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Item Description of 10 Wooden race cars 5"

2.2 matching wood cornicopias

3.Quatity of precision drawing instruments of goblets qty 25

5.Box of glass serving dishes, butter, fish

6.Box of glass plates, tumblers-heavy

7.2 Sets of pewter candlesticks, 2 large Wilton plates, ect

8.Mixed box of dishes Fiesta style, clay, Asian

9.Assorted jewelry Christmas, pins


11.Baseball mit necklace, belt buckle

12.Framed Bible vers, damage lower right

13.3 dolls

14.misc mugs, glasses, Coca Cola bottle

15.Manger scene piecesDepose Italy

16.Cannon 35 mm camera, camo knfe, Navy banner

17.Box knick knacks, Lenox light house, Ducks Unlimited Shot glass

18.Deni meat tenderizer

19.3 mounted antlers

20.2 crocks rowe Pottery works 1990 and crockery canning jar

21.Variety of record vinyl albums George Jones, Monkees

22.Korean Beautiful hand embroidered bedspread single silk

23.2 Fisher Price items ppiano, music box

24.Mid Century wall items fish chalkware

25.New juice contaier

26.Christopher Radko Christmas ornament

27.Kodascope Junior film superior outfit

28.2 New Amcor shower systems

29.Set of 3 pyrec bowls and vases, ect

30.3 serving dishes Amber and green

31.Box assorted caps Advice From

32.Box of early 20th Cent. Photographs

33.Vintage double bottle Metal carrier

34.Early feed bag, Asian shawl

35.Staffordshire Tonquin dishes blue transferware platter, plates, bowls

36.5 demi cups and saucers

37.Splanis block Bidasoa pottery, Holland style candleholder

38.Quantity of protractors varioius sizes

39.3" Wilton vise

40.Campbell's soup set

41.Mixture of Bisque Occupied Japan figurines

42.English bone china cups and saucers 6 Sets in all

43.General Taylor blue bottle and 6 fine green glasses

44.2 Modern Folk Art Style framed cat prints

45.New winter fantasy Holiday Barbie 2003 items

47.2005 Holiday Barbie NIB

48.2006 Holiday Barbie NIB

49.New CD holders

50.Battery operated sprayer, Essentials liquid

51.New Tub tile cleaner

52.3 New Topsy Turvy planters

53.New grater, 2 spagetti grabbers

54.1996 New Holiday Barbie NIB Special Ed

55.Fluffie throw 55 x70

56.3 New CD holders

57.New Prepology mandoline cookie press

59.Globemaster 12' globe

60.Johnson Bros. soup tureen

61.New Spray and Grow plastic bottles and nozzle

62.framed piece, marble cutting board

63.Quantity mouse knick knacks Charming Tails

64.Quantity mouse knick knacks Charming Tails

65.5 small Tonka vehicles

66.Fox pelt

67.Cat carrier

68.Assorte pyrex

69.Large box of Easter decorations

70.2 woooden boxes 8.5x11 one oak , one inlaid top

71.Primitive Stool with woven reed top 12x12x11

72.2 boxes garden tiles/quick edge

73.Large box of Garden utility leaf bags

74.Tote of misc tools, hoses, ect items

76.Box assorted wood items for carving

77.3 canes, crutches

78.Tote of asorted turned wood items

79.Clock, misc box parts for making clocks and more

80.Tote of pegs and assorted wood

81.Assorted wooden items

82.Assorted turned wood pieces

83.Box of tablecloths and rug

84.2 boxes of kitchen items, bowls, napkin holder, cannister, apples

85.Box of Record vinyl albums

86.2 boxes of glass, pyrex, difusser

87.Wood boot jack

88.Box of framed photos, 2 med. Town prints

89.2 boxes of glassware, baskets, pie plates

90.Country wood wall plaque

91.2 boxes of globes and shades

92.Early blue Oriental Rug approx 6'x5'

93.Wood keg

94.Fancy modern metal framed headboard

95.Quantity of glass shelves

96.2 Wood magazine holders

97.Old clock cabinet made into knick shelf approx 15"x24"

98.Girl/cow geese print

99.Early cast iron Toledo Parlor Stove missing legs
100.Wooden cake holder baker

101.Hand turned yo yo


103.Wood Blue Jay whirly gig

104.Woo Scraper hand crafted

105.Wooden light house solar 30"

106.Wood bus

107.Bird feeder

108.Novelty wooden item holder snowman

109.Painted wood light house paper towel holder

110.Wood bird feeder

111.Wood truck bank

112.Chicken whirly gig

113.Hand turned yo yo

114.Wood fire engine, ladders detatch

115.lg wood light house solar 30"

116.Painted wood giraffe bank

117.Wood truck bank

118.heated chip and dip tray

119.Small 8 piece wood train set

120.Wood car bank

121.Painted Novelty pie holder snowman

122.Quantity wood cars 6" painted and natural

123.Thera Clense hydro spa kit

124.Wood car

125.painted bird feeder

126.grater system

127.Wood truck

128.Wood bubble gum machine

129.Wood yo you of wooden cars

131.2 pc semi truck wood

132.Silouette manger scene table top hand crafted

133.Wood bubble gum machine

134.Bird feeder

135.Garden whirly gig farmer and rabbit

136.New money clamp, wallet collection

137.Painted wood cow paper towel holder

138.Wood bird house

139.Wood bird house painted grey

140.Box of wood cars and trucks

141.painted electric light house approx 16"

142.Wood carousel spice table

143.2 new bottles drain cleaner

144.Wood bubble gum machine melted candy

145.Wood painted novelty pie/dish holder

146.3 piece wood tractor, wagon, balor

147.electric painted wood light house approx 8"

148.Painted wood duck/goose paper towel holder

149.New slicer, grater, crinkle cut

150.Box of wood cars and trucks

151.Wood yo yo

152.painted wood airplane bank

153.wood rabbit pull toy

154.2 planters, water alarms, compost video

155.Stack of misc. sized glass shelves

156.wood toy car

157.Blue Jay whirly gig

158.Bird house

159.His/hers painted wood banks rooser, hen of wood cars

161.Painted wood bird feeder

162.Wood glass stenciled elec lantern Religious

163.painted wood elec light house approx 12"

164.I Love you wood/chain plaque

165.Novelty painted wood holder baker

166.3 drawer early painted dresser 3'x17"x2'8"

167.2 misc. skis, one is Olin, wood baseball bats

168.Rolling container, trash can?

169.folding lawn chairs, TV trays

170.Wood bubble gum dispenser melted candy

171.toilet paper holder

172.yo yo

173.painted wood Railroad whirly gig

174.2 pc wood tractor and wagon set

175.Wood truck bank

176.heated dip warmer

177.Quantity of small wood cars

178.His/hers Pig banks 1 pc wood yo yo

180.Wood car

181.6 small Misc. train pieces

182.painted wood elec light house approx 12"

183.Large wood light house solar 30"

184.I Love You plaque

185.Cardinal painted wood whirley gig

186.Unpainted wood bus

187.Elec. Wood lantern with holder

188.Painted wood giraffe bank

189.2 pc wood towel and toilet paper holder

190.Wood bubble gum dispenser melted candy

191.2 painted cardinals on platform

192.lg wood light house solar 30" yo yo

194.2 pc. Wood truck

195.wood glass silhouette lantern holder elec

196.painted wood Railroad whirly gig

197.wood/chain I Love you plaque

198.Wood bird house

199.Novelty pie holder painted baker

200.House and field landscape 2'9" x 1'10"dark

201.Red cardinal whirly no metal post

202.wood/chain I Love you plaque

203.Painted wood platform feeder

204.Wood carosel

205.Phil Austin landscape 3'5"x2'5" not sure if print or painting

206.Wood/glass silhouette lantern with holder elec

207.3 mounted antlers

208.Colonial print 2'x1.6'

209.1997 Holiday Barbie NIB Special Ed

210.White wood yo yo

211.Misc. red dishes

212.3 small prints 2 cat/1 barn Modern Folk Art Style

213.NIB Holiday Barbie 1996 African American

214.Wood truck bank

215.3 mounted antlers

216.2 new screwdriver sets, Rivet strips, door alarm

217.Painted chicken whirly gig

218.wood/chain I Love you plaque

219.painted wood elec light house approx 18"

220.misc. pieces of Robin whirley gigs

221.Novelty painted wood holder snowman

222.Wood, glass stenciled lantern holder elec

223.Mandolin cutting set, 2 silicone baking trays

376.DiPietro soldier porcelain

224.painted wood tug boat bank

377.Vintage Green scales 25 lbs climax family

225.Wood glass stenciled elec lantern

378.Assorted Vintage linens

226.wood car bank

379.Coleman lantern 2 small lanterns

227.painted Rodeo whirly gig

380.Box of Religious items

228.White wood yo yo

381.Box of marble items

229.Box of toy cars

383.2 New Cookie press kits

230.raging rooster whirley gig

384.4 Bowls, Yellow ware, apple dumpling baking

231.unpainted toy car

385.Modern red agate spatterware 8 plates, cannisters

232.2 piece wood semi truck

386.Early Metal cash box

233.painted bird feeder latform

387.Boy Scout canteen and 2 belts

234.painted wood novelty pie holder baker

388.Arrow on pedestal

235.7 piece small wood train

389.Box of 4 Cannon cameras, 1 Nikon all

236.wood bubble gum machine

390.3 mounted antlers

237.painted wood airplane bank

391.3 Canes, walking sticks

238.painted wood Railroad whirly gig

392.Dining room set table, leaves, 4 chairs

239.Mandolin chopper 2 baking tins

393.Sewing machine case only 2'2"x2'7"x1'5"

240.wood car bank

394.Early Mahogany rocker with leather

241.wood carosel

395.Painted red rocker

242.2 piece wood semi truck

396.Walking stick with feathers Native American style

243.small box of small wood cars

397.Top piece to Mid Century hutch

244.painted wood elec light house 18"

398.Ornate mirrored back with gold corners Shadow box 3'8"x2'7"x6" painted cardinal whirley gig

399.Grey office chair on wheels

246.White wood yo yo

400.Large box of plastic ware of wood cars

401.totes and purses

248.Novelty painted wood holder baker

402.2 mounted deer antlers

249.Wood glass stenciled elec lantern

403.Crissy Doll original box

250.wood car

404.Large stock pot

251.Painted wood platform feeder

405.Pruning saw, and scissors

252.Dimensia stereo turntable and assorted electronic pieces

406.Pyrex box

253.Wood chain I Love You plaque

407.Grill frame

254.wood rodeo whirley gig

408.Early Life magazines

255.Electric light house scratched

409.Large tote of plastic misc. toy trucks and cars

410.New Commuter car pack kit organizer

257.Painted wood platform feeder

411.Pyrex box

258.White wood yo yo

412.Box with ice cream elec,lids, etc

259.2 stuck together wood I Love You plaques both

413.Box of crock pots, elec. Skillet

260.Rodeo whirley gig

414.1 drawer wooden knife box

261.set of towel/toilet paper holder

415.4 canes, walking stick

262.Novelty wooden pie holder baker

416.Irobot roomba not sure if works of 3 tarps

418.Proctor Silex toaster

264.Wood carosel tote/cooler

265.Chicken whirly gig

420.Box of tins, some older

266.Wood chain I Love You plaque

421.3 canes

267.toy car wood

422.Box of Japan dinnerware

268.wood glass elec stencled lantern & holder tree

423.Box of assorted vintage linens of wood toy cars

424.Large box of office items

270.Genius NEW cutting system with bowl and lid

425.Misc. door knobs, ect

271.Toy fire truck with detachable ladders

426.Lionel Train magazines

272.Wood chain I Love You plaque

427.AH American hydrolic jack Mod. AH1209

273.Chicken whirly gig

428.Box of Art Books

274.his/hers painted rooster/hen banks


275.2 mounted deer antlers

430.Liquid silver and blue bead Necklace & earrings

276.Box of small wood cars

431.Brass cranks

277.Fisherman whirley gig

432.Cable car curio pin holder

278.wood toy car

279.Wood carosel

434.Assorted pins, Pepsi cap

280.wood toy car

435.Little metal box with pins and stamps

281.approx 12" painted wood elec. Lighthouse

436.Coins Pipher Nesbit bar coins of misc. toy cars

437.Brass mini hammer

283.unpainted bird house

438.Pocket watch of unpainted small toy cars

439.Fancy Silver-plated spoon

285.Travel mug and holders

440.Ornate wood

286.Early Pewter mugs England Leonard, Sheffield

441.Ring, 2 little pitcher, mug

287.Cabbage Patch doll with original box

442.Vintage hard plastic Santa and Mrs. Claus salt and pepper

288.3 Wood canes or crutches hand made

443.Staple gun in case, 2 utility knves, measure tape

289.Early 2 door jelly cupboard 3'x15"x5'10"

444.Box of new hand towels, etc

290.Pine cabinet or entertainment center 2'4"x1'9"x5'2"

445.New knife sharpener

291.Curio cabinet lighted glass shelves

447.4 Early Pewter okates, 3 signed London

292.Hutch lighted large

448.2 monoscopes Balscope 10


449.Asian wok set

294.Techniques Speaker

295.Set of 2 speakers Dimensia

451.Pewter items, goblets, pitchers, creamer, salt peper


452.Nortitake Hawaiian Holidays items

297.1 door Small cupboard 1'2"x1'1"x2'6"

453.4 Emmitt Kelly clown figurines

298.Round mahogany stand 1'3"x2'

454.Musical water globe Religious

299.Oak S Roll top desk

455.Delicate glass hand blown figurines

300.Early Blue Oriental rug 36 x 60

456.Emson holiday water globe Religious

301.Modern oak china cabinet needs front glass

457.2 Steins 1 engraved John glass and pottery

302.curio cabinet needs some glass pieces

458.Musical animated water globe Religious

303.Mahogany leather top lamp table

459.2 Steins 1 cracked handle Dinkelacker Germany

304.Mid Century Head board 8' missing front leg

460.Golden water globe Angel

305.2 handmade canes

461.Creche Bon Ton water globe Religious

306.Clothes tree

462.Glouster Fisherman figure, Mexican pitcher

307.Wood ironing board

463.2 Steins Budweiser and japan-musical

308.Mid Century brass coated and teakwood floor lamp

464.Baseball cards

309.Lane cedar chest 4'x1'7"x1'8" veneered

465.Santa water globe

310.Child's wicker chair

466.Crystal art sculpture globe Chior

311.Wicker end table

467.Assorted knick knacks

312.Walnut arm chair

468.Family Choice winter scene water globe

313.Assorted pillows

469.Wood, coal, brass items

314.Yellow lving room chair

470.Carousel globe

315.Rush seat stool

471.Assorted glassware

316.Wood stool modern

472.Elaborate creche water globe Religious

317.Early Oriental blue rug 38 x 58

473.Tom and Jerry mug

318.Lime chair tufted fan back bedroom chair

474.2 Early botles

319.Raspberry chair short living room

475.Framed light house stamps, 2 gold Thomas Kinkade spoon/holder living room chair

476.Musical Nativity water globe

321.Early Oriental rug blue 30 x 54

477.Assorted glasses and vases

322.walnut smoking copper lined 1 door humidor near base1'5"x1'x2'2"

478.Plate snack tray, plate buter dish, deviled egg dish

323.Victorian walnut Cameo back settee 5'

479.NFL lghter in orig box, D-Day Commem lighters

324.Rooster flag handmade

480.Emmett Kelly figurine with broom 8"

325.Universal roof rack for vehicle turbo rack

481.Emmett Kelly figurine No Swimming 9"

326.Eathrwise 2 in 1 NEW elec pole chain saw

482.Emmett Kelly figurine with balloons 9"

327.Box of chains for chain saw

483.Emmett Kelly figurine Fisherman 8"

328.Misc. quilt pieces, applique, ect

484.Emmett kelly figurine golfer 8"

329.Modern bronze looking pedestal bowl

485.11" heavy Emmitt Kelly bust of pictures Indian child, Athletes, ect wood nickels

486.John Wayne palte and holder & figurine of fuller cleaning NEW

487.Gold Trimmed dishes, teapot

332.Ornate lamp 2'10" dolphin head feet needs cord

488.Table linens

333.3 6 channel citizen band transceivers

489.2 pieces South Western weaving

334.3 trays 2 Coca Cola

490.3 windows 2x1-6


491.Combination window

336.2 Panes of window glass

492.Iron butterfly and albums

337.Doll with stand and bunny

493.splint basket with wisk broom

338.Sara doll

494.2 bowls 1 Watt, Yellowware

339.Nativity Manger only 1'8x1'

495.Porcelain floral Capodimonte may find chip

340.Creche Nativity figurines Italy

496.United We Stand 9/11/2001 modern stoneware jar

341.Chalk Jesus

497.2 Brass coated lamps

342.Modern bronze coloring base lamp 24"

498.Large kneehole desk 52x24x42

343.Brown canning Crock chips

499.Early doll carriage damage right handle

344.Vinyl record albums Musicals, Bands

500.vinyl record albums Kenny Rogers, ect

345.Replacement part for ladder

501.3 Canes, walking sticks

346.white/red enamel perculator missing glass piece

502.Lone canoe like reed



348.Egg poach, fry/silverstone pan

504.Child's rocker

349.vintage children's books

505.Pitcher & bowl stand 17x53x17 damage right handle

350.Silver tone platter, crumber, carving knife

506.Electric lift chair

351.3 plaques of mounted antlers

507.2 Victorian cameo back needlepoint seat occasional side chairs Each x 2

352.Misc. decorations bell, iron modern snowman doorstop

508.large box of canes and walking sticks, hand made laquered

353.2 glass/frosted globes

509.Box of 3 mounted antlers

354.wick scissors of misc. Christmas figures and cups, etc

355.Blue gold tureen Italy

511.Thomas Kinkaide lightouse print 16 x 14

356.Marion Yu collectible porcelain doll

512.Thomas Kinkaide Cross on rock print 16 x 14

357.Decorative bird cage

513.Eteched 13" glass bowl and candlesticks Fostoria

358.Assorted items cap gun, horseshoe, mini sad iron, mouth organ

514.3 items 2 brass, silver-plated, ect battery operated clock

515.6 Figurines B2886 Miss Laureen, B2886 Miss Grace

360.K cup carafe

516.Floral/porcelian base lamp 24"

361.clear plastic punch server

517.Bowl pitcher modern

362.Hubley flintlock gun replica

518.Large Landscape 27 x 25 Watercolor signed Schwartz

363.transistor radio

519.Matched 12 days of Christmas glasses

364.Box of Here caps

520.Old sections of New Magazines/papers

365.2 trays, glass/brass bowl

521.3 canes

366.The Educator T1-15 overhead calculator

522.Assorted dishes, stein, vase, pitcher

367.Cast Aluminum Wagner Magnalite 4248-m pot/lid

523.2 French prints Moulin Rouge copies

368.Box of assorted cookie press, grater, paper towel holders

524.2 Framed photos

369.Easy Einstein Balloons NEW

525.Walnut Framed News of Soldier's Death print 27 x 21

370.Tower Viewer in original case

526.Rogers Oneida plate silverware flatware in case

371.New 4 way remote control micro car & inner tube

527.Emmitt Kelly clown at piano music box

372.2 porcelain dolls with stand

528.3 thomas Kincade plates and holder

373.Proctor Silex coffee maker

529.12 Goblets etched 8"

374.2 Needlepoint pillows

530.12 Goblets etched 6"

375.Crocheted bedspread

531.12 Goblets etched 5"

382.Green metal cash box

532.Art Pottery Blue pottery lamp base is 8"

417.New and used scarves

533.Art Pottery Green pottery vase 8"

446.Pitcher and bowl set Homer Laughlin may find some damage

534.Glennon's brewery Pittston bottle

535.JA Bickert Shenandoah Pa bottle

536.Blue pottery Rookwood 2139 5"

537.Autolite small miner's lantern light

538.Pottery vase 7" Carillo china, USA

539.Brass lamp

540.Florentine Italy ash tray

541.Chocolate pot

542.Early cracker jar fancy

543.2 Angel Willow Tree figurines both

544.Art Pottery unsigned McCoy Hanging planter

545.26" Porcelain lamp

546.Camp set

547.Irish items

548.Lenox vase 8"

549.Glass vase 5"

550.Mid Century egg cups, bake lite handle utensils

551.Window 33 x 54 of wood items

553.Box of assorted glassware honey pot, strainer, ect

554.3 covered dishes dresser jars

555.tin kitchen items

556.Nautilus silver plated dishes

557.little cat cupboard, Child's stool

558.2 Rag doll clowns

559.4 plates, 1 New Milford Commem.

560.2 Umbrellas Vintage

561.Pink Depression

562.Hand painted porcelain

563.Early Child's toys

564.Seashells, etc

565.Muller print, framed landscape picture both

566.Quantity of glassware

567.Early silverware

568.Early baby clothing items

569.Gold trimmed dinnerware pieces

570.Child's wood swing & small towel rack

571.Art Deco Covered dish with stand

572.Early Art wold wood carving kits


574.Early Advertisings

575.Doll in wood cardle

576.Misc. hand work

577.Lot of thread, crochet, etc

578.Feather hats and scarves

579.Wicker repair supplies

580.Imauri style MI Italy purple swirl dish

581.Quantity of knick knacks

582.Prentice Hall math overhead Manipulative kit

583.2 large clock faces

584.Shark light, Easy steam op black tote with cup holders

586.lighthouse print framed 19 x 21

587.2 Comforters

588.Mid Century Christmas

589.Garden arch rolling cart

590.Vinyl record albums Herb Albert, Santana

591.Framed needlework 14 x 17

592.4 canes

593.Swing, umbrella covers

594.purse scarf, tablecloth fabric

595.crochet panels

596.Red wood blanket

597.Box assorted tools, etc

598.Box of assorted Easter

599.6 vinyl record albums Stella, arker

600.Tarp, tent stakes

601.5 Vinyl record albums Crosby, Comedy

602.Assorted silverware

603.boyd's bear, Berry wreath

604.Afghan, cottage craft handwoven 100% wool

605.Assorted linens

606.Box of dolls

607.Box of dolls and stuffed animals

608.Box of various lamps

609.Cardboard 3 drawer cupboard with assorted sewing

610.Box of dolls

611.Cherub bird feeder dolls, stuffed animals

613.Vinyl record albums Johnny Cash

614.Box of assorted old Newspapers and pictures

615.Chenille bedspread, hand stitched quilt

616.Assorted art material

617.Assorted fabrics and laces

618.Shark cordless sweeper battery crecharg

619.2 new flags small

620.4 Mid Century chair cushions

621.Nativity scene water globe

622.Standle blue candleholders

623.4 Thomas Kinkade music box light houses Each x 4

624.2 pair of early earring pearl and cameo

625.pair silver tone hoop earrings

626.silver tone chain necklace

627.silver tone clip shoe or scarf

628.Liberty Bell, Spirit of 1976 pendants

629.Old Slaymaker lock with key made in USA

630.Endura made in Japan wind up travel clock


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