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Sayre Online Auction Antiques, Household, Tools - Thursday June 18 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Mirror 15 x 24 FOYER

2.3 Wall plaques FOYER

3.Stand 16" dia, 19" high FOYER

4.Music picture 16 x 17 LIVING ROOM

5.Tiered Knick knack shelf spiral staircase design 17" deep 63" high LIVING ROOM

6.Piano picture gold frame 35 x 29 LIVING ROOM

7.Musical throw LIVING ROOM

8.Haden wind back chair, Queen Anne pad feet LIVING ROOM


10.Hanging lamp LIVING ROOM

11.Bookshelf 32 x 10 x 35 LIVING ROOM

12.Sculpture mother/child 20" LIVING ROOM

13.4" Wood Knick knacks LIVING ROOM

14.Musical items LIVING ROOM

15.Pair of 8" brass candleholders LIVING ROOM

16.10" Cleft not LIVING ROOM

17.8" golf clock LIVING ROOM

18.serving bowls LIVING ROOM

19.Brass & iron trivets LIVING ROOM


21.Napkin rings LIVING ROOM

22.Oriental soup bowls LIVING ROOM

23.Golf club pen holder LIVING ROOM

24.4.5" Black Wedgewood plate LIVING ROOM

25.Denim Days 5" LIVING ROOM

26.Denim Days 4" LIVING ROOM

27.Goebel 141 3/0 Apple Tree Girl 3"

28.Jade 3" buddha LIVING ROOM

29.Carved elephant head serving pieces qty 2 approx. 11" LIVING ROOM

30.Denim Days LIVING ROOM

31.2 Pc. Carlton ware LIVING ROOM

32.Lenox bowl and vase LIVING ROOM

33.Carved 7" Rooster LIVING ROOM

34.2 mini cloisonn� salt dips LIVING ROOM

35.Mid Century hand blown 7" bowl LIVING ROOM

36.Gorham Santa trinket box LIVING ROOM

37.Vintage sewing tape LIVING ROOM

38.Goebel 360A Wall pocket LIVING ROOM

39.3" Inlaid elephant LIVING ROOM

40.Caldwell carriage clock LIVING ROOM

41.Hand painted eggs LIVING ROOM

42.8" Studio pottery pitcher LIVING ROOM

43.Oriental 7" Chocolate pot LIVING ROOM

44.Studio pottery 9" dia. Bowl with lip LIVING ROOM

45.Cups, saucers LIVING ROOM

46.Music box as is LIVING ROOM

47.Precious Moments figurine LIVING ROOM

48.Sandwich glass dishes LIVING ROOM

49.Portrait mug 5.5" LIVING ROOM

50.Pottery mold 6x8x4 LIVING ROOM

51.Cross pen set LIVING ROOM

52.Postcards LIVING ROOM

53.Early pipe LIVING ROOM

54.4 Willow tree figurines LIVING ROOM

55.Mid Century wall mount lamp LIVING ROOM

56.Step stool LIVING ROOM


58.Candles LIVING ROOM

59.Bread maker LIVING ROOM

60.Bases, bowls, etc. LIVING ROOM

61.Mid Century kitchen items LIVING ROOM

62.Notebooks LIVING ROOM

63.Desk and chair Mid Century 40 x17x30 LIVING ROOM

64.Wall mount lamp LIVING ROOM

65.Harden couch 82" LIVING ROOM

66.Ton-Klar Kayser Germany Wm. Lewis violin and case LIVING ROOM

67.Lamp 38" LIVING ROOM

68.Mid Century end table 29x28x21 LIVING ROOM

69.Silicon Valley print 30 x 24 LIVING ROOM

70.Silk Oriental style rug LIVING ROOM

71.Brass music stand LIVING ROOM

72.Oak chair LIVING ROOM

73.Flower print 18 x 21 DINING ROOM

74.Stereo System Sony 5 disc changer, Dual turn table, Yamaha receiver and stand DINING ROOM

75.CD's and cassette tapes DINING ROOM


77.Norman Rockwell plate DINING ROOM

78.10" Egyptian style plate DINING ROOM

79.Mini masks in shadow box on wall 12 x 9 DINING ROOM

80.Gund Teddy bear approx. 20" DINING ROOM monitor
82.Primitive wooden ironing board 11 x 53 DINING ROOM


84.Records DINING ROOM

85.Christmas DINING ROOM

86.Musical items DINING ROOM

87.Finnish style 12" plate DINING ROOM

88.Silver-plated items DINING ROOM

89.Graduated set of 3 Hall bowls DINING ROOM

90.Lincoware pot wit lid DINING ROOM

91.Walnut server 42 x 17 x 32 DINING ROOM

92.16" Brass coated urn DINING ROOM

93.Throw rug 45 x 31 DINING ROOM

94.Pressed and pattern glassware DINING ROOM

95.Mid Century drop front record cabinet 29 x 16 x 25 DINING ROOM

96.Teakwood serving dish DINING ROOM

97.Pfaltzgraff carafe NEW DINING ROOM

98.2 Serving dishes NEW DINING ROOM

99.Paella dish & Napkin holder new DINING ROOM

100.2 New serving dishes, decorative plate DINING ROOM

101.3 New serving dishes DINING ROOM

102.Wool throw DINING ROOM

103.Wilton tray 17 x 12 DINING ROOM

104.Music box DINING ROOM

105.Mikasa bowl DINING ROOM

106.Mid Century Pyrex covered dish 9" DINING ROOM

107.Pink Pyrex set of 3 nesting bowls DINING ROOM

108.Gold mugs DINING ROOM

109.Cuisinart can opener DINING ROOM

110.Sterling silver weighted 5" compote DINING ROOM

111.New items DINING ROOM

112.Set of 3 corning ware dishes with lids KITCHEN

113.Cannister set KITCHEN

114.Plasticware KITCHEN

115.Hamilton Beach toaster oven KITCHEN

116.Knick knacks KITCHEN

117.Hot plate KITCHEN

118.Baking KITCHEN

119.Plasticware KITCHEN

120.4 Corning ware serving dishes KITCHEN

121.Teapot KITCHEN

122.Cups KITCHEN

123.Hot mits KITCHEN

124.Cutting boards KITCHEN

125.Assorted dishes in cabinet KITCHEN

126.Decorative wall piece 10" dia. KITCHEN

127.Crock pot KITCHEN

128.Set of Corning ware dishes KITCHEN

129.Glasses, mugs KITCHEN

130.Dish cloths etc. KITCHEN

131.Cleaning UNDER Sink items in corner cupboard

133.Lotions KITCHEN

134.Assorted kitchen items KITCHEN

135.Love 10" plate KITCHEN

136.Spice rack KITCHEN

137.Hanging decoration KITCHEN

138.Pine trestle table with 4 maple chairs table 31 x 54 KITCHEN

139.Bulova wall clock 15 x 23 FAMILY ROOM

140.Tapestry 55 x 34 FAMILY ROOM

141.Regzav 46" flat screen tv FAMILY ROOM


143.TV stand FAMILY ROOM

144.Karastan rug 70 x 112 FAMILY ROOM

145.Globe wing back chair FAMILY ROOM

146.Wood tv trays FAMILY ROOM

147.Thomasville chair FAMILY ROOM

148.Floor lamp FAMILY ROOM

149.Timers FAMILY ROOM

150.Knight bookends FAMILY ROOM

151.Knick knack shelf 33 x 21 x 84 FAMILY ROOM

152.Wreath FAMILY ROOM

153.Sewing stand FAMILY ROOM

154.Pillows, throws FAMILY ROOM

155.Large candle FAMILY ROOM

156.Musical instruments FAMILY ROOM


158.Talktell FAMILY ROOM

159.Knick knack shelf 33x21x84 FAMILY ROOM

160.Panda tapestry 39 x20 FAMILY ROOM

161.Leather recliner wing back FAMILY ROOM

162.Pine floor lamp FAMILY ROOM

163.Thomasville couch 108" FAMILY ROOM

164.Floor lamp FAMILY ROOM

165.Pictures FAMILY ROOM

166.Wooden ironing board FAMILY ROOM

167.Throw rug FAMILY ROOM

168.Shark Vacuum cleaner CEDAR CLOSET

169.Tablecloths CEDAR CLOSET

170.Pillow, etc., table runners CEDAR CLOSET

171.Christmas bags CEDAR CLOSET


173.Christmas bags, ribbon CEDAR CLOSET

174.Cedar blocks CEDAR CLOSET


176.Panasonic movie recorder

177.Metal tray

178.Plastic stand

179.Small stool BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

180.Folding stool BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

181.Recliner BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

182.Mid Century lamp BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS


185.Mid Century wall lamp BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

186.Pine night stand 18 x 28 x 23 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS


188.3 Pictures by L. Rounds 16 x 12 Each x 3 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

189.Microwave cart 29 x 18x34 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS


191.Assorted jewelry BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

192.Assorted jewelry BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

193.2 Necklaces polished stone and other BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

194.South western style necklaces BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

195.Assorted watches BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

196.Men's jewelry items BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

197.Jewelry box with pins BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

198.Tub of assorted jewelry and dresser items BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

199.3 Bracelets BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

200.Various Jewelry BEDROOM #4 UPSTAIRS

201.2 Singles Beds Each x 2 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #1

202.Photograph 10 x 8 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS


204.Pine lamp BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

205.Night stand 16x16x24 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

206.Painting 10 x 12 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

207.6 drawer dresser with mirror 51x17x32 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

208.Contemporary dish BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

209.4 Carlshead dishes BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

210.Hand painted egg BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

211.Moma dish BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

212.Lenox candleholder BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

213.Mountains ands Waters of 4 seasons BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

214.Star,dice BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

215.Ship lamp BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

216.Believe basket BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

217.Nesting dolls BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

218.Precious moments figurine BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS






224.Hard Rock mug BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

225.Musical snowman BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

226.Christmas items BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

227.Pooh bell BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS



230.Decorative items BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

231.Bathroom items BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

232.Purses, etc. BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

233.Microphones BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS


235.Celebration items BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

236.Towels, pillows BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

237.Plastic hangers BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

301.Quilted Christmas wall hanger 34 x 20 BASEMENT

302.Wreaths on wall BASEMENT

303.Picture 19 x 23 BASEMENT

304.12 wine glasses Vindergift Pa BASEMENT

305.Heavy brass coated 10" Center piece BASEMENT

306.VHS holder 24 x 12 x 28 BASEMENT

307.Wine holders and wine BASEMENT

308.Ty Beanie babies BASEMENT

309.Ty Beanie babies BASEMENT

310.Ty Beanie babies BASEMENT

311.Ty Beanie babies BASEMENT

312.Ty Beanie babies BASEMENT

313.Suitcase and bags BASEMENT

314.Toleware tray 17 x 22 BASEMENT

315.Flags BASEMENT

316.2 boxes of electrical BASEMENT

317.Wire rack 36x14x55 BASEMENT

318.Rulers, etc. BASEMENT

319.Brass candelabra & candles BASEMENT

320.Sliding door stand 30 x 16 x 30 BASEMENT

321.12" Celluloid head doll BASEMENT

322.Matchbox BASEMENT

323.2 boxes of light bulbs BASEMENT

324.Bookcase 31 x 12 x 31 BASEMENT

325.Picnic basket 18 x 12 x 9 top painted by Kronbak BASEMENT

326.Tuxedo BASEMENT

327.24" ceramic statue BASEMENT

328.Costumes BASEMENT

329.Throws BASEMENT

330.Frigidaire humidifier BASEMENT

331.2 small heaters BASEMENT

332.Golf put green BASEMENT

333.Quilted Christmas decoration 18 x 22 BASEMENT

334.Gilbert Erector set No. 10120 BASEMENT

335.BrixBlox BASEMENT

336.Electric scissors, etc. BASEMENT

337.2 sliding door cabinet 36 x 16x30 BASEMENT

338.Early sewing pattern BASEMENT

339.Early Domestic sewing machine in stand and stool BASEMENT

340.Single bank kneehole desk 37 x 17 x 30 BASEMENT

341.Sewing BASEMENT

342.Vases, etc. BASEMENT

343.Paper bowls, etc. BASEMENT

344.Humidifier BASEMENT

345.Music box BASEMENT

346.Baking BASEMENT

347.Corelle ware baking BASEMENT

348.Super 8 cake pan BASEMENT

349.Trouble light, batteries BASEMENT

350.Vaporizer BASEMENT

351.saws, level, square BASEMENT

352.Nuts, bolts BASEMENT

353.Plane BASEMENT

354.Craftsman jig saw BASEMENT BASEMENT

356.hammer, etc. BASEMENT

357.Elec. Stander, B & D screwdriver BASEMENT

358.Corner clamps, mitre box BASEMENT

359.Craftsman 3/8" drill BASEMENT

360.trowels BASEMENT

361.drill bits, etc. BASEMENT

362.Paint supplies BASEMENT

363.Nails, etc. BASEMENT

364.Nails, etc. BASEMENT

365.3.5" swivel vice. Bring tool to take off BASEMENT

366.Green shelf 36x17x25 BASEMENT

367.Ext cords, etc. BASEMENT

368.Tape, etc. BASEMENT

369.Bookcase 36 x 16x24 BASEMENT

370.Cleaning items BASEMENT

371.Block 8.5" Lead Crystal pitcher BASEMENT

372.Vases, planters BASEMENT

373.Basket with clothes pins BASEMENT

374.Holmes fan BASEMENT

375.Svend Jensen 9.5" decanter BASEMENT

376.Mid Century table with leaf BASEMENT

377.Planters, vases BASEMENT

378.11" deviled egg plate BASEMENT

379.Knick knacks BASEMENT

380.Candles etc. BASEMENT

381.Cake saver, West Bend coffee pot BASEMENT

382.Paper products BASEMENT

383.Warming and serving trays BASEMENT

384.Wood step ladder BASEMENT

385.Pine Captains chairs-set of 4 1 in basement, 3 on back porch all

386.Totes, organizer BASEMENT

387.Early suitcase 19 x 14 x 9 BASEMENT

388.Christmas BASEMENT

389.Shelf 36 x 14x52 BASEMENT

390.Garment rack BASEMENT

391.Lenox 2 Turtle Dove Christmas ornament BASEMENT

392.Metal cart 22 x 16 x 30 BASEMENT

393.Oriental coasters BACK PORCH

394.Mid Century ice bucket and Deluxe walnut serving tray BACK PORCH

395.Pez Snoopy and Charlie Brown BACK PORCH

396.Punch set BACK PORCH

397.Creamers, sugar, jam BACK PORCH

398.16" Plastic doll BACK PORCH

399.RRP covered 8" dia dish BACK PORCH

400.2 Roseville Ohio Brownware crocks both BACK PORCH

401.Snack Set Bavaria W. Germany BACK PORCH

402.Musical decorative items BACK PORCH

403.Cups, saucers etc. BACK PORCH

404.Gourd and small wood box BACK PORCH

405.Linens BACK PORCH

406.Foreign coins BACK PORCH

407.Assorted costume jewelry BACK PORCH

408.Bullseye pocket watch, etc. BACK PORCH

409.Box of Oriental items BACK PORCH

410.Robinson Ransbottom spongeware crock w/ lid 5' BACK PORCH

411.Murano style clown 4" BACK PORCH

412.Burano mini tongs Mid Century BACK PORCH

413.Frankoma 4" pitcher/bowl BACK PORCH

414.Office items BACK PORCH

415.3 wood painted eggs BACK PORCH

416.Brass and silver-plated items BACK PORCH

417.Chop sticks, cake knife BACK PORCH

418.Candles etc. BACK PORCH

419.Vintage Schwinn exercise bike BACK PORCH

420.48" Mid Century lamp BACK PORCH

421.Mahogany paper holder 16 x 9 x 12 BACK PORCH

422.Planter 9" high BACK PORCH

423.Mid Century coffee table 56 x 20 x 16 BACK PORCH

424.Weights fit machine BACK PORCH

425.plants BACK PORCH

426.Plastic patio table with 6 stack chairs BACK PORCH

427.bench 20 x 11 x 16 BACK PORCH

428.Stenciled rocker BACK PORCH

429.Plant cart and plants 37 x 21 x 29 BACK PORCH

430.15" planter BACK PORCH

431.Exercise balls BACK PORCH

432.Complete bed 52x76 New mattress/springs

439.Burwood soldier 35" BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

440.Digital picture frame BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

441.Game set BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS


443.Beanie babies Large BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

444.Beanie babies Large BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

445.Beanie babies Large BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

446.Beanie babies BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

447.Beanie babies BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

448.Holiday items BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

449.Cardboard wall hangers BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

450.Mirror 23 x 31 BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

451.Bed complete 56 x 76 BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS



454.Mic Century 2 drawer night stand 24 x 15 x 21 BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

455.Photograph of Susquehanna River BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

456.Knick knacks BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

457.Brass shamrock

458.Lenox vase BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

459.Crucifix BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

460.Mid Century corner desk BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

461.Desk lamp/other BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS



464.Mid Century bookcase over 2 drawers 40 x18x66 BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

465.Pair of plastic wall hangers BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

466.2 New items BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS


468.Bate ball bunny BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

469.Mexico planter BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

470.Straight razor BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

471.Hallmark ornament BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS


473.Ty Beanie Babies Club BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

474.Insea casserole BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS


476.Picture frames BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

477.Lenox items BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

478.Penn State Barbie doll BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS

479.Beanie babies BEDROOM #3 UPSTAIRS




483.Fellows shredder BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

484.12.5" plate BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

485.2 drawer wood filing cabinet BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

486.Wine glasses BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

487.9" pitcher BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

488.Shoe holders BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

489.Brass bells BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

490.Computer desk BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

491.Office items BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS


493.Cork screw BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

494.Stand 21x15x26 BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS chair BEDROOM #2 UPSTAIRS

496.Rocky Mountain Lake photograph


498.Mirror 9x15 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY


500.Cross country skis OVER HEAD GARAGE #1

501.Ice melt GARAGE #1

502.Placemats GARAGE #1

503.Fans, office GARAGE #1

504.Nice decorative dishes GARAGE #1

505.Bohemia lead crystal vase 14" GARAGE #1

506.Carved head 12" GARAGE #1

507.Lead Crystal vase Madison Ave 11" GARAGE #1

508.Stemware GARAGE #1

509.Oriental figurine GARAGE #1

510.Pressed glassware GARAGE #1

511.Knick knacks turtles GARAGE #1

512.Trays, hotplates GARAGE #1

513.Fenton Shrone of Democracy plate GARAGE #1

514.Piano music box GARAGE #1

515.14" resin angel GARAGE #1

516.Small piano music box GARAGE #1

517.Studio pottery bowl 11" dia. GARAGE #1

518.Modernism Sculpture 15 x 12 x 8 signed Sever '90 GARAGE #1

519.2 pans GARAGE #1

520.Frames, etc. GARAGE #1

521.Hardware GARAGE #1

522.Small stool GARAGE #1

523.Walker GARAGE #1

524.Golf clubs GARAGE #1

525.Shovel, broom GARAGE #1

526.Roper Upright freezer 31x28x60 GARAGE #1

527.Toro leaf blower GARAGE #1

528.True Value snow blower SC320 GARAGE #1

529.Packing blankets GARAGE #1

530.Elec. 16" B & D hedge trimmers GARAGE #1

531.Powakaddy charger GARAGE #1

532.Shelf unit 36x15x54 GARAGE #1

533.2 card tables and 6 folding chairs GARAGE #1

534.Speed wood sign 24 x24 GARAGE #1

535.Mid Century metal stand & heater GARAGE #1

536.Troybilt 21" push mower with bagger GARAGE #1

537.Shovels, rake GARAGE #1

538.Spode candleholder GARAGE #2

539.Christmas ornaments GARAGE #2

540.Glowing glass reindeer light up ornament GARAGE #2

541.Holiday Time 3 pc Wisemen GARAGE #2

542.Meadow Gold pint milk bottle GARAGE #2

543.4 Mikasa angels and vase GARAGE #2

544.Mini Wish You Merry Christmas GARAGE #2

545.Precious Moments ornament GARAGE #2

546.Angels GARAGE #2

547.4 Nutcrackers GARAGE #2

548.Coasters, etc. GARAGE #2

549.Knick knacks GARAGE #2

550.Bells GARAGE #2

551.Shovels, etc. GARAGE #2

552.6' wood step ladder GARAGE #2

553.Werner 8' fiberglass step ladder GARAGE #2

554.Ice skates, early ski boots GARAGE #2

555.Box of snowmen GARAGE #2

556.6 Christmas ornaments Each x 6

557.Extension cords GARAGE #2

558.Swooshin Duo Hallmark GARAGE #2

559.Very Merry Trio Hallmark GARAGE #2

560.Piano snowman Hallmark GARAGE #2

561.Christmas items GARAGE #2

562.Candleholder GARAGE #2

563.2 boxes of Shiny Brite ornaments all GARAGE #2

564.Large ornament GARAGE #2

565.Waterford ornament GARAGE #2

566.Large hand crafted ornament GARAGE #2

567.Early bottles GARAGE #2

568.6 Ornaments Each x 6

569.Deck The Halls Duo Hallmark GARAGE #2

570.Swinging with Snoopy Hallmark GARAGE #2

571.3 Christmas ornaments all GARAGE #2

572.Lenox Just Jingles ornament GARAGE #2

573.The Li Bien ornament GARAGE #2

574.The Li Bien ornament GARAGE #2

575.Angels GARAGE #2

576.Wood Santa 63" GARAGE #2

577.Garden tools GARAGE #2

578.Nippers, jump rope GARAGE #2

579.Tub of Christmas GARAGE #2

580.Tub,etc GARAGE #2

581.Halloween GARAGE #2

582.Rugs, blankets GARAGE #2

583.Rugs GARAGE #2

584.Igloo cooler GARAGE #2

585.Early Christmas ornaments GARAGE #2

586.Pianos ornaments musical GARAGE #2

587.3 Boxes of stemware GARAGE #2

588.Angel, 2 bears GARAGE #2

589.Tub of Christmas GARAGE #2

590.Tub with Christmas, shelf, etc GARAGE #2

591.Tub with Christmas ornaments, etc. GARAGE #2

592.4-10" angels all GARAGE #2

593.4 musical boxes all GARAGE #2

594.2 Ty Snowmen GARAGE #2

595.4 Large Christmas balls GARAGE #2

596.Christmas lights GARAGE #2

597.Picture GARAGE #2

598.Flag, rope GARAGE #2

599.Stadium seats GARAGE #2

600.Golf shoes GARAGE #2


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