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Online Collectible Auction Smalls, Postcards, and more - Friday June 19 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.2 enamel top pieces to table 11 x 40

2.Early doors wood latches 14 x 63

3.Wire sections qty 4, 21 x 50

4.footed glass bowl 10"

5.Hall lidded cannister 8.5 x 6.5

6.Hall casserole with lid 8.5 x 4.5

7.Santa 12"


9.Smalls shoe button hooks, letter opener, etc

10.Small apothecary bottle 5"

11.Condiment set 7"

12.Wood board with early hooks 30 x 3

13.Faichney's thermometer in case & orig. purple box

14.Souvenir glass car Lake Carey, Pa. 3" receiver 5x2

16.2 Evening purses , Hand tailored Cottage Industries, other

17.Miniature toothpick holder 2.5x2.5

18.Hall spoon 9"

19.Horse head Red Mill 1990 6x6

20.Hall casserole 13x15

21.3 Hall nesting bowls

22.Pressed glass bud vase 7"

23.Electric clock, Rocks encased in plastic 9.5 x 13

24.Village Street framed print 8x8

25.Primitive wire corn dryer 30"

26.Bow style round mirror 17 x 22

27.3 gal. crown crock 10 x 12 pitted

28.Lot of hand painted porcelain items

29.Early glass perfume bottle 4x 4.5

30.Vintage straws in original box

31.Qt Rocky Forest waxed cardboard container

32.Morris Family diary metal milk box 9 x 11

33.Meakin small pitcher 6 x 6

34.14" glass rolling pin no stopper

35.Heavy metal Relief of Jesus 5 x 7

36.Silver plated 9 x 5.5 gravy boat

37.salt and pepper shakers 4"

38.7 glass salters

39.2 4" salt and peppers

40.Victorian lady matted sketch 18 x 22

41.Wood Garden Thyme plaque 21 x 13

42.17" glass lamp

43.14" Santa

44.Lenox leaf bowl 7 x 2"

45.Jelly sieve with wood mallet & frame

46.Amber Iris glass fluted bowl 12 x 3.5

47.F & F Ohio plastic salt and pepper 5.5 x 2.5

48.Woven tea towels, some stained

49.Glass bowl 9 x 3

50.porcelain bowl 10 x 3

51.Sad iron

52.Pair of gold framed oval flower picture 13 x 7

53.Tiered cake dish 10 x 7

54.2 Copper molds

55.6 Glass snack trays 11 x 7

56.Fire King loaf pan 11 x 6

57.Iron hook 15 x 6

58.Pencil sketch of lady 20 x 15.5

59.Etching General Grant 12 x 14

60.framed Victorian print of Mother and 2 daughters

61.Dixie Spring Beverage box with 4 Coke bottles, 2 six pack cartons

62.17" Santa

63.dresser box Victorian 8 x 10

64.Hall casserole dish no lid 9 x 3 and 3 custard cups

65.Hall pitcher no lid 10 x 6.5

66.Hall jug 7"

67.Hall casserole 9 x 4

68.Sleeping baby print 6 x 7

69.Victorian souvenir glass N.D.

70.Souvenir of Oxford Michigan

71.Pan toppers

72.Pick head 19"

73.Victorian style lamp 17"

74.32" Bodice form stand

75.Gold painted hinged dresser box with sailing boat picture 8 x 6 x 3

76.Lot of tea cups 1 W. Germany

77.Framed cross stitch bouquet 18 x21

78.Set of 3 framed tropical frog pictures 6.5x9

79.Bellevue Dairy metal milk ice box 13 x 10 x 11

80.2- Ruby pressed print goblets 6"

81.2 Early wrenches

82.Honghua craft 4 small plates

83.Avon Ruby pressed glass plates cake server

84.8 Avon ruby goblets 5"

85.Maddena planter vase 4.5 x 5

86.Blue bud vase 5.5" sad iron 3.5 x 2

88.Box of crotchet doilies

89.3 pieces ruby red Avon decanter, 2 goblets

90.2 Ruby Red Avon sugar bowl and creamer

91.enamel kettle with wood handle 10 x 11

92.Map of Harmony 13 x 116

93.Jelly sieve with wood masher

94.Blue glass vase, wire stand 6 x 5.5

95.Blue glass vase 4 x 6

96.Blue glass bud vase with fluted top 4 x 4.5

97.Ruby red glass vases in metal leaf stand 5x5

98.Snowman, Made in China

99.Return of Victors picture 8x10

100.Picture of Washington Monument with cherry blossoms 12 x 8

101.Early garden tools

102.Robert wood print Wind fine Pints Majestic Peaks No 39 14 x 10

103.1 qt. Cardboard Rocky Forest Diary milk carton


105.Germany Hot plate 6"

106.C.S. Moser 6" Hot plate

107.Hot plate with strawberries 6"

108.2 Regency bone china England plates in brass frames

109.Assorted glass door pulls

110.Metal teapot holes in bottom 13 x 12

111.Haviland Limoges vase 3 x 5

112.Bud vase 3x4.5

113.100 Straws King size Carnival straws

114.Assorted cross stitch pieces and needlepoint

115.Annie Benson Mueller print 16x13

116.Finger Lakes Grapes Niagara Underwood Co 12 x 6

117.Picture girl with dog 17 x 12

118.Early metal milking stool 10 x 12

119.Box of early latches

120.Blue butter plate 9 x 5

121.Box of misc. advertising

122.Framed flower print 9 x 11Box of linen table coverings

123.Box of linen table coverings

124.Fruit cake tin Tastykake 8.5 x 3

125.Hooks 6" & 9"

126.Marble & brass bottom lamp 32"

127.2 Tiered serving tray 10 x 11

128.2 Wall sconces 4 x 7.5

129.Morse Family Dairy Early milk cooler with broken hinge

130.6 Early wrenches

131.4" Plaster wall ornaments

132.Early advertisement pages

133.Print of Children and dogs 18 x 21

134.Metal milk stool 10 x 12

135.Early spikes and horseshoes, etc

136.Wood framed mirror 18 x 30

137.2 Early Walt Disney serving trays

138.Basket 14 x 10 x 6.5

139.Early canner holes in bottom 16 x 10

140.Vintage castors in early mettle tin

141.Millstone 9.5 x 3

142.Silhouette picture on wood 3.5 x 3

143.Cartoons from Esquire magazine

144.Metal watering can 15 x 13

145.3 misc. pieces of Childs tea set

146.Early cigarette advertising pages

147.Assorted lantern pieces and wicks

148.Box of assorted electric windowsill candles

149.Box of early automobile advertisements

150.Assorted early Advertisements

151.Red and white Enamel pot, hole in bottom 12 x 5.5

152.Box of Nazi and WWII articles, etc

153.Assorted Fall items

154.Misc. linens

155.Box of assorted early automobile advertisements

156.Earl tin bucket, holes in bottom 13 x 18

157.Box of assorted yard tools

158.Early tin bucket 9.5 x 9 holes in base

159.2 Boxes of misc. seeds, Miracle Gro, Plant food, etc

160.Hamilton Beach slow cooker

161.Nice & cool bowl set

162.Assorted metal pieces

163.Enamel canner wit wire insert

164.Metal handle to well pump

165.Northpoint multifunction radio/lantern

166.Roasting pan with rack Roshco

167.Electric shielded light

168.Bungie straps

169.Assorted pages from early Life Magazine, advertisements, etc

170.Patio lights

171.Box of assorted table linens

172.Early jars, glass and zinc lids

173.3 boxes of various caning jars and lids

174.Box of country d�cor Fall items

175.2 Fall table runners

176.pottery owl Cookie jar no lid possible Shawnee

177.Box of various candlesticks, Krome Kraft Farber Bros, etc

178.saucer blue 5.5 x 5.5

179.Enamel milk can as is 11"

180.Assorted glassware, NY Yankees Jim Beam glass, etc

181.Germany plate with roses #58, 8.5"

182.Child's alpha plate 7"

183.Gold lined plate 9"

184.Ruby 40th Anniv. Plate 10.5"

185.Enamel pot with wood handle as is 13.5"

186.7-10" Q.P Co Syracuse china

187.10" The Hanging of the Grane plate

188.Red milking stool 10 x 11.5

189.Hanging basket 9.5 x 16

190.Box with 2 candles

191.Box of pumpkins

192.Davison & Son Indian Tree plate 10"

193.Embassy plate 9.5"

194.Puavariaz plate 9.5"

195.2 Fall gourds approx. 12" high

196.Box of assorted linens, aprons, etc

197.Various fruit

198.Various wreaths

199.Enamel pot 9.5 x 6

200.Metal basket and enamel strainer both

201.White and blue enamel pot,holes in base 10 x 5.5

202.2 Red and white enamel pots as is

203.2 planters

204.8" wood tree with Santa carved in ite Imil Wilcox 8/1999

205.Metal napkin dispenser Tablecraft

206.2 planters

207.2 hammers

208.4 etched glasses 6.5" high

209.4 pieces of glassware pressed

210.2 Cups and saucers

211.China flower child pushing cart 4 x 3.5

212.Silesia bowl with roses 9.5"

213.Stamped bowl 9.5"

214.Early metal cannister 7 x 9.5

215.Santa tree topper 12"

216.Box of assorted items, hooks, etc

217.Box of various drawer pulls, knobs

218.Made in Germany bowl 9"

219.Tray with roses 12 x 6

220.Box of assorted glassware sandwich

221.Maroon balance L. piece 5.5 x 3.5

222.Wood container 8.5x8.5 x 2.5

223.Early Rocky Forest Wax coated milk carton

224.Indian Trees platter 11.5 x 9

225.Assorted items

226.Box of primitive nails

227.Horse planter 7.5 x4.5

228.Primroses pattern Hall china 10"

229.Heavy metal picture frame reproduction

230.Glassip drinking straws

231.Wood boot jack 5.5 x 12

232.Early First Aide kit

233.2 glass pieces Ironstone and blue with Elk

234.Footed Arras pattern benedict plated 10.5"

235.2 wood handled hammers

236.2 trays

237.salt and pepper shakers Hall

238.2 Heavy glass pieces

239.6" saucers

240.Early metal hinge pieces

241.10" Indian Tree plate

242.International Cookware pot with lid 15 x 10

243.Box of decorations

244.2 qt cans Amalie Auto Transmission Fluid

245.Sunspot power light

246.Mid Century 2 Wall sconces

247.2 Cross Country 2" insulators

248.12" 4 pronged hook

249.3 hammers

250.2 Piano scrolls Utica NY

251.Box of various country decorations

252.Rosenthal platter 12.5 x 8.5

253.5 Large wrenches Williams Forged, etc

254.Sealed bottle Thompson's Water seal deck wash

255.Assorted early apron and bonnets, etc

256.Box of extension cords

257.6 teacups

258.3 metal pieces sad iron, etc

259.Pick head 19"

260.Box of Halloween lights, etc

261.2 pots

262.Box of assorted glass plates, platters

263.Assorted wrenches

264.Jelly press

265.Long pick 16.5"

266.Box of Carnival straws

267.11" Santa

268.Box of assorted items, Key holder flashlight, etc

269.Roaster 20 x 12 x 10 Wood bench 10.5x5.5x3

271.14" Bell hook triangle

272.Early Rocky Forest waxed cardboard container

273.4 glass bowls

274.Jelly press no rack

275.Box of assorted hammers

276.4 gal. with ears Crock 11x12

277.Invalid feeder 7 x 2.5

278.salt and pepper shakers Hall

279.2 wood divider trays

280.Early pulley end

281.14" Santa

282.Box of assorted hooks

283.Box of 3 pocket knives

284.5 Padlocks no keys

285.Farm Disinfectant and Resolve

286.WearEver 15 x 6 Pot

287.2 Large wrenches 16.5 and 13"

288.Box of glass trays

289.Replacement knobs

290.Assorted tools

291.Unopened bottle of Prestone De Icer

292.Box of assorted ribbons

293.Fork and Nickel

294.5" Pocket knife with ducks on it

295.5" pocket Knife WYL

296.4" Pocket knife SARRE

297.Small dish with spoon 1.5" high

298.3 Early rose buttons

299.4 metal pieces MI Holland

300.3" high wood piece with lid

301.3 inch Uncle Henry pocket knife

302.1955 Pa Fishing license

303.1950 Pa Fishing license

304.1942 Pa. Fishing license

305.1940 Pa. Fishing license

306.1938 Pa Fishing license

307.4' Cork bottle pourer, movable mouth

308.3.5" Photo jewelry mfg. co Phelps NY

309.Napkin holder engraved Lida

310.Glass marked 53 2 x 1.25x2.25

311.Pair of gold tone clip earrings

312.Necklace and matching earrings

313.Its a Freeman Shoe shoe horn

314.4 Pins Canadian Souvenirs

315.Haier 10,000 BTU air conditioner, no side fins

316.Door pulls and wired brissle brush

317.Assorted canning items

318.Various tools

319.MI Japan Scarf box 7 x 7 x 2.5

320.Hand painted Stangl serving tray

321.Metal tool box

322.Assorted Hall lids, etc

323.Metal Victorian frame trims pieces

324.Treasure Chest metal bank 5.5 x 3.5 x 6

325.Mirror 5 x 7

326.Assorted hooks

327.2 metal flower pot hangers or brackets

328.12" 2 tone jug

329.8.5" bowl with handles etched

330.8" metal funnel

331.Box with 4 tape measures

332.Box with tarp,foam cleaner, lighter fluid, etc

333.9" Avon bottle

334.Early metal napkin holder

335.Box of early Valentine cards

336.10 plates Rose print

337.2 mini strobe lights

338.Cragment Jumbo reinforced tip straws

339.1 qt Rocky Mountain Forest Diary cardboard waved container

340.2 metal trays Toleware style

341.Glass bowl fluted top 6 x 3 Mid Century

342.Wood dresser box 6.5x6x3

343.Quantity of glass items

344.Box of garden tools, gloves, etc

345.3 pc serving trays with gold trim

346.Box of early clothes, Bloomers, skirts

347.Assorted pliers

348.6" Prospect Point Niagara Falls plate

349.Metal flower pots

350.Qt. Rocky Forest diary container

351.Wood silverware tray

352.Pyrex octagon pie plate

353.3 enamel lids

354.Early ball glove

355.Box of various tools

356.Green/tan enamel baking pan 8.5 x 3x13.5

357.Milk glass and gold dresser box with lid 3.5 x 2.5

358.Blue white black speckle ware dish 10 x 3.5

359.Box of red Christmas balls, small wreathe, etc

360.Kaniper & Sons pan

361.Red white enamel baking pan 13.5x8.5x2.5

362.Gray enamel sieve 10.5 x 4

363.Green enamel baking pan 1.5 x 8x1.5

364.Gourmet Diet scale, glass/brass oil lamp, etc

365.9" Snowman figure,

366.7" Blue bottle Lewis Morse's Son Scranton, Pa.

367.5" x5.5 Green enamel container

368.5x6.5" tin

369.4x6 Green Mountain Coffee Tin can

370.2 blue pottery bowls

371.Red handled rolling pin 17.5

372.Porcelain dresser box 4 x 2

373.Amber glass toothpick 2.5x2

374.Spring Scale model 8001- in original box

375.Toleware tray 14.5 x 8.5

376.Star Dept. Store Plate 6"

377.Blue top hat ashtray 3 x 2

378.2 tier metal and wood wall shelf 13.5 x 3.5

379.Crock lid and #2 6.5, 10.25 crock lid

380.Folding leg bench tiny 13 x 5x2

381.White and black trim enamel bowl 12 x 3

382.Framed Baby picture 10.5 x 12.5

383.Early wood Stanley level 22"

384.Misc. glassware, Inkwell, shot glass, etc

385.Souvenir plate Chateaugay, NY 6.5"

386.Glass percolator lids, etc

387.Wood divided tray 11 x 4

388.3 metal pieces, envelope opener, pasty item, biscuit cutter

389.Hand woven throw rug, wine bottle cooler bag

390.8 x 10 Wallace Nutting print

391.Early door hinges, brackets and latches

392.10" Holly Hobbie Mothers Day 1975 plate

393.Gray w/ blue trim enamel baking dish 15 x 10 x 2.5

394.2 metal child's watering cans

395.2 glass vintage light shades 9 x 5

396.Plates with handles Noritake 6"

397.2 Steins 4.5"

398.8.5" Planters Peanuts glass lid

399.12" Purple glass vase and 9" Pink vase

400.4 Early pictures

401.1962 Penny on top of NJ Bank 2.5 x 3

402.Diana Queen of Hearts Princess Di music box collection 4 x 2

403.3 10.5" Ascot service plate by Wood

404.Serving bowl 13 x 2

405.3 Pieces 1 is Stangl

406.2 glass cruets, oil lamp

407.1983 calendared tea towel, wood box

408.Assorted City National Bank, Watkins Glen NY paper weight

409.Pedestal bowl 8 x 3

410.Green carnival glass windmill design 9 x 2

411.2 Brown bottles

412.4" brandy snifter, etc

413.Normal Rockwell prints Total 18

414.Pats 126997 glass base to vintage chicken water bases

415.4 pieces ruby glass

416.Box of candles, etc

417.Enamel pot with lid handle 11 x 8

418.Decoupage box with fabric lining 8.5 x 7x4

419.Plant food metal containers 3-4" Advertising

420.Small wood stool 9 x 9.5

421.Brass coated oil lamp 13x8" as is

422.Lot of pewter items, mug candlesticks, etc

423.Duracraft swivel base heater

424.Lot of assorted candles, country items

425.Homedics Shiatsu pillow

426.10x8 glass globe Art Deco lamp

427.Sewing Susan kit, etc

428.Westinghouse 10.5 digital photo frame

429.Pepsi bottle, Coca Cola bottle

430.2 hand hooked chair seat pieces

431.13 x 9 leather bound ledger Circa 1863

432.5 9.5" Vintage Crush bottles

433.50" tree with lights

434.26" tree, no lights

435.24' decorative tree

436.36" tree with lights wood base

437.Assorted early postcards

438.4x4.5 String holder tin with silhouette

439.2 9 x 12 Walt Disney and boy/girl on fence

440.Merry Halloween postcard Early

441.PSU 1960's Postcard

442.Lot of early handkerchiefs individually wrapped

443.4 Hooked seat covers 15" dia.

444.Moran's vintage bottle

445.Crystal Club soda bottle

446.Lot of early postcards comical

447.Lot of early postcards

448.2 Amber bowls filled with green glass items

449.3 12" Chokola's bottles

450.Photo book filled with local postcards, Meshoppen, Lawton, Kingstone

451.Photo book with local postcards, W. Auburn, Meshoppen, Wilkes Barre, Tobyhanna

452.27" good grabber

453.Large box of early postcards

454.Embossed glass light shade 11 x 5"

455.Early Easter postcards

456.Early Happy Birthday postcards

457.Vintage Happy New Year postcards

458.Album of early postcards Local Hop Bottom, Montrose, Nicholson, Creamery at Dimock, Towanda, Wyalusing

459.Early Ad card Wakeman's Flower shop Binghamton

460.3 Early Postcards Hallstead, Lycoming Hotel

461.Large box of craft items

462.Lot of decorative items

463.Lot rake, horseshoe, door items

464.runner 36 x 72

465.Lot of office items

466.5 glass items, covered dish, milk glass bottom, etc

467.2 books The New England Scene, Along the Continental Divide

468.Lot of early postcards

469.Early photography and 1945 Kingstone School Diploma

470.30" elec. Triple crock pot

471.Emerson stereo

472.Curtis portable CD/radio wit some discs

473.Lot of Christmas and decorative items

474.Wireless USB adapter, etc

475.Table cloth and placemats

476.Decorative items

477.Wire wall items 15x9, tin bucket, metal bucket

478.2 glass globes lamp shades 8 x 10

479.Lot of country wreaths

480.Wood hinged box 12 x 6 x 7

481.2 pillows

482.Yarn, needles, craft books

483.Square throw pillows

484.Early wood level 31"

485.Lot of DVD's

486.Sewing box

487.Antler, Mountaineer Year books

488.Box of Successful Gardening books

489.Scrapbooking supplies

490.Lot of throw pillows

491.Large box of baskets some early

492.Lot of household ext. cords

493.Lot of misc. tools, screws, nails, outlets

494.Air Force Air sterilizer NIB

495.Lot of canning rings, lids

496.Variety of cake pans

497.Plastic planter with assorted trellis etc

498.Metal stand 25x9x24

499.Igloo thermos

500.Box of assorted bakeware

501.Metal bucket holes in bottom 13 x 12

502.Metal bucket 11 x 7

503.Baking sheet Wearever Alu. 25 x 18

504.Box of assorted brackets

505.3 metal buckets

506.B & D 7.25' circular saw in metal box

507.2 Birdhouses, planter

508.36' metal wall pump handle

509.Metal racks, bowl, etc

510.Box of Assorted Terracotta pots

511.Dirt devil

512.Olympia 2 pc carry on travel set

513.Plastic container with tire pressure gauges, early oil can spouts, etc

514.Box of household ext. cords

515.5 cans touch & Foam Home sealer

516.Assorted Christmas


518.Eden Pure Elec heater with remote

519.4 enamel bowls

520.Vintage 2 bin washtub on stand missing wheels 41"

521.Metal step ladder 18 x 32

522.Wood hinged lid sewing stand 15 x 18

523.Wire shelf 30 x 20

524.Projection screen

525.Flag on pole wood reel

526.2 plastic water jugs 21" high

527.Victorian Oval convex portrait 24 x 14

528.Primitive Wood bench 32 x 12x12

529.2 plastic jugs 21" high

530.Box fan 22 x 21

531.Wrought iron Elec lamp spider leg 62"

532.Oval portrait no glass 23 x 14

533.2 21' plastic jugs

534.1 drawer metal cupboard 24 x 20 x 36

535.1 21" plastic jug

536.Enamel top stand 1 drawer 26x22x32

537.Wire towel rack 18 x 36

538.2 Red wood/woven seat chairs

539.Swivel wire display 14 x 27

540.Wood cabinet 19 x 14 x 48

541.Victorian Christmas print 16 x 29

542.Wallace nutting Ancestral Hall interior print 16 x 19

543.Brass tone metal towel rack 60"

544.Wood swivel plank chair

545.Wrought iron seat with tin basin for plant 15 x 30

546.R. Chilton picture 9 x 17

547.2 Tier stand mixed woods 21x22x29

548.Red rocker broken ring 22 x 20 x 43

549.Miss Fortescua Print 18 c 2

550.Cedar box 10 x 7 x 4

551.Vintage lamp Glass shade

552.10" Avon porcelain doll Victorian dress

553.Victorian lady gardening figure 10"

554.9" Stoneware old man

555.Cake pedestal plate

556.4 mugs MI Germany

557.10" Victorian style lady figurine

558.11" glass shade

559.11" Columbia Catsup extra

560.Box of early photos and postcards

561.2 hinged wood boxes

562.4 pieces of Yellow Depression

563.Milkay Orange Phosphate bottle

564.June Kola Bottle 12"

565.Hinged box with mirror inside 11x6x4

566.Light shade 13" Mid century

567.1963 Corvair Consumer Guide, Sears Radio operator manual

568.Early advertising

569.Early iron

570.Album of local postcards Nicholson, Montrose, Camptown, Tunkhannock, Lawton

571.Wood piece 31 x 8

572.Wood with hooked 33 x 5

573.Santa and deer figures in box

574.Victrola portable blue tooth turntable NIB

575.2 Santa figurines

576.Lot of craft items

577.3 Evergreen trees

578.4 placemats, Birds with fences

579.Crock lamp 6 x9

580.Early grinder

581.Early wood planer 17 x 3x3

582.Box of assorted glassware, candleholders, liquor glass, bowls

583.2 Early advertising hangers

584.Tin working pot 14 x 6

585.2 Corning ware Casseroles with lids

586.Oil lamp bracket no wall mount


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