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Antique Cameras Photography Equip. Ephemera, Glassware, Boyd's Bears - Sunday March 15 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.2 Glass bon bon dishes Etched and Mid Century

2.Toleware student lamp w/milk glass shade missing one 26"

3.Pewter mug made in in England/glass bottom Sheffield

4.Asian Mosaic lamp 21"

5.Mirror 24 x 42 Etched side

6.Framed pencil picture 5 x 7

7.Box hose connectors, miniature accessories

8.Wood crate or Child's China set

9.Springwell dispenser Atlanta Georgia 8" x 10" modern crockery

10.2 Ceramic trees 1 elec. Other musical both

11.Plastic train with tracks Merry Christmas

12.Art Deco Mirror 18 x 34

13.Framed Kinkade like print 22 x 17

14.Framed bi-plane Doris Baker painting 22 x 17

15.14 pc. Anchor glass punch set, amber

16.2 elec. Fiber optic train cars 10 x 11 Christmas

17.5 Handmade decorations Christmas Trees

18.2 Framed Historic N.C. Buildings by John Vogler 10 x 13

19.Calico material framed mirror 21x 23

20.Teacup print 10 x 22

21.Box of vintage shades and globes

22.Lamp 24" tulip

23.Lamp 27" flower

24.Mid Century Lamp 24"

25.Thomas Kinkade framed print & Bible vers3 24 x 15

26.Pewter mug with bell in bottom 6.5" W.P.

27.Mid Century plastic bells Christmas

28.Flower print 14 x 17

29.Box of milk glass items

30.Variety glass chimneys

31.Blue and amber glassware, some Depression

32.Pink white framed daisy print 14 x 14

33.Framed angel child print 10 x 12

34.Mirror wood frame 20 x 28

35.Box of brass items, 2 elec. Lamps trimmed juice etched glasses and pitcher

37.Ruby glass items Cake compote etc

38.Vintage pink ceiling light shade

39.Vintage ceiling light shades 2 green, 1 beige

40.Framed Oriental bird silk needlework 18 x 15

41.Topiary print 15 x 31

42.Assorted Forrest green glass items

43.Assorted amber glass items

44.Matching flower prints 12 x 15

45.3 Brass like lamps

46.Antique wood camera 1800's Eastman View Camera No. 2-D mfg. Folmer Graflex Corp with wood tripod, glass plates in case. Museum type item
47.Box of 4 Boyd's Bears

48.Box of assorted green glass, Some Depression

49.Thomas Kinkade style Victorian home print 25 x 27

50.Home Sweet Home print 12 x 23

51.Redware wood plaque 9 x 34

52.Framed board branch Cardinal 15 x 21

53.Pastel floral print 15 x 21

54.Green glass bowl 12' dia

55.Box green glassware

56.Mid Century orange poppy coffee dispenser

57.Box of green and blue glass items

58.4 Yellow sherbets cases glass

59.Box of 4 Boyd's Bears and Rabbits small

60.2 Pair matching bouquet picture 13 x 24

61.Framed Home Interior Primitive town print 23 x 19

62.Large amber/ruby etched vase

63.Box of cream pottery items

64.Box of oil lamps and extra chimney

65.Box of assorted blue, white plates, tole printed tray

66.Lady writing print 11 x 13

67.Milk glass hobnail GWW style lamp 16"

68.Box of blue glass items

69.2 Vintage glass elec. Bedroom Lamps 9"

70.Large black vase 17"

71.Pink pottery vase 13'

72.Box of 5 Electrified lamps

73.Dog picture Doris Baker 17 x 19 watercolor

74.Framed flowers in vase print 16 x 19

75.3 Flower of Month prints 19 x 23

76.Tall metal vase 26"

77.Box of handmade Christmas stockings 5 sets of 2

78.Pied sailboat quilt top shower curtain

79.4 Boyd's Bears Each x 4

80.Beveled Mirror 27 x 23

81.6 New wax Nativity sets in boxes

82.Pressed glass butter dish

83.Father Christmas music box

84.Tall wood candelabra 30"

85.Green Depression glassware

86.Fire King loaf pan, Milk glass/gold bowl

87.4 Boyd's Bunny rabbits Each x 4

88.Wood Boyd's Bear plaque 24x5

89.Glass items, bowls, serving, candleholders

90.Pottery planters, SMF German, McCoy Brush USA

91.4 Boyd's Bears 6"-12"

92.4 Boyd's Bears 9"-12"

93.3 Boyd's Bears approx. 12"

94.Runners, embroidered

95.Light blue/yellow glassware candleholders, etc

96.Wood painted plaque 33 x 5

97.Mini oil lamp base 4"

98.Mirror 19 x 24

99.Painted metal and glass 29" lamp

100.Marigold Depression items pink bowl

101.3 marigold Iris bowls 12" dia.

102.3 Boyd's Bears Each x 3

103.Ship Bookends

104.Ceramic items 2 tea cups

105.2 bowls

106.Felt doll 27" wood feet standing

107.Wooden Lamp 23"

108.2 hand painted dishes

109.Mid Century Glass/wire candle centerpiece

110.Coffee table;/bench

111.Vintage play pen

112.Wood room divider 64" high 3 section stenciled

113.Child's red white ironing board

114.Large box of various candles

115.Tote of books, tackle box

116.Box of framed prints Teddy Bears, flowers

117.2 boxes of Christmas decorations balls etc

118.Silver-plated bases for serving dishes

119.Box of novelty plates, 1 Hall Casserole dish

120.Box of fabric lengths

121.Trim A Home porcelain Father Christmas with elec. Light

122.Decorative wicker items

123.Snowman, bird nest decorations

124.Box of framed bird, duck prints

125.Metal candelabra, etc

126.Exotic scarves, etc

127.Basket of sewing and patterns

128.Box of stainless silverware

129.Decorative boxes, wall pieces

130.Framed prints, wicker, ceramic wood

131.Cat carrier & Vinyl suitcase, tote on wheels

132.Box of decorations, signs, Santa's

133.Chimes and well deco shelf

134.Assorted dishware, Spring Garden Japan

135.Assorted dishware, 2 casseroles, hen butter dish

136.Christmas deco box, new boxes of balls

137.Silver plate metal items

138.Pieced quilt

139.Children's books

140.2 boxes of Glassware, goblets and sherbets

141.Punch bowl and cups

142.Glassware Vase, compote

143.Bos of glass bowls

144.Oriental planter modern

145.Trim a Home lighted porcelain Santa

146.Bowl and pitcher set Goose design

147.Box of assorted decorative items wood, crafty

148.Etched and lead crystal glassware

149.Christmas ceramics

150.Various oil lamps

151.Christmas candleholders

152.Powelite Junior Model 20

153.Box of Santa decorations

154.Amy porcelain doll

155.Box of 5 porcelain and wood head rabbits

156.Amber glassware

157.Assorted Christmas

158.Sewing basket

159.Electric fiber optic flower

160.Vinyl record albums

161.Ceramic items

162.Bowl and pitcher glazed

163.Hair care items

164.Glass candleholders

165.Hand painted and German pottery 2 pcs

166.hand carved Peruvian wood spoon

167.Box of candles & candleholders

168.Art Deco coffee container

169.Petite porcelain doll

170.Punch bowl and cups

171.Box of Christmas

172.2 small dog harnesses

173.Box of 3 wall shelves or knick knack shelves

174.Little Woman Doll Jo

175.Box of Fall and Halloween items

176.Green ceramic pumpkin

177.Ricco Gold leaved centerpiece and candleholder set

178.Chocolate fondue fountain

179.Box of assorted Patriotic items

180.Box of various vintage glasses

181.Quantity of metal trays

182.Detecto scale

183.Pewter mug Made in England, pipe handle for Gomoy's of London

184.Box of various items Evening in Paris, Advertisings, etc

185.Windy Dell Teddy 18"

186.Box of baby shoes

187.Two vintage dolls 1 cloth body other plastic

188.Vintage Slat front early counter top display case 18x8x8

189.4 Assorted Commemorative plates Meshoppen Lumber, etc

190.Vinyl record Albums

191.9 Vintage small toy cars Tootsie toy etc

192.Lionel car 3376, 2343 and assorted empty boxes

193.Country curtains 63" long

194.Vinyl record albums

195.Country curtains blue striped

196.Box of earrings pierced

197.Brown metal reflector for photography

198.Assorted watches, silver tone chain

199.Decorative hinges

200.Decorative hinges

201.Decorative hinges

202.5 Star Trek VHS tapes

203.VHS Samsung camcorder and case

204.Vintage Mamiya Model C330 camera and case with 180 lens and glass slides

205.4 American Native Indian photographs or copies

206.Pineknotter 1950 year book

207.Asian Art books

208.36" Wood Eagle shelf of hinges

210.Department 56 New England Village Series 2" tall

211.Kalt Camera duplicator

212.Wood duck push toy 17"

213.Metal slide filing box

214.2 wood elec. Lighted hearts 10 & 11"

215.3 Pewter English items 2 mugs, 1 pitcher

216.Wood duck push toy 17"

217.36" Wood Eagle shelf

218.2 Vintage Ford operators manuals `1948 Tractor and Series 100 Lawn Tractor

219.wood elec. Heart, wood elec. Joy

220.2 Whirly gigs Cowboy and Wood chopper-as is

221.2 Wood elec. Hearts, My Heart Glows For You

223.Hamper full of craft items

224.Cat scratch post

225.Turbo Championship Series Leather Jacket Size L

226.2 Brown sewing boxes

227.Men's hats

228.Christmas lights

229.Christmas ornaments

230.Double handled tureen

231.Easter and Valentines decorations

232.Glass serving trays

233.Assorted milk glass


235.2 boxes of 24 Elegant crystal globes

236.Assorted vinyl record albums

237.3 oil lamp bases and 1 small lamp shade

238.Pink and white comforter

239.Box assorted vases

240.2 boxes of assorted vases

241.2 Boxes of various glass dishes pressed and pattern

242.2 boxes of glass dishes pressed and pattern

243.Box of various decorative metal items

244.2 pair ice skates Made In Canada

245.2 boxes of decorative floral items

246.Variety box of frames

247.Box of marble vegetables and 2 child mugs

248.2 comforters

249.Cassette tapes

250.Assorted decorative items

251.Table linens

252.Misc. sewing

253.Metal 3 tier photographic equip case includes Zenza Bronica with lenses/etc camera, Minolta 370 and SRT201 lens camera

254.Case of Field drive Assembly multiple exposure control, etc Model 201 elec. Shutter

255.Large divided wooden platform 56x31

256.Utility tester Model 200 Maxon electronics

257.7 Vintage enamel photographic trays 24 x 20

258.Wood table attached metal cylinder & T metal

259.36" tripod

260.Brown camera case, Kalari synchron and range finder, camera, flash, slides inside

261.Large yellow tote of assorted early photographic supplies

262.Professional film developing paper

263.17 x 31 wood felt board Agfa Ansco Binghamton Y

264.Leather coats and hand painted back deer vest

265.Early piece of photographic equipment fabric/metal

266.Large box of Early photos, Advertising Brush Studios Scranton, Pa.

267.Box of smaller enamel and plastic photographic development trays

268.Spectrolamp and 2 other lamps Kodak safe light lamp for photography

269.Early photographic lighting shields/equip 17"

270.Large 21" dia. Photographic shield

271.Early croquet set in orig box

272.Photographic dome shaped light no plug

273.Norma electrical

274.Florescent light frame with 6 lights 37 x 28

275.Plastic film developing container

276.Box of assorted early photo camera lenses, etc

277.Box of wicker doll chairs

278.3 Wood wall items 2 peg 1 shelf

279.Box of Vinyl record albums, Dolly Parton, etc

280.Smith Corona Classic 12 typewriter

281.Box of handmade rag dolls

282.Wood book holders table top

283.Box of assorted Elec switches, hardware

284.4 Art books VanGogh, Hudson River

285.Box of coffee table books, Topps Baseball and football, DiMaggio

286.Box of vinyl record albums, Roy Drusky

287.Box of Vinyl record albums Tommy Roe, Johnny Rivers, Byrds

288.Assorted pasted print, corkboard

291.Large mirror in chestnut frame 37 x 39

292.2 Distressed wood pieces mirror 18 x 24 and 28 x 4 shelf

293.New Handicap commode

294.Box of misc. drain weasel, pottery mug

295.2 large rag dolls one Raggedy Ann

296.Welcome blocks

297.Sprinkler can

298.Gold Dress 54" long

299.Vinyl record albums Rita Coolidge

300.3 Vinyl record albums Barbara Streisand

301.Stereo components Sansui stereo cassette deck SC-3110 , Directomatic, loading systems as is

302.Wood clock 24 x 14 no glass

303.Bust of young man 18" tall

304.Box of Halloween

305.Glass pieces

306.Vintage Brownie camera with flash, Kodak camera in case

307.Polaroid camera Colorpack III

308.Misc. photographic items, 1 lens

309.Vintage box camera

310.Box of photo plates, metal frames 6 x 9

311.Box of glass pieces

312.Box of glass plates wood framed photographic 9 x 7

313.Keystone 200m movie camera

314.Early Large camera box with camera and plates light

315.Brownie Twin 20 outfit in box

316.Kodak Super Pony camera in leather case

317.Cameras early
318.Polaroid Land camera in leather case automatic #340

319.Box of phot portraits

320.Kako Corp 88 Flash in box

321.Agfa Isoflash Rapid C camera and film

322.2 Polaroid Colorpack II Land Cameras

323.Large blue electric light bulb 12"

324.6 Vintage photographic wood glass plates

325.Metal timer Gralab

326.Elec motor

327.Plastic chains, etc

328.Box of metal disks and plates

329.Antique large 1800's wood case camera

330.2 wood carved pieces

331.Wooden Manufactured in USA Agfa Ansco Corp. Binghamton NY

332.Helicopter with extra blades

333.No 3 Folding Brownie camera Kodak and box camera

335.Large Early Camera

336.Omega Enlarging lamp No 211

337.Early tripod on wheels

338.Mid Century floor lamp

339.3 Early cameras 1 Brownie

340.Premoette Jr No 1, 1913 Model A-7 Camera Keystone Mfg. co

341.Box of misc. rollers

342.14 wood glass photographic plates

343.3 Plastic developing containers

344.2 Photography Umbrellas

345.2 Norman light shields

346.Florescent light and flash wand

347.3 developing trays 2 plastic 1 enamel 17 x 12

348.13 wood glass photographic plates

349.2 tripods and 1 extension of GE photo flash bulbs in original packing

351.Dev a fix plate holder

352.Box of Colored plastic change light color of flash bulbs and Honeywell tilt a mite of slide holders

355.2 photographic umbrellas and tripod

356.Nord film cassette Model 40744

357.Box with Norman tri lite with tripod and other

358.Large metal 2 pc approx. 37" dia circular, 2 tripods

359.2 tripods, 2 projectors screens, extension pole

360.plywood stool

361.2 wood plant stand 48" high

362.wood chair

363.Wall mountable hose reel in box

364.30" high stool

365.Wood chair caned seat damage of knick knacks

367.Early sheet music cabinet open front 20 x 13 x 37

368.2 Mid Century Russell Woodard wrought iron chairs vinyl seats-arms some damage on vinyl Each x 2

369.2 microphone stands both

370.Small stand 12x12x19

371.Mirror 40 x 48

372.Wood bed 56"x78"

373.2 Boxes of glass blocks approx. 8x8

374.Elgir toilet and pedestal sink

375.Singer Sewing machine in case

376.Craft/computer Formica table

377.3 queen size snack tables tole painting in box

378.2 DCM window speakers 38" high

379.Large occasional chair

380.Small occasional chair

381.Vintage New Home sewing machine in case

382.Antique 1800's Agfa large box camera stand with crank wheel

383.Cabinet 14x14x5'

384.White wood child doll bed 26x16x13

385.Light on metal stand

386.Antique camera accordion on wood stand Century #1 Eastman Kodak Co. Successor to camera co in Rochester NY

387.Large metal red cabinet with timer for processing 13x12x76

388.Caned back feather brushed arm chair

389.Eastman Auto Focus enlarger #747 Made in USA by Eastman Kodak Co. patd 1923

390.3 Early rush seat chairs with cushions Each x 3

391.2 Card tables 1 with floral top 30 x 30 27 x 26

392.2 coffee tables 255x17x17, 36x20x16 one wood one plastic

393.Console stereo Vintage Philormic 1 leg as is 44x17x28

394.Duraflame plastic Elec heater 20 x10 x 23

395.65" tall coat rack

396.Metal rolling holder 66" high photography

397.Rolling stool 26" high

398.2 metal rolling 35" photography

399.2 Metal holders 70" photography

400.Mid Century Formica coffee table 36x15x16

401.Doll bed white wood on rollers 25x15x19

402.floor lamp

403.wood green folding chairs

404.2 Boxes of glass blocks various sizes

405.Formica drop leaf table 36x70x29

406.Oak 3 drawer cabinet section

407.Child's small crib 40 x 22 x 34

408.NIB 5 in 1, game table in box 48 x 37 x 30 fooz ball, ping pong, etc

409.Box of fabric bolts

410.Hedge trimmer

411.Bucket of nails, etc

412.Bushel basket, garden tools, water can

413.2 sleeping bags

414.large box of basket

415.Have a Heart trap 32x13

416.Fishing and tackle box, 2 poles, hand ice auger

417.Rake, net crate of nails, etc

418.Small wood stand 10 x 16

419.Hibachi components

420.Wood box coil of hemp rope, 3 new Mower blades, mower shield

421.Box of misc. baking, scale, cookbooks, baking

422.2 particle board round tables

423.2 Boxes of afghans, chenille, wood, crochet of tools

425.Fan Design quilting frame

426.2 TV trays

427.Butter Creek Lens scope covers, custom molded mud guards

428.Keystone cream bottle

429.Thompson's Clark Summit pt milk bottle

430.Pecora's Hazelton with cap molded face milk bottle

431.Hillside Diary qt Carbondale milk bottle

432.WH Ryman qt. Dallas, Pa. milk bottle chipped top

433.B & S Tamaqua Pa qt milk bottle

434.7 Konelight porcelain plates 1960,61,65,66,66,68,69 Each x 7

435.8 royal Copenhagen 1970's collectible plates Each x 8

436.9 Royal Copenhagen 1980's collectible plates Each x 9

437.10 Royal Copenhagen 1990's Collectible plates Each x 10

438.Royal Copenhagen 1935 plate and Rosenthal Bavaria plate

439.3 smaller Copenhagen plates

440.9 royal Copenhagen 2000's plates Each x 9

441.2 Yuengling Beer Taps Octoberest, IPL Each x 2

442.2 TREGS Beer taps Harvest Hop Knife, Java Head each x 2

443.3 Samuel Adams tap handles Boston lager, Gold Snap, Summer Ale Each x 3

444.Celtic Rose tap handle Lancaster

445.2 New Belguim tap handles Fattier, IPA Each x 2

446.11 Rare Hummble Oil Company Puzzles, Missing 1 puz for set Each x 11

447.4 Great Lakes Brewing Co. beer tap handles Octoberfest, Pub Exclusive, Sharpshooter Session Wheat IPA Each x 4

448.3 Beer Tap handles 2 Yuengling Black and Tan, Yuengling Each x 3

449.4 Victory beer tap handles Pale Ale, Vital IPA, Dirt Dol, Hope Devil Ale Each x 4

450.Goose Preservation lager beer tap handle

451.DB Eight point PA Beer tap handle

452.Shock Top Twisted pretzel limited ed beer tap handle

453.Budweiser beer tap handle

454.3 Beer tap handles, 2 Blue Moon, Evil Genius Beer Co Trick or Treat Each x 3

455.3 Beer tap handles, 2 Shock Top Sunlet orange & Ruby Fresh, Golden Road Mango Cart Each x 3

456.Two Hearted Ale Bell's Beer tap handle

457.4 Beer tap handles 2 DB Devil's Backbone, 2 RR Rusty Tail brewing co-Rail Spike, Blue Collar Blond Each x 4

458.5 Beer tap handles, Busch Kevin Harvick 4, Labatt Blue, Miller High Life, Coor's Light & Old Milwaukee Each x 5

459.Redds Beer tap handle

460.Killian's Irish Red Beer tap handle

461.EB Breckenridge Brewery Fine Colorado Ale beer tap handle

462.Railbender Ale/Erie Brewing Co. beer tap handle

463.3 Beer tap handles 2 Samuel Adams Rebel, Lancaster Brewing Co. pumpkin ale Each x 3

464.EMBRR Ithaca Beer Co beer tap handle

465.4 Beer tap handles, 2 Wellsboro House Brewing Co,Full Pint Brewing Co, Troegs Indp Brewing Co. Each x 4

466.3 Beer tap handles Starr Hill Last Leaf, Lancaster Jump Seat, Nimble Hill Brewing Each x 3

467.4 Beer tap handles, Samuel Adams Ltd. Coors Light, Neshaminy Creek Bud King Each x 4

468.Pair of ankle weights

469.Box of strainers

470.America The Fifty States coffee table book

471.Green/cream woven rug as is

472.Box of housewares kitchen items

473.Metal planter brass

474.Gold framed wall mirror 18 x 36

475.Moulinex juice extractor

476.2 metal framed cots in bags folding Each x 2

477.Falcon and Urn early bookends

478.3 small framed portraits

479.pair of full sail ship heavy bookends

480.portrait plate

481.Pair of rearing horse bookends

482.Raised cameo heavy 11 x 13 plaque

483.Arts and Craft style bookends

484.Dog bookends #904

485.ship full sail bookends

486.Scrapbook of newspaper clippings

487.John F. Kennedy Documentary album

488.Box of Cookbook pages early

489.Large box of Early portraits

490.Early photo album with few tin types

491.1897 Diploma fraom Canisius College Buffalo NY

492.Box of gun report and early firearm magazines

493.Early art books and papers

494.Box early sheet music

495.Old Correspondence, banking and photos

496.Early playing cards and cases

497.Early Antique collectors magazines

498.4 boxes of shredded wax paper

499.Early postcards

500.Collections of piano sheet music

501.Box of magic and card trick booklets

502.Cigar box full of badges, etc

503.2 Vintage children's books

504.TEAC Dynamic microphone

505.Early children's books, 45 record, Minnie Mouse

506.Early banjo and violin sheet music books

507.Box of early portraits and photographs

508.Box of early pattern books

509.Early guitar sheet music books

510.Accordion sheet music books

511.Band sheet music books

512.Piano course books

513.Anmate Creation publications

514.Assorted postcards and guide books many Korea

515.Early needlework books

516.Piano lesson books

517.Bank Books


519.Early booklets, Merit Badge booklets

520.Scrapbooks and early publications

521.B & H Sail ship Bookends

522.Early sheet music

523.Box of vintage manuals Model A, '41 Chevy

524.1966 Scrantonian 1966 Scranton Tribune, etc

525.Box Piano Forte music collections

526.Early advertisement binder with pictures from publications French girls

527.Violin and piano sheet music

528.Sheet music and song books

529.Piano Music and theory books

530.organ music and music history books to coin bracelet, sterling Ford charm

532.Bullets and military button

533.Small pocket knife, Mother of pearl

534.Box of pins

535.3 sets of pierced earrings opal necklace

536.3 rings

537.5 sets earrings

538.2 sets pierced earrings and locket

539.6 sets pierced earring

540.6 sets pierced earring

541.5 pins, etc

542.3 pair clip on and 4 pr pierce, set of green cufflinks

543.4 pair pierced earrings

544.2 buttons

545.Brev College medal

546.Brass pendant with Oriental writing

547.Foreign badge on ribbon Oriental

548.42x46 Etched glass Victorian woman pane

549.42x46 Etched glass Victorian woman pane

550.2 Frazier Delmar speakers 24x12x23.5 Each x 2

551.2 Fisher XP-9B speakers 14x11.5x24.5 Each x 2

552.Early Polaroid Land Camera Mod 95A camera with flash

553.Early Polaroid Land Camera The 800camera with flash

554.Brownie Bullseye Six 20 Eastman Kodak and Keystone movie camera manual

555.Brownie Target Six 20 camera in box

556.Brownie Flash Six 20

557.No 2 Ek folding Ball bearing shutter folding cartridge premo Eastman

558.No 2 A Folding cartridge premo ball bearing 1910/1913

559.Moden 2C Altographic Kodak Jr/Fil # A120

560.Photography Norman Lamps with Norman 404 power boxes in large black case
561.Lot of slides from world wide


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