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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
Vintage Clothes, Primitive rocking horse, Antiques online auction - Friday February 22 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Watch Fob

2.This piece was pulled. It is marked 18k but it is believed that it is only the clasp. It will be relisted at a future date after it can be tested properly. DO NOT BID ON THIS LOT
3.standard lime Sulphur hydrometer

4.asst of necklaces and pins

5.asst of buttons

6.asst of hat pins

7.canadian pacific hotels bottle opener beakers and funnels and Dr. Kings New Life Pills bottle

9.medallions sterling darner with broken handle cabinet hinge etc

10.2 Appliques worn

11.asst of necklaces

12.asst pipes

13.Niagara Falls, New York and Canada tray Coronation dish thimbles etc

14.plastic box with a quantity of collagraphy pens

15.Genuine teen age fashion model by Mattel Barbie

16.The Marie Antoinette Wyalusing Pa hand made bark canoe

17.3 egg cups with chickens on them Germany

18.wooden soldier bank

19.bobble head

20.frog knick knack has cracks 3.5"

21.Victorian man on tile 6x6

22.wooden lamp base lamp globes etc

23.trivet tiny plate etc

24.toy plastic hand gun

25.warren silver cup and napkin holder

26.Animal horns

27.wooden inkwell

28.large compact

29.3 metal Easter baskets

30.basket and a basket type purse

31.the last trail bookend

32.wooden house bank 7"

33.westclox table clock

34.vintage hair brushes

35.bean pot utensil

37.24k gold plates

38.painting on velvet wrapped canvas 16x23

39.feed bag

40.desk light Hamilton industries pins curling iron torrid electric appliance etc

42.oil lamp base 9.5"

43.vintage grain scoops

44.oil lantern 8"

45.pastry cutter

46.vintage bottles Listerine air wick aromatic spirit of ammonia etc

47.Stop Sign

48.Desk light

49.vintage doll 17"

50.sterling broom and mirror

51.vintage coffee grinder 15"

52.burlap potatoes bag

53.crafted chickens made out of egg shells

54.GLF feed bag

55.battery operated lantern

56.wooden slicer

57.Kitchener combination shredder slicer grater meat grinder and food chopper

58.purena chicken feed bag

59.table clock missing chunk 16"

60.enterprise grinder

61.canaster set with spices some are cracked

62.Finco FM Antenna with box

63.terracotta baking dish

64.smorgasbord knife

65.coin plated utensils

66.cast iron cookie animal tray

67.foe fur coat

68.ACME Juicerator

69.funnel tomato strainer and wooden mallet

70.ti-o-ga- feed bag

71.cane sugar feed bag

72.Stanley level

73.desk light

74.electric massage vibrator

75.20 mule team borax ranch wagon plastic model

76.printers letter number rack

77.enamel pot with lid

78.vintage doll makes noises

79.oil lamp base 11"

80.asst silverware

81.wooden bird house 16"

82.brown bottle 12"

83.2 galvanized buckets and a tin pie plate

84.daily growth chick starter feed bag

85.Belton mills sheeting's bag

86.lantern with cracked glass made in Rochester 15"

87.2 wooden frames big one is 23x26 of asst material samples

89.kodak duaflex IV flash outfit percolator and 1 cup coffee percolator Steinburg percolator

91.pencil drawing of wood 23x23

92.invisible fish model Mary's baby blanket

94.argus CS flash

95.ceramic Christmas figurines and a pitcher bottle nozzle broken 16" discoveries-experiments

98.iron stone pitcher bowl and lid

99.wool vest and pair of trousers with box

100.abstract painting 35x47

101.2 baskets

102.2 kids puzzles giraffe and united states

103.3 milk jugs 2 from fox chase farms

104.Wedgwood pitcher and iron stone bowl

105.asst of feed bags and feed bag pieces

106.Lincoln logs

107.Jason telescope Bushnell deep space series 675x model 518

108.2 spice racks

109.2 men's hats 1 Stetson

110.wooden doll cradle 26x10

111.American Harvest snack master dehydrator 2400 of wooden blocks

113.2 humidifiers Bonaire and Patton

114.cartoon character plastic figures

115.asst cook books

116.asst of tins

117.2 woven area rugs with mats of asst material samples

119.asst of games

120.3 baby dolls

125.asst linens

126.wicker baskets etc

127.asst wood items shelves bird houses etc

128.pan handle and dish rack etc

129.siesta air conditioner

130.pots pans and backward

131.wooden barrel

132.enamel roaster of asst heels of asst stuffed animals

135.vintage razor

136.distilled water only glass pump tool

137.commencement Meshoppen high school class of 1916

138.a top

139.porcelain cat inkwell

140.metal handle

141.false clock under glass display stand

142.a top

143.4 pins and belt pin

144.2 lighters

145.metal gun powder container


147.paten petition thill coupling patened in 1887

148.monkey hand puppet

149.1969 camp town races participation award

150.asst keys

151.bailey banks and biddle company silver plate punch ladle

152.striped sweater cardigan

153.cast iron fry pan and griddle


155.butterball turkey advertising box and buttery peanut brittle tin advertising tea set

157.2 metronomes 1 is Seth Thomas 1 is electric

158.linguaphone cours in French

159.4 squirt guns

160.iridescent dish

161.ceiling chandelier equipment keystone radioptican keystone movie graph no 5 perfumes and chanel powder

164.2 glass plate pictures

165.cast iron corn bread pan marked grizzwald

166.milk glass pitcher and 6 goblets

167.royal coffee percolator king dish

169.enamel bed pan

170.tea pot creamer 4 tea cups 3 saucers and 5 dessert plates hand painted some are cracked

171.4 plastic models battleship and 3 cars

172.little apothecary jars

173.2 dresses 1 lace 1 taffeta

174.wooden beads and plastic flying fish toys made in Germany hen and chicken inkwell salt and peppers etc

177.two hats in a Stratton hat box of asst knick knacks

179.cow creamer Santa mugs spoon rack vase etc vase blue salt and pepper

181.crate paper Halloween parasal etc walkers

183.4 tumblers 4 juice glasses and 4 bowls and a salt and pepper of fabric

185.bango in pieces

186.Seth Thomas metronome

187.old magazines magistrate report ledger etc

188.tomato juicer

189.1940 calander from McCarty's stegmier beer tray and Wyalusing rocket from 1934

190.railway express agency shipping tags

191.knives bottle openers bell and a tin cup

192.slide rule bottle openers button hook etc

193.asst posters bird poster Birds Of The Forest, George Washington, US map, etc

194.stoneware platter pitcher 2 mugs and plates some have chips


196.oil lamp base Rayo 12"

197.cardigan and a robe

198.2 umbrellas

199.galvanized pot 9"

200.asst pottery pieces

201.child's tea set glass plates bowls saucers etc

203.asst glass ware

204.cast iron chili pot with lid

205.asst kitchen items and more

206.wooden boxes and thread spools

207.bait canaster

208.platter and 2 dishes

209.canvas saddle and canvas harness of horse shoes ear muffs etc

211.misc. cups saucers and plates

212.4 vintage hats

213.2 glass cake pedestals

214.3 hand mixers

215.asst light globes some chipped

216.wooden puzzle pieces cake stand etc

218.iron stone pitcher 11"

219.doll with hinged joints

220.2 cloth dolls 1 without head

221.porcelain doll hinged joints schoenhut

222.effanbee Rosemarie

223.Limoges casseroles

224.stuffed Santa with plastic face

225.kimono and a scarf moccasins tomahawk and Indian outfit

227.plastic army toys cowboy outfit

229.wooden building blocks

230.Wyatt Earp holster and matel holster

231.slide rule and drafting set

232.wood nativity angel chimes and Christmas decorations

233.asst dolls

234.piggy banks

235.electro launch rocket

236.knitting basket yarn included

237.cannon cart

238.nativity scene

239.Christmas ornaments

240.electric clip on candles

241.Christmas decorations

242.brass bullet cases

243.rubber horse Rempel manufacturing company

244.Panasonic video cassette recorder

245.boxing gloves tennis rackets etc of asst puzzles

247.made of honor electric ice cream freezer in waffle maker box

248.Christmas decorations

249.Travel case

250.All American cast aluminum pressure canner cooker

251.braided rug stair rugs

252.2 oil cans

253.bernzomatic propane camp stove

254.purses and shoulder straps clothes

256.2 sleeping bags snow lion and Crowley

257.2 lamp globes and baking items

259.2 boxes of books

260.clocks frames and transistor radio of candles

262.floral curtains

263.sleeping bag

264.3 luggage bags's and women's ice skates kit

267.basket with wooden rings and rot iron towel rack

268.kitten picture framed 22x19

269.asst of material samples

270.2 vintage jackets

271.2 child capes and ladies blouse

272.victorian velvet holder

273.2 wool coats

274.childs amish style hats

275.7" crock

276.fringed coverings belts and wrist cuffs

277.5" crock

278.4" crock

279.womens dress with lace

280.5" crock

281.12" crock

282.wooden spools thread and clarks cotton mending thread and hair pins

283.vintage post card pitston and canton

284.two porcelin door knobs and lock parts

285.platter and glass basket

286.a mens calogne box and williams after shave set

287.towanda newspaper date unknown and 1944 letter from Mr Young in the united states airforces

288.hand painted plates 6 dessert plates france

289.old medicins vicks vaporub fasteeth revlon absorbine jr etc

290.electric christmas star

291.crepee paper

292.friendship package tooth powder aspirin ski wax pax cake decorator french garnishing cutter etc

293.asst of candles hawser candle company globe 10"

295.vintage scale part

296.fenwick fishing pole in a case

297.bolt of material

298.vintage christmas decorations

299.old cards and framed childs portrait

300.3 Suitcases

471.3 Vintage Ladies Hats

472.Prestige Special Bow 69" Groves Spit Fire

473.Stoneware Bowl & Pitcher

474.Pencil Box w/ Stamps Crayons Chalk Etc & GM Booklet Map Etc

475.3 Vintage Tie Racks

476.5 Vintage Chocolate Tins

477.2 Hand Mirrors Valet Brush & Soap

478.Tissue Paper Human Hair & Flower Print

479.Vintage Suitcase 14x24

480.Vintage Ladies Scarves

481.Colorcraft Pitcher & Universal Thermos

482.Pillow & Material

483.Velvet Pieces & Cloth Purse

484.Barbie Mannequin Head & 3 Doll Hangers

485.Vintage Song Book Check Receipt Book Bucknell U Bulletin Etc

486.Vintage Advertising Items

487.Vintage Cookie Press & Kitchen Utensils

488.Vintage Cards Notebook Ledger Etc

489.3 Vintage Copy of Annual Assesment of Wyalusing Boro 1930 '28 & '23

490.Paisley Material

491.Vintage Post Cards

492.Basket of Place Mats & Storage Box

493.Conolon Fishing Pole

494.Vinatge Store Receipts Cards Etc

495.Wool Vest Coat & Socks

496.Vintage Ink Well Broken Top Piece

497.Vintage Mincer

498.Vintage Curtains

499.Vinatge Typewriter

500.Penn State Bad Call Brick

501.Southwestern Light & Power Co Report & Northwest Utilities Co Report Both fr0m 1927

502.Enamel Lidded Pot 8"

503.2 Vintage Sad Irons Enterprise

504.Vintage Silverware Some Coin

505.2 Pair of Ice Grippers

506.Box of Asst Vinatge Patterns Butterick Vogue McCall Etc

507.Aluminum Strainer 7"

508.2 Pair Vintage Strap On Roller Skates 1 Sears

509.Cast Iron Post Topper

510.Wood Wrench & Sad Iron w/ Wooden Handle

511.4 Drawer Wooden Box 9"

512.vintage christmas decorations

513.Vintage Plastic Decorations

514.Shakespear Style Bust 19"

515.2 Pottery Vases Tallest 5"

516.vintage christmas decorations

517.American Decorative Lighting Outfit in Orig Box

518.Sleigh Bells

519.vintage christmas decorations

520.Vintage Lantern 15" Dietz

521.vintage christmas decorations

522.vintage christmas decorations

523.Noma w/ Mazda Lamps

524.Vintage Shiny Brite Christmas Balls Glass

525.Hand Painted Christmas Balls

526.Hall Tea Pot & Bean Pot 5"

527.2 Hand Painted Pitchers Tallest 7"

528.Stoneware Bowl 6" Tall

529.5 Blue Ridge Plates & Platter

530.Oil Base Lamp Metal & Ceramic Hand Painted 14"

531.10 in 1 TV Companion Playbrooke NIB

532.Green Stoneware Planter 5"

533.Glass Oil Lamp Base 6"

534.Amber Covered Deer Dish 6"

535.Vintage Hay Knife

536.Box of Asst Tools Hammers Files Etc

537.2 Wooden Crates 1 Advertising

538.Vintage Dress Pieces

539.Box of Asst Christmas Cards

540.Box of Saucers & Dish Tops

541.Wooden Round Storage Box Wooden Dumbells Etc

542.Vintage Airplane Magazines

543.Box of Tins & Tin Tiles

544.Box of Cigar Boxes

545.2 Pair Ladies Figure Skates 1 Size 5

546.Box of Mens Boots/Shoes

547.2 Pair Ladies Figure Skates 1 Size 8

548.Pair of Mens Size 12 Figure Skates

549.Vintage Newspapers Around 1955

550.Heaters Lamps Paper Towel Holder Etc

551.Asst Games Bingo Scrabble Etc

552.Asst Life Magazines

553.2 Boxes of Asst Tins

554.4 Older Fishing Poles

555.Framed Portrait 18x23

556.Walnut Clock Case Needs Repair

557.Soleus Air Portable Conditioner

558.1 Door 3 Shelf Cabinet 28x42x16

559.Computer Desk on Wheels 51"H

560.Little Tikes Tractor

561.Hall Tree Missing Leg & Hook 64"H

562.Troy Built Pressure Washer Honda GC160

563.Floor Lamp 46"H

564.Wooden Chest w/ Key 16x35x19

565.Vintage Child's Rocker Missing Cushion

566.Primitive Hand Made Wooden Horse w/ Rocker Base 30"H 63"L

567.Coleman Electric Portable Generator

568.Wooden Easil 69"H

569.Cosco Step Stool

570.Plakskool Peg Board Desk 20"H

571.Wooden School Desk on Metal Base

572.Wooden Clothes Bar

573.Collapsible Richmond School Furniture Chalkboard Desk

574.Child's Wheelbarrow

575.71" JC Higgins Toboggan

576.Kenmore Buffer

577.Montgomery Ward Cabinet Stereo 26x42x18

578.Floor Lamp 58"

579.Wooden Floor Lamp 59"

580.Child's Vanity 29"H

581.4 Chrome Base Mid Century Kitchen Chairs

582.Shevel Mirror Missing Base Piece 52"H

583.Oval Area Rug

584.Wooden Chest 18x30x18

585.Octagon Table Top No Base 32x32

586.Travel Chest 17x34x20

587.Woven Basket 27"L

588.Fleeting Bike

589.Mid Century Upholstered Rocker Wooden Arms

590.Wooden Chest 20x36x20

591.Power Rider

592.Religious Print 20x33

593.Cane Bottom Chair Caning Need Repair

594.Thermos Grill

595.Vintage Changing Bath Table

596.Wooden Crate 18x34x15

597.Symphonic Console Stereo 29x48x17

598.GE Video Camera

599.Oversized Upholstered Chair

600.Small Wagon


602.Heart Base End Table Mersman Needs Repair

603.Wooden End Table No Top

604.3 Mirrors

605.3 Wooden Chairs All Need TLC 1 Needlepoint Seat

606.Floor Lamp w/ Ceramic Flowers 58"H

607.2 Shutters 36x14

608.Plastic Mudroom Sink

609.Mapes Collapsible Clothes Rack

610.Canvas Hiking Back Pack

611.Wood Framed Mirror Frame Needs Repair 42x26

612.Pelican Lawn Ornament Concrete Very Heavy 19"H

613.3 Deer Lawn Ornamments Concrete

614.Vintage Heater

615.Mushroom Laen Ornamnet Concrete Very Heavy

616.Donkey & Cart Planter Concrete Very Heavy

617.2 Prints 14x15

618.Toilet Seat & Bathroom Sink

619.2 Woven Wall Baskets

620.30-6 Ammunition Federal

621.30-6 Ammunition Federal

622.17 HMR Hollow Point

623.10 Point Crossbow Camo

624.Partial 30-6 Rifle Cartridges

625.Asst Cartridges Camo Make Up Etc

626.Quiver of Asst Arrows Beeman & Easton

627.17 HMR Varment Express Bullets

628.Remington 22 Cartridges

629.Challenger Parker Compound Bow

630.Box of Ice Cleats Remingtom REM Oil Bullet Points Etc

631.Leather Quiver w/ Arrows

632.Bohning Co Compound Bow

633.30-6 Cartridges 2 Just Shells

634.2 Camo Umbrellas

635.2 Apothecary Jars w/ Candles

636.18" Celing Light Glass Prisms

637.John Deere & Whitetail Playing Cards

638.Wizard of Oz Figurines

639.Metal Magazine Rack 14"H

640.The Night Express Print 16x20

641.Egg Plate & Cookbook

642.Paint Cutter Grinding Discs

643.Mayo Pouch Tobacco Thermometer 39x8

644.Sheridan Pneumatic Rifle

645.Sunbeam Bread Advertising door handle sign 30x3

646.Early Holy Bible

647.Knick Knacks

648.Precious Moments Ornaments

649.Vintage Skirt Jacket & Scarf

650.Vintage Curtains

651.Vintage Linens



654.Vintage Sailor Outfits

655.Deer Canvas Wall Hanging 19x24

656.Vintage Clothing

657.Radio Fan Etc

658.Flannel & Cotton Linens

659.Vintage Shower Basket & Cards

660.wicker baskets

661.Vintage Clothing

662.Vintage Clothing

663.Vintage Clothing

664.Vinatge Diary Autographs Cards Etc

665.Vintage Mail

666.Otis Cleaning Compound Tin & Tin Box

667.Vintage Clothing

668.Seagull Print 20x28

669.Vintage Party Favor Cups

670.Vinatge Wool Plaid Shawl

671.Vintage Sunbeam Toaster

672.3 Vintage Adv Boxes All Empty

673.Vintage Clothing

674.Vintage Clothing

675.Oak Table Need Repair 60x33 Top

676.Kingcraft Jack

677.Vintage Clothing

678.Vintage Clothing

679.High Grade Wooden Cheese Box & 2 Wooden Egg Platforms

680.Wooden Shelf

681.Asst Thomas the Train Set

682.Glass Door Display Case

683.Ironstone Bowl Plates Etc

684.Pfaltzgraff Bowls & Hot Plate

685.Books About Britain Ireland Etc

686.Salt Dips Desert Saucers Vases Etc

687.Desert Bowl w/ Plates Corning Casserole Glasses Etc

688.American Airline Adv Doll Talk Magazine Etc

689.Asst International Dolls

690.Box Camera Lamp Oil Can Etc

691.Glass Topped Serving Tray Stainles Steel Bowl Etc

692.Asst Books Airwar 2nd WW Etc

693.Kodak Printer Dock Series 3 w/ Accessories

694.Cardinal Print 10x14

695.Box of Stuffed Toys Basket Etc

696.Bible & Bible History

697.5 Avon Christmas Decorative Plates

698.Wood Framed Mirror 41x24 Frame Needs Repair

699.Artificial Flower Plant Holiday Candle Hurricane Etc


701.Asst Books on Travel

702.Asst Books on Home Decoration

703.Asst Books on Shells

704.Asst Books Women of the West

705.Asst Books on Aztec & Aboriginal Art

706.Asst Books on Southwest Native American Culture

707.LL Bean Outfitters Book

708.Asst Books on Southwest Pottery

709.Asst Books Fung Shui Etc

710.American Locomotive Book

711.Asst Books on the West Logging Etc

712.Asst Books on DIY

713.Asst Books on Culture

714.Anne Geddes Labor of Love Book

715.Asst Books on Native American Art

716.Asst Books on Ships & Airplanes

717.3 Nascar 1 Coors Mugs NIB

718.4 Old Milwaukee Mugs

719.Mickey'sBeer Glasses & Budweiser Mug

720.3 Budweiser Mugs & Pepsi Bottle


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