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Ken Miller Estate Online Auction Tools, Household - Friday March 8 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Radio, synthesized receiver, DVD player BEDROOM #3

2.Metal serving tray, mug BEDROOM #3

3.Box of wooden bowls, knic knacs, etc BEDROOM #3

4.Bin of pillows BEDROOM #3

5.2 Shelves of cleaning, office, gloves, ect BEDROOM #3

6.Shelf of books BEDROOM #3

7.2 Boxes of electronic items, light bulbs, tools, ect BEDROOM #3

8.Covered chef pan BEDROOM #3

9.Wooden chair with pillow BEDROOM #3

10.Hawaiian breeze floor fan BEDROOM #3

11.Revolution cleaner with shampoo BEDROOM #3

12.3 Wall hangings BEDROOM #3

13.Snowman light BEDROOM #3

14.Wooden Purosindio's cigar box BEDROOM #3

15.White table lamp BEDROOM #3

16.2 Shelves of DVD's BEDROOM #3

17.3 Shelf bookcase BEDROOM #3

18.Paperbacks, by Clive Cussler BEDROOM #3

19.Round footstool BEDROOM #3

20.Box of Life magazines BEDROOM #3

21.Wooden chest with lid BEDROOM #3

22.2 Braided rug chair pads, 1 braided heart BEDROOM #3

23.Toy stuffed Eagle, Uncle Sam nut cracker BEDROOM #3

24.1 Door glass front gun cabinet BEDROOM #3

25.Derringer replica in case BEDROOM #3

26.Mail pouch Tobacco advertising BEDROOM #3

27.Wooden TV trays BEDROOM #3

28.6 Chinese lanterns BEDROOM #3

29.Assorted frames, different sizes DINING ROOM

30.Drill Master drill and Power Works drill DINING ROOM

31.Brinkman light, energizer weather ready light DINING ROOM

32.Loveseat DINING ROOM

33.American Eagle Satchet, Silk Wallet etc DINING ROOM

34.Map of Iraq DINING ROOM

35.Assorted Gun accessories DINING ROOM

36.4 small pots welded together DINING ROOM

37.Remote control lantern DINING ROOM

38.Ladies Jewelry DINING ROOM

39.Foreign currency DINING ROOM

40.Bracelets, rings etc DINING ROOM

41.Ring sizer DINING ROOM

42.Tin of sewing DINING ROOM

43.Castle decoration DINING ROOM

44.Box of assorted items, key chains, pens, ect DINING ROOM

45.Ladies Jewelry DINING ROOM

46.Chinese figures DINING ROOM

47.Pair of Oakley glasses DINING ROOM

48.2 Cameras DINING ROOM

49.Jim Shore Easter basket DINING ROOM

50.Sterling bracelet DINING ROOM

51.8 k ring DINING ROOM

53.3 military pins DINING ROOM

54.Westclox pocket watch DINING ROOM

55.Hand painted San Francico trinket box DINING ROOM

56.Hair accessories DINING ROOM

57..925 Turquoise ring DINING ROOM

58.Turquoise stone bracelet DINING ROOM

59.Pewter charm DINING ROOM

60..925 Helmet charm DINING ROOM

61.Hair stick DINING ROOM

62.Wire angel pin DINING ROOM

63.Small wood box with star and moon inlay 5"x3" DINING ROOM

64.Sterling ring with turquoise stone DINING ROOM

65.Pinky ring DINING ROOM

66.Bangel bracelet with heart charm DINING ROOM


68.Small charm DINING ROOM

69..925 Italy bracelet DINING ROOM

70.Small knife, revolver keychain charm DINING ROOM

71.12k Gold filled necklace chain DINING ROOM

72.Sterling drop earrings with turquoise stones DINING ROOM

73.Sterling dragon charm DINING ROOM

74.Pepsi bottle cap DINING ROOM

75.Indian head tie tac, 1 bat earring hallmark on wing DINING ROOM

76.S.Western style necklace medallion on rope sterling chain DINING ROOM

77..925 dream catcher necklace DINING ROOM

78.Coleman combination compass lighter DINING ROOM

79..925 ladies ring DINING ROOM

80.Arrow head Indian head charm DINING ROOM

81.Cross necklace DINING ROOM

82.Military coat and hat DINING ROOM

83.Box of foreign assorted coins DINING ROOM

84.Leather rifle case and sleeve for gun DINING ROOM

85.Mecical supplies DINING ROOM

86.Clippers and dog collars DINING ROOM

87.Pill boxes, light bulbs, etc DINING ROOM

88.Boyds Bear plaque and bears DINING ROOM

89.Key chains, flashlights, wallets, ect DINING ROOM

90.Assorted games, Jason mask DINING ROOM

91.Plaques, pictures, draft stopper DINING ROOM

92.3 bar stools DINING ROOM

93.Wooden candle holders, picture and chime 25x31 DINING ROOM

94.Pottery pitchers, enamel pot DINING ROOM

95.3 Bossom head dog heads DINING ROOM

96.Assorted linens DINING ROOM

97.2 door 3 shelf cabinet 29 x 37 x 25 DINING ROOM

98.Silverware DINING ROOM

99.Gordon spotlight DINING ROOM

100.B & D spotlight DINING ROOM

101.Craftsman light stick DINING ROOM

102.Dropleaf pedestal kichen table with 4 chairs DINING ROOM

103.4 Wooden decoration boxes

104.Wooden art decoration

105.Lamp candleholder, 1 lamp 12" & 17"

106.Man/woman sculpture 9"

107.2 Pflatzgraff bowls and gravy

108.2 Flower holders with artificial flowers

109.Bear & pond ashtray

110.Rocking chair with cushions

111.Knic knacs, napkin rings, candles, etc

112.Irish items

113.Box of Life Magazines, 1 Playboy

114.Candle print on canvase, hanging star decoration, primitive style decorations

115.Mission style hanging lamp

116.Wooden sign girl & dog 16 x 19 BACK PORCH

117.Hall tree 71" with umbrellas, Starter coat BACK PORCH

118.2 Folding canvas chairs Each BACK PORCH

119.Wicker chair BACK PORCH

120.Kapuziner thermometer BACK PORCH

121.2 shelf wooden stand BACK PORCH

122.Eucaliptus wreath BACK PORCH

123.Candles & cytronella BACK PORCH

124.Garden decorations BACK PORCH

125.Tote of blankets, afghans BACK PORCH

126.Wooden porch chari 32" high BACK PORCH

127.Oval plant stand 23x29x12 BACK PORCH

128.2 sets of chimes BACK PORCH

129.Budweiser light BACK PORCH

130.8" wooden stool BACK PORCH

131.2 snow shovels BACK PORCH

132.Double folding chair BACK PORCH

133.3 folding camp atools BACK PORCH

134.2 Folding chairs Each BACK PORCH

135.2 Wood stools Each BACK PORCH

136.Folding chaise BACK PORCH

137.Contents of 2 shelves GARAGE

138.2 Signs, 1 clock GARAGE

139.Hose on rack GARAGE

140.Garden supplies GARAGE

141.Husy Air compressor 25 gal. GARAGE

142.Ivory Advertising-repro, wall decorations GARAGE

143.Boyd's Bear items GARAGE

144.Kenmore refrigerator/freezer GARAGE

145.Bit Burger mirror GARAGE

146.Whirlpool washer. Not sure if this item works GARAGE

147.Military forts map, Japanese lantern GARAGE

148.Golf Clubs GARAGE

149.Dart board, flag GARAGE

150.Clothes line stand GARAGE

151.Green Bay Packers flag, Irish derby GARAGE

152.Kitchen appliances, coffee maker, blender IN GARAGE ON SHELF IN CLOSET

153.Tub of sheets, blankets GARAGE

154.Pillows rugs, curtains, ect GARAGE

155.Tub of blankets GARAGE

156.B & D drill, sockets, ect GARAGE

157.Tool GARAGE

158.Wrench GARAGE

159.Drill bits GARAGE

160.Chisels GARAGE

161.Metal cart with wooden top GARAGE

162.Wooden walking sticks GARAGE

163.Wooden stool GARAGE

164.Letter/number punch set GARAGE
165.Snap on sockets GARAGE

166.Wire cutters, lazer, tools, ect GARAGE

167.Craftsman sockets GARAGE

168.Exacto knives GARAGE

169.Screwdrivers GARAGE

170.Pliers GARAGE

171.Micky Morandini and signed baseball GARAGE

172.US Air Force Basic Military training book GARAGE

173.Assorted clamps GARAGE

174.Football memoribilia GARAGE

175.Rawlings Offical ball of the league GARAGE

176.2 Wooden boxes GARAGE

177.Tin hanging decorations GARAGE

178.Hand stitched quilt as is GARAGE

179.Toys GARAGE

180.Guages GARAGE

181.Drill bits GARAGE

182.Craftsman wrenches GARAGE

183.Layette set hand done GARAGE

184.Christmas items GARAGE

185.Poulan 14" chain saw GARAGE

186.Alum. Portable table GARAGE

187.Fireplace tools mini kindling basket GARAGE

188.Playboy magazines GARAGE

189.Assorted tools GARAGE

190.Pictures for kids room GARAGE

191.2 Webber gas camp stoves Each GARAGE

192.Plastic upright locker San Francisco 49'ers cabinet GARAGE

193.Tub of blankets & sheets GARAGE

194.Tackle box with fishing accessories GARAGE

195.Wooden stool GARAGE

196.Enamel pot GARAGE

197.Wooden chair GARAGE

198.Assorted tools GARAGE

199.Trinity stone & garden decoration GARAGE

200.Electric chain saw GARAGE

201.Hand saw, mitre box, limb saw GARAGE

202.Cuddle duds & snowboots GARAGE

203.2 Flower pots with cut out lawn decorations GARAGE

204.Garden tool holder and asst. tools GARAGE
205.Wooden step ladder GARAGE
206.Various hand tools GARAGE
257.Safety 1st step stool 24x14x14

258.Woven rope seat style stool

259.Northwest Co Green Bay Packers Blanket

260.Single bed complete BEDROOM

261.Bissell vac & air purifier BEDROOM

262.Shelf & floor of paint, WD-40 apoxy, ect BEDROOM

263.5 Drawer dresser highboy BEDROOM

264.13" Box Zenith TV BEDROOM

265.Sleigh style shelf 14x27x11 BEDROOM

266.Soldier We Will Rock You battery operated toy 15" BEDROOM

267.Wii console & accessories no remote LIVING ROOM

268.TV stand with 2 doors 21x36x22 LIVING ROOM

269.Insignia 32" flat screen TV & Samsung DVD player LIVING ROOM

270.Woven seat rocker LIVING ROOM

271.German stein 10" LIVING ROOM

272.Unsigned stein 7" LIVING ROOM

273.German stein 7" LIVING ROOM

274.Hide a bed couch LIVING ROOM

275.Green Bay Packers Mug, Size Med pro Player coat & blanket LIVING ROOM

276.3 Books Battleships, Iceberg, LIVING ROOM

277.Showtime SS kitchen utensils LIVING ROOM

278.Mini Crossbow & darts LIVING ROOM

279.Eagle flight blow gun LIVING ROOM

280.1 drawer, 1 door stand 29x16x10 LIVING ROOM

281.3 Graduated size elephant statues tallest 21' LIVING ROOM

282.Floor lamp glass painted shade 70" LIVING ROOM

283.Assorted DVD's LIVING ROOM

284.Lazy Boy rocker recliner LIVING ROOM

285.Wooden window style wall decoration shelf 18x28 LIVING ROOM

286.Enamel pans LIVING ROOM

287.Assorted CD's LIVING ROOM

288.Box of various candles LIVING ROOM

289.Hats, Air Force, Green Bay Packers LIVING ROOM

290.Kitchen utensils, pill boxes LIVING ROOM

291.Assorted exercise and health items scale dumbells LIVING ROOM

292.Various Home decorations LIVING ROOM

293.Box of assorted office items LIVING ROOM

294.Star and Moon wall decorations LIVING ROOM

295.2 Southwestern style pattern pieces & glass swizzle sticks LIVING ROOM

296.3 Marble ashtrays LIVING ROOM

297.3 decorative plates, Garden of Innocense & 2 Moon & Sun LIVING ROOM

298.Hummingbird mini stained glass lamp modern 10" LIVING ROOM

299.Assorted Boyds Bear knic knacs LIVING ROOM

300.Assorted Boyds Bear knic knacs LIVING ROOM

301.Various Dreamsicles Angel Biggest 6" LIVING ROOM

302.Capidimonte floral figure 3" LIVING ROOM

303.9mm bullets LIVING ROOM

304.Hunting knife LIVING ROOM

305.SS knife LIVING ROOM

306.Leston Shamrock mini tea set LIVING ROOM

307.2 Stoneware items pitcher 4.5" & vase 3.5" LIVING ROOM

308.Boyd Bear cabin & book figurines LIVING ROOM

309.World map trinket box 2 x 12 x 5 LIVING ROOM

310.Assorted knic knacs LIVING ROOM

311.Assorted Angel knic knacs LIVING ROOM

312.Vintage SF 49 ers football LIVING ROOM

313.Assorted key chains LIVING ROOM

314.20" stained glass lamp modern LIVING ROOM

315.Cabela's knife LIVING ROOM

316.3 wooden trinket boxes largest is 6x10x5 LIVING ROOM

317.3 Unique figurines carved wood elephant 2.5", 2 metal 2" & 3" donkeys LIVING ROOM

318.Assorted hat pins, NTSWA Republican, ect LIVING ROOM

319.Oster steamer, mixers, ect KITCHEN

320.Bar & soda bottles KITCHEN

321.Shelf of candles KITCHEN

322.Shelf of mugs KITCHEN

323.2 Vintage pyrex dishes KITCHEN

324.Vintage Formulette KITCHEN

325.3 Corningware dishes KITCHEN

326.3 Graduated Anchor Hocking bowls KITCHEN

327.Cannister set KITCHEN

328.Assorted pyrex KITCHEN

329.Box of office KITCHEN

330.Phonik smarklink KITCHEN

331.Cast iron roaster KITCHEN

332.Spice stand and spices KITCHEN

333.Shelf of appliances, coffee makers, crock pot, ect KITCHEN

334.Revereware pots pans KITCHEN

335.2 pans KITCHEN

336.Shelf of knic knacs, Boyds Bears and shelf KITCHEN

337.Cupboard of bowls, short glasses, ect KITCHEN

338.Hamilton Beech Microwave KITCHEN

339.Cupboard of bakeware KITCHEN

340.2 Cupboards of glasses, plates, ect KITCHEN

341.2 Cupboards of plasticware KITCHEN

342.3 Graduated stoneware casseroles KITCHEN

343.Painted milk can newer approx 15" KITCHEN

344.Small jewelry boxes and baskets WASHROOM

345.Box of toiletries WASHROOM

346.2 Cupboards, basket of towels, linens WASHROOM

347.Oak drawer dresser with mirror Modern BEDROOM #1

348.Angel print signed Donna Richardson 17 x 21 BEDROOM #1

349.5 drawer flip top jewelry box 37 x 14 x 11 BEDROOM #1

350.Double bed complete BEDROOM #1

351.5 mens belts, 1 HD BEDROOM #1

352.TV stand on wheels 23x20x16 BEDROOM #1

353.3 Bibles BEDROOM #1

354.20" Magnavox TV & Apex DVD player BEDROOM #1

355.5 drawer oak highboy dresser 49 x 33x16 BEDROOM #1

356.Heinekin keg bank 11" BEDROOM #1

357.Wall shelf 23x9x6 BEDROOM #1

358.Tote and box of assorted paperback books BEDROOM #1

359.Faith, Hope, Love wooden sign 40 x 8 BEDROOM #1

360.Small Oak ngiht stand 27x11x11 BEDROOM #1

361.Disc Brake Caliper tool set GARAGE

362.2 Gun locks GARAGE

363.Recipricating saw blades and sabre saw blades GARAGE

364.B & D sander & skil 4.5 amp sander GARAGE

365.Wagner heat gun, B & D Drill, Craftsman stapler GARAGE

366.Assorted tools GARAGE

367.Screwdrivers GARAGE

368.Nails, screws GARAGE

369.Hex keys GARAGE

370.4 wrenches GARAGE

371.8 Pittsburgh std. wrenches GARAGE

372.4 punch/chisels GARAGE

373.2 Pittsburgh clamps GARAGE

374.Kobalt air hammer GARAGE

375.dremel, ect GARAGE

376.7 Large hex keys GARAGE

377.9 pc hollow punch set GARAGE

378.B & D HD stapler GARAGE

379.10 Pittsburgh std wrenches GARAGE

380.3 boxes, cotter pins, ect GARAGE

381.9 Pittsburgh metric wrenches GARAGE

382.2 large clamps GARAGE

383.Bur set, mini ratchet set, bits GARAGE

384.Singer shop vac GARAGE

385.Files, bars, chisels GARAGE

386.Large nut cracker approx 2' GARAGE

387.Coleman jump box GARAGE

388.Assorted flashlights, various conditions GARAGE

389.14.4 vt 3 pc tool set GARAGE

390.Propane torch GARAGE

391.Box of ropes one plastic GARAGE

392.Werner alum. folding ladder with hooks GARAGE

393.Bag of assorted tools GARAGE

394.Tub of assorted books GARAGE

395.Troybilt Hydro riding lawn mower #13CX79KT001 Nice shape, newer Garage kept

396.Tarps, mats GARAGE

397.2 Shelves of garage liquids GARAGE

398.Coleman cooler, playmate cooler, ect GARAGE

399.Vintage Newspaper Honolulu Star 1941 GARAGE

400.Garden supplies GARAGE

401.Metal shelving unit GARAGE

402.Painting supplies GARAGE

403.Contents of cabinet GARAGE

404.Plastic storage 3 drawer container GARAGE

405.Hand truck GARAGE

406.Nippers GARAGE

407.Box of assorted items, gloves, windshield cleaners, ect GARAGE

408.Golf balls GARAGE

409.Schauer battery charger GARAGE

410.Spark plug wire set, oil bucket, ect GARAGE

411.Featherlite weedeater GARAGE

412.Large HD floor jack GARAGE

413.Swanson level 4' GARAGE

414.Pair of 6T jack stands GARAGE

415.Dog garden solar light GARAGE

416.Box of Christmas nut crackers GARAGE

417.Brass bell, bullet lighter GARAGE

418.Flashlight, head light GARAGE

419.John Woodn 6" level GARAGE

420.Magic bulb GARAGE

421.Knee pads, ruler GARAGE

422.Pocket knife, all purpose tools GARAGE

423.Chisels GARAGE

424.Hammers GARAGE

425.Game Tracker knife GARAGE

426.Camping utility knife GARAGE

427.Filet knife, other knife GARAGE

428.Hose ends GARAGE

429.Chopper 1 splitting ax head GARAGE

430.Hole saws, grinders GARAGE

431.TEAC E-3 Head demagnetizer GARAGE

432.Fish hitch ball cover GARAGE

433.3 pry bars GARAGE

434.Hunting knife GARAGE

435.Pittsburgh pliers, ect GARAGE

436.Pittsburgh Deep Well sockets GARAGE

437.Pittsburgh 13 pc punch set GARAGE

438.Outers gun cleaning kit GARAGE

439.Sanding discs & sand paper GARAGE

440.Craftsman box with assorted GARAGE

534.2 Wooden snowman decorations GARAGE

535.Giraffe statues tallest is 13" GARAGE

536.Assorted mugs, 49's, Eagle, Kaper, etc GARAGE

537.Assorted Elephant figurines GARAGE

538.2 49er's stockings & 1 Green Bay Packers stocking GARAGE

539.Zebra stool 6", Giraffe figurine 19" GARAGE

540.Giraffe bowl GARAGE

541.11" carved Hondorus mahogany carved head head is approx 4" GARAGE

542.6 drawer roll around tool box 2 piece GARAGE

543.Big Mouth Bass, stick decoration etc GARAGE

544.Car ramps GARAGE

545.Halogen light GARAGE

546.Tool box GARAGE

547.Coleman lantern GARAGE

548.Contents of shelf GARAGE

549.Ext. cords GARAGE

550.2 T squares GARAGE

551.Contents of wall above table, few tools GARAGE

552.Start Cooling System pressure tester GARAGE

553.Rotary tool & accessories GARAGE

554.Craftsman multi meter GARAGE

555.Craftsman scan tool GARAGE

556.2 Fire extinguishers 1 Kiddie, 1 General GARAGE

557.Assorted pliers GARAGE

558.Assorted screws, nails, ect GARAGE

559.Modules GARAGE

560.Screws, nuts,ect GARAGE

561.Organizer with contents GARAGE

562.Box of XL tools GARAGE

563.3 drawer plastic tool box with contents GARAGE

564.6" bench grinder GARAGE

565.Dremmel mini mite GARAGE

566.18 drawer organizer with contents GARAGE

567.4 drawers of assorted in GARAGE

568.Floor jack GARAGE

569.2 plastic bins of assorted GARAGE

570.2 Cabinets of assorted items in GARAGE

571.Work bench 1 door 4 drawers 55x20x34 GARAGE

572.3 cabinets of assorted items in GARAGE

573.Craftsman 10" table saw 2.5hp GARAGE

574.4" swivel vise GARAGE

575.Gear puller GARAGE

576.Hand saw GARAGE

577.Weedeater FB 26CC gas blower GARAGE

578.6" cones GARAGE

579.3 Cabinets of assorted GARAGE

580.Troybilt TB35EO Weedeater GARAGE

581.Tackle boxes, elec items GARAGE

582.Bar to stabilize load GARAGE

583.Dream catcher GARAGE

584.Empire heater SMALL ROOM GARAGE

585.8 plus tubs of Christmas items SMALL ROOM GARAGE

586.Large lot of camping items, cooler, stove, pots, games SMALL ROOM GARAGE

587.2 Tubs of Holiday decorations SMALL ROOM GARAGE


589.1.5' Wood step ladder GARAGE

590.Plastic tobaggon OUT

591.Bear/welcome dogs OUT

592.Patio table, 2 chairs, 2 umbrellas OUT

593.Garbage can LEAN TO

594.Mats LEAN TO

595.Hose reel LEAN TO

596.Garden dump cart nice condition LEAN TO

597.Master Forge Grill NICE LEAN TO

598.Saw horses LEAN TO

599.Pallet LEAN TO

600.2 Gas cans LEAN TO


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