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Geiger Estate Auction JD Riding Mower, Railroad TimeBooks, Tools, Antiques - Saturday December 8 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.3 hand painted dishes 1 platter 1 signed Wurttemberg LIVING ROOM

2.Silver plated Victorian bon bon with handle LIVING ROOM

3.asst hand painted items including platter saucers 1 signed Prussia and vase LIVING ROOM

4.asst salt dips LIVING ROOM

5.asst glassware glasses vases etc LIVING ROOM

6.2 bowls large white one Fenton LIVING ROOM

7.depression pink pedestal dish LIVING ROOM

8.hand blown dolphin paper weight green leaf dish and crackled glass v

9.8 asst saucers some hand painted LIVING ROOM

10.candles candle holder 25th anniversary precious moments and a hanker chief box top has crack box signed homer LIVING ROOM

11.Ethan Allen Cherry 3 drawer book case 76"x31" LIVING ROOM

12.daylight reading floor lamp 47" LIVING ROOM

13.quantity of umbrellas curtain rods and drape hooks LIVING ROOM

14.tea pot and saucer ornaments lady salt and peppers salt pepper and condiment bunny signed Germany LIVING ROOM

15.bear playing banjo blue jay statue and kitty signed Sandra baue with chip on its ear LIVING ROOM

16.2 oriental hand painted vases LIVING ROOM

17.stone ash tray 2 iron stone dishes stone ware creamer Avon music trinket box LIVING ROOM

18.3 hand painted dishes 1 norimaki 1 napon LIVING ROOM

19.hand blown duck signed LIVING ROOM

20.Ethan Allen Cherry corner shelf 76"x17" LIVING ROOM of glasses LIVING ROOM

22.6 piece plate cup and saucer tea pot cream and sugar tea set English Rose LIVING ROOM

23.floor lamp 46" LIVING ROOM

24.daylight reading floor lamp 47" LIVING ROOM of beads medallions trinket box crest LIVING ROOM


27.oil lamp part rail road thermal melt markers and esbit solid fuel LIVING ROOM

28.Ethan Allen Cherry 2 door end table 20"x21"x21"LIVING ROOM

29.model rail roader magazines LIVING ROOM

30.shoe shine supplies LIVING ROOM

31.vintage cookie cutters LIVING ROOM

32.24 DVD set of trains of north America LIVING ROOM

33.over bed table LIVING ROOM on the Lehigh valley railroad by Robert F Archer LIVING ROOM of freezer paper LIVING ROOM

36.books on railroads LIVING ROOM

37.books on cars LIVING ROOM

38.eerie Lackawanna railway rules Conrail instructions for engine crews etc LIVING ROOM

39.daylight bulbs LIVING ROOM

40.cook books LIVING ROOM

41.mirror 42x24 and 2 wall shelves LIVING ROOM

42.electric hospital bed Invacare Used 1 week, comfortable extra air mattress with pump with under the mattress side rail LIVING ROOM

43.destination books LIVING ROOM

44.New flannel shirts t-shirts extra large LIVING ROOM

45.rail road books LIVING ROOM

46.old west books and more LIVING ROOM

47.civil war discover America Alaska etc LIVING ROOM to books and reference books LIVING ROOM

49.2 boxes of books antiques and collectables LIVING ROOM

50.2 boxes of novels LIVING ROOM of games and puzzles LIVING ROOM

52.Samsung tv LIVING ROOM stand 18x38x22 LIVING ROOM

54.Early 1900's Hershey Cookbook & other cook books LIVING ROOM

55.3 boxes of light bulbs LIVING ROOM box LIVING ROOM

57.2 Stiffel lamps 32" Both LIVING ROOM

58.metal lock box with key LIVING ROOM

59.caster cups LIVING ROOM

60.small bottle with stopper wicker in cased LIVING ROOM

61.national 8 day alarm mantel clock 10" LIVING ROOM of Bradford county book LIVING ROOM fossils rock and mineral book LIVING ROOM

64.bird books LIVING ROOM

65.Cherry 2 drawer coffee table Ethan Allan 16x48x22 of geographical books LIVING ROOM and wrapping paper LIVING ROOM

68.2 boxes of old books LIVING ROOM

69.gray recliner LIVING ROOM

70.bag of totes LIVING ROOM

71.Recliner lift chair LIVING ROOM tv SUNROOM

73.Emerson vhs DVD cd player SUNROOM stand 1 door 4 shelves SUNROOM

75.3 boxes of electronic tv remotes night lights etc SUNROOM and tower of asst CD's SUNROOM

77.jade plant in a large pot SUNROOM

78.baskets and wooden items SUNROOM

79.hand knitted afgahn comforter and blankets 2 of the pillows match the couch and are NOT in this lot SUNROOM purse SUNROOM

81.village church print SUNROOM

82.sofa with some rips SUNROOM

83.2 afghans SUNROOM purse SUNROOM ceramics SUNROOM

86.stuffed animals SUNROOM's wallets and belts SUNROOM

88.sewing items SUNROOM

89.shot glasses and drinking glasses SUNROOM

90.Ethan Allen Cherry hexagon end table SUNROOM topped wooden magazine rack/end table SUNROOM

92.Erie Lackawanna rail road/Conrail rules of operating and instruction 4 engine crews books SUNROOM

93.memorabilia Waverly sentenial Guthrie sayre post cards Erie Lackawanna photos SUNROOM

94.mechanical maintenance books ford locomotive SUNROOM

95.railroad books steam era of Lehigh valley railroads Elmira branch and Erie Lackawanna SUNROOM

96.Conrail volume 2 1983 to 1990 SUNROOM

97.death camp of the North Elmira SUNROOM

98.Erie Lackawanna rail road books volumes 3 5 and 6 SUNROOM

99.2 books great American scenic rail roads and history of rail roads in British Columbia and Alberta SUNROOM

100.history of north American railways books SUNROOM

101.railroad train mans journal 1901 Conrail air signal instructions Delaware Lackawanna and western railroad company rates of pay for engineers SUNROOM

102.the Delaware and western Lackawanna railroad books volume 1 and volume 2 SUNROOM

103.Conrail magazines and instruction books SUNROOM

104.2 railroad books 1 named railways and other history of American rail roads SUNROOM

105.history of the Lehigh valley railroad and the route of phoebe snow SUNROOM

106.metal lunch box with handles plus a tin SUNROOM

107.pots pans and kitchen items SUNROOM utensils SUNROOM

109.Pyrex bake ware measuring cups SUNROOM

110.plastic kitchen ware SUNROOM

111.mixing bowls & Pyrex bowls SUNROOM

112.baking dishes & a pie plate SUNROOM

113.frames clock etc SUNROOM

114.silver ware SUNROOM

115.rodges brothers silver ware SUNROOM

116.salt and pepper shaker SUNROOM

117.railroad magazines SUNROOM

118.Delaware Lackawanna and western rail roads 19th century and the route of phoebe snow books SUNROOM paper and booklet of the flood of 1972 SUNROOM

120.steam engine model mamod manufacturer SUNROOM

121.model rail roader magazines SUNROOM

122.engine ornament rail road hat and rail road memorabilia SUNROOM


124.mantua iron locomotive and coal car model SUNROOM

125.railroad signal flags SUNROOM wheels and supplies for model making SUNROOM

127.mantua -Tyco model engine SUNROOM

128.engine model and car SUNROOM

129.copper and brass pieces for model making SUNROOM

130.tape flashlights etc SUNROOM

131.scissors manicure set etc SUNROOM

132.2 Conrail first aid kits SUNROOM

133.rail road general electric books and big lock SUNROOM

134.iron stone creamers dessert cups etc SUNROOM

135.upper and lower body cycle SUNROOM

136.stake knives and silver ware SUNROOM

137.coasters and trivets SUNROOM of frames SUNROOM

139.pipes and shoe horns BR1

140.Seiko watches and traveling alarm clock BR1

141.cast iron 6 and 5/8" fry pan BR1

142.stein like ceramic pitcher 12" BR1

143.asst of bells BR1

144.pie plate mixing bowls and Pyrex BR1

145.hand painted globe lamp 20" BR1

146.small crock with chip 5" BR1

147.oil lamp base 15" BR1 utensils some red handles BR1

149.Early ricer and flower sifter BR1

150.oil lamp with hand painted globe 24" BR1

151.wooden lackered music box/jewelry box made in Italy BR1

152.liquor bottle and 6 shot glasses Germany BR1

153.big glass globed lamp 29" BR1

154.metal lamp base 17" BR1

155.Mr. Coffee, coffee maker coffee cups Thermus etc BR1

156.trays tins etc BR1 of pillows BR1

158.Unopened paper plates napkins plastic cups etc BR1

159.asst plastic items BR1

160.print of locomotive in a snow storm 18x22 BR1

161.banana hammock BR1

162.magazine end table BR1

163.wall paper and contact paper BR1

164.asst vases BR1

165.child's rocker BR1

166.churn 13 "BR1

167.8" crock BR1

168.whiskey jug 8" BR1

169.Early wooden Sears Robuck butter churn BR1

170.vintage trinket holders and lotion containers 1 has crack BR1

171.vivitar camera BR1

172.realistic communication receiver BR1 of wrought iron trivets BR1

174.silouettes BR1

175.windmill tile trivet BR1

176.unbidden radio weather scanner BR1 of tiles BR1

178.belt buckles BR1 candy dish BR1

180.Minolta camera and kodak camera BR1 pitcher 8" BR1 colored vase 9" BR1

183.corner of medical supplies New canes, walker, commodes, seat cushions BR1 bottle opener alarm clock etc BR1

185.telephones BR1

186.walkie talkies and CB Radio BR1 ears BR1

188.Hamilton beach crock pot and kitchen aid roaster BR1

189.15 gallon crock with hole on outside and big chip on rim 21" BR1

190.3 gallon crock 2 large chips 10" BR1

191.6" crock BR1

192.cake pans kitchen utensils etc KITCHEN


194.police call books KITCHEN

195.tin candy dish Pyrex juice container etc KITCHEN

196.coil trinket box and 2 turkey candle holders KITCHEN

197.dust buster plus cleaning items KITCHEN

198.aerus vacuum cleaner and shampooer KITCHEN

199.shark hard floor cleaner KITCHEN

200.shark vacuum KITCHEN

201.shelf of glasses KITCHEN first step stool KITCHEN

203.Taylor bathroom scale KITCHEN

204.Ethan Allen Maple drop leaf kitchen table with 2 captain chairs and 2 side chairs KITCHEN

205.Seth Thomas Banjo wall clock KITCHEN

207.little wooden chair KITCHEN

208.folding clothes rack KITCHEN

209.2 drawer file cabinet KITCHEN

210.macro may table KITCHEN

211.little wooden one drawer table No outside entrance BASEMENT

212.Kenmore refrigerator freezer No Outside Entrance BASEMENT

213.Frigidaire commercial freezer No outside entrance BASEMENT

214.6 shelf free standing shelving very heavy bring help No outside entrance BASEMENT

215.8'x6' 7 shelf unit very heavy bring help No outside entrance BASEMENT

216.wooden shelf No outside entrance BASEMENT

217.wooden table and shelf No outside entrance BASEMENT

218.wet dry shop vac BASEMENT

219.large chrome legged kitchen table with leaves No outside entrance BASEMENT

220.Modern oak 4 shelf bookcase with lift up front glass doors 29 x 12 x 60 BR

221.1965 Railway Employees Manual Time Book

222.1953 RR Employee Time Book

223.1947 Railroad Employee Time Book

224.Eginemen's Time Book Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen & Engineers

225.2 Philadelphia & Reading Conductors & Trainmen Rles/ Trainmen in Road & Yard Service

226.2 Reading Co. Conductors in Yard Service, Trainment in Road & Yard Service Manual

227.Constitiution Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen Insurance Department

228.2 Patio stands 19" high OUTSIDE

229.2 bird baths 23" high OUTSIDE

230.Yard Ball on pedestal 20" high OUTSIDE

231.2 Sets of kissing kids OUTSIDE

232.3 planters, 2 are concrete OUTSIDE

233.Yard Decorations Rabbits, cat concrete, ceramic OUTSIDE

234.Frog Yard Decorations 1 is concrete OUTSIDE

235.Knomes for yard ceramic OUTSIDE

236.Yard Decorations ceramic skunks, cat OUTSIDE

237.Round patio table & 3 chairs, 1 swivel chair/stool Nice condition. Under roofed porch OUTSIDE

238.5 Gal. cooler OUTSIDE

239.4 Green stack chairs & 4 stackable stands OUTSIDE

240.Amp Ramp WHEELCHAIR RAMP Approx 20' Long OUTSIDE

241.Corner of ext. cords GARAGE

242.Contents of shelf, planters, mugs, vases GARAGE

243.Shelf of birdhouses, hummingbird feeders, etc GARAGE

244.Lot of planters GARAGE

245.Hen/chicken planters, other planters on floor GARAGE

246.Large lot of garden & potting items GARAGE

247.Harman Kardon hk550 Vxi receiver GARAGE

248.Harman Kardon TD262 Cassette deck GARAGE


250.Mid Century ceiling light approx 18" x 9" glass shade GARAGE

251.11" Cat lamp GARAGE


253.Gun cleaning kit, ect GARAGE

254.8 plus boxes of records Large Variety, Early & Mod Country, plus Kenwood turntable ect GARAGE

255.4 Nice folding hand woven seat/back lawn chairs GARAGE

256.2 Boxes of VCR tapes GARAGE

257.Roll of paper GARAGE

258.TroyBilt Horse Rear Tine 24" rototiller GARAGE

259.CD player, TV GARAGE

260.Shelf of garden and garage liquids GARAGE

261.B & D string trimmer GARAGE

262.Bushell & smaller baskets, 8 in all GARAGE

263.Assorted tools and tool boxes GARAGE

264.Large lot of canning jars, various sizes GARAGE

265.Shelf of oil, rubbers, small tarp GARAGE

266.Century 10 amp battery charger GARAGE

267.Box of window handles GARAGE

268.2 Creepers GARAGE

269.Metal wire crate GARAGE

270.Approx 12" high early metal stool GARAGE

271.4' wooden step ladder GARAGE

272.B & D battery charger GARAGE

273.Conrail Railroad lantern battery operated GARAGE

274.Roaster-no top & steamer GARAGE

275.Foley Food Mill 2 qt GARAGE

276.Schumacher battery charger GARAGE

277.Early Electrolux cannister vacuum cleaner GARAGE

278.2 door cabinet 24 x 12 x 30 GARAGE

279.Shelves with brackets GARAGE

280.2.5' wooden step ladder GARAGE

281.B & D auto vac GARAGE

282.Circular saw GARAGE

283.2 receipe boxes 4" GARAGE

284.Meshoppen & Auburn Schools Vol 1 & 2 GARAGE

285.3 Books Civil War, Lewis & Clark GARAGE

286.5 Early plates, Spode 10" Friendly Village, Ascot GARAGE

287.5" W. German Mug Louis F. Neuweilers & Sons Allentown, Penna. GARAGE

288.9.5" Mills & Obrian Waverly NY bottle with cap GARAGE

289.Bradford County History 1995 GARAGE

290.9" Chocolate pot Limoges GDA GARAGE

291.2 Pottery planters 7" Majolica unsigned with small crack, 5.5" nice shape GARAGE

292.Boatswain's Mat 1 & C and 3 & 2 Navy Training Books GARAGE

293.10.5" dia. Flo blue ERJEL Delph bowl chip under glaze GARAGE

294.1902 Ed Sears catalog GARAGE

295.Angels & rabbit, 2 angels are musical GARAGE

296.11" Porcelan Oriental figure, thumb off GARAGE

297.8" Nabisco Glass jar GARAGE

298.Victorian spooner & celery etched vases GARAGE

299.6" Pottery vase with Oriental Word on front GARAGE

300.History of Lackawanna County Vol. I Illus. Copyright 1928 by Thomas Murphy GARAGE

301.Princess House set of 4 4.5" glasses GARAGE

302.Princess House Hummingbird 2 bowls, plates, pitcher, candy, candlesticks, vase GARAGE

303.Early cookbooks, 1950 State Grange GARAGE

304.Purina Poultry Guide & 1956 Journal GARAGE

305.Early magazines 1 Post, 1 Life GARAGE

306.1935 Boulder City journal GARAGE

307.Cavalcade of Old Time Comic Strips Vol I GARAGE

308.2 5" Dundee Orange Marmalade Jars GARAGE

309.Early advertising tin & medicine bottle GARAGE

310.Wagner 10" dia. Iron fry pan GARAGE

311.Motion Picture Projection Book 1942 GARAGE

312.7" White Crown Mason jar GARAGE

313.9.5" Sevres portrait plate GARAGE

314.6 Advertising cups GARAGE

315.Lustre & ball jars, qty 5 GARAGE

316.Pepsi Cola, Cool Cat Collectible glasses GARAGE

317.Assorted vinegars, sugars, crystal, cut crystal jam jars GARAGE

318.12" & 9" Ironstone pitchers GARAGE

319.Lenox, crystal & hand painted items GARAGE

320.3 pieces to a pitcher and bowl set GARAGE

321.Salters GARAGE

322.6.5" high hand blown frog, Venetian style GARAGE

323.2 Boxes of etched glasses, Princess House GARAGE

324.7.5" Venetian glass clown GARAGE

325.Chimneys GARAGE

326.Early jewelry and smalls GARAGE

327.6 Sets of cups & saucers, plus extras, various makers GARAGE

328.Nice box of hand painted & designed Victorian plates, bowls GARAGE

329.8" 1939 World's Fair Bottle White milkglass GARAGE

330.Craftsman advertising pencil GARAGE

331.7" Perfume atomizer GARAGE

332.Glass feeders GARAGE

333.5" Victorian sugar shaker GARAGE

334.4x3x1.25" Sterling Silver A1510 footed dish GARAGE

335.2.5" chicken shaped egg cup GARAGE

336.4" long lead dog ashtray GARAGE

337.Paperweights and figures GARAGE

338.MI Germany 5" flip up lighter GARAGE

339.18" Black Panther Vintage Mid Century TV light GARAGE

340.8" Long Nitney Lion GARAGE

341.FDR 1" pin GARAGE

342.B of R.T. Railroad Pin 1.5" GARAGE

343.1955 Penna Fishing License GARAGE

344.Firemen's Celebration pin 1.5" GARAGE

345.2.75" KEM Inc. Bottle lighter GARAGE

346.2.25" Bisque Doll GARAGE

347.Metal 4" boy peeing key chain GARAGE

348.Assorted smalls GARAGE

349.Shaker tops, clock, etc GARAGE

350.Military Sewing kit GARAGE

351.Qty blue & clear EARLY canning jars, various sizes GARAGE

352.knic knacs, dog, frogs, ect GARAGE

353.Games GARAGE

354.Assorted glassware GARAGE

355.Plate holders GARAGE

356.Linens GARAGE

357.1930's, 1940's 1950's Fur-Fish Game Magazines, large box GARAGE

358.Records 45's & 78's GARAGE

359.VHS Tapes, Civil War, Wings of Glory GARAGE

360.Canners GARAGE

361.Qty of cassette tapes & holders & player Country, etc GARAGE

362.VHS tapes on Railroad and Historical places GARAGE

363.Baskets GARAGE

364.4 Boxes of Country 8 Tracks GARAGE

365.Vintage Soar lantern GARAGE

366.05 Sony CD/DVD Player GARAGE

367.New Ewave Toaster oven GARAGE

368.Kitchen appiances GARAGE

369.Pans, etc GARAGE

370.Protractor set pieces GARAGE

371.2 Small Early Dresser jars one with English scene approx 2" & 3" dia. GARAGE

372.Heisey 4 small plates and 4 small bowls GARAGE

373.2 Amethyst Imperial Glass vases approx 5" GARAGE

374.2 Mid Century pieces Sosusee Glassware by Mayfair GARAGE

375.17 Norman Rockwell glasses GARAGE

376.4 Ruby glasses, 2 Avon 2 other GARAGE

377.Approx 10" Chemung Water bottle with hard plastic top GARAGE

378.Early Treasure Chest magazines GARAGE

379.Black Glass 2 3" vases and small bird candle holder GARAGE

380.Pink Glassware, open lace and others GARAGE

381.Amber hen on nest and green Vintage covered Candy dish GARAGE

382.Box of Green Depression glass, some designed some etched GARAGE

383.2 small thumbprint clear/ruby cordials and double candleholder

384.Approx 10" Planters Peanut Jar with lid Not sure of age GARAGE

385.Approx 11" Apple A Day Cider Jug Martinellis GARAGE

386.Austria Hat Pin Holder Hand Painted GARAGE

387.Early Hand blown syrup pitcher approx 5" GARAGE

388.8 Sterling Rim Coasters All GARAGE

389.Large Box of Vaseline to green glasses, Mixing bowl GARAGE

390.3 Sets of Victorian Creamer and Sugars GARAGE

391.Tote and box of cleaning supplies, ect

392.1909 Calendar Plate Horlacher 9 Months Old Perfection Beer

393.3 Sterling weighted candleholders AS IS GARAGE

394.Marigold 18" vase, bowl and Iris sherbert GARAGE

395.2 Button and Daisy hat toothpick holders GARAGE

396.Lot of Oriental items, Cloisonee 2" plate, Jade & black glass flower frog, and more GARAGE

397.Handblown Mid Century Square Bowl approx 5" x 9" GARAGE

398.Nippon Child's dish and Victoria dresser tray GARAGE

399.Cambridge Approx 6" glass basket GARAGE

400.Large lot of hand painted Vintage items, dresser tray, hair reciever, and more GARAGE

401.Ball Perfect Mason Jar with Kraft Oil lid GARAGE

402.Unsigned Green Carnival Glass short bowl approx 7" dia. GARAGE

403.Gray's Anatomy 28th ed. GARAGE

404.2 Small Handlbown pitchers approx 2" & 4" green and blue with applied handled One with Norcrest sticker GARAGE

405.Mid Century VS Frankoma designed by Grace Lee Frank 2375 approx 12" tall vase

406.Nice lot of Collectible Decorative plates
407.Approx 7 Blue Transferware plates various sizes, Landing of the Pilgrims, Washington's Headquarters, etc GARAGE

408.2 Stenciled Back Caned Seat chairs. Both GARAGE

409.2 Caned back maple chairs one needs cane repair. Both GARAGE

410.Tub of tools, sledge hammer, nippers, etc GARAGE

411.tar paper GARAGE

412.Wall of tools, shovels, spade, pick, ect. GARAGE

413.Boxspring for Queen size bed GARAGE

414.Vintage Bedroom metal trash can with applied flowers GARAGE

415.2 Wooden baseball bats, baseball, photo albums GARAGE

416.Large box of Historical and Specialty plates GARAGE

417.Large box of hand painted and Vitage items, Double handled sugar has repaired top GARAGE

418.Large chalkware decorated pig piggy bank some chipping of paint and finsh GARAGE

419.Box of vases, clear and milkglass GARAGE

420.Hand embroidered top sewing box GARAGE

421.4 Boxes of glasses and stemware GARAGE

422.3 Collectible large bottles GARAGE

423.Approx 20" large clear glass jar GARAGE

424.Early 1 door hanging small pie safe approx 36" high, 7" deep and 30" across front with 1 door, 3 shelves GARAGE

425.3 Victorian decorative dishes and dresser tray GARAGE

426.Victoria white milkglass creamer & sugar, small Autumn colored floral creamer & sugar GARAGE

427.Vintage Empire Kar-'N-Home Coffee maker travel kit GARAGE

428.4 C clamps and 2 other clamps GARAGE

429.Small C clamps GARAGE

430.4 Door kitchen cabinet with formica top Approx 48" long, 30" high and 10" deep GARAGE

431.Gardening books GARAGE

432.Antenna and wiring GARAGE

433.Bucket of brass plates and copper pieces GARAGE

434.Box of Early sewing books,Work Basket, etc GARAGE

435.Boxes of assorted books and books on collectibles GARAGE

436.4 Early lamp shades All GARAGE

437.Lot of Perfume bottles and vinegars GARAGE

438.Box of Cobalt blue glassware, vases, candleholder, ect. GARAGE

439.2 Early horse shoes GARAGE

440.7 Vintage glass lamp shades GARAGE

441.Box of pressed and pattern glassware, pitcher, glasses, bowls GARAGE

442.A Record of the Land In Spencer New York State To The First Settlers 1994 GARAGE

443.2 Books Ellis Island and Children of Ellis Island GARAGE

444.Box of Cobalt blue divided plates, cups, saucers and small dessert plates GARAGE

445.Salt dips GARAGE

446.Victorian Gold design water set pitcher and glasses plus creamer GARAGE

447.2 approx 3"x3" cobalt blue refrigeraton dishes GARAGE

448.2 boxes of glasses, green and blue GARAGE

449.Tele Pages Street Map of Wyoming County GARAGE

450.Garage & Garden chemicals GARAGE

451.3 boxes of pressed and pattern glassware, Iris pitcher, vases, bowls, etc GARAGE

452.3 Amber lamp shades for pole light Approx 10" dia base? GARAGE

453.Lean On Me Cane with horn, etc Great Gag Gift GARAGE

454.John Deere LA165 Riding mower with 274.3 hours, 48" deck GARAGE

455.4 Mid Century Dining Room chairs, 2 with arms GARAGE

456.Red Rim enamel pail GARAGE

457.HedgeHog XB electric hedge trimmers with extra blade GARAGE

458.Nice modern platform rocker with platform stool GARAGE

459.Blue recliner GARAGE

460.Stadelman's Cherries wooden crate GARAGE

461.2 Wood plant stands 1 as is GARAGE

462.4 Folding chairs with cushion seat/back GARAGE

463.Pressure Cookers GARAGE

464.Early hall tree GARAGE

465.3 bags of paperback books GARAGE

466.Large set of Pfaltzgraff dishes, Approx count 8 dinner plates, 9 bread plates, 8 cereal bowls, 2 sizes of cups and saucers, creamer, sugar, drinking glasses GARAGE

467.Traveling Bar GARAGE

468.Atari Super Pong controller not sure if it works GARAGE

469.Broyhill 6 drawer dresser, back leg as is approx 48x26x34 GARAGE

470.Walnut candlestand GARAGE

471.Pile of ice melt and resingard GARAGE

472.Items on shelf, 2 bottle jacks, air foot pump, etc GARAGE

473.Tire chains on floor GARAGE

474.2 Garbage cans full of road salt, ext cord, trouble light GARAGE

475.Skinny kitchen cabinet Approx 18" x 14" x 6' GARAGE

476.Radio Shack Antenna GARAGE

477.Metal 2 door cabinet with shelves approx 30 x 15x5.6' GARAGE

478.Metal 2 door cabinet with shelves approx 30 x 15x5.5'6" GARAGE

479.Early Savoy roaster GARAGE

480.Small Havahart Trap GARAGE

481.HD Shelving unit in box GARAGE

482.Oil and antifreeze GARAGE

483.Motor oil dry gas, etc GARAGE

484.Box of oil changing tools, etc GARAGE

485.Surprise box GARAGE

486.2 Iron bars and iron round stove piece GARAGE

487.Grease gun, oiler, cable GARAGE

488.Grass blades, etc GARAGE

489.Box with locks and ball GARAGE

490.Elec mini welders GARAGE

491.2 Bag chairs both GARAGE

492.Lot with benzomatic, spark plugs, belt GARAGE

493.Medical items GARAGE

494.Star light and other lights GARAGE

495.2 large fire extinguishers not sure if charged GARAGE

496.Engine scour, and other items 2 boxes, etc GARAGE

497.4 water hoses, 2 hose carts hanging in center of garage
498.Elec floor lamp with glass shade UPSTAIRS GARAGE

499.Vintage Electric round wall clock UPSTAIRS GARAGE

500.Large bucket and small bucket of minerals and geodes Bucket says US UPSTAIRS GARAGE

501.3 Boxes of drinking glasses UPSTAIRS GARAGE

502.Light up picture with santa and reindeer approx 20 x 16 UPSTAIRS GARAGE

503.Nice brown designed enamel top vintage table with pull out leaves, and drawer original base UPSTAIRS GARAGE

504.Large lot of Christmas Tree, balls, etc UPSTAIRS GARAGE

505.Ceramic Angels, Turkey platter with matching s/p etc UPSTAIRS GARAGE

506.Bunn Coffee maker NIB UPSTAIRS GARAGE

507.Ideal Victorian Ladies Doll in box UPSTAIRS GARAGE

508.Studio pottery items UPSTAIRS GARAGE

509.Vintage Brown plastic RCA Victor Radio needs new cord UPSTAIRS GARAGE

510.Princess House items, compote, glasses, etc UPSTAIRS GARAGE

511.Avon stein and Avon items UPSTAIRS GARAGE

512.Colman's Sleep Advertising Wooden thermometer approx 7" UPSTAIRS GARAGE

513.Lot of New kitchen appliances, Cuisinart coffee maker, HB blend master, etc UPSTAIRS GARAGE

514.Corningware casserroles UPSTAIRS GARAGE

515.Coffee makers UPSTAIRS GARAGE

516.Brass teapot-dent, Cast coffee pot UPSTAIRS GARAGE

517.Coffee maker, iron, garmet steamer UPSTAIRS GARAGE

518.New Coby DVD player, Sony phone, TV Ears UPSTAIRS GARAGE

519.Vintage City Pole light top to the lamp metal shade approx 18" or larger UPSTAIRS GARAGE


521.Cosco painters ladder UPSTAIRS GARAGE

522.Vintage metal spider leg floor lamp UPSTAIRS GARAGE

523.2 Door metal cabinet with shelves approx 30 x 15 x 5'6" UPSTAIRS GARAGE

524.2 8 track players, etc UPSTAIRS GARAGE

525.Vintage triple light floor lamp UPSTAIRS GARAGE

526.Early stagecoach style trunk UPSTAIRS GARAGE

527.2 Louver doors approx 14" x 3' UPSTAIRS GARAGE

528.Cobra CB 2000 GTL and other Cobra CB UPSTAIRS GARAGE

529.Band radio Hallic UPSTAIRS GARAGE

530.large tote of carry on bags, luggage Most are like new UPSTAIRS GARAGE

531.Box of baking pans, cake saver lid UPSTAIRS GARAGE

532.Copper base coffee pot and other vintage coffee pot UPSTAIRS GARAGE

533.Walnut stand with magazine holder base approx 22" x 8" x 30" UPSTAIRS GARAGE

534.Blankets, etc UPSTAIRS GARAGE

535.Hand tied quilt UPSTAIRS GARAGE

536.Early trunk no insert 32x19x22 UPSTAIRS GARAGE

537.Plasticware UPSTAIRS GARAGE

538.Antique hand plung washer UPSTAIRS GARAGE

539.Large Early trunk No lock mechanism 35x21x24 UPSTAIRS GARAGE

540.Dome top trunk 36x19x23 UPSTAIRS GARAGE

541.Queen City Antique hand corn planter UPSTAIRS GARAGE

542.Double handled boiler UPSTAIRS GARAGE

543.lights, basket, etc UPSTAIRS GARAGE

544.Wooden jewelry box with satin lining , Walnut carved roadrunner & birds UPSTAIRS GARAGE

545.Early 8" cream can no bail handle just handle on lid UPSTAIRS GARAGE

546.4.5" Wextclox alarm clock UPSTAIRS GARAGE

547.11" leather Early American water bag UPSTAIRS GARAGE

548.Christmas balls UPSTAIRS GARAGE

549.Sare Centennial 1991 Christmas ornament UPSTAIRS GARAGE

550.Made in Germany clip on Bird Christmas ornament UPSTAIRS GARAGE

551.25" Barometer UPSTAIRS GARAGE

552.16" Ceramic Christmas tree UPSTAIRS GARAGE

553.Collectible vintage glasses UPSTAIRS GARAGE

554.Bench with homemade grinding wheel SHED
555.Chain saw with sharpener and extra chain
556.2 short benches SHED

557.Early nail box with nails some cut SHED

558.Piece of Iron, grinding wheels, etc SHED

559.Stanley Hatchet SHED

560.Mini wire bender SHED

561.Digital multimeter DI4 calculator, etc SHED

562.2 boxes of assorted tools SHED

563.2 Boxes of electrical outlets, etc SHED

564.Drywall tape, etc SHED

565.Contractor bucket & nut & bolt holder SHED

566.2 Vintage pole light lights 1 without guts, complete one is 19" long SHED

567.3 Boxes of Victor & Mercury 78's records SHED

568.Radio Shack outdoor antenna rotator SHED

569.Antennea SHED

570.B & D rechargable batteries SHED

571.HD B & D 8" circular saw SHED

572.Early bootjack handmade bench 4'x11"x20" SHED

573.B & D 3/8" drill SHED

574.B & D 18v Battery operated drill SHED

575.Outside light & chimney, metal SHED

576.Used ceiling fan SHED

577.Folding chair with writing arm Vintage SHED

578.Extension cord SHED

579.Metal file drawers SHED

580.Ammo Box SHED

581.9 Drawer Mid Century Dresser AS IS condition SHED

582.Small insulator SHED

583.Large lot of electrical items, thermostats, staplers, versa pack drill etc SHED

584.Box of wrenches SHED

585.Lot of saws, saw blades on floor SHED

586.Boring bits SHED

587.24" Primitive plant holder looks like ladder SHED

588.3 hand saws, Nicholson etc SHED

589.B & D 1/4" Finishing sander SHED

590.Skil electric drill SHED

591.Electric sander and drill SHED

592.B & D Fire Storm 18v battery operated drill SHED

593.Box of locks and hardware SHED

594.Craftsman 4 amp electric drill SHED

595.18" Fuller pipe wrench SHED

596.B & D 3 1/4" planer SHED

597.Ram Grip safety work rubbers, size XL SHED

598.Box of hardware SHED

599.B & D Quantum variable speed jig saw SHED

600.4 Elec hand tools drills, scroll saw SHED

601.Erie 9919 Just Brite Railroad lantern SHED

602.Adlake #31-D Railroad Lantern SHED

603.Vintage Railroad Lantern SHED

604.Star Railroad Lantern SHED

605.Delta Powerlite Railroad lantern SHED

606.3" Berol Chicago Aps Co Pencil sharpener with pencil SHED

607.Bookcase 48 x 19x69 SHED

608.Shop vac in corner SHED

609.11" Railroad clock Panclox Hourly Sound Effects battery operated SHED

610.4 Assorted cabinets, various sizes SHED

611.Box of early tools SHED

612.Pliers, etc SHED

613.Box of hammers, tack, mallet etc shed

614.Box of chisels, screwdrivers SHED

615.Shelving pieces & bag of electrical items SHED

616.24" Meat saw SHED

617.4 HD Short handled mallets SHED

618.2 Mitre saws SHED

619.Box of assorted drill bits SHED

620.Small levels, exacto knives SHED

621.Box of tape measures, etc Lufkin, Stanley SHED

622.Small wrecking bar, tire irons SHED

623.Corner of nuts, bolts, nails-Bring your own box SHED

624.Iron shoe lasp with extra molds SHED

625.Dunlap 1/3hp motor SHED

626.Mayes Bros 3' T square, yard sticks, corner square SHED

627.Fire extinguisher SHED

628.Battery operated 11" Lionel train clock SHED

629.Lot of screen, tar paper, etc SHED

630.2' & 5' wooden step ladders, both SHED

631.Early Lux minue minder in orig box UPSTAIRS GARAGE

632.Early Zenith brown plastic & cream radio bottom left corner as is UPSTAIRS GARAGE

633.Pioneer Hotel Glasses UPSTAIRS GARAGE

634.8.5" aluminum cream can dent UPSTAIRS GARAGE

635.Vintage rug beater and heart shaped holder UPSTAIRS GARAGE

636.10.5" Sony plastic case Vintage radio 2 band UPSTAIRS GARAGE

637.8" Glass Desk blotter holder UPSTAIRS GARAGE

638.Masquerade set of 4 glasses orig box UPSTAIRS GARAGE

639.Schaffers Advertising tin, Lenox candleholder & paperweight UPSTAIRS GARAGE

640.13" Mid Century style mesh trash can UPSTAIRS GARAGE

641.Large box of Railroad guides, magazines, calendars UPSTAIRS GARAGE

642.Box of assorted dishes, bowls, gravy, sugar, etc UPSTAIRS GARAGE

643.First Alert, coffee grinder, etc UPSTAIRS GARAGE

644.Small wooden stool, dovetailed box, other wooden box UPSTAIRS GARAGE

645.Early produce box no lid UPSTAIRS GARAGE

646.Blankets, comforter UPSTAIRS GARAGE

647.Decorative wreaths, Fall items UPSTAIRS GARAGE

648.2 Wooden rolling pins, shoe mold, squeezer UPSTAIRS GARAGE

649.Early rocker UPSTAIRS GARAGE

650.18" Galv. Cream can with bail handle UPSTAIRS GARAGE

651.Early boiler with lid UPSTAIRS GARAGE

652.4 Boxes of Early CB's and wiring UPSTAIRS GARAGE

653.23" dia. Galv. Double handled feed bucket UPSTAIRS GARAGE

654.16" & 19" plant stands, as is UPSTAIRS GARAGE

655.32" front early 1 drawer w/ writing side desk Oak UPSTAIRS GARAGE


657.Heavy metal Torpedoe Holder UPSTAIRS GARAGE

658.8" plastic Cat Treat Container UPSTAIRS GARAGE

659.Early 9" National Licorice Co. Lozenge jar UPSTAIRS GARAGE

660.Quantity of books UPSTAIRS GARAGE

661.36"x11x5' oak open front bookcase UPSTAIRS GARAGE

662.Mid Century wire, metal record holder UPSTAIRS GARAGE


664.2 Door metal cabinet with shelves 30 x 15x5'6" UPSTAIRS GARAGE

665.Religious print and Flying flag print approx 18 x 22 UPSTAIRS GARAGE

666.Lot of electronics, phones, clock radios UPSTAIRS GARAGE

667.Vintage floor lamp UPSTAIRS GARAGE

668.Early oak Mission style rocker with original leather seat UPSTAIRS GARAGE

669.Handmade heavy table cover or bed cover UPSTAIRS GARAGE

670.Bentwood rocking chair UPSTAIRS GARAGE

671.Kenwood KX-50 Cassette Deck UPSTAIRS GARAGE

672.11.5" dia. Foil designed bowl UPSTAIRS GARAGE

673.Box with teapot, vase, candleholders UPSTAIRS GARAGE

674.2 Early oak framed prints Approx 9" x 22" UPSTAIRS GARAGE

675.15 x 10 Yates Deer Print Vintage UPSTAIRS GARAGE

676.Mid Century drop leaf dining room table 42" long UPSTAIRS GARAGE


678.2 Boxes Denium Days style figures, box of clear glassware All UPSTAIRS GARAGE

679.Box early tools, Texaco advertising can

680.Box of assorted dishes UPSTAIRS GARAGE

681.Box of Souv. Plates UPSTAIRS GARAGE

682.Early Christmas lights, 2 angels UPSTAIRS GARAGE

683.HP 7" digital frame, Picture Book mini UPSTAIRS GARAGE

684.2 single blade slaw cutters Both UPSTAIRS GARAGE

685.Ajay dual action exercise bike UPSTAIRS GARAGE

686.Large lot of paperback and hard cover books UPSTAIRS GARAGE

687.2 Boxes of canning jars UPSTAIRS GARAGE

688.Large lot of Christmas UPSTAIRS GARAGE

689.Castamel 9 qt covered stock pot NIB UPSTAIRS GARAGE

690.Revere 12 qt. covered stock pot UPSTAIRS GARAGE

691.Stadium seats UPSTAIRS GARAGE

692.Storage box approx 28" x 38" x 9" UPSTAIRS GARAGE

693.Macromea plant holders UPSTAIRS GARAGE

694.Coleman lantern UPSTAIRS GARAGE

695.Lot of coolers UPSTAIRS GARAGE

696.Small dropleaf stand Approx 2' high UPSTAIRS GARAGE

697.Vintage metal small stand with coolers and sandwich holder UPSTAIRS GARAGE

698.Kenwood KR-755 stereo reciever UPSTAIRS GARAGE

699.Delta faucet and toilet seat UPSTAIRS GARAGE

700.Mid century plastic TV tray set wth only 3 trays UPSTAIRS GARAGE


702.Early painting on artist board approx 13 x 26 UPSTAIRS GARAGE

703.2 Early prints. Framed still life large and 12 x 12 Falls print UPSTAIRS GARAGE

704.Early framed The Unanimous Declaration UPSTAIRS GARAGE

705.Metal oval framed portrait approx 12 x 24 UPSTAIRS GARAGE

706.Ceramic decorative items UPSTAIRS GARAGE

707.Collectible coffee cups UPSTAIRS GARAGE

708.Caned seat chair UPSTAIRS GARAGE

709.Ladies vintage shoes and clutch UPSTAIRS GARAGE

710.10" sprinkler can no end on spout UPSTAIRS GARAGE

711.2 Nice tooled leather vintage purses UPSTAIRS GARAGE

712.Silverware and knives UPSTAIRS GARAGE

713.26" Water can for Railroad unsigned UPSTAIRS GARAGE

714.12"x12" square plastic Mid Century ceiling light cover UPSTAIRS GARAGE

715.Griswald grinder UPSTAIRS GARAGE

716.Santa stein

717.Oak caned seat spindle back ladies rocker UPSTAIRS GARAGE

718.Primitive 3 leg folding drying rack UPSTAIRS GARAGE

719.Lot of tissues and insulated pitchers UPSTAIRS GARAGE

720.2 pans alum and cast UPSTAIRS GARAGE

721.Craftsman 1/2 hp motor UPSTAIRS GARAGE

722.Sunbeam break resistant top patio table rectangular approx 4'x6' UPSTAIRS GARAGE

723.Garbage cans, vintage stool/seat OUTSIDE FRONT OF GARAGE

724.Metal garbage can with pick, shovels, fork OUTSIDE GARAGE

725.Blue plastic garbage cand with shovels, hoe, etc OUTSIDE GARAGE

726.Brown plastic garbage can with shovels, pick, OUTSIDE GARAGE

727.plastic gas cans OUTSIDE GARAGE

728.Small havahart trap OUTSIDE GARAGE

729.plastic gas cans OUTSIDE GARAGE

730.Larger havahart trap OUTSIDE GARAGE

731.Square garbage can wth shovels, rake OUTSIDE GARAGE

732.Early hand plow OUTSIDE SHED

733.Hand pull lawn roll OUTSIDE SHED

734.Load Hog cart OUTSIDE SHED

735.5'7" wooden step ladder OUTSIDE SHED

736.Lot of panel type lumber IN OVERHANG OF SHED

737.kero and gas can IN OVERHANG OF SHED

738.Board roller helper OVERHANG OF SHED

739.Scissor jack and jacks OVERHANG OF SHED

740.Wooden ladder HANGING IN GARAGE
741.Skinny oval 1 drawer stand BATHROOM
742.3 Boxes of cleaning liquids BATHROOM
743.Matching hamper & tissue holder BATHROOM
744.Early A Conductors Advice to a New Brakeman o nHOw to be saved from Accident by Safety Department of Pennsylvania
745.Conrail BL&E Time books
746.General Motors 1951 Diesel Locomotive Operating Manual No 2311 for Passenger Locomotives Mod E8
747.Constitution of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Fireman & Enginemen 1953
748.Steam Driven Locomotives with Electric Heaters by Steam Electric Co.
749.General Motors On The Road trouble shooting 1949
750.D L & W Safety Rule Books Early
751.1936 No 5062 The AB Freight Brake Equipment Book by Westinghouse Air Brake Co.
752.Reading Co. & Trainmen in Road & Yard Service 1928
753.1931 No 5032 No 6-ET Locomotive Brake Equipment Westinghouse Air Brake Co. Book
754.1940 No 5048 Inspection of Locomotive Brake & Signal Equipment Westinghouse Brake Co.
755.1954 Erie Railroad Examination Questions for Engineers, Firemen & Holsters on Operation of Diesel Electric Locomotives
756.Instruction Manual for the Operation of Railway Equipment General Motors Locomotive 1945 Copyright
757.Ginseng & Other Medicinal Plants book Copyright 1908
758.2 Early scrap books approx 6 x 8
759.Couple of Early Railroad Photographs
760.Erie Lackawanna Railroad Papers
761.Railroad Signal papers Conrail Time Table No. 1
762.Erie Lackawanna Railroad NY Division Scranton Division 1965 Timetable & other Erie Lackawanna papers
763.Box of Conrail papers, Engineer magazines
764.Box with Early Bible, Grammer School book, etc
765.Nice small maple box approx 10 x 8
766.Tin of early buttons and sewing
767.4 Early bottles
768.Conrail Crew packs
769.Signed Vintage Florenza 2" pin with multicolor stones and small Enamel flower pin
770.2 Vintage Triangular button clips with applied stone and decoration
771.1" heart pin with seed pearls, missing one
772.Camphor glass beads and beaded choker necklace
773.Vintage dental tool
774.Conrail knife and marker
775.Little Gem Bank, Vintage pins & small items
776.Vintage Waterman pen in original box
777.Early pen & Gillette blade holder with pen tips
778.Vintage Rosary holder and flip out pill box
779.Pinback buttons White Pass & Yukon Railroad, etc
780.Louis H Isaacs tadder & pearlized mini pocket knife with pouch
781.Vintage Cigarette holder, folding pad holder with pencil holder & rouge
782.Vintage ink bottle, pencils
783.3" New York Wold's Fair Pencil
784.Vintage buckles & nail file-as is
785.Nickel Silver pocket watch case, Vintage cufflinks etc
786.Early possible Ammo Box OUTSIDE SHED
787.Box of Linens BATHROOM
788.Microwave cart like new BATHROOM
789.Box with mop, etc BATHROOM
790.3 Plastic containers of bathroom items BATHROOM of RR items NEXT TO STOVE
792.2 Boxes with New items IN BATHROOM SHOWER


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