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Online Auction Cathedral Organ, Antique Doors, Bannisters, Carpets, Cedar, Lighting, Complete Kitchen - Monday July 8 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Large Oil on Canvas Painting by John D'Allaird 1986 10'7" x 6'8" UPSTAIRS FOYER

2.Small items in bathroom BR YELLOW/FLOWERS UP

3.Vanity with sink 27 x 22 x 31, medicine cabinet 21 x 29 with lights BR YELL. FLOWERS IN BATH UP

4.Shell Light in bathroom hanging UP

5.Oak door & frame 36"X6'9" BATHROOM UP

6.Ceiling light in BEDROOM UP

7.Oak Closet door LOWER BOTTOM 36" x l6'7" with frame

8.Cedar walls in Closet BEDROOM 1

9.Bedroom door & trim 36" x 6'6" UP BR1

10.3 Wall sconces UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

11.Oak door with trim 32" x 6'8" BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

12.Bedroom door & trim 36" x 6'6" BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

13.Bannister to back stairway near garage side 47" 7'6" with carved panels

14.Bifold closet doors in hallway interior measures 4'x6'7" with hardware and trim

15.Oak 1 door/1 door cabinet w/ shelves 30"x6'6"x28" BEDROOM 3 BLUE CARPET

16.L shaped cabinet no back 47"x21.5", 30.5" x31" formica top BATHROOM

17.1/2 Moon vanity with blue round sink 4' x 22" outside dia of sink 22" dia. BATHROOM

18.Beveled mirror 36"x24" BATHROOM

19.Accordian closet door with trim Inside measures 30 x6'6"

20.Blue Carpet Room size being 12'2" x 17'11"

21.Bedroom door with trim 34"x 6'8"

22.Closet door in hall oak w/ trim 32x6'7"

23.Foyer Arched door no trim 33.5" x 6'8"

24.L. Mixed wood carved & glass door wall unit detached 7'1" x 6'9" BEDROOM 4

25.Pink carpet 14'7" x 25' BEDROOM 4

26.Closet door with trim 36" x 9'3"

27.Pine & cedar shelves & cabinets attached to wall in closet

28.Master bath vanity with round sink 5'7" x 22" x31" 19" dia sink

29.3 Single & 1 double wall scones

30.Bathroom door with trim 34"x7'6"

31.Door and trim to Bedroom 34" x 6'8"

32.2 Wall sconces in foyer

33.Bannister with curavature around Organ loft 17 curve x 8'4" BANNISTER CAN NOT BE REMOVED UNTIL LAST DAY OF PICK UP

34.Hanging light above stairway at top

35.Curved bannister from main floor to upstairs CAN NOT BE REMOVED UNTIL LAST DAY OF PICK UP

36.4 Wall sconces MAIN FOYER

37.Split door to kitchen 36" x 6'8" with trim


39.Wall trim around walls all 45" high, 1-7'8",2-25",3-9'9",4-9'4",5-14'5"

40.Trim around door

41.Door to closet in hall with trim 34" x 6'10"

42.Hanging light in hallway

43.Door to bathroom OAK 32" x 6'11"

44.Vanity & sink 31x20x32

45.Barrell 16" high for plants ENCLOSED PORCH

46.Hanging light on enclosed porch ENCLOSED PORCH

47.Mantle top over window(NOT WINDOW) 8'3" LIBRARY

48.Cherry cabinet no back with drawers 39"x25"x36" LIBRARY

49.Wall unit boards LIBRARY

50.Cherry wall pieces 3'6" high, 1-3'10",2-4'2",3-8'4"

51.Hanging light

52.Bannister overlooking Organ room 15'4"

53.Hanging light

54.Carpet square section 17' x 16'10"

55.2 Cannister lights

56.Trim around door both sides

57.Complete unit of Cherry kitchen cabinets with sink KITCHEN

58.Kenmore refrigerator freezer KITCHEN

59.3 hanging lights in kitchen

60.Braided rug 4'9" x 33"

61.Runner 7'4" x 23"

62.Cannister set

63.Door to kitchen closet with 6 panel glass top 32' x 6'8"

64.Shelving in pantry and cabinets

65.2 drawer metal filing cabinet

66.Couch 6'7"

67.The Fisher Tune-0-matic 500j

68.Door to Living room 36"x 6'11" with trim

69.White door to stove room wooden 36" x 6'8"

70.Rug 7'6" x 10'6"

71.Door to kitchen wood 32" x 6'7"

72.Shelving unit around window not window or sill

73.2 Door hanging cabinet 4'29" x 13 WASHROOM

74.Emerson sound stereo chanel WASHROOM

75.Porcelain sink in bathroom 23" x 19"

76.Door to washroom 32x6'8"

77.Rugs in hallway

78.2 hand rails going up back steps 2-8' secrtions

79.Haning light

80.Closet slide door with trim 30" x 6'4"

81.Wooden door painted white 34" x 7'4" BASEMENT

82.Water tank BASEMENT

83.Water heater BASEMENT

84.Door 39" x 7'4.5" BASEMENT

85.Items on shelves BASEMENT

86.Square Grand Piano as is WP Emerson Boston BASEMENT

87.2 Fancy wooden pieces approx 34"x10" BASEMENT

88.Steel door 36" x 6'8" BASEMENT

89.Door and trim 34" x 6'8" BASEMENT

90.Heavy metal box on wheels 21"x30"x28" BASEMENBT

91.SpeedQueen Vintage mangle BASEMENT BASEMENT

92.Hobart slicer BASEMENT

93.Contents of cabinets PANTRY IN BASEMENT

94.Oak door with trim 32" x6'11" BASEMENT

95.Victorian pier mirror plaster/wood/marble 36" x 8'3" BASEMENT

96.Curved part to bannister from basement to first floor bottom newel no top newel

97.Table/2 chairs 38x4'3"

98.3 Ceiling lights BASEMENT

99.Governor Wintrop dropfront desk veneer off BASEMENT

100.Large Church door arched top with trim 4'8"

101.Oak hall tree leg needs to be repairs BASEMENT

102.Curved oak door under stairs with trim 34"

103.2 Metal patio chairs BASEMENT

104.Oak door to liquor cabinet with trim 16" x 7' BASEMENT

105.Bar 5' x 12" BASEMENT

106.Large door with trim 39" x 6'9" BASEMENT

107.Bannister around organ room 41"x15'7" and 41" x 5'7" BASEMENT

108.Handmade cabinet Grandfather clock 22" x 7'7" BASEMENT

109.Oak Marr & Collon Co. Warsaw, NY Cathedral organ with large grouping of pipes wooden bellows. Sets of pipes are on walls, bellows are housed in a separate room

110.Door to water room wood 28" x 6'5"

111.2 hollow core doors one to bath one to closet 30u" x 6'8"

112.Large wooden door with trim 41" x7'5"

113.2 Large doors both 32" x 6'11"

114.Door with 3 panel glass top 32" x 6'7"

115.3 Pieces of patio furniture

116.Large old furnace BOILER ROOM BASEMENT

117.Burnham furnace Pipes that hook directly to furnace go with furnace but must be cut off before going through wall BOILER ROOM BASEMENT

118.Boilermate water tank BOILER ROOM BASEMENT

119.Mid Section staircase L shape newel on right not on left 11'2" x 11'6"

120.Small wood stove in garage

121.Outside pole light OUTBACK

122.Outside pole light SHADE ONLY

123.2 Lights on patio ouside kitchen

124.Metal fancy railing Parts on patio outside kitchen

125.Patio stone-NOT STEPS

126.4 lights at base of patio 1 Is as is

127.Concrete dog missing ear in yard

128.Metal railing around balcony off music room

129.2 lights in driveway

130.Large commercial stove as is Magic Chef

131.2 Early doors. Doors are as is

132.Yamaha YFZ450 4 Wheeler

133.Ceiling light in BEDROOM #2 center of ceililng
134.All baseboard heaters throughout house does not include the pipe that is hooked to the furnace just the pipe that is with the heaters and their length
135.2 Short walls of wainescoating in the kitchen area


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