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Weber Auction Nice lot of smalls Pocket Watches, Advertising, Collectible Knives and more - Monday February 4 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Comm Moose knife with box

2.Comm Wolf knife with box

3.Lot of early razors, Schick & Gillette

4.Advertising Atlas Door ease

5.2 Cigar boxes Santaella, Swisher

6.Hanson scale 60 lb capacity

7.Early iron receipt holder

8.Comm Eagle knife New in orig box

9.Comm Wolf knife New in orig box

10.Comm Naked woman knife in orig. box

11.3 Piece Timber wolf knife set in orig tin

12.Early FB Rogers Silver co table top shaving mirror & cup set with extras shaving brushes, hair scissors, Gillette blades

13.Tin car moving wheels Grain Sweets

14.Daiwa 725 Orla open face fishing reel

15.Feather weight

16.Advertising Best Little sinkers in orig box

17.Men's Seiko wrist watch with date

18.Handmade tomahawk not sure of age

19.Ansco Speed ex Special R Camera with leather case

20.Car emblem

21.2 Car visor mirrors

22.Early boat light

23.Early Eveready boat lights red/green

24.Open face Shakespeare reel

25.Salt cured mini fish orig. jigs day bait container

26.Early metal door knobs

27.Tree Stripping Mfg. Co

28.Early metal fishing reel

29.2 Early small yarn winders

30.Fog hors

31.Milagro Quartz men's wrist watch

32.Kodak Duraflex II camera with orig flash

33.Elgin 17 jewel Sportsman men's wrist watch

34.Metal Bear Headlight Tester No LC-2050

35.Lot of watches, mostly wrist watches

36.Men's wrist watch maker unreadable

37.Genova Swiss made Men's wrist watch

38.Ford Emblem SR6039

39.Mercury Emblem

40.Early clip on bait tin

41.Men's Seiko wrist watch

42.Velvet tobacco advertising tin

43.Zebco 202 reel

44.Advertising Sullivan County, Lone Star Corp

45.Ansco Cadet camera with original case

46.Amlot 37 mm II Model of 1916

47.Advertising Rite Aid castor oil

48.Plastic molded pipe

49.Early leather pouch

50.Toolzon for electric beaters and drills

51.Assorted knife cases

52.Brownie Junior Camera Six-16

53.Early wood lavender shaving soap box with lid

54.Early clay pipe Made in Germany

55.Early wood roller, ink blot

56.Early boat light

57.Dog collar with TD Susquehanna 1960's dog tags

58.Bugler tobacco advertising tin

59.Victorian shaving mug and brush

60.Father Shaving mug with repairs

61.E. Weck & Son NY Sextoblade straight blade

62.Early clay pipe incised D and Scotland

63.JR Lipilley shaving mug T & V France

64.Early #24 Brownie Camera

65.Kodascope Junior film splicing outfit

66.Old Spice shaving mug

67.WH Morley & Sons Clover Brand Germany

68.Curity metal advertising tin

69.Advertising Cork Grease tin 1.5" around

70.Lindenwold Quartz men's wrist watch

71.Old oil can spout

72.2 Westinghouse Mazda lamp tins both are full

73.Kodak Timelite Instamatic camera

74.KB Extra Krosius Bros Germany Straight razor with orig. box

75.Early Railroad spike

76.President pin

77.Car emblem

78.Car emblem

79.Original Auto lite Service part Box only Advertising

80.Westinghouse Mazda Lamp box only advertising

81.2 Tin mirrors for visor


83.Hanging scale

84.Collapsible alum drink cup

85.Advertising memory photo's empty

86.Hair shears Thors JR No OO

87.Schick plus platinum blade holder

88.Ford Emblem 4 x 1.5"

89.MFD in Germany for W.B. Binham Co Cleveland Premier w/ box

90.J.R. Torrey razor Co straight razor with box

91.Globemaster No 64420 angler

92.Toy trucks Remco

93.Mason Emblems and more

94.Toy Car & Plane lot some Mattel, Hot Wheels

95.Box of ammo shells, trivet, lamp bulbs and more

96.German Straight Razor broken handle orig box

97.3 Early razors 2 Gillette, 1 Gem

98.Duraflex II Kodak camera

99.Zippo lighter original plastic case

100.Zippo lighter Cardboard box

101.Sunflame Maryman lighter

102.Gunmetal Men's wristwatch in orig box

103.Zippy Hyster Lighter original cardboard box #200 brush finish

104.Windproof SMC Lighter original box

105.Red and blue book of birds in America plus No Sports Bird & pix cards

106.1971 Eisenhour dollar belt buckle

107.Advertising Listo Leads orig. box 1.75x1"

108.Water resistant men's wrist watch

109.Lot of oval frames for photos or jewelry 1 x 1" approx.

110.Mini TV Boob Tube original box

111.Brass Camel Zippo lighter Original plastic case

112.Celluloid letter opener and more

113.Classique men's wrist watch

114.Planters Peanut Advertising

115.2 Mini's one mini horse pipe 3" long mini celluloid lady 2"

116.World's Fair SUV. Playing cards

117.Dupont Cross Pen & pencil set in original case

118.Early tin savings bank

119.Early pocket watch

120.Red Wolf belt buckle, Colorado belt buckle Deer keyring

121.NY Standard Watch Co. USA Pocket Watch

122.Early glass breast pump

123.Compass & magnifier

124.Limited ED Lebco Belt buckle 1987 Siskiyou RV Belt buckle

125.New Haven Pedometer

126.Diamond quartz men' s wrist watch

127.Milan Pocket watch

128.Elgin Pocket watch hands off

129.Hallmarked pocket watch, 15 jewel

130.Gold tone cigarette holder with lighter

131.Resin or stone belt buckle

132.Mini Shakespeare King Henry VI Part 1 & Mini The Christmas Story

133.2 Money clips one with hunters scene orig box

134.Puritan pocket watch

135.Ranger Joe milk glass cup

136.Plastic small pipe & Plastic 3 stooges can opener

137.Exacta Holnia 15 jewels watch

138.4 cans cleaner, Rifle bore

139.Men's blue face wrist watch

140.Mason Men's wrist watch

141.Brass angel candle snuffer

142.2 Main style round belt buckles

143.Classique men's wrist watch

144.Eagle & turkey belt buckles

145.Ammo shells

146.Louis Mary Tin, meal car, truck

147.3 belt buckles one is silver-plated

148.Pennsylvania Game Laws 1959-1960

149.Waltham pocket watch missing crystal and cracked face

150.Tin red friction car back wheels only

151.Chesterton belt buckle

152.Classique Men's wrist watch orig box

153.Lot of 3 large blanket pins

154.VS Men's wrist watch

155.Gruen Men's wrist watch 3 ATM water resistant

156.Ingersoll Rand Racing knife Ray Everham

157.Tomahawk with leather case Sig series

158.2 multi tool fold up knives

159.3 Small early pocket Bibles

160.Metal Kazoo original box

161.Heavy Duty lock back knife

162.Sterling Turq Coral MOP Watch band

163.Abalone watch band end Hallmarked Navajo MO

164.Kenneth Cole Cufflinks New in box

165.Schlitz flashlight

166.Lot of 3 large blanket pins

167.Westclox travel clock

168.S & P shaker

169.Small toby mug Occupied Japan

170.2 Early plastic candy containers Snowman & Santa

171.Comm Duck knife orig box

172.Small silver round plate

173.Westminster radio New in orig box

174.Spot glass 3x binoculars

175.Glass door knob

176.Small notebook

177.Paperweight, ashtray, egg paperweight signed GES96

178.6" Early magnifier and more's tie tack
180.8-2" pig figures resin

181.Pearlized shell L. EFTLS Paris 2.5" ladies binoculars

182.2-3.5" Convex floral pictures

183.7-3" dia. Planters peanut dishes metal

184.Diamond quartz man's wrist watch

185.Quartz Fiarda Man's wrist watch

186.Quartz Fiarda Man's wrist watch

187.Salfour Sterling Man's Eagle Ring

188.Helbros Man's watch mesh band cracked crystal

189.Lot of Men's wrist watches, Armatron, sharp, Penbrook

190.Cuff links, Tie Tacks

191.Seiko 17 jewel man's wrist watch

192.Man's tie holder

193.2 knives Barracuda Rostfrel & other

194.Early stud playing cards

195.Horn handle 14" knife

196.Filet knife

197.Bowie Messer knife with sheath

198.Master Mechanic all purpose knife

199.Early Dr. Busher's Automatic injector

200.Pocket watch 0.800 case Can not get back open

201.Set of cuff links tie tack

202.1" plastic Shetland pony

203.3 small tins

204.Coca Cola belt buckle

205.Early 9" knife

206.Coca Cola Advertising ball 3" rubber Early

207.West Cut Co. Hunting knife w/ sheath


209.Box of precision tools

210.14k Man's wedding band

211.14k Keepsake Wedding Band Man's

212.9.5" Hunting knife

213.2 Bulova watches no bands

214.Man's costume ring Gladiator head

215.6-1" license plates

216.8.5" knife

217.Coral stone watch band 6"

218.Dickees watch with Sterling Eagle Ends Sterling pieces are approx. 1.25" each

219.Model Driver Ed car 8"

220.3 Girl Scout items

221.2 Men's watches newer

222.Dripping glass

223.Occupied Japan mechanical wind up bear with box no key

224.Norelco speed shaver Vintage

225.Early pencil case with pencils 8x5x1

226.2 Men's watches newer

227.Gene Watson autographed hat

228.Marx Old Jalopy tin friction car 5x3x3

229.2 Stainless bracelets both

230.Nickel silver bracelet engraved

231.Kodak advertising pieces

232.Copper directometer in box

233.Ball compass

234.Early level and bits

235.2 Vintage Christmas light bulbs

236.Caravelle 9 jewel Man's watch

237.Early paper fuggy wrapper

238.Dog tags, Chinese coins, advertising tins

239.4 Advertising thermometers 5 x 4 Edelstein Fabries Pittston

240.Vintage bottle openers

241.Appalachian Trail Collectible knife with box

242.Advertising knife, tie tacks

243.Telacesk 14k pen tips, tie bar, etc.

244.Bear knife with box

245.Tower Vintage camera

246.Advertising cigar box Robert Burns with coupons 4x5x2

247.Mini Radio Flyer wagon 6x4x3

248.8.5" Lionel signal light

249.Tin house 7x6x3.5

250.Early oil spout

251.Early Kodak camera

252.2 oilers copper coated

253.4 small pocket knives

254.3 Pearlized handled knives

255.Capt. Jack 2" gun key chain & Maintenal steel key knife

256.Quantity of bottle openers

257.Letter opener, magnifying glass

258.Boye improved Boye Needle Co

259.Mini picture album with 15 tin types 4x5x1.5

260.15" The World's Longest Matchbook

261.3" plastic bird toothpick holder

262.RCA Radio tube

263.Brownie Hawkeye Kodak plastic case camera 3x4x3.5

264.2 Mini knife 1" & 1.5"

265.2 small pearlized handled knives

266.3 knives Eagle handle and others

267.Whiting & Davis mesh silver purse Art Deco style 5 x 4


269.GAS Consul crown shaver

270.2 mini knives & cigar cutter

271.Ronson Wind II lighter

272.Camo knife 3" and 2" all purpose knife

273.Zippo State of NJ 25 year service lighter

274.2 All purpose knives

275.Victorinox knife

276.2 Vintage bottle openers

277.Vivitar 367/1000 yd monocular

278.All purpose knife

279.Wolf/Eagle comm. Knife

280.Duck comm. Knife

281.Military pins and patches

282.Quantity pump and Pantry coins

283.Wolf comm. Knife

284.Quantity of patches, Military, etc.

285.Vintage Coca Cola ice pick

286.Advertising rulers, key chains, etc.

287.Lot with mini cannon, bell, etc.

288.Lady Lightening Comm knife

289.Eagle Comm. Knife

290.Nixon, Wallace pins, Qty 3

291.3" Sabastian miniature figure

292.Cut nails

293.Lionel collectible train watch

294.Box of Men's watches and parts

295.2-2" Creamer bottles and 3 top

296.Whiting & Davis box with ladies gold tone mesh purse

297.Indian wolf comm knife

298.3 bottle openers

299.2 small 3" pearlized handled pocket knives

300.Schrade, Barlow and other knives Qty 3

301.6.5" dia. Family crest medal

302.Raleigh & Phillip Morse advertising tins

303.Witch Pez dispenser

304.Wood pipe, marbles advertising piece, Domes of Silence

305.Bottle openers

306.Fishing lures, weights

307.Car emblems

308.Maglee moving Elmira Advertising ruler

309.Ronson Gloria table lighter Cube decoration

310.3 eye wash cups

311.Iron 2' soldier unmarked

312.2 Early locks and assorted keys

313.Ruler, cap and other related interesting smalls

314.Fishing reels

315.Advertising pencils

316.2" jewelry coffin

317.Bottle opener & cases

318.Chapin brass end folding ruler

319.3" brass hammer, etc.

320.Alpakka 1.5" metal perfume

321.Made in Germany fish scales

322.8" Brass nozzle


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