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Primitives, Early slicer, Wooden Adv. Boxes & More - Tuesday May 28 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Gilbert 80 power reflecting telescope in orig box

2.Structo Auto Hauler 16"

3.Carved umbrella handle broke of end 16"

4.Vintage Century size 18 wool skirt with belt

5.4 Early comic books Porky Pig, etc.

6.Advertising Onion bags

7.Itty Bitty Shoes box with Vintage child's socks

8.Vintage wooden plant labels

9.3 pair of vintage shoes 2 ladies, 1 man's

10.Vintage clothing Manikin hosiery, slip, etc.

11.RCA CD player and radio

12.Plate, cup and saucer holders

13.Victorian metal wall mount towel rack 24" & 27"

14.Box of Vintage hardware

15.Metal Early hanger 18"

16.Early porcelain door knobs and hardware

17.8" handmade bust

18.Early window no glass 34 x31

19.Outers oil can advertising 4" dent and Large eraser

20.Small glove box with advertising dye papers

21.4" Insulator

22.1938 and 1940's diary's

23.Early dovetailed box with chemicals box top as is 7x5x5

24.Marmalade and other crockery jars 4 and 4.5"

25.2 Chamber pots, brown ware has chip on the top

26.Yale 326 lock and Llco lock

27.English riding scene top jewelry box with various ladies watches 10x5x2.5

28.Early buttons, Pelton advertising item

29.8" Early vehicle hood ornament

30.2 Bulova ladies watches N6 and NO one is 10k Rolled gold bezel All watches as is

31.Copper cuff bracelet, scarf clip etc.

32.Lorus ladies watch and time piece pendant

33.Moccasins and vintage ladies hat

34.1945 John Andre Ward Hotel Towanda Advertising calendar

35.Vintage sympathy cards, etc.

36.Lot of Vintage edging, lace etc.

37.The Victor wool comb, etc.


39.Vintage make up case with early items

40.Wicker items, Vintage glasses

41.Early bamboo ski poles

42.metal small candleholder, tin and fry pan

43.Champion tool kit box Handy Andy w/ 2 tools orig

44.Egg scales Vintage

45.Art Deco Iron base fancy bedroom lamp 14"

46.Large ships on velvet picture 64 x24

47.Peacock wall decoration hard plastic 30 x 32

48.Orange hunting jacket XL

49.Norman Rockwell print 13.5 x 14

50.Atlantic Single side heavy metal advertising sign dent where rust is 15 x 41.5

51.Pieces of vintage heavy material for covering furniture

52.Early Mirro cookie press and Taylor Deep fry thermometer

53.Blue Transferware chamber pot W.T. Copeland

54.Flo Blue windmill scene bowl 10" dia. Unmarked

55.Early flow blue gold fleck angel plate unmarked 9" dia.

56.The Man From U.N.C.L.E Uncle thermos as is

57.Early Stik Schick razor

58.5.5" Ottawa Canada plastic double decker bus

59.Box of flow blue plates and platters, most have chips

60.Flo blue creamer, sugar and gravy

61.4 flow blue items creamer-crack, 2 small salt dip, small dish

62.2 Flo blue plates both, 8", 9.5"

63.1963 Kansas motorcycle license plate

64.Sheet music

65.Early tools


67.Assorted early frames

68.Vintage Christmas lights Real-lite and Paramount

69.Vintage linen napkins

70.One Early Christmas Elec candle

71.Early children's books some Little Golden books

72.Audel's Guides

73.Early Railroad papers

74.Vintage frames and pictures

75.NY Yankee books

76.9.5" Atlantic Motor Oil advertising can, bottom is basically out of it

77.8" Made in Germany metal lamp base

78.Sad iron

79.Early Chevrolet vehicle guides

80.Sheet music

81.Advertising paper items

82.Cross Arms books

83.Monster cards, Nudekins book, London is Stranger Than Fiction book

84.Early advertising aftershave bottles

85.Semi Centennial Register Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity 1850-1900

86.Christmas tree stand

87.Stove handle, etc.

88.Teapot, planters

89.Early tools

90.Vintage material

91.Nuts bolts, etc.

92.Cherry tin

93.leather straps

94.Vintage hardware and nails

95.Wooden dovetailed advertising box Kow-Kare 18 x 12 x 15

96.Cigar boxes

97.Maple syrup advertising tins

98.Vintage material wool piece

99.Pure Gold wooden advertising box as is 26 x 13 x 12

100.Basket of parts

101.Large lot of sea shells


103.Vintage clothing boxes and clothing

104.Early pillows

105.Liquor bottles

106.Early crate 15 x 18 x 8

107.Bulman Spring metal advertising paper towel older

108.Craftsman detail sander

109.Avon bottles

110.Tin Dependable Egg Candler parts missing

111.2 large glass blocks 7x7, 12 x 12

112.Tin hanging butterfly 22 x 18

113.Plastic vintage riding horse missing wheels

114.Porcelain Dayton meat scales style 97 Ser # 2129767

115.Early hand drill, scribe

116.Hand corn planter

117.Early hand clothes washer

118.Greenlee box, early tools

119.2 small butter crocks one with crack

120.10" Tropic lantern

121.10 x 6.5 early photograph

122.Early meat slicer US Slicing Machine, Laporte IN Ser. # 506H675 Model H

123.50" Early store can grabber

124.Early print and reverse painting on glass-as is

125.32" Early store can grabber

126.Primitive hand planter

127.Cross cut saw no handles 67"

128.2 small whiffle trees 20", 23"

129.Primitives hog scraper, sad iron, nippers

130.Early tools and related

131.Vintage store paper holder missing rod

132.Rug beater

133.Vintage gun cleaning rods

134.Vienna Welcomes Rotarians 1931 and Dedicated to the Rotarians by Cosulich Line-lloyd triestinl

135.2 Birds of America Books Audubon

136.1915 Philadelphia Inquirer calendar 8 x13

137.The Running Backs by Murray Olderman

138.1920's 1930's Midland Utilities Company books

139.Chief Two Moon Accounting System for Farmers 1920's

140.Twenty Lessons in Domestic Science Book Calumet Baking Powder Co. 1916

141.Views of Colorado Springs

142.1927 No 219 Pa Dept of Highways Hourly Wage computing and 1908 NJ State Board of Agriculture books

143.Analytical Concordance to the Bible 1920

144.Early paper Military clinical Psychology and more

145.Harrison Fisher's American Beauties, Point Lace and Diamonds

146.Early Cookbooks Fannie Farmer and more

147.1892 Christian Heralds and more

148.Vol 1 & 2 Memoirs of W. Wirt Kennedy

149.1881 - 1882 Reports on Agriculture and 1th Annual Repot of the Bureau of Animal Industry 1901

150.Metal Toys Spiderman

151.1940's Towanda Daily papers and Philadelphia US Japan at War

152.Tea Advertising Grandmother's In the Right Boat

153.1888 Agriculture of Pa reports

154.1972 Towanda Daily papers

155.Early map, Philadelphia Inq. Etc.

156.Sheet music

157.Sheet music

158.Sheet music

159.Early The Etude Music Magazine

160.History and Geography of Bradford Co. Pa by Heerly 1615-1924

161.Early lantern, refrig. Jars

162.Vintage baseball, heating bottle

163.Small drafting board and items

164.Polaroid boxes and more

165.2 Early cheese boxes

166.Vintage smoker

167.Early postcards

168.8" & 6" Vintage light bulbs

169.14" Cast iron griddle unsigned

170.Fulton meat cleaver No. 1138

171.Vintage clutches, wallet etc.

172.bottle cappers, squeezer

173.The Skookum Injuns and early children's books

174.Our Little Children's books

175.Beginners Church School Leaflets 1930's

176.Early novels

177.The Etude magazines

178.American Weekly magazines

179.Early books

180.Early books

181.Crate of books Saturday Evening Post, etc.

182.Early books

183.Early books

184.Vintage vehicle manuals and repair books

185.2 boxes early books

186.The Literary Digest, Life

187.Vintage Geography and Atlas books

188.Wooden pegs

189.Large lot of Cherry Advertising cans various conditions

190.Wood advertising box Standard Brewing Co Scranton 19x13x8

191.Wooden advertising box Standard Tru Age Beer Scranton 19x13x9+

192.Wood advertising box Clicquot Club Golden Ginger Ale 12x18x11

193.Cooler and bucket


195.Large lot of records and cassette tapes and holders Polka, Country

196.6 Wooden crates some with advertising

197.Curtain stretchers and quilting frame

198.Scythe handle and 2 blades

199.2 Advertising wooden boxes

200.Parts to early milk strainer

201.Box of wooden items

202.3 metal wire racks

203.3 23" cardboard advertising barrels

204.Box of pans, etc.

205.Tape o matic early as is

206.Lot of wood, fishing pole, etc.

207.Enamel tray, file box etc.

208.Box of early books

209.Wooden advertising crate Cooper's Dairy Iselin, NJ 16x13x9

210.Wooden advertising box American Explosives American Cyanamid Co 18x13x8

211.Wooden advertising box American 3-A Permissible Explosives 9x10x18

212.Wooden advertising box High Explosives Dupont 23x10x8

213.5 Oyster advertising barrels galvanized cans trash can style some with stickers others plane ALL

214.Vintage ladies jacket

215.2 White Vintage ladies tops

216.Vintage purse and material for early clothing

217.Vintage ladies top pieces

218.Vintage ladies cape and jackets unfinished

219.Good Night hand done sayings total 2

220.Vintage scarf, etc.

221.Early books Bobbsey Twins, etc.

222.Early wrenches

223.Sheet music

224.2 double bit ax heads and one single

225.Early tools

226.Early tools

227.Wooden advertising box Distillery No 5 23rd Dist of Pa. 18x14x9

228.Early hardware door handles

229.Wooden advertising box Tru Age Beverage 19x13x9

230.small early bottles

231.4" early bell

232.1938 NY license plate

233.Wooden advertising box American Cyanamid Co Explosives 17x9x12

234.Vintage edging and thread

235.Wooden advertising box American Cyanamid Co Explosives 17x9x12

236.Wooden advertising box American Cyanamid Co Explosives 17x9x12

237.Wooden advertising box Standard Tru Age Beer Scranton 19x13x9+

238.Wooden advertising box High Explosives Dupont 23x10x8

239.Frigid Embalming Fluid wooden advertising box 18x9x12

240.Wooden advertising box Standard Tru Age Beer Scranton 19x13x9+

241.Box of Texaco Dealer advertising papers

242.1940's 1950's Walter Warfle Vestal Center NY Calendars

243.Texaco and Havoline Advertising Walter Warfle

244.1940's 1950's Warfles Store advertising

245.2 Early quilts as is

246.Cal. 30 ammo chest as is

247.2 Cross cut saws both 68"

248.Bessie Pease Gutman print Sympathy 15x20

249.Slate chalkboard 21x15

250.Vintage Zenith radio as is

251.Boot jack, light and English riding box

252.Vintage 24" Hand pump fire extinguisher

253.Vintage lamp shades glass

254.2 Early children's dishes

255.22" Vintage container

256.13" Cream can

257.Early metal milking stool

258.Box early bottles

259.3 Canning jars Ball Atlas and Mason's


261.17x14 Vintage farm implement seat

262.17x14 Vintage farm implement seat

263.Plastic doll cradle, wooden duck

264.Early hand drill

265.Box of dinnerware Haviland cups, 6 9.5" Bavaria plates and more

266.8" brown crock with lid crock has chip

267.Assorted dinnerware

268.2 Hand painted France plates, 6-7.5" Poland and others

269.32 pieces of Norleand Rose Bower Dinnerware, will find few chips

270.4 soup bowls and 4 small plates Maria The Bohemian China

271.Box of stemware

272.Platter 16 x 11 and 10-10" plates

273.Irem Temple and Plymouth Pa Jackets

274.Vinyl vintage chair

275.Modern bookcase 30x11x32 shelf floor lamp

277.Pink vintage hamper

278.View screen

279.Comco viewer table

280.Kirby vacuum cleaner with attachments

281.4 vintage wooden folding chairs

282.2 Early frames

283.4 Early windows various sizes some glass panels missing

284.Wooden door with half moon 19x80

285.Wooden drying rack

286.Wooden step ladder

287.Early wooden door 29 x72

288.Computer desk, chair, small stool and rack

289.Vintage wooden bouncy horse

290.Early wood table 32x43

291.Lot of early wooden chairs

292.Computer desk

293.Vintage wooden Ginny lin child's day bed collapsible

294.Early wooden single Walnut bed needs some reinforcement

295.Primitive step back cabinet with cubby hole top portion green paint

296.Vintage croquet set

297.wire 12" holder

298.Primitive scythe

299.Early 3 drawer dresser pted green

300.Early wood skis 59"


302.Primitive platform rocker

303.Wicker high chair

304.Plank bottom primitive chair

305.48" Primitive wooden skis

306.Diamond Combi skis

307.Sheet music cabinet 20 x 14x38

308.Sony Cassette stereo system

309.Lond wooden primitive oil tank measuring stick

310.Wooden advertising box Old Overholt, Pa.

311.Wooden advertising box Standard Tru Age Beer Scranton 19x13x9+

312.Wooden advertising box High Explosives Dupont 23x10x8

313.Wooden advertising box Standard Brewing Co. Scranton 19x13x9

314.Wooden advertising box Tru Age Beverage 19x13x9

315.Borden's wooden advertising milk crate 16x13x10

316.Early child's riding toy no front wheel

317.TV stand, base swivels 28 x 15x28

318.Early Cherry 4 drawer-dovetailed chest 42x19x40

319.1930's 40's paper

320.3 dr/3 drawer primitive dresser 43x20x43

321.Metal folding chair

322.Large entertainment center, one piece

323.Large buzz saw blade 27" dia.

324.Wooden Rich Toy child's rocking horse seat

325.Wooden drying rack

326.Stanley plane

327.Vintage bouncy horse

328.Glass top square coffee table

329.Vintage ice skates

330.Oak case Singer treadle sewing machine

331.Lot of 3 chairs

332.Black Vintage ladies 2 jackets or tops and one skirt

333.Early Blue Enamel tub apartment washing machine with wringer top

334.Sylvan iron parlor stove Red Cross 1892 with decorative tile side

335.concrete planter


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