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- 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Antique Horse Drawn pull behind harrows approx. 6'

2.2 Sets of wooden oars Both

3.Horse drawn harrow

4.Horse drawn single plow

5.Mesh wir

6.Piece of antique tool

7.Drop bar for antique equipment

8.Early hyraulic pump

9.Blades for sickle bar mower approx 6'

10.Approx 5x3 antique drag pallet

11.Antique tractor tire 11.2-24

12.Tree stand

13.Montgomery Ward Snowblower as is

14.Ryobi 15" 31cc Weedeater

15.Yard Machine 3 way system 10 hp chipper

16.Early metal moving cart

17.Early push mower

18.Weedeater BV165 Blower vac

19.2 Vintage windows

20.Antique horse drawn double plow and parts

21.2 gas cans

22.Antique parts and pulleys

23.Bucket of misc. parts

24.Early iron parts

25.Box with file, early nippers

26.Small metal sign holder

27.Ruler, etct

28.Antique water cup parts

29.2 Vintage hitch balls, hook

30.2 Traps

31.Pill pusher, horse shoe nail puller

32.Harness parts


34.Pony shoes

35.Orange flag

36.2 pc. Early chain, short

37.Vintage bridle and bit

38.Approx 10' iron piece for early plow

39.Blacksmith anvil and Blacksmithing tools

40.Assorted horns

41.stack chairs

42.2 metal stools Both

43.Approx 45 horseshoes and pony shoes

44.Over 60 Horseshoes and pony shoes

45.Over 100 Horseshoes and pony shoes

46.Over 100 Horseshoes and pony shoes

47.Large hay fork approx 3'

48.8T floor jack

49.2 floor jacks no handles

50.Set of car ramps


52.Metal dolly

53.Hand tools

54.Aluminum folding chair

55.Concrete mixer Sears Mod. 7139523 Pull behind

56.Cant hook

57.Wiffle tree

58.Wiffle tree

59.Early McCormick Deering Farmall A Tractor 8638-DE WFE, tires 11.2-24 with chains with early sickle bar mower, mower is upstairs in barn back corner


61.Lot of hand tools UPSTAIRS

62.Apple picker UPSTAIRS

63.3' wooden level Ludell NY UPSTAIRS

64.2 Early crates UPSTAIRS

65.Lot of scrap, iron, copper UPSTAIRS

66.Early wooden skiis 064 5297 6'9" maple UPSTAIRS

67.3' shop light UPSTAIRS

68.Primitive stool wood top metal base UPSTAIRS

69.Anqtique horse drawn single seat buggy Mfg. for Bailey & Westfall Barton NY, The Steaurt Vehicle Co. Martinsburg W. Va. Looks to be original UPSTAIRS

70.Kids Bear Bow and others UPSTAIRS


72.3 Shelves of assorted items UPSTAIRS

73.Chains UPSTAIRS

74.Fishing poles, etc UPSTAIRS

75.Early horse drawn sleigh The Sturtevant Larrabee Co. Binghamton NY, looks to be original UPSTAIRS

76.Brown enamel top pull out side leaves table UPSTAIRS

77.Tool box with sockets UPSTAIRS

78.Tool box with assorted tools UPSTAIRS

79.Wheelbarrow, shovel UPSTAIRS

80.Saw horses UPSTAIRS

81.Saw horses UPSTAIRS

82.Antique Favorite wall mount drying rack UPSTAIRS

83.Box tools, etc UPSTAIRS

84.Early bolt cutters UPSTAIRS

85.Set of 4 Horseshoes UPSTAIRS

86.2 gun cleaning kits UPSTAIRS

87.Primitive flail UPSTAIRS

88.50 lb fish scales UPSTAIRS

89.No. 6 Stanley plane UPSTAIRS

90.Vintage parts UPSTAIRS

91.Short iron stakes UPSTAIRS

92.Assorted tools UPSTAIRS

93.5" Cast iron frying pan UPSTAIRS

94.Griswold No. 6 Cast iron frying pan UPSTAIRS

95.3 Advertising yard sticks UPSTAIRS

96.3 7 1/4" circular saw blades UPSTAIRS

97.Pony shoes UPSTAIRS

98.Come a long UPSTAIRS

99.Small trap UPSTAIRS

100.Marvel Mystery Oil advertising tin UPSTAIRS

101.Chatillon brass scales UPSTAIRS

102.8 x 30 Bushnell Sportview bionoculars UPSTAIRS

103.2 pc to 3 pt hitch UPSTAIRS

285.Halter bridle UPSTAIRS

286.Come a long UPSTAIRS

287.Turn bar, ice tongs UPSTAIRS

288.6'x50' weed control fabric UPSTAIRS

289.5 x 7 blue tarp UPSTAIRS

290.Antique wooden tool box UPSTAIRS

291.Box of early tools UPSTAIRS

292.Wooden advertising box The Book of Knowledge UPSTAIRS

293.Halogen work light UPSTAIRS

294.Waders size 10 UPSTAIRS

295.Gun rack UPSTAIRS

296.Nails, etc UPSTAIRS

297.Box of misc. UPSTAIRS

298.Box with C clamp, pipe cutter UPSTAIRS

299.Early hardware UPSTAIRS

300.Box of tools, sockets UPSTAIRS

301.Antqiue jack UPSTAIRS

302.Wrenches, etc UPSTAIRS

303.Humminbird TenMain Depth Sounder UPSTAIRS

304.Electric fencer UPSTAIRS

305.Antqiue 11" Iron level The L.S.S. Co. Mass UPSTAIRS

306.Antique wrenches UPSTAIRS

307.Early bit & pullers UPSTAIRS

308.Ryobi 10" chop saw UPSTAIRS

309.Circular saw, 2 drills elec. UPSTAIRS

310.3 Small meat hooks UPSTAIRS

311.Pile of saws, level, square UPSTAIRS

312.Pile of antique parts and iron for farm equipment UPSTAIRS


314.Approx 8 metal fence posts UPSTAIRS

315.Large table formica top UPSTAIRS

316.2 Early handmade small wiffle trees both UPSTAIRS

317.wire UPSTAIRS

318.Pair of early ladder jacks UPSTAIRS

319.Craftsman leaf blower UPSTAIRS

320.2 Horse ties, both UPSTAIRS

321.Pile of antique farm equipment parts UPSTAIRS

322.Early machinist box with assorted tools UPSTAIRS

323.20 x 2'6" approx. metal grate UPSTAIRS

324.Trash can UPSTAIRS


326.Pile of sleds plastic UPSTAIRS

327.Sanitaire Commercial rug shampooer UPSTAIRS

328.Plastic fenc UPSTAIRS

329.Pile of scrap & more UPSTAIRS

330.Fishing poles UPSTAIRS


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