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Online Auction Bow, Kayak, Hunting, Furniture - Saturday February 2 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.partial Mikasa dinner set

2.6 large blue goblets and 11 small blue goblets

3.asst glassware butter plate condiment jar etc

4.hand painted platter and 6 desert plates 22k gold china

5.Syracuse china partial dinner set

6.hand decorated 22k gold footed pot and 2 gold pitcher and bowl of cd's cassettes VCR and touch typing course

8.table lamp 15"

9.2 glass 13" vases

10.hand decorated 22k gold serving dish with spatula table lamp 13" pitcher 10"

13.white table lamp 15"

14.soap dispensers baby planter dishes and coasters table lamp 20"

16.4 floral pictures 9x12

17.universal food and meat chopper pedestal vase 14"

19.bathroom picture 12x12 and 2 lady metal wall hangings pedestal dish 7" canister 9" tall and flower dish 12" tall

22.royal Hager 6" vase and ashtray

23.silver plated chaffing dish with anchor hawking fire king glass insert 12"

24.4 floral sign 8x8 11x14 10x22

25.double chaffing dish with fire king glass inserts

26.Charleston glass beverage dispenser

27.2 photo albums and 3 prints 1 is 10x21 other 2 are 12x12

28.20 white pfaltzgraph mugs

29.3 glass platters

30.amber colored stem ware

31.4 stoneware lidded pots with handles

32.copper pot with handle 11"

33.oil lamp with glass globe Starlite lamps

34.sports cards baseball, football, nascar etc

35.asst knick knacks

36.asst mugs

37.asst of sports cards football, racing, etc

38.asst of CD's and DVD's Rodney Atkins, Luke Bryan, etc

39.shot glasses, ashtrays flasks, etc

40.hunting hats, gloves, arrow, antlers rope, etc

41.brown glass bottle 9" controlled sport quad in box and coleco vision flashback classic game console in box

43.military pins

44.united states army ring sterling

45.stoneware dishes and saucers

46.1 slate shingle with chip stove and decker 2 1/8 horsepower and 7 1/4" circular saw

49.6 fishing poles

50.hunting coats and vests bib overalls

52.kruzer ot sport kayak 11' with paddle

53.asst of nuts and bolts

54.gas can

55.asst of kids toys

56.extension cords, arrow, clip board etc of shelving

58.wooden magazine rack of kitchen appliances

60.canasters salt and peppers juice containers etc of asst candles and candle holders

62.set of 6 corn cradles a juicer and mini blender

63.dominos and jax

64.artificial flowers of sewing and material of asst plastic items topped coffee table 17x37x37

68.court yard scene framed 20x24

69.among the lilies 19x17

70.1917 sterling high school diploma

71.wooden framed mirror 21x27

72.stainless carving set made in Germany

73.5 piece decorative floral hangings 12x35 biggest and 8x10 smaller ones

74.rotary wall phone

75.military man with lady print 16x19

76.Eugene Delacroix Philadelphia Museum of Art print 18x23

77.carved wooden frame 15x19

78.fall farm scene framed

79.Johnson's popcorn can paper napkins wine cork screw and other tins

80.craftsman dovetail jointer

81.craftsman sign maker

82.5 shefield plates and 2 tier Christmas serving dish

83.mixed drink pitcher and 6 green bottom glasses

84.mysterious Mary nursery sign

85.size 9 golf shoes and size 11 hunter boots both in boxes

86.bear cub and tree and child dalmatian pictures 15x16 and 12x16

87.3 floral pictures 1 large 13x17 and 2 small 5x6 of glassware glass trays shot glasses etc

89.silver plate tongs spatula etc

90.acrylic cabin in the woods framed 19x22

91.3 boxes of table cloths and napkins

92.cigar box, frames, backgammon etc

93.hand painted plates bridges of Madison county book and replica

94.hors d'ouvre plates hand painted vase etc bowls and some platters pier 1

96.bird on paper print broken frame print is measured at 24x29

97.seed bracelet and child utensils knick knacks

99.child books

100.proverb signs bless this house dear God its me again etc

101.2 flowered lamps 29"

102.large water color framed 22x40

103.tea spoons candle holders Christmas bowl

104.carousel music box hand painted duck and figurines

105.shoe shine kit

106.knick knacks rabbits wooden decorations etc

107.platter hand painted cup and saucer pitcher salt and pepper

108.lidded stoneware jar 8"

109.pottery jar painted 5"

110.lady figurine

111.sea shells coasters and hand painted dish

112.3 nursery rhyme prints Cm Burd The Wind A Good Play The Hayloft 13x17 vases and bowls

114.plate and stoneware

115.Renoir print Clark institute 14x19

116.ceramic floral hand painted lamp 21"

117.hand painted butterflies on lamp 20"

118.mugs glasses and canning jar

119.hand made doll mittens table cloths etc

125.2 boxes of Christmas decorations and candles

126.basket of needle point penguin horse angel door knobs etc

128.hoover vacuum cleaner

129.4 garden torches

130.gas can container no lid

131.ceramic nativity set

132.asst picture frames

133.electro lux canaster vacuum

134.Coleman ice chest

135.Ameristep doghouse ground blind

136.trappers basket 18"

137.planting pot and golf balls

138.floor lamp 57"

139.wooden framed mirror 19x33

140.wooden block stand 36x14x14

141.large wooden frame 24x36

142.large wall mirror with beveled edges 30x42

143.bamboo type chair

144.oil lantern 12"

145.New York Yankees cookies, playing cards, book, and light covers

146.3 buck knives 911, edge of a legend, and buck knife with bear on the handle

147.meat and food grinder

148.Coleman canteen

149.2 state game lands signs number 175 and number 35 and a horse shoe pitcher stem ware and 2 bowls

151.Winchester 20 gauge bullets and Remington 7mm bullets

152.latch hook rug kit hooks, bottle opener, head light for head, etc

154.Penn state license plate and a drinking tin

155.oriental style painted egg table lighter and lidded jar

156.wooden barrel spicket

157.stone electric lamp 10" Ryder daisy bb gun

159.wheel rim clock 11"

160.spool of wire

161.antlers turkey call etc

162.bud light, light 15"

163.2 framed tree pictures 19x24 of pillows

165.pots and pans of blankets

167.pillows and a comforter of travel mugs

169.pair of wooden and upholstered chairs

170.upholstered love seat

171.upholstered sofa

172.pair of green armless upholstered chairs basket

174.2 marble mantels and other marble shelving

175.3 general tires and a rim 235/75 r15

176.wall mirror 30x36

177.wooden sliding door 4'x7'

178.gun cabinet 75" high double door case 1 glass piece broken 83" high

180.piece of stone 68" long

181.divider doors 81" long

182.headboard footboard and rails

183.iron spoked wheel 19"

184.grist wheel 21"

185.wooden board

186.entertainment center 2 doors on top and 2 doors on the bottom

187.milk can 23"

188.oak end table magazine rack 22"

189.painted wooden 3 drawer dresser 30x38x18

190.2 end tables with mirrored double doors 20x22x24

191.2 round end tables 22"

192.CD rack with CD's rack is 45" tall

193.sentry safe with key

194.paraco propane gas tank

195.wooden chair

196.primitive coffee table 18x39x22

197.night stand with drawer missing handle

198.6 drawer dresser with mirror 31x50x18

199.5 drawer dresser 45x31x17

200.single bed headboard foot board with rails

201.Beautiful wicker rocker always kept inside

202.cowboy straw hat size 7.5

203.Brinkmann spot light tying kit

205.Johnny Stewart professional game caller

206.3 blow up turkey decoys

207.metric rubber O-rings

208.nuts and bolts

209.15" budweiser beer bottles nascar and football themed

210.asst fishing items box envelopes pens pencils etc

212.sockets, flashlights, plyers, and wrenched

213.coca cola glasses and mug etc

214.european mount

215.antler mount

216.european mount

217.sharpening stone frame with individual picture spots and hunters frame with individual picture spots

219.Plano tackle box

220.asst of antlers

221.lewis tree service hard hat

222.wrench and small auger bit

223.wooden pully

224.hack saw

225.floor jack

226.PSE surge archery bow with case fur

228.coleman lantern

229.paintings and frames

230.2 boxes of kitchen items crock pot ice bucket etc and frames of tools

233.wooden magazine rack tv

235.Jim Morison posters

236.ball canning jars and rings

237.tire rim

238.asst glassware

239.chains tools and leaf springs

240.ratchet straps of books, dvds, CD's, and VCR tapes

242.camo tent and folding chair

243.crock pot and coffee pot

244.rot iron decoration with brackets

245.hand painted metal and glass lamp of pillows of pillows of asst christmas decorations

249.3 drawer plastic storage bin

250.metal pots

251.battery charger

252.folding stool

253.wooden post tops force tool box and plastic bucket

255.asst of board games

256.ceramic lamp printer no wires

258.corelle ware bowls and saucers

259.asst books

260.old pamphlets etc

261.2 boxes of pans tins etc

262.pans roaster etc

263.wires uniden radio cd players etc wall hangings bird feeder

265.frames of wires and elctronic stuff basket of flowers and a notebook

268.vases and bowls

269.wall hangings items steak knives etc

271.2 boxes of sports cards

272.asst watches coin book sunglasses etc

273.frames clocks place mats etc

274.alarm clock razors mugs etc

275.asst of mugs glasses etc

276.motor guide trolling motor

277.asst of tools and golf clubs


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