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Postcards, Paper, Collectibles Online Auction - Saturday June 20 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Box of early handkerchiefs approx. 20

2.11" pink glass vintage lamp shade

3.9" Double Dry soda bottle

4.Yellow Depression glassware
5.12x12 Vintage ceiling light shade
6.Early wood tool 36"

7.Jewelry box 8.5 x 7 x 3.5

8.Excelsior bottling Co Readington 10"

9.Early souvenir postcards, Pennsylvania

10.4 Green jadeite saucers 6"

11.Hankscraft #971 mug 4 x 3

12.1/2 gal Ball jar with buttons

13.Metal child's sprinkler can 10"

14.Hazel Club Sparkling bottle

15.2 milk glass shades

16.Early handkerchiefs

17.8" Sweetie Star bottling Works, Philadelphia. Pa

18.Magnicraft binoculars in box 20 x 25

19.Colorized $2.00 Bill with Certificate of Authenticity

20.Colorized $2.00 Bill with Certificate of Authenticity

21.Colonial Tea time black and white silhouette by Ducray

22.Spring Valley Farms Round brook NJ milk bottle

23.Vintage hair comb and crotched hair holder

24.Roosevelt NY spoon, Wm Rogers spoon

25.#2 USA Crock, holes in base 9"

26.Early postcard album wit local postcards, Rush, Tunkhannock, Montrose, New Milford

27.Early wood tool with pulley's

28.Brass coated and glass chandelier 24 x 24

29.Mid Century child's plastic doll furniture

30.Wallace Nutting Tree in Bloom 8 x 10

31.Dritz skirt marker

32.Bee Hive on Branch 52"

33.2-36" wire hangers

34.Swifts Premium Canned Meats wood box 16 x 7 x 8

35.3 Baskets

36.3 Divided Yellow Depression plates

37.3 Ruby glass shades


39.Saturday Evening Post Beverage Ads

40.6 Early photographs

41.Early album of Old postcards

42.Souv. Booklet,

43.Lot of 3 scarves

44.Tin full of blue glass curtain tye backs

45.Chess game, Chess teacher Game

46.Early Books, Peter Rabbit's Easter, etc


48.Early souvenir items

49.Early photographs including Saint Lucy's Church Scranton

50.Early paper

51.Leather case with eating utensils GEO Schred knife Co

52.NY American Bible Assoc. 1845 5x3

53.Green scrapbook filed with early color prints

54.OH Allen Building Supply co Meshoppen 1925 Calendar, etc

55.Scrapbook, Collection of Early greeting cards 8 x 11

56.Wood cover scrapbook full of photos from 1940's, 1950's

57.Lot of early photographs, turn of century

58.Assorted items, mini teapot Unusual fork spoons, black beads

59.14" doll, assorted ornaments

60.Scrapbook, Early postcards, Military training camp, etc

61.Assorted office supplies

62.Early greeting cards

63.Scrapbook of pictures cut out of early magazines

64.Wood magazine rack full of assorted items

65.Quantity antique cardboard advertising cans

66.Early photographs of scenic locations

67.2 Early photographs

68.Pack of Fortune telling cards

69.Advice to Married Couple 3 x 4.5

70.Milk glass items

71.3 Bibles

72.The Trapper's Companion 6 x 4.5

73.Table linens

74.The Scrap Bok 11 x 16 Early Newspaper clippings

75.Lot of assorted glass and porcelain items

76.2 Early Asian photographs

77.1908 Sears catalog 9 x 12 reproduction

78.Persian Gulf Command by Joel Sayre

79.Large early photograph 1917 Unit 20 Medical Corps Base Hospital

80.Pair of wood Monk bookends

81.Kiddie Photo record 1924

82.Decorated hanging thermometer Taylor Bros Rochester NY

83.Snapshot Album postcards and other

84.Lot of misc. plate, weaving, old mirror

85.3 Early photographs farming, etc

86.3 Early photographs, Mules, horse, etc

87.Assorted glassware, souv. Spoons,

88.Little Blue bottle Jadwin's Warm Syrup Honesdale, Pa 4"

89.1919 Postcards Soldier/flag

90.Box of early postcards

91.Autograph book 1885 6 x 3

92.Early photograph album 4 x 5, some tin types

93.Early children's books,

94.Picture of Bleeding Heart 10 x 13

95.Floral Print signed Vincent 15 x 12

96.Floral print 18 x 14.5

97.She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain 17 x 13

98.Ensign Brand Med Prunes

99.Fabric covered album with early portraits 13 x 9

100.5 Early photographs of Women swimming

101.Assorted flower pots

102.Clock Wards Old Reliable 6 x 2

103.4 Early farming photographs

104.Album with assorted paper work

105.Lot of doilies and linens

106.L.F. Roubillac Flower print 12 x 15

107.Winter scene 14.5 x 11

108.San Francisco Music Co Santa snow globe, music box etc

109.1904 Flood scenes o Susquehanna River , 1955 The Floor

110.2 Tapestries approx. 36" long

111.2 Bird feeders

112.2 Porch scene prints

113.Early photograph album

114.Assorted dishes and wall plaques

115.Early photo album old postcards

116.1874 Letter etc

117.Box of early photographs

118.Quantity of tin ware

119.2 Decorative wall plaques

120.Box of candle making supplies

121.8 x 10 booklet The Story of Gettysburg and pictures

122.Railroad pictures, etc

123.Early Crystal Ball answers and questions

124.Egg lets

125.Assorted Barbie Hallmark ornaments

126.Quantity of early pictures of Children

127.Early pairs of wire rimmed glasses

128.1956 Scouting Magazine, Klenzo 1921 Advertisement

129.Assorted yard ornaments

130.Picture of sail boat 10 x 11.5

131.Winter scene 7.5 x 6

132.Early print 15 x 12

133.Evening in Harbor scene 14 x 11

134.The Elements of Mechanical Engineering book

135.Early baby clothes and shoes

136.Assorted early time books and journal

137.Leather album of early postcards 15 x 10

138.Tote of Assorted Christmas

139.Ironing board and bookshelf

140.Assortment of manuals, Army song book, etc

141.Early paperwork

142.Household fabric items

143.Cruel embroidery frame

144.Portrait of a man 11 x 12

145.Early children's books

146.4 Pfaltzgraff bowls

147.2 Rollec pictures 1942 Bette Grable, 1944 Class

148.Elgin pen and pencil set 3 glass eggs

149.3 Early tins etc

150.Natures Herbal remedies to Health

151.Tin of assorted stamps

152.Number of wood objects

153.Quantity glass sherbets etc

154.3 Leather wallets

155.Misc. military items belt, badges, etc

156.Oval portrait 11 x 15

157.Birds 15 x 17

158.Rocky Glen by Martha Taylor 11 x 9

159.Box of handiwork

160.Gun Rifle powder, Victor Flash powder tin, etc

161.Early humorous postcards

162.Quantity of postcards Historical etc

163.Gold and brass tone items, bracelet, tie pins, etc

164.Lot of craft books

165.2 Leather satchels, etc

166.Early tin type of 2 women

167.1901 Bradford County legal documents

168.Prints and more

169.Early book Adventure's in Friendship by Grayson

170.Elbert Hubbard's scrapbook

171.Caps for cap gun

172.2 autograph albums

173.Early photograph of police

174.6 Tin types

175.Cat in the Night picture 19 x21

176.Early photo album with babies, etc

177.Box of assorted

178.Leather bound id 1800's cash journal 13 x 8

179.Invisible color picture album

180.20 Natural Fish photographs of Shenandoah National Park

181.Wood bedroom Mood meter wall plaque

182.Assorted cookbooks, etc

183.Box of craft item's

184.Keys and badges

185.Wood box with early photographs

186.Assorted items, 2 glass balls on string, Wheat penny, etc

187.3D Home kit

188.Norman Rockwell print, book, etc

189.Assorted early paperwork

190.1971 Korea book

191.2 Frames and IBM block

192.9 x 12 stamp album

193.Lionel Booklet

194.NY Die Co Items

195.Early postcard book

196.2 Early brass coated oil lamps

197.The Happy Family Ruffed Grouse 14 x 18

198.Swiss Pettetpoint

199.Early photos and matting

200.Box of early photographs

201.Early advertising cards and Harry Truman Stamp

202.Programmable Elec Game system Microvision, etc

203.Richardson's New Method Piano

204.Early portrait album with photographs, some tin types

205.GE refrigerator Wild West Rodeo 65 pc of fun

206.Scrapbook, Newspaper clippings, etc

207.Fram Air Filter, Auto Trans Filter, etc

208.4 Brass items

209.Gibbons Beer ashtrays, Stegmaier ashtray

210.Binder full of early postcards

211.2 lamps

212.Howard Miller wall clock no front

213.Senior Memoires 1940 Brooklyn

214.NYC Memorabilia

215.Early photo album, etc

216.Chamber pot chip

217.Early prints, etc

218.PS Froth Parody, child's book, etc

219.6 Christmas wreaths

220.Bermuda Gov't One Dollar framed

221.Kenosha Klosed Krotch Union Suit box only

222.Maudes dress shop box only, 1956 calendar

223.Early cultivator and metal star on stake

224.JFK album

225.Jennings Bros receipts dated 1887 and 1903

226.LVRR Laddsburg PA invoices dated 1889

227.Suburban Life magazines early 1900's

228.Various table coverings

229.Early baby clothing

230.Coin collecting supplies

231.National Gallery of Art Prints, etc

232.Assorted books

233.Lg box of piano and sheet music

234.Large box of 1950's House Beautiful magazines

235.Antiques magazines

236.PC computing, and other magazines

237.Sheet music

238.Assorted books

239.2 large boxes of cookbooks

240.Geo/soil maps

241.Box of automobile manuals

242.19 th C music

243.2 boxes of framed prints

244.4- 33 rpm albums

245.Enamel bucket with coal shovel's

246.2 rolls wire

247.hand saw, screwdrivers

248.Ladies suede boots

249.Assorted notecards, booklets

250.Wood box with cut in handles

251.Large box of glassware

252.Early History items

253.Coffee table books Diana, Racing

254.Frames, clock, Nascar game

255.Lot of books

256.Milk glass, new carafe, etc

257.Piano instruction books

258.Box of mugs including Campbell's soup mugs

259.Treasure box of serving trays, wrap paper

260.Glasses, salt, peppers

261.B & D 7.25" circular saw

262.Early books and magazines

263.Large pail hole in base

264.Enamel pot with as is base

265.Brass tone swirl wall garden hanger

266.Curtains etc

267.Wood breakfast tray in box

268.Box of books

269.Adult piano student books


271.Assorted early magazines

272.Tingley Rubber boots size M

273.Various toys

274.Household items

275.Guitar sheet music, etc

276.Piano music

277.2 Coolers

278.Victor record albums

279.Instant Power battery jump

280.6 MC Heater bricks

281.Gallon size oyster tin no lid

282.assorted stationary

283.Automotive items

284.Eagle gas filler can

285.5 gal can

286.80 wood ladder

287.Tote of Elec cords

288.7 up wood case 12 x 19 x 4

289.Plank child's chair

290.#5 crock 12 x 14

291.Wire garden edging

292.Elec window candles, etc

293.Eden pure portable heater

294.Wood lap desk 20 x 36

295.Titan milk house heater

296.Homelite sump pump gas operated

297.tin milk can lid, decorative pie plate

298.2 folding plastic metal mid century chairs

299.60" tall metal lamp

300.5 TV trays

301.Wood shutter with sailboat cut out 14.5 x 54

302.metal shelf 26x10x32

303.4 metal plant stands

304.Early metal wood hand operated cultivator

305.wood ladder metal hooks 14 x 50

306.Rocking chair

307.Early metal wheel 24"

308.7 Stackable chairs

309.Wood chair and lamp

310.Wood chair and lamp

311.Wood chair and lamp

312.Metal stool 13 x 26

313.1/2 wood barrel with plastic insert 25 x 18

314.Box with American flag, canes, etc

315.Assorted plastic planters and watering can

316.Various metal topiary forms

317.wood green folding chair

318.Wood stand 18x13x24

319.Wood painted bench 42.5x15.5x20.5

320.folding wood trellis with 2 snow shovels

321.Cosco 35" high step stool seat

322.21" mill stone with cast iron insert

323.Silver colored tripod

324.Wood box 37x15x22

325.2 Folding chairs

326.36" wood barrel

327.Blue lift recliner needs cord

328.Assorted chairs
330.3 Wood tv trays

331.White cabinet 24 x 12x32

332.Churchill Time Magazine and book

333.Empty Accounting journal

334.Box of 5 early bottles

335.4 Orange hats

336.AH amber dinnerware

337.Genuine Stillson pipe wrench

338.metal deluxe slide file

339.24" wood level

340.7"Abraham Lincoln figurine

341.Bixby's shoe polish brush

342.Royal Society Embroidery kits

343.Assorted glassware, souv. Spoons,

344.2 Singer sewing machine attachments

345.Fishing poles

346.Automobile manuals

347.Ball hitch

348.assorted books

349.Automobile manuals

350.Incense sticks, wood holders

351.Assorted door knobs

352.Elbert Hubbard's scrapbook

353.2 baseball bats

354.2 early Service Station photographs

355.Ralston Purina Mills letter

356.Box of potholders

357.Auto maintenance items

358.1888--1889 final Essays

359.Brass items etc

360.Early photographs

361.US Naval Training Station photograph

362.Empty coin collecting books

363.2 pc gold Depression glass

364.Souvenir brochures

365.Stamp catalog 2 Dep books

366.8 Blue insulators various sized

367.7 clear insulators various sizes

368.Assorted spoons

369.4 pc Pink Depression

370.Box of headlights

371.Box of Halogen headlights and bulbs

372.Wichtl's Young Violinist book

373.Assorted glassware

374.Box of assorted Boat marine books

375.Deluxe Ed GWW

376.Binder of Ice Hockey sports cards

377.The Bucknell Song book 1913

378.The Rambler, etc

379.Blue bowl

380.Tapestry 40 x 24

381.Box of assorted early invoices

382.Early photographs

383.lot of pictures, Attica HS, etc

384.Assorted pictures 1930 Troy, etc

385.Assorted sewing

386.2 Bookends

387.The World Work magazine

388.Picture album with 19C photographs

389.Westdale 1910-1915 Red River Valley Land

390.Fabric covered box with baby shoes

391.2 Bottles Nehi

392.Box of photographs

393.Large box of automobile advertising

394.Basket of embroidery thread

395.The History of Tunkhannock Sports 1895-1980

396.Beverage advertisements

397.Early leases, etc

398.Hanging bag of clothes pins


400.Music books

401.Assorted items

402.2 early glass milk bottles

403.Funeral Attendance book

404.Movie advertisements, etc

405.Soda King

406.Horse materials

407.Partial set Shakespeare

408.2 boxes early maps, etc

409.Music scores

410.Large box of newspaper clippings

411.Box of books on stamps, coins, collectibles

412.Early kodak slides

413.Music books


415.Early advertising and accounts

416.5 Wood items Tioga Feed, etc

417.Early music scores

418.RR paperwork, War ration books

419.Assorted paper

420.Parts Only Onkyo TXNR595

421.Story of Susquehanna and NY, etc

422.Famous Amer stamp book, postage stamp album some stamps


424.Fisher Price center

425.Plastic chair

426.Ride on toy car

427.Chair with Fisher Price side entertainment

428.3 section o f slatted wood panels

429.Chicken water 17"

430.Early 1900's Suburban Life magazines

431.Glass bottle in wood crate

432.Fortune book 1938

433.assorted tools

434.Blue metal storage tin Hi-chlon

435.American almanac,

436.2 igloo playmate coolers

437.Chevy and GMC books

438.8 Service Manuals

439.Ashley Model blower for stove

440.Box of wall paper

441.2 boxes of vac cleaner parts

442.Holmes Elec heater

443.Early suitcase

444.Early Connoisseur mags

445.2 pieces of glass, half moon and rectangle


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