs TRAILER #2 UPPER

523.4 Gray, green chairs TRAILER #2 UPPER

524.tent, sleeping bag as is TRAILER #2 UPPER

525.5 white chairs TRAILER #2 UPPER

526.Wheel chair TRAILER #2 UPPER

527.2 aluminum chairs TRAILER #2 UPPER

528.Early vac TRAILER #2 UPPER

529.Tripod TRAILER #2 UPPER

530.Pair packhorse saw horses TRAILER #2 UPPER

531.Health bound TRAILER #2 UPPER

532.full size air mattress TRAILER #2 UPPER

533.Headphones TRAILER #2 UPPER

534.small air compressor TRAILER #2 UPPER

535.Microwave etc. TRAILER #2 UPPER

536.Electric drill and bits TRAILER #2 UPPER

537.glasses TRAILER #2 UPPER

538.Fishing tackle TRAILER #2 UPPER

539.Dust pan TRAILER #2 UPPER

540.Work light TRAILER #2 UPPER

541.Eden pure heater TRAILER #2 UPPER

542.electric oil heater TRAILER #2 UPPER

543.Box fan TRAILER #2 UPPER

544.Dyna Glo kero heater TRAILER #2 UPPER

545.Tools TRAILER #2 UPPER

546.Nails TRAILER #2 UPPER

547.Kenmore sewing machine TRAILER #2 UPPER


549.platform rocker TRAILER #2 UPPER

550.Large Baldor speakers TRAILER #2 UPPER

551.Stereo system TRAILER #2 UPPER

552.Pine chair TRAILER #2 UPPER

553.Loveseat as is TRAILER #2 UPPER

554.Tools TRAILER #2 UPPER

555.Work light TRAILER #2 UPPER

556.Remote airplane no control TRAILER #2 UPPER

557.Joy stick TRAILER #2 UPPER

558.Foreman broiler TRAILER #2 UPPER

559.Saitek PC wheel TRAILER #2 UPPER

560.RC Mastercraft X Starr boat TRAILER #2 UPPER

561.RC truck TRAILER #2 UPPER

562.Cassette player, VCR rewinder TRAILER #2 UPPER

563.Wireless head phones TRAILER #2 UPPER

564.Camp stove TRAILER #2 UPPER

565.RC Antennae TRAILER #2 UPPER

566.Mirror camera TRAILER #2 UPPER

567.AC/DC converter TRAILER #2 UPPER

568.Mattress covers TRAILER #2 UPPER

569.Headphones TRAILER #2 UPPER

570.Tiki torches TRAILER #2 UPPER

571.Fan light TRAILER #2 UPPER

572.Set of discs TRAILER #2 UPPER

573.Harrows approx. 10' TRAILER #2 UPPER

574.Antique Farmall H tractor NFE PTO TRAILER #2 UPPER

575.Pitstop trailer approx. 16' with some stainless steel equipment No title, receipt only TRAILER #2 UPPER

576.Style Liner trailer approx. 18' 0358997 No title, receipt only TRAILER #2 UPPER

577.1949 Chevy dump truck Ser # 2GRF4006 Good title NJ Title in deceased name

578.1984 Chevrolet Mobile Home van 30 230DD, Vin # 2GBJG31M6E4102730 Good title

579.2002 Snowbear Pull behind trailer approx. 8x4 Vin # 2SWUW11A82G062431 Good title

580.Buzz saw

581.Cox boat trailer Fisherman series

582.Sickle bar mower

583.Antique potato planter

584.NH baler Model 66 #54142

585.2 pt. concrete mixer on skid

586.Buggy, boat trailer-pile

587.1982 Datsun by Nissan truck with cap truck Vin #JN6MDO2U6CW100319 Good title

588.Contents of bed of Datsun gas cans, etc.

589.1991 Yugo GV CP Plus EFI Vin # VX1BD1625MK449178 Good title

590.Buccaneer II Amphibious airplane as is, has been under tarp, has had a rough landing, landing gear off but there AS IS

591.1978 Eli Laminate Scout7 US Coast Guard boat fiberglass max cap 2 Model 7 Scout 8', Reg #PA1794BR Good title

592.1967 Dodge truck Camper Special custom truck with Manley wrecking crane reads 88k Vin #1281709571 Good title with operators manual for truck

593.Antique 1930's Case RC tricycle wheel tractor Single front wheel, tricycle driven motor # 125FS13ZR

594.Crestliner boat with Johnson motor and trailer

595.Sickle bar mower

596.Boat trailer made into flatbed with small boat trailer

597.GMC truck Custom Deluxe No title, receipt only

598.2 bottom trailer plows

599.5' plow

600.4' International snow plow

601.Plymouth Van 57K No title, receipt only
602.1974 Opal 1900 wagon automatic 2 door hatchback Vin # COL15ND9143283 NJ title signed by never transferred notarized Good title
603.1 Horse trailer early
604.Fiberglass handle steering 4 wheel

605.Boat as is approx. 16'

606.Trailer frame approx. 5'x10'

607.1997 Dodge Stratus 4 door car Vin #1B3EJ46X3VN715316 GA title Good title as is
608.US Air Force Truck International Loadstar 1800 AWD No title, receipt only

609.Boat approx. 14' with trailer

610.Horizon 4 door hatchback No title, receipt only

611.Metal frame wood cart

612.2 Trailer frames as is in weeds

613.Hunting shanty on skids

614.Trailer frame approx. 5'x10'

615.Artic Cat 5000 Pentara snowmobile #7019058?

616.Snowmobile Artic Cat 240 Cheetah

617.1950 Plymouth Deluxe Sedan 4 door Vin # 15373982 PA title signed but never transferred Possible title issue
618.Grinder/sheller belt driven

619.International 550 Utility tractor with loader, Farmall backhoe

620.1978 GMC Pickup 25 Sierra Grande with cap reads 104k Vin # TCL2481510541 Good title

621.1986 Chrysler Dodge Aries K 4 door sedan car Vin# 1B3BD31DOGG294101 Good title

622. 1986 Mazda Pick up B2000 with cap NO TITLE, Receipt ONLY

623.Ford Ranger XLT with cap No title, receipt only

624.Nissan Stanza XE No title, receipt only

625.Chevy Custom Deluxe part of truck No title, receipt only

626.1992 Plymouth Acclaim Sedan Vin # 1P3XA46KXNF194648 Good title

627.Monte Carlo SS race car no motor

628.Suzuki GS650E motorcycle no handle bars

629.Dune buggy

630.Modified race car body chassis

631.1972 Toyota SWS 2 door Vin # FJ40121831 Pa title signed but ever transferred Problem title

632.1975 Holiday Rambler Camper Series 1000 pull behind, approx. 24' trailer Vin # 575110112731420 Pa title signed but never transferred or notarized. Problem titleTOP OF FIELD

633.2 Scrap bench seats TOP OF FIELD

634.Pull behind trailer looks like old truck box on wheels FIELD

635.Slide in truck camper Free Way coates #147-708 for full size truck top FIELD

636.Pile of tires with rims P 235/75/R15 Right side of field edge

637.Agway LT1138 MTD riding mower FIELD

638.1985 Chevy box truck Chevy Van 30 A-OK with back lift reads 56k,Model CG3, Vin # 2GBJG 31M9F 41147 92, NJ title signed but never transferred, get a title, notary not required
639.Line of assorted scrap metal WOODS GOING FROM GRILL TO WOOD PILE

640.Kawasaki & Suzuki motorcycles parts

641.Pile of vehicle doors and hoods

642.Ford Range pick up tan frame as is with contents in bed No title, receipt only

643.4 Engine blocks-NEXT TO WOODS

644.Large pile of various size tires AS IS WOODS

645.Various pile of scrap in bottom corner of woods- tank, motor block reel mower, parts

646.Lot of scrap lawn mowers, car parts, corner of woods

647.Lot of scrap metal sections

648.Pile with antique motorcycle frames, bikes and Suzuki gas tank

649.Honda and other motorcycle frames

650.Old Dodge box van BLUE with contents plus batteries below truck possible title-must check vin numbers

651.Hay rake as is with tree growing in center must cut rake in 2 to get out The tree is NOT to be cut. Bring torches to cut rake in parts

652.Nissan pick up no box No title receipt only

653.Pile of scrap metal

654.Log splitter hydraulic ABOVE GARAGE BEHIND TRAILER


656.lightning rods and wire of three electric lighted santa's and Mrs. Clause of kitchen appliances, crock pot toaster, electric knife etc. of glasses, and stoneware dinnerware pasta maker, recipe book and video in box

661.battery operated clock picture frame

662.mid century cookie cutters, hammer, and household items


664.Dalco juice extractor

665.Amtel Model 1403 5" black and white Television of asst Christmas lights, stuffed animals, etc. of asst pictures in frames

668.metal cake molds etc. of misc. baking pans, plastic cookie cutters of mid century children's games

671.dunkin hines play decorater bake set

672.Stuka Ju87G 1-72 scale model plane set

673.framed painting on canvas by Frank Jayson of misc. stoneware dishes

675.sears telescope w/accessories of asst children's toys

677.4 rag throw rugs and bathroom rug set

678.large enamel roaster pan w/lid of push button phones and 2 small portalbe Tv's candle holders and tin of dog items cutter/mixer new in box

682.Rocket chef food processor set

683.U.S. wooden bunk beds (no mattress' items on bed not included)

684.wooden student desk

685.Balanca "marte" model 100 scale

686.early wooden cedar lined chiffarobe

687.2 door metal cabinet (contents not included)

688.asst golf clubs and bags

689.House trailer OUt back 3 Bedroom, LR, Kitchen, Bath as is. Does have title must be removed completely by Monday November 23, Can not be started to be moved until Sunday November 15
690.House trailer in front of house as is. Does have title must be removed completely by Monday November 23, Can not be started to be moved until Sunday November 15


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