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Item Description
1.Vintage ladies hats with 2 hat boxes

2.Hand embroidered fringed small table scarf

3.Coal pail and skuttle

4.Vintage gardening tools 3 in all

5.Vintage nippers and kitchen utensils 4 Items in all

6.Vintage holer

7.Early plastic or bakelite handled silverware

8.Pine bookshelf 33x10x32

9.1988 Oriental baby doll atatomically correct

10.Gray Thunder Eagle Native American print 145/150 by Laura Podor 79 30x23

11.Doctor bag, stethoscope

12.Vintage black rotary telephone

13.Pine stand 14 x17x37

14.Bookshelf 21x9x28

15.Pair of sailing ship vintage iron bookends unsigned 6"

16.Early Medicology book, binding as is

17.Early iron Spinx bookends 3.5"

18.John Deere Moline picture21 x 13

19.2 Heavy boat ties

20.FM 1978 sculpture 3.5"

21.Enameled Moris Protective Guard Service emblem 3"x3"

22.Vintage crowbar 15"


24.Tools, 3 pieces

25.Crowbar and curved handled wrench

26.Vintage handmade monkey hand puppet

27.Single pot metal castle bookend 5.5"

28.Pair of pot metal Peter Borough Cathedral bookends copyright 1928, signed circle/triangle C 5"

29.Hand saw

30.Vintage Black and Decker 33745 square wrench

31.All purpose tool

32.2 tin funnels

33.Various vintage brushes

34.Limb saw and nail puller

35.Bookcase 52x10x48

36.Bell & Howell 8mm Filo Master 291362 Vintage projector in case 11" high

37.Modern Art smiling wall mount sunshine 25" dia.

38.Pair of white milkglass ball shaped lamps 7"

39.Early papers on medicine

40.Mid Century Modern Expandomatic table Made of Firestone Velon vinyl by Saginaw Furniture Shops Chicago Ill. Pull out 2 door front table turns into small sideboard 38 x 31x31 closed

41.R.S. Germany painted dish 8" dia.

42.Denoyergeppert Series larhe map S9, Drawn by R. Baxter Blair Copyright 1927 Approx 53"x89"

43.Hostess curtain stretcher Vintage

44.Military cannister 8410056, F4473 4" dia., 29" high

45.Large torpedo shell casing Early 70" high

46.Hook on chain and wooden coat hanger

47.Dell computer monitor 19"

48.Vintage John Deere Tractor picture 22 x 16

49.Orion 4 head VCR

50.Vintage Panasonic turntable SL-H401 Direct Drive

51.Modern picture of Vintage John Deere Antelope Tonguless Cultivator 22 x 13

52.Acer LCD Monitor Mod AL2216W

53.Briefcase with cassette tapes Doris Day, Chet Atkins, etc

54.2 Marine Midland Trust Co. Advertising measuring glasses Both 5"

55.Child's tea set pieces

56.Foreign water carrier 23"carved

57.Large homemade doll house with assorted furniture 23 x 16

58.Nivico FET Solid State FM AM Stereo receiver model 5003

59.few books and porcelain teapot waterer

60.Handmade bird cage 9" high

61.Early Miners kerosene lantern 11" high

62.Hand painted Religious picture on tin 16.5 x 18"

63.Vintage hand shingle cutter nice condition HEAVY 32"


65.Bookcase or DVD holder 12 x 9 x 38

66.3 step pine plant holder 18 x 15 x 25

68.Push button large number telephone

69.2 push button telephones

70.Panasonic AC Battery radio Model RF-535

71.Log chain with one hook rusty colored 10'

72.Long log chain with 2 hooks 19'

73.Cross A Methodist Preacher 26x10"

74.Large iron socket bar and Richmond Radiator Co. Bar Williams USA wrench 18" />
75.Carl Webpey winter kids sleigh riding scene print copyright 1895 J. Hoover and Son Philadelphia framed 31 x 27

76.Gemini auto 2 way VHS rewinder RW3500

77.Samsung VCR

78.Cassette tapes, Elvis, Willie Nelson etc

79.REC RP-115 audio system stereo no speakers 12" high

80.Pioneer Model SR-202W amplifier

81.Linens and placemats, sprinkler

82.Vintage bear grapple or butchering hook, anchor

83.Sony tape recorder reel to reel

84.Pioneer stereo cassette tape deck Model CT-F2121

85.JVC TD-W254 double cassette deck

86.Pair audiophonic speakers Model 1030 Variable power expansion 13x11x25

87.Paolo Soprani accordion with case 12 x 18

88.Modern lamp

89.John Deere felt lined hat

90.Telechron Lite Call alram clock Early plastic case 5x3x4.5"

91.Maple 2/2 drawer dresser with mirror base-42 x 19x34, mirror-22 x 31

92.Blue pottery lamp flakes on handle 9"

93.2/3 drawer dresser 32 x 19 x 44

94.Forging handbook T.G. Byrer

95.Endicott forging & Mfg Co. stationary and plate

96.Endicott forging & Mfg Co. heavy ashtray 50th anniv. 5" dia.

97.Early metal leg dropleaf typewriter table 13 x 16 x 27, leaves 9"

98.Antique oak case tredle sewing machine Wheeler & Wilson Bridgeport Conn, No. 11, No. 15950 36 x 13"

99.Mini sewing machine teapot 4"

100.4 dr. Antique oak case White Rotary tredle sewing machine, iron base, No. FR383533 nice stenciling 34 x 18

101.White ceramic panther, crack in base 15 x 5 x 6

102.Log slab stool with 4 peg legs 41 x 11 x 14

103.Pana vue Zoom Control

104.2 4 shelf pine stands can be stacked 10 x 7 x 45

105.Modern tractor print oak framed 11 x 9

106.Modern oak framed tractor print, boy leaning against tractor wheel 11 x 9

107.2 small turtles and snail, planter decorations ALL

108.Vintage leather tooled wallets, key holder, change purse ALL

109.Triple turn toy wooden with chicken on top, mix and match 6.5"

110.Lead crystal bird and bunny approx 2"

111.Lead crystal rabbit and elephant approx 2"

112.White wicker stool 20 x 14 x 11

113.Wooden lamp, chip out of side

114.6 Vintage tumblers 1960's 6.5"

115.4 Vintage 1950's glasses Garden girl, Ice skaters, etc 6.5"

116.Vintage Ansco Cadet II Camra in hard case

117.Vintage 3 tier metal cart on wheels with handles on side 27 x 16 x 30"

118.Beautiful carved flying crame with fish in mouth. Wonderful decorative piece 24" small chip on feather

119.Miranda automex II 35mm camera No 616758 with large zoom lens

120.2 Ancient Treasures Pirate's Cove II Collection door knobs passage set, platinum Each x 2

121.Large plated tray with English Hallmark 29 x 18"

122.Silverplated teaset pieces, tip teapot, teapot-top fineal missing, creamer, sugars. Not all same pattern Some pieces marked silver on copper

123.Hallmarked silverplated base butter dish 6" dia.

124.7 silver plated pickle forks 6"

125.2 Large silver plated tablespoons hallmarked Okalyn .900

126.4 Nice silver plated serving pieces

127.Silverplated on Steel round serving tray and other plated items

128.12 Oneida Co. Early knives

129.11 Hallmarked Bavaria 90 forks 6"

130.Tapestry EPNS tray and various plated items

131.2 White Depression platters Both 11.5" dia.

132.3 Silverplated items platters

133.Early keys

134.4 Sets of salt and peppers one is 1960's style

135.2 sets of salt and peppers, gavels, other

136.Chas. Briddell Inc. Carvel Hall Steelsmith set of knives in case

137.Dresser hardware, handles and knobs

138.Forman Family Brooklyn NY Set 2 Hostess Salt and pepper sets Vintage in box

139.4 Sets of salt and peppers

140.Salt dips and master salt qty 5

141.Salt dips, toothpick holder and pressed glass napkin ring

142.1904 Cadillac motif ashtray 7.5" square

143.Various etched glass, amber small compote, etc

144.New Wine bottle vacuum pump system in box

145.Granite looking teapot modern

146.6 Golden Harvest handled pint style mugs Each

147.Pyrex custard cups

148.Pottery brown and reddish custard cups ALL

149.Vintage glass seating cards

150.Aluminum small jello molds and copper style wall decoration approx 8"

151.Capodimonte MI Italy approx 3" flower

152.Decorative Porch light wall mount 7.5"

153.2 glass oil lamps

154.Metal oil lamp no chimney

155.Yale KT & K Spittoon brown transferware

156.Early Collier's magazine and Stop, LOOK Read newspaper

157.Brass decorated peacock, brass coated bowl-Appreciation Allied Corp presentation bowl peacock-10" high bowl-11" dia.

158.Early plate Made in Germany and nut dish Both

159.New York Yankees fan

160.Decorative fans Various styles

161.Large frosted bowl, leaf bowl, lead crystal small bowl etc

162.50th Anniv. Bugs Bunny Tin Brachs candy 6.5" high

163.Brass hook and copper round lift up cat key holder 7" dia.

164.Reed woven hat 13" dia.

165.Large footed silver plated tray 16" dia.

166.Small dog toothpick holder approx 2" high

167.Jewelry box 8 x 6 x 4

168.Alfred Meakin England Birds of America cups and saucers. 4 saucers, 3 cups ALL

169.2 Cardboard storage barrels from Endicott Johnson no tops Both 18" high, 16" dia.

170.Emerson RC5810A FM/AM radio cassette recorder digital clock

171.Interesting Modern Metal Art Sun with red and blue rays and bell ends 15 x 10

172.Metal Army Canteen 20 Radio Battalion Semper Fidelus 6"

173.Universal Studios advertising ashtray

174.The Rose Still Grows Beyond The Mall book copyright 1936

175.Various drinking and juice glasses

176.Various 1950's 60's juice glasses

177.3 pieces of pressed glass

178.Shirley Temple blue bowl, pink Deperession handled plate and bowl

179.Early Creamer and cup non matching

180.4 pieces of small aluminum items teapots, pail

181.Small covered double handled tin pot 8 x 4x5

182.Carved wooden foreign musical flute or horn 13"

183.2 Jeep motif tops to trophy's

184.Man's tie tack box, small wood box

185.Reverse painting on glass gold gilt frame Tiger Bay, Florida few pieces off frame 25 x 21

186.Daisy BB gun

187.Stenciled 3 drawer dresser 44 x 20 x 34

188.Stenciled 2 drawer end table or night stand 15 x 14 x 26

189.Stetson cowboy hat, XXXXXX Size 7 1/2

190.questrian Made in Argentina Vintage English Riding saddle and alum. Saddle holder 18" seat

191.Lighthouse picture looks to be possible watercolor 17.5 x 20

192.Marmee Ashton Drake doll NIB 1995

193.Beth Ashton Drake Doll NIB

194.Meg Ashton Drake Doll with box

195.Mahommad Ali signed framed pictures. With certificate of auth. 24 x 27.5

196.Large Madam Alexander doll Vintage in box

197.Vintage Ashton Drake baby doll with box

198.Danbury Mint Kewpie A Gift of Love Jesco doll

199.Bamboo covered lift top blanket chest with sliding insert 39 x 19 x 17

200.Metal Dinkel Acher small keg Advertising 10" high

201.Zenith automatic station seeking fm/am radio

202.Wooden The Waltons 12" house

203.Signed B.S. Wilson 14 watercolor of Europeon street 24 x 28

204.Heavyweight Champions signature plaque Ali, Tyson, Foreman, Fraizer, Lewis 36 x 24

205.Mid Century tip up vinyl top metal base stool 19.5 x 15 x 12

206.Stelber Unicycle

207.Box of US Army Military radio tubes

208.Large box of Arcturus radio tubes

209.Various bird books Audobon

210.Set of Hand Painted Japan funky bird creamer and sugar 3"

211.Light blue assorted bowls

212.Amber etched covered candy dish, creamer, sugar and pressed glass small bowl

213.Victory Salem 23 karat gold Basket pattern various dishes

214.Etched green short compote and pink covered candy dish

215.Drip o lator teapot chip on top and purinton style teapot

216.Blue irridescent short compote

217.Shannon crystal 5" sq. plates and pressed glass tall square vase

218.5 Danbury Mint Christmas ornament birds with large box

219.6 Danbury Mint Christmas ornament birds ALL

220.Saki teapot and cups

221.5 off pink etched glasses ALL

222.5 Amperex Made in France Radio tubes ALL

223.Decorative teapot, creamer and sugar

224.Wine caraffe, 2 pitchers Pitcher 8"

225.Clear lemonade pitcher with ice lip 8"

226.Etched drinking glasses

227.Yellow divided dish, painted jam dish flow blue tea cup

228.Cut tree wood short 3 leg stool 14 x 12 x 8

229.4 Carosel horses ALL

230.1800's Clay marbles

231.Cast Iron Ice wagon with horse Not antique 8"

232.Powell & market 504 Fisherman's Warf train car

233.11 Various size Cottages David Winters ALL

234.Corgi Texaco paragon tank truck NIB

235.Norcross Greeting Cards Merry Christmas Santa Pin approx 1.5"

236.Vintage wooden spin top 2.5"

237.SkyRocket fruit crate 12 x 12x 26

238.Sunkist Oranges vintage crate 12 x 12 x 26

239.2.5" 2 Geodes EACH

240.3" Geode

241.2.5" 2 Geodes EACH

242.3"Crystal geode

243.Geode 4"x3"

244.Geode 4.5"

245.Geode 6"x4"

246.Mid Century Sony AM Fm alarm clock

247.Empire Steel Cutlery Set

248.Ideal Roy rogers & Chuck Wagon Do It Yourself with box

249.Early Louis Marx Rubberband wind up tractor/crawler toy 9" x 4x3"

250.Vintage Old Maid and playing cards

251.Door knockers orignal box

252.Mini 1" Steins

253.Child's teaset dishes, variety

254.12" Weather vane parts

255.Mini sad irons and trivet

256.Assorted plates, white milkglass gold rim, pink Depression, etc

257.Deep River Canada Bear plaque 11 x 9

258.2 Early games

259.Winston tube, 1994 Texaco race car Ford Thunderbird

260.Checkers, dominos

261.3 Corgi Cars in boxes Each

262.JDM Tuners 2002 Nissan Skyline Collectible

263.4.5" Winnie The Pooh glasses tumblers in original package

264.14" Eagle coat rack

265.Vintage Mattel Jumping DJ Surprise Action game

266.Stenciled top Decorative box 14 x 5

267.American J Plastic Bricks, Early Monopoly game

268.8" Lenox Vase

269.2000 Miniature Hess First Truck

270.Evolution Waterford MI Poland bubble glass bowls 4" Both

271.Various pieces of pressed and pattern glassware

272.Small ABC wooden blocks

273.Kodascope Junior Film Splicing Outfit

274.Kodak Duraflex II Camera

275.Colored glassware, Pink etched tall vase, Depression plate and more

276.Pair of Early dolls 12"

277.Trump's Golden Premium Lager Beer bottle labels

278.Army Maxam knife with sheath 8.5"

279.Cut crystal and lead crystal items bowls, etc

280.Czechslovakia Josefina Tea set, teapot is 7.5"

281.Pair of early vehicle lights 7.5" dia.

282.Mid Century traveling bar case ONLY

283.Roaster 16 x9x5

284.Interesting handmade Foreign drum with hide top and bottom sides are wood, 13" high 10.5" dia

285.Owl wall hanger 15 x 8

286.2 small oilers

287.Hand painted flying duck picture done on a metal top unsigned 22" dia.

288.Advertising tins

289.Painting on canvas of Dutch windmill signed Jhon Young 32 x 27

290.Fish cutting board 22.5 x 9.5

291.Plastic flower watering can

292.Suzuki Q Chord Electric in case with tapes Model QC-1 Digital Songcard guitar 21 x11

293.Cecilio electric violin in case 24"

294.Central Tractor creeper

295.Whirlpool dehumidifier

296.Edenpure heater 11.5 x 13 x 14

297.Small roller

298.Mouse Master multiple catch mouse trap

299.Small Have a heart trap


301.The Aermotoer silouette windmill on wood 8.5 x 20 1973 Harvey Barnard

302.Pittsburgh letter punches

303.Comical dripping glass bicchiere bavosos 1989 Morris Costumes

304.Pair of jeeps from trophy's

305.2 Pocket knives, Elk and other

306.W German Mid Century plastic Egg cups ALL

307.Number punches

308.Jim Brown 9" race car 1992 Racing Champions

309.Lot of miniature cars, trucks and more

310.Buddy L Coca Cola Truck 15"

311.1994 BP Advertising tanker truck 15"

312.Pair of 11" Halloween pumpkins

313.Pottery brownware pitcher and glasses, pitcher 10"

314.Fruit frosted bowl 10" dia.

315.Crystal and other clear glassware

316.8" Smokey pitcher and 3 glasses gold decorated

317.10" BX Glass Mid Century Vase

318.Creamer,sugar and Lefton bowl

319.Cut Crystal glassware

320.Hohner erdi 111B Accordian with box 18 x 20

321.Great States reel mower

322.Great States reel mower

323.Goose neck floor lamp

324.CVS Travel walker NEW

325.Floor lamp

326.Floor lamp

327.Sanitaire upright vacuum cleaner

328.Various decorative plates, Liberty Blue and others

329.Lenox Crystal vase, crystal and pressed vases, pitchers etc

330.Glass fruit 6" grapes

331.Pfaltzgraff small creamer, sugar and 2 other cannisters

332.2 3" Ruby birds

333.Mikasa floral bowl and decorative items

334.Halloween flying witch bread box

335.Cobalt blue and ruby glassware vases, small bowl

336.Hummel 11/0 Germany Big B broken umbrella 5"

337.Hummel 53/0 4" broken basket

338.Hummel 25 4"

339.Goebel Village Boy 31 2/0 5"

340.Hummel Little Bookkeeper W. Goebel W. Germany 306, 4.5"

341.Hummel 4" 203 /0 1948

342.Goebel 4.5" dia.

343.Hummel 6" 33 missing candle

344.Sacraft Goebel 9.5"

345.Set of English Garden chinaware or dinnerware

346.Goebel 3"

347.Hummel Globe Trotter 5" 79

348.Electric Bar light bar ball is plastc 5" base is ceramic

349.Hummel 15/0 6"

350.Goebel Spring Dance 7" 353/1

351.Hummel 65 5.25"

352.Hummel Strolling Along 5"

353.Hummel 58/0 4"

354.Set of dinnerware Made In China

355.Set of 3 Passport ships porcelain longest 9"

356.The Fun Ship Inspiration 8"

357.Set of 3 Passport ships porcelain longest 10.5"

358.Battery operated lantern

359.Pie plate and decorative plates pie plate is 12" dia.

360.Set of 3 Passport porcelain ships longest 9"

361.Shakespeare Country Laughlin Dishes

362.Soup tureen 13 x 9 x 7 and gravy


364.Copper bowl short and decorated brass like plate

365.Nativity pieces

366.2 Electronic games

367.Bionoculars 7 x 50 277 ft at 1000 yards

368.Partial Bunny Rabbit child's teaset

369.John Deere Dishes

370.Early table top radio with tubes working condition wooden case 20 x 12.5 x 14

371.Holiday decorations


373.2 totes of Christmas

374.Snowmen Christmas

375.Box of music books

376.Snowbabies miniatures shadow box with glass front door 12 x23x3

377.Early vehicle stick shifter and more

378.Pair of lamps with chimneys no shades

379.Plastic Mid Century decorative trays

380.Silvertone and brass tone trays, candleholders, etc

381.Wooden cubby box 12 x 12 x 14

382.Danze kitchen faucet

383.Wooden wicker magazine rack 17 x9x17

384.1935 Argentina Grape Juice Concentrate metal barrel 24" dia, 38" high

385.Microfridge. Includes microwave top and dorm size refriferator base in cabinet 23 x 23 x 56

386.Formica top kitchen table, metal base legs with 4 cushioned chairs 42 x 30 x 29

387.Formica top kitchen table, metal base legs with 4 cushioned chairs 42 x 30 x 29

388.Formica top kitchen table, metal base legs with 4 cushioned chairs 42 x 30 x 29

389.Formica top kitchen table, metal base legs with 4 cushioned chairs 42 x 30 x 29

390.Large stock pot looks like new 18" dia and 17" high


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