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Item Description
1.Riding horse fringed tapestry 62x86 some fringe off

2.4" black glass spittoon

3.Vintage pelican cooler 10"

4.Early Christmas items

5.Early metal truck Deluxe auto transport Marx missing back wheels

6.Vintage umbrellas

7.Early Pilsner beer tray Hazelton 13" dia.

8.Metal Masters Co. 10" fire truck Early

9.Ball No 13 blue mason jar

10.Vintage autolite with box miners lamp box as is

11.Early tin

12.Vintage 10.5" metal fire extinguisher cannister Ranger

13.Pepsi Cola advertising tray 14 x 10 Looks new but came from Old store

14.Plastic USA early car

15.2 Lacquer trays 10x18, 12x20

16.Ivory Fire king 4 pc missing bowl set in original box only contains 3 bowls

17.Antique rotary telephone

18.Early spittoon 6" high

19.Cannon Trophy Muslin sheets

20.Ladies vintage gloves

21.1950 Minstrel Show pamphlet

22.14 x 9 print

23.10" dia. Vintage frosted ceiling light shade

24.Early plastic and wood spoons

25.2 Antique advertising bottle openers Standard Brewing Co. Scranton Both

26.Antique bottle opener Old Fashion Ma's Rootbeer

27.3 Antique advertising bottle openers Crystal Beverages All

28.2 Vintage hooks Compliments of Old Forge Dairy Both

29.Advertising Have a Coke Coca Cola bottle opener

30.1965 World's Fair plastic

31.Burns Bread knife Syracuse New York

32.Hamilton Beech wood handled Ice Cream scoop

33.Advertising bottle opener Kaier's Special Beer

34.Advertising bottle opener Drink Pepsi Cola

35.Ladies Vintage plastic lipstick holder

36.3 Tin flasks all

37.Seed bag

38.4 Tin small torches All

39.Vintage ladies wigs

40.Bamboo cane broke base

41.6 Sherbets

42.Knowles Syracuse China pieces plates, platter, creamer, sugar, serving bowl

43.J. Mevan print Indian Trail Rocky Mountains water damage 31 x 18

44.3 Coca Cola gallon jugs Early

45.Arcorca 7 pc serving set France in original box

46.6.5" Vintage plastic spoon holder

47.Grablick's Dairy milk bottle

48.6 Sets of pink Depression cups and saucers

49.2 Vintage Necco Peach Blossoms containers 10" high

50.Vintage Popeye Paints tin

51.Primitive store can grabber

52.2 Sets of New Old Stock 5 Pc Luncheon Bridge Linen Sets Each x 2

53.Vintage Mohawk sheets original box

54.Vintage Ann Seton New York sheets

55.Iron mortar pedestal 4"

56.20" Victorian hem measurer

57.Vintage Old New Stock Novelty box pillowcases

58.China electric clock Sticker American 22 karat gold trim Beauti-lamp 10"

59.Old New stock in box Maderite bed sheet set

60.Lunnington Man's hat

61.Old New stock St. Esmond slumber Fest blanket

62.Old New Stock in box Madeira style his/hers sheet pillowcase set

63.Old New stock St. Nashua Heavy Duty Muslin sheets

64.R C Allen antique cash register Heavy

65.4 d2 qt Grablick's Diary milk bottles Each x 4

66.Nice enamel chamber pot 5"

67.Old New stock ladies boots and rubbers

68.2 11" dia. Catalina woodenware plates, butterfly both

69.Vintage metal vase wall hanger

70.Early Artmark tray 17 x 12

71.Antique hanging light 11"

72.Novelty boxes pillowcases Old New stock

73.Early store light approx. 9"

74.Zurd Advertising tin Rat and Mouse killer 5"

75.10 Early Good Luck jar rings

76.Old New stock Rosette bed set

77.2 Vintage household wax advertisings

78.5 Yellow Depression Cabbage Rose 9" bowls Old New stock

79.Art Deco centerpiece and candleholders

80.Early USA pottery mixing bowl 9" dia

81.Lint & Argo Starch advertising cardboard boxes

82.Vintage Westinghouse electric hand mixer

83.Yellowware mixing bowl 10" dia.

84.Advertising tin Cadet Butter Pretzels Easton Pa with lid

85.Large Manhattan Depression clear platter and plates

86.2 Pasta dishes

87.Early Religious print 230 x 23


89.Large 12" transferware bowl

90.2 Vintage lamps

91.Early American full size Chenille bedspread, New & dish towels

92.Vintage 7" light

93.Art Deco lamp as is

94.Religious print 23 x 27

95.Old New stock Wohr bath towels

96.Mouli salad maker Old New stock

97.4 Boxes of Old New stock Lily cups

98.Old new stock pc linen luncheon set blue flow3er

99.2 11" stick lamps

100.Morgan Jones Quadrille Mylar Old New Stock chenille bedspread

101.2 11" Art Deco metal & fry glass base lamps SET

102.Textured designed bedspread vintage

103.Cadet Advertising tin Butter Pretzels Easton Pa with clear lid 15" high 13" dia.

104.Vintage drink set no top to pitcher

105.2 Vintage Art Deco hanging lights Rusty
106.Chikaramarhi Japan Luncheon set

107.Tin stenciled piece

108.3 Old New stock tablecloths

109.Advertising Florida Souvenir shot glasses

110.2 Chenille bedspreads used

111.Whitestone Enamel chamber pot 8.5" dia.

112.Ansco flash clipper camera

113.Besso Tablecloth napkins

114.Kodak Brownie movie camera

115.Poloroid Land Camera Square shooter

116.Kitchen appliances

117.Microwave 18 x 11 x 10

118.Crown Manor stoneware

119.Enamel pot

120.Early tea kettle


122.Pepsi Cola advertising wooden crate 12x18x10

123.Vintage Pants stretchers

124.Iron plant holder 15" high

125.Early kero can dented

126.Advertising box Mountain A. Produce

127.Valley 6" bench grinder

128.Enamel lids

129.Tool box

130.Small iron press

131.Early picnic basket


133.Chain saw

134.12" fan

135.3 Charles Chips advertising tins and Foremost Milkcrate All

136.Early tin 9" high, 12" dia.

137.Early basket with lid 12" high

138.Early basket purse

139.Glass jar bail handle 12"

140.Primitive wooden bucket 13" high, 12.5" dia.

141.Early tin handled 8" high 20 dia.

142.Vintage Safety can 18" high

143.Early tin stove warmer 20x14x18

144.Antique wooden store display rack 32 x 51

145.Store iron base display hanger 49"high

146.Mahogany 1 drawer stand leg needs repair

147.4.5" swivel vice

148.Early wood mallets and tools

149.Antique Peppermint Lump advertising glass jar and 2 bottles

150.Old New stock Pequot Muslin sheets in box

151.10" amber vase

152.Early 10" fan


154.Wicker trays

155.Early canning jars

156.Sad irons and oilers

157.Early bathroom fixtures

158.Liberty National Bank Pittston Pa Vintage books

159.Various early dishes

160.Japan Luncheon set and small tea cups and saucers

161.6" plastic Moo-Cow Creamer

162.Oriental dishes

163.Anchor pottery chamber pot with lid

164.Blue Ball canning jars

165.Oriental blue dishes

166.Fiesta and Luray style 3 pieces

167.Vintage Remington 16 Antique typewriter

168.2 Toothpick holders

169.Spaghetti ovenware pottery bowl apple 13" dish

170.Early Citrate bottles

171.Typhoon 2 nesting bowls

172.Advertising jars and items

173.1958 and various year Pittston papers

174.New Old stock Savy Sheets

175.Cobalt blue Depression plates, creamer, cups, etc.

176.Candlewick and more

177.Various early ashtrays

178.Pink Depression pitcher and 1 glass

179.Early serving bowls

180.Soap holder, light fixtures, Vintage

181.Mid Century dotted glasses, etc.

182.Advertising items

183.2 Glass light shades

184.Mountain Blossom Honey glass jar and others

185.8" Deco blue shades

186.4" Glass apples


188.Wool blanket

189.Old New Stock Portugal hand embroidered sheet and pillowcase set

190.Foster Bros. knives

191.2 Blue 4.5" sailboat glasses

192.Tray and vintage glass holder

193.Vintage scarves

194.Old New stock linens, pillowcases, etc.

195.Old New stock sheets

196.2 Sets Old new stock pillowcases

197.Madeira style pillowcases Royal made Each x 2

198.Vintage night dress

199.Chenille bedspread

200.Vintage Old New stock set linens

201.Nashua Old New stock Muslin sheets in box

202.Vintage hats
203.Advertising boxes

204.Knick knacks

205.Vintage drapes

206.Adam and other Early Men's hats

207.Bowtie, Vintage wallet, key holder

208.Dresser scarves

209.Knick knacks

210.dresser trays

211.Milk glass

212.Art Deco 11" plate

213.Old New stock Dandy Kitchen towels

214.Vintage tin picnic basket 14 x 9 x 9

215.Early Victor adding machine

216.Roseville 327-10" planter

217.13" Early bottle

218.Vintage clothing and hats

219.Antique edging

220.Grant Maid Early bath towels Old New stock

221.White and Red rim 3 pieces

222.2 Enamel urinals both

223.Vintage collapsible cloth/metal folding basket qty 2

224.Moderntone dishes Original box

225.2 pieces of Jadite

226.Blue milkglass refrigeration dishes, juicer

227.15 Piece Antique Cannister set


230.1966 plates, salt and pepper

231.2 boxes kitchen utensils

232.Hytone Metal clock Lux Clock Co. 7 x 6

233.Antique eye glass cases

234.4 Grablick's Diary 1/2 gallon milk bottles Each x 4

235.salt peppers, etc.

236.Lux Harvester clock 5 x 4.5"

237.Ingraham Vintage elec. Alarm clock in box

238.Mini combo clock

239.Glass refrigeration dish 8" sq. x 4

240.4 Grablick's Diary 1/2 gallon milk bottles Each x 4


242.Early magazines etc.

243.Wrench, hammers

244.3 Gallon bottles early

245.Wooden advertising crate Universal Lunch box 23x18x16

246.4 drawer store metal display case 15x14x9

247.Proctor Silex toaster oven NIB

248.4 Wicker plant baskets

249.2 boxes of glassware

250.Early dishes

251.Metal cone shaped planters

252.Early records

253.2 Wicker plant baskets

254.Crown Jewel Fruit Crate Advertising 17 x 11 x 11




258.Vintage baskets & more

259.Bottles, vases, early molds

260.Box of Vintage tines

261.Early Peach quest and other baskets

262.Fruit baskets

263.Oriental style rugs

264.3 Old New stock blankets Charm Jacquard

265.Sony Play station

266.Various tools

267.Castors, door knobs, etc.



270.Early Store Advertising Gillette display case 17 X 14X3

271.Game camera

272.Vintage accordion style rack

273.Antique razor

274.Early glass jadeite towel bar

275.Cast iron wagnerware -0- glass top covered pan 11"

276.Victorian curtain rings

277.Plastic Planters Peanut

278.Antique Liberty National Bank Pittston Pa bag and books

279.Antique store metal telescopic display rack 16"

280.Antique store wooden display as is

281.Antique irons

282.Victorian curtain rod pieces

283.2 Biscuit tins BOTH 9x9x4

284.2 Early

285.Cream spoons

286.Cooper brand wooden advertising box 13x5x3

287.Antique wooden Stanley level with sticker

288.Tool set

289.2 Early hand grinders

290.Antique GE Television

291.Antique Imperial Mark XII Flash Camera Herbert George Co with box

292.Antique Hunter flashlight lantern

293.Wooden early baseball bat

294.Carnival cane

295.Antique Brown's Crystal Hand duster

296.Antique curtain rods

297.Victorian curtain or drapery pins

298.2 Early metal dome top lunch boxes both

299.Old New stock casserole with carrier 12 x 7

300.Antique Drip O lator coffee pot Enterprise Alum. Co.

301.Knick knacks

302.Mini iron Queen stove

303.Vintage glass floral arrangement

304.Advertising cigar boxes

305.Antique teapot creamer sugar

306.Old New stock percolator no cord 6"

307.2 antique hub caps

308.Vintage hard plastic elec. Mastercrafts figural clock 10" high

309.Vintage linens

310.2 Casseroles 3 Vintage holders

311.Antique Dr. Scholls electric foot massager in original box

312.Old New stock Stanley Amazo mop head

313.5 Antique tin torches

314.Antique wisk brooms, etc.

315.Train set

316.Antique advertising tins, 2 Liberty polish, stove polish

317.3 Advertising Super Twi-lite bottles

318.Antique radio 13x5x10

319.Early sewing items

320.Early pipe holder, coasters

321.Box small early advertising items

322.Manor Cannon Muslin Old New stock sheets

323.White glass antique shade with Tetley tea advertising paper 9"

324.Antique white glass hanging light

325.Brown ware stack creamer, sugar8.5"

326.Vintage make up mirror 11x7.5x2

327.Antique linens

328.2 Ceramic soup pots 11" dia

329.Plastic Venetian gondola 13"

330.Vintage Plymouth lace tablecloth 70 x 90

331.Antique clothing

332.Vintage Interlude Body Lotion packet, ladies gloves

333.Vintage linens

334.New Old stock Niagara tablecloth and others

335.Vintage pillowcases

336.Vintage sheets 81x99

337.Old new stock Wizard sheets 81x99

338.Old new stock Clover sheets and Hadson pillowcases 42 x 36

339.Vintage Men's handkerchiefs Wedgefield

340.Vintage clothing

341.Early bedding set

342.Old New stock pillowcases

343.Vintage items

344.Fancy vintage sheet and pillowcases

345.Vintage linens

346.Old New stock Comfort pillowcases

347.Vintage pillowcases

348.Early blanket

349.Philco transistor seven radio & modern radio

350.Vintage tablecloth

351.Antique ladies shoes and belts

352.Covered clover dish, wood & metal trays

353.4 Countryside stoneware mini bowls

354.Antique wooden coffee grinder Grantie fur jedes stock

355.Vintage blankets Belmont & others

356.Vintage ladies scarves

357.Vintage aprons

358.Vintage wool sweater

359.Plastic Christmas church, snowmen, lights

360.Antique 1 pint Old Forge P. Renva bottle

361.Antique White House vinegar bottle

362.2 Antique bottles

363.Vintage blanket

364.Antique Christmas items

365.2 Antique store counter top display racks both approx 22" high

366.2 Richards Giftware division Lander Candy Jars Both

367.Antique Like new justrite miners lamp

368.Pot metal Abraham Lincoln bookend only 1 5"

369.Etched lace centerpiece and candleholders

370.Glass decorative perfume

371.Pair of bedroom prismed lamps

372.Vintage aprons and kitchen linens

373.2 Grablick's Ice Cream milk bottles Each x 2

374.White milk glass basket, bowl and lamp

375.4 Grablick's Diary milk bottles Each x 4

376.Vintage Pyrex

377.3 piece cordial set includes decanter and 2 glasses gold decorated

378.Vintage pink chenille bedspread 80x 100

379.Antique Newer tablecloth

380.Christmas tree

381.Old New stock Fieldcrest Jacquard blanket 72 x 84

382.Magic Control powder and cardboard advertisings as is

383.Mid Century stand

384.Early linens

385.Set of 6 etched glasses

386.Antique collectible bottles

387.Knick knacks

388.Vintage glass jar, plastic lid 5" dia, 10" high

389.Advertising Twilite Washing Fluid bottle13" high

390.7 Early Gallon jugs All 13" high

391.3 Antique Coca Cola gallon jugs one with paper label ALL 13" high

392.Antique bottles and jars

393.5 Early Grablick's Dairy bottles Each x 5

394.Antique jars and bottles

395.Antique jars and bottles

396.Antique bottles and jars Tropicana, etc.

397.Large Banana box crate Binghamton Banana & Produce Co. Binghamton New York Banana Box 36x16x18

398.Large Advertising tin Cadet Butter Pretzels Easton Pa. no top 13" dia, 14" hi

399.Early bottles

400.B & D elec. Hedge trimmers

401.Mid Century and other planters

402.Antique metal drill stand

403.Afghan and throw rug

404.Primitive wood No 1 stenciled large funnel for top of bin American Novelty Works 20x22x11

405.4 Early wooden baseball and softball bats

406.Early bucket with wringer and more 10x15

407.Vintage ladies purses

408.Money sorter

409.Large box of antique ladies hats

410.Early scarf

411.Antique mattress covers

412.2 large boxes of antique linens

413.Sheets flat

414.Antique tablecloths and covers

415.Vintage material pieces

416.Early curtains

417.Antique wooden large advertising crate Spaulding Bakeries, Inc., Scranton Pa. 20 x 25x14

418.New Old Stock Utica Mohawk sheets and pillowcases

419.Vintage material

420.Antique bed cover and table cover

421.wall paper brushes, various tools

422.bits etc.

423.6 Grablick's Diary butter milk bottles Each x 6

424.Early fancy sheets and pillowcases

425.5 Early bottles were possibly Coca Cola bottles Gallon size

426.Long antique bar clamp 45.5" long

427.Large box variety of early bottles

428.2 Silk pillow covers Mother Niagara Falls and New York Both

429.2 Vintage toleware trays

430.Large box of tools, saws, etc.

431.Box of early sheets

432.Iron shoe laspe

433.3 Vintage elec. Clothing irons Silex and others

434.2 Circular saws

435.2 Antique wooden store display stands both 11" and 18"high

436.Old New stock case of Mason jars

437.2 Wooden advertising utensils fork, spoon Empress Ice Cream made by Golden quality Ice Cream Co. Plymouth, Scranton, Hazelton

438.Early plastic advertising Americana Hotel

439.W. German Koch travel alarm clock

440.Mini medal Made in Occupied Japan harmonica with box 1.5"

441.Vintage mibi Mae USA lock no key

442.2 mini cream bottles one with Toodle House lid

443.Scotty Dog 40 pin and Enamel C D of A pin

444.Early paper advertising Arm & Hammer bellows

445.Morrison Navy Set box and case only USN

446.Wheat penny bracelet

447.Various swatches as is one is Genova

448.Small Weck straight razor with case

449.Quantity early costume jewelry rings, etc.

450.Utica NY Pocket knife as is

451.Elgin watch face and other watch case

452.Early pen pencil set, heat has bent one

453.Unmarked cigar band

454.10k 1940 Pittston class ring

455.Glass amethyst stone ring marked Made in USA Fancy goldtone setting

456.Beacon Dixie Pocket watch

457.2 Early fountain pens

458.Box of Vintage Costume jewelry

459.Box of Vintage Costume jewelry

460.Vintage costume pins brooches

461.Vintage Coro Berry leaf pin

462.Victorian hat shaped pin

463.Vintage pin, screw back earring set

464.Victorian gold tone setting colored glass crystal bracelet

465.Victorian screw back faux pearl earrings

466.Signed screw back Vintage earrings

467.3 pair earrings screw back and pierced

468.Variety box of necklaces

469.Beautiful drop stone Victorian style necklace

470.Vintage colored stone & faux seed pearl earrings

471.Souvenir Steel Pier Atlantic City NJ Old New stock

472.4 Early necklaces

473.Box with a variety of early jewelry and jewelry pieces

474.Box with a variety of early jewelry and jewelry pieces

475.Rhinestone clear crystal, white glass vintage jewelry

476.Art Deco dresser jars, vintage travel clock, etc.

477.Vintage After Five ladies jeweled clasp cloth purse


479.Antique 3blue stone square cut bracelet

480.Brass pieces

481.Early Religious jewelry

482.Vintage costume jewelry, pins, brooches

483.1889 Silver Dollar

484.1923 Silver Dollar

485.1889 Silver Dollar

486.1922 Silver dollar

487.1921 Silver dollar

488.1921 Silver Dollar

489.1889 Silver Dollar

490.1879 Silver Dollar

491.1924 Silver Dollar

492.Early paper money , $5.00 and 2-$1.00

493.Silver coinage $6.50 total silver halves, 3 Franklin-51,57,62, 10 1964 Kennedy halves

494.$7.50 Clads 40% Silver

495.$10.00 Kennedy halves not silver

496.$1.40 silver currency .80 dime, .50 quarters, .10 nickels

497.$2.28 wheat pennies

498.Vintage hair pieces

499.Box of early keys

500.3 Cedar boxes

501.Variety of early change purses, wallets, money bag

502.Box of jewelry pieces

503.Vintage Maximillion NY NY Cosmetic suitcase 14x8x8

504.Vintage Rosary beads

505.Early postcards

506.Tuition free war training pamphlet

507.Jewelry boxes

508.Early stamps on envelopes 1940's

509.Vintage metal porch chair

510.Bookcase 36x48x12

511.Antique wire store display rack 22x47x20

512.Vintage advertising store display rack Clicquot Club Ginger Ale Sparkling Water 16x33x19

513.Vintage wooden store display with hooks 18x50x13

514.Vintage Advertising store display rack Camel Serve Yourself Camels tin and wire 24x57x12.5

515.Early Walt Disney Donald Duck child's rocking toy 31x16x12

516.Mid Century blanket chest as is 43x19x17

517.Early store tiered display rack 42x39x21

518.Oak buffet with splashback missing some pulls 45x40x22

519.Antique window screens and window covers, parts to a dropdown wardrobe

520.Vintage Coca Cola Advertising tin and wire case store display rack Take Some Home Today, on wheels 15x44x12

521.Vintage Pepsi Cola Advertising tin and wire case store display rack 18x34x12

522.Vintage 7 up Advertising tin and wire store case display rack 17x47x14

523.2 Vintage aprons

524.Vintage ladies undergarments Stoneware slip, sheer finery

525.Vintage ladies slips

526.Early thermal undergarments

527.Antique Carlite suitcase 25xx16x8

528.Large lot of plastic containers

529.Large Advertising tin Pepsi Cola 5 cent Advertising sign Enjoy Bigger Better 40 x 22

530.Advertising Las Vegas Black tray and Gold Nugget tray 12 dia.

531.Brass coated lamp 26" high

532.Vintage chalk ware dog bank 11" high

533.Small pottery pitcher and bowl small chip on pitcher 13 x 10

534.Old New Stock Cromwell Muslin 81x108 sheet

535.Large Advertising tin Pepsi Cola 5 cent Advertising sign Enjoy Bigger Better 40 x 22

536.Box of early wooden store display pieces and parts

537.Vintage metal store display rack 18x29x4

538.2 floral prints 15 x 19

539.Antique white and clear glass lighting shade 9.5x12.5

540.Japan Dragon demi cups and saucers

541.Textured floral Vintage bedspread Wonder Silk Stores

542.3 Vintage metal store displays 2 are telescopic Each x 3 16x17,1x20,16x29

543.Antique base to GWW oil lamp Royal fount 22" high

544.Black glass double handled small urn 8" high

545.Vintage Tin Coca Cola Advertising sign 32x11"

546.Pottery cookie jar 9" high

547.Vintage Chenille bedspread

548.Royal Ruby Anchor glass cups and saucers

549.Chenille textured bedspread stained


551.Jadeite leaf dish

552.Fancy plated creamer, sugar & condiment dish

553.New Old stock tweed bath powder gift set Lentheric

554.Antique white and clear glass lighting shade 9 x 12

555.3 Santa mugs

556.Early chalk ware dog bank 13"high

557.2 Vintage tablecloths

558.Fostoria and other glassware

559.Vintage stuffed pony with hat 14 x 13

560.Assorted Design mid Century glasses

561.Large antique tin Advertising Pepsi Cola Store sign Saitta's Meats and groceries, 5 cent Bigger Better 55 x 32"

562.2 Antique lamp shades both

563.Germany white glass hanging ball glass lamp 9 x 10

564.Pink Depression glass

565.Antique with and clear glass hanging lamp lighting fixture 10 x 14

566.Chrome base light blue glass 4 glasses

567.2 Victorian hair receivers

568.Mid Century hard plastic salt and peppers, spoons, scoops

569.6 Amber Vintage soda fountain glasses

570.Chalk ware Crucifix, World's Fair paper, etc. 8 x 15

571.Box early items, leave a note, salt pepper etc.

572.Capodimonte style vases, covered dish, pottery teapot

573.Green Depression glassware

574.New frying pan and skillet

575.Vintage 3 vases, 2 tone, 1 cracked

576.Art Deco dresser box as is 10 x3.5x7.5

577.Vintage metal Coca Cola Advertising sign Drink Coca Cola 32 x 11.5"

578.Early curlers, advertising boxes as is

579.Old new stock teapot, creamer, sugar

580.Vintage ladies pajamas Paramont NY

581.Silk Embroidered robe

582.Pink Depression glass

583.2 Chalware Religious figures 5x18x4, 6.5x21x5

584.Vintage old stock Plastolyn tablecloth

585.Pure linen New Old stock luncheon set Novelty set

586.2 New Old stock styled pillowcases Progress Creation Hand Crafted Each x2

587.Pink Depression glass

588.Antique pink fry glass style fancy base Victorian floor lamp base marked 258 needs to be rewired 63"

589.New old stock bedspread 1531

590.Early Ballerina design piece of material

591.Vintage ladies nightwear American Beauty Dreamline

592.Antique pink pottery lamp 22"

593.New old stock Cannon Muslin sheets various sizes

594.Art Deco large frame 39x23.5

595.Early clothing pieces

596.Large Pepsi Cola tin Advertising sign Enjoy Pepsi Cola 5 cent Hits the Spot 56x32"

597.Early Damask tablecloths 2 are New old stock all

598.Silk like fringed bed cover as is

599.Wonderful antique ladies 2 piece skirt top set

600.Beautiful Art Deco hanging lamp chandelier 17 x 21

601.Antique metal advertising sign part Ask for Wildroo 20x10

602.Antique metal advertising sign Crystal Club Beverages Smart to Serve 28.5x9.5

603.Antique linens

604.2 pieces of Yellow Depression

605.Antique linens

606.Green etched pitcher and 2 glasses

607.Vintage pottery living room lamp black with gold jumping deer 12.5 x24

608.Early seed, feed bags

609.Vintage ladies linens

610.Early ladies clutch, leather wallet, etc.

611.Early thread

612.Antique hanging lighted globe with clear end 10x13

613.Antique linens

614.Antique sheets and pillowcases

615.Aluminum cannister set and more

616.Last Supper Religious print in Art Deco frame few small pc off frame 43.5x27

617.Early Coca Cola Advertising Cardboard with aluminum frame Extra Bright Refreshment Drink Coca Cola in bottles 39x25

618.Trays Art Deco, wood metal

619.Antique white hanging lamp shade 10x13

620.Set of 4 feather design bird decorative pictures framed Sold as set 8.5x16

621.Viceroy Cigarettes Advertising tin open closed sign as is 13.5x15

622.2 Early tablecloths both 72 x 90

623.2 small early English style picture convex frames

624.Antique bedding linens

625.Old New stock Scranton Craftsman Dinner cloth 72 x 90 ivory

626.Glass flowers

627.Cameo style Beam bottle 14" high

628.3 Early feed, sugar bags

629.Various vintage items, ladies powder, mirror and more

630.Early Large Pepsi Cola Advertising tin signed Pepsi Cola 5 cents Bigger, better, as is 41x22.5"

631.Old New stock Scranton tablecloth Paulette 70 x90 white

632.Early feed bag pieces

633.Center piece, candleholders, coffee pot

634.Interesting Religious wall picture fancy 19 x 14

635.Box of Religious items

636.3 Vintage Art Deco wall sconces Each x 3 6x9.5"

637.Knick knacks cups saucers

638.Beautiful Oval Religious picture with convex fancy frame 11.5x16

639.2 Anchor glass forest green vases, various vases

640.Light blue etched 5 piece cordial set

641.Advertising box Rosebud by Dundee box only


643.Religious figure

644.1963 Austin Production Religious figure candleholder

645.Antique barbershop Antiseptic sterilizer countertop case side glass broke 13x12.5x9.5

646.Old new stock classic Damask table cover


648.4 piece vintage pitcher and 3 glasses

649.Old New Stock Better Homes Melamine handles utensils

650.Wire star design glass holder

651.New Old stock Ivory Fire king nesting bowls only contains 2

652.Large glass jar bail handle 8" dia x 14" high

653.New Old stock Anchor Hocking 3 quart glass roaster

654.Early Japan cracker jar, salt and covered jar

655.2 small early tins

656.2 Vintage lamp shades 1 as is

657.Old New stock Morgan Jones embossed pattern Roulette bedspread

658.3 Piece Mohair living room set couch and chair match plus Rocco style blue mohair chair All sold as 1 couch 82" chairs 33"

659.Vintage blanket

660.Early wooden Pepsi Cola advertising crate 18.5x10x12

661.Early Garlic advertising crate 16x8.5x2

662.2 Walnut headboards, Mahogany bed All as one 52"

663.McCormick California Bartlett Pears advertising crate

664.Various platter, plates, cups and more

665.Advertising bottles

666.Diress tray, cordial holder, shades, etc.

667.Vintage drapes

668.5 Tin cone shaped plant holders

669.Vintage drapes

670.Antique Cheerio Lettuce advertising crate 25x14x18

671.Large early produce crate 34x13x16

672.New old stock towels

673.Vintage blankets

674.Vintage curtains

675.Vintage drapes

676.2 boxes of antique feed bags, not advertising

677.Vintage materials

678.Box of early music books

679.Moving dolly 20x32

680.Vintage drapes

681.Walnut half stand 22x25.5x12

682.Flag pole & antique produce bucket 35x13x15

683.C clamp and other tools

684.2 Art Deco half moon 3 tier stands Each x 2 24x20x12

685.New Slow cooker, antique lighting parts

686.Vintage dresser set box only

687.Antique store paper cutter 18x18x11

688.Vintage drapes

689.Tool box with assorted tools

690.Old New stock bath towels some with labels

691.General's mini rooter

692.Early band saw

693.4 Oak T back chairs All

694.Early wooden handled reel mower Success

695.Fancy walnut dresser drawer stick 34x53x18

696.Fancy oval carved stand with glass top 30x20x19

697.Empire leather couch Original as is 53" long

698.2 Mahogany step end tables Each x 2 16x25x27

699.Early rocker

700.Round stand 18x24

701.Early 1 drawer hanging wall cabinet 20x29x19

702.Fancy beveled mirror28x23

703.Walnut Dining room table and 6 chairs table top has lifted due to moisture table size 61x40

704.Art Deco hanging light missing Carmel colored base piece approx 15 x 21

705.Mahogany vanity stool 23x22x17

706.Metal 4 drawer filing cabinet 14.5x52x24

707.Large wooden barrel 22.5 dia x 35

708.Tall antique metal store display telescopic holder 27 x 56

709.Pair of English Scene luster living room lamps 15" high

710.Tall antique wooden ice cream maker 16" dia x 22" high

711.2 Cobalt blue gold design antique living room lamps 29" high

713.Walnut fancy 3 drawer dresser with mirror, drawers stick 47 x 20 without mirror

714.Walnut fancy vanity with mirror drawers stick 47.5 x 30 without mirror

715.Antique floor lamp 58" high

716.Antique rocker, painted

717.Antique goose neck floor lamp 57" high

718.Art Deco Holland style table and chairs Shulman Pittston Pa 1 chair as is table top is 48"x36"

719.Fancy iron base living room lamp 40" high

720.Early Art Deco Holland style sideboard Shulman Pittston Pa 48" x 35"

721.Early Art Deco Holland style dome top china cabinet Shulman Pittston, Pa. 34x68x16

722.Walnut fancy china cabinet some veneer off 37x29x16

723.Walnut fancy sideboard some veneer off, drawer stick 35x38x17.5

724.Antique Electric Vacuum cleaner

725.Mahogany case antique floor model record player 23x50x19

726.Antique store display clothing rack, Very heavy metal 86" high approx 33" dia

727.Antique store scales with Corian weight plate 17x33x18

728.Store item enamel base butcher block top antique store counter 24x33x33

729.Floor lamp 49.5" high

730.Enamel top white and black design pull out leaves table top only 28 x 24 with 2 9" pull out leaves

731.Futon frame nice 86" long

732.Enamel table top only white green and brown rim 29x25

733.Early Advertising Store Viceroy's Cigarette holder 21x19x7

734.Vintage Advertising top off an early store cooler Mirrored Frozen Foods HEAVY 61x27x4.5

735.Early folding card table 26x37

736.Mahogany stand 17x19x26

737.Plant stand painted black with gold lace design 11x22x11

738.Early triple floor lamp 54" high

739.Mahogany record stand reeded legs 19x27x15

740.Walnut stand 17x25x11

741.Early keg Bartels BR'G Co. Edwardsville, Pa. 13" x 20"

742.Cross cut saw 44" long

743.Mahogany coffee table

744.Iron trifold Fancy plant stand, not sure of age 72" high with 9" panels

745.Hall tree as is 67" tall

746.Old new stock dish towels

747.Vintage hankies, powder, etc.

748.Ladies vintage silk pajamas and slips

749.Vintage dish cloths

750.Vintage linens

751.Vintage linens

752.Vintage set of drinking glasses

753.Old New stock bath towels MI Italy

754.Early hard plastic salad spoon, fork, 2 cups

755.Bowls, Anchor Hocking bowl, leaf dishes

756.Antique electric Vacuum cleaner Premier 45"

757.Antique electric Vacuum cleaner Hoover 50"

758.Antique canning jars and crate

759.Antique bottles in crate

760.Old new stock Mohawk pillowcases in box

761.Antique pencils, rose buds, variety of items

762.Antique linen sets Each x 4

763.Antique party favors

764.Walnut Depression fancy wardrobe 37.5x69x20

765.Fancy iron sculptural plant stand 30.5" high

766.Maple 4 drawer dresser with mirror as is 40x66x20.5

767.Victorian etched mirror 46x17

768.Early advertising yard sticks

769.Antique Iron Enameled kitchen cook stove Cream and Green Complete Early FDY Co. Dickson City, Pa. approx 38 x 59x30

770.Lady and child picture 21x27

771.Vintage Pepsi Cola wire advertising store case holder, Hostess size 26 oz. 18x48x26

772.Handicap toilet

773.Vintage floor model ashtray 27"high

774.2 drawer metal filing cabinet15x29x18

775.Early rocker

776.Early chair

777.Mahogany rocker

778.Antique stand 18.5x28x18.5

779.Antique Early wooden dome top trunk 39x22x20

780.Antique iron plant holder 15x17.5

781.Large antique butcher block from Early store Kline Brothers 60 So Wash St Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 25x32x25

782.Antique Dayton grinder, stuffer 15x15x8

783.Antique Enterprise Type K Model X24B7k55 Stuffer 18x16x19

784.Kingdry Mfg. Co. Buffalo NY Advertising tin liquid dispenser 12x17

785.Antique store wooden shelf unit Advertising Spaulding 23x41x14

786.Antique Store The Globe Hot Towel Sterilizer Copper and iron INTERESTING PIECE 24x61x24

787.Art Deco Beauty shop Bakelite handle stand drawers are tough to open 28x28x14.5

788.Antique Art Deco hanging light

789.Old new stock material

790.Depression glass insert metal base sherbets 9 complete

791.2 Early store jars one with lid 6x9x6


793.3 frosted antique glass shades

794.U.S. George Lido canarytone china Made in USA

795.Early dishes Golden ware by Sebring, USA Lamarr

796.Vintage glasses & cordials

797.Antique Iron store display telescopic 15x25


799.Early items, NY souvenirs

800.Old new stock Utica Sheets Utica and Mohawk cotton mills

801.Milk glass compote

802.Knick knacks

803.Early sugar bags

804.Knick knacks

805.Pair of porcelain figures

806.C & I by Royal dishes

807.Box of Religious items

808.Antique iron vintage store display stand telescopic 15x35

809.Vintage electric and other kitchen items

810.Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

811.Early silverware

812.Englishtown Vintage plastic handled knives qty 6

813.Early collectible Italy doll, Indian doll

814.Vintage mirrors, glasses, etc.

815.Knick knacks

816.Vintage Old new stock bath towels Cannon Towels

817.Box of Vintage pieces of metal store displays

818.Early vintage blankets, drapes, etc.

819.Vintage curtains

820.Manhattan double handled bowl, vintage pitcher

821.Vintage curtains

822.Vintage linens

823.Walnut fancy sideboard as is front drawer is off but there

824.4 painted chairs different designs

825.Early items wood & plastic coasters, wood salt pepper

826.Antique vintage embroidered sheet pillowcase set 89 x 104 Made in Portugal in box Madeira

827.Early chenille robe


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