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Item Description
1.Thomas Kincaid The City By The Bay print 10.5 x 20 FOYER

2.Early print, birch trees 8.5 x 18 FOYER

3.Art Deco mirror 14 x 29 FOYER

4.Mahogany magazine stand, Duncan Phyfe feet 23" FOYER

5.Oak bookcase FOYER

6.2 Metal storks 31" FOYER

7.Early walnut stand 29 x 21x30 FOYER

8.Mid Century stand 15" cube FOYER

9.Pink frosted hand blown pitcher 9" DINING ROOM


10.Fenton hand painted bell signed by artist V. Fredrick 6.5" 158/900 DINING ROOM

11.Fenton Amethyst hand painted basket 9" signed Bill Fenton & hand painted by D. Barbour DINING ROOM

12.Fenton 7" Ruby vase hand painted by A. Mason DINING ROOM

13.Large Capidimonte basket as is 9" DINING ROOM

14.Fenton Carnival glass double handled urn 5" Fenton Sticker DINING ROOM

15.Fenton 75th Celebration Vase Nov 13, 1998 blue 9" hand painted by B. Pazzonic DINING ROOM

16.Feton Carnival glass rose bowl 3.5" purple with sticker DINING ROOM

17.Fenton Country Cranberry vase 8" DINING ROOM

18.Fenton Carnival glass double handled dish Butterfly pattern 8.5x6x2 DINING ROOM

19.Fenton hand painted vase signed D. Anderson Clear to blue with top 8.5" DINING ROOM

20.Fenton bluish Carnival glass DINING ROOM

21.Mahogany sideboard pc veneer off 62 x 22 x37 DINING ROOM

22.9" Tin milk pail DINING ROOM

23.Austria lead crystal mini animals DINING ROOM

24.Bookcase 29 x 12 x 48 DINING ROOM

25.Mahogany dining room table with 6 chairs, Duncan Phyfe legs DINING ROOM

26.Fenton Cranberry applied handled pitcher 75th anniv. Bill Fenton 7.5" DINING ROOM

27.3 Cutglass bowls DINING ROOM may find nicks

28.2 Vintage Character cups both DINING ROOM

29.3 cut 9" oval dishes may find flakes DINING ROOM

30.2 Cranberry bubble bowls 8.5" dia. DINING ROOM

31.2 small brass bells DINING ROOM

32.2 Pieces of clear-ruby basket and dish DINING ROOM

33.Set of Capodimonte flowers 6.5" sm. Nick DINING ROOM

34.Ruby large bowl and rose bowl DINING ROOM

35.7" Ruby Fenton bell Love hand painted Alebi DINING ROOM

36.7.5" dia. Ruby-clear footed bowl DINING ROOM

37.7" metal globe as is DINING ROOM

38.5 Cutglass 4.5" tumblers DINING ROOM

39.2 Pressed glass decanters 9" DINING ROOM

40.Fenton yellow satin Rose bowl 4.5" hand painted C. Flaherty DINING ROOM

41.Knic knacs DINING ROOM

42.Ruby 7" juice pitcher & 8-4" glasses DINING ROOM

43.2 Ruby-clear bells DINING ROOM

44.4 Cutglass nappies may find flakes DINING ROOM

45.3 Stooges movies DINING ROOM

46.Vintage trash can not metal 15" high, 12" dia. DINING ROOM

47.Early spooncarved dropfront ladies desk 41x21x50 DINING ROOM

48.Longaberger basket signed 2003 14x8x9 DINING ROOM

49.Desk lamp DINING ROOM

50.Grabber DINING ROOM

51.Cedar Chest, veneer off 47x18x25 DINING ROOM

52.Walnut framed mirror 25x18x2 DINING ROOM

53.Daneker Granmother clock 16 x 9 x78 DINING ROOM

54.Modern lighted corner curio cabinet 33 x76 DINING ROOM

55.Walnut round stand 16" dia, 26" high DINING ROOM

56.Rush seat chair DINING ROOM

57.Bentwood chair DINING ROOM

58.Watercolor by C.E. Hollis 1887 Flowers 29 x 23 DINING ROOM

59.Hanging what not shelf 20 x 23 x8

60.1885 Towanda Telephone book DINING ROOM

61.Plastic child's holster DINING ROOM

62.Carved desk tray 9.5 x8 DINING ROOM

63.Vintage white baby clothing DINING ROOM

64.5" Dutch boy and girl DINING ROOM

65.Golf balls DINING ROOM

66.Carved wooden vase 8" DINING ROOM

67.Vintage Viewmaster with sildes DINING ROOM

68.Assorted vases, etc DINING ROOM

69.Blue bottle, hand painted bottle DINING ROOM

70.Signed Hawkes cut ruby to clear bowl 7.5" dia. 3" high DINING ROOM

71.Fenton Ruby hobnail 3" bowl DINING ROOM

72.11" wooden handmade tank DINING ROOM

73.2 hand painted bottles DINING ROOM

74.Polished gemstones DINING ROOM

75.Cutglass salt and pepper, 4" pitcher and toothpick may find flakes DINING ROOM

76.Lead crystal oyster DINING ROOM

77.Cranberry hand painted Fenton basket 10" Dan Fenton DINING ROOM

78.Vintage Rolls Razor DINING ROOM

79.Signed Hawkes 3" cutglass jam jar DINING ROOM

80.Ward House Towanda 4"x2" DINING ROOM

81.Sterling silver plate 6" dia. J.S. Co. DINING ROOM

82.2" Souv of Towanda clear-ruby as is DINING ROOM

83.souv 2" creamer clear to ruby Niagra Falls DINING ROOM

84.4-4" glasses DINING ROOM

85.French Azilum horseshoe/ DINING ROOM

86.3 pieces of cutglass Compote, oval bowl may find nicks DINING ROOM

87.4 pieces of cutglass may find flakes DINING ROOM

88.knic knacs, vase, perfume DINING ROOM

89.2 Crystal decanters DINING ROOM

90.Pewter road runner & bear with cub DINING ROOM

91.Fenton small basket DINING ROOM

92.Fenton Christmas tree with gold bird DINING ROOM

93.Fenton hand painted egg J.K Spencer 685/2500 DINING ROOM

94.Oriental stress balls DINING ROOM

95.White Fentong case glass vase hand painted V. Jay DINING ROOM

96.2 Fenton bells, bird & duck DINING ROOM

97.Box cutglass and cut crystal pitcher, toothpick, etc DINING ROOM

98.2 large pressed glass vases DINING ROOM

99.2 Silver overlay bowls DINING ROOM

100.Pressed and cut glass cruets, etc DINING ROOM

101.Thomas Kincaid plate and early bowl DINING ROOM

102.Blankets DINING ROOM

103.Oil lamp and candleholders DINING ROOM

104.Early handmade baby clothing DINING ROOM

105.Early throws DINING ROOM

106.Fire extinguisher DINING ROOM


108.Cutting boards, cooling rack, etc DINING ROOM

109.Artificial flowers, pointsettias, etc DINING ROOM

110.Table linens DINING ROOM

111.Pressed glass platters, glasses, decanter DINING ROOM

112.Driftwood and seashells DINING ROOM

113.Early childrens clothing DINING ROOM

114.Cookbooks DINING ROOM

115.5" pottery Snoopy DINING ROOM

116.53/500 Eagle chip on wing DINING ROOM

117.GE transistor radio, Accent line DINING ROOM

118.Wood inlaid bowl 6" dia., 4" high DINING ROOM

119.8 Green globlets KITCHEN

120.8 ruby to clear goblets KITCHEN

121.4 pieces of ruby, vases, salter KITCHEN

122.Bohemian Glass vinegar with stopper with deer design KITCHEN

123.Ruby glasses set of 4 & set of 6 with clear bases KITCHEN

124.RCA boombox with disc player KITCHEN

125.Bird books KITCHEN

126.Fire TV cube KITCHEN

127.Precious Moments Cross KITCHEN

128.Oregon Sceintific New KITCHEN

129.4 Thomas Kincaide plates KITCHEN

130.2 Sets new headphones KITCHEN

131.Bellabeat Leaf Smart Jewelry necklace and bracelet New KITCHEN

132.Early metal Masters Co.Toy Car approx 5" KITCHEN

133.Ninja KITCHEN

134.Pyrex in cupboard KITCHEN

135.Assorted glasses, vases on counter KITCHEN

136.Pans KITCHEN

137.2 Hall bowls KITCHEN

138.Amethyst vase KITCHEN

139.Cobalt blue glaze milk pitcher KITCHEN

140.3 Pottery bowls, blue is chipped KITCHEN

141.Metal apple teapot KITCHEN

142.Aromatherapy Humidifier New KITCHEN

143.3 Personal griddles New KITCHEN

144.Kitchen utensils, pampered chef, etc KITCHEN

145.Baking KITCHEN

146.3 Piece fruit cannisters KITCHEN

147.New Personal blender KITCHEN

148.copper cooktop, iron, kitchen appliances KITCHEN

149.2 wood boxes 1 cedar Adv. Pa. Turnpike, English Hunt Scene KITCHEN

150.McDonald's mug, covered dish, etc KITCHEN

151.Quantity household items BACK ROOM

152.Plasticware BACK ROOM

153.Silicone baking items BACK ROOM

154.Cookbooks BACK ROOM

155.Ronco ready grill BACK ROOM

156.Furr muffs BACK ROOM

157.Cujo 2 tile mate key finders BACK ROOM

158.Handmade pegged tiger maple top stand BACK ROOM

159.Pop It BACK ROOM

160.Sheets BACK ROOM

161.Various new items BACK ROOM

162.Cane, umbrella BACK ROOM

163.Cleaning items, baskets BACK ROOM

164.Various office items BACK ROOM

165.Iron Rooster trivet BACK ROOM

166.Carved old man winter face BACK ROOM

167.Victorian stand oak base BACK ROOM

168.Resting Cowboy watercolor signed Jenice McConnell BACK ROOM

169.Unsigned painting of boats BACK ROOM

170.Corner of fitness items, Chair Gym, etc BACK ROOM

171.4 drawer plastic organizer BACK ROOM

172.Sheets, towels BACK ROOM

173.Duraflame heater BACK ROOM


175.Light angel, baga a bug, etc BACK ROOM

176.4 Collaspible totes BACK ROOM

177.3 boxes books BACK ROOM

178.Door fan, lights BACK ROOM

180.Cookbooks, etc BACK ROOM

181.Coleman lantern, cooler BACK ROOM

182.2 Boxes cookbooks BACK ROOM

183.Exercise machine BACK ROOM

184.Orb 2 and B & D cordless vac BACK ROOM

185.Vintage magazine holder BACK ROOM

186.Closet organizers BACK ROOM

187.Barometer, metal boxes BACK ROOM

188.Cleaning BACK ROOM

189.Electrolux vacuum BACK ROOM

190.Welcome Cardinal picture BACK ROOM

191.Mahogany bookcase open front BACK ROOM

192.Paper shredder OFFICE

193.Mission style bookcase OFFICE

194.2 Mid Century end tables, tapered legs OFFICE

195.Battery operated clock OFFICE

196.Carved signed bird approx 3" OFFICE

197.Pottery bowl planter OFFICE

198.Syrcco scotty dog bookends OFFICE

199.Black Vintage rotary phone OFFICE

200.knic knacs OFFICE

201.Carved letter openers, small turned boxes OFFICE

202.Small Lenox bowl OFFICE

203.Plastic salt & pepper, apple bear, metal vase OFFICE

204.Pioneer & Patriot Families of Bradford County Pa. Heverly 1770-1825 OFFICE

205.3 Carved Africian figures approx 12" OFFICE

206.6 Bottles of red wine OFFICE

207.County maps OFFICE

208.2 brass deer, mini boyd's bear OFFICE

209.Storage containers OFFICE

210.Large 5 section file cabinet OFFICE

211.Early office chair OFFICE

212.IBM Electric typewriter OFFICE

213.Computer desk and accessories Computer tower does not get sold OFFICE

214.Large quantity of office items OFFICE

215.Set of dishes LIVING ROOM

216.Crystal decanters & cut glasses LIVING ROOM

217.Cherry drop leaf table LIVING ROOM

218.2 Ruby vases, Ruby-clear toothpick LIVING ROOM

219.4 Cut crystal items LIVING ROOM

220.Early Towanda phone book Hardcover Advertising Lewis Gun Shop, Meredith Motors LIVING ROOM

221.Cut and etched tumbler glasses LIVING ROOM

222.4 Goebel birds LIVING ROOM

223.2 Goodey round convex framed pictures approx 4" LIVING ROOM

224.3 pieces cutglass LIVING ROOM

225.Bavaria, Austria creamer/sugar, etc LIVING ROOM

226.Set of Yellow Rose china dishes LIVING ROOM

227.Stop Thief electronic cops and robbers game LIVING ROOM

228.Fax Machine Bortherinteli fax 750 LIVING ROOM

229.Pressed glass LIVING ROOM

230.4 pieces of cutglass LIVING ROOM

231.Silverplated items LIVING ROOM

232.Oriental Dishes, saucer-as is LIVING ROOM

233.Books, novels LIVING ROOM

234.Blue Kroehler loveseat LIVING ROOM

235.Various necklaces, copper Southwestern pc etc LIVING ROOM

236.Various pins and earrings LIVING ROOM

237.Pins, necklaces, earrings LIVING ROOM

238.Jewelry box with some jewelry LIVING ROOM

239.Various pins, Clown, Rose, Bone China flower LIVING ROOM

240.2 Jewelry boxes LIVING ROOM

241.Large box of clips LIVING ROOM

242.Recliner Covers LIVING ROOM

243.Indian artifacts, fossils LIVING ROOM

244.Arrowheads, Indian relics LIVING ROOM

245.Inlaid top small jewelry box LIVING ROOM

246.2 Boxes cookbooks LIVING ROOM

247.Plated and coin silverware LIVING ROOM

248.Arrowheads LIVING ROOM

249.Ladies and men's watches LIVING ROOM

250.Marbles, jax LIVING ROOM

251.Flying Duck belt buckle LIVING ROOM

252.Park Lighter LIVING ROOM

253.Carved ring & elephant charm LIVING ROOM

254.1977 Raintree Southwestern belt buckle LIVING ROOM

255.Ladies pierced earrings LIVING ROOM

256.Marked .925 clasp 2 necklaces, bracelet LIVING ROOM

257.1980 Hallmarked pendant pin on chain LIVING ROOM

258.Vintage cameo pin lady and goat LIVING ROOM

259.Sterling chain with heart pendant LIVING ROOM

260.Evening in Paris rouge compact Bourgois approx 1.5" LIVING ROOM

261.Sterling double heat pin LIVING ROOM

262.2 Stick pins LIVING ROOM

263.Unmarked possible gold cufflinks & locket LIVING ROOM

264.2 Sterling thimbles LIVING ROOM

265.Amethyst stone ring LIVING ROOM

266.Sterling bracelet LIVING ROOM

267.Tennis bracelet, etc LIVING ROOM

268.Joan Rivers Bracelet with charms LIVING ROOM

269..29 g of .999 fine silver ingot LIVING ROOM

271.Ladies Victorian diamond solitaire ring LIVING ROOM

272.3 Indian stones LIVING ROOM

273.2 Boxes of Indian arrowheads Each x 2 LIVING ROOM

274.Watercolor of boat LIVING ROOM

275.Paintings LIVING ROOM

276.Wall decoration LIVING ROOM

277.Round tramp art framed needlepoint LIVING ROOM

278.Watercolor of house signed LIVING ROOM

279.Painting of flowers signed LIVING ROOM

280.Painting of Apples in Crock Signed LIVING ROOM

281.Fruit Still Life singed Joyce Hewitt, Joyce Hewitt Beck early work LIVING ROOM

282.Joyce Hewitt Beck painting of flowers LIVING ROOM

283.Watercolor blue vase signed LIVING ROOM

284.Metal wood stand modern LIVING ROOM

285.Karastan Kirman Oriental Rug 8'8"x12' LIVING ROOM

286.Karastan Kirman Oriental throw rug 2'2"x4' LIVING ROOM

287.Walnut framed mirror HALL

288.Painting of ship signed HALL

289.Yard Whirrly Gig decoration FRONT PORCH

290.Wall of tools GARAGE

291.Oak 8 drawer card file index from local school GARAGE

292.Roll around base tool box GARAGE

293.2 Child's chairs both GARAGE

294.Walnut coffee table GARAGE

295.Primitive rush seat stenciled back chair GARAGE

296.Plank bottom chair GARAGE

297.Cosco vanity stool GARAGE

298.Cosco stool GARAGE

299.Cooler, toys GARAGE

300.Christmas tree GARAGE

301.Tower oscilating fan GARAGE

302.Books GARAGE

303.Bowling ball, bag GARAGE

304.Canning jars GARAGE

305.Tub Toys GARAGE

306.Tools, etc GARAGE

307.Victorian stand, fancy base GARAGE

308.Vintage Christmas candle approx 4' GARAGE

309.Bucket of cleaning GARAGE

310.Folding bag chairs GARAGE

311.2 Vintage trash cans GARAGE

312.Hand beam drill GARAGE

313.Vintage plastic Christmas tree GARAGE

314.Toothpick, knic knacs GARAGE

315.Early leather ammo belt GARAGE

316.knic knacs candleholders, wood shoe, Victorian pickle castor GARAGE

317.Duraflame heater and new items GARAGE

318.Planters GARAGE

319.2 vintage purses GARAGE

320.Matchbox & other cars GARAGE

321.Santa Cookie jar GARAGE

322.Tonka toy GARAGE

323.2 Advertising bottle openers GARAGE

324.Antique toy truck GARAGE

325.Studio fan GARAGE

326.Vintage push button phone GARAGE

327.Antique toy tractor missing wheels GARAGE

328.Fly rod GARAGE

329.Latch hook GARAGE

330.Dome top lunch box GARAGE

331.Records GARAGE

332.Vintage small suitcase GARAGE


334.Drying rack, 2 metal chairs UPSTAIRS GARAGE


336.Early Johnson SeaHorse boat motor UPSTAIRS GARAGE


338.2 metal vintage radiator covers UPSTAIRS GARAGE

339.Lot of early screen doors and windows UPSTAIRS GARAGE

340.Pair of wooden shutters UPSTAIRS GARAGE

341.Early crib and playpen UPSTAIRS GARAGE

342.Part to early dropfront desk UPSTAIRS GARAGE

343.child's pool UPSTAIRS GARAGE

344.Early table saw, assorted tools UPSTAIRS GARAGE

345.Lot of early wooden doors, screens, lattice type work UPSTAIRS GARAGE

391.Painted bottles

392.knic knacs

393.records 45's

394.Small square fan

395.Pewter compote

396.Early cameras

397.Williams Oil advertising thermometer

398.2 brass swans

399.Girl picture signed

400.Leather tooled wallet, wicker purse

401.Pair of hurricane lamps -not all glass

402.Milkglass lamp, pottery lamp

403.2 drawer filing cabinet, fax/copier

404.Vintage metal trash can

405.Oak 1 drawer desk, turn leg

406.Quantity of records

407.Vintage metal etched mirror medicine cabinet and corner hanging cabinet

408.Mid Century 4 drawer dresser

409.Coke bottle, etc

410.Large walnut library table

411.Quantity books

412.Pair metal decorative living room lamps

413.Metal desk parts

414.Vintage Olympia typewriter

415.2 Card tables

416.Folding woven wood chair

417.Calling Elk picture signed Bruce Hershall

418.Large quantity of books

419.4 metal file cabinets & box

420.Single bank desk

460.Vanity stool

461.Uncle Mike's sidekcik holster

462.Power inverters, etc

463.Bank, wood boxes and more

464.Vintage office items

465.Umbrellas, rain suit

466.2 ladies hats


468.Jar of buttons

469.Tower 7 x 35 bionoculars

470.Whip-Souvenier of Yellowstone Nat'l Park

471.1963 Newspapers

472.Chimney, knic knac

473.Chamber pot with lid Maddock & Co.



476.Wood bat, vintage baseball glove, balls

477.Liquor bottle

478.Vintage Hotkaps plant protectors

479.Indian artifacts

480.Canes, yardsticks

481.Oak princess 2/1 drawer dresser with mirror

482.Health-o-meter scales

483.4 drawer cottage style dresser with white marble top

484.2 Vintage lighting ceiling fixtures

485.Rush seat chair


487.Fishing pole

488.Wicker stool


490.C. Thompson bowl to pitcher/bowl net no pitcher


492.Oreck vac

493.Gun rack

494.Maple Mid Century chair

495.Vintage Smith Corona typewriter

496.Mid Century vinyl chair

497.Glass washboard National Washboard Co. No 862

498.Oak washstand with towel bar 1 dr/2 door

499.Rotary phone

500.Chinese style area rug

501.knic knac shelf UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

502.Fancy mahogany vanity with carved mirror, serpentine front & legs UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

503.Early bow with quiver and arrows UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

504.Mid Century vanity with mirror UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

505.Calanda 2 mode for Pfaff sewing machine UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

506.Oak 2/2 dresser with mirror Serpentine front UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

507.Hand painted shade lamp UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

508.Bed topper, bedding UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

509.Modern lamp UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

510.Fragrance Diffuser UPSTAIRS HALLWAY



513.Shag sweeper

514.Storage and organizer items

515.Pillows, blankets

516.Cleaing items


518.5 drawer oak highboy some glass pulls

519.Lot of office items

520.Early kneehole desk no top

521.Cyprus clock, duck wall piece

522.Early wicker chair

523.Cable light, bulbs, etc

524.Tablecloth, throw


526.2 throw rugs

527.drill bits


529.light bulbs, etc

530.Childrens items

531.4 boxes of novels, books

532.Cups, glass shade, knic knacs

533.Covered jars, vases

536.Wooden mallet

537.Early newspaper


540.2 Vintage hooks


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