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Item Description
1.Hand painted on pine board Pheasant and chicks 11x6 LIVING ROOM

2.Painting on canvas of windmill and mountains, gold frame signed Francesca 1977 38 x 31 LIVING ROOM

3.Small quilted lap quilt 38 x 35 LIVING ROOM

4.Crosley radio/turntable, cd player 17 x 13 x 9 LIVING ROOM

5.Recliner LIVING ROOM

6.Bicentennial Eagle rug 2'10" x 4' Milliken LIVING ROOM

7.Hand tooled leather ladies purse LIVING ROOM

8.9" Chein Tin child's sprinkler can LIVING ROOM

9.28" Pine coffee grinder style lamp not real grinder LIVING ROOM

10.Nice dark pine 3 drawer over lift top over 1 drawer stand LIVING ROOM

11.C.M. Russell Gold panners painting on canvas, copyright, barn board frame 34 x 23 LIVING ROOM

12.Signed painting of bird with flowers on slice of tree signed 7x24LIVING ROOM

13.Daneker grandmothers clock Movement by Mauthe Germany 17" x 71" high LIVING ROOM

14.Pine child's youth chair seat is 23" LIVING ROOM

15.Carved Miner Nugget by Jim Maxwell 77 23" tall LIVING ROOM

16.Primitive yarn winder made into lamp with vintage bird/nest shade 33" x 64" Lamp piece is screwed into side of winder LIVING ROOM

17.Set of Mid Century Modernism silver rim glasses with chrome colored holder Danish style LIVING ROOM

18.Nice maple 2 tier end table 15x25x24 LIVING ROOM

19.Folk Art style picture on board 18 x 22 LIVING ROOM

20.Painting on canvas of grist mill signed Packer 43 x 31 LIVING ROOM

21.NH North Hickory 82" floral couch very clean LIVING ROOM

22.Folk Arty style picture of girl on board 14 x 24 LIVING ROOM

23.Pair of paint by numbers girl and boy 20 x 24 LIVING ROOM

24.Knotty pine plant stand 15 x 15 x 35 LIVING ROOM

25.2 5" chalk ware donkeys one as is signed Blake LIVING ROOM

26.3 Pieces of Amberina covered and open sugars, creamer tallest 6.5" LIVING ROOM Leaf pattern

27.11" Natures Window Cardinal cookie jar, front has scratch looks like crack but not cracked LIVING ROOM

28.6" Amberina goblet LIVING ROOM

29.Vaseline glass 2 mold strawberry pattern goblet LIVING ROOM

30.IC light blue iridescent 3 " child's cup LIVING ROOM

31.8" metal black cat LIVING ROOM

32.Satin yellow rose painted 9" vase LIVING ROOM

33.Amber butter dish, small flakes inside LIVING ROOM

34.3.5" Amberina rose bowl LIVING ROOM

35.5" Amberina spooner LIVING ROOM

36.6 9" Schlitz Pilsner glasses LIVING ROOM

37.6-4" Green Depression glasses LIVING ROOM

38.2-4" Ruby cordials LIVING ROOM

39.6-4" Ruby grape pattern cordials LIVING ROOM

40.Assorted etched glasses matching LIVING ROOM

41.8" clear glass boot glass LIVING ROOM

42.3" Iron buffalo bank with screw LIVING ROOM

43.4" Vintage stick phone candy container with metal top LIVING ROOM

44.1902-03 Fall and Winter Catalogue Number 53 John Wanamaker LIVING ROOM

45.Vintage 1960's glasses LIVING ROOM

46.10" 49 State Alaska star Beam bottle LIVING ROOM

47.5" modern cobalt blue spooner LIVING ROOM

48.American Flag playing cards LIVING ROOM

49.Pair 4" Sterling weighted Crown candleholders LIVING ROOM

50.Small dome top metal lunch box

51.8-3" Cherry design juice glasses LIVING ROOM

52.Pair of 6" dia. Game bird lazy Susan's LIVING ROOM

53.Liberty paperweight signed LIVING ROOM

54.Victorian 3 face toothpick and salter LIVING ROOM

55.8 Ruby 4.5" Sherbets LIVING ROOM

56.Amberina 5.5" compote and 5" covered dish LIVING ROOM

57.1991 Texaco horse and tanker bank LIVING ROOM

58.4 3" triple mold frosted Westmoreland Pioneer pattern sherbets LIVING ROOM

59.2 Westmoreland Pioneer 6.5" goblet LIVING ROOM

60.Westward Ho 4.5" dia. Top to compote LIVING ROOM

61.4 Carnival Glass IC 4.5" dia. Berry dishes LIVING ROOM

62.3 Slate Signs LIVING ROOM

63.4 Pewter Eric Sloan 8.5" plates Each LIVING ROOM

64.White Milk glass 5.5" Chicken on nest LIVING ROOM

65.3 Humble Oil Refining Co. jig saw puzzles Alamo Defenders fight for Texas, Francis Scott Key, Pilgrims Land Cape Cod LIVING ROOM

66.7.5" miniature ruby lamp LIVING ROOM

67.Dryden Arkansas pottery 6" pitcher LIVING ROOM

68.Early 6.5" zinc top canning jar LIVING ROOM

69.Zeiss Ikon Sonnennblende, Contapol LIVING ROOM

70.12" wooden whirly gig made by Tom Morrison Montrose Pa. LIVING ROOM

71.IC 9" Dia. Frosted swirl glass bowl Imperial LIVING ROOM

72.Vintage Philco All Transistor plastic radio 9.5x5x5 Model No R7551WH 2347001 LIVING ROOM

73.Vintage plastic GE radio 10 x 4.5 x 5 Model C2420F-lt beige LIVING ROOM

74.2 5.5" birds Oriole and Warbler small flakes LIVING ROOM

75.Pair of iron Eagle bookends 1188 EMG 6" Newer LIVING ROOM

76.Reproduction iron mechanical Bank The Book of Knowledge Dentist pulling tooth 9.5" LIVING ROOM

77.18" oil lamp Eagle fount LIVING ROOM

78.Finger oil lamp 2 mold LIVING ROOM

79.4 toothpicks and salter, amberina, ruby , ice blue LIVING ROOM

80.Frosted slag glass toothpick LIVING ROOM

81.6" I. Hight Ute Mtn Tribe Indian pottery vase LIVING ROOM

82.Iron Uncle Sam bank reproduction 11" LIVING ROOM

83.8 Field Birds Whiskey decanters LIVING ROOM

84.Set of 2 6" Vaseline goblets LIVING ROOM

85.Set of 2 Vaseline 5.5" square dishes LIVING ROOM

86.Reproduction iron mechanical bank bird feeding chicks LIVING ROOM

87.2 Custard Glass 4" chicken on nests Each LIVING ROOM

88.Wise Old Owl 6" Glass bank LIVING ROOM

89.Space Needle Seattle 10" lighter LIVING ROOM

90.6" yellow frosted fairy candleholder LIVING ROOM

91.Nixon Agnew Francoma GOP Elephant cup LIVING ROOM

92.4 glass shoes All ice blue, amberina, amethyst, clear LIVING ROOM

93.Large 11x7x7 button and daisy amberina glass sled LIVING ROOM

94.3 Red transferware 10" plates All LIVING ROOM

95.Cardinal in Holly 10" pitcher LIVING ROOM

96.The Independence plate Royal Worchester 10.5" LIVING ROOM

97.2 Francoma 8.5" Herbert Hoover plates both LIVING ROOM

98.2 United Fire Co. Montrose, Penna. Plates Both LIVING ROOM

99.Box of Wade figurines LIVING ROOM

100.5" copper bell LIVING ROOM

101.Students lamp has been electrified LIVING ROOM

102.Silver plated Tea set, coffee, tea, creamer, sugar and tray LIVING ROOM

103.Pressed glass and sandwich glass LIVING ROOM

104.American Sons of St. Patrick Bicentennial Whiskey bottle LIVING ROOM

105.2 Amber pieces goblet and Eagle oval compote LIVING ROOM

106.Feather cork LIVING ROOM

107.6" Sterling weighted Preisner compote LIVING ROOM

108.Pair of Ezra Brooks 101 bottles Democratic and Republican National Commemoratives Campaign of 76 bottles both LIVING ROOM

109.7" pottery dog LIVING ROOM

110.6.5" slag glass IC cruet LIVING ROOM

111.Blue Stoneware decorated flower jug IV converted to lamp but jug is not harmed. LIVING ROOM
112.Resin 6.5" Eagle LIVING ROOM

113.Fire king Tony the Tiger mug LIVING ROOM

114.OSV Daily Bread plate in orig box LIVING ROOM

115.Wyalusing Pa pewter Bicentennial plate LIVING ROOM

116.6 Collectible plates on wall Congress, Christmas etc. LIVING ROOM

117.Nice pine 2 piece hutch 48 x 20 x 78 LIVING ROOM

118.Early hand painted shade store lamp has been electrified oil lamp does have a break LIVING ROOM

119.Miller 13.5" High Life Beer Advertising tray Looks like new, not sure if reproduction LIVING ROOM

120.Handmade broom LIVING ROOM

121.82 x 100 machine & hand stitched States bed cover LIVING ROOM

122.Vintage Broyhill Premier wing back chair and ottoman LIVING ROOM

123.30" Jim Maxwell 77 carved Old Mountain man statue LIVING ROOM

124.2 Wheaton Presidential Series bottles Andrew & Lyndon Johnson Each with boxes LIVING ROOM

125.Wheaton JFK First Ed bottle LIVING ROOM

126.Carved pelicans, bird, sailor some signed LIVING ROOM

127.5 Wheaton The Great American decanters Douglas MacArthur, Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin, Lovell Swigert & Billy Graham, Each x 5 LIVING ROOM

128.Wheaton commemorative Campaign decanter 1972 Republican LIVING ROOM

129.Large lot of State and collectible plates LIVING ROOM

130.2 Orbit the World Plates, Malcolm Carpenter and John Glenn, JR both LIVING ROOM

131.Wheaton Blood And Guts Patton bottle LIVING ROOM

132.Legend of Harry Truman book LIVING ROOM

133.6 Hand Crafted Damascone by Reed and Barton Currier & Ives Lithograph Each x 6 LIVING ROOM

134.17" Amber glass living room lamp with shade LIVING ROOM

135.Cardinal saying and sign LIVING ROOM

136.Hand painted 16" dia. Turkey clock LIVING ROOM

137.Hand painted picture of house Signed S. Balcomb LIVING ROOM

138.Kettle spring Kilns Zane Gray plat LIVING ROOM

139.Eagle coin dot 12" covered jar LIVING ROOM

140.Purple carnival glass covered sugar 5" LIVING ROOM

141.Cardinal collectibles LIVING ROOM

142.3 Button and Daisy baskets 7" Each x 3 LIVING ROOM

143.Amberina goblet, ruby goblet and Amberina covered candy jar LIVING ROOM

144.2 4" Coca cola etched glasses LIVING ROOM

145.Sinclair transistor radio LIVING ROOM

146.Signed print on board of covered bridge 31x24 LIVING ROOM

147.10 Collectible plates All LIVING ROOM

148.Radio operator military jacket, wool coat, hats LIVING ROOM

149.52" Loveseat rocker LIVING ROOM

150.Approx. 42" Iron Eagle LIVING ROOM

151.Blue transferware plates and platter LIVING ROOM

152.Sry Advertising 6" jar LIVING ROOM

153.porcelain dog, vase, etc. LIVING ROOM

154.Print Elk swimming
155.7" white milk glass covered boat candy dish LIVING ROOM

156.Plastic 1959 car LIVING ROOM

157.6 7.5" Bavaria fruit plates LIVING ROOM

158.Hall 5" Gold Dot teapot LIVING ROOM

159.Rushmore liquor bottle LIVING ROOM

160.Modern Iron horseshoe door knockers LIVING ROOM

161.Hand painted globe electric lamp with large shade 33" LIVING ROOM

162.IC 10" Ice blue iridescent vase Imperial LIVING ROOM

163.Lot of vintage ladies compacts, perfumes, etc. LIVING ROOM

164.1966 Vintage Naughty calendars LIVING ROOM

165.The Star Primitive Piece LIVING ROOM

166.Pair of hand painted Bedroom lamps 13.5" LIVING ROOM

167.Early jar with lid 9" LIVING ROOM

168.Amberina 9" covered compote LIVING ROOM

169.4.5" hard plastic Santa vintage candy container LIVING ROOM

170.Amberina button daisy 11" boat dish LIVING ROOM

171.marbles LIVING ROOM

172.Various bird plates LIVING ROOM

173.Primitive hatchet with nail puller back end head LIVING ROOM

174.Black memorabilia pin dish LIVING ROOM

175.Vintage metal 18" lamp LIVING ROOM

176.Leather tooled belt LIVING ROOM

177.Spur ashtray and more LIVING ROOM

178.1916 One Penny Buffalo Nickel with hole etc. LIVING ROOM

179.Set of cufflinks LIVING ROOM

180.Men's tie tacks and cufflinks LIVING ROOM

181.Early needle holder LIVING ROOM

182.Pump and Pantry coins LIVING ROOM

183.Japanese silk flag 29x22 LIVING ROOM

184.Exxon vintage key chain LIVING ROOM

185.Cordoba hood ornament LIVING ROOM

186.3 Pocket knives 1 as is LIVING ROOM

187.Snakeskin business card holder Vintage LIVING ROOM

188.Foster tie tack and cuff link set LIVING ROOM

189.Pair of silver tone horse pins unsigned LIVING ROOM

190.Earrings etc. LIVING ROOM

191.Victorian gold tone jewelry pieces LIVING ROOM

192.Lot of watches etc. LIVING ROOM

193.Kennedy, Rushmore, etc. plates LIVING ROOM

194.Naughty joke items LIVING ROOM

195.Ozark pottery items LIVING ROOM

196.58 Pieces of Old Granite Staffordshire Hearts and Flowers Johnson Bros. dishes LIVING ROOM

197.Knotty Pine trestle bench or coffee table 4'x20x17 LIVING ROOM

198.2 Painted on slate bird pictures 12" sq. Both LIVING ROOM

199.Pine & wrought iron mirrored shelf 18 x 24 LIVING ROOM

200.24" Violin Made by Mrs. Violet Brumley Hensley Ark. 1971 NO. 10 LIVING ROOM

201.James Curley book LIVING ROOM

202.9" painted on pine cardinal picture LIVING ROOM

203.Primitive crank handle butter churn on legs 14 x 14 x 29 LIVING ROOM

204.2 primitive tatters made into candleholders LIVING ROOM

205.Knotty pine stool 13 x10x10 LIVING ROOM

206.Splint basket with handles 16x11x11 LIVING ROOM

207.Over 10 Norman Rockwell plates LIVING ROOM

208.Lot of kitchen utensils and silverware, 3 boxes LIVING ROOM

209.Lot of glass cannister jars, juice jar, etc. LIVING ROOM

210.Snowman and other collectibles LIVING ROOM

211.Plant holders LIVING ROOM

212.1976 Wyalusing Rocket newspapers LIVING ROOM

213.colorburst 250 camera and more LIVING ROOM

214.Lot of clean stuffed animals and decorative basket LIVING ROOM

215.Trivets LIVING ROOM

216.Primitive wood bucket with Eagle decal 12" dia. 11" high LIVING ROOM


218.Wool Army blanket LIVING ROOM

219.Blankets LIVING ROOM

220.Metal mind bender games LIVING ROOM

221.Silver overlay items LIVING ROOM

222.Boom box LIVING ROOM

223.Box of Silver plated items LIVING ROOM

224.Pewter rim plate and license plate LIVING ROOM

225.Woven seat cushions LIVING ROOM

226.AH Press cut chip set NIB and more LIVING ROOM

227.Wooden hand crafted and painted decorative items LIVING ROOM

228.Iron Eagles LIVING ROOM

229.Wooden hand crafted and painted decorative items LIVING ROOM

230.Melody in Motion The Guitarist LIVING ROOM

231.Candleholders LIVING ROOM

232.Vintage games LIVING ROOM

233.Geodes and petrified wood LIVING ROOM

234.Wind chimes LIVING ROOM

235.Variety of pressed glass LIVING ROOM

236.Double Red Lion Iron wall brackets LIVING ROOM

237.Dresser and vanity items LIVING ROOM

238.Stick candles LIVING ROOM

239.Vintage suitcase LIVING ROOM

240.Copper Wind chime LIVING ROOM

241.4 Spirit of 76, etc. hot plates FOYER

242.Knotty pine 1 door, 1 drawer stand 25x15x25 FOYER

243.Rush seat ladder back chair FOYER

244.8 Various folding chairs FOYER

245.Oak Case Seth Thomas Regulator clock 19 x 32 FOYER

246.Hall tree FOYER

247.Wooden ironing board 47X13 FOYER

248.Pair of iron bracket oil lamp holders FOYER

249.Large pine framed mirror 35 x 50 FOYER

250.13 International State spoons and holder FOYER

251.Vintage toleware trash can FOYER

252.Herb Chart and hand painted chickens on board KITCHEN

253.Canes and yard sticks KITCHEN

254.Pine drop leaf kitchen table with 2 captains chairs and 2 side chairs table is 4'x2' with 10" drop leaves KITCHEN

255.Driftwood bird decoration KITCHEN

256.Spoon collection with holder KITCHEN

257.Collection of 18 smaller spoons with spoon holder KITCHEN

258.Nice knotty pine dark 2 piece hutch 47x18x75 KITCHEN

259.New York World's Fair 1964-65 plate KITCHEN

260.Ballantine bicentennial 6 pack KITCHEN

261.Roy Acuff Sanders Mfg. Co 10" plate KITCHEN

262.4 Colonial Times blue transferware plates KITCHEN

263.1976 plate and more KITCHEN

264.State and Nat'l park transferware plates qty 4 KITCHEN

265.2 Royal Doulton plates The Mayor and The Hunting Man Both KITCHEN

266.Large lot of collectible state plates KITCHEN

267.29" Barometer KITCHEN

268.Art Pottery planter KITCHEN

269.Tree slice triple leg butcher block KITCHEN

270.Enamelware and spatterware pans KITCHEN

271.Pants stretchers KITCHEN

272.Colorful small birds. Some Avon KITCHEN

273.Rochester picture tray Wildlife of Brichalns, Menuel and Lucille Miller Bethel, VT buck, doe and fawn KITCHEN

274.Valdez Elk painted on tall pitcher Hand painted by Tanna 1974 Alaska KITCHEN

275.Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root bottle KITCHEN

276.Mr. Buston Brand bottle KITCHEN

277.2 Tone crock KITCHEN

278.Enamel pitcher possibly reproduction KITCHEN

279.Tin oil lamp, newer KITCHEN

280.2 Wheaton bottles Each Presidential Wilson and Kennedy KITCHEN

281.Wheaton bottle The Lone Eagle Charles A Lindenberg KITCHEN

282.Bottle The Father of His Country, Gen Taylor Never Surrenders chip on top, crack in base KITCHEN

283.Greek Art Pottery Pitcher KITCHEN

284.2 Etched glasses 1863 Chesterfield both KITCHEN

285.Wrought iron bracket with Elec lamp. Bracket is newer KITCHEN

286.Reproduction iron match holder KITCHEN

287.Toleware trays, different sizes KITCHEN

288.Vintage and newer thermos's KITCHEN

289.Baking pans KITCHEN

290.Regina vacuum and broom KITCHEN

291.Bicentennial Eagle design cannister set, ashtray and milk pitcher KITCHEN

292.Painted blue wrought iron plant holder not sure of age KITCHEN

293.Set of 4 Decorative hot plates with pine frames KITCHEN

294.Set of Franciscan dinnerware Over 62 pieces may find some flakes KITCHEN

295.Hat rack with porcelain knobs WASHROOM

296.Whirlpool refrigerator freezer, nice shape WASHROOM

297.Magic Chef dryer WASHROOM

298.Maytag top load washing machine WASHROOM

299.Set of 3 Pineapple fruit pots pans with lids KITCHEN

300.Boom box KITCHEN

301.Pine framed clock and Bicentennial marching hot plate KITCHEN

302.Sunbeam Mixmaster Mixer KITCHEN

303.Canning pot KITCHEN

304.2 boxes of plasticware and Tupperware type items KITCHEN

305.9 Corning ware Cornflower pattern dishes with lids Nice sett KITCHEN

306.Set of 5 Vintage ovenproof bowls KITCHEN

307.Corning ware Set of 3 casseroles Spice of Life pattern with lids KITCHEN

308.Great Neck plane KITCHEN

309.Frankoma F.P 1976 600 toby mug KITCHEN

310.Small snowman made by Small's woodshop Rushville, Pa. KITCHEN

311.Norman Rockwell Checking His List Santa figurine 1980 KITCHEN

312.Historic Pennsylvania Keystone Bean Bottle KITCHEN

313.Corning ware & Pyrex teapots KITCHEN

314.Knick knacks KITCHEN

315.Triple blade slaw cutter newer KITCHEN

316.Silverware KITCHEN

317.Nice knotty pine deacons bench KITCHEN

318.Pressed glass KITCHEN

319.Wrought iron bracket parts and lamp parts KITCHEN

320.Crock KITCHEN

321.Iron skillet KITCHEN

322.Salt and peppers KITCHEN

323.5 Small rought iron trivets KITCHEN

324.Early stoneware blue bail handle batter pitcher E. Roberts & Son N.Y KITCHEN

325.Vintage kitchen items KITCHEN

326.Box of surprises butterfly, soldier etc. KITCHEN

327.button daisy goblets, etched glassware KITCHEN

328.Avon ruby candleholders, ruby plate etc. KITCHEN

329.Romco Mid Century pottery Rocky Mountain Pottery Pinecone pattern snack sets one is as is KITCHEN

330.Dutch stencils, etc. KITCHEN

331.3 pieces of milk glass KITCHEN

332.planter, bowls, soap dish KITCHEN

333.2 Purple satin slag glass Imperial Ducks on Nest Each x 2 KITCHEN

334.Planters Peanut Advertising tin KITCHEN

335.West bend Baby Ben clock, Elgin Travel clock and more KITCHEN

336.Marbles KITCHEN

337.Pflatzgraff 2 mugs and other KITCHEN

338.Coppery tray tin painted candleholder, wooden tray KITCHEN

339.Vintage Enterprise grinder KITCHEN

340.Vintage press plunger donut maker, syrups KITCHEN

341.2 Rought Iron corn trays, reproduction Both KITCHEN

342.Mustache cup, salt and peppers, Czech creamer KITCHEN

343.Rought iron trivets KITCHEN

344.27 Collectible Christmas Plates various sizes KITCHEN

345.Advertising The Youths Companion Walter Baker & Co Breakfast Cocoa pine framed reproduction KITCHEN

346.2 Mid Century pottery planters KITCHEN

347.Knotty pine framed apple clock KITCHEN

348.St. Francis statue resin KITCHEN

349.181A Polar Bear creamer KITCHEN

350.Saturday Night Bath by Karen Bell plate KITCHEN

351.2 Silver-plated Hotel Carlton soup spoons both KITCHEN

352.Bullseye Westclox pocket watch as is KITCHEN

353.Beautiful knotty pine washstand with copper liner 1 drawer/2 door/1 drawer KITCHEN

354.Note pads KITCHEN

355.Cookbooks KITCHEN

356.2 Boxes of pots and pans reverware and others KITCHEN

357.2 boxes of electric kitchen appliances, toaster, coffee makers and more KITCHEN

358.Cast aluminum pots and pans some with lids KITCHEN

359.Roasters KITCHEN

360.Hooked Cardinal wall hanger KITCHEN

361.Pair of Genesee Beer Naughty man and lady, lift up the can and SURPRISE LARGE ROOM

362.White milk glass hobnail shade lamp Elec LARGE ROOM

363.Mid century New Vista Victrola Elec console stereo with quantity of records LARGE ROOM

364.Various throw rugs LARGE ROOM

365.Living room chair LARGE ROOM

366.Set of 1847 Rogers Bros. flatware silverware in case 100th Anniversary LARGE ROOM

367.Vintage Arvin heater elec. LARGE ROOM

368.Coppery living room lamp LARGE ROOM

369.Maple double tier end table 25 x 14 x 24 LARGE ROOM

370.Pine child's or doll wood wagon 16x9x9 LARGE ROOM

371.Century 21 Seattle World's Fair 1962 plate LARGE ROOM

372.Tin flag, resin Eagle LARGE ROOM

373.Inlaid top talon feet oval walnut stand 26x18x17 LARGE ROOM

374.Pair of Minuteman and Virginians wooden decorative plaques 13x27 LARGE ROOM

375.Blue plaid swivel rocker LARGE ROOM

376.Hoover power cannister vac LARGE ROOM

377.America's Toy Novelty Vintage Dominos, miniature washboard LARGE ROOM

378.1941 War Department Soldier's Handbook, Caliber .50 M2 Browning Machine Gun-How the Gun Works, AAFETTC, Soldiers Pay Record LARGE ROOM

379.Servicemen's World War Map, Symbol representations, postcards LARGE ROOM

380.Antique Valentines LARGE ROOM

381.Vintage Valentine's LARGE ROOM

382.Knotty pine lift top bench, Very nice condition66x17x18 LARGE ROOM

383.Handmade Humpty Dumpty and doll LARGE ROOM

384.Child's cutter sleigh not sure of age, painted 38x18x22 LARGE ROOM

385.Wooden tavern sign LARGE ROOM

386.2 Vintage Centennial living room chairs with ottomans LARGE ROOM

387.Very large lot of puzzles and a few games. Enough for a few years enjoyment LARGE ROOM

388.Birdhouse handmade 11" high LARGE ROOM

389.Signed Muir painted slate framed 9 x 18 LARGE ROOM

390.Horse collar mirror with brass end Haines 17x30 LARGE ROOM

391.Roasters LARGE ROOM

392.Stand for projector LARGE ROOM

393.Paul Revere Americana Porcelain McCormick Distilling Co. bottle with box 12" LARGE ROOM

394.2 Americana Porcelain McCormick Distilling Co. bottles John Paul Jones and Patrick Henry Each x 2 14" LARGE ROOM

395.2 Americana Porcelain McCormick Distilling Co. bottles Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock Each x 2 13" LARGE ROOM

396.Seth Thomas Thomaston Conn Calendar Clock, All clocks sold as is 17 x 33 LARGE ROOM

397.2 Americana Porcelain McCormck Distilling Co. bottles Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross Each x 2 LARGE ROOM

398.Carved & nut fisherman LARGE ROOM

399.George Washington Americana Porcelain McCormick Distilling Co. bottle LARGE ROOM

400.Set of Longhorn Horns hanging on wall in LARGE ROOM approx. 91" long

401.Painting of covered bridge on artist board signed D. Adiker 42 x 32 LARGE ROOM

402.Set of bookends McCormick Straight Bourbon Whiskey Limited ed America's 200th anniversary LARGE ROOM

403.Hobnail white milk glass shade and chimney LARGE ROOM

404.Wood Uncle Sam and more LARGE ROOM

405.Georgian Copper teapot 9" LARGE ROOM

406.Sessions inlaid front humpback mantle clock All clocks sold as is LARGE ROOM

407.Antique match box dispenser 1 cent with match boxes Iron LARGE ROOM

408.Reproduction wrought iron wall hanger LARGE ROOM

409.Copper strainer dipper with tacked handle LARGE ROOM

410.Handmade broom LARGE ROOM

411.Large copper candy kettle with iron bail handle, dovetailed base LARGE ROOM

412.Rought iron tall candleholder not sure of age LARGE ROOM

413.3 Fireplace tools All LARGE ROOM

414.vintage ember shovel LARGE ROOM

415.3 Long wrought iron fireplace tools LARGE ROOM

416.2 Child's pine captains chairs Each x 2 LARGE ROOM

417.Primitive copper scoop with iron handle LARGE ROOM

418.Handmade pine rocking pony 32" long, 17" high to seat LARGE ROOM

419.Coca Cola and various puzzles ready for framing LARGE ROOM

420.Iron branding iron LARGE ROOM

421.Hand painted over white milk glass oil lamp and shade LARGE ROOM

422.Ceramic frog LARGE ROOM

423.Short pine 2 drawer telephone stand LARGE ROOM

424.Iron 2 4 sad iron LARGE ROOM

425.Early tin bread maker LARGE ROOM

426.Iron primitive scooper LARGE ROOM

427.Decorative items Christmas and more LARGE ROOM

428.Large iron fry pan LARGE ROOM

429.Harvard Crystal Spring Water blue decorated stoneware jug 5 gallon LARGE ROOM

430.Dark pine small dropleaf table 15 x 26 24 LARGE ROOM

431.3 wrought iron decorative plates Spirit of 76 Each x 3 LARGE ROOM

432.Cast iron footed pot with handle LARGE ROOM

433.Footed cast iron pot with lid LARGE ROOM

434.Iron bucket LARGE ROOM

435.Iron MH sign LARGE ROOM

436.Cast iron pot with 3 feet with handle and ring LARGE ROOM

437.No 10 Cast Iron pot with 3 feet and lid. Newer LARGE ROOM

438.Small grist stone 10.5" dia. LARGE ROOM

439.The Scranton Stove Works cast iron kettle for top of stove LARGE ROOM

440.10 Americana Collection Bean bottles All LARGE ROOM

441.Driftwood items LARGE ROOM

442.Vintage spinning wheel, wonderful condition LARGE ROOM

443.Set of 4 Bentwood Chairs Made in Vermont 1966, Each x 4

444.Wire that Fenced the West collection of barbed wire on board LARGE ROOM

445.Christmas snowman and bucket LARGE ROOM

446.Busy Bee No 16 small metal washboard LARGE ROOM

447.Wooden snowman decorations LARGE ROOM

448.Large wooden barrel churn made into lamp with red Eagle vintage shade churn is 18" dia. 31" high LARGE ROOM

449.wrought iron double bracket with pair of cranberry hobnail oil lamps, electrified LARGE ROOM

450.Carved parrot on swing LARGE ROOM

451.Nice maple slat back rocker with vintage covers LARGE ROOM

452.Set of 5 Reproduction Norman Rockwell prints on pine LARGE ROOM

453.wrought iron double bracket with pair of cranberry hobnail oil lamps, electrified LARGE ROOM

454.First on the Moon plate and Jul 1969 plate both LARGE ROOM

455.Nice long pine bench 14x72x18 LARGE ROOM

456.Antique metal base organ stool LARGE ROOM

457.Living room chair, reddish LARGE ROOM

458.The Saga of Elvis second in series limited ed McCormick Distilling Co. With box LARGE ROOM

459.First of a Series Elvis limited Ed McCormick Distilling Co. with box LARGE ROOM

460.Elvis 68 Third in series Limited Ed McCormick Distilling Co. with box LARGE ROOM

461.1980 World Entertainer Elvis Silver Anniversary 4th in series Limited Ed McCormick Distilling Co. with box LARGE ROOM

462.Pair of 4.5" Ruby salt and peppers LARGE ROOM

463.Frankoma 94V double ear bowl with lid LARGE ROOM

464.St. Marten carved oval tray LARGE ROOM

465.6" Imperial frosted slag glass creamer, windmill pattern LARGE ROOM

466.Blue flower base candle LARGE ROOM

467.5" Purple slag glass duck on nest approx. 10" long, LARGE ROOM

468.2 Disneyland Made in Germany Walt Disney Production Steins Each x 2 LARGE ROOM

469.1962 Seattle Worlds Fair ashtray Made in Seattle Washi. House of Porcelain LARGE ROOM

470.Box of Lefton and other Cardinal decorated items LARGE ROOM

471.Long knotty pine dropleaf table 27 x 72x30 leaves are 7" each LARGE ROOM

472.6.5" Ice blue triple mold covered compote LARGE ROOM

473.4" Ice blue shell top covered round butter dish seashell pattern LARGE ROOM

474.Blue pitcher, creamer and sugar, pitcher is 9" cherry pattern LARGE ROOM

475.Vintage floral pitcher with ice lip small chip LARGE ROOM

476.Copenhagen horse plate LARGE ROOM

477.Made in Portugal covered apple pie dish LARGE ROOM

478.2 Goofus glass bowl, different sizes both LARGE ROOM

479.Fyfe & Drum beer bottle LARGE ROOM

480.3 Pieces to pitcher and bowl set, brown transferware, large pitcher and bowl, small double handled piece LARGE ROOM

481.Nice swivel top table opens to checker board top with drawer tapered legs, Liberty Folding leaf game table, Bicentennial Liberty Edition 33 x 17 x 30 closed LARGE ROOM

482.Coconut LARGE ROOM

483.Very nice grape press made into lamp with vintage shade Press is 37" high LARGE ROOM

484.Enterprise Manufacturing Co. Philadelphia Coffee Grinder repainted 21" high LARGE ROOM

485.Subscribe to the Guide maps on board LARGE ROOM

486.Marigold carnival bowl LARGE ROOM

487.2 Green Carnival bowls Each x 2 LARGE ROOM

489.4 Pennsbury Pottery Morrisville, Pa. mugs all LARGE ROOM

490.2 Reed and Barton silver-plated Christmas ball decorations both LARGE ROOM

491.Nice knotty pine Deacons bench 60" long LARGE ROOM

492.Metal cardinal weight decorations swinging LARGE ROOM

493.2 Wheaton bottles Eisenhower & Nixon Each x 2 LARGE ROOM

494.Chicken on nest LARGE ROOM

495.3 Wheaton bottles William Penn, 3 Astronauts, Betsy Ross Each x 3 LARGE ROOM

496.8 Collectible Wheaton Christmas bottles. Sold as a set LARGE ROOM

497.Ruby leaf pattern covered candy dish LARGE ROOM

498.Double chicken on nest LARGE ROOM

499.Ruby covered compote star pattern LARGE ROOM

500.Small handmade rocking click clock horse LARGE ROOM

501.Clear turkey on nest LARGE ROOM

502.Blue & white milk glass chick on nest LARGE ROOM

503.Open 4 Shelf display shelf 33 x 15 x 80 LARGE ROOM

504.Globe LARGE ROOM

505.Set of red transferware Mason's Vista England includes 2 platters, creamer, sugar, salt pepper, set of 3 graduated square bowls, oval serving bowl, 6 cups, 14 saucers, 7 small bowls, 6 soup bowls and 8 dinner plates. LARGE ROOM

506.iron string holder reproduction LARGE ROOM

507.Ruby bowl and amberina oval bowl LARGE ROOM

508.3 goblets, green, pink and ice blue All LARGE ROOM

509.Spartus battery operated clock LARGE ROOM

510.Knotty pine bench 59 x 22 x 16 LARGE ROOM

511.Winter scene oil on canvas cabin in the woods fancy gold frame unsigned LARGE ROOM

512.Large Barn picture LARGE ROOM

513.Stained glass bird feeder LARGE ROOM

514.Toleware trays LARGE ROOM

515.Vintage Sears guitar amp Model 257.14224400 LARGE ROOM

516.Goofy nut cracker LARGE ROOM

517.Santa nut cracker LARGE ROOM

518.2 Nut crackers blue and red soldiers Each x 2 LARGE ROOM

519.2 Nut crackers red and green outfits each x 2 LARGE ROOM

520.drummer nut cracker LARGE ROOM

521.Shoe maker nut cracker LARGE ROOM

522.Stenciled blue bird lift top pine slant top box LARGE ROOM

523.Norman Rockwell print on board v

524.Primitive large cradle nice shape 37 x 20 LARGE ROOM

525.Paint by numbers, etc. LARGE ROOM

526.2 Collectible plates, 776 and 1964 Kennedy half Each x 2 LARGE ROOM

527.Norman Rockwell and Pepsi Cola trays both LARGE ROOM

528.From Indian Village Arizona plaque LARGE ROOM

529.Norman Rockwell books LARGE ROOM

530.Vintage player piano LARGE ROOM

531.Cardinal painting signed D LARGE ROOM

532.2 Vintage Redi Brella's LARGE ROOM

533.Early postcard album LARGE ROOM

534.Airforce Books 55th AAFFTD and more LARGE ROOM

535.Wood strip bench 71 x 5 x 17 LARGE ROOM

536.Collectible buttons LARGE ROOM

537.Various decorative necklaces LARGE ROOM

538.Owl plaques LARGE ROOM

539.Ox yoke nice shape, hanging in LARGE ROOM

540.Painting on canvas 2 people outside cabin unsigned nice gold frame LARGE ROOM

541.The Freedom Bell LARGE ROOM

542.Tavern puzzles LARGE ROOM

543.Turtle small cookie jar and other cookie jar LARGE ROOM

544.Carvel Hall set of knives Towle Silversmiths LARGE ROOM

545.Wooden items and others LARGE ROOM

546.The Bride Knife Solingen Germany LARGE ROOM

547.White milk glass signed bowl LARGE ROOM

548.Amber tall rose bowl pedestal LARGE ROOM

549.Carnival bowl LARGE ROOM

550.Sterling silver handle cake knife LARGE ROOM

551.Art pottery vase, small chip LARGE ROOM

552.Various items, vases, snowmen, etc. LARGE ROOM

553.Tall handblown clear vase LARGE ROOM

554.4 Pewter plates LARGE ROOM

555.Large Avon Christmas ball container and other Avon items LARGE ROOM

556.Beam bottle Liberty Bell, Birds and other ALL LARGE ROOM

557.3 Collectible Wheaton bottles ALL LARGE ROOM

558.Souvenir items, wooden puzzles, ashtrays LARGE ROOM

559.4 Metal POST trays reproductions LARGE ROOM

560.Iron Frog, collectible doll and more LARGE ROOM

561.Pair of Duchin weighted candleholders LARGE ROOM

562.Large box of decoration items LARGE ROOM

563.Stuffed chicken, pumpkins, flashlight LARGE ROOM

564.Large bowl to pitcher/bowl set and small shade LARGE ROOM

565.Mexican pottery items LARGE ROOM

566.Child's rocker, needs to be put together LARGE ROOM

567.Blankets LARGE ROOM

568.Modern platform rocker LARGE ROOM

569.Vintage Ford Philco Television LARGE ROOM

570.Knotty pine lift top cabinet with Spirit of '76 plaque on front LARGE ROOM

571.Set of 4 Nichols & Stone Co. Gardner, Mass Chairs with Bicentennial motif Nice condition Each x 4 LARGE ROOM

572.Mid Century glasses and drink mixer LARGE ROOM

573.Set of 8 Gold Leaf frosted Mid Century glasses LARGE ROOM

574.White milk glass decanter and cordials signed LARGE ROOM

575.Set of 12 Ruby 3.5" glasses LARGE ROOM

576.Royal Rochester elec. Porcelain teapot no cord LARGE ROOM

577.9 ruby glasses, 6.25" Signed W with circle LARGE ROOM

578.Push button phone LARGE ROOM

579.Vintage polaroid camera LARGE ROOM

580.Box of glass seashore balls LARGE ROOM

581.Pair of ceramic 12" roosters LARGE ROOM

582.9 4.5" ruby cordial glasses signed LARGE ROOM

583.4 4.5" Cabin cordials triple mold LARGE ROOM

584.Vintage Ansco Redi flex camera with accessories LARGE ROOM

585.5 Cranberry feather glasses 4" Each x 5 LARGE ROOM

586.2 Cranberry white glasses 4" Each x 2 LARGE ROOM

587.Amberina 7" dia. Butter dish LARGE ROOM

588.Amberina 3" rose bowl LARGE ROOM

589.2 Cranberry dot 4" glasses Each x 2 LARGE ROOM

590.Amberina spooner, toothpick and oval dish LARGE ROOM

591.Dirt Devil LARGE ROOM

592.Encyclopedias LARGE ROOM

593.Kitchen towels and more LARGE ROOM

594.Size 9.5 women's boots LARGE ROOM

595.Nikkormat 35 mm camera with different lenses, tripod and case LARGE ROOM

596.The Great American Express Train in box LARGE ROOM

597.Jona's Brothers of Alaska Fur coat size small LARGE ROOM

598.Blue 90" Bench Craft couch with recliner ends LARGE ROOM

599.Pioneer Furniture Vermont Pine rocking chair LARGE ROOM

600.Pine Captain's chair LARGE ROOM

601.2 Ballantine's Scotch Epic Series bottles Cameo style Each x 2 LARGE ROOM

602.Mid Century modern metal stand 14 x 11 x 26 LARGE ROOM

603.Pine Chair LARGE ROOM

604.Ruby goblet and 7.5" covered candy dish LARGE ROOM

605.4 6" ruby goblets LARGE ROOM

606.Toggies 5' German Thermometer LARGE ROOM

607.Ruby cordial set LARGE ROOM

608.Amberina 11" covered cone shaped dish LARGE ROOM

609.Amberina 5" creamer and sugar signed LARGE ROOM

610.Early First Aid Travel Kit LARGE ROOM

611.4" Blue frosted duck on nest LARGE ROOM

612.4" Marigold chicken on nest LARGE ROOM

613.Ruby cake compote 13" dia, 5" high LARGE ROOM

614.Carved wooden bowl, and more LARGE ROOM

615.Hand Crafted 5" brass cup by Wagner '76 Colorado LARGE ROOM

616.Copenhagen bicentennial plate and Corn Palace Staffordshire ashtray 7" LARGE ROOM

617.Milk glass vase, pitcher, covered dishes LARGE ROOM

618.Coffee grinder LARGE ROOM

619.Handmade 14" bird LARGE ROOM

620.18" oil lamp to top of shade LARGE ROOM

621.3 bells LARGE ROOM

622.4 Airforce 4.25" glasses LARGE ROOM

623.3 Frankoma pottery mugs Elephant and Donkey Democrat and Republican LARGE ROOM

624.6 5" Pepsi Cola glasses LARGE ROOM

625.Waterford 5" bell on stand LARGE ROOM

626.9" cranberry hand blown cruet LARGE ROOM

627.7" Blue frosted cruet LARGE ROOM

628.7" Yellow frosted hand painted cruet LARGE ROOM

629.6.5" Old English Staffordshire ware Jonroth England My Old Kentucky Home LARGE ROOM

630.9" Cast iron horse drawn fire truck reproduction LARGE ROOM

661.11" birdhouse lamp Small's Wood works LARGE ROOM

662.9.5" cream can LARGE ROOM

663.5" Vaseline feather cruet LARGE ROOM

664.7" Pioneer small compote 4" dia LARGE ROOM

665.4- 6.5" Pioneer goblets all LARGE ROOM

666.Pair of Wheaton 7" First Ed bottles both LARGE ROOM

667.12" Iron beetle bootjack reproduction LARGE ROOM

668.7.5" Pioneer creamer and spooner both LARGE ROOM

669.Iron Independence Hall bank 9"x8" 9" Reproduction LARGE ROOM

670.5" 3 Face sugar LARGE ROOM

671.2 Blue Avon candleholders LARGE ROOM

672.4.5" Sterling weighted salt and pepper LARGE ROOM

673.Strap with 42 brass bells LARGE ROOM

674.Primitive wooden drill LARGE ROOM

675.2 10x7" Patriotic platters both LARGE ROOM

676.9" Pioneer oval compote LARGE ROOM

677.9" 8" dia. Pioneer platter with lit LARGE ROOM

678.10" Pioneer compote 4.5" dia. LARGE ROOM

679.11" Pioneer compote with top LARGE ROOM

680.Van Briggle Art Pottery 75" Anniversary Limited ed No 476 of 500 1974 5" x 10" dia. Planter LARGE ROOM

681.Decorative cardinal items LARGE ROOM

682.Ox shoe and spike LARGE ROOM

683.Paul Bunyan brandy 11" LARGE ROOM

684.White milk glass 10" basket and bowl LARGE ROOM

685.Copper Utah 7" teapot LARGE ROOM

686.Space Shuttle revolving LARGE ROOM

687.Studio pottery oil lamp LARGE ROOM

688.Birds LARGE ROOM

689.Studio pottery 13" vase LARGE ROOM

690.Pair of 12" shuttles made into candleholders LARGE ROOM

691.Reproduction iron candleholder LARGE ROOM

692.Opryland Coca Cola bottle LARGE ROOM

693.Reproduction mechanical iron Trick Dog bank LARGE ROOM

694.Silverware LARGE ROOM

695.Nintendo with Mario Bros game LARGE ROOM

696.8 track tapes LARGE ROOM

697.Cooler LARGE ROOM

698.Shoe shine box with contents LARGE ROOM

699.Primitive wooden utensils masher, mallet, etc. LARGE ROOM

700.Bearcat 210 scanner LARGE ROOM

701.Various frames and pictures LARGE ROOM

702.5 Hess trucks each 1988,89, and others Each x 5

703.10 Hess Trucks Each 1999,98,97,96,95,94,93,92,91, 1990 Each LARGE ROOM

704.11 Hess trucks Each 2000,01,02,03, 04,06,06, 07,08,09, 2010 LARGE ROOM

705.Marigold, green and yellow vases LARGE ROOM

706.Quilting pattern book LARGE ROOM

707.Early travel books LARGE ROOM Wisk broom, etc. LARGE ROOM

709.Various books LARGE ROOM

710.Wind chimes LARGE ROOM

711.1967 Newspapers LARGE ROOM

712.Pressed and pattern glassware LARGE ROOM

713.Vintage tin picnic box 15x10x8 LARGE ROOM

714.Vintage Lady Schick Consolette Hair dryer LARGE ROOM

715.3 Jars LARGE ROOM

716.Wood 3 leg stool LARGE ROOM

717.Nice handmade basket 14 x 13 x 10 LARGE ROOM
718.5 Currier and Ives 19 x 13 pictures Reproductions all UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

719.Framed picture of winter mountains approx. 38 x 24 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

720.New England Clock Company Liberty bell clock battery 17 x 26 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

721.Bicentennial trash can with lid UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

722.Cast Iron 3 leg 18" to top planter reproduction UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

723.The Fairy Tale picture 27 x 21 reproduction UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

724.Old Covered Bridge picture reproduction 55 x 30 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

725.Framed picture of birds 28 x 21 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

726.The Historical Background of Endicott framed 30 x 22 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

727.Dark pine 3 drawer stand 26 x 18x23 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

728.Framed Washington Crossing Delaware 25x18 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

729.Early blanket chest painted blue 38x19x21 dovetailed UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

730.Dome top trunk 28 x 16 x 17

731.Tin cannister and square box vintage UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

732.York Town Aftershave UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

733.Covered bridge painted on boards 14 x 14 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

734.Haines made into mirror 20x29 UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

735.Paint by numbers paintings UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

736.Pair of Vintage Christmas Candles 34" high UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

737.20 Piece punch set UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

738.Drake hand rubbed spindle back chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

739.Pine framed mirror 35X23 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

740.Pair 7"Liberty bell bookends 1974 SCC UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

741.Iron dresser mirrors reproductions UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

742.Hanging white milk glass shade lamp UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

743.Knotty Pine 2/3 drawer dresser 42x19x34 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

744.10" enamel pail UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

745.Set of 4 One is brand new Nichols & Stone Liberty chairs Each x 4 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

746.Large lot of baskets UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

747.Candles, Calming items UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

748.5 drawer dresser 27 x 15 x 42

749.2 Stenciled bentwood style chairs both UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

750.Leather and suede coat small UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

751.Jessup floral chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1


753.2 Pictures boy and girl UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1


755.Tin pail and cherry container UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

756.Last Supper shadowbox picture 36x18x6 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

757.23" pottery lamp UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

758.6 drawer pine stand 20x12x26 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

759.Picnic basket painted blue UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

760.Square picnic basket UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1


762.Pine Cannonball bed 56x75 complete UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

763.Vintage peacock bedspread UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

764.Cowboy and other hats UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

765.Linen calendars UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

766.Oak chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

767.Vintage 12" toleware trash can UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

768.Pine 1 drawer stand 22 x 16 x 29 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

769.Bicentennial rug UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 1

771.Cranberry shade hanging lamp UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

772.canning jars UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

773.3 braided rugs 29 x 4' Each x 3 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2


775.Vintage purses UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

776.3 Drawer dresser with mirror maple 42x18x35 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

777.Heywood Wakefield bed 56 x76 complete no cover UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

778.Machine done Eagle red and white quilt top UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

779.Heywood Wakefield 1 drawer night stand 21x15x23 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

780.2 Vintage Glolite luminated Cross in box UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

781.Vintage Christmas decorations UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

782.Vintage Corning Christmas tree ornaments 2 boxes UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

783.shiny Brite and miniature Christmas ornaments UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

784.Jewelbrite Vintage Christmas ornaments UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

785.9" oil lamp UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

786.vintage Christmas candle and elf UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

787.Heywood Wakefield Mid century vanity 51x18x5' UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

788.Heywood Wakefield vanity Mid Century stool 20" dia, 17" high UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

789.Commemorative Liberty Hall Alarm clock UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

790.Card table UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

791.Shiny Brite Christmas Ornaments Vintage UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

792.Shiny Brite and other ornaments Vintage UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

793.Alarm clock etc. UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

794.Vintage silk pillow covers UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

795.Heywood Wakefield Mid Century 4 drawer dresser 38x19x39 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

796.Yamaha keyboard PSR-6 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

797.2 vintage purses UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

798.Vintage Christmas ornaments UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

799.Vintage Paul Mfg. Co apron UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

800.Early Christmas ornaments UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

801.Christmas lights bubble and other UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

802.Vintage reindeer and sleigh UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

803.Early hat gloves and scarf UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

804.4 boxes of Avon Cape Cod dessert plates all UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

805.4 Piece pitcher and bowl set pieces UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

806.Heywood Wakefield Mid Century 6 drawer dresser with mirror 58x21x66 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

807.Collectible items UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

808.Pair of marble base cranberry lamp with hand painted shades sold as pair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

809.Susquehanna County Sesquicentennial book UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

810.Heywood Wakefield Mid Century 1 drawer night stand 21x16x23 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

811.Large decorative picture 53 x 28 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

812.13" lamp SEWING ROOM

813.1962 Seattle World Fair poster UPSTAIRS SEWING ROOM

814.German Wild Forrest coo coo clock SEWING ROOM

815.filing cabinet SEWING ROOM

816.Various hand done pictures SEWING ROOM

817.Vintage GE Automatic Elec iron with box SEWING ROOM

818.1 door metal cabinet 18x12x58 SEWING ROOM

819.Box of wooden items, bowl, wheelbarrow bowl etc. SEWING ROOM

820.Pair of Iron Eagle triple candleholders 27" SEWING ROOM

821.Avon and Bean bottles SEWING ROOM

822.Various items SEWING ROOM

823.Vintage metal tray on wheels 24x16x30 SEWING ROOM

824.Milk glass candleholders and vase SEWING ROOM

825.Shot glasses etc. SEWING ROOM

826.Glacier and River park items SEWING ROOM

827.20" Iron Elec light candleholder SEWING ROOM

828.7" Sevierville Pottery Pa vase SEWING ROOM

829.8" Henry McKenna jug SEWING ROOM

830.9" elec. Trivet clock SEWING ROOM

831.Vase, jadeite bowl etc. SEWING ROOM

832.Sad iron SEWING ROOM

833.Vintage covered wagon TV light 13" SEWING ROOM

834.Friendsville Pa 146 Annual picnic July 4, 1976 book SEWING ROOM

835.Small primitive popcorn popper SEWING ROOM

836.Large variety of State and Souvenir plates SEWING ROOM

837.2 10" Sailors SEWING ROOM

838.Decorative box 9x5x2 SEWING ROOM

839.Pine table 54x25x29 SEWING ROOM

840.Sewing items SEWING ROOM

841.Early children's books SEWING ROOM

842.Vintage salt and pepper and more SEWING ROOM

843.Iron plant holders SEWING ROOM

844.Vintage suitcases SEWING ROOM

845.Splint seat chair SEWING ROOM

846.Large lot of Christmas SEWING ROOM

847.Frames SEWING ROOM

848.Freezer boxes SEWING ROOM

849.Old English Manor House and other pottery wall hangers SEWING ROOM

850.Stand painted yellow SEWING ROOM

851.RCA Victor High Fidelity record player vintage 18x19x10 No. G 87251 SEWING ROOM

852.1960's newspapers SEWING ROOM

853.Art Deco 4 drawer dresser 33x17x46 SEWING ROOM

854.Painted pelican on piece of board-KITCHEN
855.Pine wall Shelf BEDROOM 1
856.Apple mechanical bank in box 1970's
857.deer tapestry UPSTAIRS BANNISTER
858.Handmade Raggedy Ann and Andy LARGE LIVING ROOM
859.Assorted glasses in kitchen cabinet
860.2 pictures UPSTAIRS BATHROOM


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