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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
Car, Quality Furniture QUICK ONLINE AUCTION - Thursday April 1 8:00 PM

Item Description
1.Lead crystal basket 8"

2.15" English Oriental style double handled urn no top

3.Clear Depression cake plate and 5 bubble Depression light blue 6.5" plates

4.Large box of clear glassware, bowls, cruets

5.Box knick knacks

6.Pie plate, juicer, custard cups

7.2 corningware teapots

8.Set of dishes Lynn

9.15" high Decorative Oriental tree

10.Moon Landing plate and Boston dish

11.1977 Goble Furniture Co. Advertising calendar plate

12.Stangl pottery 9x9 ashtray

13.9" Frosted covered dish

14.Marble base decorative balance


16.Amber compote and candy dish

17.2 Milkglass bowls

18.Feather picture on velveet 9x17

19.Modern painting of ocean 15x13

20.Set of dishes chinaware Modern Wheat

21.Clear glassware candleholders, vases, bowls

22.Brass enameled dish 4x6.5

23.Freeman McFarlin pottery 12" cat chip on ear

24.Reproduction cast iron elepahant mechanical bank

25.Germany US Zone tea set

26.Fostoria large platter and various other dishes

27.22" Green Mid Century glass vase

28.First Federal Savings and Loan Pittston mini advertisings

29.2 pink Camphor glass lamps 26" high pair

30.2 Mid Century vases 12", 14"

31.2 Mid Century green vases 12", 15"

32.Pair of elec Hurrican lamps

33.Brass MI Greece grinder of some sort

34.Holland Pottery 6" Mid Century vase

35.2 Lead cut crystal dishes both

36.Glass animals

37.Mini vases, ect

38.Carved 4.5" head cup and 9" wood Hawaii pineapple

39.Hand blown 5.5" dia bowl red rim

40.5" Bear honey pot


42.Etched glassware

43.12" Head styrofoam

44.12" Rye man decanter

45.Iron horsehead bookends

46.Mid Century glassware bowl 11x7

47.Hearth and Hand 13.5" dia chip dish

48.Diet Pepsi glasses

49.Vintage trays

50.Wood cannister set and cutting boards


52.Italy cups and saucers

53.6.5" purple crackle glass vase

54.Table attach grinder

55.White oak dresser with mirror 48 x 39 x33

56.1 drawer stand 17 x 16 x 25

57.Mahogany 2 door buffet 42 x 18 x 33

58.Walnut Depression dining room table, 6 chairs, 3 leaves

59.White oak chest of drawers 36x18x43

60.White oak dresser with mirror 54x18x32

61.White oak chest of drawers 34x18x43

62.White oak full size bookcase bed

63.Walnut Depression sideboard 72 x 22 x 41

64.Wine bottle holder 13.5 x 11x6.5

65.Pair of brass lamps heavy 33"

66.Stan with doors 35x20x24

67.Admiral Model Y8057 portable record player

68.Small kitchen drop leaf tabel 36x35x29

69.2 Honeywell both

70.Floor lamp 58"

71.Folding small stand 26x17x28

72.4 drawer metal filing cabinet 15x27x52

73.Mid Century dining room table with pads and 6 velour covered chairs

74.Metal round table 28" x 26.5


76.Walnut what not shelf 24x10x51 base needs repair

77.2 Mid Century round 2 tier stands Each x 2 24" dia, 26.5" high

78.3 piece display unit 33x19x78

79.Patio table 41" dia x 28" high

80.Sony disc player with speakers


82.4 Stack chairs

83.3 Piece stack unit with drawers and drop down desk 32 x 18 x 78

84.Maple step end table 19 x 28 x 27 missing knob

85.3 Piece stack unit with drawrs 18 x 17 x 78

86.Singer seing machine with stand

87.Pair of lamps 31' high

88.Maple mirror 19 x 29.5

89.Large 2 Piece Mid Century hutch 78 x 18.5 x 84 BRING HELP

90.Italian floral lamp 30" tall

91.Handmade rag rug 22 x 35

92.Pink swirl marble Mediterranian fancy coffee table

93.2 Pink marble swirl top Mediterranaian fancy end tables each x 2

94.Magnavox console stereo

95.2 39" tall white and gold trim lamps Each x 2

96.Modern sunset picture on board 43 x 30

97.Silverplated items

98.Knick knacks

99.Brass trivet, and other


101.planter, s/p and more

102.Beautiful shape 3 piece couch and 2 side chairs carved Mederterranian living room set Couch is 96" long Each x 3

103.White oak 6 drawer dresser 48 x 17 x 31

104.White oak kneehole desk 47 x 17 x 31

105.Oak modern single roll top desk 32x24x45

106.Kenmore Thrifty dehumidifier 20 x 15 x 20

107.Kitchen table 1 leaf 4 chairs 60x42x33

108.2 Mid century vinyl seat chairs both


110.Bassett 2 piece hutch 50 x 18 x 74


112.Large painting on canvas 48 x 36

113.Nice brown couch 90"

114.Oak 1 door over drawer cabinet 31x16x44

115.Kitchen table/2 chairs no legs for table

116.Arm chair

117.Nice Bernhardt couch 79"

118.Budweiser mirror advertising 20.5 x 16.5

119.Lite Mirror advertising 16 x 20

120.Genesee Light mirror advertising 21 x 15

121.Busch mirror advertising 26 x 19

122.10W 40 oil


124.Various plates

125.Box of silverplated items

126.Anniversary items

127.Front seat mobile office


129.China dinnerware


131.Placemats, ect

132.cups, glasses of decorative items

134.VCR players, ect

135.Decorative grapes

136.11" crystal covered dish

137.1998 Buick Regal 4 door, 148,252 miles, as is, no heat, Estate car


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