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74 Duster, Roll back, Back hoe Forklifts, Motors, Scrap ONLINE Auction - Thursday February 20 6:00 pm

Item Description

1.Red 3 wheel bike with basket

2.Yellow 3 wheel bike with basket (atlas)

3.Orange 3 wheel bike with cart front

4.Orange 3 wheel bike not cart (mover)

5.Yellow 3 wheel bike cart front

6.Gear box 3:1 spiral

7.Large box assorted electronics, ect


9.Approx 20' light

10.3 Larch Rins Asy Inner Each x 3

11.Pallet of sttel and metal pieces

12.Large metal square D box

13.Large gear box

14.Mtr pump 0.55kw

15.Allen Bradley 1336 Force Large

16.3 Shafts Each

17.Unidrie Mod Sizes 1 to 5

18.Pallet of HD light holders

19.3 Motor Sevo 11 kw Each x 3

20.Large motor 41 ke

21.Motor 1.5 kw

22.Cylinder hyd 5" B 42"S

23.Parker Series Z large cylinder

24.3 Allan Bradley Units Each

25.Large pallet of large lights


27.Toshiba Motor 15 hp mod 0154FTSA22A-P

28.Baldor motor 1 hp

29.Gear motor OEM EU

30.Nord drive system

31.Brook 1 hp motor

32.DeZurik piece

33.Steel and othe piece

34.5 Small cylinders All

35.Gear Box 10:1 1 stage

36.Hat air hose

37.3 cylinders Each


39.Lot of Flex Clean

40.2 Parker Cylinders Series 2 Each x 2

41.Belting, ect

42.2 pieces Gear box both

43.8" cylider ad 2cyl. Air pneu 2" both

44.plastic roll

45.metal cylinder

46.Steel piece, ect

47.Lot Poly chain plus 2 Servo Motor

48.Lot of fileters

49.5 long shop lights All

50.2 boxes hose all

51.9 Gear boxes Each x 9

52.5 Gear boxes Each x 5

53.Honeywell & Drive AC 8 boxes in all ALL

54.Box of assorted

55.Variety box

56.Large box with variety belts, Allen Bradley pieces ect

57.Box of assorted

58.2 allen Bradley Digital Controler & Other Both

59.4 pieces Gear boxes, ect ALL

60.2 Control Tech pieces Each x 2

61.Large lot of computer electronics

62.Large lot of computer electronics

63.Control Tech motor

64.Variety box

65.3 pieces assorted items


67.5 metal discs

68.Pallet file cabinet and pieces


70.Roll wire

71.Blower large

72.Large steel shaft

73.Large mtoor 124KW

74.Hyd power unit on blue cart

75.Servo otor large

76.Large Alle Bradley motor

77.Motor 17.3 KW

78.Large box of steel and iron and alum rollers

79.Crate with shut off ect

80.2 Dillion GS Series 36316-049 Each x 2

81.Large box of assorted

82.Gear motor 3/8 hp

83.Boxes of assorted

84.3 Gear motors Each x 3

85.Small ile of scrap

86.3 Gear motors Each x 3

87.2 Bot Sidner parts Both

88.Resonating horn

89.Box of assorted

90.Car with computer monitor , ect




94.Box with assorted

95.Movotec Crank Drive Roller

96.2 Parker Each x 2

97.Tanning bed

98.Pallet of filing cabinets

99.Large box of assorted items

100.SKC Filters

101.2 pieces both


103.Motor 4KW

104.Motor 4KW

105.Large motor 25 hp


107.Large roll wire

108.Blue Reliance scrop

109.2 Reliance motors Each x 2

110.Plasma Arc welder AS IS

111.Large box of assorted

112.Pallet of filing cabinets

113.Roll Asy split OME

114.Roots Rotary Lobe blower

115.SKF piece


117.Small bearings

118.2 roller chain

119.Lot of bearings

120.Box of assorted

121.Crate of bearings

122.Crate of bearings


124.Piece steel round


126.MP Series LG front brushless Servo motor

127.Gear box 50:1

128.2 Small cylinders


130.Cooling unit as is

131.Workhorse Series 3 charger for forklift batteries Not sure if it works

132.Workhorse Series 3 charger for forklift batteries Not sure if it works

133.Metal along wall



136.Steel table

137.Yellow 3 wheel bike with basket

138.Orange 3 wheel bike with basket

139.Yellow 3 wheel bike with basket

140.Orange 3 wheel bike with platform front

141.Orange 3 wheel bike with platform front

142.1974 Duster 340 auto good running driving car, good shape.Was bought with the thought of going to car shows but time did not allow it. Vin # NS29L4B273577425

143.Water tank Scrap


145.Roll squeezer for forklift

146.Lift platform for forklift

147.Duct work

148.Rollback truck 2000 c 6500 aluminum Chevron bed 21 ft with stinger to haul second car 3126 Cat motor 6 spd transmission manual 4 door new brakes, rotars wheel bearings new clutch, new front tires. Needs some TLC

149.Case backhoe minimal hours on rebuilt motor gas

150.Forklift 310 (white) not battery

151.Forklift Hyster 305 yellow no battery

152.Forklift EE 361 Yellow no battery

153.Hyster Forklift 285 yellow no battery

154.Hyster fork lift with roll grabber 364 yellow no battery

155.EZ Go 881 Industrial cart 2 seat front with flat back no battery

156.Hyster 60 fork lift with forks 39 white no battery

157.Hyster fork lift with forks 313 white no battery

158.Hyster fork lift with forks 295 white no battery

159.Hyster 60 fork lift 311 white no battery

160.Hyster 60 fork lift with forks 314 white no battery

161.Hyster fork lift with forks white 296 no battery

162.Fork lift 322 yellow no battery

163.Hyster fork lift with forks green 318 no battery

164.Box tags, ect

165.Small box scrap items

166.Small box assorted items

167.Box electrical items


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