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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
Local Collector's Estate ONLINE Auction - Wednesday March 18 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Ford 1970 Truck shop manual

2.GMC Chevy Truck 1994 Manual

3.959 Ford Truck Shop manual Ford Div.

4.2 Bowls

5.2 Golf items Avon Strike 1981 Medley Distilling Co.

6.Akil cordless power wrench, H D Eastman Adjust-o-matic

7.6 oil filters in boxes 2-Duster 1985

8.9 Insulators

9.6 McCoy mugs

10.Variety items

11.8 insulators

12.24k plated 4 leaf clover, small fork

13.Variety small items, copper box, Honda card carrier, small locks

14.Atlas, 2 small advertising rulers

15.4 Yellow Depression cups

16.Tiny vintage flip top address book

17.Windsor Canadian Hockey Skate shot glass in box

18.Variety small items, Seagram's bag, badges

19.Longaberger basket 2010 signed RAP 2096 7x7x3.5

20.Longaberger basket 1999 MLL 6x4x2.4 404

21.Longaberger basket 1995 SLE 5.5x5.5x6.25

22.Longaberger basket 1989 MM 9.75x5.75x10

23.Longaberger basket 1993 Inaugural basket Green print and plastic insert SW 5.25x5x8

24.Early Wood box with tin lined rope handles 18x8.25x9.25

25.Picnic basket with handles 17x12x18

26.2 part Christmas tree with lights vari color

27.Box of nice early frames, mirror, diploma, print, Deep walnut frame

28.Iron hangers for baskets,e tc

29.Early bicycle basket 13x7.5x8

30.Box of cookbooks

31.Wire mesh basket with handles 14x10x4

32.Collectible 6 pack of Coca Cola Nascar bottles in carton

33.Basket of Marx and other vintage plastic doll house furniture

34.6 pack of Coca Cola bottles Nascar in carton

35.6 Pack of Pepsi Petty long neck bottles in carton

36.6 pack of Coke bottles in Carton Nascar

37.4 pack of 9.5" Pepsi bottles in carton Pepsi racing

38.Early wooden advertising box Tru-Age Beer Standard Brewing Scranton, Pa. 17.5x12.5x10.5

39.Early advertising box Father John's Medicine Lowell Ma , Montreal Canada 12x9.75x9

40.Early Tin Advertising sign Surge milker 18 x 12

41.Vintage Holmes Brezza metal electric fan 11x15

42.Mid Century plastic burlap pitcher and glasses pink/yellow pastel

43.Unusual drawer with see through front panel 18 x 12x5

44.Box of pottery Oxford covered dish and handled dish, spittoon, 6 custards

45.2 brown glass bottles and tin

46.Early tin advertising sign Milhouse GLF bulk milk 14x14.5

47.2 Early oval convex glass frames one with picture 14 x 17

48.Heating soap stone 8 x 10

49.Small Wood yoke approx. 19"

50.Early ice tongs 9.5 x 18

51.Box with vintage kitchen items trivet, thermometers, molds, sieve

52.Box of Green Depression glassware sherbets, creamer, sugar, stemware

53.Queens England cup and saucer 3.5" high

54.Early large hand potato ground planter

55.Early tin 12 candle candle mold 8.5x3.5x10.5

56.Plastic decoy with line 17 x 8 x 9

57.Metal arrow to weather vane 33" long, 3" wide

58.Ruby Avon Cape Cod Glassware goblets, sugar, creamer, salt pepper

59.Mid Century fruit motif metal cannister set 4 pc

60.Pfaltzgraff items

61.4 Vintage Tin Talc Powder advertisings Odll, Reed, etc

62.Mid Century metal cannisters set of 3 Teapot and morning glory design

63.2 Advertising thermometers Star pipe & supply Moosic Pa and Lutz Heating Solvay NY both

64.3 Early celluloid animals 3" and 4"

65.8" Advertising thermometer Cuddy and Green Lehigh Valley Coal

66.6 Sets of cups and saucers 3 England Each x 6

67.2 early celluloid sawn and duck 3"

68.5 2 piece safari surprises Thailand

69.Set of 8 Mid Century glasses coach/buggy motif 5.5"

70.10.75" ink bottle not sure of age

71.Auburn toy Forklift red/blue rubber

72.3 Sock monkeys 1 Schylling 17"

73.Early 2 13" Gal. Coke bottle

74.Gallon antique Royal Crown cola bottle

75.Sewing bag wood handles 13x15

76.Vintage Dresser items, mirrors and brushes

77.5 Early 1 qt. waxed cardboard milk containers Rocky forest Diary Laceyville, Pa. Each x 5

78.Glass apothecary 7"x8"

79.Antique glass fire extinguisher 7"

80.Pottery brown pitcher, green pottery mug

81.4 Ruby Cape Cod Avon Candleholders 8.5"

82.4 Piece Vintage dresser set

83.4 Small dresser boxes and Lady Chesterfield vintage watch box

84.Antique glass fire extinguisher 7"

85.4 Early tin toy child's shovels one marked Chein All

86.Brown spongeware bowl 5x 2

87.Assorted Ice Cream Sundae dishes 6" and 7"

88.Early Glass hand painted egg 5.5"

89.Large etched flower apothecary jar with lid 8.5 x 13

90.5 pieces of white milk glass

91.2 Glass etched baskets 14" & 6.5" both

92.Early fount oil lamp 17" high

93.9 Chilton's Motor Age Magazines 1940's 1950's all

94.Early metal child's shoves and hoe

95.Advertising wood cigar box Manchester 5 for 35c

96.3 Pieces of marigold carnival glass unmarked

97.3 early lees 18" Fulton, others 14" and 12"

98.Marigold floral pattern carnival glass basket 6 x 10"

99.Early cow bell with leather collar 19" strap

100.Primitive round Folk Art style decorative top firkin style box 8" dia, 4" high

101.Primitive pointed end hand carve wood hole maker 4" x 13"

102.Primitive hand made thrashing machine string cutter

103.Small 4" wood block tackle

104.Vintage Mid Century amber marbleized colored plastic purse pocket book 10 x 10

105.Vintage cookie jar 9.5 x 8

106.Primitive tack hammer 13.5

107.3 pieces of white milk glass horn toothpick, hat, etc

108.Victorian Neckties dresser box 12.5 x 3.5 x 3.5

109.Primitive oak divided silverware holder

110.2 Wood primitive advertising cheese boxes Land o Lakes Breakstone's Cheese

111.2 Victorian ladies prints copyright 1908 Harrison Fisher approx. 3 x 5 both

112.7 Early books Dickens, etc

113.Gray agate enameled gelatin mold

114.Early brown pottery bowl USA 9" dia x 3.5" high

115.Primitive thrashing machine string cutter

116.Dresser or piano scarf 57" x 36"

117.2 Framed lades prints convex laced glass both

118.Primitive wood cabbage bowl 13x4 with ladle

119.Gray agate bowl 7" x 2"

120.Fire King loaf pan 10.5 x 5.5x2.5 Blossom

121.Oil lamp with iron bracket

122.15 Fancy early hankies

123.Framed Anne Hathaway's Cottage picture 15 x 12

124.2 Piece Carnival marigold compote unmarked

125.Norman Rockwell Freedom pie plate 10"

126.2 Primitive paper Mache candy container bunny rabbits 6" pink has water damage both

127.9" blue swirl agate pie plate

128.15.5" oil lamp with brass and marble base

129.3 Primitive small wood boxes All 9 x 3, 7x4, 9x 3

130.Framed Victorian style New Baby picture 11 x 14.75 signed C. Clyde Squires print

131.Box of pink Depression 8 cups 6 saucers

132.2 Tin 2 part Easter eggs one old one newer

133.Vintage glass jar with red metal lid 5.5 x .75

134.Small gray enamel bunt pan 8 x 1.75 of 19 Vintage hankies

136.Small possibly fry glass white dish

137.Small agate pan with handles 9 x 1.5

138.Victorian girl framed gold on plater advertising The Prudential Life Insurance Co. of America Home Office Newark NJ

139.2 Framed Early 1900's matrimony and Free Mason documents

140.Green Carnival pedestal bowl unmarked 9 x 3.5

141.Hall Percolator coffee pot 11 x 8.5

142.Hall pitcher 7 x 5.75

143.Agate loaf pan 9 x 5.5 x 2.75

144.Vintage green nutmeg greater Lorraine Mfg. Co 9"

145.2 Cookbooks S. Auburn Grange and Back Mountain community

146.Jadeite juicer 5.5" dia

147.Pair brass enamel Asian vases 9" both

148.#3 Crock Indian with 2 handled 13.5" tall

149.DHS Class picture Jan 1918 20 x 17

150.2 Tone jug 11.5"

151.P & RR Y Railroad lantern The Dressel Railway Lamp Works NY 17" high

152.Green glass button daisy hat 4.5 x 3.5

153.Vintage Red Cross Advertising Coffee can with paper wrapper 6.5"

154.2 Hall bowls Both different patterns

155.2 Hat pin holders, bud vase

156.Tall glass basket 11 x 12.5

157.11 Collectible small spoons with holder

158.195" one piece wood rolling pin

159.Pink Depression cup and saucer and 10 x 12.5" platter

160.New oil lamp and heavy glass rabbit

161.3 pieces of Green Depression bowl, plates

162.Cased glass fluted edge dish 6.5" dia.

163.10" Peter Pan Record 3 Little Pigs Part 1/11

164.7 Vintage Advertising Spice tins All Watkins 4-5"

165.Hall 5" salt and pepper with handles

166.2 Wood rolling pins with red handles 17" long

167.4 pieces of Green Depression glass

168.3 choppers

169.France Depose covered casserole 11 x 7

170.Silesia dresser tray 10 x 8

171.Vintage wood divided box 14 x 9 , knife and mini mashers

172.Hall Salt and pepper 5"

173.Wood box of glass floor protectors

174.Flora T. Walker plate Black transferware 7.5" chip under

175.1950's dresser box with designed lid and mirrored inside 11 x 9.5 x 3"

176.5 Ruby/gold glasses 2.5 x 4.5

177.4 porcelain eggs 2 part all

178.3 Glass perfumes 6-8" All

179.2 Mid Century choppers with wood inserts 1 handled

180.Vintage glass candy container chicken 5x5

181.Box of early kitchen items Chase Farms Towanda Pa 1/2 pt. milk bottle with cardboard lid

183.Vintage glass candy container 3" donkey Spark Plug

184.Dushore Diary Dushore milk bottle 1/2 pt. with cardboard lid

185.9 pieces goblets, cups creamer

186.Assorted older Medical supplies in wire basket

187.Green Carnival iridescent handled nappy ivy pattern 5 x 2

188.Footed Carnival marigold butterfly pattern bowl unmarked 5 x 2

189.5 x 7.5 glass kero holder for early stove embossed Crystal No 3

190.5 x 7.5 glass kero holder for early stove embossed Crystal No 3

191.Mustache cups 2 shaving mugs

192.2 Hall platters 10x14, 8 x 11.5

193.95" fluted amethyst vase

194.3 Shaving mugs All

195.Antique advertising tin Rawleighs All Spice 2 x 4

196.Brass 17" Chatillon's milk scale

197.2 Shelby's Bone China cup and saucer Sets Each x 2

198.Brown Iroquois Brewing Co. Buffalo NY bottle 9.75"

199.3 Mercury antique bird clip on Christmas ornaments all

200.12" June Kola 32 oz bottle Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

201.Northwood handled small nappy and other piece of Marigold Carnival

202.8 painted china pieces

203.2 12" qt bottles Chokola's Sparkling Beverage Both

204.9 Pieces of Hall sugar, creamer, lids, 2 bowls

205.Glass Watkins Medicine bottle 9.5"

206.long wrought iron fireplace hook 19"

207.Box with primitive candleholder, trivet and Cigar box

208.Box of 12 Advertising tins spices, cleanser, etc

209.Cranberry to clear fluted edge glass basket 8 x 10.5

210.Early 10 pieces of cardboard village houses 4" and 3"

211.3 mini oil lamps

212.Hall tea pot 9"x4.5"

213.3 Mid century kitchen pieces, chopper, syrup

214.3 pieces of Marigold glass unmarked Irish creamer and sugar cube vase

215.5 pieces of Green Depression glass 2-handled bon bon's larger dish, etc

216.9 pieces of pressed glass

217.Carnation McNicol pastoral scene plate 10" dia.

218.5 pressed glass footed vases 5-8"

219.9 Green Depression candle holders all

220.Early painted petal handle divided dish 14 x 10

221.4 Pieces of painted porcelain covered dish, plate, mug, bullion

222.Ansco Cadet Reflex camera outfit in original box with flash

223.Vintage box of 10 packs of antique GE photo lamps and extra bulbs

224.26" braided rug

225.Box of 13 Vintage hankies

226.Victorian collar box satin inside 7 x 7

227.2 white milk glass gold trim Victorian decanters 9" and 11"

228.3 Victorian white milk glass dishes

229.Coper pot with lid 11 x 9

230.Victorian crochet and lace bodice, top

231.Print of Victorian Dawn O'Hara Fredrick Stokes Co. copyright 1911 8 x 10

232.Oval metal framed Victorian print 5 x7

233.Automatic food chopper and measuring cup

234.Removable copper lined wall hanging box 7 x 6.5

235.Early photograph class of young men 15 x 10.5

236.Child's Vintage tin items water can, small shovel, alpine tray

237.Hanging wood box with lid

238.Early oil lamp 19"

239.Box of doilies 5-9"

240.Print of government building 8 x 11.5

241.Primitive shoe shine box wood flip top with contents 12x8 x 10.5

242.Early advertising box Cliquot Club Beverage dovetailed 18.5 x 12.5 x 10.5

243.Iron metal door stop not sure of age 6 x 8.5

244.Milk bottle Foremost 1 pt. 7"

245.Advertising blue bottle Croft's Swiss Milk Cocoa 6.5

246.Glass bucket with wire handle 9 x 7

247.Hall pitcher 7 x 5.75

248.Vintage advertising soda bottle clear Orange Crush 6 oz 8"

249.scales Liberty Parcel Post 20 lb. scale Triner Liberty #20

250.Dovetailed wood flip lid box 8.5 x 5 x6.5

251.Hall teapot crack along spout, inside lid area chips

252.2 Early Yellowware bowls 9" Ovenware and 7" unmarked

253.Railway Express Jacob's Bros 60 lbs. scale front glass crack

254.Virginia Dare wine bottle 14.5"

255.Early New Haven oak kitchen clock key and pendulum 14 x 5 x 23.5

256.Ice auger with wood handle 28"

257.Hall pitcher 9 x 7

258.Vintage Bronze beaded purse LA Regale LTD 7 x6

259.Vintage tapestry purse with inside mirror metal handle 6.5 x 6 LA Regale Ltd.

260.Vintage beaded and cloth purse 8"x 3

261.Victorian wired framed photograph 4.5 x 10.5

262.Vintage tapestry purse with chain handle Loomed needlepoint 7 x 6.5

263.Vintage cross stitch purse with chain handle 7 x 5 Hand made in Austria for Wannamaker Philadelphia

264.Victorian mini 8" wood wall towel rack with linen hand towel

265.Victorian black beaded embossed metal frame purse with chain handle 5 x 8

266.Vintage Austria tapestry bag purse gold metal frame with chain handle 6 x 6

267.Vintage tapestry cross stitch on black purse with chain handle 7.5 x 6.5

268.Vintage tapestry purse with self handle and gold frame with interior change purse attached 5 x 5.5

269.Early beaded and sequined purse 10 x 4.5

270.Vintage ivory crocheted purse with plastic handles and attached crochet coin purse

271.Vintage cross stitch on black with gold chain purse with unattached change purse inside 6 x 5

272.Vintage Paris Charlet Bag tapestry purse gold frame & latch chain handle 6 x 6

273.Vintage pink floral tapestry purse, pearl like clasp, gold chain and handle 9.5 x 6.5

274.Enameled Medal in case

275.Early manicure set in black case Jalberi Solingen

276.Box of advertising items, thread, plastic hair pins, walk a matic

277.2 Wood darners

278.Pierced earrings gold tone

279.4 Sets of silver tone pierced earrings

280.Box with shoe button hooks and other

281.necklace with small cz in pendant

282.Eastern Star, KOPS Graduate, #1 & #4 on gold tone chain

283.Kintner Milling Co. Watch, 10 necklace, Swank necktie pin and more

284.2 Vintage hat pins

285.Advertising Taylor thermometer

286.2 shoe horns one Endicott Johnson Corp Shoes

287.Wahl silver plated pencil

288.Copper Military scarf tie

289.Assorted pins

290.button hook manicure items

291.4 hooks, Owens Elems Ltd Toronto

292.Box of assorted buttons and thimbles

293.Clinton Commandery Berkly NY enameled pin

294.Medal No 3 Newbury port Commandery

295.Luzerne Co Plymouth cen. Coin, Taylor Instrument Co Rochester thermometer holder, small pencil

296.Primitive tin child's noise maker or horn 8" No 2 Japan

297.3 plated Presidential spoons George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Madison

298.Election pins

299.White Rose Tea tin 1.5 x 3"

300.Small metal advertising calendar Edmond Cook & Co. Realtors/Insurance 1955 5.5 x 3.5

301.Eldvin engraved top small dresser box Julen 1933

302.Blue crystal pendant 1.5x2 chipped

303.Box of 9 assorted pins

304.Duchess silver plated spoon Charlie McCarthy

305.Medal W. A.Meyers Empire Commandry NY 66

306.2 necklaces, pin

307.2 Advertising tins Saure's Tins Bay Leaves & Nutmeg

308.Pin with matching pair of clip earrings Floral Cameo style

309.Art Deco clip on earrings and large 2" pendant multiple colored stones

310.2 Vintage pasteurized buttermilk bottle tops cardboard

311.Vintage 6" hand made ladies bag

312.Hand made Victorian gloves

313.Victorian 16" Necklace with iridescent stones

314.Victorian beaded cloth bag 7 x 7

315.Vintage Sterling Ciegesliclu medal

316.6 Election buttons

317.Clip earrings and pin set faux pearl and mulit color stone

318.pierced earrings and pin set black with flowers

319.Chatillon brass scales

320.3 pair of ladies vintage gloves one blue leather

321.Faux pearl collar and Victorian hair piece

322.Working end of rake no pole

323.Box of dried flowers

324.2 Rolling pins Vintage red handles 16" long

325.Box of 8 early kitchen items

326.Box of 6 early bottles

327.Fishing creole 12x7x6

328.Box of 7 records

329.Box of records

330.6 lamp chimneys

331.Pink toleware trash can 10x7x9.5

332.4 pieces of feed bag fabric

333.Box of assorted enamel and kitchen items

334.Glassware decanters, vases, plate, pitcher

335.Box of Mid Century kitchen decorative items wood/wire

336.Rug 46 x 24 damaged corner

337.2 Walking sticks 47" 36" 2 turned rungs 25 & 30"

338.Shades of pink rug 26 x 55

339.Primitive apple butter stirrer 32x2.5

340.Primitive 2 lid box 14.5 x 12x8 painted ends no handle


342.2 wood items 10 x 14 painted green with scores, steps 15 x 7 x 7

343.6 Early hand saws

344.Knick knack shelf 14x17

345.Early trimmers
346.Wood berry basket 24x12x9

347.Box of early photographs

348.Box of assorted post cards

349.Primitive popcorn popper

350.2 early levels 24 x 2.5

351.Washboard National washboard co No 863 9 x 18

352.Leather headgear for horse

353.3 Easter items, wood bunny, eggs, etc

354.5 Advertising items

355.quantity of various size and color enamel lids

356.Saw 27 x 19

357.Metal Cutter School Road sign 30 x 6

358.Cups and saucers with holders

359.Vintage tin child's sprinkling can 11x9 Ohio Art 158A186

360.Vintage tin child's sprinkling can 11x9 Ohio Art boy with cape

361.Large blue agate pan with handles

362.Vintage tin child's sprinkling can 11x9 Wolverine Carousel

363.Gray agate pot with handle

364.Vintage tin child's sprinkling can 11x9 Ohio Art boy and girl with sprinklers

365.Dorm refrigerator/freezer 18 x 19 x 32

366.2 Large mirrors 22 x 31, 40 x 31

367.Art pottery bowl

368.Green carnival creamer

369.5 Vintage ladies powder advertising tins All

370.Barrel base on legs round Formica top table 48" dia top, 27" high

371.2 small showcases

372.Early dresser box

631.Longaberger Basket KSH 1990

632.Longaberger Christmas Collection basket 1990 Ed Gingerbread basket

633.Longaberger Basket DJS 1990

634.Longaberger basket Dresden Ohio SL 1989

635.Longaberger basket RAN 186

636.2 Gene Autry toy guns pair

637.Box of assorted stamps

638.Box of assorted early advertisings

639.2 Books Distinguished Dog, Pageant

640.2 1940's The Elks Magazines both

641.Box of early pictures

642.Box of early greeting cards

643.Assorted Early advertisings

644.Early record Perfect I'm Yours and Eyes of Blue

645.Longaberger Basket EMM 1993

646.Early advertisings

647.Assorted Play Boy funnies

648.Longaberger basket with blue liner Baybi 1999

649.Longaberger basket DAB 1991

650.Longaberger basket with plastic liner BC 2003

651.Early poultry books and advertisements

652.Early Dairy advertisements

653.Assorted vintage sales pamphlets

654.Early decals

655.Early business envelopes, postcards, etc

656.Longaberger basket KRB 1998

657.Longaberger basket with black liner

658.Longaberger basket JHM 1987

659.Basket with round metal handles

660.Longaberger Traditions Collection Hospitality Basket 1998

661.Early lighter and gavel

662.Box of 3 Repair Manuals Lincoln 1954, 1961 Ford, 1954 Ford Truck

663.Assorted pocket knives in various conditions

664.3 pocket knives

665.3 Early pocket knives

666.Early Foreign coins

667.1940 Berks County Readington Club Coin

668.1874 Penny

669.1958 Peso Argentina

670.3 Italian coins 1941, 54, 71

671.3 Vietnam coins 2-1968, 1-1966

672.6 Canadian coins

673.11 Assorted coins and tokens

674.8 Various early German coins

675.10 Early French Coins

676.Longaberger basket MDV 2000

677.Longaberger basket MEC 1994

678.1970 Car Preliminary shop manual

679.Mercury Montego 1972 owners manual

680.An outline of Ancient Greek Coins book

681.Box with 1998 Stamp year book, 1993 Commem. Stamp collection

682.Longaberger basket GE 1989

683.Longaberger basket MEB 1989

684.Longaberger basket MDD 1996

685.Box of assorted games

686.Playing cards and poker chips

687.Various books and pamphlets

688.Variety of tokens

689.Assorted stamp books

690.Assorted CD's, VHS and 8 Track

691.Scan o matic cassette recorder

692.Longaberger basket SLA 1995

693.Longaberger basket SLA 1991

694.Longaberger basket KC 1998

695.Longaberger basket MRW 1999

696.Stamps and postcards

697.Foreign stamps


699.Various stamps

700.Stamp hinges

701.Assorted stamps


703.Stamps and stamp box


705.Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue

706.1929 Stamp catalog

707.Box of assorted US Stamp son sheets

708.1991 Electrical System Manual Buick and 1990

709.Box of plastic cases

710.Assorted Stamp supplies

711.2 trays

712.Ford Model A Instruction book and Restoration handbooks

713.4 Reliable Touch Free Foam dispensers

714.Various truck manuals

715.Assorted manuals

716.Assorted automotive manuals

717.Various manuals

718.Ford Ranger truck shop Manuel

719.Binder of Theatre movies

720.Box of early greeting cards

721.Early magazine pages advertising, etc

722.Early automotive advertising, etc

723.The Challenger Commemorative packet and signed Kenny Morrill picture not authenticated

724.Automotive manuals

725.Assorted automotive manuals

726.Box of early pictures

727.Early advertisings Harley, Camels etc

728.Early records

729.Collection of coin supplies

730.Assorted Victor records

731.Box of gaskets and oil seals

732.Assorted Car Quest oil seals

733.Box of 4 Reliable Touch Free Foam Dispensers


735.Ford Falcon shop manuals 1960-61-62

736.2 Wood cases

737.Heavy Cement flower pot planter

738.6' Wood step ladder

739.Large 17" dia. Base Bell with holder C.S. Bell Co. Hillsboro

740.Primitive Wood door 22x55.5

741.Wood shutter 16" x 5'3"

742.Early metal 9" pulley

743.Early ladies plank bottom thumb back

744.Box of assorted primitive dashers and crock tops

745.2 Early iron wheels or gears 9" & 12" dia.

746.Early Flexible Flyer runner Sled Davis Bros. 14x39

747.Yankee Clipper runner sled No 10 By SL Allen Co. Phila. Planet Jr Farm & Garden Tools 14 x 39

748.Primitive flail

749.47" vine and wood walking stick

750.Early Rapid washer hand plunger

751.Primitive 3 prong fork

752.Primitive flail

753.Early wood 4' level hand made

754.12" high primitive stool

755.Metal primitive wheel or pat to hand grinder 14" dia.

756.metal hanger wall mount 1/2 circle

757.Primitive metal 12 bottle holder

758.Primitive bench 32x12x16

759.Early hooked rug 31x52

760.Drying rack 20x13x31

761.Wood divided tray or box

762.Painted metal cream can 20"

763.2 Ice Cream chairs Each x 2

764.Early hooked rug 43 x 27 flowers

765.36 x 72 blue bed cover

766.Primitive wood handmade calf grabber

767.Primitive 52" wood tool

768.Large 18" wood clamp

769.Print of peaches 22 x 19 oak frame water damage

770.Mid Century chair

771.Primitive clothes wash plunger 27" high

772.Primitive divided box 20 x 11 x8

773.Early stool 16x9x10

774.Wood knick knack shelf 24 x 6 x 16.5

775.Ice tongs

776.Advertising Clover Blossom Prunes wood box 15.5 x 10 x 6

777.Advertising Fire Flame tokays box 10.5 x 6 x 3.5

778.Green shelf 24x7

779.Primitive lift top wood carpenters chest metal corners 28 x 14 x 12.5

780.2 Primitive boot jacks both

781.Advertising Rayo Vineyards wood box 17.5 x 14 x 6.5

782.6'4" Bi Fold wood door 30" wide

783.36" whiffle tree

784.7'2" wood handled primitive well shovel

785.67" high wood hinged divider

786.Vintage sheep print 17 x 13

787.Wood mold 13.5 x 3 x 4.5

788.Toleware tray Hand Decorated Tole by Pilgrim Art No 113 26 x 19.5

789.Folding wood shelf 20.5x10x37

790.Flowered print fancy gold frame 11.5 x 19

791.Early shoe shine box Folk Art style painted top

792.Washstand 30 x 17 x 32 1 drawer/1 door side towel racks

793.Samsonite card table 30 x 30

794.Folding table with benches 30.5 x 42,5

795.Vintage tin child's toy drum Ohio Art 6 x 4

796.Hall percolator

797.Pyrex Gooseberry baking dish 17 0503 1 1/2 qt with lid

798.Art Pottery Deer TV light

799.Pyrex baking dishes

800.Hall cookie jar with lid pretzel design handles

801.Wood bowl with chopper

802.Blue flowered blue transferware 12" pitcher

803.Enamel baking dish cream/green

804.Churchill cigar box

805.Vintage dishes Green with small purple flowers cake plate/serving and bowls

806.Box of Vintage ladies Advertising powder tins Yardley, Arex, Dr. Lyons all

807.2 Early pictures The House By Side of Road, other

808.Home made rabbit with hair 21"

809.Early crockery brown batter pitcher bail handle 8"

810.4 sets of cups and saucers, Royal Albert England Each x 4

811.Primitive wood bowl with ladle 11"

812.Early Valentine's Cards

813.Vintage bobble heads s/p one with chip

814.Hall pitcher 6.5"

815.Shaw Walker wood recipe oak box

816.Hall left over with handle

817.Vintage electric mixer

818.Vintage wood toy blocks and spinner

819.Carnival glass and marigold Depression glass 4 pieces

820.4 Early photographs

821.Early toys

822.3 pieces of glassware compote, pitchers

823.Vintage papers postcards, invoices, commencement

824.Vintage photos children and animals

825.Early 8" wire basket

826.2 Serving trays 4 Royal Albert, etc

827.Postcards Early Holiday, etc

828.4 Bone China cups and saucers Each x 4

829.Vintage rodeo Cowboys and Cow Girls in Fast Action Pictures Souvenir rodeo photographs

830.Vintage glassware 4 glasses, shots, vase

831.Early postcards

832.15" early tin pan

833.2 Bowls 1 McCoy

834.4 Art Pottery planters, Hull etc

835.Plated fancy silverware and serving ladle

836.3 large wood thread spools 11"

837.Mother Goose drinking Vintage straws

838.Carnival glass marigold fluted small vase 3.5"

839.Northwood Carnival glass marigold cup singing birds 3.5"

840.Box of assorted vintage knives

841.Carnival glass marigold and iridescent fluted bowl with flowers 8"

842.marigold basket 5.5"

843.Carnival glass handled nappy marigold 6"

844.Box of carnival glass marigold bark design vase, glasses, candy

845.Northwood Purple Carnival glass 2 punch cups

846.Northwood Carnival glass peacock punch cup marigold

847.Carnival glass fluted bowl windmill 7.5"

848.4 pieces of marigold carnival glass pitcher, goblet

849.3 pieces of Carnival glass marigold bowls

850.2 double candleholders marigold

851.3 pieces of Marigold carnival glass

852.Finger Oil lamp

853.Carnival glass marigold cup tree with fruit apple tree?

854.6 Carnival glass marigold cups with flowers

855.Pier 1 Imports china leaf design dinnerware

856.17" Oil lamp

857.marigold Iris vase 9"

858.Carnival glass marigold cup stork

859.Mid Century Glasses with metal holding rack

860.Gathering Basket 25x12

861.Gray agate double boiler

862.Enamelware blue and white double boiler

863.American Agriculturist Protective service plate 1956 13.5x6.5

864.Early dome top doll trunk with handmade doilies 13.5x8x7

865.Mid Century aluminum 3 piece West Bend Cannister set

866.Enamel pot white with black trim 10"

867.2 pieces of enamel ware blue coffee pot red and white pot

868.Wood folding book shelf 5' tall

869.Gathering Basket 28x13x17

870.11" hand painted toleware tray flowers

871.Basket 12x9x10

872.Box of Christmas ornaments

873.Bon Ton Dept' Store Christmas houses decorations

874.Hand painted toleware tray 19x15

875.White four shelf bookshelf 26x12x57

876.Primitive rug beater

877.Woven basket

878.toleware The American Works Social Supper Tray 12"

879.Folding book shelf 38" high

880.Primitive buck saw

881.Box of assorted baskets

882.Open Road Standard metal sign newer

883.New Holland Metal sign 27 x 6

884.Baugh's Premium Plant Food & Sold Builder metal sign 22x14

885.Coca Cola sign resin

886.Green folding Metal Rack 27x20x48

887.Hand hooked rug oval 24x34

888.White wood book shelf 20 x 10 x 26

889.3 Tier half circle tiered plant stand 37x19x23

890.Advertising metal sign McDonnell's Green House Geraniums 24 x 20 2 sided

891.Primitive wood chest no hinges on top 25 x 16 x 21

892.White painted early wash stand 20x16x30

893.Primitive wood bench 23x12x27

894.Simplex Wall Clock 13" metal

895.Box of early assorted advertising tins

896.Oak shelf 32" long

897.Primitive wood stool 15.5" tall

898.Wood drawer 20 x 14 x 8

899.Wood WCS Advertising box 25 x 12 x 10

900.Box of assorted early bottles


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