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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
Large Hall Collection, Pyrex, Fireking, Curio Cabinets and More ONLINE Auction - Thursday November 14 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Hall bowl squiggle

2.Blue & Amethyst tall decanters both


4.White Aladdin teapot

5.White covered round casserole

6.2 Pyrex measuring cups

7.Covered jar

8.Modern stained glass shade living room lamp Victorian style base

9.Pyrex baking dishes

10.Silhouette bowl Salad Mark #4

11.Hall Tulip teapot


13.Hall silhouette covered leftover

14.Pink cube pitcher

15.Se3t of floral bookends

16.Hall dot bowl #1378

17.Pair of pot metal Golfer bookends on marble bases

18.Modern leaded glass shade metal base lamp

19.Hall Silhouette bowl

20.Set of 4 nesting Pyrex bowls

21.2 Pink Depression handled bowls both

22.Victorian style bedroom light

23.Baking dish

24.Hall bowl

25.Hall Tulip covered pitcher

26.Homer Laughlin bowl K53N8

27.Hall squiggle bowl

28.White Radiance unsigned pitcher

29.Yellow Pyrex refrigeration dish with lid

30.Victorian style leaded glass shade small bedroom lamp

31.Square red Pyrex bowl with yellow lid

32.Covered jar

33.Pair pot metal scholar bookends

34.Red Poppy Hall pitcher, chip

35.Pink Depression pitcher

36.3 wooden rolling pins

37.Set of blue drinking glasses

38.Gravy and sugar

39.4 Fiesta style salt and peppers

40.16 Piece blue dinnerware

41.2 Pyrex colored refrigeration dishes, Both

42.Yellow Fiesta jug streamline

43.2 Marigold Iris vases both

44.Lot of clear covered jars and various items

45.2 Green juicers

46.Green 6 cups and 9 saucers

47.Brass candleholders and more

48.Hall teapot blue, yellow small make inside

49.2 Squiggle Baker's Hall Each x 2

50.Hall Rose Parade tab handled casserole

51.Hall Westinghouse yellow covered refrigeration dish

52.Hall Rose white tab handled casserole

53.Apple cookie jar

54.Red Poppy Hall casserole Radiance

55.Hall 633 pitcher White

56.2 Sugars both

57.Oriental style vase

58.Small Hall teapot

59.Pot metal boy figurine

60.Pottery duck wall decoration

61.Interesting peace pipe

62.C & I decorated glass shade Victorian style metal base lamp

63.2 Square Pyrex refrigeration dishes with lids red and yellow Each x 2

64.Leeds England 3 plates all

65.Covered jar

66.8 square saucers and 6 plates All

67.Metal horse

68.White milk glass salt and pepper

69.Fancy carved Inca winged Warrior figurine

70.Hall Silhouette bowl

71.Hall squiggle bowl

72.Modern stained glass shade bedroom lamp

73.Set of 2 nesting bowls Strawberry decals

74.Hall Tulip tab handled casserole

75.2 Pyrex nesting bowls blue and yellow both

76.Fiesta yellow pitcher

77.20 Pc. Modern tone white milk glass red band dinnerware

78.Reverse painting on glass shade small Victorian style bedroom lamp

79.5 Pc White milk glass red band modern tone cups

80.Pink Depression plates and saucers

81.Hall Heather Rose coffee pot

82.Hall GE Refrigeration jug white/yellow

83.Hall Westinghouse covered refrigeration dish #5074

84.Modern Victorian style leaded glass shade bedroom lamp

85.Various Pink Depression glass

86.Hall Montgomery Wared #5118 Water saver

87.5 small cube refrigeration dishes All

88.Hall Autumn Leaf M-8 teapot

89.4 Blue Pyrex refrigeration dishes with lids Each x 4

90.2 Pyrex refrigeration dishes Amish Butter print Aqua both

91.Hall jug lid chip

92.2 Butter dishes both

93.Assorted pink Depression glassware

94.White milk glass juicer

95.Hall Autumn Leaf ball jug

96.Hall Autumn Lead round casserole

97.Brass dabber pitcher

98.Leaded glass Modern Victorian style metal base living room lamp

99.Art Deco Bakelite metal electric

100.Manneken Pls letter opener

101.Set of Gray Laurel Anchor Hocking Glassware 32 pieces

102.Large pottery cup planter

103.2 Coner 2 door 4" cabinet/shelves both

104.4 pieces of pressed, pattern glassware

105.Johnson Bros. Blue Willow dinnerware pieces

106.Small 2 door cubby cabinet

107.2 Green refrigeration dishes with lids both

108.Vintage Waring blender and small metal elec. Water pot

109.White glass red band modern tone design dinnerware pieces

110.Small lift up lap desk, modern

111.Small lift up lap desk, modern

112.Oriental style runner

113.Various glass underplates All

114.6 clear glass Vintage refrigeration dishes with lids all

115.Pink Depression various pieces and patterns

116.Modern Oriental style throw rug

117.Hanging leaded glass shade

118.16 pieces of Pyrex dinnerware all

119.3 Round white glass red band refrigeration dishes All

120.New linen napkins, etc.

121.Vintage napkins

122.Pink Pyrex cups and saucers

123.Glass underplates or hot plates

124.Hall 834 & other containers All

125.Green Hall Gravy, etc. 4 pieces all

126.4 Pink Depression sugars all

127.2 Green juicers Both

128.4 Pyrex refrigeration dishes each x 4


130.Italy ESTE bowl

131.Modern Rotary stick phone

132.Modern Rotary stick phone

133.Pyrex bowl Red

134.Miniature teapots

135.Slant front small showcase

136.2 oil lamps covered to elec. Each x 2

137.Anchor Hocking Fire King Gay Fruit covered casserole 8"

138.Fiesta HLC Yellow covered cannister

139.2 pair of Fiesta creamer/sugars yellow & pink Each x 2

140.Modern Rotary stick phone

141.Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf Hall teapot

142.Yellow Fiesta vase

143.Modern Victorian style leaded glass bedroom lamp

144.Hall Tulip teapot unsigned

145.Modern Radio Thomas wooden case

146.Pair of plaster girl and boy May find flake

147.Fire king Tulip 2 nesting bowl set

148.Modern Victorian style gooseneck desk lamp leaded glass shade

149.Small Hall brown teapot

150.7 Fiesta plates all

151.5 Green goblets W.S.E All

152.Hall Autumn Leaf stack set

153.4 Orange Fiesta plates All

154.Hall Silhouette covered casserole

155.Fiesta bowl

156.Hall Wildfire Aladdin teapot with insert

157.Hall Poppy salt and pepper

158.2 Green juicers may find chip

159.Pyrex Hamilton Beach bowl

160.Anchor Hocking Fire king Green jadeite bowl

161.8 sets of yellow Fiesta cups saucers

162.Hall Poppy jug radiance

163.3 Fire king Anchor Hocking Gay Fruit refrigeration dishes no tops Each x 3

164.Small Pink Hall teapot

165.2 Fiesta style platters both

166.3 Fiesta cups all

167.2 Fire king Anchor Hocking Gay Fruit dishes both

168.3 Fiesta spoon rests all

169.2 Fiesta butter dishes both

170.White glass red band Modern tone creamer and sugars All

171.Assorted custards and more Fire king or Pyrex

172.Fiesta 2 Creamer/sugars, salt pepper, spoon rest and more may find some flakes

173.2 Fire king Anchor Hocking Tulip nesting bowls set

174.Fire king Anchor Hocking Gay Fruit covered dish 1 1/2 qt

175.2 Hall Tulip bowls Each x 2

176.Fiesta pitcher

177.2 White glass red band modern tone oval platters Each x 2

178.5 Anchor Hocking Fire king Pear cups All

179.Hall Autumn Leaf Aladdin teapot with insert

180.Pair of modern electric candle lights with different hurricane shades Both

187.2 Anchor Hocking Fire king Gay Fruit bowls Each x 2

188.3 Pyrex bowls 2 yellow 1 blue Ovenware Each x 3

189.3 Marigold Iris tumblers All

190.Various size shadow boxes and showcases

191.2 Yellow Pyrex square bowls 2 1/2 qt Each x 2

192.The Wyoming & Lackawanna Valleys Pennsylvania History Vol. I

193.2 Oval Hall Tulip platters Each x 2

194.Fiesta salt and pepper

195.Hall Royal Rose teapot French chip on spout

196.Hall Tulip bowl Radiance crack in base

197.WWII book

198.Oriental style runner Dynasty Sarouk 27"x102"

199.3 Pressed glass pattern bowls all

200.Cedar hangers and shoe molds

201.Fire king Anchor Hocking Gay Fruit casserole 2 qt 433

202.8 Fiesta Homer Laughlin plates All

203.Candlewick, 4 sets salt and peppers, sugar, heart dish

204.2 Green Depression footed cake plates both

205.2 Anchor Hocking Fire king Gay Fruit baking dishes Each x 2

206.Clear Depression Iris Pitcher

207.4 Fiesta Homer Laughlin yellow plates all

208.Clear Depression Iris vase

209.3 Clear refrigeration dishes all

210.5 Small Anchor Hocking Fire king Gay Fruit refrigeration dishes with lids 1 chipped Each x 4

211.1 drawer pine dresser box

212.2 White glass red band Modern tone serving bowls 1 with flake Both for one $

213.Queen Anne leg camel back Ethan Allen Loveseat

214.Green Oriental style throw rug

215.Nice Oriental silk style throw rug

216.Vintage green vinyl chair

217.Shama Red 6'x9' rug MI Belgium

218.2 Round pieces of white marble beveled Each x 2

219.Queen Anne tufted back wing chair

220.Stained glass folding fireplace screen

221.Modern Victorian style oval white marble top stand

222.Rush seat ladder back chair

223.Modern off white mirrored back curio cabinet

224.Tall decorative hard plastic vase

225.1 drawer/1 door pine stand


227.Modern 1 door curio cabinet with shelves

228.Rush seat vanity stool

229.Mahogany side chair

230.2 Stools Each x 2

231.2 Hall Poppy bowls Each x 2


233.Hall Rose White 3 piece Graduated bowl Set

234.Mexican pottery ashtray

235.4 Hall Autumn Leaf platters Each x4

236.Hall Rose White tab handled jug #658

237.Hall Primrose Another Grand Union Exclusive bowl

238.3 clear glass pitchers all

239.Green Depression glassware

240.Hall Autumn Leaf casserole

241.Fruit Design clear snack Trays Qty 3 All

242.3 Cruets 2 are handblown all

243.Hall Rose White tab handled casserole #658

244.2 Fire king Anchor Hocking casseroles 1 1/2 qt Each x 2


246.Hall Orange Poppy Baker French Fluted

247.Green Depression glassware

248.6 Pieces of Fiesta All

249.Orange & Green Fiesta 8 pieces in all

250.Hall Rose White tab handled casserole #658

251.2 Hall Primrose pitchers 1 cracked Both

252.Hall Autumn Leaf creamer, sugar and condiment All

253.6 Cruets All

254.White glass wheat pattern Tapered Bowl Fire king?

255.Pair Hall Rose White Nesting bowls 1 with chip

256.Candlewick compote, plate, pr candleholders

257.2 Hall Autumn Leaf bowls 1 chip Both

258.Pyrex sugars and cup

259.Stag Design lighter holder

260.Guard Dog watch

261.Quartz Eagle design newer pocket watch

262.Riviera pocket watch

263.Various pens and watches

264.19 Pieces of Fiesta Various colors may find flakes

265.28 Pieces of Fiesta various colors may find chips

266.7 Hall Autumn Leaf plates All

267.8 Pieces of Hall Silhouette pi, baking bowls, few chips

268.2 Hall Rose White tab handled casseroles 1 top chipped Both

269.Hall Autumn Leaf 12 saucers, 13 cups all

270.Gravy, sugars various colors

271.Fire king bowl, 2 cups, 5 sauce bowls all

272.Hall black base casserole

273.Wilton candleholder

274.McK egg cup flake

275.Hall Autumn Leaf pie, 2 round serving trays all

276.Candleholders, decorative plates

277.4 clear pitchers

278.Hanging leaded glass shade newer

279.14 Green Depression sherbets all

280.11 Hall Autumn Leaf plates All

281.6 Green Depression cups different patterns all

282.7 Green Depression luncheon plates all

283.12 Hall Red Poppy 5.5" dia bowls Each x 5

284.2 Hall Tulip serving bowls Each x 2

285.Hall Autumn Leaf covered casserole

286.Lead crystal and pressed glass Ice bucket, relish, etc.

287.11 Hall Autumn leaf bowls All

288.Hall Crocus bowl small crack

289.3 Clear refrigeration dishes with lids Pyrex All

290.Hall Pheasant decal bowl

291.Hall Wildfire 2 pair creamer, sugar, 1 lid missing all

292.2 Anchor Hocking Fire king Gay Fruit casseroles Each x 2

293.Bombay lift top box slant front small

294.14" Fiesta platter platter unsigned

295.Hall Autumn Leaf Set of 3 nesting bowls

296.Wallace pewter pitcher

297.3 Butter dishes all

298.9 Various egg cups all


300.10 Hall Wildfire plates All

301.Mid Century Pyrex like Lazy Susan unsigned

302.Box candleholders, leaf dishes-Pewter by Rice etc.

303.Brass items

304.3 lamps, Victorian style base, desk and other

305.Pair of chalkware Victorian lady, man figurines

306.Figurines, Kennedy bust etc.

307.Panasonic & Magnavox DVD players

308.Fire king Marigold pie dish

309.Brass candleholders

310.Vintage tablecloth

311.2 Hall Autumn Leaf baker 's Each x 2

312.Various furniture pulls

313.Kitchen and bar items

314.Assorted jewelry

315.Cobra head & enameled letter opener kit with sheath Germany

316.Vintage playing cards

317.Fire king Anchor Hocking Gay Fruit baking dish #452

318.Fire king Anchor Hocking casserole 1 1/2qt

319.2-9" Hall Poppy bowls Each x 2

320.Decorative pedestals and vases

321.9 Hall Autumn Leaf bowls all

322.Desk items, pen holders, etc.

323.Hall Brown Eyed Susan bowl

324.2 Hall Autumn Leaf bowls Each x 2

325.Portable 12 vt refrigerator, warmer

326.Small desk fan

327.Hanging leaded glass shade newer

328.Hall Brown Eyed Susan casserole

329.plate holders

330.Large lot plastic storage containers

331.Cedar pieces

332.Lamp parts


334.Small lamp shades

335.Underwood 289 Adding machine

336.Large lot of plastic organizers

337.Wood crate, shelf

338.Lot of plastic organizers

339.Lights parts

340.Gray Patron burled lift top box

341.HP Photosmart C4680 printer no cord

342.1/2 moon shelf and 2 drawer cushion top organizer

343.Kitchen appliances

344.New life vest

345.Desk top organizers

346.Heating pad, back brace

347.Wood organizers

348.Small clear serving trays

349.Box of throw rugs


351.Trunk organizer, Jitterbug case

352.Variety box


354.Eagle painting by Lori Ann Louis '96

355.Earl Gross picture

356.Lou Ann Sweet 05 Oil on canvas Still life

357.Curtains 2 boxers

358.Wood wall shelves and hangers


360.1/2 Moon lighted curio cabinet

361.Mirrored back lighted curio cabinet

362.Mirrored back lighted curio cabinet

363.Dome top curio cabinet

364.Curio cabinet

365.1 door table top curio cabinet 21x6x21

366.Walnut 2 door chifforobe 38xx19x56

367.Dark table top curio cabinet 26x8x27

368.Butter print dresser 3 drawer with mirror size without mirror 39x20x33

369.Washboard comb holder, modern 11x19

370.2 door curio cabinet on legs 22x11x39

371.Handmade broom

372.4 Pieces of Marigold Iris vase, sugar, etc.

373.5 Cobalt blue Fiesta mugs all

374.7 lamp chimney s all

375.Set of 3 Pyrex white/pin Gooseberry refrigeration dishes

376.4 Fiesta mugs all

377.Set of 3 Pyrex Amish butter print refrigeration dishes

378.Set of 3 Pyrex light pink refrigeration dishes

379.Marigold glassware

380.Hall Autumn Leaf cups, saucers

381.6 Fiesta mugs various colors all

382.5 Hall Poppy bowls few chips all

383.3 Wood slide top organizers all

384.5 Fiesta mugs all

385.Marigold glasses, various patterns and sizes All

386.4 Fiesta mugs all

387.Candlewick creamer, sugar, basket, condiment All

388.2 Hall Poppy nesting bowl set

389.Hall Royal Rose bowl

390.Hall Morning Glory bowl chip

391.Fiesta items 2 colors

392.Hall Autumn Leaf pitcher

393.4 Fiesta mugs all

394.Green Depression creamers and more

395.Hall Poppy 10 custards radiance All

396.7 Pyrex blue refrigeration dishes with lids Each x 7

397.6 Fiesta cups All

398.Cedar and other dresser boxes

399.Sharp Stack stereo system with speakers

400.5 Fiesta salt and peppers all

401.Blood glucose monitor

402.Green Depression salt and peppers

403.Hall Autumn Leaf 2 oval bowls, divided bowl Each x 3

404.Blue Fiesta creamers, sugar, etc. will find chips


406.Hall Autumn Leaf 3 piece Nesting bowl set

407.Glass small lamp shade3s

408.Marble desk top items

409.White Pyrex 3 piece refrigeration set

410.Pyrex 3 piece Refrigeration set Early American

411.3 Hall Wildfire bowls Each x 3

412.3 Hall Bowls 2 Morning Glory, 1 Royal Rose Each x 3

413.Vintage ceramic small Christmas tree

414.6 Cruets

415.Early white glass hanging lamp shade

416.Large hand carved painted round wood tray crack

417.Hall Wildfire Creamers sugars All

418.Leaded glass shade floor lamp modern

419.2 door floor cabinet with shelves

420.Bistro Wolfgang Puck toaster oven


422.Cube Chefmate dorm refrigerator

423.Half pint microwave

424.Voyager 401 Sport Boat kit

425.Bathroom scrubs


427.New Daewoo air conditioner

428.frames, office

429.Small footstool

430.Plastic organizers

431.plastic stool

432.Curved front rope column curio cabinet 28x11x28 sm. Pc off base

433.Feather inlaid edging serving tray

434.Curved front rope column curio cabinet 28x11x28

435.Leaded glass shade floor lamp modern

436.Lighted mirrored back 1 door curio cabinet 31x11x29

437.White round beveled edge piece of marble 12" dia

438.2 glass door cabinet 34x10x36

439.Hall Crocus 8.5" dia. Pie, N 488 Casserole both

440.Hall Springtime 9" bowl, 5-9.25" plates, 13x10 platter All

441.2 Gravy Churchill Staffordshire Both

442.3 Hall Autumn Leaf mini bakers all

443.Fish salt and pepper

444.Hall Poppy 5" Windshield teapot

445.Homer Laughlin gravy A48N8

446.6 Hall Blue Bouquet 3.5" dia thick rim custards Each x 6

447.Hall Autumn Le3af 3 gravy boats 1 crack all

448.Various Fiesta

449.Box sherbets wine glass etc.

450.Assorted Fiesta

451.Hall Autumn Leaf 13-5.5" dia saucers All

452.2 glass dresser boxes both

453.4 cruets all

454.Hall Autumn Leaf 2 bowls as is, 8 pc of Eggshell Homer Laughlin All

455.Blue Fiesta

456.New full size sheets

457.Snack sets

458.Knobs, pulls

459.Throw rugs, placemats

460.Wood items, desk piece, flag holder

461.2 Pair cobalt blue Depression salt and peppers

462.Large Fostoria bowl

463.Hall Autumn Leaf Aladdin teapot with insert

464.19" Rose shade GWW style lamp newer

465.Hall Wildfire 6.5" pitcher, flake

466.2 Piece Anna Hutte lead crystal 3 pieces in all

467.2.5" high Toothpick Sterling silver rim

468.5 Federal bowls All

469.6" Pyrex peculator

470.2 Anchor Hocking Fire king 8.5" sq. baking dishes Gay Fruit Each x 2

471.2 Hall Poppy 9" dia bowls Each x 2

472.Hall Royal Rose 2 nesting bowls 1 w/ crack both

473.Glass ice bucket

474.Clear creamer, sugar

475.Clear Iris creamer, sugar, small dish

476.2 Cut lead crystal butter dishes both

477.5 pieces pressed, pattern glassware all

478.Hall Wildfire 12 cups and saucers All

479.Hall Autumn Leaf condiment with extra tray

480.Hall Tulip bowl 6.5" dia

481.3 Hall Autumn Leaf platters 13.5x10 Each x 3

482.Hall Autumn Leaf covered oval serving dish 10 x 6

483.2 Fire king Anchor Hocking Gay Fruit casseroles 8" & 9" Each x 2

484.Hall Autumn Leaf baker 7.75" dia

485.10 8" Green Depression plates all

486.Hall Medallion bowl white and other bowl

487.Hall Poppy cup and saucers

488.Hall Rose White casserole 7" dia

489.Hall Wildfire plates 14-9" All

490.Hall Autumn Leaf plates 10-9" dia All

491.Green Depression creamer, sugars variety all

492.2 Heineken wood advertising clogs both

493.Green center bowl and 2 pilsner's All


495.Fiesta items 2 colors

496.Green footed cake stand and center bowl both

497.Eggshell Nautilus cups and saucers All

498.Lead crystal and pressed glass

499.Hall Autumn Leaf creamer sugar

500.5 Hall Autumn Leaf 3.5" custards Each x 5


502.4 pieces of pressed and near cut glassware

503.Hall Autumn Leaf covered casserole 8.5"

504.3 pieces of green glass

505.Hall Autumn Leaf 38-6" plates all

506.5 Candlewick style goblets All

507.Various pottery items

508.Hall Autumn Leaf large salt and pepper, bell salt and pepper All

509.Homer Laughlin Virginia Rose dishes over 20 pc

510.Box of green Depression

511.2 Hall Autumn Leaf bowls both

512.2 Hall Autumn Leaf drip jar 5.5"

513.3 pieces of blue Depression

514.Green Depression glassware

515.7" Yellow Depression pitcher


517.Hall Poppy 9" bowl, 9.5" tray Each x 2

518.Hall Autumn Leaf bowl 9"

519.Hall Autumn Leaf 10-7" plates all

520.2 Hall Poppy bowls 5.25" and 6" Each x 2

521.Green plates 8-6" assorted all

522.Hall Red Poppy 9" dia bowl and 13.5x10 platter Each x 2

523.Hall Red Poppy 16-9.25" plates all

524.Hall Orange Poppy plates 2-7" and 11x8 platter All

525.Leather case with aluminum coasters

526.11-green 5.5" saucers all

527.Hall Red Poppy 4o-o6", 1-7" plates all

528.Hall Creamer, Blue unmarked bowl both

529.Hall Tulip 6 Various pieces some are as is

530.Hall Royal Rose & Blue Various items All


532.Hall Wildfire 8-10" plates all

533.Pyrex Westinghouse measuring bowl 6.5" dia, 4.5" high

534.Hall Rose Parade 9" dia

535.Emerald Oriental style rug 94x136

536.Hanging leaded glass shade 20" dia. Cracked

537.Mahogany Duncan Phyfe 1 drawer stand 24" dia. 29" high

538.Mahogany oval tea table with tray 28x19x20

539.Mahogany Duncan Phyfe 1 drawer stand 24" dia. 29" high

540.2 Drawer Modern dresser top shaving mirror 14x6x20

541.White marble top modern lyre base stand 18x14x29

542.Modern white marble top oval Victorian style lamp table 22x18x26

543.Corner hanging what not shelf 24" high

544.Modern white marble top oval Victorian style coffee table 34x22x17

545.Primitive wooden ironing board

546.Primitive wooden ironing board

547.Etched glass door gun cabinet 24x17x76

548.Showcase on legs, pad feet, 23x18x24

549.White marble lazy Susan's qty 3 Each x 3, 12" dia.

550.Modern shaving mirror & dresser top shelf both

551.Mirrored back oak glass curio cabinet 27 x 16x44

552.Curved front corner curio cabinet 18x14x58

553.Decorative plant stand light 12" dia. 31" high

554.Modern candle stand 12" dia, 35" high

555.Pine 4 drawer jewelry box 18x6x6

556.Curio cabinet with drawers 24x11x67

557.Mirrored back curio cabinet side doors 24x14x76

558.Dome top mirrored back curio cabinet 25x12x76

559.Oak tapered front 2 door curio cabinet 28x12x76

560.Leaded glass shade floor lamp modern 68" high

561.Leaded glass shade floor lamp modern 64" high

562.Plasticware, bed risers

563.Fake book decorations and drawers

564.Variety box

565.Decorative marble and ceramic items

566.Wooden items, shadow box, match holder etc.


568.linens items


571.New Dish cloths and towels

572.New full size sheets

573.Ceramic decorative pillars and scrolls

574.Assorted glassware

575.Knick knacks

576.Box of Hall and Pyrex

577.Pewter items

578.Platters, vase, etc.

579.Flashlights and more

580.Various pattern Hall pieces some as is

581.White dome top table top curio cabinet 1 door

582.Pair of 11" ceramic boy and girl

583.Hall Wildfire 8" & 7.5" dia bowls Each x 2

584.Yellow Hall Squiggle covered casserole Gold label

585.Covered cake compote 7.5" dia

586.22" wood carved machete decoration Haiti

587.Sterling Silver S. Kirk & Son triple footed dish 2.5" 207

588.Hall Springtime teapot 7"

589.Hall Wildfire 10-8.5" dia bowls all chips

590.Hall Royal Rose bowls 2.5" dia Each x 2

591.9" glass covered candy jar

592.9 6" candlewick style glasses

593.Glass salad serving utensils

594.Candlewick center piece with handle 10" dia.

595.Condiment holder 8.5" dia

596.Fostoria base covered dish

597.Heavy pressed glass pitcher 7.5" high

598.Covered pressed glass candy dish 11" high

599.Assorted glassware

600.3 Pieces of cut and pressed glass All

601.Hall Autumn Leaf 8-8" plates all


603.Green cruet items

604.Etched and pressed glass 3 pieces all

605.Green creamer, sugar and tray

606.Hall Autumn Leaf bowls 11-5.5" all

607.2 Green refrigeration dishes both, chips

608.Green Depression plates 4-8.5", 3-6.5" all

609.12 pieces of Fiesta

610.Hall Autumn Leaf covered casserole 9.5"

611.Hall Wildfire baker 2-8" dia Each x 2

612.Round platters

613.Hall Autumn Leaf 6.5" teapot lid as is

614.Fostoria divided dish & covered small compote

615.Hall Wildfire 9 custards, 1 salt all

616.Green saucers 10-6.25" all

617.Hall Wildfire bowl 8.5" dia

618.Hall Red Poppy French drip jar

619.Vase and planter, flakes

620.7 Hall Wheat cups all

621.Transferware and other plates all 3

622.Homer Laughlin 11" dia round platter


624.cups and saucers, W. German, etc.

625.Oriental style dishes

626.Box of creamer, sugar and more

627.Small dresser boxes

628.Gold rim Limoges bowls, platters

629.2 Anchor Hocking Fire king Fruit handled dishes both

630.Hall Morning Glory Covered casserole 9" dia

631.Hall Autumn Leaf 6 pieces, cups, bullion, creamer, 2 sugars all

632.3 glass pitchers

633.Copper chafing dish

634.Hall Autumn Leaf 7 pieces creamers, sugars all

635.Hurricane shade, green vase, etc.

636.Book decorations

637.Hall Autumn Leaf 4 pc stack set

638.4 Pieces Hall Wildfire, oval bowls, 2 gravy as is

639.Small leaded glass shade for lamp modern

640.Hall Wildfire 12-6" dia bowls all

641.Hall Royal Rose casserole 9" dia

642.Hall Autumn Leaf drip jar 5"

643.2 Lead crystal cut cruets both

644.3 Hall Wildfire platters, 2-11.5x9,1-10x13.5 Each x 2


646.Hall Wildfire 20-5.5" bowls, few chips all


648.Hall Wildfire covered casserole 8"

649.Various pressed and pattern glassware

650.Oval Hall 640 platter 10 x 6.5

651.Hall Wildfire 7-7" plates 1 chip all

652.Stool 18sq. X 8" high

653.Green marble looking pedestal plastic 11x7x37

654.Curio cabinet on legs, pad feet 22x11x39

655.Stool 12x10x8

656.Modern radio cabinet on legs no insides 23x14x42

657.Planter 12"dia 8" high

658.1 door/1 door curio cabinet 22x14x72

659.Tapered leg curio cabinet 20x8x70

660.Ottoman 16" dia 15" high

661.Lighted curio cabinet 18x13x76

662.Brass boot 23" high

663.Stool 18sq. 6" high

664.Concrete heavy 2 drawer filing cabinet 18x31x28

665.2 pieces of white marble 18" and 22" dia both

666.Etched front curio cabinet 21x13x71

667.2 Spindle back chairs both

668.Oak corner curio cabinet 22x12x30

669.What not shelf 18x6x25

670.Cherry sideboard 52x18x34

671.2 Door cabinet 30x6x18

672.2 door/2 door hutch or curio cabinet 33x17x78

673.Folding corner stand 34" high

674.1 drawer telephone stand 15x10x23

675.Corner cabinet 38x15x75

676.Modern collectible telephone

677.Crosley collectible telephone

678.Governor Winthrop drop front desk, claw ball feet 34x19x40

679.Mahogany drop front 2 drawer drop leaf table 42x21x29

680.2 Pedestal 13" sq. 29" high 1 chipped both

681.New 9KG Portable washing machine

682.1 drawer modern stand 13x12x28

683.Swivel backed stool seat is 31" high

684.Folding corner stand 38" high

685.1 door curio cabinet 22x11x48

686.Round piece of white marble 24" dia

687.Hall Wildfire covered casserole 6" dia flake on lid

688.Hall mini teapot and salt shaker

689.Rotary telephone princess style

690.Leaded glass Victorian style shade bedroom lamp 14" high

691.2 Perfumes no stoppers 3.5" high both

692.Fiesta gravy

693.3 Pieces of cut glass

694.Box of various egg cups all

695.Anchor Hocking Fire king white bowl 9" dia

696.Various Hall pattern pieces, Wildfire and others 8 pcs plus Homer Laughlin

697.Hall Red Poppy plates 6-9.25" all

698.Hall Wildfire covered casserole 8"

699.Hall Wildfire oval platters 2-13.5x10 Each x 2

700.4 Pieces Hall Wildfire Nesting bowls

701.Leaded glass shade modern floor lamp 5'

702.Handmade broom

703.Green furniture coasters

704.2 Hall Red Poppy bowls 5 & 6" dia Each x 2

705.2 Hall Red Poppy bowls 9" dia both

706.Lamp 18"

707.Painting of Princess Winola 15x19.5

708.Chalk ware girl and dog 18" high

709.Glass triangle 18x8

710.Vase 10"

711.Ceramic girl figurine 18"

712.2 Pair Hall Autumn Leaf salt and peppers all

713.4 Fiesta cup and saucers

714.Hall Red Poppy 9.5" dia platter

715.Blue Transferware chamber pot 9.5" dia small chip

716.Hall Red Poppy covered casserole 8"

717.Assorted Fire king dishes

718.Hall Red Poppy gravy, creamers, sugar all

719.Egg cups

720.4 Mold Marigold carnival dish 4" high

721.Fire king Anchor Hocking Gay Fruit 7 Pieces all

722.Trifold mirror

723.Modern tone white red band 2-12x9 platters Each x 2

724.Hall Westinghouse 5073 refrigeration dish blue 10.5x7x3

725.4 Fiesta 6" mugs all

726.4 Fire king Anchor Hocking cups all

727.Green Fiesta

728.Set of 3 Anchor Hocking Fire king nesting bowls Gay Fruit

729.2 Hall Orange Poppy bowls 5 and 6" dia 1 with crack All

730.2 Hall Orange Poppy bakers Each x2

731.8" Dia chamber pot

732.Hall Rose Parade baker s 2-8" dia each x 2

733.29" leaded glass tulip shade lamp modern base

734.Malt Hopper by Margaret Oettinger 30x26 painting, Scranton, Pa.

735.Hall Orange Poppy bowl 9" dia.

736.8 Pieces of Anchor Hocking Fire king Luster

737.Hall Orange Poppy oval casserole 8.5 x 6

738.2 Green refrigeration dishes 4.5x8.5 Both

739.2 door oak table top curio cabinet 17x8x22

740.Hall Wildfire pitcher 6.5"

741.Hall Orange Poppy bowl 8.5" dia

742.Hall Morning Glory bowl 9" dia

743.6 sets of cups and saucers all

744.Hall Wildfire pitcher 6"

745.3 pieces of Hall Orange Poppy creamer, sugar spoon rest all

746.11 Hall Orange Poppy Custards Each x 11

747.15 Anchor Hocking Fire king Gay Fruit custards Each x 15

748.Hall Orange Poppy covered casserole 8" da

749.Hall Red Poppy Baker 8" dia

750.2 Hall Orange Poppy nesting bowls 10" and 8.5"-chip

751.3 Pyrex 3.5" square small dishes all

752.2 Hall Orange Poppy nesting bowls 5" & 6" both

753.Jadite salt pepper 3 pieces all

754.2 Hall Orange Poppy bowls 9" dia Each x 2

755.Green Jadeite butter dish McK chip on top and bottom

756.Hall Orange Poppy pitcher 7"

757.Hall Autumn Leaf Aladdin teapot no insert chip on top

758.Hall Wildfire bowl 9" dia.

759.Hall Orange Poppy 6" teapot

760.What not shelf 237x6x20

761.1 door walnut display 22x6x20

762.Box trays etc.

763.Single burner table range

764.Various salt and peppers

765.Wood organizers


767.Organizers, etc.

768.Glass trays, dishes

769.Clear platters

770.Bathroom items

771.Electric cords

772.Pressed glass

773.Glass underplates

774.2 Ceramic pedestal bases


776.Glass platters, trays



779.Pieces of marble

780.Cutting boards, cutting trays

781.Salt and pepper

782.Knick knacks

783.Glass floral nesting dishes

784.Shot and drink glasses

785.Fake books

786.2 Wall shelves both


788.Leaded glass shade 12" bedroom lamp modern

789.Brass pedestal piece 16" ornate

790.Hall Red Poppy covered casserole 8"

791.5-9.5" Fiesta plates all

792.Set of 3 Hall Red Poppy nesting bowls 1 chipped

793.Hall Tulip bowls 6-8.5" soup all

794.Hall Star Design bowl 9" dia. 1378

795.Hall Tulip oval bowl 2 creamers all

796.Hall Rose Parade covered casserole 8" dia

797.Brass 8.5" teapot

798.Pyrex red 9" square covered refrigeration dish

799.Modern stick phone

800.Eye cup, ink well

801.Shadowbox with miniatures

802.Modern coffee grinder

803.9-9" Jadite Fire king plates few chips

804.9" Tulip pitcher chip

805.Clayware figure 4.5"

806.Bust of young boy 9" Alexander Backer Co. Inc

807.Early playing cards

808.Marble tray & cordial glasses

809.2 Yellow Pyrex 9" square bowls Each x 2

810.Hall Wildfire bowls 2-9" dia 1 crack

811.Hall Wildfire pitcher 8"

812.Oriental style covered bowl 9" dia

813.Hall Wildfire covered casserole 8" dia

814.Religious print

815.3 electric lights all

816.Box Modernton and other Mid Century dishes

817.Battery operated mantle clock

818.Fire king bowl Flower decal 8" dia.

819.17" G. Carirsi statue

820.4-7" dia. Fiesta bowls all

821.9.5" Pewter pitcher

822.2 21" floral decorated lamps Each x 2

823.8" Crystal pitcher

824.Homco puppies

825.NY Hat ashtray souvenir

826.12-9" Modern tone plates white with red band all

827.8" Shakespeare bust

828.16 Piece Lenox dishes

829.Thomas elec. Beehive radio 11x9x14

830.Leaded glass metal base fancy Victorian style modern living room lamp 18"

831.Hall Autumn Leaf covered casserole 8" with lid

832.Hall Rose Parade covered casserole 8" dia

833.Perfume 5"

834.Modern wall phone

835.Hall Autumn Leaf 8" pitcher

836.6 Pyrex 4.5" square dishes red and yellow all

837.Pair brass fireplace irons

838.2 door display cabinet with clock 13x3x17

839.Federal bowls

840.Mirrored dresser trays and more

841.1 door display cabinet 15x7x24

842.Pair of 14" scrolls

843.Pair 14" boy, girl ceramic statues

844.1 door/1 door curio cabinet 22x14x72

845.Aynsley flower 3" may find flakes

846.2 Bootie planters both

847.Italian souvenir 62 Bootie planters both

848.9.5" Drink shaker

849.7" statue

850.Hall Autumn Leaf teapot 8.5" small flake crack base

851.Covered pottery rabbit dish


853.Curio cabinet 22x12x71

854.Unsigned 6" pitcher

855.Yellow unsigned pitcher 7"

856.McCormick Baltimore MD Teapot 6.5"

857.Teapot 5" chipped

858.2 Fiesta gravy 1 chip both

859.7" Fiesta pitcher

860.Clock case 14x21

861.Small cabinet with shelves 7" square 23" high

862.Curio cabinet 19x14x72

863.Hull double handled vase 9.5"

864.Sailboat milk glass salt and pepper

865.Pair 8" boy girl porcelain figures

866.2.5" Egg cup

867.Pair 2" rabbit egg cups

868.6" Hall teapot

869.Hull double handled vase 9.5"

870.Oak corner curio cabinet 29x17x72

871.Hall Autumn Leaf Aladdin teapot with insert small flake

872.Yellow Hall 6 cup teapot 6"

873.Fiesta creamer sugar

874.6" Hall teapot crack in base

875.5" Cobalt blue teapot chip/crack

876.6.5" pitcher

877.7" Fiesta pitcher

878.6.5" Covered cracker jar

879.6.5" clear teapot

880.Curio cabinet 17x12x75

881.3 Dutch Kissing kids

882.Pair Dutch kissing kids

883.8 cup Hall Fleur-de-lis teapot

884.Hall Ricolator product 4" teapot

885.Reel push mower

886.Hoover spin sweep sidewalk sweeper

887.Hoover spin sweep sidewalk sweeper

888.Hose and 3 hose reels

889.Yard Machine 13" cut electric lawn mower

890.B & D 4 hp electric push mower

891.B & D 4 hp electric push mower

892.Electric 18" mulching mower

893.B & D flip over handle electric mow3er

894.Lawn Hog electric mower 18"

895.B & D flip over handle electric mow3er

896.Cherub planter & ceramic urn

897.3 Pedestals ceramic all

898.Ceramic pedestal

899.Tall ceramic pedestal

900.Ceramic pedestal

901.Tall ceramic pedestal

902.Ceramic pedestal

903.2 Ceramic pedestals

904.Ceramic pedestal

905.2 Ceramic pedestals


907.4 Ceramic pedestals

908.Concrete base to bird bath

909.Tall ceramic pedestal chip

910.Lion plaster type material

911.Concrete planter

912.Cherub garden decoration

913.Concrete garden decorations

914.Heavy plastic boy girl yard decoration

915.3 Concrete planters

916.Concrete planter

917.2 Concrete planters both

918.Concrete planter

919.2 Bird bath bases both

920.Concrete planter

921.Concrete planter


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