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Item Description
1.4 Boxes of BlueTransferware Partial Dinner Set Some Chipped

2.Asst Community Plate Silverware

3.Serving ?Tray Funnels Etc

4.2 Boxes of Asst Tea Cups & Saucers

5.2 Male & Female Bust 10" & 2 Statues

6.Asst Knick Knacks

7.3 Glass Dog Statues Tallest 9"

8.Asst Silverware

9.Asst Hollywood Craftsman Dishes

10.Milk Glass Vase 5" & 2 Candleholders

11.7 Ruby & Clear Sherbet Stemware Dishes

12.Asst Silver Plate Silverware

13.Asst Amber Glassware Goblets Cream Sugar Etc

14.Asst Blue Transferware Cups Bowls Etc

15.Asst Amber Glassware Bowls Platters Etc

16.Asst Amber Glassware Bowls Cups Etc

17.5 Hand Painted Milk Glass Dessert Plates & 1 Dinner Plate

18.Asst Pottery Trays 2 Frankoma 1 Brush Quality

19.Milk Glass Mixing Bowl McK 5"

20.5 Blue Transferware Divided Plates

21.4 Amber Glass Serving Bowls

22.West Bend Covered Bean Pot West Bend

23.Asst Salt & Peppers

24.Shakespeare Country Blue Transferware Cups Saucers Plates

25.Willow Basket of Pinecones

26.Sink & Toilet Seat

27.Mattel Power Shop Jigsaw

28.Braided Rug Covered Stool 8"H

29.Wooden Crate Basket w/ Handle 12"

30.Wooden Military Ammunition Crate 11x13x19

31.4 Apple Baskets

32.Wooden Knick Knack Shelf 21x28

33.Wooden Rake Decoration Coat Rack Ladder Etc

34.Faux Pear Necklace & Earring Set

35.2 Gold Tone Bracelets

36.Glass Bead Necklace & Beaded Bracelet

37.Peace Compact

38.Turquoise Necklace

39.6 Asst Costume Rings

40.Asst Gold Tone Jewelry Bracelet Ring Etc

41.Sterling Bracelet Hallmarked .925

42.Sterling Bracelet Hallmarked .925

43.Gold Tone Elgin Pocket Watch w/ Inscription

44.Inlaid Whistle Charm Necklace

45.Scarf Cincher & Lady Bug Earring & Pin

46.American Walt Ham Waltham Pocket Watch

47.Asst Beaded Necklaces

48.Sperry Necklace & Bracelet

49.Onyx Necklace & Earring Set

50.Gold Tone Necklaace w/ Faux Pearl Charm & Silver Tone Necklace

51.5 Beaded Necklaces

52.Asst Costume Pins Asst Styles

53.2 Gold Tone Necklaces

54.Josten 10K 1949 Class Ring Hallmarked Josten10K

55.2 Pair CZ Studded Earrings

56.Sterling Charm Bracelet w/ 11 Sterling Charms All Hallmarked Sterling

57.2 Vintage Pencil Boxes

58.11 Asst Bracelets

59.8 Asst Necklaces

60.Asst Costume Earrings

61.Asst Costume Pins

62.Asst Jewelry Bracelets Pins Necklaces Etc

63.Bread Cloth Pillow Cases Placemats Etc Some Embroidered

64.Asst Fancy Pens

65.Asst Magnets

66.Cast Iron Butterfly & Frog

67.Train Set Fencing

68.Embroidered Table Runners

69.Walker's Dairy Bottle 9"

70.Hillside Dairy Farms Dairy Bottle 9"

71.Tin Spice Containers on Tray 5

72.2 Baskets of Sewing Items

73.Miller's Dairy Bottle 9"

74.Pepsi Bottle Ironing Sprinkler 10"

75.Dallas Dairy Bottle 9"

76.Handmade Maple Syrup Tabs & 2 Metal Maple Syrup Tabs

77.2 Bale Top Canning Jars

78.Pine Village

79.Asst Vintage Newpapers '72 Flood

80.4 Asst Totes w Lids

81.Pa House Corner Cabinet Glass Top Door 2 Door Bottom 77x38x23

82.Lg Stuffed Easter Bunny

83.Vintage Chair

84.Floor Lamp w/ Ceramic Flowers w/ Shade 57"

85.Cottage style washstand 27x22x15

86.Playskool Child's Workbench 19x20x16

87.Walnut Grandfather Clock Parts Base 23x14x25 Top 50x20x11 NEEDS REPAIR

88.Wooden Giraffe Statue 50"T

89.Wooden Giraffe Statue 72"T

90.Hall Tree 71"

91.3 Tier Wooden Plant Stand 27x10x9

92.Wooden Stool 18x21x9

93.Wicker Stool 18"H

94.Vintage Doll Carriage NEEDS REPAIR

95.Cottage 4 Drawer Dresser w/ Mirror 77x38x17

96.Painted Stenciled Stool 12x20x11

97.Wooden Doll Bench 23x21x8

98.Lg Stuffed Snowman

99.Upholstered Rocker

100.Sectioned Drawer printers tray 17x32

101.Wooden Plant Stand 18x12x12

102.Claw Foot & Ball Piano Stool 19"H

103.Caligraphy Pen StylusEtc

104.6 Caligraphy Pens w/ Wooden Handles

105.2 Fancy Pens

106.Straight Pins in Cube Pratt & Farmer Co

107.2 Park Davis Adhesive Tape Tins

108.Pair of Vintage Baby Shoes

109.Waterman's Ink inBox & Flo-master Ink Tin 3"

110.Vintage Gun Powder Flask

111.Asst Vintage Items Davol Anti-Colic Small 2 oz Glass Bottle Small Child's Bible Etc

112.Vintage Jacks Set & Marbles

113.Vintage Cream Top Ladle & Small Ladle

114.Vintage Maple Syrup Hole Enlarger

115.3" Empire Pewter Cup

116.2 2" Waltzing Ladies Metal Figurines

117.Vinatge Scrubber

118.Vintage 3" Green Glass Preston of Ne Hampshire Bottle

119.Vintage Knife & Fork

120.2 Vintage Locks Topaz & Strong Lever

121.Magic Multiplying Pencil

122.Hand Painted Wooden Child's Knife Holder w/ 4 Knives

123.Asst Ink Wells Tallest 3"

124.Brass 2" Pen Holder w/ Feather

125.Vintage Teacher Desk Bell

126.Wooden Carry Box w/ Leather Handle 3x11x7

127.4 Spools of Wool 8"

128.2 Glass Ink Well & Pen Holders

129.Asst Ink Bottles Tallest 3"

130.Nice Woven Basket w/ Decorations Thermometer Wind Chime Etc

131.Vinatge Mickey Mouse Rain Poncho

132.Asst Apple Theme Glass Trays/Dishes & Star Candle Holder

133.3 Hand Blown Apple Paper Weights Approx 3.5"

134.Asst Apple Home Decorations

135.Asst Apple Home Decorations

136.Asst Wooden Apple Wall Shelves Biggest 11x7 & Wall Hangings

137.Asst Apple Home Decorations

138.Downton Abbey Series DVD's Seasons 1-4 & Book

139.Schnauzer Cookie Jar 10"

140.Wooden Hummingbird Tissue Box Holder 8x7x7

141.4 Hand Blown Apple Paper Weights Biggest Approx 3"

142.Metal Apple Decoration Holder w/ Apples

143.Vintage Jump Rope Jacks & Ball Set in Tin Mini Croquet Set

144.Lg Copper Ladle w/ Wooden Handle 19"L Handle is Cracked

145.Vintage Steven Kaleidoscope & Party Favor Horn

146.Vintage Pixie Stix Pic-up & Foo Chu Ancient Chinese Telling Sticks

147.Crock Bottle 11"

148.Welbilt Collector's Edition Radio Model 1933C 13"H

149.Apple Potato Peeler

150.Mexican Marinette Doll 10"

151.Cast Iron Model 6F Big Bang Light Field Cannon

152.7 Book Harry Potter Series

153.Crock Bottle 11"

154.Gun Fighter Marinette Doll Foot Comes Off 14"

155.Wuthering Heights Huckleberry Fin Takes of Mystery Imagination & Tom Sawyer Books

156.Fifty Shades of Grey 3 Book Series

157.Borden's & Sealtest 1 Gallon Milk Bottles

158.Asst Misc Items Modern Lantern AM/FM Radio Mini Tea Set Etc

159.Throw Pillow & Blanket

160.Queen Size Waverly Flannel Sheet Set

161.2 Baseball Gloves Big League 150 & Rawlings MM5

162.Asst Canning Jars Some Bale Top Smaller Jars

163.2 Tennis Rackets

164.Asst Children's Books Chicken Little Bozo the Clown Dr Seuss Curious George

165.Healing Shawl

166.8x8 Slate Hand Painted Little Red Riding Hood Wall Hanging Signed Stefania

167.3 Wooden Hand Mashers 1 Hand Painted

168.O Purvin Dairy Co Crate 7x15x12

169.Asst Little Red Riding Hood Themed Decorations

170.Vintage Child's Glass Bowl Naoma

171.Copper Basket w/ Handle 3.5" Deep

172.2 Vintage Litle Red Ridig Hood Pencil Boxes 1 Has More Wear

173.2 Duck Prints 9x10

174.Asst Little Red Riding Hood Themed Books Paint w/ Water A Giant Fairy Story Lon Po Po & Newspaper Clipping/Funnies

175.Little Red Riding Hood Finger Puppet Collection & Advent Calendar

176.3 Vintage Little Red Riding Hood Books

177.Cookoo Clock Germany

178.Asst Russell Wright & Extra Pastel Dishes

179.Asst Blue Transferware Cups Bowls Etc

180.3 Cranberry Glass Items Vase Goblet Cup & Extra Vase

181.Pink Glass Lamp 12"

182.Wood & Crackle Glass Style Lamp 25"

183.Asst Pitchers & Lg Bowl Tallest Pitcher 12"

184.Asst Amber Glass Cups Creamer Sugar Etc

185.Asst Amber & Depression Glassware Plates Cups Etc

186.Asst Glassware

187.Vat 69 Gold Pitcher 6"

188.Asst Glasses & Sherbet Cups

189.Made in Italy Pasta Serving Set Serving Bowl Has Chips

190.Social Security Bank Shirt Hemmer Sail Boat Statue Etc

191.Milk Glass Cake Plate Cups Etc

192.Asst Ceramic & Glass Items

193.Serving Bowl & 5 Bowls

194.5 Vintage Juice Glasses & Coaster

195.Asst Misc Glass Items

196.Vinatge Mickey Mouse Plastic Cup Burger King Figurine Cup Oriental Plate Etc

197.Asst Glass Vases Decanters Etc

198.Asst Pitchers Bowls Cups Etc

199.GE Bake Dish Blue Bowl & Salt Shaker

200.Asst Tea Pots Pitchers Bowls Etc

201.5" Glass Lamp Globe

202.Asst Green & Cranberry Glass Items

203.Asst Small Chickens in a Basket Cups Spoon Holder Etc

204.Lg Cobalt Blue Glass Dinner Set Cups Plates Small Bowls Etc

205.Asst Knick Knacks

206.Vinatge Pink Glass Lamp Needs Repair

207.Asst Pink Depression Glass Items

208.Franciscanware Dinner Set

209.Asst Cups S&P's Etc

210.Vintage Decanter & 5 Cups

211.Asst Vintage Mugs & Bowls

212.Vintage Blue Glass Ballerinas Lamp 8"

213.Sterling 4" S&P's & 2" Salt All Hallmarked Sterling

214.Sterling Cream & Sugar Hallmarked Sterling

215.Augustus Heisey Cup Plate 3.5"D

216.Sterling Compote 5" & Tray Both Hallmarked Sterling

217.Cobalt Blue Cups Vase & Cordial Mugs

218.Home Styles Oil Lamp in Box

219.Asst Pressed Glass Items Cornicopia Decanter Etc

220.Pfaltzgraff Folk Art Pattern 5 Saucers & 5 Cups

221.Pennsbury Pottery Tray & Saucer

222.Angel Tea Pot & Bunny Pitcher Both 6"

223.3 Chickens in a Basket Tops No Bottoms

224.Pfaltzgraff Village Pattern Partial Set

225.Asst Pink Depression Glass Items & Extras

226.Asst Green Glass Cups Creamers Sugars etc

227.Asst Hand Painted Saucers Cups Etc

228.Asst Mugs

229.Asst Salt & Peppers

230.2 Green Glass Mixing Bowls 1 Anchor Hocking

231.Vintage Kidde Fire Extinguisher 12"

232.Skytone Dinner Set Partial Set

233.Asst Creamers Sugar Tea Pot Etc

234.Vintage Queen Glass Canister 8"

235.WUANGGUANG Kerosene Lantern 12"

236.White Carnival Glass Handled Dish

237.Bareuther Waldassen Tea Set Complete Set

238.Hand Painted Oriental Tea Set Complete Set

239.Asst Glass Bakeware

240.Asst Glassware

241.2 Wooden Silverware Trays

242.Asst Plates Cups Saucers Etc

243.Asst Canning Jars Some Bale Top Smaller Jars

244.Asst Glassware

245.Asst Glass Plates Bowls Platters Etc

246.Asst Plates Cups Saucers Etc

247.Asst Glassware

248.Asst Decanters Asst Styles

249.3 Lamps & Parts

250.Asst Glass Bakeware

251.Platter Bowls Etc

252.Asst Plates Saucers Bowls Etc

253.Asst Cups Bowls Pitchers Etc

254.Asst Serving Trays Plates Cups Etc

255.Asst Tea Pots Plates Bowls Etc

256.Asst Glassware

257.Asst Glassware

258.Asst Glassware

259.Asst Ironstone Plates Cups Etc

260.Asst Stemware

261.Asst Lamps & Parts

262.Modernstone Cobalt Blue Sherbet Cups Creamer STc

263.Asst Glass Candle Holders

264.2 Spring Bouquet Vases Plate Holders Etc

265.Asst Cameoware

266.Partial Dinner Set Plates Sups Etc

267.Cobalt Blue Sail Boat Pitcher & 12 Cups

268.Yellow Rose Pattern Dinner Set Partial Set

269.Pottery Lazy Susan

270.Asst Glassware

271.Vintage Green Daisy Set Serves 5

272.6 Vintage ruby Hoe Down Glasses

273.Asst Amber Glassware

274.Asst Pressed Glassware

275.Asst Pressed Glassware

276.Asst Vintage Wooden Children's Blocks

277.8 Green Glass Vases 7"

278.Asst Shot Glasses

279.Asst Cups Plates Saucers Etc

280.Asst ruby Glass Plates Asst Sizes

281.Red Fenton Flower Form Bowl & Red Glass Plate

282.Asst Green Glassware

283.3 A Portrait of Libert Blue Glass Plates

284.6 Cranberryto clear Top Stemware Glasses Pink Depression Glass goblet Etc

285.Asst Green Glassware

286.Modernstone Milk Glassware

287.Modernstone Red Trim White Milk Glassware

288.3 Pink Milk Glass Items

289.Asst Decorative Souvenir Plates

290.Asst Red Transferware Cups Plates Etc

291.Asst Glass Platters

292.Asst Stanglware

293.3 Asst Tea Pots Green Lid Is Chipped

294.Asst Decorative Souvenir Plates

295.Asst Mugs & Steins

296.7 Asst Mother's Day Decorative Plates

297.Asst Knick Knacks Vases Etc

298.Coronation 1937 Mug Old Spice Mug Etc

299.2 Barber Shop Quartet Mugs Pottery Mug & Small Germany Stein

300.Asst Misc Glass Items

301.Asst Decanters Statue Etc

302.Asst Mugs Cups Etc

303.Coca Cola Bottle Playing Cards Tin Lids Etc

304.Asst Glassware

305.Asst Glassware

306.Hand Painted Coverd Dish Milk Glass Planter Pottery Cream & Sugar Etc

307.2 Boxes of Asst Fiestaware Some Not Marked

308.Asst Green Glassware Refrigerator Dish Etc

309.Asst Moonlight Stoneware Dinner Set Partial Set

310.2 Boxes of Asst Blue Transferware Liberty Blue

311.Asst Lu-Ray Pastel Cups Saucers Etc

312.Asst Glassware

313.Asst Amber Glassware

314.Asst Pink Depression Glassware

315.Asst Pressed Glassware

316.Asst Glass Platters

317.Lg Asst Francomaware Plates Cups Butter Dish Etc

318.Asst Ironstone Platters

319.6 Qt Pucnh Bowl & 12 Cups Plastic Ladle

320.Asst Blue Print Cups & Saucers

321.Vintage Pyrex Baby Bottle 8 oz John Wyeth & Bro Bottle Ink Well Etc Tallest Item 9"

322.Hand Painted Saucers Cups Creamer Etc

323.Asst Vinatge Bottles Tallest 10"

324.Asst Blue Transferware Cups Bowls Etc Some Willow

325.Asst Salt & Peppers

326.Partial Gold Rim Berry Dinner Set

327.Asst Glassware Some Fostoria

328.Asst Yellow Depression Glassware

329.4 Milk Glass Light Covers Biggest 5"H 9"D

330.Asst Anniversary Glassware

331.The Enterprise Aluminum Co Drip O-lator 7"

332.Francisacn Plates Delft Planter Cracked Tea Pot Etc

333.Seagram's 7 Foam 7 Plastic 7 Mold Heylands Bier Mug & Feldschlosschen Bier Mug

334.Vintage Corningware Style Bake Dish w/ Lid

335.1776 American Bicentennial Commemorative Plate in Box

336.Asst Anniversary Glassware

337.Asst Plates & Platers

338.Cranberry Glass Vase Goblet Pink Frosted Covered Compote Etc

339.Asst Tea Cups & Saucers

340.Asst Steins

341.Asst Glass Light Covers & Globes Some Hand Painted Etc

342.Asst Small Tea Cups & Saucers

343.GBC Docubind Punching & Binding System w/ Accessories

344.Vintage Plastic Pig Cookie Jar 9" Top Has Some Damage 2 Ceramic Cookie Jars Both 10" & Ceramic Hen Cooke Jar 9"

345.Asst Metal/Silver Plate Items Candle Holders Tray Etc

346.Asst Pottery Planters

347.Milk Glass w/ Red Pattern Plates Saucers Bowl Etc

348.Asst Stoneware Pitchers Tallest 7"

349.3 Pfaltzgraff Mugs 1 Barrel Mug & A Lid

350.Asst Lamp Globes Small Oil Lamp Etc

351.Mid Century Modern Dining Table That Needs Put Together

352.Lg Qty Asst Glassware Cups Saucers Trays Etc

353.3 Boxes Asst Stemware

354.Box of Asst Pitchers & Vases

355.Box of Asst Glass Platters Bowls Etc

356.Box of Asst Pottery Planters

357.Box of Asst Glassware

358.Box of Asst Platters


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