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Quick Online Auction - Monday July 22 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.2" Made in Germany Fur dog

2.Collectible K mart baseball cards

3.Vintage dice, miniatures

4.Vintage Christmas ornaments, Mercury bird-as is, Face

5.Fossil Bear and Elk teeth

6.Box of miniature animals

7.Alaska scrimshaw necklace

8.Alaska scrimshaw pierced earrings

9.Iron 3" cannon

10.Fossils found in Hanover Bone and pottery

11.Dale Earnhardt collectible knife

12.Calvert Cole Advertising compass

13.2 Mini iron dogs

14.Iron 3" ashtray

15.Advertising Sentinel dental floss

16.Bust bottle opener

17.9" Fiddle tone Made by Spec Toy culars Inc violin

18.2" mini childs iron toy

19.2" Wara West Germany Push up toy

20.Vintage baby book bank no key

21.3" barrell inkwell, chip

22.Found in Hanover Fossils Bone and pottery

23.Perma maid Advertising savings vintage bank

24.Bone Alligator letter opener

25.Vintage Calendar desk approx 6 x 4

26.Sterling aviator wings

27.White milkglass vintage birdcage food holders

28.5 Plated salts

29.2 Small sterling silver salts

30.Interesting metal belt

31.Bird figure Vintage wall mount accordian jewelry holder

32.Celluloid Antique horn child chasing dog

33.Sterling necklace

34.3 Vintage Christmas ornaments

35.Iron unmarked skier figurines

36.Celluloid 3" baby in egg ornament

37.3 Vintage Christmas ornaments

38.Vintage Christmas ornament Teapot

39.Iron 3" last supper and 3" iron santa

40.2 Germany birds

41.3 Antique Easter decorations, glass

42.Iorn bears and small building

43.3 1.5" brass bells

44.bisque penny doll

45.Iron 2" Made in England, man woman and wheelbarrow

46.Carved man stopper, early whistle and jointed wood mouse

47.Lot of Vintage Christmas ornaments

48.5" Raggedy Ann ceramic bank

49.Vintage Christmas trees and Dwarfs

50.26" victorian style Eliza doll Design Debut

51.Yolanda Bello Doll 9"

52.12" Dynasty doll

53.Maureen doll 19" Moments Treasured

54.Battery operated santa and santa in space ship

55.Antique Glass Christms beads


57.Religious and other pictures

58.Vintage baseball

59.Gibbons Antique advertising thermometer 12"

60.trench shovel new

61.diary etc

62.Set of dishes

63.German Lissi Fashion doll 18"

64.Vintage small Christmas cardboard houses, etc

65.Assorted items

66.11 Mid Century 5.5" plastic covered glasses

67.Antique Christmas ornaments

68.Antique Christmas ornaments

69.2 Norcrest 4.5" birds

70.2 battery operated trains

71.28" wood chainsaw carved seahorse

72.Carved ship in board 14x9

73.Vintage cracker jar

74.2 handmade canes or walking sticks 39"

75.Ashtron Drake Gallery doll couple

76.Vintage Ivory soap

77.19" Gerri Original Goose Girl doll

78.Moments Treasured 14" doll with dog

79.Moments Treasured ABC boy doll

80.Antique postcard album with cards

81.15" Cassie doll

82.10" Victorian birdcage top

83.Iron Santa sleeping bank First National Bank of Peckville 6"

84.Vintage plastic santa on skiis candy holder 4.5"

85.Antique Diamond Ray jeweled reflectors for Christmas lights

86.Campbell antique metal fence for Christmas train set

87.Antique Christmas candles elec

88.2 sets lighted ice vintage christmas lights

89.Mini Shiny brite christmas ornaments

90.Vintage Christmas ornments

91.Vintage Christmas ornaments

92.Vintage Christmas ornaments

93.Vintage Christmas items

94.Early Christmas itemsn

95.14" Porcelain collectible doll

96.Marian Yu 19" doll

97.15" numbered Jasmine doll

98.Antique Royalties Christmas lights
99.Duck House Oriental doll

100.12" Danbury Mint collectible child doll
101.Fiberoptic ballerina 15"

102.Modern 2 red enameled pans and blue modern enameled strainers

104.Ice Light vintage wreath

105.Pictures and framed

106.Hand vac etc

107.Framed map

108.Early stuffed rabbits

109.Box of Christmas items

110.Shoe holder



113.Office items

114.Metal swing target

115.DVD/VCR player

116.5 Boxes Avon jewelry items

117.Lot of new pierced earrings

118.2 Avon Christmas jewelry sets

119.6 Hallmark Connections charms pandora bracelets

120.Various necklaces, etc

121.Piereced Christmas earrings

122.Bracelets, faux pearls, etc

123.Pewterverried, friendship bear, butterfly pins

124.200 Years of Freedom pendant

125.Old Timer knife

126.2 marble boxes. Larger one as is

127.Pierced blue stone marcasite earrings

128.Pink pearl goldtone bracelet

129.earrings and bracelet/necklace set

130.Various beads and stones

131.3 pins

132.Variuos pins


134.Rose necklace, etc

135.Cameo pierced earrings and 2 necklaces

136.Grange pin

137.Pierced crystal earrings

138.Dangle pierced earrings


140.Pierced earrings

141.2 sets of pierced earrings

142.Marvella pierced earrings

143.Vraious earrings, rings, pins

144.2 Sets of Silver Forest earrings

145.2 Bracelets

146.Necklace earring set

147.Star pierced earrings

148.Pierced earring and necklace set

149.Pierced earrings and necklace set

150.cups, saucers, etc

151.Windmill items

152.Super shot rocket starter kit

153.Parson Patterson Tom Clark Retired figure11"

154.4 4" rimmed Mid Century glasses

155.Fox bellows

156.Vintage glass 12" barrel with bail handle and top

157.Victorian ladies purse

158.Hand crotched ladies purse

159.Victorian ladies purse

160.Trivet etc

161.Paper items

162.6 2" Disney decal mini light covers, vintage

163.Vintage plastic child's dishes

164.Rubber 5" dog, etc

165.Pick up sticks, Donkey parts, etc

166.Cars lunch box no thermos

167.Metal oval frames

168.Vintage playing cards

169.Collectible plastic doll house items

170.16" Christmas drummer boy

171.17" Danielle doll

172.13" Betsy doll

173.16" Meredith doll



176.Car books

177.Irish Traditions book

178.Caterpillar book

179.Ship and aviation books

180.The Second World War 2 books

181.Collectible Beanie baby's

182.Wood Towanda Library and bucket

183.Mini chicken on nest, etc

184.Ink wells

185.Great Britian soap, etc

186.Kraft cheese box

187.Mid Century and other pottery items

188.Giraffe bottle, cat planter, etc

189.Barnum's Animals Crackers clown cookie jar

190.8" signed jug birdhouse

191.Givenchy Paris perfume cats

193.Salt and peppers

194.Ladies Brand new Bailey's cowboy hat

195.2 Mid Century vases

196.Pottery 3" head cup crack

197.Branding iron

198.Purinton unsigned dish and more

199.Iron Moe Bridges milwaukee lamp

200.Silverplated items

201.2 Straw cowboy hats

202.Corelle creamer/sugars 2 cups

203.Vintage Tinsel christmas tree not sure if this is complete

204.Collectible miniatures

205.Tin doll on bicycle wind up, etc

206.Vintage advertising an du septic chalk

207.5.5" advertising tin Krisp Krunch Peanut

208.Prescious moments, cherrished teddy

209.Single blade slaw cutter


211.Antique white bed light

212.Eighth Annual Lancaster Farm Toy Show Set 049 of 500 Tractors and trailers

213.14" Hansel doll


215.13" Baseball doll

216.Early Patriotism framed piece

217.detour sign

218.Wilson racket

219.Triangles, etc

220.2 Early canes

221.Advertising yard sticks

222.Ladies boots, belts, etc

223.Barass King washboard

224.Syrup, egg plate, etc

225.bbq items, etc

226.Early music books cushion


229.New Twin sheets

230.Wood wheelbarrow planter


232.National Biscuit Co. Modern wooden advertising box

233.16" Pedestal

234.Large transformer 20"

235.Early bank bags

236.2 Jewelry boxes

237.Jewelry boxes and sorters

238.Cedar box and jewelry box

239.pot and can

240.Eureka vac

241.Pair of lamp shades matchind Base is 9.5" dia

242.Pair of GWW lamp shades base is 4" dia.

243.Glass lamp

244.2 door cabinet with shelves

245.Vintage wooden door 32x80

246.Large fish tank 48x13x20

247.Mid century modernism iron base oval table glass top with 4 chairs 60x34

248.Mid Century swirl design top metal base table 42" dia.

249.Pew or mid century porch bench 52"

250.Large moving cart

251.Zeon LTZ tire 275/60 r 20

252.Vintage mid century metal trash can 10.5" sq by 2'

253.Set of 3 Anton Pieck prints All

254.Pair of Mid Century Wald speakers 12x18x4

255.Stenciled back rocker

256.Vintage Great States 300S reel push mower

257.Phil Austin signed watercolor 43x30

258.Hugh Hirtle Eagle print 30x24

259.Country scene framed print 33 x 28

260.Gold over black Tiger picture 21x25

261.Religious 385/500 signed Berry print 19x22

262.G.S. Hill lighthouse print 103/150 14 x 17 Great Point

263.Mcdonald 510 Turntable and The Fisher 175


265.Oak Beveled glass slight curved front door china cabinet with paw front feet, shelves 40x18x62

266.Aztek design modern rug 41x68

267.Large dolly on wheels 41x41x7

268.3 boxes of various dishes

269.Wood baseball bat



272.Runner modern

273.Christmas lights

274.2 boxes books

275.Childrens books


277.Propane unvented wall heater

278.28 x 22 Lion with catch picture

279.26x23 signed Renoiz print modern

280.Platform to hook to hitch

281.Large box of dolly wheels

282.3 New toilet seats

283.PowerHouse Raolroading Yard Bos HO scale electric train set

284.The Lamb's May Feast hand colored picture 10x8 water damage

285.2 Local early photographs

286.Aleur hand color picture 9 x7

287.Bill Arsenault picture 13 x 1

288.I' Goin South Framed Al Jolson sheet music

289.Weeping Willow Trees unsigned 19 x 13 Art Deco frame

290.Sports Illustrated

291.Sports Illustrated

292.Red Sox Sports Illustrated

293.Sports Illustrated

294.6 Cutglass umblers 4"

295.2 Cutglass oval dishes

296.Set of Azelea Noritake Nippon Dishes includes 4 sizes of plates, 2 sizes of bowls, cups and saucers

297.3 Azelea Noritake serving oval bowls

298.5 Azelea Noritake serving dishes

299.Noritake salt and peppers, gravy, etc

300.4 pieces of hand painted items

301.Cutglass pitcher, cruet, creamer and sugar

302.Azelea creamers, sugars, toothpick, etc

303.Toothpick holders

304.2 Cutglass bowls

305.Milkglass candy dish, etc

306.3 Noritake Azelea round serving bowls

307.Set of 3 graduated Noritake platters

308.Cased glass 10" bud vase

309.5" handblown cranberry vase

310.Various pressed glass

311.Various glasses

312.Antique Christmas ornaments

313.Antique Christmas beads

314.2 Boxes large antique Christmas ornaments

315.3 Boxes of Christmas items

316.Horse trophies

317.Christmas items

318.Wooden 18" Sylvia uke

319.Christmas items

320.Christmas stocking

321.Shell boxes

322.13" Blow mold snowman no light

323.38-55 Winchester shells not complete

324.4 Royal Copenhagen plaques 1 as is

325.Oriental metal vase turned into lamp

326.Bisque head compo body antique doll

327.Christmas items

328.Snow baby Cinderella and pumpkin carriage. Cinderella needs hand glued back on it is here

329.Set of Cannon bookends

330.John Deere 7" clock


539.Cutting board

540.Safe no key

541.pan lids

542.Jewelry showcase

543.Jewelry showcase

544.2' square Enjoy Coke sign

545.Maple mirror


547.Noboby is Perfect sign

548.Cushion for bassenette

549.NY Yankee duffle bag



552.New table top famn

553.Maps, etc

554.Lg pc plexiglass


556.Vintage Mid Century glasses, etc

557.Collectible porcelain doll

558.Jewelry box, etc


560.Childs toy New


562.6" Dome top jewelry ox


564.4 Collectible boxes


566.Antique Europeon leather strap bull bell bell is 9.5x8x5 Interesting item

567.Vintage kitchen items

568.Jewelry box

569.Blue chaps

570.Cowboy hat


572.Tin apple cookie jar7"

573.Mid Century wire lamp hanging

574.Child and mother statue 14"

575.Breyer horse

576.Collectible doll

577.Vintage necklace bracelet set

578.Ransbottom mug

579.Various dishes, cups, saucers

580.Vintage Smith Corone Silent Secretarial typewriter


582.Candlewick, etc

583.Large box of salt dips


586.Doll house furniture

587.Scarfs, etc

588.Doll house items

589.Ealy Culture Service photographs

590.The Bag System

591.Old Western photograph

592.2 Watercolors Both

593.Con Tact Cut out vintage


595.Town Clock Waverly NY print

596.Early Bible etc

597.Bradley doll

598.Angel doll

599.Rabbit doll

600.Girl Scout items


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