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Kellerman Online Auction Antiques, Boats, Fire wood - Thursday January 16 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.4 Crewel bird pictures 6x8in LIVING ROOM

2.Wing back chair LIVING ROOM

3.Lady's caned seat back rocker 34in tall LIVING ROOM

4.Brass coated Lamp 24in tall LIVING ROOM

5.Iron beetle bootjack reproduction 10in long LIVING ROOM

6.Antique washstand 30x27x16in v

7.Chair 38x40x36in LIVING ROOM

8.2 boxes of books LIVING ROOM

9.Bakers rack 26x75x14in LIVING ROOM

10.Group of TV trays LIVING ROOM

11.Nice step Side end table 17x28x29in LIVING ROOM

12.Wing back Chair with ottoman 40x30x34in LIVING ROOM

13.Toshiba vcr DVD player LIVING ROOM

14.Modern 2 door tv stand 43x18x25in LIVING ROOM

15.3 8x9in hand done spices framed KITCHEN

16.modern coffee grinder decorative KITCHEN

17.three Boxes of etched and asst. drinking glasses KITCHEN

18.Vintage kitchen items KITCHEN

19.9 in Ironstone pitcher KITCHEN

20.6.5 in iron fry pan KITCHEN

21.5in nutmeg grinder KITCHEN

22.8 in primitive wooden bucket KITCHEN

23.Large copper colander/strainer KITCHEN

24.3 copper molds KITCHEN

25.8 in made in Mexico teapot KITCHEN

26.knives and kitchen utensils KITCHEN

27.clear canister and cookie jar KITCHEN

28.7in stoneware mug KITCHEN

29.cartoon mug KITCHEN

30.modern iron eagle 23x10in KITCHEN

31.decorative pottery cups and bowls KITCHEN

32.large brass hand made funnel KITCHEN

33.2 copper brass fry pans KITCHEN

34.vacuum sealer, chopper, and food mill KITCHEN

35.cups etc. KITCHEN

36.copper ice bucket and aluminum casserole KITCHEN

37.weights KITCHEN

38.modern westclox wall clock, battery operated 12x18in KITCHEN

39.cook books and scales KITCHEN

40.decorative bottles KITCHEN

41.wooden kitchen items KITCHEN

42.baking pans and knives KITCHEN bowls KITCHEN peeler KITCHEN

45.octagon area rug 74x74in KITCHEN

46.salad spinner KITCHEN

47.33 pc of Bavaria china KITCHEN

48.2 boxes of gold rim china dishes KITCHEN

49.Pyrex KITCHEN

50.pots and pans KITCHEN appliances KITCHEN

52.3 pc pfaltzgraff canister set (one top chipped) KITCHEN

53.bird clock KITCHEN

54.7in. Studio pottery base KITCHEN

55.asst. baskets hanging in KITCHEN

56.2 5in red transferware plates with brass hanger DINING ROOM

57.modern copper tin punch door hanging cabinet 20x38in DINING ROOM

58.2 early flower plates with brass wall hanger DINING ROOM

59.early pressed glass butter dish and various glassware DINING ROOM of pressed glass including jam jar DINING ROOM of asst. pewter items DINING ROOM

62.3 graduated bells on 17in strap DINING ROOM

63.26in wall tapestry DINING ROOM

64.10in brass duck DINING ROOM

65.modern 7in iron rooster door stop DINING ROOM

66.7in lead crystal etched glass DINING ROOM

67.pair of 10in brass candle holders DINING ROOM

68.napkin rings, etc. DINING ROOM

69.2 pieces of depression glass< DINING ROOMbr />
70.asst. reproduction keys (brass, iron) DINING ROOM

71.miniature spoon collection DINING ROOM of brass candle holders and more DINING ROOM

73.two modern brass Irish wall hangers DINING ROOM

74.pewter DINING ROOM

75.pair of 3.5in Gorham sterling weighted candle holders DINING ROOM

76."I love my garden" cross stitch 27x26in framed DINING ROOM base floor lamp DINING ROOM of brass and silver plated items DINING ROOM of iron stone and asst pottery DINING ROOM

80.3 boxes of glasses and stemware DINING ROOM of clear serving bowls DINING ROOM

82.3 boxes of linens and table items DINING ROOM framed mirror 19x36in DINING ROOM

84.primitive pine 4 drawer dresser 39x17x35 DINING ROOM

85.two tablecloths DINING ROOM

86.decorative basket and wreaths DINING ROOM

87.modern country looking hanging wall cabinet 23x22x7in DINING ROOM

88.oak drop front ladies desk with beveled mirror gallery 27x54x14in DINING ROOM

89.Irish books and sayings DINING ROOM

90.asst thermos pitchers DINING ROOM

91."seasoned with love" needlepoint 18x11in DINING ROOM

92.nice templ-stuart early American style corner cuppard (across front 40x76in) DINING ROOM

93.iron stone pot with lid DINING ROOM

94.beautiful dining room table, 4 leaves, 6 chairs (gent and bros Gardner mass DINING ROOM)

95.asst. gold rim dishes DINING ROOM

96.decorative rug with two matching throw rugs 66x92in DINING ROOM

97.10in modern iron pineapple candle lamp LIVING ROOM

98.plate holders LIVING ROOM

99.copper and brass chaffing dish LIVING ROOM wall decor LIVING ROOM

101.clock shelf 18x7in LIVING ROOM dispenser LIVING ROOM

103.10in art pottery bird house LIVING ROOM

104.asst. red transferware bowls and plates some as is LIVING ROOM

105.2 small creamers and clarice cliff sugar holder LIVING ROOM

106.8in red transferware pitcher LIVING ROOM

107.modern brass horseshoe bookends 4in LIVING ROOM of pewter candle holders and lamp LIVING ROOM

109.milk glass and white case glass LIVING ROOM

110.early hat pin holder with hat pins and bowl LIVING ROOM

111.small tin antique cash box LIVING ROOM

112.needlepoint and other picture LIVING ROOM

113.English red transferware teapot LIVING ROOM

114.pair of pewter candleholders with etched covers LIVING ROOM

115.modern lamp top shade broke LIVING ROOM

116.9in brass pitcher LIVING ROOM

117.7in mid century pottery bulb vase (small chip inside) LIVING ROOM

118.9in brass musical jar LIVING ROOM

119.5in hourglass LIVING ROOM

120.wood bead necklaces LIVING ROOM

121.small oval hand painted framed decoration LIVING ROOM

122.paperweight and bluebird LIVING ROOM

123.2 men's watches, longines and prestige LIVING ROOM's Waltham watch LIVING ROOM

125.1939 volume 84, Pennsylvania manual LIVING ROOM

126.modern brass bell LIVING ROOM

127.pewter bowl an sugar LIVING ROOM

128.modern brass candle holder LIVING ROOM

129.8.5in brass miner's lamp, hookley lamp and limelight company LIVING ROOM

130.brass and copper candle holders LIVING ROOM

131.2 men's Bulova watches LIVING ROOM

132.steiff pewter master salt LIVING ROOM

133.copper tray and large brass bowl LIVING ROOM

134.old briton castle 12.5x7in red transfer ware platter LIVING ROOM

135.punch bowl set LIVING ROOM

136.2 boxes of candles various sizes LIVING ROOM

137.2 dog & cat needle points LIVING ROOM

138.cannon selphy printer LIVING ROOM

139.various craft items LIVING ROOM shade student lamp LIVING ROOM

141.cherry copper lined dry sink 48x17x31in LIVING ROOM

142.3 floral pictures LIVING ROOM

143.sewing and materia LIVING ROOMl and white checkered wingback loveseat 56in LIVING ROOM

145.modern Edison's style lift top music box LIVING ROOM

146.cherry step end table 17x28in LIVING ROOM

147.necchi portable sewing machine LIVING ROOMLIVING ROOM

148.10x12in sunshine needlepoint LIVING ROOM wall decor LIVING ROOM

150.foot massager and arm rest organizer LIVING ROOM's and tapes LIVING ROOM

152.brass coated living room lamp LIVING ROOM

153.dried flower decor LIVING ROOM framed etched mirror, 14x28in LIVING ROOM

155.fall trees painting on canvas signed z.d.nerrns 14x11in LIVING ROOM

156.3 primitive latter back rush seat chairs LIVING ROOM

157.single foam mattress LIVING ROOM

158.floral hide-a-bed couch, good condition, 88in LIVING ROOM

159.harlequin hide-a-bed couch, 74in OFFICE

160.asst. books on wall OFFICE of frames OFFICE

162.knick knacks OFFICE

163.asst. brass candle holders OFFICE

164.pressed and patterned glassware OFFICE

165.plated an asst. item OFFICE a bear and cloth doll OFFICE

167.sewing OFFICE

168.asst. baskets OFFICE

169.Windsor style chair OFFICE items OFFICE

171.early plates and more OFFICE

172.serenity prayer needlepoint 20x24in OFFICE

173.corner one drawer desk with book case OFFICE of cookbooks OFFICE

175.Kenmore vacuum and parts OFFICE

176.2 tin punch decoration OFFICEs

177.decorative reproduction iron grate of girl framed, 21x32in OFFICE

178.wooden goose, 21x13 OFFICE

179.nice 3 drawer dresser, 38x16x31 OFFICE

180.reproduction iron scales OFFICE

181.decorative country items on wall towards bathroom

182.asst. dried flower arrangements framed on wall going up stairs

183.fake tree UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

184.asst. luggage UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

185.early framed beveled mirror, oak, 28x24in UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

186.fancy oval framed mirror,19x29in UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

187.closet of linens UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

188.antique maple bed, 55x75in UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

189.2 floral framed pictures 13x15in UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

190.early stand 18in diameter 26in high UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

191.sorrel Eddie Bauer, women's size 9 winter boots UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

192.parents creed and small needle point UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

193.recovered chair and ottoman UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

194.framed Victorian fan 16x12in UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

195.oak 3 drawer dresser, 39x18x33in UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

196.rose bedroom lamp with crack UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

197.12 drawer mid century dresser with a depression mirror, 62x20x33 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

198.antique flat top trunk, 35x20x22in UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

199.sleeping bags and folding chairs (2 of each) UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

200.floral and eagle picture UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

201.modern phoenix bird pitcher and bowl set UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

202.vases and artificial flowers UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

203.6 drawer midcentury dresser, 41x17x46in UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

204.alarm clocks and small jewelry boxes UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

205.Victorian bed, cut down, 57x80in UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

206.mid century one drawer tapered nightstand,22x18x25in UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

207.closet of linens UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

208.early oak framed etching plus various pictures UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

209.modern dressing mirror UPSTAIRS BR3

210.modern stenciled one drawer over one door stand, 16x12x32in UPSTAIRS BR3

211.tall shoe shine box UPSTAIRS BR3,

212.therapure fan UPSTAIRS BR3

213.hooked rug 63x98in UPSTAIRS BR3

214.4 piece wicker patio set, kept inside LOFT

215.old granddad advertising frame, 22x18in LOFT

216.child's stenciled rocker LOFT

217.rose carved back leather seat chair LOFT

218.modern brass ship design miniature fireplace tools LOFT glass shade student lamp LOFT

220.single bank kneehole desk, 44x16x31in LOFT

221.antique glass fire extinguisher LOFT

222.modern jack Daniels coat rack 15x35in LOFT

223.advertising crown royal tray, 21x15in LOFT

224.antique dome top trunk, 34x19x23in LOFT

225.afghans etc. LOFT

226.oak antique arm chair LOFT

227.pony express advertising mirror, 21x25in LOFT

228.decorative boxes and vodka sign LOFT

229.yarn and craft items LOFT

230.large folding base brass tray table, 30in diameter LOFT

231.Victorian carved back loveseat, 37x23in LOFT

232.framed "the fishing club" sign, 26x22 LOFT

233.oval duck box LOFT

234.antique wash stand, 27x16x27in LOFT

235.antique two tier sewing stand LOFT

236.maple cupboard sewing stand LOFT

237.16in wooden bucket LOFT

238.two box fans LOFT

239.modern brass student lamp LOFTbr />
240.bird book and photo album LOFT

241.legend globe LOFT

242.6 drawer dresser, maple, 49x16x31in LOFT

243.buttons LOFT

244.two 3in Thomas Edison bottles LOFT

245.4 fire dept. Glasses LOFT

246.2 medals LOFT

247.asst. drinking/beer glasses LOFT

248.tub of toys LOFT

249.artificial flowers and decorative items LOFT

250.asst. games and puzzles LOFT

251.large lot of Christmas LOFT

252.large lot of Christmas with wrapping paper container LOFT

253.knick knacks LOFT

254.2 oil lamps, one new elec. LOFT

255.America the 50 states book LOFT

256.steins LOFT

257.vanity stool LOFT

258.playskool wooden blocks and truck LOFT items LOFT

260.Halloween items LOFT

261.fisher price, houses etc. LOFT

262.3 stands BASEMENT
263.large aluminum glider and chairs BASEMENT
264.early ice skates BASEMENT of plated tea pots and copper items BASEMENT items BASEMENT

267.coolers BASEMENT

268.hose BASEMENT

269.asst. items BASEMENT

271.gilbeys picnic basket BASEMENT

272.camping stove and items BASEMENT

273.circular saw and drill BASEMENT

274.benzomatic BASEMENT

275.wooden carpenters box BASEMENT

276.early popcorn popper BASEMENT

277.metal baking molds BASEMENT

278.early thermos BASEMENT

279.Stanley No.71 plane BASEMENT

280.breast drills BASEMENT

281.files and brushes BASEMENT

282.asst. tools BASEMENT

283.two thumb planes BASEMENT

284.two planes BASEMENT

285.Makita battery operated drill with charger BASEMENT

286.drill bits and Alan wrenches BASEMENT

287.Stanley No.8 & No.51 draw knives BASEMENT

288.sand paper and welding rods BASEMENT

289.2 levels BASEMENT

290.royal fount oil lamp, metal, shade as is BASEMENT

291.tire pump BASEMENT

292.vintage sports items BASEMENT

293.electrified white glass shade metal oil lamp BASEMENT

294.caulk, etc BASEMENT

295.nails, bolts, etc. BASEMENT

296.large fire extinguisher (not full) BASEMENT

297.vintage punch bowl set BASEMENT

298.asst tools including vice on pink cabinet BASEMENT door, 5 drawer stand, 37x16x38in BASEMENT

300.west bend coffee maker BASEMENT

301.two organizers BASEMENT

302.kerosene heater BASEMENT

303.Soder gun and eraser blocks BASEMENT vac BASEMENT


307.miter box and hand saws BASEMENT

308.older shop vac BASEMENT

309.camping dishes BASEMENT items, etc. on shelf BASEMENT

311.pair of rubber boots BASEMENT in corner (garden, etc.) GARAGE and ice auger GARAGE

314.contents of three shelving units GARAGE

315.kneehole desk GARAGE of garden tools GARAGE

317.hedge trimmer and tools GARAGE

318.asst. tools GARAGE

319.small charcoal grill GARAGE

320.Coleman lantern and fishing reel GARAGE

321.aluminum lawn chair GARAGE

322.pair of ski's and pair of stilts GARAGE

323.Contents of shelves, gas cans, chain, rope WHITE GARAGE

324.Swivel vice WHITE GARAGE

325.Chain saw as is oil WHITE GARAGE

326.6" Bench grinder on stand WHITE GARAGE

327.Fertilizer spreader WHITE GARAGE

328.4 Bikes All WHITE GARAGE

329.Poulan push mower WHITE GARAGE

330.Aluminum saucer sled WHITE GARAGE

331.Toro Dump cart WHITE GARAGE

332.Wooden radio flyer wagon RED SHED

333.Concrete gnomes foot brush RED SHED

334.Wooden advertising box with electrical RED SHED

335.6 Gallon 2 tone crock, cracked RED SHED

336.Jet Table saw on large wood stand RED SHED

337.Antique lawn sprinkler RED SHED

338.Have a heart trap large RED SHED

339.Hose and reel RED SHED

340.Nail keg with toys RED SHED

341.Antique screen door RED SHED

342.Contents from window to door planters, etc RED SHED

343.Large pile of firewood RIGHT SIDE OF BARN LOFT

344.Long Aluminum ext. ladder 16 run BARN

345.Approx. 20' Aluminum boat 2 oars BARN NO title

346.Approx. 16' flat bottom fishing boat BARN NO title

347.Pile of firewood BARN

348.Pile of firewood by chairs BARN

349.Wooden table BARN

350.Wicker loveseat as is BARN

351.Vintage metal chair BARN

352.Double and single heart shape back porch chairs both BARN

353.Firewood left side as you walk in barn BARN

354.Wheelbarrow and garden cart BARN


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