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Item Description
1.asst of old baby shoes

2.asst of child puzzles some missing pieces

3.wild turkey whiskey decanter 8"

4.wooden handled umbrella

5.2 vintage fishing poles

6.child's yarn kit campus knit

7.grolsch bottle brown 10"

8.cup and saucer from Washington DC

9.4 pictures swans on water framed 11x21 sunflower and flowers on burlap framed 12x19 signed street picture framed 18x22 covered bridge scene framed 16x18

10.child's tea set insulator lamp etc.

11.Wagner power painter model 225

12.2 baking dishes bunt baking dish tin and a calendar

13.2 flower prints 7x9 9x12

14.ceramic lamp with wooden base 23"

15.asst of sheet music Frog Frolics Jolly Fellows etc.

16.paper shaded lamp 27"

17.2 lamps 1 wooden lamp one little lady on a base lamp and globes

18.wade monkeys dog Knick knacks a bell figurines etc.

19.asst of woven baskets

20.asst of stemware glasses some Sweden

21.signed cottage print 33x25

22.bunny print framed 14x27

23.asst of wall clocks and placemats

24.rag rug

25.child dishes and 2 child's cups

26.parasol and an umbrella

27.2 small child's Christmas stools

28.stamp books

29.vintage Christmas ornaments and icicles

30.clarinet keys mouth piece ad reed and tokens

31.asst children's toys

32.asst plates floral bunny etc.

33.4 master salt dips

34.foe fur coat wear and a putter type mug

36.2 lamp shades

37.mirror on a pedestal

38.vintage Christmas bulbs

39.vintage Christmas decorations

40.measuring tapes thimbles sewing items etc.

41.asst buttons

42.5 vintage Christmas bulbs

43.Christmas bulbs on wire and beaded string lamp shade 5"

45.diamond and rhinestone tester kit harisonic

46.gem instruments and testers

47.2 barbies 1 is ice capades and 1 is sparkle eyes barbie

48.asst wooden Christmas ornaments lamp shade 5"

50.3 Limoges flower holders

51.3 totally hair Ken dolls with styling gel

52.Christmas ornaments

53.11 Limoges plates Game bird set

54.electric light fixture

55.rollerblade barbie and rollerblade ken

56.American Beauty Queen barbie and my first Ken

57.3 united colors of Benetton barbies

58.milk glass lamp shade 5"

59.5 Christmas and winter Avon plates by Wedgwood

60.cardinal picture signed and framed

61.scale in parts made in west Germany

62.Ryder's laboratory pharmaceutical scale the torsion balance company NY

63.pocket watch parts

64.asst salt dips

65.2 blocks of scale weights

66.Ohaus dial o gram scale

67.Vintage 6 paper hanging lamps

68.asst beaded purses and lace gloves

69.abstract art 35x47

70.smordan and company postal scale

71.12 stemmed parfait glasses

72.antique German made quadrant type postal scale

73.crystal vases condiment and pitcher place angle irons doll

76.oil can

77.perfume atomizer

78.perfume atomizer purple color

79.2 small pressed glass dishes made in Poland

80.asst of mugs

81.bell system antique telephone

82.2 hand painted glass lamp globes

83.bell system antique vintage phone

84.train track

85.bell system vintage wall phone

86.Thomas Kinkade picture on purse

87.sterling and engraved glass vase

88.flat iron rest made into decoration Danube sugar bowl and pedestal dish

90.Victorian art bear inkwell 8" repro

91.opalescent blue glass dish and strawberry Fenton pedestal dish

92.6 glass hurricane globes tallest is 11"

93.6 glass light globes

94.history of the Johnstown flood book and visitors guide Philadelphia 1876

95.3 small glass light globes 4"

96.3 frosted glass globes tallest is 5"

97.3 hand painted flower globes jar with lid made in Ireland 7" boxes and necklace platforms bag with asst blankets of decorative wall coverings

102.3 bags of luggage items etc.

104.picture frames

105.table cloths and curtains

106.comforter and cotton bed covers

107.asst of bags

108.craft magazines and cook books books and books on pottery case

111.asst records and cassettes Bing Crosby shindig etc.

112.asst of baskets

113.partial bag of lawn food

114.wooden box with rope and lid

115.2 boxes of wooden items shoe stretchers etc.

116.2 boxes of glasses vases bowls etc.

117.2 boxes of stamps monkee record frames etc.

118.angel figurines and Victorian ladies

119.wooden sewing box with broken handle and supplies of sewing items globe for lamp 8"

122.Christmas ornaments

123.Aladdin oil lamp base number 12

124.hand painted floral lamp globe 7"

125.linen ladies handkerchiefs

126.pressed glass candy dishes sugar bowl vase etc.

127.hand painted vase 8"

128.Galileo thermometer with wood stand of asst shoes porcelain glass etc.

130.3 glass vases tallest is 12"

131.2 prints 1 dove and 1 lady in garden 13x14 and 11x14

132.mink and lamb ladies hats with wooden stands

133.amethyst Fenton basket and amethyst dish

134.the tale of jemima puddle duck very warn no cover decanter stoppers etc. syrup container butter dish coasters etc.

137.heath kit SW 7800 receiver

138.platter salad bowl with plates cream and sugar etc.

139.Elvis teddy bear Elvis 45 record and an ink stamp

140.hurricane globes asst sizes

141.asst record albums benny Goodman etc.

142.frosted glass globes most are 6" at the highest

143.colored and clear salt dips

144.aviators flight log book 1943 to 1945 USN trips to islands in Hawaii, ect

145.asst salt and peppers and amber accents lamp

147.B & H oil lantern base

148.asst glass shoes

149.hand painted round lamp globe has big crack 9"

150.asst salt dips and masters hand painted Germany Nippon

151.the inaugural book 1973 and 1989 Ronald Reagan calendar and 1961 Chicago international trade fair program

152.asst of collectable shoes crotched glass and wooden

153.hunting and fishing books

154.4 master salt dips

155.quantity of salt dips

156.books on Britain and Ireland and the royal family

157.frosted glass lamp globe 8"

158.2 books The Day Kennedy was shot and The Torch is Passed

159.asst glass dishes and baskets

160.variety of collectable books

161.quantity of salt dips

162.6 Marian eFax recorders 6 alfeax paper cossets and 1 stylus belt

163.table lamp 24" metal base modern

164.Signed on base B & H metal lamp base

165.3 glass bowls of sports illustrated 1959 and anglers club fisherman 1965

167.asst salt dips

168.5 boxes of glass oil candles

169.4 asst banks 1 piggy 1 coin purse and 2 pin money

170.Christmas village of asst post cards

172.Betty Furness westinghouse thermometer set of old recipes

174.easy washers and ironers for savings bank

175.asst post cards

176.9 Ansley china cups and saucers

177.brass curtain tie backs sconce candle holders etc.

178.2 sets of Victorian wall hangings 7x9

179.6 pipes some signed

180.door knobs door handles and lock parts

181.egg cup hand painted ceramic eggs signed a powder dish signed England and a dish France a pitcher Haviland and clear glass candle holders butter dish bowl etc.

183.serenity fountain

184.set of young couple pictures framed

185.3 sets of pics 2 sets Victorian 1 set scenic

186.7 pink goblet glasses

187.Haviland and company dinner ware bowl

189.6 pink pfaltzgraph bowls and pfaltzgraph hot plate

190.window display made by gold smith company

191.notebook of postcards and advertising

192.picture stands plate stands etc.

193.asst light bulbs

194.American telephone and telegraph company add

195.2 books 1 on aristo sraft trains and 1 on Bachmann trains

196.wooden candle powered carousel made in Germany

197.Olympus XA2 camera

198.American optical action Vue

199.figurines and vases

200.Pyrex bowls baking dish and 6 fire king Custer cups

201.juice glasses

202.asst vases and a bowl

203.rose chintz made in England Johnson brothers dinner set incomplete

204.framed proverbs

205.mountable portable lamp

206.address shingle with a train decoration dishes with golden rims

208.3 tins 1 is a English breakfast tea with a clock on it

209.2 doll chairs signed strombecker

210.8 glass insulators

211.Bisque pitcher

212.Avon grindley England dinner set

213.milk glass lamp globe and a Fenton covered jar milk glass

214.6 Victorian framed pictures and metal medallions 8x10 9x6

215.2 framed city scenes 7x8

216.4 dolls Indian doll from Peru and geisha

217.2 Wedgewood saucers Wedgewood cup and saucer and a Wedgewood jewelry box

218.4 costumed dolls stereo headphones with case a realistic microphone plus cords

220.dolls from Africa Puerto Rico and France

221.2 plates 1 is pepper cricket farms signed Bradford exchange other is peter rabbit by Wedgewood

222.dolls from Bermuda and native America

223.2 prints angel cherubs 9x10

224.2 Wedgewood plates silver jubilee coronation queen Elizabeth of asst frames of 4 wall hangings floral print and sayings

227.3 boxes of asst books cooking books medical books etc. of asst picture frames and wall hangings

229.3 boxes of asst kid toys of asst computer parts

231.type of circuit board of board games of material of car parts plus an iron grate

235.lidded storage box

236.brackets and plastic lids

237.child's hard hat and electrical items of material

239.wooden based glass globed display containers

240.2 boxes of office items

241.2 boxes of Christmas decorations

242.3 playbills 2 are 11x17 and 1 is 9x11 and a plastic storage box of asst lamp parts

245.2 boxes of asst books

246.craft and ribbon box of world war history books

248.2 boxes of asst books

249.3 graduated sized apothecary frosted jars of Knick knacks

251.pepper cricket farm sculpture and old black smiths shop made in England

252.2 table lamps children reading on base 15"

253.signed rearing horse sculpture on wooden base 14"

254.2 dishes salt and pepper Lenox and pitcher made in Ireland

255.dolls from Scotland and Holland

256.porcelain flowered Knick knacks and 1 oil lamp

257.12 piece dinner set Castleton with covered serving dish a platter 2 serving bowls and a gravy boat china

258.Garfield Christmas mug picture frame Knick knacks place card holders etc.

259.number 2 brownie camera

260.Lenox Rudolf the red nosed reindeer salt and pepper set

261.flower lamp 1 broken glass globe 17" Kat binoculars

263.4 glass lace figurines

264.pedestal bowl 2 candy dishes and tooth pick holders

265.electrified oil lamp duplex P & A

266.2 boxes of books of computer books

268.lace pillow and crocheted doilies

269.candles and candle globe

270.Mitsubishi speakers of maps of the world

272.old pictures and magazine advertisements

273.6 naval nautical books

274.3 framed portraits 6x7 and 4x5

275.oil lamp sconce

276.baroque style shelf

277.Minolta camera with multiple lenses

278.Denver scale company for precious stones and metals voland corporation

279.kodak easy share printer dock series 3 2005 prints with or without a computer with accessories

280.corgi car and wagon frtl co

281.Vintage floral decals wine list sheet music etc.

282.royal marriage England plate top metal tray broken handle etched lamps 14"

285.Christmas letters NOEL lefton and other decorations

286.Victorian hanging foyer slag glass light

287.nascar sun visor lunar landing dish bulb and jewelry case bowl vase hand painted condiment jar etc.

289.3 lamp shades

290.Walt Disney micky mouse and micky mouse car

291.bunnykins plate and cup 60th anniversary

292.oriental wooden bases

293.decorative telephone

294.10 chronograph watch course books

295.the vagabond published monthly during the season by the vagabond players December 1925

296.dimensional girl in frame 11x17

297.readers digest book on Norman Rockwell and book Andrew Wyeth

298.insignia and decorations of the us armed forces book

299.cup saucers mugs plates of queen Elizabeth the 2nd Cornation

300.whale ships and whaling book

301.lace glass lamp lady and lamp shade 17"

302.royalty plate bowl and cup queen Marie

303.child's cup saucer tea pot other small creamers etc.

304.vintage dress undies lace camisole skirt dress lace gloves 3 BA by Bonnies

305.Charles and Diana plate saucers and a cup

306.dimensional girl in frame 15x22

307.2 Wedgwood like plates and Wedgwood like wall art

308.wooden framed mirror wooden frame is damaged 22x40

309.tea pot pinhead on spout creamer cups saucers royal bridal gown England

310.diamond tester kit diamond tester 2 scales caliper etc.

311.table mirror trivet and silver overlay on cream sugar egg cup pitcher and serving plate

312.vintage photography equipment accessory

313.Modern stained glass butterfly light

314.quantity of little glass shoes

315.little portable sewing machine

316.hand painted small wooden chest 7x14x10

317.2 dolls in crotched dresses

318.large bowl and 3 small bowl set Napon

319.scotty dog door stop cast iron 15"

320.6 hand painted round cherub pieces Limoges

321.beleck company dish

322.asst of hand painted plates

323.wooden box

324.4 sea shell and starfish plates and 3 bowls

325.hand painted platter hand painted cream and sugar etc. creamer and sugar are Limoges

326.Syracuse china dinner set not complete

327.4 cups and saucers and 3 cups

328.noritake china platter 8 plates 8 dessert plates 4 bowls and 9 saucers not complete

329.Christmas bowls plates etc.

330.2 stainless serving bowls

331.asst of glass snack plates a platter and bowls

332.partial china set

333.6 Limoges plates

334.cookware pot

335.4 sets of salt and peppers

336.princess charlotte tea pot and lily of the valley tea pot rimmed stemware racks wire baskets etc.

339.hand painted tea pot

340.paisley print tea pot

341.wooden kitchen items

342.3 shinelle

343.amsco kodak 2 cameras and pin cushion of hand bags and hats

345.tea pot cup cream sugar desert plate etc.

346.currier and ives 1979 year and music book diamond book etc.

347.Ezra brooks whiskey clown decanter beam whiskey decanter and a chalk dog of toys

349.acrylic flower framed in wood of asst beads

351.cake of ivory soap larkin silver polish and yardley shaving soap of asst handkerchiefs

353.picture of house barn
354.White porch rocker wood

355.White porch rocker wood

356.Painting on canvas, early frame signed Mary Deminger framed 31 x32

357.hand crotched and machine tablecloths


359.Box of purses, ladies bags

360.large box of linens

361.Large box of wooden items, towel rack, rolling pin recipe box

362.Large box of plate an other displays

363.2 boxes twin flat sheet, tablecloth, etc.

364.12 Collectible plates Avon years, The Lineman, Spirit Service All


366.Christmas items

367.4 Artificial Christmas trees 3 look new

368.skinny tiles

369.Assorted books

370.Early bedspread and blanket

371.Early stuffed tiger and more

372.3 Boxes of books

373.Assorted Hardcover books

374.Various hard cover books Aztec, Postsecret

375.2 boxes of hard cover books

376.Antique price guides

377.2 boxes of books, novel and more

378.Linens tablecloths

379.picture 28 x 22 Signed Roaul Dufy 1919

380.Mahogany arm platform rocker

381.Needlepoint stool 15 x 12x10

382.Mahogany china closet painted and as is condition 44x16x60

383.Oriental style rug approx. 5 x 7 stains

384.Small dome top trunk 25x15x16

385.1 door stenciled end table 15 x14x28

386.4 Chrome leg 1950's chairs need new seats

387.3 Luggage racks folding Vintage

388.Part to floor mirror 16x52

389.Hooked runner 28 x 90

390.Tufted vanity bench 37x15x17

391.Rocco style needlepoint seat chair seat is 17" high

392.Walnut what not shelf or cup and saucer shelf 36x25

393.Iron doll bench 16x7 reproduction

394.Mahogany 1 drawer 3 shelf bookcase 25 x 10x44

395.Baker furniture 3 drawer stand 23x16x22

396.pine floor lamp

397.Showcase top end table with pad feet 23x18x24

398.Iron and metal floor lamp no wiring 55"

399.Magazine rack

400.42x19x27 Wards Airline console stereo

401.2 lamp shades

402.Oak Tea cart 26x20x31

403.small hanging cabinet 18x21x5

404.small lift top stool 15x11x13

405.Mahogany 3 door bookcase. Back leg needs repair 58x13x45

406.Ladies fur wrap

407.Vintage ladies fur coat

408.Brass coated fancy coat rack, newer

409.Oak pressed back velvet lined chair

410.Stenciled dropleaf 1 drawer stand 28x16x22

411.Early wooden framed Eagle top convex mirror. Small pic off at top left 19x30

412.White marble top walnut base Victorian stand 28x19x29

413.Porcelain and metal floor lamp 57"

414.2 Piece corner kitchen cabinet, modern 35x14x71

415.Toleware double desk lamp 23" high

416.fake plant

417.Burled walnut veneer drop front Empire style desk over 2 drawers. Some veneer as is or missing 33x18x41

418.2 24x6x8 pine wall shelves, both

419.Vintage grape design wrought iron patio stand no glass 24x24x20

420.28" plastic Elfin water fountain

421.Small dome top trunk 26x14x17

422.Modern iron 25" plant stand and other plant stand to put together

423.Modernism mirrored pieces

424.5 Piece Floral design iron round patio table and 4 chairs table is 30" round

425.Mahogany pie crust stand legs need repair, chairs and stool

426.Inlaid top stand tapered legs 19x6x26

427.Early briefcase

428.Overstuffed chair

429.GE DSP3 Video camera

430.Ohaus Triple beam balance scales with weights

431.Symphonic console stereo 48x18x28

432.Mahogany step back end table

433.Early doll changing stand

434.Grill as is

435.Mahogany chair seat needs caning

436.Lord on the Mountain print Deco frame-as is 34 x20

437.swivel rocker

438.Mantle or wall shelf 51x6x4

439.Small stool 15x10x12

440.2 drawer metal filing cabinet

441.20 Early child's vanity shaky

442.Carved side magazine stand

443.Stenciled with Art Deco pull 5 dr. dresser 37 x 18 x 54

444.Chalk done picture 32x27

445.Vintage Fleeting ladies bike or bicycle

446.29 x 41 veneered fancy mirror pc veneer off

447.3 pieces of hand painted milk glass decanter, bowl, tray

448.Plated 7" sugar shaker and 6.5" creamer

449.Victorian plated sugar, teapot and more

450.Pair of Cameo Creation 12" Shelves

451.7 x9 Genuine Limoges B & S Creations picture metal bow etc.

452.Box of angels various materials and makers

453.4 collectible souv. Plates

454.Early frames

455.Monkey, Boyds bear and more

456.Basket and 2 small woven items

457.Table runners, linens

458.Calligraphy items, etc.


460.Baby shoes

461.Vintage gloves, wallet

462.Sweaters, slippers

463.Erector set newer


465.Iron 8" swivel arm plant stand

466.Doilies and table coverings

467.Tablecloths and napkins

468.Embroidered & crotched items

469.Whirlpool ice maker for refrigerator as is

470.Vintage lace collars, child's dresses, camisole

471.Tablecloths and napkins

472.9.5" dia. Iron heater grate

473.2 15x10 Pfaltzgraff platters and small bowl

474.Tiffany & Co handled tray missing bowl, Hungary bird dish and more

475.Glass showcases 4 x 3 and Christmas clock

476.Oval convex metal frame 22 x 13

477.Unsigned hand painted 10" Blue bird double handled vase

478.15" floral lamp

479.3 pitchers and vase applied pink handle,etched, etc.

480.Genuine Limoges Cameo made in France Sungott Art Studios NY framed 13 x 11

481.Unsigned 9 x 7 butter dish

482.Nippon 7" footed cracker jar

483.5 Pieces of rose decorated dishes

484.8" Rose decorated Chocolate pot cracked

485.9.5" Cloisonne Bird decorated vase

486.3.5" Gray's Pottery creamer

487.7' Etched tulip style shade opening is 4"

488.8" hand decorated shade

489.13" base lamp

490.13" Cranberry/clear Bristol Conn fount lamp metal base as is

491.Early buttons

492.Dresser tray, tissue holders, etc.

493.Godinger Shannon crystal star candle holders NIB

494.23"lamp hand painted and daisy dot base with fringed shade

495.Carmel slag tulip leaf lamp shade 7.5" high 4" opening

496.9" enamel hand painted part to lamp

497.7" Westmoreland cupid and Venus plate

498.9 sets of nice cups and saucers

499.AH baking dish and casserole

500.B & H 11" metal oil lamp base has been elec.

501.21" Cranberry shade hurricane lamps Elec

502.Tablecloth and napkins

503.3 glass lamp shades

504.2 New Spode cup and saucers and set of 2 glass taper candleholders

505.5 Hand painted items, bowls, hot plates, etc.

506.9" high milk glass painted lamp shade ball style

507.Porcelain angel newer

508.Nice Enamel painted over Smokey pink 28" to top of chimney oil lamp elec.


510.Vintage purses

511.Bailey cowboy hat style 570 size 7 3/8 in orig box

512.Cranberry hobnail hanging foyer light shade is 10" high

513.small scales

514.Nice box of hand painted items bone dish, bowl, small plates

515.Nice box of hand painted items small plates, plus non hand painted dishes

516.Turkey fryer

517.4 Angel wall plaques 2 sets of 2

518.24" animated Christmas boy and girl

519.9" Cranberry feather pitcher with applied clear handle

520.8" Pink/white cased glass vase

521.5" Cranberry swirl shade with 4" opening

522.2 Oval framed hand painted cupid cameos 7 x 5

523.Box of miniatures

524.Pair of 18" Facial metal base lamps with heary pressed glass cone tapered shades. Decorative, Elec

525.Plated sugar with lot of souv. Spoons

526.Rare goblet and pressed glass items of glass lamp parts

528.Silverware chest 16 x 13 x 18 would make a great jewelry box

529.Pair of framed English prints 17 x 19

530.Art Deco framed seagull picture 17 x 12

531.Floral print framed 11x13

532.Concert Hall portable turntable

533.popcorn maker

534.Radio that looks like a vintage wall phone 8 x 17

535.8 gold decorated 5.5" tumblers glasses

536.Drink set pitcher 8 5.5" glasses and 5 3.5" tumblers

537.Accordion as is

538.Pottery brown pitcher and bowl set

539.Ortho fertilizer

540.26 x 43 Rococo style mirror top needs glue

541.Box of keys of vintage keys of small perfumes of needlepoints of needlepoints

546.Early needle holders and sewing

547.Vintage jewelry necklaces, bracelets

548.Vintage necklaces

549.Vintage earrings and pins

550.Florenza portrait earrings and vintage jewelry butterfly

551.pins earrings

552.15" high telephone style lamp needs shade

553.Early buttons

554.Lot of interesting smalls

555.Metal double drop shade lamp 26" needs to be rewired


557.Lawn Boy push mower

558.2 Wall mantles or shelves both 47"



561.bag camera bag

562.gerry can

563.2 boxes of books

564.2 Walnut carved drop shelf wall shelves 23" high

565.37 x 20 x 6 kink knack shelf

566.Minolta 35mm camera and accessories

567.pair of new bookends

736.Box of early beads and jewelry parts

737.Early military buttons and bars

738.5 Advertising plastic thimbles

739.Plated tea strainer and napkin ring

740.Various advertising patches

741.Pencil lead holders and lead box

742.Button hooks, rings, needle holder

743.1991 Topps Desert Storm cards 1 pack

744.1" Monkey

745.Vintage 1/2' buttons

746.Mesh purse and change purse

747.Hohner Blues Band harmonica and book

748.Elsie the tricky cow that M O O S by Mespo Products Co with box

749.4 Italy decorative 5" spoons

750.14k phone charm 2.2 grams

751.3.5" sterling shoe pin cushion total weight 97.2 grams

752.2.75" Gorham sterling spoon pin 5.2 grams

753.USN Pin and sterling Eagle pin-5.4 grams

754.7" Sterling bracelet 7 grams

755.2.5" fancy heart pendant on Monet 28" chain

756.Pair of Sterling Siam 1.5" screw back earrings weight 9 grams

757.Sterling ring no stone 3.4 grams

758.Sterling band ring with cz stone total weight 2.9 grams

759.Sterling silver 3" sword pin with amethyst top stone and polished stone total weight 6.2 grams

760.3.5"dagger style pin with turquoise and 2 gem stones total weight 19.1 grams

761.7.5" heart and flower sterling bracelet 8.2 grams

762.Mexico Sterling 2.5x2" butterfly pin with abalone front total weight 9.5 grams

763.Copper bracelet

764.3" cow creamer 3672 numbered

765.Early manicure set as is

766.1.5 x 1.5 Advertising Ex lax tin

767.Pair of 2.5 and 3 " vintage pencils

768.Sheaffer pen pencil set

769.double handled 5" sterling bowl 89.3 grams

770.4" Elizabeth II Coronation dish

771.set of Allrpege pen pencil set in box

772.7" Green stone with seed green pearls bracelet Costume

773.Mexico Sterling 8" bracelet with round amethyst stones 48.1 gram total weight

774.Sterling Honduras Souv spoon 13.8 grams

775.Sterling handled opalescent blade knife 5.5 gram total weight

776.Sterling Christmas spoon 12.5 grams

777.Jackson MI Sterling spoon 16.9 grams

778.Rogers Bros. serving fork

779.Early Kicking Bear & Short Bull photograph & Guyandotte Land Co. document

780.Early pipe signed tape covers signature

781.Early pipe signed tape covers signature

782.Crown of England pipe

783.Sterling fork and spoon set 26.5 grams total weight

784.Certified Purex pipe

785.Camel figurine
786.Sterling chain & Charm with Onyx gemstone 18" chain both hallmarked Sterling total 6 grams

787.Belt buckle signed
788.Marble Oriental tamp, Wyoming Centennial belt buckle 1890-1990 #828 of 10,000

789.Sterling darner broken handle

790.Pewter Thimble 2" shot glass

791.Small brass items

792.Early wooden Pinocchio doll 7"

793.Early C.A.O. Arm band w/ 2 pins

794.Brass Hameln key 5.5"

795.Early Stanley ruler & attaching level

796.Bailey Banks & Biddle Co. silver-plated ladle

797.Silvertone fork with carved handle

798.Scrimshaw spatula

799.Silvertone knife with early handle

800.Sterling Columbian Exposition spoon 10.2 grams

801.1934 Hall of Science spoon Sterling 29.4 grams

802.Sterling Chicago spoon 21.2 grams

803.April Sterling spoon 34.2 grams

804.Hummel Ornament 139 Armottos, repaired

805.Vintage Pocket watch missing hands signed case

806.Early pocket watch, can not read makers

807.Signed pipe

808.Signed pipe

809.2 Royal Wedding 1981 Souv spoons & RGM 1910-1935 Souv spoon

810.1892-93 Chicago World's Fair Sterling spoon 32 grams

811.Early music box, Ellicott Company London 9056

812.Signed pipe


814.Pocket watch case

815.Vintage Ingersoll Pocket watch

816.Early Darnell pip

817.Amphora pipe

818.Gasparini pipe

819.Westbrook Dr. Grabow pipe

820.Sterling handle Early curling iron total weight 46.3 grams

821.Landing of the Pilgrims 1620 Sterling Spoon 9.6 grams

822.Whiting Davis Co Coin purse & Eyeglass case

823.3 Early decorative upholstery pins

824.Early eyeglasses missing frame


826.German compass map measurer

827.Vintage Pocket watch

828.Vintage Pocket watch

829.6 Sterling thimbles 28.4 grams total weight

830.Vintage Chronometer cargeont pocket watch

831.Pocket watch missing hands

832.Hampton Watch Co. clock insert missing second hand Ill Watch Co.

833.Silver Bracelet & Choker with blue gemstone Possibly sterling not marked

834.Vintage eye glasses

835.Early sewing crochet tools possibly bone

836.Assorted Doll Talk for Collectibles Pamphlets

837.Quantity of Early photos & postcards

838.Peoples Bank of Paterson $7 Bill, Japanese Gov't Fifty Centavos Bill, 2 Somerset & Worcester Savings Bank $2 & $5 bills

839.Frog & Horseshoe spoon sterling 3.8 grams

840.The Alamo San Antonio Sterling souv spoon 9.4 grams

841.Vintage goldtone Perfection Pocket watch no hands

842.Vintage Sterling spoon Engraved Annie 15.8 grams

843.Vintage Pocket watch no hands stamped 9972

844.Mt. Penn Tower Reading Pa sterling Spoon 12.7 grams

845.Syracuse Dec 17, 93 Sterling Spoon 16.8 grams

846.Hall of airee 1933 Sterling Spoon 20.3 grams

847.Diri Gold Green Duck Co Chicago Spoon 20.7 grams

848.Early Union Stockyards Chicago 1902, @good Brothers Live Stock Sales Receipt 10 x 10

849.Assorted vintage pens & tools

850.Sterling top salt shaker 2"

851.2 Sterling Mid Century Modernism pins Hallmarked Sterling 9.4 grams

852.2 10k Mid Century Modernism pins hallmarked 10k

853.Assorted Vintage Buffalo & Bull Advertising cards/prints

854.Assorted Vintage Girl Scout, Boy Scout patches

855.2 Sterling Mid Century Pins Hallmarked Sterling 6.6 grams

856.2 10k leaf pins with sterling backs

857.2 1/20 10k & Sterling leaf pins Hallmarked 1/20 10k sterling

858.14k Fleur De Lis pin hallmarked 14k

859.2 Sterling & 1/20k Military pins

860.First Nat'l Bank of Pampano Beach & Nat'l Fraternal Society of the Deaf Tags

861.2 Sterling Military cuff links hallmarked Sterling

862.Queen Victorian crowned 1854 pendant

863.Green & blue glass 11" beaded necklace

864.Hoffritz Mini tool kit

865.2 1/20 10k & Sterling military pins

866.2 Gold tone militaries equipment buttons

867.7" 14k gold bracelet

868.Goldstone Cameo ring with broken setting

869.2 Hat pins one short with faux pearl top & one long with Emerald and CZ rhinestones

870.Assorted cufflinks some Swank

871.Sterling Piece hallmarked .925

872.Gold tone Peacock pin with blue, pink & green rhinestones

873.Rolled Gold Eagle buttons

874.Jade colored glass beaded necklace, needs repair

875.Light blue glass beaded necklace needs repair

876.Coro Sterling pin & Earring set

877.2 Sterling dangle earrings with Turquoise

878.Assorted US Service patches

879.4 Brass keyhole covers & 2 Fleur De Lis hooks

880.8 Shamrock shaped metal pieces

881.Vermilion gemstone 9 square glass beads & 3 white round glass beads

882.Gold tone & jade clasp bracelet & emerald, cz with peach gemstone clasp bracelet

883.14k gold chain 16"

884.Sun Heat Oil Furnace Co. Advertising letter opener ruler

885.Beautiful blue & gold chip glass beaded necklace needs repair

886.Vintage metal picture hanger

887.Snowflake shape glass pendant 2"w

888.Blue glass beaded necklace needs repair

889.2 Wright State Independence Wright Bros. Coins, 3 pump n pantry trade coins, 1 New Orleans LA Mardi Gras coin

890.White gold in color band with 3 diamonds, band looks to have been cut and base replaced. No marking on band stones did test diamond

891.4 Eire Ireland Coins

892.Bull Durham Advertising Token

893.Brass Bell System Advertising Token 2.5" dia

894.Assorted Gun Club patches

895.Connemara marble and goldstone necklace, earring set

896.Black Glass bead necklace with extra beads

897.Early Similac 20 4 oz bottle with lid 4"

898.True Trunk pin Hallmark very small & VMC 1105 Longfellow Council No 675 lapel pin

899.Vintage nursing hat

900.Niagara Falls NY & Canada Brass tray 9 x 3


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