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Lionel Train ONLINE Auction Part 1 - Saturday January 12 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Lionel western and Atlantic car US mail 1866

2.Lionel western and Atlantic car US mail 1866

3.Lionel railroad car number 1865

4.Lionel number 2421 illuminated pullman car Maplewood

5.Lionel number 2422 illuminated pullman car Chatham

6.Lionel number 2422 illuminated pullman car Chatham

7.Lionel number 2423 illuminated observation car hillside

8.Lionel number 2432 illuminated Astra-dome car Clifton

9.Lionel number 2423 illuminated observation car hillside

10.Lionel number 2436 illuminated observation car summit

11.Lionel number 2436 illuminated observation car moose heart

12.Lionel number 2435 illuminated pullman car Elizabeth

13.Lionel number 2421 illuminated pullman car Maplewood

14.Lionel number 2422 illuminated pullman car Chatham

15.Lionel number 2406 Santa Fe car

16.Lionel number 2408 sant� fe pullman car

17.Lionel number 2405 sant� fe pullman car

18.Lionel number 2404 sant� fe pullman car

19.Lionel number 2412 illuminated vista dome car

20.Lionel number 2412 illuminated vista dome car

21.Lionel number 2414 illuminated pullman car

22.Lionel number 2416 illuminated observation car

23.Lionel number 2432 illuminated vista-dome car Clifton

24.Lionel number 2434 illuminated pullman car Newark

25.Lionel number 2445 pullman car Elizabeth

26.Lionel number 2446 pullman car Summit has scratch

27.Lionel number 2444 pullman car Newark

28.Lionel number 2442 pullman car Clifton

29.Lionel number 2406 Santa Fe observation car shell

30.Lionel number 2405 Santa Fe pullman car shell

31.Lionel number 2404 Santa Fe vista-dome car shell

32.Lionel number 2410 sant� fe observation car

33.Lionel number 2402 green illuminated pullman car Chatham

34.Lionel number 2444 illuminated pullman car Newark

35.Lionel number 2446 illuminated observation car summit

36.Lionel number 2400 illuminated pullman car Maplewood

37.Lionel number 2429 illuminated pullman car Livingston

38.Lionel number 2401 illuminated observation car hillside

39.Lionel number 2409 sant� fe pullman car

40.Lionel number 3366 operating circus car and corral with figurines

41.Lionel number 3356 operating horse car and corral with figurines

42.Lionel number 3562 operating barrel car

43.Lionel number 3562 operating barrel car

44.Lionel number 3562 operating barrel car

45.Lionel number 3562 operating barrel car

46.Lionel number 3562-75 operating barrel car

47.Lionel number 3562-1 operating barrel car

48.Lionel number 3662 operating milk car

49.Lionel number 3357 cop and hobo car

50.Lionel number 3469x automatic dump car

51.Lionel number 3461 automatic lumbar car

52.Lionel number 3470 aerial target launching car

53.Lionel number 3444 animated gondola car

54.Lionel number 3443 mercury capsule launching car

55.Lionel number 3362 helium tank unloading car

56.Lionel number 3349 turbo missile launching car

57.Lionel number 3419 operating helicopter car

58.Lionel number 3409 helicopter car

59.Lionel number 3424 operating brakeman car Wabash with 3424-100 low bridge signal set

60.Lionel number 3435 traveling aquarium car

61.Lionel number 3370 animated sheriff and outlaw car

62.Lionel number 3376 operating giraffe car gray car

63.Lionel number 1877 flat car with horses

64.Lionel number 3361x operating lumbar car

65.Lionel number 3330 flat car with operating submarine kit

66.Lionel number 3309 flat car with turbo missal

67.Lionel number 3386 operating giraffe car

68.Lionel number 2411 flat car

69.Lionel number 2461 transformer car

70.Lionel number 3820 usmc flat car with submarine

71.Lionel number 3509 satellite car

72.Lionel number 3830 flat car with operating submarine

73.Lionel number 3510 satellite car red

74.Lionel number 3559 automatic dump car

75.Lionel number 3520 operating search light car

76.Lionel number 3665 minute man missal launching car

77.Lionel number 3650 search light extension car

78.Lionel number 3620 rotating search light car

79.Lionel number 3512 operating fire man and ladder car

80.Lionel number 3619 reconnaissance copter car

81.Lionel number 3656 operating cattle car

82.Lionel number 3519 automatic satellite launching car

83.Lionel number 3535 security car with rotating search light

84.Lionel number 3530 operating generator car

85.Lionel number 3540 operating radar scanning scope car

86.Lionel number 3545 operating tv monitor car

87.Lionel number 3656 operating cattle car figures

88.Lionel number 2065, coal car number 6026w, locomotive number 681, car number 2671w, one car number missing 2 smoke locomotives and 3 cars in case

89.Lionel 3 smoke locomotives first is 675, railroad car 2046w, locomotive 2055, railroad car 2046w, locomotive 2048, in case

90.Lionel number 2625 0 gauge pullman car ervington

91.Lionel number 2552 illuminated vista-dome car

92.Lionel number 2627 0 gauge pullman car Madison

93.Lionel number 2551 Canadian pacific Banff park

94.Lionel number 2628 0 gauge pullman car Manhattan

95.Lionel number 2534 illuminated pullman car silver bluff

96.Lionel number 2533 illuminated pullman car silver cloud

97.Lionel number 2532 illuminated astro-dome car silver range

98.Lionel number 2531 illuminated observation car silver dawn

99.Lionel number 2530 baggage car railway express agency

100.Lionel number 3472 operating milk car

101.Lionel number 3428 operating mail car

102.Lionel number 3429 usmc helicopter car

103.Lionel number 3410 helicopter car

104.Lionel number 3434 poultry dispatch car

105.Lionel number 3460 flat car with trailers

106.Lionel number 1887 flat car with fence and horses

107.Lionel number 3462 operating milk car

108.Lionel number 3459 automatic dumping ore car

109.Lionel number 6482 refrigerator car

110.Lionel number 6821 flat car with crates

111.Lionel number 6446 cement car

112.Lionel number 6818 flat car with transformer

113.Lionel number 3482 operating milk car

114.Lionel number 6500 flat car with repro plane

115.Lionel number 6500 flat car with repro plane

116.Lionel number 2461 flat car with transformer

117.Lionel number 3376 giraffe car

118.Lionel number 63521 pacific fruit express box car

119.Lionel number 6572 railway express car

120.Lionel number 6475 pickle car

121.Lionel number 6651 usmc canon car

122.Lionel number 6561 cable car

123.Lionel number 6800 flat car with airplane

124.Lionel number 6560 operating work crane

125.Lionel number 2460 operating work crane

126.Lionel number 6560 operating work crane

127.Lionel number 3459 automatic dumping ore car

128.Lionel number 2555 "0" gauge tank car restored repro

129.Lionel number 6520 searchlight car

130.Lionel number 6520 searchlight car

131.Lionel number 6408 flat car with pipes

132.Lionel number 6407 flat car with rocket (repro rocket)

133.Lionel number 6406 flat car with dark yellow auto

134.Lionel number 6404 flat car with red auto

135.Lionel number 6402 flat car with cable reels

136.Lionel number 6111 flat car with logs

137.Lionel number 6409-25 flat car with pipes

138.Lionel number 6424 flat car with autos

139.Lionel number 6311 flat car with pipes

140.Lionel number 6424-60 automobile flat car

141.Lionel number 6264 lumber car

142.Lionel number 6405 flat car with trailer van

143.Lionel number 6413 mercury capsule carrying car

144.Lionel number 6361 log car

145.Lionel number 636255 rail truck car

146.Lionel number 6175 rocket car

147.Lionel number 6262 wheel car

148.Lionel number 6343 flat car with rocket

149.Lionel number 6175 flat car with rocket

150.Lionel number 636255 rail truck car

151.Lionel number 6401 flat car

152.Lionel number 6151 flat car with range patrol truck

153.Lionel number 6121 pipe car

154.Lionel number 6475 Libby's crushed pineapple vat car

155.Lionel number 6461 transformer car

156.Lionel number 6473-60 Rodeo car

157.Lionel number 6475 vat car blank vats

158.Lionel number 6470 exploding target car

159.Lionel number liquefied gas tank car

160.Lionel number 6467 miscellaneous car

161.Lionel number 6445 fort Knox gold bullion transport car

162.Lionel number 6440 flat car with piggy back vans

163.Lionel number 6411 flat car

164.Lionel number 6431 flat car with vans and midge tractor

165.Lionel number 6464 Missouri pacific box car

166.Lionel number 6428 mail car

167.Lionel number 6448 exploding target range car

168.Lionel number 6014 box car

169.Lionel number 6416 boat transport car

170.Lionel number 6440 flat car with piggy back vans

171.Lionel number 6430 trailer flat car

172.Lionel number 6477 miscellaneous car

173.Lionel number 6480 exploding boxer

174.Lionel number 6502-75 flat car with bridge girder

175.Lionel number 6640 USMC missile launcher

176.Lionel number 6630 missile launcher

177.Lionel number 5626-1 canister car

178.Lionel number 3494-275 operating box car

179.Lionel number 6805 atomic energy disposal car

180.Lionel number 6660 boom crane car

181.Lionel number 6670 boom crane car

182.Lionel number 6544 missile firing trail car

183.Lionel number 6561 cable car

184.Lionel number 6512 cherry picker car

185.Lionel number 6112-85 canister car

186.Lionel number 6530 fire and safety training car

187.Lionel number 6520 searchlight car

188.Lionel number 6650 missile launching flat car

189.Lionel number 6801 flat car with boat

190.Lionel number 6501 jet motor boat transport car

191.Lionel number 6511 pipe car

192.Lionel number 6807 Military flat car with boat

193.Lionel number 6802 flat car with girders

194.Lionel number 3656 operating cattle car

195.Lionel number 6472 refrigerator car

196.Lionel number 6817 flat car without scraper load

197.Lionel number 6820 flat car with missile helicopter

198.Lionel number 6816 flat car without bulldozer load

199.Lionel number 6816 flat car with bulldozer load

200.Lionel number 6817 flat car with scraper load

201.Lionel number 6819 flat car with helicopter

202.Lionel number 6342 barrel ramp car

203.Lionel number 6812 track maintenance car

204.Lionel number 6844 missile carrying car

205.Lionel number 6827 Harnischfeger power shovel car

206.Lionel number 6830 flat car with submarine

207.Lionel number 6826 flat car with Christmas trees

208.Lionel number 6823 flat car with missile

209.Lionel number 6828 Harnischfeger truck crane car

210.Lionel number 6810 flat car with van

211.Lionel number 6822 night crew searchlight car

212.Lionel number 6819 flat car with helicopter

213.Lionel number 6825 flat car with trestle bridge

214.Lionel number 6414 autoloader 4 red cars

215.Lionel number 6414 autoloader red white blue yellow autos

216.Lionel number 6806 military vehicle

217.Lionel number 6414 auto carrier 4 brown cars repro cars

218.Lionel number 6414 4 green cars

219.Lionel number 6414 4 yellow cars

220.Lionel number 6804 military units

221.Lionel number 6808 military with repro truck

222.Lionel number 6803 flat car with military units

223.Lionel number 6414 automobile car

224.Lionel number 6414 automobile carrier repro cars

225.Lionel number 3672 Bosco with platform

226.Lionel number 6809 flat car with military units

227.Lionel number 6808 flat car with military units

228.Lionel train set with 2026 6257 6465 x6454 6466wx cars controller and tracks

229.Lionel number 3664 s.f. box car

230.Lionel number 2257 SP

231.Lionel number x6014 baby Ruth box car red

232.Lionel number 6162-60 Alaska Railroad car

233.Lionel number 6045 chemical tank car

234.Lionel number 6045 tank car

235.Lionel number 6167-25 undecorated red caboose

236.Lionel number 6014-335 box car

237.Lionel number 3464 NYC box car

238.Lionel number 6656 stock car

239.Lionel number 3456 operating hopper car

240.Lionel number 6456 hopper car

241.Lionel number 6416 autoloader no box no cars

242.Lionel number 6162 gondola car with canisters

243.Lionel number 6656 stock car

244.Lionel number 6045 tank car and 6465 tank car box

245.Lionel number 6657 caboose

246.Lionel number 6017-185 caboose

247.Lionel number 2642 pullman car

248.Lionel number 2643 observation car

249.Lionel number 2642 pullman car

250.Lionel number 6457 caboose

251.Lionel number 3472 refrigerator car

252.Lionel number 3451 log car

253.Lionel number 6466W train tender

254.Lionel number 6466W train tender

255.Lionel number 6476 Lehigh valley hopper

256.Lionel number 6560 black Erie work crane 2460-5 on car Bucyrus Erie Class 250 Railroad crane

257.Lionel number 6476 Lehigh valley

258.Lionel number 6462 NYC

259.Lionel number 3464 S.F. box car

260.Lionel number 45 US Marines Missile Launcher

261.Lionel number 44 US Army box says Navy

262.Lionel number 6518 transformer car

263.Lionel number x6454 NYC

264.Lionel number 6418 machinery car

265.Lionel number 6462 gondola car

266.Lionel number 3620 rotating search light car

267.Lionel number 6465 tank car

268.Lionel number 252 automatic crossing gate

269.Lionel ucs "0" gauge remote control track set

270.Lionel ucs "0" gauge remote control track set

271.Lionel number 89 flagpole

272.Lionel number 152 automatic crossing gate

273.Lionel number 195 railroad yard floodlight

274.Lionel number 154 automatic road crossing signal

275.Lionel number 150 telegraph pole set

276.Lionel number 450 operating signal bridge

277.Lionel number 310 billboard set

278.Lionel number 76 set of 3 boulevard lamps

279.Lionel number 6019 remote control track set

280.Lionel number 025 bumper and track

281.Lionel number 214 plate girder bridge

282.Lionel number 111 trestle set

283.Lionel number 3927-50 track cleaning pads number 3656-9 figures for cattle car number 3462-70 magnetic milk cans and number 362-78 six barrels

284.Lionel number 140 banjo signal

285.Lionel number 148 dwarf signal

286.Lionel number 260 illuminated bumper

287.Lionel number 260 illuminated bumper

288.Lionel number 153c contractor

289.Lionel number 26 illuminated bumper

290.Lionel number 413 countdown control panel

291.Lionel number 153 automatic block signal and control

292.Lionel number 71 lamp post

293.Lionel number 927 lubricating and maintenance kit

294.Lionel number 153 automatic block signal and control

295.Lionel number 71 lamp post

296.Lionel number 71 lamp post

297.Lionel number 71 lamp post

298.Lionel number 309 yard set

299.Lionel number 020 (90 degree) "0" gauge crossing

300.Lionel transformer

301.Lionel type 1053 multivolt transformer

302.Lionel type LW trainmaster transformer


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