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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
Robert Wilde Estate Online Auction - Thursday April 1 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Mattel Hotwheels No 6482 Bridge 3-Pak unopened LIVING ROOM

2.Mahogany tea tabel 24 x 16x21 LIVING ROOM

3.Various book LIVING ROOM

4.Hanging corner shelf 17 x 8 x 28 LIVING ROOM

5.Office items LIVING ROOM

6.Globe 16" George F. Kram Co. LIVING ROOM

7.Maple stand 14 x 14 x 27 LIVING ROOM

8.Walking stick LIVING ROOM

9.Silverware LIVING ROOM

10.Pyrex measure cup and 2 others LIVING ROOM

11.2 Early hand mixers LIVING ROOM

12.2 Early hand mixers LIVING ROOM

13.Vintage kitchen items LIVING ROOM

14.Gooseneck lamp wood 61" LIVING ROOM


16.Light bulbs LIVING ROOM

17.Metal, marble base gooseneck lamp 46" as is LIVING ROOM<
18.Match holders LIVING ROOM
19.Lemon Squeezer Living roombr />
20.Stangle and Rooster pitcher LIVING ROOM

21.Mini butter mold LIVING ROOM

22.Vintage kitchen items LIVING ROOM

23.Candy container 8" LIVING ROOM

24.Little Wizard blue barn lantern 11" LIVING ROOM

25.Modern coffee table 48 x 24 x 20 LIVING ROOM

26.Box of assorted items LIVING ROOM

27.4 Sundea dishes 7" LIVING ROOM

28.Mini collectibles LIVING ROOM

29.Hot Wheels Mattel Trestle 5 track No 6486 LIVING ROOM

30.Hot Wheels Mattel Speedometer No 6483 LIVING ROOM

31.Floral 27" lamp LIVING ROOM

32.2 Modern end tables 24 x 24 x 25 Each x 2 LIVING ROOM

33.Pans, baking LIVING ROOM

34.Knick knacks LIVING ROOM

35.Kitchen decorative items LIVING ROOM

36.12" teapot clock LIVING ROOM

37.2 Teapots LIVING ROOM

38.Battery operated clock LIVING ROOM

39.2 Aluminum cannisters LIVING ROOM

40.Decorative hoseshoes and bells LIVING ROOM

41.Sony CD player CDP-CX355 LIVING ROOM

42.Mahogany desk 48 x 23 x 30 LIVING ROOM

43.Truck photograph 12 x 10 LIVING ROOM

44.Bookcase 21x10x28 LIVING ROOM

45.Bookcase 16x11x36 LIVING ROOM

46.Mahogany stand 24x12x23 LIVING ROOM

47.Electric heater 60" LIVING ROOM

48.14" lamp OFFICE

49.2 Pioneer CS-C9000 speakers 15x12x32 Each x 2 OFFICE

50.Bookcase 24 x 10 x 53 OFFICE

51.Oak morris chair OFFICE

52.Timers OFFICE

53.11x14 desk lamp OFFICE

54.Modern S roll top desk 52x29 x 53 OFFICE

55.Small stand 16x11x23 OFFICE

56.Gun cabinet holds 6 guns 25 x 10 x 63 OFFICE


58.23" wood lamp OFFICE

59.2 Hard hats OFFICE

60.Oriental design 28" lamp base as is OFFICE

61.Little People toy OFFICE

62.Wood puzzles OFFICE

63.Wood game OFFICE

64.Entertainment cabinet 51x17x48 OFFICE

65.Timers, ect OFFICE

66.CD stand 11x6x53 OFFICE

67.Baby items OFFICE

68.Electronics OFFICE

69.Carry boxes, shirts OFFICE

70.Puzzles, games OFFICE

71.Electric strips OFFICE

72.Extension cords OFFICE

73.10.5 gal. garbage can KITCHEN

74.Crock pot, coffee maker KITCHEN

75.Wall decorations KITCHEN

76.Kitchen towels KITCHEN

77.Kitchen spices, utensils KITCHEN

78.Cast Iron Lodge 8SK frying pan KITCHEN

79.Pots, pans KITCHEN

80.Folding step stool KITCHEN

81.Onion bin plastic KITCHEN

82.Vintage large whisk KITCHEN

83.Hand vac KITCHEN

84.Vintage press KITCHEN

85.Painted wall decorations KITCHEN

86.Early kitchen utensil KITCHEN

87.6.5" enamel Whirlpool plate KITCHEN

88.Small chalkboard KITCHEN

89.Small knick knack shelf 12x5x17 KITCHEN

90.4 Nestle Co. cups KITCHEN

91.2 Vintage lamp shades glass KITCHEN

92.Knotty pine dropleaf end kitchen cart on wheels 40 x 21 x 34 KITCHEN

93.Kitchen items KITCHEN

94.Honeywell filter KITCHEN

95.2.5 hp shop vac KITCHEN

96.Plastic KITCHEN

97.Glasses KITCHEN

98.Bowls, ice bucket, ecft KITCHEN

99.Glasses, stemware KITCHEN

100.Bowls, plates KITCHEN

101.Pyrex, ect KITCHEN

102.Green decorat3ed enamel top table 4 chairs 24 x 39 x 31 with 2 10" pull out leaves KITCHEN

103.Cat dishes KITCHEN

104.Small stool 12x7x8 KITCHEN

105.Bathroom items BATHROOM

106.2 pictures 12 x 15 BATHROOM

107.Wood ashtray stand 24" DINING ROOM

108.Exercise bike DR1250 DINING ROOM

109.Ponderosa wiffle tree sign 41" DINING ROOM

110.Modern painting on canvas 19 x 17 DINING ROOM

111.Small stand 11" dia. 27" high DINING ROOM

112.Kreamer vintage match holder 5" DINING ROOM

113.WH Ford pencil man and horse 11 x 9 DINING ROOM

114.Primitive dropleaf country kitchen table 48 x 18 x 30 with 15" leaves DINING ROOM


116.Wood tray, paper towel holder DINING ROOM

117.2 Photographs DINING ROOM

118.Child gate DINING ROOM

119.Contents of cupboard ashtrays, napkin holders DINING ROOM

120.Drawer of games DINING ROOM

121.Oak spindle back chair cane seat-needs replace UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

122.10" bedroom lamp UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

123.Butter print 3 drawer dresser with beveled mirror 40 x 20 x 35 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

124.Elefun and toys UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

125.Blanket box 32 x 16x15 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

126.Childrens toys UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

127.Pack n play UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

128.24" hobnail lamp UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

129.2 Mahogany step end tables Each x 2 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

130.Bed comlet3e 53x74 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

131.White 13" bedroom lamp UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

132.Futon, buyer must take apart to get down the stairs bring tools UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

133.Christmas wrap UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

134.Irons and ironing board UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

135.Child's gate UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1


137.Bamboo dainty chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

138.Oval hooked rug 69 x 102 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

139.2 Clothes racks with men's shirts Med and lg UPSTAIRS WASHROOM

140.Stakmore wood card table 31x31x30 and 4 folding chairs UPSTAIRS WASHROOM

141.Oak 2/2 dresser with beveled mirror 40 x 20 x 35 UPSTAIRS WASHROOM

142.plastic shelf, bleach, throw rug UPSTAIRS WASHROOM

143.Small stool 10.5 x 10.5 x 7 UPSTAIRS BATHROOM


145.Wallshelf 18 x 6 x 21 UPSTAIRS BATHROOM

146.Dome top mirror 17 x 24 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

147.2 Window fans UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

148.Lasko 12" heater UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

149.1/2 moon stand 24 x 12x24 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

150.Pair modern bedroom almps 18" both UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

151.Knick knacks UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

152.Large bowl and chamber pot UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

153.Clock radio, DVD UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2


155.Suitcase rack UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

156.2 bags men's clothes Med and large UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

157.Recliner needs cleaning UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

158.Cpap and cleaner UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

159.Men's shirts in closet, Med and Lg UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

160.18" blue lamp UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

161.Oak stand 20 x 20 x 29 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

162.Oak bed complete 52 x 76 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

163.Flower lamp 19" UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

164.Oak w/w drawer dresser Serpentine front, beveled mirror 43x21x33 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

165.Bamboo leg stand 15x15x29 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

166.Photograph of Navy ship 15 x 13 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3
167.Metal vanity bench UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

168.Wood keg 10" dia, 17.5" high UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

169.Oak highboy 5 drawer with mirror 28 x 17 x 48 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3


171.Tool belt BASEMENT

172.Assorted tools BASEMENT

173.Hand saws BASEMENT
175.Hand crank grind stone BASEMENT
174.Chimney cleaning brush BASEMENT
179.Speakers BASEMENT

183.Circular saw BASEMENT

176.Yellow trays and contents BASEMENT

189.Wheelbarrow BASEMENT

177.Misc. electrical BASEMENT

190.2 shop Lights BASEMENT

178.Eight gallon shop vac BASEMENT

180.Hand tool box BASEMENT

192.Fleet wing runner sled BASEMENT

181.Craftsman tool box BASEMENT

193.Galvanized tub BASEMENT

197.Box fan BASEMENT

182.Assorted tools BASEMENT

198.Craftsman weedeater BASEMENT

184.Drill BASEMENT

199.Jet pump BASEMENT

185.Pair of clippers BASEMENT

200.Stool BASEMENT

186.Shelving and contents BASEMENT

241.3 Pc. Coffee table, end table, chair BARN UPSTAIRS

187.Weights BASEMENT

242.Husky bag on wheels BARN UPSTAIRS

188.Metal chairs BASEMENT

243.Antique wheelchair BARN UPSTAIRS

191.2 foot step stool BASEMENT

244.Craftsman dump cart with contents flat tires BARN UPSTAIRS

194.Greeworks lawn mower push BASEMENT

245.Water dispenser BARN UPSTAIRS

195.Greenworks weedeater BASEMENT

246.Washstand as is BARN UPSTAIRS


247.Stihl chaps

248.American Agriculturalist license plate BARN UPSTAIRS

249.Barn door hinges BARN UPSTAIRS

250.Wagon tongues and parts BARN UPSTAIRS RIGHT INSIDE

251.3 Wiffle trees all BARN UPSTAIRS

252.Wood wagon items BARN UPSTAIRS

253.Wood square funnel BARN UPSTAIRS

254.2 Wood spouts BARN UPSTAIRS

255.Assorted BARN UPSTAIRS

256.Nesco cooker and stand as is BARN UPSTAIRS

257.Antique cast iron stove BARN UPSTAIRS

258.Wood ladder approx 10' BARN UPSTAIRS

259.Bissell push sweeper BARN UPSTAIRS

260.Packing bedding BARN UPSTAIRS

261.Pick, ect BARN UPSTAIRS

262.Early bedsprings, ladder BARN UPSTAIRS

263.Approx 1-15" wood racks for buckboard ? BARN UPSTAIRS

264.Boards, sawhorses BARN UPSTAIRS

265.Picnic table BARN UPSTAIRS

266.Wire door BARN UPSTAIRS

267.2 approx 18' wood sides for buckboard ? BARN UPSTAIRS

268.Approx 15' x 5' wagon box primitive no wheels BARN UPSTAIRS

269.Hanging primitive feeder BARN UPSTAIRS

270.Metal bed BARN UPSTAIRS

271.Iron brass bed BARN UPSTAIRS


273.Boat cover BARN UPSTAIRS

274.Antique ashtray BARN UPSTAIRS

275.Primitive 6' bench BARN UPSTAIRS

276.2 Wood folding cots Each x 2

277.Mirror, wicker waster baskets ect BARN UPSTAIRS

278.White milkglass hanging lamp BARN UPSTAIRS


280.dehumidifier as is BARN UPSTAIRS

281.Dog cages, items BARN UPSTAIRS

282.Oak 2/2 dresser as is BARN UPSTAIRS


284.Primitive handmade table 4'x16' or possible harness table

285.Early windows and 2 doors BARN UPSTAIRS

286.Primitive frame for long buckboard BARN UPSTAIRS

287.Whirlpool upright freezer BARN UPSTAIRS

288.Primitive horse related items 2 collars ect BARN UPSTAIRS

289.Primitive grinding wheel BARN UPSTAIRS

290.Primitive hand plow BARN DOWNSTAIRS

291.Metal electrical items BARN DOWNSTAIRS

292.Large wood barrel as is BARN DOWNSTAIRS

293.Larger primitive wood box as is BARN DOWNSTAIRS

294.Wood barrel as is BARN DOWNSTAIRS

295.Metal can or feeder BARN DOWNSTAIRS


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