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Item Description
1.Early Corn Sheller 25x11x38

2.lot of canning jars

3.dinnerware J&G Meakin England classic white

4.lot of glass vases of asst plates

6.Toureen, Italy and glass coffee pot w/filters

7.26x19 1/2 signed Stroman picture of crocks (in kitchen)

8.#5 crock

9.2 hanging wreaths

10.sad iron and a trivet (Enterprise Philadelphia PA)

11.crock insert (some chips) 9 1/2x8

12.Early wooden and metal wringer No. 110 Anchor Brand L.M. Co. Erie PA

13.National Washboard Co. Chicago Saginaw Memphis Soap Saver 12x24 Trademark No 194

14.11" high Crock Jug

15.12" High Crock Jug

16.12" high brown and tan crock Jug of asst glass items w/2 wooden rolling pins etc.

19.PA State Grange Cook Book of asst cook books

21.8x7 early wall mount hand crank coffee grinder

22.9 1/2" high blue glass Mason's improved Jar

23.2 early wooden pestles and an early metal grater of asst pyrex glass dishes

25.4 pc. Cannister set (some chips) of asst bakeware etc.

27.30x30x26 1/2 card table (not the items on the table)

28.early kitchen items

29.early ricer

30.2 early metal kitchen utensils

31.10x5 Ovenware USA 10 of asst Christmas kitchen dinnerware

33.2 wooden cheese boxes, Quaker Neufchatel cheese

34.primitive 8" and 12" hand carved butter paddles

35.13x26 washboard national washboard company No 134 USA of asst glassware

37.wood framed print of flowers in a vase

38.metal ironing board of asst kitchen utensils

40.roaster pan w/lid of asst knives w/3 ceramic items/trays

43.2 Pampered chef casserole and pie dish stoneware of asst glass sherberts

45.3 metal items, aluminum tin and pewter

46.2 crafe's of misc. glass trays and bowls etc. of misc items, wooden candle holder, pencil sharpener, etc. of asst mugs

50.2 groups of misc. plastic items, cookie cutters, etc.

51.2metal items, one made in India of asst copper items

53.cobalt blew Wyeth eye glass

54.2 early prints

55.17x10 mirror

56.3x2 glass covered butter dish and 4x3 glass sugar bowl

57.3 early porcelain dishes of 7 porcelain items'

59.asst tea cups and pitchers

60.asst salt and pepper shakers and salt cellars

61.misc household items

62.4 Assorted items: vase, lampshade, etc.

63.Dinnerware Assortment and fine china

64.5 Kerr Jelly Glass Jars with Lids

65.Assorted Glass Candle Holders

66.M.J. Kupper Made in Germany 6" Cleaver

67.Assorted Pewter Items

68.Small Blue Glass Vase

69.6x3" Preisner Sterling Weighted 197 Footed Dish

70.21x27" Print of a Young Girl: 1879 Germany in the lower right corner

71.17x22" Print of a Child in an early Wooden Frame

72.22x19 Mother and Child Print


74.2 Wall Hangings: 1= Amish LeRaysville

75.Early Wooden Card Table

76.Carrom Game

77.Assorted Games

78.Early Chinese Checkers Board with Marbles

79.Mid-Century Games: Flinch, Parcheesi, Scribbage

80.Soap Stone Bed Warmer

81.Assorted Tools

82.Misc. Office Supplies

83.Doilies and other Crochet Items

84.Table Coverings: Cross Stitch, Embroidered, Lace Edgings

85.Table Cloths

86.Fiskars Shape Boss: The Ultimate in Bossing System

87.Children's Books, Pop Up Book etc.

88.Early Classic Books: Lassie, Little Women, Alice in Wonderland, Prince and Pauper

89.Music , etc.

90.Paper Shredder: Aurora

91.Early Books

92.Quilted Table Runner and Table Cloth

93.Wood Framed Print of a Child

94.Early Wood and Wicker Child's Potty Chair

95.Safety Sitter Guard and bags

96.Gold Framed Print of Girl with Geese: 23x19 1/2

97.4 Boxes of Books: Michener, Sparks, Frisham, etc.

98.Nice Hardcovers: Home Decorating, Gardening, Gooseberry Patch Christmas Cook Book, Norman Rockwell Christmas Book

99.Gold Framed Country Winter Scene: 24x20"

100.3 Early Cartoon Character Books

101.Assorted Bed Linens

102.2 Sets of Micro Fiber Sheets


104.Blankets, Sheets

105.6 Chamber Pot Lids

106.trunk of asst Towanda year books

108.2 boxes of craft magazines of asst childrens books of asst books (3rd floor attic bedroom)

111.15x10x11 1/2 early toy box w/contents of asst toys

113.Fisher Price barn

114.tote of wooden toys of asst matchbox cars

116.lot of asst christmas decorations

117.7 1/2x5 wooden doll cradle w/wooden blocks

118.3 asst toys of asst toys and track of asst early wooden puzzles of asst small toys

122.bassinet w/asst stuffed animals etc.

123.lot of asst office supplies

124.2 metal hinged boxes w/handles of asst glass globes of asst dreamsicles etc.

127.healthometer scales w/wall hangings and metal fresh herbs tray of asst record albums

130.2 pictures, 1 Parton and 1 Warren Kimble

131.lot of asst floral wreaths, wreath hangers, etc. of asst stuffed animals etc. w/3 early framed prints

134.16x20 framed print

135.tote of asst picture frames

136.lot of asst. dvd's cassette tapes etc. of asst baskets w/3 chickens

139.asst early prints

140.Aztec video transfer system and gemini video transfer system and projector screen

141.Lasko fan

142.21 1/2x 17 1/2 A. Renpyger framed print

143.21" cast iron candle holder markings on back 1291 2

144.4 Norman Rockwell framed prints

196.Lylman's Historical Chart as is and Bradford Atlas cover only 3rd FLOOR

197.4" Studio pottery piece 3rd FLOOR

198.Harpers Magazine book Vol 53 3rd FLOOR

199.1800's The World Almanac 3rd FLOOR

200.Early date books 3rd FLOOR

201.Enamel covered pail 12" 3rd FLOOR

202.Longaberger basket with liner handle broke 3rd FLOOR

203.Early Holy Bible 3rd FLOOR

204.Lamps 1 is canning jar 3rd FLOOR

205.Assorted dresser items 3rd FLOOR

206.Small wood file box 3rd FLOOR

207.Blue lamp shade 3rd FLOOR

208.Rooster lamp no beak 3rd FLOOR

209.Musical train 3rd FLOOR

210.Studio pottery 4" planter 3rd FLOOR

211.Hand blown 10" blue vase 3rd FLOOR

212.Hand blown blue vase and other blue vase 3rd FLOOR

213.8" Stangl Art Pottery vase 3rd FLOOR

214.Bells 3rd FLOOR

215.2 insulators both 3rd FLOOR

216.Early lamp base needs cord 3rd FLOOR

217.12" Frosted blue candy jar 3rd FLOOR

218.oil lamp 3rd FLOOR

219.Fenton bell no ball 3rd FLOOR

220.3" Slag bonnet girl 3rd FLOOR

221.Regal Crown tin as is 3rd FLOOR

222.Fenton bell no ball 3rd FLOOR

223.Candleholders ect 3rd FLOOR

224.Small Victorian powder jar 3rd FLOOR

225.2 small Victorian parasols both as is 3rd FLOOR

226.Knick knacks 3rd FLOOR

227.Pins 3rd FLOOR

228.Necklace stone buckle 3rd FLOOR

229.Assorted pierced earrings 3rd FLOOR

230.10" dia. Clock 3rd FLOOR

231.Jewelry 3rd FLOOR

232.Early lamp base cut out shade 3rd FLOOR

233.Knick knacks 3rd FLOOR

234.Hankies, ect 3rd FLOOR

235.Ironstone pitcher bowl set, pot ect some pieces as is 3rd FLOOR

236.Suitcase 3rd FLOOR

237.Chemung Co. case 3rd FLOOR

238.Typewriter no cord 3rd FLOOR

239.3 Boxes of Christmas 3rd FLOOR

240.Christmas 3rd FLOOR

241.Christmas lights 3rd FLOOR

242.Wood tripod 3rd FLOOR

243.4 Shelves of early books 3rd FLOOR

244.2 Metal filing cabients both BASEMENT

245.Child's rocker as is BASEMENT

246.Tin kero can BASEMENT

247.Vintage 12" trash can as is BASEMENT

248.Extension cords BASEMENT

249.Stand approx 30x30x24 BASEMENT

250.Early magazines BASEMENT

251.Lot of assorted chairs and frames BASEMENT

252.Lot of various chairs BASEMENT

253.Vintage green frosted lamp shade BASEMENT

254.2 horse ties both BASEMENT

255.Assorted lamp shades and parts on shelving BASEMENT

256.2 Sections of various tools, nails BASEMENT

257.Early church pew 7' FRONT PORCH


259.4 plastic chairs OUTSIDE GARAGE

260.Wheelbarrow OUTSIDE GARAGE

261.Croquet Set pieces wood GARAGE MAIN

262.Wood plant hanger 3 1/2' GARAGE MAIN

263.Outdoor solar lights GARAGE MAIN

264.Christmas tree GARAGE MAIN

265.Carriage as is GARAGE MAIN

266.2 Modern lamps GARAGE MAIN

267.Small wicker stand GARAGE MAIN

268.Air pump GARAGE MAIN

269.Modern vase GARAGE MAIN

270.Tin part of washer GARAGE MAIN

271.Planters GARAGE MAIN

272.Rakes, shovels GARAGE MAIN

273.Tools on wall between windows, saws, ect GARAGE MAIN

274.Yard umbrellas GARAGE MAIN

275.Scythe GARAGE MAIN

276.Early shingle lifter GARAGE MAIN

277.2 levels GARAGE MAIN

278.Assorted tools in back right coner GARAGE MAIN

279.Quantity wood saw horses GARAGE MAIN

280.Croquno board GARAGE MAIN

281.Victorian iron crib GARAGE MAIN

282.Metal frames for beds GARAGE MAIN

283.Contents of wood shelving not shelving GARAGE MAIN

284.Advertising box with contents GARAGE MAIN

285.Handmade shelf GARAGE MAIN

286.Craftsman 1.75 hp 2.5 gal shop vac GARAGE MAIN

287.Records GARAGE MAIN

288.Quantity Christmas Wreaths GARAGE MAIN

289.Early sewing machine cabinet only GARAGE MAIN

290.Hand washer GARAGE MAIN

291.Singer Meritt 8734 sewing machine with foot pedal GARAGE MAIN

292.Light and plastic carry boxes GARAGE MAIN

293.Wood antique wringer GARAGE MAIN

294.Ealrya chair and wood top to crock GARAGE MAIN

295.Quantity books GARAGE MAIN

296.Records GARAGE MAIN

297.Trouble light, hardware GARAGE MAIN

298.Metal trash can GARAGE MAIN

299.Iron pot as is GARAGE MAIN

300.Concrete mixing pan GARAGE MAIN

301.Porcleian sink GARAGE MAIN

302.Early tin tapered bath tub approx 3.5" longx18"x20" GARAGE MAIN

303.Quantity books GARAGE MAIN

304.Drop down high chair GARAGE MAIN

305.Metal hooks GARAGE MAIN

306.Petrified wood, ect GARAGE MAIN

307.Planter and plant stand GARAGE MAIN

308.Metal Dickens bookend GARAGE MAIN

309.Early crate with assorted GARAGE MAIN

310.Easter bunnies GARAGE MAIN

311.Craftsman 10" table saw as is GARAGE MAIN

312.Metal shelving unit as is with contents GARAGE MAIN

313.Lawn chairs GARAGE MAIN

314.Golf clubs GARAGE MAIN

315.Assorted tools on wall GARAGE MAIN

316.Frames GARAGE MAIN

317.Vintage camp stools GARAGE MAIN

318.Squirrel wind chimes GARAGE MAIN

319.Tonka trucks 1 plastic others are metal GARAGE MAIN

320.Shop vac as is GARAGE MAIN

321.Tool carrier with ball gloves, balls GARAGE MAIN

322.Cape Cod Cranberry Advertising crate GARAGE MAIN

323.Nuts bolts GARAGE MAIN

324.Mason jar light GARAGE MAIN

325.Vintage electric iron no cord GARAGE MAIN

326.Early hand drill GARAGE MAIN

327.Insulators GARAGE MAIN

328.Iron roof steps GARAGE MAIN

329.1941 Pennsylvania Fishing License GARAGE MAIN

330.Early Iron door bell parts GARAGE MAIN

331.Early kids books GARAGE MAIN

332.1964 Highlight Yearbook UPSTAIRS BARN

333.Early Yearbooks Department of Agriculture UPSTAIRS BARN

334.Dr. Chases Last Receips Book and Household Physician UPSTAIRS BARN

335.Wood pieces in corner right front and back left UPSTAIRS BARN

336.Hanging lamp UPSTAIRS BARN

337.2 Chimneys for lanterns both UPSTAIRS BARN

338.Lamp parts UPSTAIRS BARN

339.Horse bit UPSTAIRS BARN


341.Brass coated fire irons as is UPSTAIRS BARN

342.2 Vintage lights UPSTAIRS BARN


344.Wooden wringer parts UPSTAIRS BARN

345.2 Iron grates 12x16 Each x 2 UPSTAIRS BARN

346.Copper flashing pieces UPSTAIRS BARN

347.Patio stone UPSTAIRS BARN

348.Iron grate 11.5" dia. UPSTAIRS BARN

349.Iron grate 12x14 UPSTAIRS BARN

350.2 Wood candleholders UPSTAIRS BARN

351.2 Large white glass lamp shades both UPSTAIRS BARN

352.Floor lamp UPSTAIRS BARN

353.4 Boxes of glass shades and chimneys UPSTAIRS BARN

354.Hardware UPSTAIRS BARN

355.2 Art Deco metal hanging lights Biddle Co. 20" dia both UPSTAIRS BARN

356.Hanging lamp shade UPSTAIRS BARN

357.2 Etched light fixtures 12" Both UPSTAIRS BARN

358.Brass outside fixture 15" UPSTAIRS BARN

359.Brass light fixture UPSTAIRS BARN

360.Florescent light bulbs and new house lights UPSTAIRS BARN


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