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Item Description
1.4 1/4" Black Wedgewood plate made in England

2.5 1/2" green wood handle 30's melon baller

3.western 4"- 3 blade knife/boulder, Colorado PA

4.3x4 metal anchor

5.2x4 oil can

6.5x2x1 1/2" carved coal train

7.5x2x2 1/4" valley metal Forge cannon replica

8.small box of 5 metal/early plastic items

9.3x2x3 Jamboree USA wheeling WV cow bell

10.6x 1 1/4" fluted bronze/gold carnival glass bowl

11.2 Pfaltzgraff items

12.1 Pfaltzgraff christmas salt and pepper (no markings) 1 8 1/2x3 Pfaltzgraff gravy boat

13.Pfaltzgraff pieces 4 dinner plates 6 dessert plates 1 cup

14.1 1/2x5 1/4" sterling weighted Duchin creation

15.8x3 footed/fluted blue/gold carnival glass bowl

16.10 not sterling silver spoons/some souvenier spoons/1 salt spoon etc.

17.3 pcs silver 2 large spoons1 butter knife (says coin)

18.6 childrens toy vehicles etc.

19.10 1/2x5 1/2 Hall #658 covered dish

20.10x12 Mt. Vernon Harmony House coffee/teapot

21.3 91/2x5x81/2" glazed pottery swans

22.5 1/2x8 3/4 1938 (most recent) ed. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

23.13x16 framed print by F. Robson of a street scene

24.6 1/2x10 early Sunkist Juicit Electric Juicer: A handy hot product/cat # 2700

25.9x3 green/red/gold carnival glass fluted bowl

26.6 1/2"x4 1/2" hand painted "stangle Fruit and flowers" Pitcher (chips)

27.4 pcs yellow depression glass

28.7" sterling sliver ladle

29.2 8" sterling silver items of souvenier items

31.2 pcs black/painted glass and pottery

32.9x6 copper, wood, pottery bowl w/handle

33.4 1/2x2 1/2x6 1/2 metal doll cupboard

34.10" purple glass bottle Bartels Wilkes Barre

35.4" x 9 3/4" Universal Store Bottle 1 qt

38.10x1 unmarked pie plate

36.4x10 clear glass qt pat Sept 17 1889

39.4 1/2x6 statue of liberty Centennial 1886-1986 Keep the torch lit mug

37.4x10 early electric lamp

40.8x2 1/2" carnival glass bowl

41.4 Sterling silver special spoons 3-6oz.

42.2-4x1 John Cotton's finest smoking tobacco #1 mild cans

43.6x9 chalk rooster

44.6 1/2" 2 1/2" carnival fluted/footed bowl

45.1 5x3 1/2" cattail, universal, cambridge oven proof bowl, 1 6x5 Russ, Phillipines, Eat drink and be Merry

46.7x8 1/2" whiskey pottery barrel 2/mugs on metal stand

47.8x 4 1/2" footed/fluted blue/red/gold carnival glass bowl

48.3x4 Christmas salt &pepper shakers Japan: HH 6216

49.4x 11 1/2 early childs metal shovel

50.pair 4 1/4"x 3 1/2" depression glass candlesticks

51.4-6 8 1/2" metal child's red shovels

52.12x5x9" childs metal painted watering can

53.Sterling silver bailey, banks &biddle 3 pc tea set est. wt 18oz.

54.6" carnival glass footed fluted bowl 6" irridescent blue glass bowl

55.big box of green depression glass dinner plates and sherberts

56.8x22 Victorian styler lantern metal/glass

57.5x10 heavy metal brown rooster, electric wall light

58.9x18 light wire hanging basket

59.9x16 blue and white enamel frying pan

60.16x12 1/2" white w/brown flowers platter Osborne /S.H. and sons England NO. 184861

61.12x20 Timeless Treasures Santa w/original box

62.22x20 wall mount wrought iron pot hanger

63.10 1/2"x14 1/2" framed print of a victorian lady in Lavender trimmed 10" turkey plate

65.4 pc mid century avocado metal

66.2 7 1/2x7x3 1/2 heart red /clear glass bowls

67.18 sterling sliver spoons approx 7 oz.

81.Two 7 1/2x2" carnival glass bowls w/ handles

68.2 sterling silver candle holders 1 Towle Sterling weighted and reinforced 1 Hamilton Sterling weighted

82.lots of knick knacks

69.6 Sterling sliver spoons4.4 oz

83.2 pcs carnival glass 1 teacup and 1 ashtray

70.fancy sterling silver sugar bowl w/handle and tongs 4.9 oz.

84.colossel christmas tree shaped cookie cutter 10x8

71.Small sterling silver bowl

85.17" porcelain doll

72.6 sterling silver spoons clank and Biddle Abm 4.5oz.

86.18" early porcelain/brass electric lamp

73.6 dinner forks Fowle Sterling, 2 salad forksFrench Povincial, 8 spoons French Provincial

87.7x12 glass cake plate w/stainless cover

74.Westmoreland Sterling Silver w/fabric holder 6 spoons 7 forks

88.7x12 child's tin sand bucket

75.2 pcs carnival glass 1 pen holder 1 5" saucer

89.9x7x6 turkey pottery gravy boat

76.7x4 heavy metal teapot Gorham #99 silver soldered 012557- 8 oz.

90.9x3 carnival glass/fluted dish

77.3 stoneware itmes 3, 3 1/2x5" tall 5" Williamsburg Pottery VA

91.4 pc porcelain doll house bath set

78.8x3 1/2 Footed/fluted carnival glass bowl

92.6" amber glass leaf

79.5x7 pink porcelain square footed covered dish

93.10x7x5 carnival glass footed bowl

80.16x6x24 1/2" wood wall mount medicine cabinet w/ mirror

94.11 1/2x3 Sanquino bowl

95.# of Christmas dinner/dessert plates etc.

96.12x7 1/2 porcelain fish cutting board

97.15x11 gold framed victorian lady print

98.11x14 "the meeting" Morris and Bendon NY

99.Box of porcelain &gold items/figurines

100.Holiday plates etc.

101.10-10 1/2"x 10 1/2" metal trays of knives

103.hardware and brass stencils

104.mid Centruy Childrens books

105.8x2 1/2" green/gold carnival glass bowl

106.9x8x9" silver plated basket #6728

107.9x5 1/2" crock

108.6 1/4"x4 R.P.P. Co. Crock

109.24x27 mirror w/gold frame

110.kyles of Bute, Scotland picture 6x 4 1/2" of milkglass items of asst items, salt and pepper etc.

113.Fisher Price Barn and Silo w/fencing and tractors

114.14x22 posters----farm sale, Montrose Firemans carnival/Triton Hose

115.8x12x2" wood/glass display box w/black interior

116.7x8x5 Tiffany Nat'l Assoc. of Jim Beam liguor bottle

117.Asst cat and dog figurines

118.9" carnival glass bowl

119.Two early electric irons: American Beauty

120.Chein 8x8" metal child's sand bucket

121.*" White opalescent hobnail footed plate

122.4 1/2x4 child's painted sand bucket

123.6x3 pottery bowl

124.2 boxes of glassware

125.18x24" poster frame

126.10" tole painted metal plate

127.Playskool wooden blocks

128.9 1/2" porcelain lamp, made in Japan

129.12" Nikko ironstone Plate

130.Wonder Shredder and a truffle cutter

131.8" 2104-5 amber glass vase

132.Empty Vee Dol Motor oil can

133.Box of early garden tools

134.Green depression glass saucers and cups

135.J.Chaein and Co. 8" metal sand bucket

136.2 pieces of custard glass 3"

137.29x23 Framed cottage print

138.15x15 shadow box

139.Milk glass: 4 custard, a bowl and a vase

140.Lot of Pfaltzgraff dinnerware

141.Large lot of figurines

142.Two clear glass decanters

143.Glass serving plate and two punch bowls with cups

144.5 1/2" metal child's bucket # 108A

145.5 1/2" metal child's sand bucket: U.S Metal Toy

146.Little Tykes plastic front loaders

147.Box of assorted steins and cups

148.Lot of Dishes: 1= Cronin China bowl, 1= Eastern China: 22 karat gold, 1= Modern Age

149.25x20" Framed Barbara Mock Birdhouse print

150.Country d�cor: pillow, seat covers, woven basket, doilies

151.LuRay pastels: 8 cups and saucers

152.December 5, 1943 Grit

153.18x22" Painted wood frame mirror

154.Wooden Small Dresser/ jewelry box? 9x4x9"

155.Stone ware items and older cups

156.Assorted Norman Rockwell plates

157.Assorted tablecloths and Cross-stitched placemats

158.4 big metal bells

159.Early wooden crutches

160.J. Chein & Co. child's sand bucket 5"

161.2 Early metal child's shovels

162.3 Glass bowls

163.Box of assorted glassware, 2= Bride and Groom

164.Farberware Tiered metal and glass serving tray

165.Assorted office with a nice carved wooden organizer

166.Variety of diverse dog figurines

167.Metal Camping cook set, Girl Scout with cloth cover

168.4x2" wooden, carved covered bowl, El Salvador

169.6x5 heavy metal and wood early iron

170.asst decorative items

171.Steven Pixie pic up sticks

172.2 wooden wall plagues 1 10x20 1 is 11x24

173.5 advertising yard sticks

174.6 etched pcs of glassware

175.2 trays, 1 plastic piels and 1 metal decorative

176.Montrose through the years booklet

177.Taylor-Smith Versattle overproof dinnerware-dwarf pine

178.3 levels, 1 craftsman, 1 stanley, 1 unmarked

179.3 wall decorations

180.2 Buddy L toys, 1 wrecker, 1 pumper

181.slow cooker

182.2 9" childrens metal shovels, 1 is Ohio art

183.large qty of decorative figurines

184.metal tray w/truck puzzle

185.2 early glass fire extinquishers in box

186.2 heavy R. P. Columbia PA mugs and 3 metal milk shake cups

187.2 mid century puzzles

188.4 potpouri pots and 7 rabbit figurines

189.2 4 1/2 x 14" pink porcelain electric lamps

190.cannister set (ceramic)

191.Eden Pure infared heater of picture frames

193.super lectric instant heat heater model 630

194.Fisher price play family farm no figures

195.15x18 insulated cooler on wheels with extention handle

196.Fisher price play family school with figures inside

197.Fisher price school bus w/1 figure

198.Pony 4 corner framing clamp

199.Xmas garland, extention cords, metal trays etc.

200.2 baskets, 1 is a step basket 15x14, 1 is 18x14 and plastic trays

201.14x7 hat box

202.10x28x10 early metal and wood runner sled of plastic Easter eggs

204.14x20x5 metal medicine cabinet w/mirror

205.7 brown jugs and bottles

206.Flinstones and McDonalds glass mugs

207.Box of asst books of craft items

209.mega blocks and toddler toys

210.qty of copper and ceramic molds

211.Jelly strainer and stand

212.large glass punchbowl w/cups of garden items

214.plastic tool box w/tray

215.stationery items of holiday special books mill

218.Classic DVD player and remote control

219.misc kitchen tools

220.3 prs of skates, 1 size 2, 1 size 6, can't read size on one pair

221.misc.decorative items

222.4 plastic and 2 cardboard containers

223.Flower vases 1 enamel pot with holes in bottom of asst tins

225.1 window screen

226.32x8" wood planter and decker 7.2 volt cordless drill

228.1 cooler and 1 suitcase of rolling painting supplies

230.Early rolling paper dispenser


232.pc of carpet braces and an extention cord of gardening books

235.5 rackets

236.2 new pillows and 2 new seat cushios from pier 1

237.large plumbing snake

238.Encore manual type writer in plastic case

239.Fisher Price Play family camper

240.Carpet remnant piece

241.Fisher Price Play Family House

242.Fisher Price Boat

243.Quantity of Fisher Price people, animals, tractors, cars�

244.Croquet Set

245.Box of Books:Jokes, Bathroom books,etc.

246.Very long divided tool box --wooden with metal handle

247.Lot of Antler Year Books

248.Fisher Price Play Family with figures and furniture

249.Fisher Price train track with train pieces

250.Child's play dishes

251.Fisher Price figures and cars, etc.

252.Big box of Christmas items

253.Phaltzgraff dishes and mugs with mug holder-- 2 boxes together

254.Oakes Manufacturing Co chicken feeder

255.Quantity window screens

256.Two containers of Christmas

257.Wooden box: 14 1/2x 10 1/2x 8 1/2"

258.Box of Books

259.hem marker

260.Plastic and metal planters

261.2 Bushel baskets and wire plant hangers

262.Assorted baskets

263.4 plastic organizers

264.3 sets of she stretchers: 1= Wright Store 1 Brooks Brothers

265.Quantity porcelain, some hand painted dishes

266.4 Boxes toy figures, etc.

267.3 Boxes of large toy items

268.Sterling necklace with mother of peral Eagle pendant

269.Brass & wood purple bangle bracelet

270.Beautiful Pink Aurora Borealis Gold tone bracelet

271.Sterling silver 4 oz ring

272.Sterling heart CZ ring size 7

273.Sterling fan pierced earrings black onyx cabochon

274.14k gold blue topaz ring

275.Gold tone pink and blue and white marquis

276.Heavy Sterling Silver OVER THE TOP Cleopatra Style collar necklace 6.1 oz with makers mark

277.Sterling turquois or laramar Native American style cuff bracelet

278.Sterling from Ireland Celtic Bracelet broken

279.Qualute Gold tone custom bracelet with pearls

280.Silver and turqouise belt buckle 1.5 oz

281.Gold tone pearl bracelet

282.Two Tone gold over silver tennis bracelet

283.Sterling Egyptian Reveli beatle bracelet

284.Red and white cz bracelet

285.Avon Gold tone purple stone bracelet

286.Sterling tennis bracelet with garnets

287.Sterling Signet bracelet

288.High End costume bracelet with amethyst and pink stone

289.Silver ton Mesh bracelet

290.Sterling Feather design pierced earrings

291.Pink and white CZ Tennis bracelet

292.Stelring turquoise inlay earrings

293.Sterling Modernist cuff bracelet

294.Bling blue band ladies Quartz bracelet

295.sterling silver cat ring

296.Silver Extrodinary Navtive American ring

297.Sterling Lion ring

298.10k white gold Amethyst ring

299.Black and white HE gold tone ring

300.14k Sapphire and diamond ring

301.10k Amethyst heart ring

302.18K HG Silver tone star sapphire tone ring w/ruby stones

304.14k HGE Pink center ring

305.Sterling ring band

306.14k Trillion cut amethyst ring

307.Gold tone costume ring opal and red stone

308.Sterling Native American Post turquoise earrings

309.925 Sterling Herringbone necklace 0.8 oz

310.Quality 3 pc Demi Parure necklace, bracelet, matching earrings

311.Pretty gold tone pink ice Necklace and earrings

312.Sterling anchor penant/charm

313.Sterling Skull & cross knives pendant/charm

314.1926 silver dollar

315.1885 silver dollar

316.1890 silver dollar

317.Proof 2004 S Kennedy Half Dollar 90 Silver

318.1965 Canada Silver Dollars

319.1993 Silver Eagle UNC

320.2- 1957 Franklin half dollars GEM UNC

321.2003 Silver Key Set

322.2--1978 Proof set

323.2---1980 Proof sets

324.90% Silver half dollars 8 total

325.$15.00 face value, 90% silver dimes

326.10.25 face value 90% silver quarters

327.$4.75 Face value 90% silver dimes and quarters of asst cast iron pcs.

329.2 ceramic candle holders

330.2 made in Spain pottery containers w/wooden spoons 4"

331.3 ceramic dogs and white items, some sunbonnet wall hangers

333.4 glass and pottery cowbow boots

334.2 Early 20" extending wood handle forks

335.#2 10x14" crock with handle

336.10x7 #4 crock

337.9 1/2x6 inch crock (chip on bottom and crack)

338.misc. silverware

339.4 pc Reed and Barton covered silver tray w/divided insert and one additional serving dish of asst silver items of 5 pcs of silver

342.8x7 1/2" Hawthorn pottery Co Hawthorn, PA

343.10x5 Crock (crack)

344.8x6 Harcrest oven proof stoneware

345.4x6 ceramic lighter

346.14x10 Pfaltzgraff platter and custard dish

347.5x5x2 wooden box of unusual tools

349.6 ceramic items, wall and salt and pepper of asst dish items

351.Set of wooden book ends

352.Five McDonald's glasses

353.14" Green bottle in a wicker basket

354.Brass spitoon: 8x5 1/2"

355.Nativity figurines

356.Green Depression glass:Cake plate, custard dish, wine glass

357.Assorted Bear figurines

358.Santa's Best Animated Porcelain Doll

359.Early Electric Iron: Westinghouse with green handle

360.2 Electric lamps (look hand painted roses) marked J-2094

361.Assorted creamers, coffee mugs, etc.

362.3 pieces of blue glass

363.Assorted Welch's glasses, 2 McDonald's glasses

364.Assorted Christmas items

365.Sleigh bell and metal star ornaments

366.3 mugs: 1= early Selandia plastic Walt Disney, 1= child's plastic cup, 1 bone china: England


368.Bowl (LG) 9" and a metal tray

369.Fisher Price toys: plastic milk can carrier with plastic milk cans

370.5 Ceramic items


372.Genie Wireless key pad with instructions

373.Matching Royal Haeger 364H platter and candle holders

374.West Bend Stoneware Bean Crock with 4 matching bowls

375.6x9" Pfaltzgraffe tea light display

376.7" J. Chein and Co.early metal child's watering can

377.Glass Candy dish with lid 8 1/2" tall

378.Assorted early books

379.L.F & C New Briton, CT, USA hand grinder with parts

380.Glass Stir Straws

381.2 Silver Pieces 1= Blackinton, 1 Jewelry box, monogrammed WWW with felt interior

382.3 pieces of stone ware vases

383.Ceramic items: Pipe ashtrays, Duck planters�

384.Thermos, butter dish, cannisters

385.Glass serving platter with a silver tray bottom

386.4 items: 1 Bailey's creamer, 1- Duck planter, 1- Cow towel hook, Madonna planter

387.2 heavy children statues

388.2 Royal Haeger ash trays

389.Cross-stitched and embroidered , quited, pieced quilt

390.Home Interior: Flower vase in a metal rack

391.5 medium sized lamp shades

392.2 Electric l31 1/2" lamps with shades

393.Webster's New World Dictionary

394.Two footed glass bowls and one glass dog creamer

395.Precious Moments items

396.Glass serving trays

397.Custard Glass items

398.2 Glass Pyrex mixing bowls

399.Lees Corn cutter and creamer

400.8 Chicks and ducks figures

401.9x5 1/2x6" wooden jewelry box

402.Assorted Dresser items"1= Globe 24 karat gold plated mirror


404.Silver items: small ladle marked Cream top, a candle holder, footed bowl, 2 serving trays

405.Kardkraft 4 card holders

406.3 Santa figurines

407.4 Coor's Rosebud dishes, 1 planter, and a tea cup

408.3 Cow head plastic creamers: Whirley

409.Assorted tea cups ( 1 has a saucer)

410.Victoria, Austria dishes, etc.

411.2 Earl Stanley Gardner books

412.Assorted knick knacks

413.Wire top canning jars with glass and zinc lids

414.2 ceramic swans

415.2 12" childs metal shovels

416.6 pcs stoneware

417.6 glass lamp shades of glasses

419.2 black and decker jig saws of asst glassware

421.childs china tea set Frenzy toys China

422.Zenith Sleep switch radio alarm clock

423.8 porcelain and stoneware platters

424.variety of decorative items

426.2 bowls (washstand bowls) 1 Buffalo Pottery w/chip 1 is Homer Laughlin

425.asst glasses and bowls

427.8 Carnival glass goblets and 2 Carnival glass candle holders

428.Sears Craftsman 28" hand saw of asst planter, gravy boat, etc.

430.3 Green glass items

431.asst table coverings and crotchet items

432.11 Ruby glass dishes

433.2 blue glass bottles and 6 blueglass canning lids

434.asst of green depression glass of early glass medicine bottles

436.5 1/2 x 7" jug of asst metal plate holders

438.Oswego Maze products Velvet Gloss Starch wooden box 11x7x5 1/2

439.3 metal wall/table holders

440.Water bomb slinger w/balloons

441.pair of Quality steel skates to attach to shoes knives and bbq tongs

443.1 set of heavy matching mirror and brush and 2 additional brushes wrestling magazines

445.brackets and wrote iron pcs

446.2 silver trays and 1 copper covered dish

447.3 21x13x8 oak front drawers

448.2 big boxes of toddler toys

449.4 boxes of toddler figurines

450.misc glass, plastic andmetal items

451.misc wood and pottery items

452.misc hardware

453.asst of childrens games

454.3 early Steelers unopened empty Iron City Beer cans Pittsburg brewing company

455.11 early beer empty cans some w/tabs in place

456.12 early beer cans empty, some w/tabs in place

457.16 early beer cans empty, some w/tabs in place

458.32x8" white painted wooden planter box

459.Big box of stuffed animals: dogs, monkeys and rabbits

460.Apex remote control stereo music system, speakers, tote of wires

461.big box of x box 360, an antenna, keyboard,two computer screens, 2 more x-boxes

462.2 Pry bars

463.2 Boxes of assorted books: Tom Clancy, etc.

464.Big box of Teddy Bear stuffed animals

465.Lots of children's games

466.Wire hanging planter holders

467.Bird stuffed animals

468.Garrity spot light and assorted flashlights

469.Number of games: 4 Scene-Its

470.Picture Mate Personal Photo Lab with some photo paper

471.Christmas Santa, Rubbermaid ornament holder�.

472.Stroller: Baby Connection

473.Pair of Size 6 Roller Blades/ Pair of Knee Pads

474.Assorted household appliances

475.VHS players and speakers

476.Wooden rabbit planters, etc.

477.2 Large Christmas tree holders

478.Carter's Travel Play Yard, head and footboard of a toddler bed

479.Quantity Children's books

480.DVD's and some VHS tapes

481.Wooden blocks, animals and people

482.Round 1 Punching Bag

483.Two wooden wall shelves Assorted wooden boxes with animal sides

484.Halloween costumes for children

485.Everlast punching bag

486.Pet Partition for an SUV or van


488.Group of Bollinger Barbells, etc

489.Bar only


491.4 stacjjs of weights for barbells

492.65x20x39 wood bench

493.Stenciled rocker

494.39x29x31 table

495.Plank seat rocker

496.50x30x29 Tressel Table

497.38x14x72 Oak Cupboard

498.2 Ethan Allen chairs

499.Mirror for a dresser

500.Door Mirror with hardware

501.30x60x34 Counter unit

502.Wooden chair without cane

503.Oak Captain's Chair

504.4 White Wooden chairs

505.Wooden Work table: 30x57x30"

506.6 heavy wood chairs

507.Appoximately 5' Step ladder

508.Double Metal Bed

509.23x15x18 End table

510.25x 12" Magazine rack

511.68x18x31 Dresser

512.2 Chairs: 1= caned, 1= High back

513.75" lighted artificial Christmas tree

514.One piece metal and wood student desk

515.Flip top side table

517.Heavy metal wheel barrow

518.Lot of exercise equipment including weight stack

519.75x27x31 Early day bed

520.23x23x29 Occasional Table

521.39x16x60 Dresser

522.Wire and wood bicycle

523.Pink and white dresser

524.Fire Pit on Wheels

525.Tony Littles Gazelle Edge Exercise Machine

526.31x19x21 Wire Dog Crate

527.51x18x26 Wood Slat porch swing

528.Caned Ladder back chair

529.Heavy Green Wood stall Gate

530.Work table: 24x50x32"

531.Super Steering Flexible Flyer sled

532.Two piece Wooden shelf on wooden folding leg base

533.39x14 31 Book shelf

534.Wooden step stool painted white

535.Wall Mounted ironing cabinet and board

536.Wire Shelf rack

537.1 Wooden Magazine rack and 1 wooden end table

538.Children's Duck rocker

539.Drop Leaf Desk cupboard (Leaf Detached)

540.Child's pull toy: Noah's ark with bag of wooden animals

541.15x21x27 end table w/broken foot

542.Regent Electric sewing machine in wooden case

543.34x17x64 wood 1 drawer, 1 door cabinet

544.54" black electric metal floor lamp

545.Kerosene heater

546.19x8x24 white medicine cupboard

547.20x21x33 kitchen rack wood w/ metal drawers

548.Blue reclining lift chair

549.wooden and metal ironing board

550.tub chair

551.mop bucket w/wringer

552.wooden high/potty chair

553.65" tall electric lamp

554.Wooden floor lamp (end table)

555.4 vinyl covered mid century chrome chairs

556.floor lamp

557.5 card tables

558.Game table of plumbing, mop buckets, and plungers of assorted early glass bottles of misc items of misc household of childrens toys

564.2 boxes glassware/lamp/dishes, etc.

565.chocolate fountain

566.misc decorative items

567.picnic basket w/two porcelain dolls

568.Misc decorative items

569.Champagne glasses, custard cups, new blue shower curtain

570.2 Boxes of pretty glass items

575.Lot of baskets, an old wooden bowl, fishing net

571.4 wood framed cork boards

581.Mixed depression glass pieces:

572.Big box of glassware: Avon goblets, bowls, pie pates, serving platters

582.2-- 3 1/2x9" carved wood Asian figures

573.Big box of porcelain, some hand painted dishes, bowls, etc.

583.4x6" hobnail white glass bottles with stoppers

574.Frames, Prints and wall decorations

584.12x6x13" Crosley juke box style radio and cassette player

576.2 Portable mixers

585.17x14" Daher, England Metal tray

577.Conair More Big Curls hot rollers

586.16x14" Bupins painting on canvas: Beach and lighthouse

578.13x4" Blue Glass bowl in heavy metal frame

587.2 -- 4 1/2x6" brass oil lamps with wall holders and misc. parts

579.Pink depression glass pieces, different styles

588.Misc. Pyrex glass lids & Dish and plastic lid marked Mexico

580.10 1/2x6"/ 5 1/2x3" lime green, clear and gold glass serving bowl and 6 individual dishes

589.4--9" Asian ceramic cannisters: Made in China

590.Blue glass pieces, some depression

591.3x12" Ruby glass bottle, China

592.Capodimonte, Italy 14x9x10"

593.7x5x5" pottery pitcher/ squeezer, Japan

594.3x4" metal lighter

595.2--8x3 1/2" black plastic vases with inlaid pearl like figures and buildings

596.6 1/2x6 1/4" gold glass footed bowl

597.3-- Oil Lamps: 2 are clear/ 1 ruby glass base

598.10" porpoise, carved wood; 3" carved donkey, coaster set and plate holder

599.9x3" early green batter bowl

600.5 Decorative items: 2 light house tea lights, 1 gold elephant (damaged) ,1 Mother baby elephant(damaged, Swan music box

601.Green, clear and pink depression glass

602.Finger oil lamp

603.2 5x8" very heavy glass vases

604.2 Early Oil Lamps, 1 Marked Bisceglia

605.3x10" Carved Wood vases

606.Eye glasses

607.2 Yellow Depression glass bowls

608.6" plastic Japan bowls & 9" matching salad utensils

609.Glass bowls, parfait glass, vase, etc.

610.5 pieces of wood framed screen

611.2 Double metal beds ( no side rails)

612.1 --24" brass wall scene/ 2-- Copper 14" wall scenes

613.MacDonald Portable 8 track stereo AMFm Mpx radio, boken antenna battery

614.2 Pink Glass items: bowl 11x7"

615.Heavy copper Arizona souvenier American Indian children, 7" copper plate, brass-like bell, brass ash tray, etc

616.Talbot's red bead and silver necklace 32"

617.9x3" Marigold Irridescent serving bowls

618.2-- 14-15" Carved wood sword fish (Damaged beak on one)

619.1--17/1--15" Stone Lions (1 Damaged Tail)

620.1 Radio Shack network surge protector; 1 7 1/4" new saw blade/ 1 Transpac Model S12P5 volt meter?

621.37" hanging plastic item with brass tone chain/ electric light

622.24x20 Painting on canvas, signed, light house seashore scene

623.24x20" Gold tones painting on canvas of the seashore and light house, signed Carpenter (damage)

624.Royal Aristocrat Manual Typewriter in case

625.Sessions 8 day mantel clock -- no key, no pendulum

626.4 piece ceramic apple cannister set 8-10" ( 1 leaf off)

627.6"green footed glass dish/ pink 4" pitcher with clear glss handle

628.4" leaf clear glass bowl/ 5" pink and white hobnail vase

629.9 fancy glass lamp shades�2--2 3/4 7= 1 1/2 openings

630.Big box of porcelain dishes

631.Cantrell metal dishes, made in Mexico

632.11x6" Early batter bowl, tan with blue trim

633.10" red,yellow,clear glass vase

634.Braun Multipress automatic juicer

635.34" heavy candle holder with figures from India

636.10" Asian man made of wood on a polished wood stand

637.4 -- 9x9" metal stands

638.9x6x3 etched mirror jewelry case

639.Heavy plastic 2-3"

640.Metal items: siver, aluminum,etc.

641.Early Burrough's adding machine 9x18x9"

642.2 tall decorative vases ( each damaged)

643.6 glasses

644.2 13" liquor decanters

645.Hamilton Beach Double Mac Fast cooker

646.2--19x11/1--20x15" plastic trays. Larger tray= Oleg Cassini

647.2x3" straw ram

648.16x16x17 National Cash register

649.10x5 1/2" yellow batter bowl

650.1 Big Box and 2 racks of 45 rpm records

651.3 Boxes of 33 1/3 rpm records, cassettes, Kenny Rogers 8 track, Scotch 90 magnetic tape, new

652.22 Blue glasses

653.8" 7-up bottle

654.6 1/2" oil and vinegar cruets

655.4 1/2x7" unicorn music box, pastel porcelain

656.2 Boxes of Misc. glassware, ceramic,metal

657.3 pieces of Capodimonte, some damage

658.Sports cards and memorabilia

659.2 Cookbooks

660.Heavy 18x1" Turntable top? With Asian scene

661.21" Touch lamp

662.1-- 10" Italy 1145 gold/white stoneware vase/ 1-- 10" 1592 gold/white vase (damage)

663.Heavy wrought iron / 4 tool fireplace set

664.8x16x13" Birdhouse Step container

665.Plastic present box with large gold Christmas ornament

666.14x31" wicker three tiered stand

667.17" Lighted ornament

669.Heavy Wrought iron fire place stand with poker and shovel only

668.15x13 17" Bead and wire game

670.New Halloween items

671.2 Fisher Price and 1 Little Tykes toddler toys

672.Early manual Underwood Type Writer

673.Very Large Army Duffle Bag

674.Lots of decorative items and figurines

675.4 Infant and Toddler toys, entertainment center

676.3 Pieces : 1 Fisher Price Toddler center/ 1 Giraffe two piece toy

677.22" soft doll with plastic head

678.Con Air Body Benefits Soft Bathmat Thermal Spa

679.Cook ware: Hoover Electric Skillet, New Dome Lid Stainless 8 quart pot, warming tray, broiler pans, etc.

680.Teetertot Rocking baby seat: Delphos Bending Co. 13x27x19"

681.13x13" Interlocking soft floor puzzle tiles for play: letters and numbers

682.Lot of Christmas and religious items

683.29x39x40" wooden potted plant stand some damage

684.9x6x15 " Eagle and Coyote figure

685.17x9" Metal ash can

686.25" Artificial Christmas tree, real log trunk

687.34" Metal plant stand in shape of a child with a baseball cap

688.Child's 30" Spiderman fishing pole

689.20" plastic syphon

690.15 1/2x11x11 Metal ash can

691.13 1/2 tin wall container

692.10x9x10" heavy metal commercial style ashtray. Wall Mount

693.3 Piece Painted Wood Housing for Paper towels, extra toilet paper and tissues (18,8,6" tall)

694.26" Artificial Christmas tree with real log trunk

695.13x13 Candlelabra/ 16x11 Heavy silver look meat tray

696.New 11 foot Light Hanging Kit

697.60" Wooden duck on a pole toy --no wheels/ 40" cup with a stick in a tube game

698.Mid-Century children's books

699.Early metal items: Electric toaster, vegetable slicer and two tin loaf pans

700.Dolls and doll bed carrier

701.Plastic popscicle makers, child's plates, serving trays�

702.Metal milk can and strainer with filter stopper 15x32"

703.37" Artificial Christmas tree with lights and real wood trunk, metal base

704.11" metal Uncle Sam figure

705.5 Boxes of Christmas items

706.RealTree Outfitters: Universal Bench Seat Cover (Camo) fits most truch and SUV bench seats with head rest covers

707.Centech Digital Scale

708.Luminouse Angel Fountain (Plastic, battery operated)

709.10x3x8 Country Church Scene in display case (battery lighted)

710.9x9" Stoneware pitcher

711.2 Big House Wiring Manuals

712.Army Helcopter and toy soldiers

713.7x3" Argentine, Rochester, 3458 bowl/ 5x4" __rber silver, quadruple, 132

714.Msc. Glass and metal items: vases, candlesticks, child's perculator parts�

715.10x5" 'Legends of the Wild West ' plastic gun

716.Pez dispenser

717.9" Early plastic doll ( back of neck: unusual symbol and 22 1/2)

718.25" Lighted artificial tree with real wood trunk and metal base

719.202 Wide Range Powertrain Drag Zeebco Reel--202kgwd1 Precision die cast alloy gears

720.2 Thomas Kinkade Lilac Cottage mugs 3x4"

721.7 Coleman Glass insulators

722.9 1/2" Copper kettle with wood handle and lid topper

723.9 1/2x6 1/2 Brass pot with white stoneware insert: F>B>Rogers

724.2 Cloth Action Figures: 20" Spider Man/14" Cartoon Network man

725.20x7x12" Brass watering can

726.11x18x13 Wood Doll Cradle

727.Hot and Handy Steam Cleaner Model SF220

728.2 Containers of Remington Twisters

729.8" Decorative Asian Vase

730.Atomic Desk Alarm Clock with Thermometer , Centrios # 6316006

731.2-- 7 1/2x7 1/2" Glass blocks with electric Christmas lights inside + large blue ornament

777.Child's 4 wheeler as is

732.Pro -Form 320 Exercise Machine

778.Sears child's go cart

733.Conair Bubbling Foot Spa with heat and vibration

779.Scotts 16 hp 42" cut riding mower as is

734.2 fold-up strollers

780.Wagon tongue

735.Kitchen items: Manual Quick Chop, silicone bundt cake mold, New Black and Decker Shell maker

781.Grain cradle

736.Basket, Coverlet, paper plate holders, flags

782.2 Horse wagon phils

737.Doorway jumping apparatus for a young child

783.2 Horse wagon phils

738.Box of pottery and glassware

784.2 wagon tongues horse implements

739.DecoSonic Electric Food Dehydrator

785.2 wagon tongues horse implements

740.Metl Insanity bat

786.Wagon parts

741.Ceiling Fan

787.2 Sets phils

742.Brass,wood and glass ceiling light fixture

788.Wagon tongue

743.34x24x22" Diesel Power Trac, Power Chain Pedel Tractor


744.Big Box of wrapped plastic utensils

790.Official size balance beam. Wood beam part only approx 18'

745.Camera Tripod

746.5 Boxes of Canning Jars

747.Wood and green plastic Drying Rack

748.Quantity Snow fence rolls

749.Quantity Snow Fence Rolls

750.2 Early Sleds: 1= Lightening Glider/ 1= Flexible Flyer?

751.Box of Candles

752.21x14" Cooker/Roaster

753.Star Wire Plant Holder 32x10x26"

754.17" wood slat and metal band keg and an early nursery rhyme child's metal ironing board

755.Easy Bake oven in original packaging

756.Stackables Audio and Video Storage Cabinets , 56 Compact Disc Capacity, New in Box

757.Box of Misc. Glasses

758.28x23x25 Plush and Plastic Rocking Horse Radio Flyer Brand

759.Slik Universal Tripod

760.Metal Tricycle 26x16x23

761.New in box Wood and Wicker Ceiling Fan

762.Oster Meat and Food Grinder

763.23" Porcelain Lamp

764.Pick, no handle

765.Number of Porcelain items, Pfaltzgraff Heart Dish, Platters

766.Christmas Nativity, Lights and Village Collectible

767.HP Photo Smart, Hamilton Beach Crock pot, Hummingbird night light, Easter item

768.Garden Sprayer with an extra pump part, a cane, and more

769.Tool box, flourescent bulb, jack, lights

770.Big box of glassware: Avon goblets, bowls, pie pates, serving platters

771.Lots and lots of figurines and decorative items

772.Early child's puzzles

773.Two Like new Riding Hats

774.Misc. Clothing

775.Really long box of all Christmas


791.2 Basketball backboards-heavy

792.vintage metal child's iron board


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