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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
Vintage Toys, Musical Instruments, Jewelry, Mid Century Online Auction - Saturday August 10 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Small walnut dropleaf gateleg stand LIVING ROOM

2.Leather tooled triangle seat LIVING ROOM

3.Vintage platform rocker LIVING ROOM

4.Vintage Telecom phone toy LIVING ROOM

5.Small child's binoculars' LIVING ROOM

6.Pilgrim wooden puzzle LIVING ROOM

7.Early Magic Slate, Wooly Willy and other LIVING ROOM

8.Donkey game and others Early LIVING ROOM

9.Little Country Doctor toy Mfg. by Transogram Co. LIVING ROOM

10.Early Bingo, Pigs in Clover, Dice puzzle, etc. LIVING ROOM

11.Vintage plastic toys, cars, ladders, etc. LIVING ROOM


13.Early bingo chips LIVING ROOM

14.Walt Disney Lido Toy Co New York Zorro dart game LIVING ROOM

15.4 Wood yo yo's LIVING ROOM

16.Metal planes, cars LIVING ROOM

17.vintage yarn maker? LIVING ROOM

18.Plastic soldiers LIVING ROOM

19.Zorro gloves, plastic toy gun etc. LIVING ROOM

20.Kopeefun magic copy paper kit Vintage LIVING ROOM

21.Early Valentine's LIVING ROOM

22.Tin Toy Town ticket office LIVING ROOM

23.Child's miniature Schoenhut Mello Tone piano LIVING ROOM

24.Seth Thomas humpback mantle clock LIVING ROOM

25.Vintage pick up Stix, Alley oop and The game of the Century LIVING ROOM

26.Early Eastman Kodak camera LIVING ROOM

27.7 x 35 binoculars' LIVING ROOM

28.Children's alum. Toy dishes LIVING ROOM

29.4 Tubes of Vintage Tinker Toys LIVING ROOM

30.Tin Train The Joy Line Coach Marx LIVING ROOM

31.Early Big Lil Books LIVING ROOM Various conditions

32.Easter bucket LIVING ROOM

33.Early Fan LIVING ROOM

34.maple leg hooked seat stool LIVING ROOM

35.Child's chalkboard with pegboard LIVING ROOM

36.Wallace Nutting Dream and Reality LIVING ROOM

37.Mid Century clock LIVING ROOM

38.Vintage platform rocker LIVING ROOM

39.Floor lamp LIVING ROOM

40.Lasko fan LIVING ROOM

41.Camel seat LIVING ROOM

42.Mid Century modernism iron hairpin leg stool LIVING ROOM

43.Scanner, headphones LIVING ROOM

44.Milk glass hand painted lamp LIVING ROOM

45.Schatz 400 day clock anniversary LIVING ROOM

46.Iron base living room lamp LIVING ROOM

47.Hand held scanner LIVING ROOM

48.Milk glass hand painted lamp LIVING ROOM

49.Small tin child's clock LIVING ROOM

50.Small guitar with extra strings and Spanish manual LIVING ROOM

51.Painted front tin dome top small box LIVING ROOM

52.Porcelain miniature chicks and ducks LIVING ROOM

53.Vintage comb box and Danner perfume bottles empty LIVING ROOM

54.Whitman Publishing Co. No 4108:15 Vintage Donkey Party and 2 other games LIVING ROOM

55.Esso Lucky Tiger Fake Money LIVING ROOM

56.Vintage harmonica in box Donauwellen M. Hohner LIVING ROOM

57.Official national CB 10-Code paper LIVING ROOM

58.Vintage advertising tin Woolco Creamy Mints LIVING ROOM

59.The Marine Band harmonica LIVING ROOM

60.Plastic International plastic harmonica crop harmonica LIVING ROOM

61.Vintage binoculars LIVING ROOM

62.Vintage plastic tuner LIVING ROOM

63.Small celluloid Antique bird LIVING ROOM

64.Hand drill LIVING ROOM

65.Fillet Knife in sheath LIVING ROOM

66.German Koch Harmonica in box LIVING ROOM

67.Vintage hard plastic salt and peppers, various designs LIVING ROOM

68.Starlogic turntable/radio combo table top LIVING ROOM

69.Maracas and castanets LIVING ROOM

70.River on Rampage record Remember Agnes LIVING ROOM

71.Various CD's and cassettes LIVING ROOM

72.Kusan Kannon Ball engine and 4 cars with some track Train LIVING ROOM

73.Large quantity of records, various tastes in music LIVING ROOM

74.1920's Shiting's Sculptoscope Viewer with a very large box of viewing cards Nice shape LIVING ROOM

75.Mahogany coffee table with glass top and small Southwestern Table runner LIVING ROOM

76.2 composition dolls and small doll bed LIVING ROOM

77.Silver plated items LIVING ROOM

78.Vintage thermos set and various thermos bottles LIVING ROOM

79.2 Sets Vintage Artificial fruit in boxes LIVING ROOM

80.Bird books Early and newer LIVING ROOM

81.Arlington punch set and crystal punch ladle LIVING ROOM

82.Kitchen knives LIVING ROOM

83.Brass items LIVING ROOM

84.2 Unmarked silver tone napkin rings Possibly Sterling, you be the judge LIVING ROOM

85.Smalls can opener, military Eagle button, etc. LIVING ROOM

86.1935 Graduation grade school pin LIVING ROOM

87.India decorated miniature spoons LIVING ROOM

88.Child's aluminum spoon and fork 1918 LIVING ROOM

89.Polished stones and marble pieces LIVING ROOM

90.Early postcards LIVING ROOM

91.Gold tone pin unmarked LIVING ROOM

92.Shell turtle pin movable parts LIVING ROOM

93.Sterling ring with onyx carved head stone 3.1 g LIVING ROOM

94.10k gold hallmarked Class ring T.C. 1939 Bordontown 3.9 g LIVING ROOM

95.Republic Argentina 50 Pesos 1978 LIVING ROOM

96.10x loop LIVING ROOM

97.Camphor glass pendant, scrimshaw pendant, etc. LIVING ROOM

98.2 Army Wife pins Set Whitmore & Co. LIVING ROOM

99.Brass and painted bracelet LIVING ROOM

100.Silver tone unmarked bracelet LIVING ROOM

101.8 Small sterling silver salt or peppers LIVING ROOM

102.Victorian silver plated items LIVING ROOM

103.Horse head pin, scrimshaw pendant, buckle, etc. LIVING ROOM

104.3 Thimbles 1 marked Sterling 2.5 g LIVING ROOM

105.Gold necklace hallmarked 14k approx. 22" 4.8g LIVING ROOM

106.Ladies round opal stone ring in gold unmarked setting. Marking has worn off 0.8 g LIVING ROOM

107.Victorian items LIVING ROOM

108.Locket Christmas 1914 unmarked LIVING ROOM

109.4 Gold baby rings 1-marked 10k 0.89 g , 2 unmarked LIVING ROOM

110.Plastic vintage Space bank Dimes Northeastern Pennsylvania LIVING ROOM

111.Mexican silver money clip 20.0 g LIVING ROOM

112.14k Gold chain with sapphire heart pendant LIVING ROOM

113.Child's retractable kaleidoscope LIVING ROOM

114.Ring Platinum band 1.1 g LIVING ROOM

115.2 NY Change holders The BMR Mfg. Co. LIVING ROOM

116.Blanket pins LIVING ROOM

117.Lot of small iron men and horses LIVING ROOM

118.3 Bottle openers, brass, Northeastern Bank Carbondale Ground breaking shovel, and other LIVING ROOM

119.Miniature white jade elephants and other charms LIVING ROOM

120.Silver tone change purse LIVING ROOM

121.Small glass beads necklace LIVING ROOM

122.Early postcards LIVING ROOM

123.Fancy gold framed print

124.Polished marble ashtray, donkey and cactus LIVING ROOM

125.Mother's ring with semi precious stones hallmarked 10k 2.09 g LIVING ROOM

126.Blue topaz round cut stone in gold setting Hallmarked 10k 0.8 g LIVING ROOM

127.Oval cut clear topaz gold ring with small accent diamond Hallmarked 10k-P 1.5 g LIVING ROOM

128.Oval opal gold setting hallmarked 10k ring 01.1 g. LIVING ROOM

129.Set of colored etched shot glasses LIVING ROOM

130.Barcelona figure clay LIVING ROOM

131.Waterbury China dresser clock LIVING ROOM

132.2 sets of bookends, wood and metal LIVING ROOM

133.2 framed tiles Alps depiction LIVING ROOM

134.Nice enamel top pullout leaves table with 1 matching chair LIVING ROOM

135.Brass urn candleholder LIVING ROOM

136.2 Railroad spikes LIVING ROOM

137.Bookends The Delaware and Hudson Railroad LIVING ROOM

138.Sprinkler bottle LIVING ROOM

139.Tin ware LIVING ROOM

140.Vintage Westbend 30 cup coffee maker LIVING ROOM

141.Set of 4 maple chairs LIVING ROOM

142.Kawai keyboard with stands, seat, carry bag, Nice set LIVING ROOM

143.Large TNT 100 amplifier LIVING ROOM

144.Walnut half moon stand LIVING ROOM

145.Mediterranean style couch with original covering LIVING ROOM

146.Lot of games LIVING ROOM

147.Hammond double keyboard organ with bench LIVING ROOM

148.Vintage suitcases BEDROOM #1

149.Child's spindle back rocker BEDROOM #1

150.Bamboo vanity seat BEDROOM #1

151.Vintage marble baseball game BEDROOM #1

152.Grumbacher Set NO 330 art set pieces BEDROOM #1

153.Early wood ABC blocks BEDROOM #1

154.Early wood ABC blocks BEDROOM #1

155.Early wood ABC blocks BEDROOM #1

156.Early wood ABC blocks BEDROOM #1

157.Vintage wood beads BEDROOM #1

158.Vintage ball game BEDROOM #1

159.Childs pull bird and ring toss BEDROOM #1

160.Vintage child's playpen BEDROOM #1

161.Wicker fernery BEDROOM #1

162.Child's Mission style rocker BEDROOM #1

163.Mahogany spindle back vintage chair BEDROOM #1

164.Vintage wooden blocks and toys BEDROOM #1

165.Mid Century baby carriage BEDROOM #1

166.Vintage learning game, The Spelling Wheel BEDROOM #1

167.Crib BEDROOM #1

168.Electric tower heater BEDROOM #1

169.Enamel pail with lid BEDROOM #1

170.Glass bottle lamp BEDROOM #1

171.Small handmade rug BEDROOM #1

172.drying rack BEDROOM #1

173.Early child's bassinette with skirt and cover swings Very nice condition BEDROOM #1

174.Velvet Russian building tapestry BEDROOM #1

175.3 Folding Samsonite chairs All BEDROOM #1

176.drying rack BEDROOM #1

177.Spindle back cane seat chair BEDROOM #1

178.Vintage floor lamp BEDROOM #2

179.Mahogany 2/2 drawer dresser BEDROOM #2

180.Luggage carrier BEDROOM #2

181.Necchi sewing machine BEDROOM #2

182.Vintage Zenith wood case record player BEDROOM #2

183.Smith Corona Electra 120 elec. Typewriter BEDROOM #2

184.Vintage typewriter Very nice condition BEDROOM #2

185.2 Round Mid Century holder mirrors Both BEDROOM #2

186.2 Wooden playskool push noise maker toys Both BEDROOM #2

187.Wood Vintage Little Teacher clock BEDROOM #2

188.Vintage plastic play blocks BEDROOM #2

189.Vintage Columbia player Records 78 and 45 BEDROOM #2

190.desk lamp BEDROOM #2

191.Various books BEDROOM #2

192.Religious and other items BEDROOM #2

193.Set of bunk beds BEDROOM #2

194.Afghans, blankets BEDROOM #2

195.Various kitchen items BEDROOM #2

196.Tin toleware trays BEDROOM #2

197.Box of sewing BEDROOM #2

198.Box of sewing BEDROOM #2

199.Material BEDROOM #2

200.Material BEDROOM #2

201.Material BEDROOM #2

202.Baskets BEDROOM #2

203.Material BEDROOM #2

204.Material BEDROOM #2

205.Letter organizers BEDROOM #2

206.Batting BEDROOM #2

207.Office chair BEDROOM #2

208.Clear Manhattan Depression glass berry set and bowls CLOSET

209.Wooden Fisher Price 707 pull toy Dog drummer CLOSET

210.Assorted glassware CLOSET

211.Various candleholders CLOSET

212.White enamel propane Vintage kitchen stove KITCHEN

213.AS 800 grinder and Universal meat grinder KITCHEN

214.Partial set of Mid Century Modern Knowles dinnerware, chips KITCHEN

215.Pyrex KITCHEN

216.Wooden rolling pins KITCHEN

217.Knives Robeson and others KITCHEN

218.Cups and glasses KITCHEN

219.Dormeyer Vintage mixer KITCHEN

220.Pressed and gold rim glassware KITCHEN

221.Tin bread box KITCHEN

222.Various kitchen appliances KITCHEN

223.2 Toleware TV trays KITCHEN

224.Kitchen stool KITCHEN

225.Cut-glass and pressed glass KITCHEN

226.Early tin doll 3" stroller early wheels KITCHEN

227.2 Coca Cola bottles, 1 Scranton other badly cracked KITCHEN

228.Burschel half pint milk bottle KITCHEN

229.Mid Century coffee pot and more KITCHEN

230.Metal kitchen tray on wheels as is KITCHEN

231.Assorted dishes KITCHEN

232.Various pressed glass, platters, etc. KITCHEN

233.Hair pin leg table with wooden top rectangular shape KITCHEN

234.Vintage kitchen items KITCHEN

235.Stainless bowls KITCHEN

236.Kitchen items in boxes KITCHEN

237.Ritter hand meat slicer KITCHEN

238.Wine holder, picnic utensil holder KITCHEN

239.Lot of pots and pans on table BACK PROCH

240.Baking and other pans under table BACK PORCH

241.Early wooden table BACK PORCH

242.White enamel bowls BACK PORCH

243.Cast Iron pot Made in USA BACK PORCH

244.Cosco ladder BACK PORCH

245.12 String Acoustic Yamaha guitar FG 410 12A LIVING ROOM

246.Stinger by C.F. Martin & Co. Electric Base Guitar with case LIVING ROOM

247.Electric guitar Fender Stratocaste MI Japan #E732659 LIVING ROOM

248.Electric guitar sound pedals LIVING ROOM

249.Push Bissell sweeper BEDROOM #3

250.5" Wooden lamp Elec BEDROOM #3

251.Vintage D Cap BEDROOM #3

252.5 drawer dresser BEDROOM #3

253.Aluminum and silver-plated items BEDROOM #3

254.Arm chair BEDROOM #3

255.Beveled round mirror BEDROOM #3

256.Green Depression sherbets with underplates BEDROOM #3

257.Vintage games, Lotto, Peter Pan, Lippy the Lion BEDROOM #3

258.Soup bowls, small casserole BEDROOM #3

259.Salt and peppers BEDROOM #3

260.Small bookcase BEDROOM #3

261.2 drawer/1 door small oak stand BEDROOM #3

262.Footstool BEDROOM #3

263.Vintage shoe molds, bathroom items BEDROOM #3

264.House of Oppenheim Mexico leather tools man's box BEDROOM #3

265.Vintage Standard Model 100 Electra Curl and Vintage Schick ladies razor Elec BEDROOM #3

266.Lighthouse painting by Jess Hiller BEDROOM #3

267.Decorative Plates, Mexico, English, etc. BEDROOM 3

268.Early plastic cupcake picks and more BEDROOM 3

269.Vintage Tarzan Jungle map and Treasure Hunt 1933 Weston Biscuit Co.

270.Vintage Marine, Airforce suction dart board, no darts BEDROOM 3

271.Shirley Temple Little Big books, etc. BEDROOM 3

272.Decorative plates, First Methodist Church Farmingdale, NJ, Allegheny College BEDROOM 3

273.Porcelain Miquel Valencia Made In Spain 6" flying bird BEDROOM 3

274.Early America Logs game by Halsam BEDROOM 3

275.Painting of lighthouse on canvas signed Hiller approx. 36 x 18 BEDROOM 3

276.Early games, Williams Holsum Bread, Anagrams, Music Authors Game BEDROOM 3

277.Monkey sticks BEDROOM 3

278.Vintage Road Race Game No 4410 1960 Whitman Publishing Co. Made in USA BEDROOM 3

279.Mid Century Modernism Westclox pottery style approx. 15" dia. Battery operated Sunburst style BEDROOM 3

280.Linens, some are applique BEDROOM 3

281.Wooden jewelry and various glove type boxes BEDROOM 3

282.Vintage Children's puzzles, Pre School, 4 Big Learn How, Bubbles, Blue Star Jig Saw BEDROOM 3

283.Vintage dominos BEDROOM 3

284.3 Early Chinese Checker boards BEDROOM 3

285.Box mini puzzles, Goofy Puzzles, Teasing Perplexing Tantalizing Puzzles, etc. BEDROOM 3

286.2 Early canvas backpacks, Boy Scouts and Official Trail Camper BEDROOM 3

287.White Coach purse BEDROOM 3

288.Black Ladies Coach purse BEDROOM #3

289.Ladderback rush seat chair BEDROOM #3

290.5 drawer dresser BEDROOM #3

291.Lot of mid century pottery and various items BEDROOM #3

292.Splitrock Lighthouse picture, other BEDROOM #3

293.Sears Kenmore Tri Heat automatic heater elec. BEDROOM #3

294.Various pictures BEDROOM #3

295.Lot of vintage children's and other playing cards BEDROOM #3

296.Early playing cards and ABC cards BEDROOM #3

297.Vintage Old Maid, Uncle Sam Pinochle and other playing cards BEDROOM #3

298.Hand puzzles, Crosswork Lexicon, Blackstone playing cards BEDROOM #3

299.Vintage Rubber No 707 Horse Shoe Set by Auburn Toys BEDROOM #3

300.4" hand painted sugar shaker BEDROOM #3

301.Early Parker Brothers, Inc. Hokum Game BEDROOM #3

302.Vintage Peter Pan Twiddled Winks game Whitman Publishing Co. W 2015 BEDROOM #3

303.Wild Flower Lotto Sam Gabriel Sons & Co. NY No. T252 BEDROOM #3

304.Vintage Games Game of Doctor Quack, Lotto, 1965/65 New York World's Fair Children's Card Game BEDROOM #3

305.Vintage Gold Chest of Games includes metal game boards of Bank Shot, Lucky Strike, Gold Star BEDROOM #3

306.Early children's crafts BEDROOM #3

307.Brown ware pitcher and casserole BEDROOM #3

308.Oriental covered cups, hand painted tile, etc. BEDROOM #3

309.Noritake hand painted creamer, sugar, Oriental teapot, creamer, sugar, hand painted dish BEDROOM #3

310.3 Interesting foreign plates, copper tone, wood inlaid and other BEDROOM #3

311.Various cups and saucers, small dishes, etc. BEDROOM #3

312.4 Copper plates Nice decorations BEDROOM #3

313.Vintage tablecloths BEDROOM #3

314.Embroidered table linens BEDROOM #3

315.Table linens BEDROOM #3

316.Linens, napkins etc. BEDROOM #3

317.2 boxes of Early plated flatware BEDROOM #3

318.Vintage dolls clothing BEDROOM #3

319.Sherbets BEDROOM #3

320.5 Sad iron BEDROOM #3

321.Early trunk nice outside condition REC ROOM

322.Vintage ladies hats REC ROOM

323.Metal 2 drawer filing cabinet REC ROOM

324.2 Realistic speakers Optimus 45 both REC ROOM

325.Bar glasses hanging REC ROOM

326.Large studio pottery bowl REC ROOM

327.Large vintage photographs of Children 1904 REC ROOM

328.Scranton Times April 16, 1912 Great Titanic Sings with 1500 on Board REC ROOM

329.Clinton etc. Scranton 1998 papers REC ROOM

330.Norman Rockwell book, Life magazine REC ROOM

331.Early pictures and glass slide REC ROOM

332.Bar with 3 bar stools REC ROOM

333.Dovetailed Brookfield cheese box REC ROOM

334.Antique animal pelt REC ROOM

335.Vintage kitchen items REC ROOM

336.Mid Century tapered leg coffee table unsigned REC ROOM

337.1923 University of Pennsylvania Accounting Scranton photo and other early photo REC ROOM

338.Castles of Manhattan by Thos. O Sheckell and other print REC ROOM

339.Oak Mid Century modernism couch 3 cushion REC ROOM

340.2 Mid Century modernism oak chairs Each x 2 REC ROOM

341.Animal pelt fox fur REC ROOM

342.VCR and TV stand REC ROOM

343.Crock-crack and collectible stones REC ROOM

344.Large lot of postcards REC ROOM

345.2 Large speakers pair REC ROOM

346.Bar items REC ROOM

347.Air purifier REC ROOM

348.Fireplace items REC ROOM

349.Lamp REC ROOM

350.2 Wood carved figures REC ROOM

351.Pair horns approx. 2' REC ROOM

352.2 Sets Vintage bronze metal bookends Lincoln and Tad signed MP total 4 single in all REC ROOM

353.Oil lamp REC ROOM

354.Small primitive popcorn popper REC ROOM

355.Wine dispenser REC ROOM

356.Early oak framed picture REC ROOM

357.Matador and bull with painting of such REC ROOM

358.Spain book REC ROOM

359.2 Chalk ware dogs both REC ROOM

360.German stein REC ROOM

361.Mid Century Modernism shade nice condition Bottle with Mid century lamp shade REC ROOM

362.Bellows and handmade broom REC ROOM

363.Iron base Mid Century modernism lamp REC ROOM

364.Portable bar case REC ROOM

365.Matador tapestry REC ROOM

366.Racing horse tapestry REC ROOM

367.Nice modern loveseat Great Condition REC ROOM

368.Small flag 1962 Displayed in election booth of the hometown of Bill Scranton on the day he was elected Governor of Pennsylvania REC ROOM

369.4 Vintage small flags on handles REC ROOM

370.Pictures and other items REC ROOM

371.Military flag REC ROOM

372.Small Phyllis Britcher painting REC ROOM

373.Micro felt and other men's hats REC ROOM

374.2 Mid Century modernism step end tables Each x 2 REC ROOM

375.Fur muff REC ROOM

376.2 piece Heddon pal Vintage fishing rod REC ROOM

377.Mid century thermometer REC ROOM

378.Mid Century spritzer bottle REC ROOM

379.Antique Stanhope top hat REC ROOM

380.Vintage brush with light REC ROOM

381.Oriental items REC ROOM

382.2 Stoneware mugs both REC ROOM

383.Amber cordial set REC ROOM

384.Bell REC ROOM

385.3 Iron Medieval looking wall sconces Each x 3 REC ROOM

386.wooden tap and carved utensils REC ROOM

387.Pennsylvania Anthracite coal car REC ROOM

388.Office items REC ROOM

389.Game Bird bar glasses REC ROOM

390.Advertising ashtrays REC ROOM

391.Vintage bar items REC ROOM

392.Early furs REC ROOM

393.Early 1918, etc. Camp Dix newspapers REC ROOM

394.Cameras REC ROOM


396.Leather tooled book covers, hand woven bowl REC ROOM

397.Snap On Season's Greetings From Your Toolmates set of mugs REC ROOM

398.The Bookhouse REC ROOM

399.6 Shelves of Various books REC ROOM

400.Shelf of Knick knacks Flamingos, planters, etc. REC ROOM

401.Shelf of children's books, Dr. Seuss etc. REC ROOM

402.2 Shelves of various books REC ROOM

403.6 Shelves of Various books REC ROOM

404.Bar items REC ROOM

405.Copper and India style decorative items REC ROOM

406.Music boxes REC ROOM

407.2 prints REC ROOM

408.Early Grand Opera pamphlets REC ROOM

409.2 Early Mexican pottery decorative plates, Horses REC ROOM

410.Mash and other paperback items REC ROOM

411.Early car etc. REC ROOM

412.Box of small clayware pottery items, Oriental, South Western, South American carved man, soapstone ashtray REC ROOM

413.Mini brass spittoon, copper gong, etc. REC ROOM

414.GE Washing machine BASEMENT

415.Aluminum chair and frame for lounge OUTSIDE

416.2 Sleeping Geese OUTSIDE

417.2 Ash Buckets OUTSIDE

479.Small wood bookshelf with shoe shine items BASEMENT

480.Vintage men's travel kit & bow tie BASEMENT

481.Roasters BASEMENT

482.Train table as is BASEMENT

483.Contents of workbench and wall BASEMENT

484.3" Swivel vice #112 BASEMENT

485.Railroad spikes BASEMENT

486.Early fishing supplies BASEMENT

487.Johnson Citation model 110 reel BASEMENT

488.Wood advertising box with tools BASEMENT

489.Box of tools, brace, level, etc.

490.Box of tools, square, level, plane, etc. BASEMENT

491.Hand saws BASEMENT

492.Early wood table and chair BASEMENT

493.Early typewriter table, laundry cart on wheels BASEMENT

494.Vintage records as is with Mid Century wire stand BASEMENT

495.Mission style chair, folding table & mirror BASEMENT

496.Trunk BASEMENT

497.Plastic crates BASEMENT

498.Wicker laundry basket BASEMENT

499.4 shelves and box of books BASEMENT

500.Shelf of early records as is BASEMENT

501.Lot of vintage sporting goods, baseball mit, helmet, etc. BASEMENT

502.Fishing tip ups & net BASEMENT

503.Small wooden box BASEMENT

504.Child's card table & folding chair BASEMENT

505.Child's lift top desk BASEMENT

506.Speaker's podium BASEMENT

507.Oak 3' plant stand BASEMENT

508.Harris Picture Palm Walk Florida approx. 12 x 15 BASEMENT

509.Early diplomas 1888 BASEMENT

510.Assorted early pictures BASEMENT

511.Plastic child's Army pistol & helmets BASEMENT

512.Carved bottle cork BASEMENT

513.Marx plastic US Army M 14 rifle BASEMENT

514.Vintage child's official Wanted Dead or Alive Mareslaie plastic shotgun BASEMENT

515.3 Plastic dart guns BASEMENT

516.Sky Dart Children's airplane parts BASEMENT

517.Painted plant stand BASEMENT

518.Vacuum seal a meal BASEMENT

519.Early Kenner motorized child's workshop BASEMENT

520.Vintage Child's potty with plastic pot BASEMENT

521.Vintage child's potty chair with enamel pot BASEMENT

522.Child's enamel pot BASEMENT

523.Vintage children's items BASEMENT

524.Victoria wicker doll carriage BASEMENT

525.The Wonder pony Model 3 Wonder Products Tenn. Bouncy horse BASEMENT

526.Iron base Victorian lamp BASEMENT

527.Child's hydromatic building set, 1961 Kenner BASEMENT

528.Antique upright piano with bench as is BASEMENT

529.Metal shelving unit with contents BASEMENT

530.Antique upright piano with bench as is BASEMENT

531.2 Fishing poles, 1 is bamboo BASEMENT

532.Blue Mid Century pottery lamp with as is shade BASEMENT

533.Ping pong table with accessories, table is warped BASEMENT

534.Antique runner sled Flexible Flyer #55 H Airlie Chief BASEMENT

535.Antique runner sled Speed King stenciled BASEMENT

536.Lightening Glider antique runner sled #123 1/2 Standard Novelty BASEMENT

537.Back rest for baby sled BASEMENT

538.Wood shelf with contents approx. 4x2.5 BASEMENT

539.2 Children's bows, quiver and large quantity of arrows BASEMENT

540.Water pump and tank as is GARAGE

541.Early garage creeper and jack GARAGE

542.andirons GARAGE

543.Vintage camping supplies GARAGE

544.12 x 12 screen house GARAGE

545.Maple baby crib GARAGE

546.Trunk GARAGE

547.3 Pieces of stereo equipment GARAGE

548.Mid Century wire record holder, plant stand GARAGE

549.Trouble light, ext. cords GARAGE

550.Lipton's Tea advertising crate GARAGE

551.2 Children's stick horses GARAGE

552.9 Advertising boxes/crates GARAGE

553.Various outdoor children's toys GARAGE

554.Coleman propane lantern GARAGE

555.US Army canteen and 2 packs GARAGE

556.Early Christmas lights GARAGE

557.Blow mold Noel Christmas candle & tree stand GARAGE

558.Roll around wooden antique cart GARAGE

559.Early children's books GARAGE

560.Alum. Base, wood top picnic table GARAGE

561.Metal bookshelf GARAGE

562.Sun catchers GARAGE

563.Hitchner cookies advertising tin GARAGE

564.Early marbles with shooters in advertising cigar box GARAGE

565.Early Halloween masks GARAGE

566.Early Whamo frisbee GARAGE

567.Vintage plastic toys with Mickey Mouse Club wheelbarrow GARAGE

568.Box of Vintage children's items GARAGE

569.Sanyo vintage bicycle light GARAGE

570.4" battery operated Jack o lantern, pumpkin GARAGE

571.Gerz W. Germany blue decorated stein GARAGE

572.5" Blue decorated stoneware GARAGE

573.Victory #115 wooden washboard approx. 8 x 20 GARAGE

574.2 Early child's chalkboards GARAGE

575.Vintage plastic trucks GARAGE

576.Hand painted Italy Nativity set GARAGE

577.Mid Century picks, forks GARAGE

578.Child's Indian head dress GARAGE

579.Early Auburn fire truck approx. 4"

580.Art Deco style tin bed light Elec GARAGE

581.9 canning jars GARAGE

582.Humidor, Cigar boxes GARAGE

583.Vintage boots and Vote Purse GARAGE

584.Oil lamp, fondue pot etc. GARAGE

585.Universal grinder GARAGE

586.Insulators GARAGE

587.Lighthouse books and light houses GARAGE

588.Candles GARAGE

589.Desk light GARAGE

590.wire basket, 7 Up bottles GARAGE

591.Vintage Volkswagen hub caps GARAGE

592.Jumper cables, reflectors GARAGE

593.Paper shredder GARAGE

594.Christmas GARAGE

595.Candles and vintage Christmas items GARAGE

596.Christmas GARAGE

597.Vintage Plastic knickerbocker Plastic Co. pull toy lamb, head and tail moves as you pull it GARAGE

598.Train GARAGE

599.Vintage children's wooden toys GARAGE

600.Game of States, Let's Make a Deal GARAGE

601.3 Early games Detectives, Paint kit and other GARAGE

602.Remco Marine Raider toy sleeping bag and plastic ship GARAGE

603.Chlakware dog and pottery piggy bank GARAGE

604.Early games Bingo, Girder and panel building set, etc. GARAGE

605.Vintage block city and Jumbo checker set GARAGE

606.Box of vintage children's items GARAGE

607.Metal grader as is GARAGE

608.Small tin antique child's toy telephone GARAGE

609.2 plastic toy Morse Code light signals GARAGE

610.Vintage Eagle Toys, Stanley Cup NHL Hockey table top game Made in Canada GARAGE

611.Sunbeam Mixmaster complete GARAGE

612.Hitachi bread maker and food processor GARAGE

613.Vintage kitchen items, molds and more GARAGE

614.2 boxes Assorted cookie cutters GARAGE

615.VCR tapes GARAGE

616.Kero heater GARAGE

617.Kero heater GARAGE

618.Wood croquet set GARAGE

619.Golf bag, clubs and balls GARAGE

620.Vintage Christmas Santa boots and Snowman plastic candy containers GARAGE

621.2 Early tin possible walkie talkies? GARAGE

622.Vintage plastic case Zenith Radio Model Z374 GARAGE

623.Early scales Chatillon GARAGE

624.Early Moviegraph 16mm projector with Three Stooges, Barney Google and Krazy Kat movies GARAGE

625.Large glass bottle GARAGE

626.Vintage Christmas light box with wire GARAGE

627.Sad iron, Vintage elec. Hand iron GARAGE

628.Playboy magazines, including Farrah Faucet GARAGE

629.Dupont Dynamite dovetailed wood explosive box GARAGE

630.Box of various advertising bottles and boxes GARAGE

631.Picnic basket with pie holder GARAGE

632.Vintage dresser items GARAGE

633.Collectible buttons GARAGE

634.Vintage early smalls, space capsule pencil sharpener, early lead holder etc. GARAGE

635.Training wheel, bike mirror GARAGE

636.vintage Panasonic radio Model RE-6137 GARAGE

637.Knick knacks Ducks, Oriental box, etc. GARAGE

638.Vases GARAGE

639.Blue/white milk glass Victorian candleholder Oriental footed vase GARAGE

640.4 Transferware plates Spode, Staffordshire, GARAGE

641.BP monitor GARAGE

642.Milk glass divided dish, covered dish etc. GARAGE

643.Channel master transistor radio Model 6239 GARAGE

644.Vases, planters GARAGE

645.Vases GARAGE


647.Janis Collection pineapple knives and more GARAGE

648.vintage baby shoes GARAGE

649.Musical chello decanter and hair receiver GARAGE

650.22K gold overlay 2 dishes and tin ware box GARAGE

651.Wood mortar pedestal, doll, mallet GARAGE

652.Plant stand GARAGE

653.Miniature pianos, musical and pin GARAGE

654.2 Pewter Christmas ornaments GARAGE

655.Bow tie skirt doll in case GARAGE

656.Oriental doll in case GARAGE

657.Box Knick knacks Elves, etc. GARAGE

658.Pair handmade Norway dolls in case GARAGE

659.Oriental doll in case GARAGE

660.Wall of tools GARAGE

661.Hardware SHED

662.Vice SHED

663.Sockets, etc. SHED

664.Tool box with assorted tools SHED

665.Various garden tools SHED

666.Trowels SHED

667.Bucket of tools, saw, hammer, etc. SHED

668.Elec. Hedge trimmer with ext. cord SHED

669.Tools, wrench, etc. SHED

670.C and other clamps SHED

671.Galvanized pail with hammer, etc. SHED

672.Garden tools SHED

673.Perception Shock Kayak Playboat for 80 to 160 lbs. SHED

674.Push mower, weed eater SHED


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