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- 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Painted green wooden porch chair 28 x 25 FRONT PORCH

2.Resin wicker settee 43" long and coffee table with cover FRONT PORCH

3.Marcy exercise bike FRONT PORCH

4.Wooden painted green porch glider 67" FRONT PORCH

5.Resin wicker fire pit table 40 x 21 x 19 propane FRONT PORCH

6.2 patio stands 24" & 18" high both for one $ Different styles FRONT PORCH

7.2 Resin wicker rockers. Each x 2 FRONT PORCH

8.Zero gravity lawn chair FRONT PORCH

9.2 plastic lawn chairs and stand green FRONT PORCH

10.Metal base plant stand or fish tank stand 24 x 12 x 29 FRONT PORCH

11.2 plastic stack chairs and 3 plastic end tables white FRONT PORCH

12.Hand painted rock and resin puppy SIDE PORCH

13.Edgewood Farms milk box 12 X 8.5 X 10 SIDE PORCH

14.4 Bag chairs 1 is child's SIDE PORCH

15.Wooden porch rocker SIDE PORCH

16.Brass coated triple shelf lamps needs 1 pc of glass SIDE PORCH

17.Electric rooster lamp-hanging on house and hand made broom SIDE PORCH

18.5 Gallon crown crock SIDE PORCH

19.Canes, walking sticks, umbrellas SIDE PORCH

20.Early 18" metal watering can with large spout SIDE PORCH

21.Bushell basket SIDE PORCH

22.Wooden rocking chair SIDE PORCH, one nearest door

23.Cast iron leg bench pted green 50" NEAR CREEK

24.Cast iron leg bench pted green 50" NEAR CREEK

25.Metal wind mill NEAR CREEK

26.Black rubber dump cart 34x48 BEHIND GARAGE

27.Yellow homemade cart wooden 40 x 48 BEHIND GARAGE

28.Werner 8' step ladder BEHIND GARAGE

29.Small green tractor planter BEHIND GARAGE

30.True Temper Wheelbarrow Red BEHIND GARAGE

31.Homemade garden ball on pedetal SIDE OF GARAGE

32.Iron fireplace tool holder with shovel SIDE OF GARAGE

33.Wagon wheel shelf 26" dia. SIDE OF GARAGE

34.Hand push 2 row cultivator FRONT GARAGE

35.Wooden runner sled with wood runners that have metal strip on base FRONT GARAGE

36.7 primitive tools hanging on right side of garage NOT INCLUDING SLED

37.Metal Fall Out Shelter signe 14"x 20" FRONT GARAGE

38.Pair of vintage wooden skiis hanging on door of GARAGE Skiis ONLY

39.3 Iron pieces hanging on garage. 2 birds and one horseshoe FRONT GARAGE

40.Early coal shovel and smaller shovel hanging left side of garage door

41.Metal Delaval Advertising thermometer 7 x 28 Hanging on FRONT OF GARAGE

42.Set of horns OUTSIDE GARAGE

43.Early hook cutter OUTSIDE GARAGE

44.Early cutter OUTSIDE GARAGE

45.Metal cut out moose approx 3' long OUTSIDE GARAGE

46.Iron Eagle Approx 15" OUTSIDE GARAGE

47.Tiled E-15 Sign approx 10 x 6 OUTSIDE GARAGE

48.Cross cut saw single handle OUTSIDE GARAGE

49.Metal Fallout Shelter sign OUTSIDE GARAGE

50.Snow Emergency Route metal sign OUTSIDE GARAGE


52.Small brass bell INSIDE GARAGE

53.B & D 7.5" Power band saw GARAGE SIDE 1

54.Maxfli golf balls GARAGE SIDE 1

55.Small hand grinder clip on GARAGE SIDE 1

56.New golf balls GARAGE SIDE 1

57.Small doom size refrigerator GARAGE SIDE 1

58.2 Clocks sawblade style and other GARAGE SIDE 1

59.4 Wooden animal decorations GARAGE SIDE 1

60.Wrenches GARAGE SIDE 1

61.53 pc ratcheting screwdriver bit and socket set GARAGE SIDE 1

62.Pinnacle golf balls GARAGE SIDE 1

63.Tool set GARAGE SIDE 1

64.Set tools bits, screwdrivers In case GARAGE SIDE 1

65.cabinet contents Painting supplies GARAGE SIDE 1

66.2 Hitches one is Reese GARAGE SIDE 1

67.Handicap items, potty seat, wheelchair GARAGE SIDE 1

68.3 Breast drills on wall GARAGE SIDE 1

69.Plastic bucket of tools, saw blade, breast drill, wrench GARAGE SIDE 1

70.Large box of various wrenches GARAGE SIDE 1

71.5 hand saws on wall GARAGE SIDE 1

72.Box of wire cutters and nippers GARAGE SIDE 1

73.Sockets and bars GARAGE SIDE 1

74.Box of various drill bits GARAGE SIDE 1

75.Box various tools, sockets, pliers, ect GARAGE SIDE 1 metal 4 drawers with washers, ect and cans on top with contents GARAGE SIDE 1

77.Sears Dowel Pro kit GARAGE SIDE 1

78.2 Plastic organizers with contents GARAGE SIDE 1

79.Blue organizer with contents GARAGE SIDE 1

80.2 Organizers blue and gray with contents GARAGE SIDE 1

81.2 Gray organizers with contents GARAGE SIDE 1

82.Red and gray organizer with contents GARAGE SIDE 1

83.German air tool GARAGE SIDE 1

84.Montegomery Ward Metric socket set 3/8" driver GARAGE SIDE 1

85.Box with snap ring pliers, tester, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

86.Thorsen Socket set GARAGE SIDE 1

87.Plastic tub with assorted items GARAGE SIDE 1

88.Craftsman chisels, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

89.2 large knives and sharpening stones GARAGE SIDE 1

90.2 pry bars GARAGE SIDE 1

91.Tap and die set GARAGE SIDE 1

92.Small vice GARAGE SIDE 1

93.Shop vac 3 hp GARAGE SIDE 1

94.Contents of cabinet 2 shelves, ext cords, stripper, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

95.Contents of top 3 cabinets nails, flash light ect GARAGE SIDE 1

96.Contents of 2 left cabinets sand paper, wool, car cleaners GARAGE SIDE 1

97.T square and corner square GARAGE SIDE 1

98.Zep container at least 1/2 full GARAGE SIDE 1

99.plastic bucket of tool related, tool pouches, screwdriver, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

100.Tripod GARAGE SIDE 1

101.Aluminum 48" ruler GARAGE SIDE 1

102.Task Force red level GARAGE SIDE 1

103.Guide GARAGE SIDE 1

104.Long clamps ornage ends GARAGE SIDE 1

105.2 metal 3' clamps GARAGE SIDE 1

106.Farm Jack 7000 lb capacity GARAGE SIDE 1

107.3 Bar clamps GARAGE SIDE 1

108.Top shelf Clamps, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

109.Shelf of liquids 10w40, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

110.Shelf with carpenter pouch, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

111.2 Shelves of books, price guides, gardening GARAGE SIDE 1

112.Hunting and tanning books bottom shelf GARAGE SIDE 1

113.4' wooden step ladder GARAGE SIDE 1

114.Wall contents towels, washers, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

115.Blue bench vice GARAGE SIDE 1

116.Contents of brown metal cabinet plumbing and more GARAGE SIDE 1

117.5 small Sony speakers GARAGE SIDE 1

118.Wall contents hammer, saws, caulk gun GARAGE SIDE 1

119.Screwdrivers on wall GARAGE SIDE 1

120.Craftsman 2.25 hop 7.1/4" circular saw GARAGE SIDE 1

121.Allanson pump GARAGE SIDE 1

122.2 1/3 hp B & D circular saw GARAGE SIDE 1

123.Dril master 1/2" hammer drill elec GARAGE SIDE 1

124.Roto zip HD spiral saw GARAGE SIDE 1

125.Craftsman electronic router GARAGE SIDE 1

126.Kodasope Eight Model 20 movie projector GARAGE SIDE 1

127.corner of various items, pegs, ect floor and first shelf GARAGE SIDE 1

128.Craftsman 1/3 hp auto scroll saw GARAGE SIDE 1

129.Triangles GARAGE SIDE 1

130.Dewalt 18v drill with charger GARAGE SIDE 1

131.Mansfiels Dual drill battery operated GARAGE SIDE 1

132.Craftsman car vac GARAGE SIDE 1

133.Snakes GARAGE SIDE 1

134.Box of screwdrivers GARAGE SIDE 1

135.Craftsman reciprocating saw GARAGE SIDE 1

136.pry bar and lug nut bar GARAGE SIDE 1

137.iron Victorian wall plant holder GARAGE SIDE 1

138.Busch advertising Bee mirror with buck GARAGE SIDE 1

139.Painted Indian style cow skull GARAGE SIDE 1

140.VM speaker system GARAGE SIDE 1

141.Kenmore microwave GARAGE SIDE 1

142.Large lot of records GARAGE SIDE 1

143.Pair of realistic speakers GARAGE SIDE 1

144.4 metal advertising signs repros Bar Rules, ect ON FRONT OF BAR GARAGE SIDE 1

145.Craftsman tool box with assorted tools GARAGE SIDE 1

146.Advertising tins GARAGE SIDE 1

147.Respirator, masks GARAGE SIDE 1

148.Rulers, calendars, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

149.Wine rack GARAGE SIDE 1

150.Ingersol Rand Advertising box dovetailed GARAGE SIDE 1

151.3 traps GARAGE SIDE 1

152.Small stool GARAGE SIDE 1

153.Tub of Early magazine Song Hits, Country GARAGE SIDE 1

154.Insignia radio karoke machine GARAGE SIDE 1

155.3 Logitech speakers GARAGE SIDE 1

156.8 tracks and tapes country, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

157.Jensen Turntable Model JTA-220 GARAGE SIDE 1

158.Small TV, DVD/VCR combo/ VCR players GARAGE SIDE 1

159.Clown bar light clown is as is GARAGE SIDE 1

160.Beer advertising Beer can man, beer tray, and small framed mirrors GARAGE SIDE 1

161.Police light hat GARAGE SIDE 1

162.Marksman sling shot GARAGE SIDE 1

163.1942 Pa License plate GARAGE SIDE 1

164.Wine cork wreath GARAGE SIDE 1

165.Radio Shack 40 channel citizens band weather radio GARAGE SIDE 1

166.Bar set GARAGE SIDE 1

167.Megaphone GARAGE SIDE 1

168.2 B & D jig saws GARAGE SIDE 1

169.2 Mess kits GARAGE SIDE 1

170.Box ash trays GARAGE SIDE 1

171.Stanley HD Drill elec GARAGE SIDE 1

172.Box of C clamps GARAGE SIDE 1

173.Box of larger C clamps GARAGE SIDE 1

174.Popcorn boxees, matches, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

175.Comical items GARAGE SIDE 1

176.Folding wooden chair GARAGE SIDE 1

177.Small metal wall bottle opener GARAGE SIDE 1

178.Deer hoof rack GARAGE SIDE 1

179.Lou's Bar sign GARAGE SIDE 1

180.Old Milwaukee beer tap GARAGE SIDE 1

181.Rolling Rock Neon Sign not sure if working GARAGE SIDE 1

182.Gerry can GARAGE SIDE 1

183.Approx 18" Heavy brass casing GARAGE SIDE 1

184.Small ammo box GARAGE SIDE 1

185.2 Trench shovels both GARAGE SIDE 1

186.Box of lamps and parts GARAGE SIDE 1

187.Carrom game board GARAGE SIDE 1

188.Heating vent covers GARAGE SIDE 1

189.4 Small hand painted saw blades GARAGE SIDE 1

190.Gum ball machine no key on stand newer GARAGE SIDE 1

191.HD Hitch GARAGE SIDE 1

192.Deer hoof hat rack GARAGE SIDE 1

193.Owl plaque GARAGE SIDE 1

194.Task Force 4 pc tool set GARAGE SIDE 1

195.3 small thread pictures GARAGE SIDE 1

196.2 Brass horns no mouth pieces GARAGE SIDE 1

197.Yankee No 30 a screwdriver GARAGE SIDE 1

198.Iron branding iron pieces GARAGE SIDE 1

199.Wooden games, train whistle GARAGE SIDE 1

200.4 Beam bottles GARAGE SIDE 1

201.Task force 27 pc tool set, screwdriver set GARAGE SIDE 1

202.screwdrivers GARAGE SIDE 1

203.Small squares GARAGE SIDE 1

204.4 Early hand drills GARAGE SIDE 1

205.On Tap glasses bar glasses Susquehanna Beverage, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

206.Brass spitoon and copper items GARAGE SIDE 1

207.Early drill GARAGE SIDE 1

208.Sears battery operated with charger screwdriver GARAGE SIDE 1

209.breast drills GARAGE SIDE 1

210.Pipe cutters and clamps GARAGE SIDE 1

211.small pullers, 2 bar clamps smaller GARAGE SIDE 1 of clamps GARAGE SIDE 1

213.Quick grips, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

214.2 Clamps GARAGE SIDE 1

215.Box with screwdriver, hammer, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

216.Ext cord GARAGE SIDE 1

217.Box with auto tape, hammer, screwdriver GARAGE SIDE 1

218.Yellow and red containers of bolts, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

219.Sockets GARAGE SIDE 1

220.Craftsman 19.2 vt drill GARAGE SIDE 1

221.3 Acoustic audio speakers GARAGE SIDE 1

222.rags GARAGE SIDE 1

223.5 animal hand puppets laid out on boards skunk, duck goose. Looks like they are getting ready to be tanned GARAGE SIDE 1

224.S & H green stamps and books GARAGE SIDE 1

225.Cabin picture approx 18 x 15 GARAGE SIDE 1

226.Wireless headphones GARAGE SIDE 1

228.Smokey the Bear Advertising framed GARAGE SIDE 1

229.Drinking glasses GARAGE SIDE 1

230.Golf balls GARAGE SIDE 1

231.Welcome to Lake, cedar small box, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

232.Bosch 24vt drill 2 chargers no battery GARAGE SIDE 1

233.Air paint sprayer, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

234.Baseball uniform wine bottle cover, Hula Skirt Hula top wine bottle wear ect GARAGE SIDE 1

235.The Man Cave sign GARAGE SIDE 1

236.Bee hive GARAGE SIDE 1

237.Solar battery charger booster GARAGE SIDE 1

238.Bar is open and attached clock GARAGE SIDE 1

239.Drill bits in metal container GARAGE SIDE 1

240.Outdoor Life book GARAGE SIDE 1

241.Pair of early ice skates GARAGE SIDE 1

242.Gun stock GARAGE SIDE 1

243.B & K Socket kit GARAGE SIDE 1

244.2 approx 18" bar clamps GARAGE SIDE 1

245.Corner squares GARAGE SIDE 1

246.GTV 9.6 v cordless drill GARAGE SIDE 1

247.Early pencil sharpener GARAGE SIDE 1

248.3' level GARAGE SIDE 1

249.Scissor jack GARAGE SIDE 1

250.Hatchet GARAGE SIDE 1

251.Boxof hammers and mallets GARAGE SIDE 1

252.Craftsman 4 in 1 lever laser trac GARAGE SIDE 1

253.Campbell Hausfeld siphon feed sandblaster GARAGE SIDE 1

254.Drill bits GARAGE SIDE 1

255.Small planes and shavers GARAGE SIDE 1

256.2 boxes with dewalt battery screwdrivers one box missing battery GARAGE SIDE 1

257.Craftsman 10" Compound mitre saw GARAGE SIDE 1

258.Drill master 18vt cordless 3/8" drill/driver GARAGE SIDE 1

259.Arrow stapler and staples GARAGE SIDE 1

260.Small levels and corner levels GARAGE SIDE 1

261.Riveters GARAGE SIDE 1

262.Head lamp, blend stick, fire starter, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

263.Box with roll of clear plastic, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

264.Box nut drivers, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

265.Target GARAGE SIDE 1

266.Milwaukee 7.25" tilt lock circular saw in case GARAGE SIDE 1

267.Brass fittings, ect GARAGE SIDE 1

268.Tub of GARAGE SIDE 1

269.Unvented wall heater GARAGE SIDE 1

270.Balls for hitches GARAGE SIDE 1

271.Blue cordless drill with charger and battery and flashlight GARAGE SIDE 1

272.Porer cable saw, sander, drill with chargers Not sure if set is complete GARAGE SIDE 1

273.large box of screwdrivers GARAGE SIDE 1

274.HD hitch GARAGE SIDE 1

275.glasses wine bottle GARAGE SIDE 1

276.clamps GARAGE SIDE 1

277.Elec sanders GARAGE SIDE 1

278.Pfaltzgraff metal sun dial approx 8" dia. GARAGE SIDE 1

279.Tire bars on door GARAGE SIDE 2

280.4 saw horses GARAGE SIDE 2

281.2 saw horses GARAGE SIDE 2

282.Coleman camp lights ect GARAGE SIDE 2

283.Items in corner on wall luggage carrier, grates oil GARAGE SIDE 2

284.Vintage fire cooking utensils GARAGE SIDE 2

285.Contents of top shelf bug zapper, ect GARAGE SIDE 2

286.Jonsenreds 49sp Chain saw with wooden box cover for chain GARAGE SIDE 2

287.Flashing GARAGE SIDE 2

288.Colemam camp stove and fuel GARAGE SIDE 2

289.Tiki oil, charcoal, ect btm of cabinet GARAGE SIDE 2

290.Shiatsu massaging cushion, pro shiatsu neck massager GARAGE SIDE 2

291.Bungies on door of cabinet GARAGE SIDE 2

292.Hitch parts GARAGE SIDE 2

293.Milk can with hand pump top spout yard decoration GARAGE SIDE 2

294.Roof rake GARAGE SIDE 2

295.Lasko floor fan GARAGE SIDE 2

296.Top shelf contents wood, stove pipe pieces GARAGE SIDE 2 enamel wash basin full of early bottles GARAGE SIDE 2

298.Hamilton Beach EL Capacity cooker GARAGE SIDE 2

299.Portable gas grill GARAGE SIDE 2

300.Contents of corner Christmas, flags, ect GARAGE SIDE 2

301.Lift top wooden box with contents GARAGE SIDE 2

302.Screen door GARAGE SIDE 2

303.Large Vintage street light or hanging light GARAGE SIDE 2

304.Shoe laspe GARAGE SIDE 2

305.stone and leaf rakes, tree trimmer GARAGE SIDE 2

306.Gas tanks, metal pails GARAGE SIDE 2

307.Metal stand GARAGE SIDE 2

308.various gas cans GARAGE SIDE 2

309.Kohler Power Pro 4000 generator needs circuit board on wheels GARAGE SIDE 2

310.Sizzle Q GARAGE SIDE 2

311.Large lot of garden decorations GARAGE SIDE 2

312.Hand tools from pointed shovel to the right to window GARAGE SIDE 2

313.Hand tools from hose to left of side shovels, ect GARAGE SIDE 2

314.Vintage washer plunger and part to drying rack GARAGE SIDE 2

315.Rope GARAGE SIDE 2

316.Schauer 6 amp battery charger GARAGE SIDE 2

317.Come a long alum GARAGE SIDE 2

318.Light bulbs GARAGE SIDE 2

319.Straps GARAGE SIDE 2

320.Weedeater 4.5 hp push mower GARAGE SIDE 2

321.Bucket and box of assorted GARAGE SIDE 2

322.Sway controls and bars GARAGE SIDE 2 with 2 plastic tool boxes, ect GARAGE SIDE 2


325.plastic patio table, umbrella OUTSIDE ALONG STONE WALL


327.square hanging wire planter OUTSIDE ALONG STONE WALL

328.5 Propane tanks OUTSIDE

329.Wheelbarrow OUTSIDE

330.Plastic chairs, patio table OUTSIDE

331.Handmade bouncy bird from conduit OUTSIDE

332.Outside bar set includes bar and qty stools this is kept under tarp Great item for summer outings! OUTSIDE

333.Grill OUTSIDE

334.Moving cart CARPORT

335.Vintage hairpin leg table with leaf CARPORT

337.HD hitch CARPORT

338.frames CARPORT

339.2 Folding Lewis & Clark chairs CARPORT

340.Large lot of tubs CARPORT

341.Early chair some veneer off CARPORT

342.Hang gliding santa CARPORT

343.Mid Century wire tea cart CARPORT

344.Folding chairs CARPORT

345.Nippers, sprayer, pruning items CARPORT

346.Box of small garden tools CARPORT

347.Limb and trimming saws CARPORT

348.2 Cabelas folding lounge chairs CARPORT

349.Large lot of Christmas CARPORT

350.4 nice folding chairs all CARPORT

351.2 Dog cages CARPORT

352.Stock pot and canning pot CARPORT

353.Craftsman elec blower CARPORT

354.Large lot of coolers CARPORT

355.Charcoal grill George Foreman CARPORT

356.Patio set table and 3 folding chairs CARPORT

357.1 door wooden cabinet approx 18" x 12" x 5' CARPORT

358.Jump start CARPORT

359.Contents of cabinet smoker, suet hangers, ect CARPORT

360.Contents of cabinet hunting clothes cleaning items CARPORT

361.EZ up instant shelter CARPORT

362.Early rocker needs seat and back CARPORT

363.Part to doll bed or flower bed small CARPORT

364.12 x 12 Canopy CARPORT

365.Welcome shovel CARPORT

366.Buck saw CARPORT

367.shovel CARPORT

368.Kenmore Apt size upright freezer CARPORT

369.Moving dolly CARPORT

370.Craftsman 16" elec trimmer ROOM OFF CARPORT

371.Long bar and baseball bat ROOM OFF CARPORT

372.Poulan Pro gas weedeater ROOM OFF CARPORT

373.Delta 4.5 Honda motor pressure washer 2200 psi ROOM OFF CARPORT

374.3 Meat saws, dbl bit ax head, ax head, stover dampers ITEMS ON SIDE OF SHED #1


376.Yoke, hand drill & strainer ON SIDE OF LARGE SHED

377.Ice tongs ON SIDE OF LARGE SHED approx 18"

378.2 Metal US Mail banks Approx 5" INSIDE SHED #1

379.Polaroid 320 & Other instamatic camers SHED #1

380.Bottles, pitcher green, clear, brown SHED #1

381.4 Glass lamps 2 pair approx 12" high SHED #1

382.Spices tins SHED #1

383.Blue and clear canning jars, bottom shelf of metal shelves SHED #1

384.Splint picnic basket approx 16 x 12x 12 SHED #1

385.Tub of blankets SHED #1

386.Rotisarie Kit BBQ Grillware SHED #1

387.Stroller SHED #1

388.2 Mahogany single poster beds complete. SHED #1
389.Oil lamp on top of metal cabinet SHED #1

390.2 shelves of silverplated items creamers, sugars, trays, teapot and more SHED #1

391.2 Shelves of items games, lazy susan parts, books SHED #1

392.Vintage Super Fortress suitcase approx 24 x 24 x 8 SHED #1

393.2 Hand saws SHED #1

394.Wood magazine racks wooden horse SHED #1

395.4 metal folding chairs ALL SHED #1

396.canning items SHED #1

397.Large Toleware tray approx 18" dia. SHED #1

398.Art Deco blue glass top End table Approx 20 x 20 x 30 SHED #1

399.Amber base lamp no shade approx 8' SHED #1

400.Dog image changing picture SHED #1

401.Folding luggage holder SHED #1

402.Wine decanter and more in box SHED #1

403.Enamel wash basin red rim approx 18" dia. SHED #1

404.Fancy Victorian iron base LR lamp elec. Approx 20" SHED #1

405.Double blade cabbage slicer SHED #1

406.Irobot and extra pieces not sure of condition SHED #1

407.Large quantity of baskets SHED #1

408.Metal trunk and plastic base to bird bath OUTSIDE SHED #1

409.Small metal Vintage fertilizer OUTSIDE SHED #1

410.Planters, bird feeders OUTSIDE SHED #3

411.Iron Griddle approx 15" OUTSIDE SHED #3

412.Iron oval griddle OUTSIDE SHED #3

413.Very large quantity of Christmas items star, lights, houses, ornaments & more SHED #3

414.Plant pedestal Approx 30" high SHED #3

415.Items on shelf. Vase, bushell basket, etc SHED #3

416.New 60" h photo screen SHED #3

417.Maple 1 drawer stand as is SHED #3

418.2 Boxes Orchard Crystal SHED #3

419.Ceramic pie saver SHED #3

421.Photo of men in canoe MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

422.Small buck saw approx 15" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

423.2 pictures and metal (New) Advertising Ford car sign MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

424.Deep River Canada Raised bear in the woods plaque approx 10 x 8 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

425.2 traps single and double spring MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

426.2 Iron sad irons Bot 7 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

427.2 Irons one with detachable handle Both MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

428.Iron sad iron painted red No 6 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

429.No 6 black sad iron RFP MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

430.2 Containers of Vintage Tinker Toys Both MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

431.Art Deco column bedroom lamps need cords missing top pieces approx 8" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

432.Box of Vintage ladies vanity items various conditions MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

433.2 Wooden dolls one is pinochhio MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

434.Rooster spice rack Vintage approx 8 x8 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

435.Vintage kero can with wooden rims approx 8" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

436.Metal tin 4 way toaster MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

437.6 Elvis Presley records 45's MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

438.No. 16 Early cherry pitter MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

439.Plastic Genesee Cream Ale beer advertising sign Approx 12 x 20 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM of vintage insulators also one clear and one green canning jars MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

441.Brass bar with braids MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

442.Vintage metal strainer scoop approx 25" long MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

443.USN head light with battery pack holder MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

444.Boy Scout mess kit MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

445.Horn no top MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

446.Ford and car emblems MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

447.Army canteen and other mess kit MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

448.2" Knight lighter MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

449.Red lantern globe MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

450.Small alligator head approx 6" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

451.2 Railroad spikes MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

452.Box of pipes, early matches and Prince Albert container-plastic MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

453.Lighted base LR lamp no shade MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

454.Beaver skull MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

455.Box Advertising Diamond Package Dyes, postcards MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

456.US Army sleeping bag, large bag and early smaller duffle bag MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

457.2 Large boxes of Avon Cars, animals, ect MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

458.slat basket with lift top half lids approx 12" high MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

459.2 lamps one metal, one with flowers MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

460.Brass like spitoon, 2 trays MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

461.Cocktail Carousel MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

462.7 Advertising and framed items Car advertising, Tioga Point Motor Co newspaper advertising framed MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

463.Pair of victorian iron wall mount brackets

464.51 Ford magazine advertising framed approx 10 x 15 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

465.Large cardboard Mountain Dew Advertising bottle approx 3' MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

466.Metal Miller High Life advertising sign approx 34 x 34 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

467.Small vintage kero can approx 8" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

468.Large brass base from Military shell MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

469.Ford Quality parts plastic advertising sign some damage approx 18 x 24 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

470.Large brass candleholder with fancy top approx 36" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

471.Plastic Amstel Light beer bottle advertising approx 6 x 20 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

472.Tin Miller High Life Advertising sign approx 30 x 30 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

473.Magazine rack MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

474.Half moon stand Art Deco MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

475.Enamel pot with bail handle and lid black rim approx 16" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

476.1 door smoking stand MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM


478.3 Airplane models Sterling models All MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

479.2 Bean bottles Churhill Downs & Liberty bell Both MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

480.Bruning slide rule MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

481.Tri hone 3 stone sharpening system MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

482.Rosko speaker & tape recorder? MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

483.draw poker game MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

484.Moo Moo plastic vintage creamer approx 4" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

485.Vintage desk lamp MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

486.PRR small creamer, cup and saucer MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

487.8 plastic Camel Joe's glasses MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

488.Box with oil lamp vase, decanter MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

489.Box of white cased glass jack in the pulpit base is broke and 2 candleholders MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

490.2 Coffee tins of homemade lead soldiers and parts to make cannons MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

491.3 models Curtiss Robin, airplane and ship MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

492.Ladies vintage clutch and scarf MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

493.Box of approx 20 45's records Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, ect MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

494.Fruit plastic drink set MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

495.Vintage frosted 1960's pitcher and glasses with carrier for 8 glasses MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

496.Vintage silouette Czechslovakian cannister set pieces 3 spices, tea rice flour sugar and 2 white milkglass vintage salt and pepper MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

497.Favorite No 37 vintage meat grinder MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

498.Plastic Old West wagons horses and figurines MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

499.Vintage RADIO plastic Solid State Radio Model RLA 15Y RCA MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

500.Label kit, remington razor MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

501.Large iron griddle handled approx 8 x 32 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

502.Box with silver overlay compote, Oriental vase, bird planter, ect MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

503.Box with mini bongos Resin bear figurines, dog head and decorative items MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

504.Box of joke items Sex Education game, Over the Hill toilet paper, ect MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

505.Rubber boots

506.Vuench Kreuzer Candle advertising box with some candles Early MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

507.Car models in various states MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

508.Camel advertising items cooler ect MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

509.Large lot of CD's, VCR Tapes, CD's WWII VCR tape set MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

510.L shaped bar on wheels approx 4' x 2' side piece Can NOT be moved until last 2 hours of pick up on Saturday MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

511.Electric food slicer MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

512.Union Pacific Railroad advertising calendars and advertising magazine papers MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

513.Pair of mule deer horns MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

514.Small humidor approx 6" x 4" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

515.Fairway Great Smokey Mountains advertising tray Oval approx 15 x 10 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

516.Neon clock approx 12" dia MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

517.Box silverware MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

518.Cyprus wood framed picture, chalkware and kilnware wall plaques MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

519.Box of can coozies Advertisng, duck placemats, and more MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

520.5 Camel Joe mugs and advertising items on shelf MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

521.Approx 12" green figural bottle MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

522.3 metal trays 2 Buck and Knotts advertising All MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

523.Mack Dog painted gold MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

524.Metal Old Ironside ships wheel book end approx 5" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

525.Mack bull dog tray MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

526.Flying duck tray approx 15" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

527.Vintage horse elec United clock MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

528.Schlitz & Stegmaier's Beer Trays advertising both MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

529.vases assorted colors and sizes MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

530.Sir Walter Raleigh smoking tobacco advertising round tin MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

531.Approx 4" early kero can MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

532.Stained Glass sign CCS aprox 12 x 5 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

533.Wooden fish decoration approx 10" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

534.Early metal funnel can with handle MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

535.Flying duck figurine Approx 10" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

536.Imported Tangueray Gin advertising mirror approx 8 x 15 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

537.Barn lantern MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

538.4 Nice wall pieces picture of stream, Oriental flying ducks, Ring neck tray and pencil of 2 small ducks All 4 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

539.No Gambling or Cussing mirror approx 15 x 10 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

540.Gray fox mount Nice condition MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

541.Mini portable USB turntable and SP mini water fountain MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

542.3 Advertising tins Lucky Stripe Cigarettes Velvet and Prince Albert MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

543.Scheidt's Rams Head Ale Norristown PA Advertising beer tray MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

544.Louis F. Neuweiler's Porter Pilsner Beer Allentown Pa Advertising tray MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

545.Duquesne Advertising beer tray MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

546.Advertising beer coasters MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

547.2 Small wooden boxes one with nice inlaid top MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

548.Handblown glass yellowish basket with metal handle approx 5" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

549.2 Wooden ducks One is Wooden bird Foundry MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

550.Items on shelf small crock blue covered caserrole ect MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

551.4 advertising tins Pensupreme ice cream, Planters, Karo and King MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

552.Assorted drinking glasses on shelf MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

553.Tanned hide MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

554.Dome top lunch box with thermos MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

555.Corning brick MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

556.Chalkware deer statue Buck MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

557.Vintage brass torch MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

558.Forsht's Dairy Duncansville Pa Milk bottle MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

559.1/2 pt Forsht's milk bottle and clear milk bottle MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

560.Pilsner E. Robinson Son Scranton Pa brown bottle crack MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

561.Coca Cola and Pepsi advertising items MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

562.Planters, shade mug ect MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

563.Advertising drinking bottles including very tall wine bottle MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

564.Sex Sexty and Grow Old Along with Me the best is yet to be books MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

565.New golf balls Pinacle, ect MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

566.2 Vintage fan heaters MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

567.Vintage Stereo tapecorder 500A Sony Model TC-500A with tub of tapes MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

568.Large stock pot or steamer MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

569.Winter painting of cabin on velvet framed approx 16 x 16 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

570.Shelf of duck and ring neck statues qty. 6 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

571.Advertising items Surgical first aid kit, listerine, etc MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

572.Display of vintage collars with bow ties, ect MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

573.Razor strap MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

574.Small set of stillard scales MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

575.Vintage Religious print Approx 15 x 20 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

576.Metal flying bird approx 15" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

577.Sand Art painting of Deer framed approx 20 x 20 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

578.Tuscarora ceramic wall plaque MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

579.I Call Turkey Playing Poker print framed MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

580.Robert Woods Print of winter stream framed MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

581.Wall Pay phone MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

582.Miller 1999 Holiday mug December Dusk MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

583.Painted grist mill scene on fungi signed Gino Guidici MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

584.2 Avon Steins Country & Western and Fishing Both MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

585.Small vintage ice cream maker approx 15" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

586.Auto lite spark plug advertising from magazine framed MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

587.Alcan Trapmax shotgun shell vintage box empty MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

588.2 Steins both MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

589.Vintage Hanson scales MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

590.Porcelain bed pan MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

591.Early Compressed Air spray can MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

592.Fireplace tool set MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

593.2 Birchwood canoe shaped displays and small wooden items for shelves MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

594.Wood chuck wagon model approx 10" MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

595.Early magazines MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

596.White 1 shelf cabinet approx 12 x 12 x 24 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

597.Firm Handy Bed MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

598.Kooler Klub drink holder MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

599.Hand carry elec. Fan, light radio MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM


601.Grand Ole Opry 2013 poster framed MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

602.1932 World Series Yankees vs Cubs poster repro framed MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

603.2 Early car advertisings from magazines framed Nash ect MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

604.Pot belly stove looking base ceramic ash tray MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

605.Large bee hive MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

606.Model No 77 2 golf club MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

607.Wooden shaft golf club Supreme Niblick 9 iron MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

608.Wooden shaft golf club Bendelow Cleek Special Thos. E. Wilson Co. MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

609.Wooden shaft golf club Ranger Winchester MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

610.Wooden shaft golf club Frank Mackie Cherry Hill MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

611.All Time Greatest Golfers print MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

612.Elvis I concert poster not sure of age MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

613.Accordian chair MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

614.Genuine Draft Miller Light advertising mirror approx 10 x 30 MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

615.Large trappers basket, approx 24" hi MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

616.Stroh's advertising clock plastic MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

617.Bentwood rocker painted blue MAN CAVE MAIN ROOM

618.Farm Country Barn & Silo set MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

619.Plastic vintage Bugs Bunny Talking Alarm Clock MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

620.3 Early Books Mr. Fox, ect MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

621.Early Popular Science magazines 1930's MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

622.Scrap book MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

623.1950's Holiday Magazines MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

624.3 plastic houses possibly for train village MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

625.Large round tin full of records 45's Johnny Cash, ect MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

626.Large round tin full of records 45's The Mammas and Poppas ect MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

627.Vehicle dashboard MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

628.3 shelves of early books MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

629.1950's Popular Mechanics magazines MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

630.Corner of golf items, clubs, ball grabber, ect MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

631.Shelf of kitchen appliances MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

632.Shelf of plumbing items, copper, ect MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

633.Metal colored rolls of paper MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

634.Tote of records Christmas, Male & female singers German, Russian MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

635.tote of records Country MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

636.Toleware bed tray MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

637.Campbell Haufeld air compressor Early on iron wheel homemade cart MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

638.2 tone jug MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

639.fryer and elec fry pan MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

640.Large glass bottle with Eagle approx 24" high MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

641.12" Chemung spring water bottle MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

642.Owl cookie jar MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

643.Tote of Big Albums records mood music MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

644.Tote of records 50's Big Bands Dixie Land MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

645.Cigar box of buttons MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

646.Woolrich type hunting clothing MAN CAVE BACK ROOM


648.Double cassette stereo, mini tv, VCCR, DVD player MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

649.Enamel bed pan MAN CAVE BACK ROOM


651.Cane webbing MAN CAVE BACK ROOM


653.Air mattress and pump MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

654.Sony receiver and Surround sound speakers MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

655.Shelf of camping items, sterno stove, stool, ect MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

656.Shelf of Christmas, Houses, lights and more MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

657.Early music books MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

658.Paper doll books MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

659.Early Saturday Evening Posts MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

660.Brown jug approx 12" MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

661.2 Tone jug with cork in top MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

662.Box of mini lead balls MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

663.Microphone and 2 stands MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

664.Box of mugs and cups, ect MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

665.3 scrap books MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

666.Knife box MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

667.2 small organizers with contents Blue in color MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

668.Early dovetailed box approx 12x4x4 MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

669.Wooden pepsi crate MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

670.Horse shoes MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

671.Single and double bit axes MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

672.Set of luggage MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

673.Shelf of Nails, ect MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

674.2 Coleman lanterns both MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

675.Material for models MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

676.Box and bins of screws, bolts, ect MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

677.Cords on wall MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

678.Shelf contents light bulbs, ect MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

679.Metal tool stand MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

680.Blue Point bench grinder MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM


682.Double work light MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

683.Wall of hinges, clip on lamp ect MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

684.2 Small thermometers Blevins advertising and other MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

685.6 metal tool or fishing boxes empty MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

686.Clip on and plastic lights MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

687.Small compressor and spray gun MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

688.small lot of wire MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

689.Craftsman 3" belt sander MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

690.Small vice MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

691.Dremel early sander & polisher in metal case MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

692.Shakespeare and othe 2 small tackle/bait boxes MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

693.B & D and Craftsman sanders both MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

694.Box of fishing lures MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

695.Fly fishing rod MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

696.Early metal fishing pole in cover MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

697.2 fishing poles with black case strikemaker, other MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

698.Fishing creol MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

699.knee pads, goggles MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

700.Tackle box with contents tan metal MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

701.Large tackle box with contents black & yellow MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

702.Tackle box with contents black plastic MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

703.Laid Back old Timers Association Hat Fishing bag, fishing hat MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

704.Metal box MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

705.Tool box and empty cases for tools MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

706.2 Shelves of spray paints, varnish, ect MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

707.Red tool box with files, ect MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

708.Box with squares, hammer, caulk guns MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

709.2 lights MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

710.Shelf of electrical items, blue crate full, wheels, ect MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

711.Master Mechanic 4" betl & 6" disc sander combo MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

712.Wooden box of brass fittings MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

713.Corner of metal bars, between shelves and furnace MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

714.2 bamboo fishing poles one is fly rod MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM


716.Early 2 pc to fishing pole King Fisher MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

717.Alita 8" heater MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

718.3 Shelves of painting supplies scrapers, rollers, putty MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

719.Circular saw blades hanging on wall MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM


721.2 Fishing pole holders MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM


723.4 hand saws MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

724.Sewing table Early MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

725.Red tool box 3 drawer with assorted tools MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

726.Power House Sand, saw, turn, finish approx 3' long MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

727.2 shelves of garage items MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

728.Bessey vice MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

729.Rip circular saw guide NIB MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

730.2 plastic tool boxes with MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

731.Small vice MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

732.Craftsman commercial router in case MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

733.2 parts for early vehicles for 65 Plymouth and 66 Ford Thunderbird MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

734.Throw rugs MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM


736.Pencils, pens, ect MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

737.copper fittings and small roll of wire MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

738.Pipe wrenches and cutter MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM


740.Heavy metal rings MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

741.Can and fire extinguishers not sure if full or empty MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

742.Early paper items MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

743.Hat collection MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

744.Box of assorted vintage car radios MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

745.8" piece of Railroad tie MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

746.Plastic carrier with exacto knife, ect MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

747.2 Sanders B & D etc MAN CAVE TOOL ROOM

748.Advertising yard sticks MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

749.Metal wall hanging dryer 1950's MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

750.2 Railroad pictures MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

751.Genesee Cream Ale advertising light approx 18 x 12 MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

752.Metal Iron Train Engine clock MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

753.Fishing poles MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

754.Small wooden shelf MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

755.Brown bottles MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

756.Wall decorations MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

757.Vintage perfumes, shades, ect MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

758.Chrome leg bar stool MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

759.Lot of assorted scissors, paint brush, ect MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

760.Boston pencil sharpener MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

761.2 Coleman lanterns both MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

762.Nabisco & Ritz cracker advertising tins MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

763.Athens bottle and other MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

764.Blue decorated stoneware jug 2 blue swirl Ithaca NY MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

765.Bromweth sifter MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

766.Corner of collectible tins MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

767.Dream catchers MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

768.Bud King of Beers Advertising clock MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

769.Blue speckle enamel bed pan MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

770.2 wooden crates MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

771.Vintage Signal fan table top MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

772.Early Smith Corona Sterling typewriter MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

773.4 Country prints MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

774.Gray enamel bed pan MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

775.4 Decorative pictures MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

776.Vintage early fan MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

777.Early Underwood stenciled typewriter MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

778.Porcelain bed pan MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

779.Wooden pegged organizers MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

780.Contents of cabinet, plastic organizers, ect MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

781.2' step ladder MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

782.Shelf of Sodering guns, ect MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

783.Hat rack, wooden plaques MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

784.Metal shelf MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

785.Fishing poles MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

786.Wooden frame to washboard MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

787.Genesee Beer Light Advertising MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

788.Shark cordless hand vac MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

789.Rail Chief Train set MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

790.Berry crate full of baskets MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

791.2 glass cubes MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

792.Forty Niner Train set MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

793.Caned seat chair seat needs fixing MAN CAVE BACK ROOM


795.Pair of jack stands MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

796.Captain chair MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

797.Brass fire extinguisher approx 2' high Child's MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

798.Fishing poles MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

799.Chrome Deco style over the door coat rack MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

800.Shadow decorative wall hanger MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

801.3" Metal Iron man with beer MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

802.2 Old Milwaukee Advertising posters framed Both MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

803.Small tin pail with lid MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

804.Early model pieces MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

805.Splint picnic basket bottom as is MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

806.Ceramic Christmas tree most bulbs missing MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

807.Elec screwdriver, sliding robots MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

808.Early Pleasure Chest Cooler MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

809.License plate and plate holder collection MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

810.glasses, candles in cabinet MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

811.Mini hand pull MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

812.B & D heat gun MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

813.Tuner kit MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

814.Oderless enamel gray bed pan with lid MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

815.Early Red Cola Cooler MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

816.Vintage squeezer and cutter MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

817.Slate framed pencil picture MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

818.Early Bakelite Orangish coloring radio Case seems to be in good condition MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

819.4" wooden pull dog MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

820.Way rite scales MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

821.Budweiser type horse with barrels approx 8" MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

822.Drawer contents MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

823.Vintage Dixie Cup dispenser MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

824.Horse shoe MAN CAVE BACK ROOM

825.Buck Thermometer OUTSIDE FRONT MANCAVE

826.Small brass bell KITCHEN PORCH HOUSE

827.set of saw horses- BEHIND GARAGE
828.Green garden cart OUTBACK GARAGE
829.metal early double wash tub on legs SIDE OF GARAGE BEHIND TARP
830.New reel push mower SIDE OF GARAGE BEHIND TARP
832.Garden cart and garden items SIDE OF GARAGE BEHIND TARP
833.Early pants stretchers with paper INSIDE GARAGE SIDE 1


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