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Estate ONLINE Auction German radios, books, Car, RC planes, Cameras, Tools - Thursday November 5 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.1881 Morgan Silver Dollar

2.4-1964 Silver half dollars total $2.00

3.1-1944 50cent and 3 silver 25cents total 1.25 silver

4.1 oz. silver with Indian face

5.1965 Elizabeth II and Churchill of Nova Scotia

6.3 half dollars 2-1972 and 1976 Plus 1979 Susan B Dollar

7.5.00 Silver Clad 1966 to 1968. 40% silver x5

8.3.00 silver clads 1966 to 1968 40% silver x3

9.1965 Canada Clad 50cents 1 1967 Canada Dime All

10.1935 A 5 Reich Mark Silver Germany

11.1936 A-5 Mark, Hinden Burc Issue-Silver Acrman

12.1951D 5 Mark West Germany

13.3 1975 50 Cents Jamaica

14.3-1981 10cents Jamaica coins and 1 1929 Buffalo 5 cent ALL

15.9-1776-1976 25 Cents Mostly unc ALL

16.15.00 1971 Half up some unc. ALL

17.wood watch box 5"x4"

18.16.5 inch urheberrecht-lichgeschutzt wooden figure

19.World globe

20.Goebel w. Germany FN 67 figure

21.Gerold Porzellan Made in West Germany 9" vase

22.Unterweissbach 8344 8" lady w/dress on bench

23.Hutschenreuther Germany Kunstabteilung 14" lady

24.3.5" glass egg

25.Japanese tea set

26.15x8.5 MacWal ind inc. mid century lady on lounge chair

27.wooden hand carved figure of a man

28.feather in an ink bottle early Agfa camera and accessories

30.What a catch BH 153 Goebel 2000 Thailand 4.5"

31.4x3 brass cane handle

32.Normark Fiskars Stainless Finland 11" knife in leather case

33.Grundig Classic International Model 960 early radio

34.asst knick knacks

35.8" early Fish knife pocket knife

36.52/20 Germany 8" vase

37.Sony FM multiband receiver

38.54x14x74 shelf/cabinet w/flip down writing desk

39.Power master 760 BB Gun

40.Wooden silverware box w Wm. A. Rogers Stainless tableware Oneida Ltd. Oneida NY

41.wall hanging candles and a picture printed on copper tin

42.Gelsenkirchen copper wall hanging and a wooden wall d�cor w/copper lantern on it

43.wooden plant stand w/wicker baskets and tray

44.heavy 11x15 ceramic w/bronze colored man wall hanging

45.AL Agnew Barometer

46.Panasonic flat screen tv w/ Sylvania VCR DVD player both w/remotes

47.metal airplane hanger

48.2 wooden framed pictures signed Antoine B Boallchuzol? 1 is 13x11 and one is 17x14

49.Approx. 14" anniversary clock

50.floor stand ashtray w/marble base of asst clocks

52.2 wooden bowls 1 Rio Grande hand painted woodware 1246 VD 1 is Royal Acacia genuine Monkey pod wood hand crafted of asst candles of asst bar items

55.2 early German games�.Die Elefanten Knobele and Floh Spiel

56.Simon Arzt early cigarettes Egyptian Cigarette Manufactory and Wooden Cigarette box

57.Nell Stiller painting w/2 music box snow globes

59.heavy glass handled basket w/flowers

60.stoneware vase BMP Canada

61.Goebel couple figurine West Germany #99

62.Wooden handmade couple

63.early metal address binder Spell well

64.2 vintage ink pens 1 adult pen and 1 has dice in it


66.Cast iron fry pan Griswold #8 11"

67.Grundig early TK 6L made in West Germany of kitchen utensils

69.Cassio PT 20 electrical musical instrument

70.Ingraham Salute early wind up alarm clock

71.Walkure Bayreuth Bavaria Germany cups w/Dohrman West Germany metal holders w/saucers

72.pistol Crossman and Marksman BB Gun w/BB's

73.Hamburg Das tor zur Welt Ein Bildbuch Verlag Broschek and Co. Hamburg Book w/asst pocket knives, bottle opener and wooden bat

75.vintage metal folding sheet music holder

76.vintage GE super speed dryer touch and tilt hood w/45 records and adapters of asst cook books

79.knitting bag w/yarn

80.asst German record albums

81.3 boxes of asst office supplies

82.lot of asst CD's of asst cassettes

84.Christmas Afghan, Teddy Bear and crotched pillow room chair

86.Gekra wandteller #115 19" metal wall hanging

87.2 10.5x8 Bamboo handcrafted pictures

88.43x30 Framed S. Diving? Painting

89.cross stitch and handmade pillow shams and blanket

90.Chinchilla fur coat approx. size L

91.brown living room couch w/pillows

92.lot of asst lightbulbs and a flexible head floor lamp

93.lot of asst Christmas

94.asst blankets

95.Tapestry approx. 57"x 91"

96.Audrey D. Dietrich 1974 24x27.5 painting


98.Hoover Quiet Performance vacuum

99.19" high wooden plant stand

100.wicker basket w/linens

101.lot of asst puzzles of asst ash trays of misc. pictures

104.Supersonic Tv w/accessories

105.vintage ice bucket

106.13x8 wooden stool items

108.reclining chair and asst pillows of asst doilies, etc. of train cars, track etc.

111.vintage Chinese checkers

112.cast iron soup pot

113.2 #5 cast iron frying pans

114.Mensch early game

115.oriental containers

116.Necklace and pierced earrings

117.asst table linens

118.Tatsend Deutsche Mark 16x9 W9876724A of asst coasters etc.

120.asst wrist watches, etc.

121.Deutsche Kolonien Book

122.Pakistan Card holder

123.2 lamps

124.approx. 48x90 Tapestry of asst healthcare items of dentistry coffee cups

127.54x20x20 coffee table, leg needs repair

128.vintage DM 2 manual typewriter w/case

129.comfort zone electric heater and a Sony radio cassette player

130.33" wooden cane w/decorative metal badges

131.33.5" bamboo cane w/wood carved bird for handle

132.35" bamboo cane w/racoon carved handle

133.35" bamboo cane w/eagle carved handle

134.21" plastic shoe horn (broken shoe horn end)

135.31" wooden cane w/gold colored handle not marked handle

136.40x14 round coffee table w/marble top of asst items, iron, hand radio's etc.

138.1113 Jazzy chair and a Roho dry flotation quatro seat

139.Jwin Radio Cassette player in wooden floor base

140.2 wall hangings, one bamboo, one wooden

141.2 boxes of glassware, vases, bowls, etc.

143.5 day survival pack

144.Bissell Gemini floor sweeper of tissues

146.30x43 wall tapestry on wooden rod hanger

147.16x19 needlepoint framed seaman picture

148.blankets and cat carrier of risers and scarves/table covers of table linens etc.

151.lot of asst skirts and tops etc.

152.brown couch in dining room of asst blankets etc.

154.Sony Handicap video camera and a Samsung video camera

155.Bell and Howell slide viewer of asst tapestry items

157.Gaf automatic threading dual 8 movie projector

158.Danish dining room table w/2 leaves and six chairs of asst games

160.wooden chess game

161.RCA VCR player, Sanyo radio system

162.2 Japanese books masterpieces of the world

163.Bonsai School book of How to do it Encyclopedia's of Breman

166.German stoneware perfume

167.German pewter beer stein

168.Alte Liebe ship in a bottle

169.2 busts

170.Handsel and Grettle

171.wooden bowl w/lid 4x3

172.tray w/5 handled cups

173.wooden toothpick holder w/moveable bird

174.13" carved wooden figure made in Spain

175.18" red glass vase

176.Hamilton postal scale

177.lot of asst animal books

178.lot of asst maps

179.Medicology book

180.lot of asst books

181.German book

182.3 Time life books

183.lot of asst books

184.shelving cabinet

185.24x20 painting on velvet

248.Desk chair DINING ROOM

249.Danish 2 piece hutch DINING ROOM

251.Cat items DINING ROOM

252.Polaroid camera DINING ROOM

253.2 Hats DINING ROOM

254.Solingen flatware DINING ROOM

255.Drinking German glasses DINING ROOM

256.Schott Gold ton tea set DINING ROOM

257.Decanter set DINING ROOM

258.5 Ruby cups DINING ROOM

259.German hat with pins DINING ROOM

260.English scene lamp DINING ROOM

261.Fiberoptic lamp DINING ROOM

262.Mid Century pottery swirl pattern lamp DINING ROOM

263.Etched decanter set DINING ROOM

264.Cold heat soldering tool KITCHEN

265.Kitchen table/4 chairs/1 leaf KITCHEN

266.6" German mug KITCHEN

267.Pair 2" Green steins both KITCHEN

268.6" German mug KITCHEN

269.German 1986 plate KITCHEN

270.6" German stein KITCHEN

271.Pewter top 5" glass stein KITCHEN

272.5" German stein KITCHEN

273.7" German milk glass stein KITCHEN

274.7" Gerz German stein KITCHEN

275.7" German stein KITCHEN

276.5" Pewter top glass stein KITCHEN

277.6" German teapot KITCHEN

278.3 German 4" metal cups KITCHEN

279.Pewter 5 light candelabra KITCHEN

280.3-3" German metal cups KITCHEN

281.6" Lenox vase KITCHEN

282.Assorted plates KITCHEN

283.Pewter 8" stein KITCHEN

284.8" Gerzit stein KITCHEN

285.BBQ tools KITCHEN

286.Metal German teapot KITCHEN

287.8" Cat figurine KITCHEN

288.Candy jar KITCHEN

289.Jadeite Fire king Bowl NO 6 KITCHEN

290.Mini German stoneware perfume KITCHEN

291.Knick knacks KITCHEN

292.Knick knacks KITCHEN

293.Broiler oven KITCHEN

294.Puzzles KITCHEN

295.Sewing KITCHEN

296.Sewing KITCHEN

297.Sewing KITCHEN

298.2 boxes pots, pans KITCHEN

299.Punch set KITCHEN

300.Laundry room liquids KITCHEN

301.Bullet mixer KITCHEN

302.Liquids KITCHEN

303.Junk drawer items KITCHEN

304.Assorted items KITCHEN

305.Early magazines KITCHEN

306.Tins KITCHEN

307.Large microwave KITCHEN

308.Kitchen items KITCHEN

309.Assortment KITCHEN

310.Copper picture KITCHEN

311.Cookbooks KITCHEN

312.Utensils KITCHEN

313.Knives KITCHEN

314.Silverware KITCHEN

315.Bowls KITCHEN

316.Cutting boards KITCHEN

317.Planters, etc. KITCHEN

318.Prest O Lite holder KITCHEN

319.Kitchen KITCHEN

320.Large box purses KITCHEN

321.Large box kitchen appliances KITCHEN

322.Roaster KITCHEN

323.Puzzles KITCHEN

324.Hand slicer KITCHEN

325.Thermos bottles KITCHEN

326.Pans KITCHEN

327.Corningware teapot KITCHEN

328.Cast Iron Dutch oven KITCHEN

329.2 Tang bottles KITCHEN

330.2 Depression platters KITCHEN

331.Corningware and Pyrex KITCHEN

332.3 Corningware servers 1 lid KITCHEN

333.Pyrex covered bowl KITCHEN

334.Cannisters etc. KITCHEN

335.Sunbeam Mixmaster KITCHEN

336.2 Cabinets of dishes, glasses KITCHEN

337.Thermos teapots KITCHEN

338.Cleaning items KITCHEN

339.Decanters KITCHEN

340.Kitchen trivet KITCHEN

341.Cupboard of glasses KITCHEN

342.Set of Knowles China KITCHEN

343.Bullet, etc. KITCHEN

344.Cassette tapes KITCHEN

345.Grinder KITCHEN

346.Juicer, etc. KITCHEN

347.Items on wall KITCHEN

348.Mid Century vinyl chair KITCHEN

349.Material KITCHEN

350.Oak washstand KITCHEN

351.Sewing items in washstand KITCHEN

352.Janome D�cor Excel Pro 5124 sewing machine KITCHEN

353.Scissors, sewing KITCHEN

354.Contents of sewing cabinet KITCHEN

355.2 boxes of books KITCHEN

356.Gnomes OUTBACK

357.Small patio table with umbrella and 3 chairs OUTBACK

358.Wheelbarrow OUTBACK

359.2 Coolers BREEZEWAY

360.Frigidaire air conditioner BREEZEWAY

361.Hoover vac BREEZEWAY

362.Tub of model airplane making parts BREEZEWAY

363.3 boxes novels BREEZEWAY

364.Tote of material BREEZEWAY

365.Tote of material BREEZEWAY

366.Organizer, drill BREEZEWAY

367.Baldor motor grinder BREEZEWAY

368.2 office chairs BREEZEWAY

369.Living pure heater BREEZEWAY

370.Small book shelf BREEZEWAY

371.2 pc Tool Source with some tools BREEZEWAY

372.Wall and shelves of plane making items BREEZEWAY

373.Garden bench on wheels BREEZEWAY


375.3 Organizers BREEZEWAY

376.Novels GARAGE

377.Puzzles, etc. GARAGE

378.Hummingbird feeder, garden items GARAGE

379.Model plane items GARAGE

380.Variety GARAGE

381.Concrete trowels GARAGE

382.Assorted tools GARAGE

383.Assorted tools GARAGE

384.Dremel, etc. GARAGE

385.Rayovac lantern GARAGE

386.4 Fishing poles 1 has Browning reel GARAGE

387.Glue gun, etc. GARAGE

388.Throw rug GARAGE

389.Sandpaper GARAGE

390.2 Morse Code Call signal Transette GARAGE

391.Torch etc. GARAGE

392.Extension cord GARAGE

393.Fishing box, contents GARAGE

394.Small hand plane, etc. GARAGE

395.Screwdrivers and more GARAGE

396.Paint supplies GARAGE

397.Pump small GARAGE

398.Small air compressor GARAGE

399.Model plane propellers GARAGE

400.2 Remotes for RC planes GARAGE

401.Fishing GARAGE

402.18 vt cordless drill GARAGE

403.Tools GARAGE

404.4 pipe wrenches GARAGE

405.Vice grips, etc. GARAGE

406.Gloves, hats GARAGE

407.Touch up gun GARAGE

408.Blast and tools GARAGE

409.Large pipe wrench GARAGE

410.Pop rivet kit GARAGE

411.funnel, pry bar GARAGE

412.Tackle box with contents GARAGE

413.Chisels, etc. GARAGE

414.2 pc. Bamboo South Bend rod with Bronwing model 5330 reel GARAGE

415.Craftsman 1/6 hp sabre saw GARAGE

416.Sander mini air compressor GARAGE

417.5.5" Circular saw GARAGE

418.B & D sander polisher GARAGE

419.Drill bits GARAGE

420.Tap Die set GARAGE

421.Palm sander GARAGE

422.Ratchet socket set GARAGE

423.RC Plane parts GARAGE

424.Exacto knife ect

425.Mini chisels GARAGE

426.B & D detail sander GARAGE

427.Assorted tools GARAGE

428.Field Charger system GARAGE

429.2" vice GARAGE

430.Chicago power tool GARAGE

431.Compass GARAGE

432.Ring sizer GARAGE

433.Wrenches GARAGE

434.Assorted aluminum wire etc. GARAGE

435.2 pieces to red plane GARAGE

436.Beige remote control plane GARAGE

437.Hose GARAGE

438.Folding cart with wheels GARAGE

439.2 Gas cans GARAGE

440.Assorted hand tools GARAGE

441.Red and white, black RC plane GARAGE

442.Yellow RC plane GARAGE

443.Charcoal GARAGE

444.2 Electric hedge trimmers GARAGE

445.Remington elec. Chain saw GARAGE

446.Wood ladder GARAGE

447.Bolens 22" push mower GARAGE

448.Moving cart GARAGE

449.Brooms, shovels GARAGE

450.Books, etc. GARAGE

451.Paulin heater GARAGE

452.Box of fishing GARAGE

453.Fishing poles, reels etc. GARAGE

454.Metal ladder GARAGE

455.Folding aluminum lounge GARAGE

456.Metal GARAGE

457.Sprayer GARAGE

458.Tools, glass shelves GARAGE

459.3 Shelves of garage liquids GARAGE

460.Coleman lantern GARAGE

461.Chair GARAGE

462.Wagner power painter GARAGE

463.Heddon 7810 8 1/2' fishing pole with Heddon 421 reel GARAGE

464.Gray model RC plane GARAGE

465.Air tank GARAGE

466.Vintage Coleman cooler GARAGE

467.Book shelf GARAGE

468.Kero heater GARAGE

469.4" Vice GARAGE

470.Aluminum ext. ladder GARAGE

471.Fishing poles GARAGE

472.Seeder and tarp GARAGE

473.2 small hammers GARAGE

474.Wrenches GARAGE

475.Tools GARAGE

476.Bag chair and folding chair GARAGE

477.2 Kayak paddles GARAGE

478.Saws, etc. GARAGE

479.Various tools GARAGE

480.2/2 drawer dresser painted as is GARAGE

481.Wire etc. GARAGE

482.Garage etc. liquids GARAGE

483.Carry box for remote control planes GARAGE

484.Saw table GARAGE

485.10" Bench table saw not table GARAGE

486.2004 Chevy Classic 4 door car silver, scratches on front right and left fenders and bumper from garage Vin # 1G1ND52F6M4108169

487.Korting Model 941 Mid Century Stereo system with Telefunken 504 turn table with radio Ser. Number 22673 Floor model FRONT FOYER

488.Fantom vac as is FRONT FOYER

489.Ladies boots and shoes size 9 FRONT FOYER

490.2 Large shelves of towels, blankets etc. UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

491.Large closet full of ladies clothing UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

492.Vintage ladies and men's hats UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

493.Painting on canvas UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

494.Large closet full of ladies clothing UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

495.Suitcases UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

496.Vintage wood accent large travel case UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

497.Oak 2 over 2 dresser with beveled mirror UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1


499.Vintage travel kit UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

500.Dresser jar, etc. UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

501.Large lot blankets and towels UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

502.Comforters UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

503.Toilet paper, etc. UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

504.Tote with blanket etc. UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

505.2 Mid Century night stands both UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

506.Ceramic clock as is UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

507.Bedroom lamp UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

508.Large and small pictures UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

509.2 Mid Century single beds each x 2 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

510.Ladies fur wrap, nice coats UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

511.2 Fur hats both UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

512.Leather duffle bag UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1


514.Oriental tapestry approx. 8'x6' UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

515.Large lot ladies sweaters UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

516.Bissell Power groom vac UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2


518.King size headboard and frame UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

519.Large Elk tapestry UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

520.Leather pants and shorts Larger size ladies UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

521.2 Angora sweaters smaller size UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

522.Ladies clutch and purse UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

523.Embroidered night gowns UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2


525.Large lot ladies sweaters UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

526.2 2 drawer night stands Both UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

527.16" Mid Century lamp UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

528.Alarm clocks, etc. UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

529.New panty hose etc. UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2


531.Eureka super broom UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

532.German Autoharp Beautiful condition UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

533.Mid Century 9 drawer dresser with mirror UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

534.Troy Ounce silver covered wagon UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

535.Troy Ounce silver Concord Stage UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

536.Silver brush unmarked not Sterling UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

546.Jewelry box UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

547.2 Jamaican bills both UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

550.Tapestry 36x20 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

551.Ladies Scarves UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

552.Comfort electric heater UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

553.Small turn leg stand 15x24x28

554.Honeywell Heat Giant UPSTAIRS BEDROOM CLOSET

555.4 drawer Mid Century dresser 34x30x44 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM CLOSET

556.Large box material UPSTAIRS BEDROOM CLOSET

557.Enamel top metal base 1 drawer table 40x26x30 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM CLOSET

558.Vintage wall paper UPSTAIRS BEDROOM CLOSET



561.Large lot of ladies clothing UPSTAIRS BEDROOM CLOSET


563.Large box ladies clothing shirts UPSTAIRS BEDROOM CLOSET


565.Vintage Bradford double window fan UPSTAIRS BEDROOM CLOSET


567.Older GE window air conditioner UPSTAIRS BEDROOM CLOSET

568.Bookcase 30x14x72 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM CLOSET

569.Large lot ladies sweaters and shirts UPSTAIRS BEDROOM CLOSET

570.Lot of ladies clothing UPSTAIRS BEDROOM CLOSET


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