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Jewelry, Coins, Mid Century Pottery, Antiques, Collectibles ONLINE Auction - Ends Thursday July 23 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.early tin cash box (small dent)

2.pottery based mid century lamp with shade 20" needs cord

3.4 mid century pottery planters, California etc.

4.lot of asst. dishes, vases, etc

5.35 pieces of Stetson dishes, plates,bowls,cups,saucers

6.large lot of asst. glassware, punchbowl,vases,pyrex lids

7.modern hanging light

8.sequined shirt and ladies scarves of antique automobile magazines from the 70's

10.large box of milk glass, lamp, planters, vases of magnets etc. of wooden items, cheese cutter, bowl, etc.

13.pair of Canadian flyer boys ice skates, Size 13J

14.11 bottle openers, Riheingold,Colt, etc.

15.pair of unsigned mid century planters, 4.5"

16.12 Rheingold bottle openers

17.7" pottery owl planter

18.large box of asst. wooden items

19.large lot of various style and size baskets

20.2 9x7" angel pictures

21.various small collectable wooden items

22.2 pottery pipes, 1 Relpo 6" and other

23.unsigned pottery cracker jar, English riding scene 5"

24.3 small handmade tissue holders

25.small grooming set in box

26.2 studio pottery pieces, 4" pitcher and 4.5" square dish

27.vintage Avon bath set,(some empty), PA Dutch

28.vintage pottery unsigned 9" double handled vase deco bedroom lamp 11", clear, needs cord of knickknacks and figurines

31.12" wooden hippo, missing 1 tooth of knickknacks, rabbits, vases, etc

33.push button tin Christmas tree toy

34.vintage capri automatic hair curler, Pink

35.hamster and mouse cage

36.waddle adjustable picture frame clamp #655

37.3 mid century pottery vases, USA rose bowl etc

38.11" 1 country Pewter plate, York, Metal crafters pill box, gold rim ash trays, etc

40.2 Italian pottery pieces, candle holder and dipper

41.stein with a summons bell

42.4 pieces of mid century pottery pieces, planters, tea pot

43.Haeger planter 16x4x3.5"

44.iron shoe lapse of asst. books

46.basket of popsicle sticks

47.shoe lapse with 10 molds some signed

48.folding leg sewing table 22x36"

49.small wall what not shelf 10x19"

50.various items on wall, clocks, mugs, patches or stickers

51.child's table 26x22x25"

52.crystal club beverages crate 18x13x5"

53.foot locker 30x17x13"

54.primitive table, 3 board top, oak legs, 41x29x29"

55.advertising smalls,rulers, thermometer, etc

56.vintage canvas bag as is

58.vintage 1960's Ken Doll

59.large box of various paper advertisings

60.large box of various paper advertisings

61.4 1950's 14x11" regal scope Movie advertisings Each x 4

62.11 1950's 20th century fox advertisings, each x 11

63.1940's Wind-p Celluloid Santa clause reindeer (as is) and sled, made in occupied Japan, no key

64.1989 mint set,1988 proof set

65.Buffalo head Nickel folder partially complete

66.1909 folder Lincoln pennies partial

67.1941 folder Lincoln pennies Nearly all full

68.2 gold filled Elgin watches, 1 pocket & 1 wrist; 24391754 case wadsworth 20k gold filled 5454166

69.18th century Bone & Silver perfume 5"

70.9 1960's 20th century fox movie advertising papers 14x11" each x 9

71.24 early movie posters different sized Each x 24

72.2000 and 2001 mint proof sets; each x 2

73.1976 First issue Uncirculated 2 dollar bill

74.(2) 1954 Canadian 2 dollar bills Each x 2

75.5 1950's movie posters 14x22" Each x 5

76.Ship print copywrite 1943 Swewart McCormack 20.5x15"

77.1920's Double dot 5 cent Pepsi Syrup 5 gallon tin 16" diameter and 17" high

78.15 early movie posters each x 15, 14x11.5"

79.antique post card, album-filled

80.1940's and 50's scrap and card album

81.2 1993 mint proof sets each x 2

82.4 1957 and 1957 A series Silver certificates Each x 4

83.1953 A series red seal 2 dollar bills Each x 2

84.2 proof sets 1978 each x 2

85.2 1990 and 1992 proof sets each x 2

86.2 1983 proof sets each x 2

87.2 1977 US proof sets each x 2

88.3 1982 proof sets each x 3

89.1991 & 1992 proof sets Each x 2

90.1978 & 1981 proof sets each x2

91.1990 & 1991 proof sets each x 2

92.1988 & 1985 proof sets each x2

93.2 1989 proof sets each x2

94.asst. group of tins

95.wooden folding legs and an accordion to a roll top

96.LARGE vintage counter 16.6'x27'x34' (bring supplies for removal) of chalk ware decorations

98.cake savers and carving board of misc. glassware

100.2 modern ceiling lights used of asst. glassware

102.3 mirrors; various sizes

103.4 framed posters, City, art gallery, NY Jets

104.Vintage metal shoe mold

105.set of tail lights for vehicle of knickknacks and collectables

107.vintage basket and hat box

108.3 pair of men's red wing shoes and boots size 9

109.spotlight and 2 thermos'

110.various games and puzzles shelf, vintage tape dispenser, etc

112.Wizard red globe barn lantern 11.5" tall

113.early barn lantern 13"

114.Blue decorated stone ware croc, crack, Evan Jones Pittston, PA 2

115.Vintage aluminum bun holder, Mirror

116.3 boxes of Winchester 12 ga 7 shot; each x 3

117.3 boxes of 12ga shells, not full boxes

118.Plano ammo box and 8 308 win. Shells

119.8" amber decorative mug

120.Ertl 1/18 1970 mustang tire off

121.early tin wind up toy car with key 10x4"

122.Vintage tonka jeep with plow as is 11"

123.mid century glass ball hanging light

124.modern ceiling light hanging candle holder

126.early box full of asst. post cards

127.Pioneer stereo receiver model SX-450

128.mid century Morse solid state turntable and radio system in case31x16x27"

129.VHS movies

130.organizers and shelf holders

131.winter print, Robert Wesson framed approx., 31x19"

132.cassette tapes

133.Lasko box fan

134.Apartment sized lady Kenmore dryer (not sure if working) 24x31x32"

135.asst. caricature pictures

136.mirror and picture on wall

137.metal 1 drawer/2door kitchen stand 24x18x36"

138.12 panel window

139.large lot of books and magazines

140.asst. pottery and mugs tank stand 30x13x30"

142.2 vintage fruit crates each x2 items

144.vintage chrome leg metal tray highchair

145.vintage desk light

146.child's single bank desk 30x19x28"

147.mid century mesh back metal leg chair

148.cassette recorder and battery charger

149.large lot of various linens

150.large lot of children's books case (books not included) 30x9x48"

152.3 vintage suitcases

153.lock box with key

154.revere coffee pot, dent

155.Michael Jackson book


157.porcelain and other bath fixtures

158.clocks and scales express plastic toy state train

160.vintage 3 tiered store display (metal) 55x30x48"

161.2 mid centry metal wall shelves

162.2 boxes of assorted records

163.set of St. Regis japan dishes

164.Fisher price barn

165.2 boxes of crayons

166.small fountain pump

167.2 climax grinders

168.Primitive wooden mallet

169.2 vintage Mattel jack in the box's (will not pop)

170.Mini liquor bottles

171.2 McDonald's batman glasses

172.Vintage metal coffee pot as is

173.small enamel plate and 2 advertising tins

174.small roaster, enamel pan, copper tea pot as is

175.vintage baby shoes

176.18 pieces of Corelle by Corning

177.Hemingray clear insulator of early bottles

179.early pot, meat tenderizer, flipper etc

180.Iroquois casual china by Russel Wright butter plate

181.Griswold #3 grinder

182.asst. bottles

183.6" cast iron fry pan of early canning jars, blue and clear

185.fisherprice, v-tech toys

186.Large box of blue and pink plastic knives

187.plastic Christmas tree stand

188.wooden box with decorative items

189.vintage kitchen and tools

190.Dirt devil

191.Box of records

192.Modern print of boat, 16x14"

193.mid century California pottery fluted edge bowl 9in dia.

194.3 pipes

195.2 mid centry wall decoration,1 wall pocket

196.4 early bottles, Dr. Miles etc

197.early iron hook and metal holder

198.Trenton Falls hand colored photograph, Charles Hurmtu 11x9"

199.Vintage basket and 3 brooms of pottery items as is

201.set of 4 buffalo china cups and saucers

202.Early iron tripod stand; Knokout

203.4 collectable plates of mid centry pottery, planters and more of mid centry pottery, planters and more of variety smalls, door knob, hardware etc

207.vintage picnic box, metal as is

208.Lightbulb and more

209.asst. furniture hardware

210.child's small basketball hoop w/ ball and paddle

211.vintage metal tier store shelf unit 6'x32"x48"

212.mid century chrome leg table, 4 chairs, w/ leaf

213.Our Beer bag of asst. wooden items

215.walnut 31" corner hanging knickknack shelf

216.vintage Harmony Master 6 string guitar with case

217.modern chrome and black stand24x16x26"

218.vintage starter NY Mets Jacket Size Large

219.metal wall knickknack shelf and candle holders decorated stone ware 3 gallon jug ; J Hart and Son Sherburne// with damage

221.sterling gold overlay 20" necklace

222.Victorian sterling toothpick in case

223.smokey 1.5" stone in marked .925 setting pendant

224.sterling masonic tie clip

225.3 sterling setting rings with various stones approx. size 6 and 7

226.ladies sterling ring pink center stone surrounded by clear crystal stones size 6

227.early charm bracelet (roman Motif) 7.5"

228.Foreign coin charm bracelet 7.5"

229.ladies black oval cav. Stone ring with black accents in sterling setting size 8

230.sterling ladies size 8.5 modern ring

231.sterling setting with large faux pearl size 8

232.vintage pen set

233.vintage grand prix blue stone cufflinks original box

234.sterling silver family necklace

235.sterling setting multi colored stone band ring size 6

236.sterling ring with large oval clear center stone surrounded by accents size 6

237.sterling onyx ring size 9.5

238.3 early cameos

239.early crackerjack premiums

240.5 earl rhinestone pins

241.Esso keychain fob Premium

242.Waterbury buttons

243.Sterling setting cluster ring size 7

244.sterling silver mother child heart necklace

245.1/10 CT TW diamond; mothers love necklace

246.sterling silver peace and angel necklace; each x2

247.Vintage 4.5" cross in early case; amber stones, missing one (unmarked)

248.sterling bangle bracelet inlaid

249.south west sterling cuff bracelet

250.sterling and black faux pearl triple strand necklace

251.Victorian whiting + Davis mesh purse (hinge broke)

252.3 vintage jeweled pins

253.2 sets of decorative ceramic trivets

254.2 candy jars and wire hanging basket

255.6 wooden plate

256.iron handle for hanging pot 17"

257.3 early tin cookie cutters

258.10" metal cream can as is

259.west bend cookie jar no lid and pottery pan

260.2 vintage sifters

261.2 vintage aprons

262.early Coby Christmas bulbs and ornament hangers

263.Dietz 13" clear globe barn lantern

264.early tonka dump truck 14"

265.tonka crawler as is 13"

266.early structo flat bed truck 16" of candle holders and more

268.bags and boxes

269.early movie tin holders

270.ceramic paintable eggs of hangers

272.metal Coca-Cola and Christmas trays 13" with iron hair dryer etc

274.various tools

275.surprise box with print, metal trays, etc

276.chalk board "special" 24x36"

277.3 vintage men's and women's hats

278.wooden advertising cigar boxes and more

279.vintage hats, purse

280.inlaid top box some missing 12x8x4"

281.asst. vintage linens

282.asst. vintage linens

283.4 studio pottery mugs

284.carved inlaid top box with sewing 7x5x3" coasters

286.2 wooden cigar boxes

287.sturdy dog food feed bag

288.primitive slicer 18x6" of mid century pottery planters and vases, some as is

290.various oriental items

291.silver plated goblets and more

292.3 McCoy smiley face mugs

293.3 pieces of mid century silverware tea and toast set in original box; orchard crystal

295.vintage kitchen items

296.asst. lamp and shades

297.2 early outdoor wall sconces

298.wooden tapered display shelf 50x24x54"

299.large lot of prints

300.flat top trunk 34x19x22"

301.vintage Nylint gravel mover 31"

302.structo truck and part of another; 14"

303.antique metal double advertising sign Jacques Seeds Dealer 24x24"

304.tub of ceiling lamps and shades

305.slim fold door 2'x6.8' panels

306.2 natural colored bluebird sliding doors each x2 24"x6.8'

307.3 sets of bifold doors various sizes

308.4 modern oak kitchen chairs

309.tub of various ash trays

310.3 projector screens of asst. frames and prints manuals

313.vintage block and tackle

314.2 croc lids

315.vintage cake saver

316.tails from the carrot patch books

317.tasco microscope with accessories

318.2 early pottery creamers

319.old Monopoly game pieces

320.small vintage corn popper

321.3 pieces of Pyrex

322.Hamilton beach vintage mixer

323.D.&H. RR early water can

324.finepix 3800 camera

325.2 4" collectable cars

326.pear shaped weight

327.early calendar plates

328.Vintage Avon Ming lamp back oil

329.5 collectable 6.5" plates

330.laundry basket full of cook books of vintage lamps

332.various pans

333.mid century round stand made in Canada; 14.5" diameter 17" tall

334.mid century tapered leg large arm chair poster 13"x20"

336.floor lamp

337.wicker cube with linens 16"x17"x17"

338.hall tree (needs hangers) 62" of tools

340.early box of depressed newspaper 1924

341.early 1 drawer stand as is with extra drawer 35x17x31" painting on canvas signed Patrick 23x19"

343.foreign painting on canvas not signed

344.southwestern style choker necklace modern clasp signed sterling

345.sterling chain and pendant 16" (13 grams)

346.sterling Victorian style marcasite pin

347.sterling chain and locket (11.25 grams) 24"

348.Marked 14k Italy gold chain 22" (9.3 grams)

349.Sterling chain and heart pendant 16" (13 grams)

350.sterling necklace 30" (49 grams)

351.Sterling necklace 28" (27 grams

352.Sterling earrings

353.Franklin mint sterling coin

354.Vintage marbleized bangle bracelet

355.sterling amethyst bracelet 8" (14 grams)

356.heart pendant necklace 26" (27 grams)

357.4 sterling rings

358.elephant sterling necklace 24" (9 grams)

359.sterling cross necklace 24" (20 grams)

360.Victorian sterling and marcasite ring size 5

361.3 sterling rings

362.sterling chain and pendant 24" (23 grams)

363.sterling heart pendant

364.sterling hook, purple glass stones mid century

365.sterling watch band

366.3 sterling spoons (53 grams)

367.Sterling chain 18" (17 grams)

368.Sterling watch pendant

369.4 wooden nickels

370.Sterling setting gold wash modern ring size 8

371.sterling pendant (19 grams)

372.Heavy sterling cufflinks (23 grams)

373.Dolphin sterling bracelet 7" (10 grams)

374.Diamond cut sterling w/ amethyst 18" (5 grams)

375.Sterling grams 22" (19 grams)

376.18 chains sterling (67 grams)

377.lot of 8 charm bracelets

378.mid century marble top coffee table 58"x19x16"

379.Chevron oil can 13"

380.early Mobil freezone 14" can

381.30" knickknack shelf with hangers

382.plastic advertising sign SHINDAIWA 25x21" of early Indian stones

384.early stamps

385.various foreign currency

386.early paper products

387.Ventriloquist 24" horseman doll

388.antique wall mount brass fire extinguisher 14"

389.early 8" pulley

390.pair of barn door rollers

391.lot of 5 various wood chairs

392.vintage chrome leg barstool with back 31"

393.25" gold penner lamp

394.18" metal tea pot style lamp deco beautician station

396.vintage champion wooden baby push runner sled

397.mid century child's desk chair 11"


399.metal stand and small fish tank holder of asst. pressed glass

401.peacock box full of small knickknacks

402.wooden box of early tools

403.large box of metal Christmas tree ornaments

404.2 prints on wall

405.asst. shelving

406.vintage metal Thayer baby carriage

407.modern mountain picture 27"x23"

408.modern picture 29x29"

409.2 roll around kitchen arm chairs

410.metal base floor lamp

411.T back chair

412.brass try 20x11"

413.water color of a country home 15x12"

414.large lot of asst. china and dinnerware

415.carved print block 22x16"

416.paper log maker

417.asst. blue willow and various dishes

418.hand made horse tire swing

419.2 Charles chips and Charles cookies advertising tins

420.lot of animal prints

421.6 10.5" Syracuse china Churchill plates

422.slicer 15x5"

423.4 mid century pottery planters

424.No. 6 wool brush

425.gaf colt 84 super 8 zoom movie camera

426.lot of creamer, sugars etc.

427.lot of dinnerware of pressed and patterned dished

429.early pottery 2 handled cookie jar no lid 6"

430.various silver plate, brass, copper items


432.Easter items

433.set of 6 glasses

434.set of 10 early peanut butter glasses of oriental items

436.iron decorative planter 6"

437.lot of cups and saucers

438.forest green glassware

439.pottery planters and cup

440.2 studio potter bowls

441.various miniatures

442.asst. blue transferware dishes

443.4 pieces of relpo

444.15" wooden truck of plate holders

446.3 pieces of red transferware as is

447.6 pieces of various pottery items

448.wooden southwestern steer head

449.5 McDonald's fireman mugs

450.lot of green glassware of small pottery and porcelain items some as is

452.embossed lamp shade

453.5" early Walt Disney dish

454.early bottle of Peter's Beer

455.quantity of pressed and patterned glassware of smalls

457.mid century 3 piece swirl dishes Gilner California

458.API pottery 4" dog planter

459.Norleans Italy 5" green vase

460.heavy lead France ashtray

461.welches tom & jerry glass

462.welches tom & jerry glass

463.welches tom & jerry glass

464.welches tom & jerry glass

465.welches Looney Tunes glass

466.welches tom & jerry glass

467.welches tom & jerry glass

468.3 white glass lamp shades

469.oriental style dishes

470.various lamp shades glass and cloth

471.5" pottery milk pitcher

472.Cupcake shaped pottery tea pot 5" chips on spout

473.mid century pottery red and white planter unsigned 12x4x3.5"

474.silver plated candle holders

475.wooden truck 17" long

476.6 ruby glasses

477.12 pieces of royal mail Staffordshire England dishes deco metal creamer and sugar

479.early pottery bowl 10"

480.Berlin Coca Cola bottle

481.2 mid century planters, dragon has crack of small knickknacks pot with aluminum cover

484.stangl Granada gold 4.5" vase

485.3 wooden decorative wooden wall plates

486.Lowenbrau stoneware made in Germany mug

487.piels coasters and bottle opener

488.unsigned mid century pottery center planter 12x5x2.5"

489.Hall pottery and others

490.13" plaster wall shelf

491.modern oriental vase crockery 11" ink bottle

493.heavy aluminum vintage milk pitcher

494.12" early ink bottles

495.3 kids trucks

496.asst. green glassware

497.2 hand grinders

498.triple glass hand painted flower 7x9"

499.royal Copley vases and more

500.3.5" studio pottery rose bowl

501.3 7" swirl bowls

502.plated silverware

503.shoe lapse

504.3 mid century pottery and planters of milk glass

506.knickknacks, bell, etc

507.milk glass vases and bowls

508.4 early wood croquet mallets

509.metal canister hanging lamp table with detachable legs

511.hanging planter

512.large lot of asst. patterned dished and dinnerware king creamer and sugars

514.hand painted tray, planters, etc.

515.heavy pottery 14" lamp

516.various flower design dishes, some chipped

517.Vintage metal coffee pot as is room and bedroom lamps

519.brass candle holders

520.service for 4 Damon wood dishes

521.umbrellas, etc.

522.asst. silver plated items

523.brass and irons with various fireplace tools

524.3 mid century pottery vases and planters

525.metal folding legs

526.swirl umbrella stand with asst. umbrellas

527.vintage JC Higgins bicycle

528.metal 2 sided gas station sign 29"x46"

529.metal 2 sided early sign with legs 21x32"

530.2 boxes of elec. Cords etc.

531.vintage wood hanging lamp

532.3 metal display units no glass of asst. dishes

534.13'x9' screened gazebo not sure if complete

535.modern metal head board

536.set of 4 kitchen chairs

537.roll around office chair as is

538.Lucite cabinet no shelves on wheels

539.Massey fan

540.wooden steps

541.heavy glass shelves

542.small set of steps

543.5 kitchen cabinets

544.1920's leathered tooled western saddle 18" ready to ride

545.5 piece vintage Victorian patio set (2 tables, 2 chairs,1couch)

546.vintage crib

547.medicine cabinet 36"x28"

548.2 floor lamps 1 gooseneck

549.small stool

550.Holmes heater and fan

551.modern nightstand 26x17x24"

552.small grill

553.dresser missing drawer 34x17x53"

554.set of 3 smokey coffee and end tables

555.vintage records

556.mahogany desk chair

557.4 panel oriental screen divider as is

558.33" concrete Mary statue

559.12" metal 1 sided petroleum sign

560.12" metal 1 sided petroleum sign

561.Natural Light beer sign

562.2 1920's funeral home candelabras with case for top pieces Each x 2

563.vintage iron hay fork mover (clover leaf)

564.3 gallon star 2 toned jug with a few chips

565.3 blue flashing lights

566.Victorian style leaded glass shade 23" table lamp with modern base

567.6 gallon churn croc with ears with few chips

568.vintage post card book full of comedy cards

569.vintage post card book full of scenic post cards

570.marvel hi-rev advertising can

571.Victorian cranberry glass and cut hand made floor lamp needs cord 61"

572.2 green enamel lamp shades Each x 2

573.fancy green enamel ceiling shade fixture 20" diameter

574.vintage Lincoln wall clock 16x16"

575.early dove tailed feather painted blanket chest with glove box 40x18x18"

576.tarus print water damage 11x21"

577.wooden advertising crate/ Jonny Walker 14x11x11"

578.Crowley's wooden advertising milk crate 14x13x12"

579.Star Rrek USS Enterprise model

580.early barn lantern globe as is 10"

581.primitive wooden water bucket 16" tall

582.Empire clothes dryer

583.Model A7 Keystone vintage movie camera

584.3 35mm cameras ; 2 Pentax Honeywell; 1 Minolta

585.Large box of various camera related items ; flashes, zoom lenses, etc.

57.Antique Christmas ornaments


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