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Item Description
1.Home Interior Wall Decorations Prints & Floral LIVING ROOM

2.Oak In Lay End Table 26x22x22 LIVING ROOM

3.Vintage Mrs Beasley Mattel Doll 20" String pulls but does not talkLIVING ROOM

4.Angelina Porcelain Doll in Box LIVING ROOM

5.Classical Symphony Doll in Box LIVING ROOM

6.Home Interior Style Fan LIVING ROOM

7.Floral Decorations LIVING ROOM

8.Asst Anniversary Knick Knacks Tray Etc LIVING ROOM

9.Corner Curio Cabinet 68x20x26 LIVING ROOM

10.Floor Lamp w/ Shade 55" LIVING ROOM

11.Floral Wall Decoration LIVING ROOM

12.Wall Mirror 14x25 LIVING ROOM

13.Wall Mirror 20x25 LIVING ROOM

14.Throw Pillows LIVING ROOM

15.Maroon Upholstered Chair LIVING ROOM

16.13" Wooden Rocking Horse LIVING ROOM

17.Iron Stone Commode Pot LIVING ROOM

18.John Deere Play Barn LIVING ROOM

19.Tasco Binochulars

20.Airline Transistor Radio LIVING ROOM

21.Vintage Polaroid Camera LIVING ROOM

22.Cranberry Glass Electric Lamp w/ Chimney & Globe 21" LIVING ROOM

23.Vintage Polaroid Camera LIVING ROOM

24.Asst Playing Cards LIVING ROOM

25.4 Farmer & Wife Homco Figurines 8" LIVING ROOM

26.Vintage Bak Prop Manicure Set LIVING ROOM

27.2 Enamel Bed Pans LIVING ROOM

28.Mastercrafters 10" Electric Clok

29.Vintage Erector Set LIVING ROOM

30.Vintage Argus Camera LIVING ROOM

31.Seth Thomas Electric Clock LIVING ROOM

32.Vintage Kodak Instamatic Camera LIVING ROOM

33.Lg Sleigh Bells on Strap LIVING ROOM

34.Brass Style Lamp 26" LIVING ROOM

35.Vintage Keystone 8MM Camera LIVING ROOM

36.Vintage Polaroid Camera LIVING ROOM

37.4 Small Bottles Asst Colors Tallest 3" LIVING ROOM

38.Cast Iron Motorcycle Delivery Boy 2" LIVING ROOM

39.Vintage Flood Lights on Strip in Case LIVING ROOM

40.Vintage Electric Typewriter LIVING ROOM

41.Asst Gift Bags Tissue Paper Cards Etc LIVING ROOM

42.Vintage Ice Cap Steamer Heating Pad Etc LIVING ROOM

43.Vintage Keystone 8MM Projector LIVING ROOM

44.Home Interior Style Wall Decorations LIVING ROOM

45.Girl w/ Dog Statue 15" LIVING ROOM

46.Bassett Hound Statue 8" LIVING ROOM

47.Home Interior Style Wall Decorations LIVING ROOM

48.Asst Candles & Floral Decorations LIVING ROOM

49.Big Foot 4x4 Battery Operated Toy Truck LIVING ROOM

50.Boyd's Bear Stuffed Bear 10" LIVING ROOM

51.Lasko Box Fan LIVING ROOM

52.Vintage Wicker Child's Rocker LIVING ROOM

53.Asst Cookbooks LIVING ROOM

54.Fireplace Tools LIVING ROOM

55.Foot Stool w/ Storage LIVING ROOM

56.Home Interior Style Wall Decorations LIVING ROOM

57.Floor Lamp Table 57" LIVING ROOM

58.Foot Stool Cover Crocheted Table Cover Etc LIVING ROOM

59.Upholstered Swivel Rocker

60.Asst Books LIVING ROOM

61.Home Interior Style Wall Decorations LIVING ROOM

62.Asst Candles & Floral Decorations LIVING ROOM

63.42" Panasonic Flatscreen TV & Magnavox DVD Player LIVING ROOM

64.Entertainment Stand 24x48x17 LIVING ROOM

65.Whirlpool Refrigerator Freezer KITCHEN

66.18" Sanyo Flatscreen TV KITCHEN

67.Asst Glassware S&P Relish Trays KITCHEN

68.Asst Kitchen Items Grater Cutting Board Etc KITCHEN

69.Salt & Pepper Set Planters Bowls Etc KITCHEN

70.Asst Glass Frogs KITCHEN

71.Faberware Coffee Maker Oterizer Blender & Knives KITCHEN

72.2 Shelves Cups Glasses Etc KITCHEN

73.Asst Silverware & Kitchen Utensils KITCHEN

74.Asst Wooden Kitchen Knick Knacks KITCHEN

75.Asst CD's KITCHEN

76.2 Shelves of Asst Dishes Cups Etc KITCHEN

77.Pyrex Mixing Bowls KITCHEN

78.Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowl KITCHEN

79.Vinatge Ice Pick Cookie Cutters Davis Tin Top Etc KITCHEN

80.Makita Light & Drill Batteries AS IS KITCHEN

81.Wooden Spice Rack KITCHEN

82.Box of Artificial flowers

83.Assortment of wicker baskets

84.Wooden folding stool w/ flip up ironing board-wood
85.Decorative thermometer & frog hanging
86.Candle & floral wall decorations

87.Votives & candles

88.Jar & tin of buttons

89.2 Woven sewing baskets

90.3 Wicker baskets

91.2 Homco Farmer & Wife figurines

92.4 Homco Farmer and wife figurines

93.Religious statues Homco

94.45 rpm records

95.2 Denim Days, Boy and girl w/ milkcan and books

96.Denim Days Boy & girl praying

97.2 Denim Days Boy & Girl playing ball

98.Denim Days Boy & girl w/ kittens and apples

99.Denim Days Boy & girl with pig

100.Denim Days Man and Boy with horseshoes

101.Denim Days Boy & girl with foal

102.Denim Days Boy and girl with chicken and goose

103.Denim Days boy and girl on swing

104.Denim Days Boy & girl with vegetables

105.Denim Day Boy and girl hanging wreath

106.Denim Days Boy and girl on teeter totter

107.Denim Days man and girl with birdhouse

108.Denim Days Mand reading to girl

109.Jeasus & children Homco

110.Denim Days girl and boy with calf

111.2 pieces of luggage

112.Games, Boggle puzzle peg and more

113.Humidifier, hot water bottle, etc

114.Toastmaster crock pot

115.Presto cool daddy deep fryer

116.Oreck XL small cannister vac

117.Wooden single headboard with rails

118.Wooden stool 15'x16x12

119.Oreck XL classic vac

120.Wooden stenciled back chair

121.Wooden lift top sewing cabinet 20x16x10

122.Crosley CD recorder

123.Handmade broom

124.2 Boxes of assorted 33 1/3 records. Johnny Cash, The Platters, Frank Parker

125.Asst Metal Vintage Cars Truck Matchbox Tonka Tootsie Etc LIVING ROOM

126.Super Shooter Cookie Press & Crystal Relish Dish LIVING ROOM

127.Potporri Burner Decanter Bud Vases Etc LIVING ROOM

128.Punch Bowl & Cups LIVING ROOM

129.Asst Knick Knacks & Vases LIVING ROOM

130.Asst Blue Glass Item Car Vase Covered Compote Etc LIVING ROOM

131.Blue Glass Santa in a Basket Marble Egg 2 Blue Birds LIVING ROOM

132.Vintage Tin Top Syrup Dispenser LIVING ROOM

133.Asst Glassware Sherbet Dishes Creamer Sugar Etc LIVING ROOM

134.Vintage 9 Sour Cream Glasses & 1 Drink Glass LIVING ROOM

135.Asst Costume Jewelry LIVING ROOM

136.Black & Decker Steamer & Waring Ice Cream Parlor LIVING ROOM

137.GE Mini AM/FM Cassette Recorder & Mecca Car Radio LIVING ROOM

138.3 Currier & Ives Drinking Glasses & 6 Regulard Glasses LIVING ROOM

218.Assorted cassette tapes and 8 track tapes

219.1 drawer over 1 door side stand 24 x 16 x 14

220.Shark Navigator Vac


222.Floor lamp 68"

223.Home Interior style wall decorations


225.Lazy Boy rocker recliner

226.Assorted purses and satchels

227.3 drawer dresser 31x30x14

228.16" Torch lamp

229.Syroco barometer MIDDLE ROOM

230.Cosco step stool WASHROOM

231.2 TV trays WASHROOM

232.Roper washer WASHROOM

233.Roper elec. Dryer WASHROOM

234.Assorted cordless phones, accessories WASHROOM

235.Walnut Empire style dropfront ladies desk 40 x 28x16 WASHROOM

236.Ironing board Swifter mop iron Dust buster WASHROOM

237.4 drawer dresser 44x32x17 WASHROOM

238.aluminum bucket WASHROOM

239.Particle board 3 drawer tand 29 x30x5 WASHROOM

240.Assorted pantyhose WASHROOM

241.Black Widow bowling ball and bag WASHROOM

242.Luggage WASHROOM

243.Large quantity of bed linens, blanket, comforters etc WASHROOM

244.Singer Sewing machine & paper shredder WASHROOM

245.1 door cabinet 49 x 20 x 16 WASHROOM

246.Assorted trophies STAIRWELL

247.Dwight Eisenhower bottle 8" STAIRWELL

248.Home Interior style fan & floral Decorations STAIRWELL

249.Home Interior wall decorations HALLWAY UPSTAIRS

250.Heat Surge electric fireplace 26 x 32 x 11 HALLWAY UPSTAIRS

251.2 door particle board wardrobe 66 x 37 x 24 BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

252.Assorted blankets & sheets assorted sizes BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

253.Tote full of hangers BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

254.Wooden blanket rack 30 x 9 x 24 BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

255.2 door w/ drawer over 3 drawer oak dresser on wheels 50 x 36 x 18 BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

256.Sony new radio BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

257.Home Interior style candles floral decorations ect BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

258.Wooden magazine holder BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

259.1 drawer night stand 23 x 19 x 18 BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

260.Assorted placemats & tableclothes BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

261.Brass style lamp with shade 26" BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

262.KS Sylcon adjustable bed KING BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

263.Wall mirror 43 x 27 BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

264.Home Interior wall decorations BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

265.Assorted Kingsize bed linens, electric blanket, etc BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

266.Assorted misc. items, gloves, shirt, etc BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

267.Wicker trash can & cleaning items BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

268.UTICA king size bedspread BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

269.Size 14 Flower girl/Jr. Bridesmaid dress David's Bridal Michaelangelo BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

270.Yard stick Omnigrid & more office items BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

271..30 M1 ammo box BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

272.Crystal ball BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

273.18" flatscreen Dynex TV BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

274.Vintage lady lamp with shade 27" BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

275.4 boxes of assorted sheets some flannel, some matching BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS


277.King Size Electric blanket & 2 fleece blankets BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

278.On drawer 1 door stand 25x16x14 BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

279.Glass lamp with shade 18' & small elec. Metal lamp 6" BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

280.Strawberry Shortcake Child's rocker BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

281.Box of electronics and electrical cords BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

282.Milkglass hand painted ocmpote, hand done pitcher & bowl, Compote 7", pitcher 8" BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

283.Assorted Homco knic knacs and small tin cup BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

284.Early ink well & pen holder inkwell milkglass base, silver plated BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

285.Jeasus print 8 x 10 BEDROOM 2 UPSTAIRS

286.Home Interior Style wall decorations HALLWAY UPSTAIRS

287.1 drawer side stand 24 x 18 x 14 BEDROOM 3 UPSTAIRS

288.Cherry 2 drawer side stand 28 x 25 x 14 BEDROOM 3 UPSTAIRS

289.3 drawer partical board cabinet 29 x 28 x 15 BEDROOM 3 UPSTAIRS

290.Assorted crocheted table linens BEDROOM 3 UPSTAIRS

291.Full size bed with rails complete BEDROOM 3 UPSTAIRS

292.3 drawer side stand 28 x 26 x 14 BEDROOM 3 UPSTAIRS


294.Wall D�corations Home Interior style BEDROOM 3 UPSTAIRS

295.Assorted curtains & valences some brand new BEDROOM 3 UPSTAIRS

296.2 door large metal wardrobe with wood style doors 66x36x21 BEDROOM 3 UPSTAIRS

297.2 door large metal wardrobe 66x36x21 BEDROOM 3 UPSTAIRS

298.4 drawer painted dreser 33x26x14 BATHROOM UPSTAIRS

299.Assorted bathroom decorations BATH UPSTAIRS

300.Bathroom rugs & shower curtains BATH UPSTAIRS

301.Pick, shovel rake GARAGE

302.Early bamboo rods 1 seaway, approx 3 in all or part GARAGE

303.Early 3 pc Action Rod Model 1400 with Southbenc H 30 reel GARAGE

304.Early fishing rod parts GARAGE

305.Extention cords, trouble light, on wall GARAGE

306.Tub of blankets & curtains GARAGE

307.Feed scoop, etc GARAGE

308.Sears 10/2 amp battery charger GARAGE

309.Die hard 75 am battery charger GARAGE

310.Central Pneunmatic grease gun air GARAGE


312.Personal florescent light GARAGE

313.Fishing stool GARAGE

314.Large metal cabinet on wheels & contents GARAGE

315.Car ramps GARAGE

316.2 boat weights GARAGE

317.Early wooden creeper GARAGE

318.5 gal Master Mechanic wet dry shop vac GARAGE

319.Early boat gas tank GARAGE

320.3 bottle jacks 2 handles GARAGE

321.Bait boxes GARAGE

322.Ealry Large heavy duty floor jack R-Walker Rol-A Car GARAGE

323.4 air tools GARAGE

324.Decorative tiles GARAGE

325.Large early desk light GARAGE

326.3 small chain binders GARAGE

327.Fishing pole, wooden pole fishing net GARAGE

328.Garden nippers, etc GARAGE

329.Contents of cabinet on wall GARAGE

330.2 fishing boxes one with some tackle GARAGE

331.Large set of scales EARLY GARAGE

332.4 Fishing nets GARAGE

333.Misc in corner GARAGE

334.Ice shovel auger GARAGE

335.Mobile antennea GARAGE

336.Lot of assorted garage items, cleaning GARAGE

337.Early tongs GARAGE

338.Fishing lures GARAGE

339.Fishing lures one wooden GARAGE

340.Ice tongs GARAGE

341.Large tackle box with assorted tackle GARAGE

342.Lot of refletors & triangles GARAGE

343.Sears 3.5 hp early boat motor not sure if working GARAGE

344.Antique Wonder Desk GARAGE

345.Briefcase with micrometer, etc GARAGE

346.Large shop vac GARAGE

347.Early Evinrude boat motor Fisherman GARAGE

348.Dremel moto shop scroll saw GARAGE

349.Antique Springer scroll saw on wrought iron base HEAVY GARAGE

350.Aceytlene tank and torches, guage GARAGE

351.Echo chain saw approx 12" bar GARAGE

353.Small Christmas tree GARAGE

354.2 Ceramic knomes GARAGE

355.Partial set of George White dishes Lido pattern GARAGE

356.Tub of candles mirror, etc GARAGE

357.Trowels, knife sharpener, etc GARAGE

358.Box of assorted fishing items GARAGE

359.Jitterbug lures GARAGE

360.Lures GARAGE

361.Box of pyrex GARAGE

362.Early bobber & 3 lures GARAGE

363.Vintage Kids Snoopy fishing pole Zebco GARAGE

364.4 Glass apothecary jars GARAGE

365.Assorted umbrellas vintage & others GARAGE

366.Various early fishing reels, Southbend Advertising box GARAGE

367.Ice Cream advertising ruler GARAGE

368.Skinning knife & pocket knife GARAGE

369.Pflueger Supreme Vintage fishing reel GARAGE

370.Vintage National fishing reel GARAGE

371.Penn #77 fishing reel

372.Penn Jig Master 500S fishing reel with box GARAGE

373.Box of baking pans GARAGE

374.Box of pyrex and baking GARAGE

375.Knic knacs GARAGE

376.B & D hedge trimmers GARAGE

377.Garden tools and cutters GARAGE

378.Tub of plasticware GARAGE

379.Cookbooks etc GARAGE

380.Large tub of Avon, most with boxes GARAGE

381.Plasticware GARAGE

382.Laundry baskets and hangers GARAGE

383.Small GARAGE

384.Mahogany chair GARAGE

385.Crates and dog items GARAGE

386.Large box of Christmas GARAGE

387.Early card table GARAGE

388.Heathcare items, New shower seat, commode, plus bun roller GARAGE

389.Assorted electric kitchen appliances GARAGE

390.2 small copper teapots GARAGE

391.2 boxes of quality pots and pans GARAGE

392.Christmas wreaths & homemade decorative basket GARAGE

393.Kids toys and books GARAGE

394.Kitchen items GARAGE

395.Cookie cutters GARAGE

396.Knife sharpener, cork screw GARAGE

397.Small roaster GARAGE

398.Decorative wire basket stand GARAGE

399.Corningware baking dishes Cornflower blue GARAGE

400.Home Interior planter GARAGE

401.Stoneware bean pot GARAGE

402.Pyrex bakeware GARAGE

403.Pyrex covered dish GARAGE

404.Milkglass rooter covered dish GARAGE

405.2 Strawberry pie plates, pastry mat GARAGE

406.Vintage plastic Santa claus approx 18" GARAGE

407.Milkglass chicken on nest GARAGE

408.Welch's Road Runner jelly jar GARAGE

409.Vintage plastic santa decoration elec GARAGE

410.2 boxes of Corelleware GARAGE

411.Place mats GARAGE

412.Contents of wall NOT LADDER GARAGE

413.Wall of Butterflies, etc PORCH

414.Glider & plastic table PORCH

415.3 small porch tables & trash can PORCH

416.Iron Wagon wheel very heavy

417.Iron Wagon wheel very heavy

418.Box of Avon Box A PORCH

419.Basket of artifical flowers PORCH

420.Box of Avon BOX B PORCH

421.Box of Avon BOX C PORCH

422.Box of Avon BOX D PORCH

423.Box of Avon BOX E PORCH

424.Box of Avon BOX F PORCH

425.Box of Avon BOX G PORCH

426.Box of Avon BOX H PORCH

427.Box of Avon BOX I PORCH

481.Sony radio GARAGE

482.Lincoln 225 Amp arc welder GARAGE

483.Qty tarps GARAGE

484.2 large 1 small Christmas treees with lights GARAGE

485.Lawn mower lift IN BOX GARAGE

486.Vintage Rocking chair Needs TLC GARAGE

487.Box of assorted purses GARAGE

488.3 Lawn chairs GARAGE

489.Assorted Mens and ladies shoes GARAGE

490.Tote of blankets and doilies GARAGE

491.Wooden drying rack GARAGE

492.Approx 10 wooden folding chairs All GARAGE

493.2 Totes of Christmas GARAGE

494.Assorted coolers GARAGE

495.Lanterns & paint brushes GARAGE

496.Wedgewood dish, etc GARAGE

497.Wrought iron items GARAGE

498.Vintage kitchen utensils GARAGE

499.Monkey doll GARAGE

500.Tote of Christmas GARAGE

501.Vintage Christmas lantern plastic GARAGE

502.Gnomes & wooden garden items GARAGE

503.Kendall grease GARAGE

504.Tackle box GARAGE

505.Assorted flashlights GARAGE

506.Glass light globe GARAGE

507.Tote of plastic items GARAGE

508.Rolling stool GARAGE

509.Gas can GARAGE

510.Ropes & wheels GARAGE

511.U bolts GARAGE

512.Planter GARAGE

513.3 hand saws GARAGE

514.Coleman chairs in case GARAGE

515.Advertising tins, Prince Albert, Esso Oil, Wolf's GARAGE

516.2 boxes of Holiday decorations GARAGE

517.Realistic stereo GARAGE

518.Assorted clamps GARAGE

519.Tool box with contents GARAGE


521.Jumper Cables GARAGE

522.2 furniture clamps GARAGE

523.2 B & D 1/2" drills GARAGE


525.Sunbeam grill Mico Charcoal grill GARAGE

526.2 Small ironing boards GARAGE

527.Screw remover, drill bits, etc GARAGE

528.24 V sander GARAGE

529.3 hand drills GARAGE

530.Soldering tools GARAGE

531.6" Orbital sander, smaller sander GARAGE

532.2 clamps GARAGE

533.Kenmore appliance GARAGE

534.Mallets welding rod, etc GARAGE

535.Multimeter level hitch, etc GARAGE

536.Assorted grippers GARAGE

537.B & D jig saw, drill, etc GARAGE

538.Draw tite hitch GARAGE

539.Adj. filter wrench GARAGE

540.2 Stanley planes GARAGE

541.Assorted chisels GARAGE

542.Fluting iron, Geneva IL GARAGE

543.Assorted sad irons with trivet GARAGE

544.2 Barrels with lids GARAGE

545.Glass plate 22 x 24 GARAGE

546.Wire table no top GARAGE

547.Vintage wooden car ramps GARAGE

548.Assorted vintage thermos's & cases GARAGE

549.Wire spool with wire GARAGE

550.Tool box with assorted grinder brushes GARAGE

551.Tony The Tiger Tin tray GARAGE

552.Welding cables GARAGE

553.Vintage cell phone wide load banner GARAGE

554.Halogen light GARAGE

555.Stereo cassette adapter, totes, boot covers, microphone, etc GARAGE

556.Assorted hand tools GARAGE

557.Langley reel & Penn Reel GARAGE

558.Adhesive plaster tin & Fishing license pin GARAGE

559.Belt buckle, watches, etc GARAGE

560.Ball canning jar oil dispenser GARAGE

561.calipers GARAGE

562.Snowbuster 220 GARAGE

563.Tushy Cushions Horns, seats for boat GARAGE

564.4 metal storage boxes GARAGE

565.Large bench vice GARAGE

566.2 Tool organizers and contents GARAGE

567.Contents of tool box, etc GARAGE

568.Baseboard elec. Heater GARAGE

569.Contents of basket GARAGE

570.Contents under table GARAGE

571.Outlet covers, jar tin, etc electrical boxes GARAGE

572.Air temp Air conditioner GARAGE

573.Whirlpool air conditioner GARAGE

574.Black Hawk tool box with large sockets GARAGE

575.Shop craft jointer/planer 4 1/8" GARAGE

576.Tool box Dunlap with contents GARAGE

577.2 moving dollies GARAGE

578.Power painter wax master, brushes GARAGE

579.Malibu Metal landscape lighting GARAGE

580.Contents of cabinet GARAGE

581.Napa & Fram air filters GARAGE

582.Mineral sifter GARAGE

583.Glidden 2 in 1 paint GARAGE

584.2 moving dollies, hand carts GARAGE

585.Help along table GARAGE

586.Welding helmet GARAGE

587.Reese Insta hitch GARAGE

588.Rockwell micro adj dado & craftsman tool GARAGE

589.Radial saw guard retro fit kit GARAGE

590.Contents of filing cabinet tools GARAGE

591.Instamatiac Insta awning GARAGE

592.5th wheel hitch GARAGE

593.Contents of crate, chains, bars, etc GARAGE

594.Simpson Heath kit battery chargers GARAGE

595.Contents of cabinet saws, electronics, etc GARAGE

596.Mac Tools battery charger GARAGE

597.Roto Zip Mod ZM 101 GARAGE

598.Makita planer GARAGE

599.CB radios, battery tester, etc GARAGE

600.Box of wires, electrical cords GARAGE

601.Frog round thermometer-porch


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