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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
Toro Snowblower, Handblown Glass, Jewelry, Tools, Collectibles, Furniture ONLINE Auction - Saturday March 23 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Personal Memories of U.S. Grant Vol 1 & 2

2.Christmas in Song & Story

3.Record Album w/ Asst 45 Records

4.Carved Sessions Mantle Clock w/ Key & Pendulum 15x23

5.On the Farm Print Need Repair 21x30

6.BF Custer General Merchandise Laceyville PA Advertising Calender 13x15

7.6 Notice Wash Eye Signs 10x14

8.4 Tin Warning Signs 8x8

9.Big Flats Train Station Print 12x16

10.2 Danger Signs 10x14

11.History of Bradford Co PA 1770-1878

12.Columbia Family Scale Landers Fray & Clark 9"H

13.Vintage Excelsior Improved Ring Balance Sargent & Co Scale

14.The History of Ships by Peter Kemp

15.2 8" Apothecary Jars w/ No Lids

16.Vintage Dewitt LaFrance & Martha Space Framed Marriage Certificate Copy 1860 18x22

17.Milk Glass Mape Leaf Candle Holder & 5 Oriental Style Saucers

18.Asst Vinatge Magazines The Etude Collier's The NY Times Etc

19.Norman Lindsay Selected Pen Drawings & Bev Doolittle New Magic

20.6 Vintage Crystal Glas Soda Bottles in Carrier & 1 Pepsi Glass Soda Bottle

21.Quilt Top Machine & Hand Sewn

22.Vintage Jacob Middleton & Margaret Smiley Framed Marriage Certificate 1872 15x18

23.2 Runner Rag Rugs

24.Vintage Regal Electric Hair Dryer

25.Sunset Print Signed 25x31

26.10" Crock Jug w/ Many Chips

27.2 Yard/Grave American Flags

28.Cleveland Browns Reeboc Fitted Hat Size Unknown Tag Cut Out

29.2 Native American Prints Warrior & Princess 18x22 Signed Bernie Bell Baker 1994

30.Vintage Mantle Clock 14"H

31.Asst CD's

32.Vintage Marriage Certificate Poster 1896 15x20

33.Vintage Crocheted Pillow Cases & Table Covers

34.2 Vintage Plastic Baby Dolls No Arms in Cradle Basket

35.Vintage Buggy Whip

36.Vinatge Hudson's Bay Point Blanket Box 18x32

37.Vintage Charles Chips Tin w/ No Lid & Vita Milker Herring Tin

38.3 Vintage Coats

39.Asst Wooden Plate Stands Etc

40.Royal Austria Tea Set Serves 5

41.9 Limoge Plates & Saucers

42.4 Urn Style Conatiners 2 w/ Lids 1 Has Repairs Tallest 8"

43.Cut Glass Pitcher 8"

44.Light Blue Milk Glass Cherry Creamer & Sugar

45.Small Pitcher & Bowl 5"

46.Tin Ordebaru Oriental Delivery Man 3.5"

47.Electric Mantle Clock 10"H

48.Poster Hand & Ceramic Rabbit 46x68

49.Lenox Candle Sticks Sugar Creamer & Plate & Wedgewood Bouillion Cup & Saucer

50.4 Red Transferware Cups & 2 Saucers

51.Light Blue Milk Glass Measuring Pitcher

52.Light Blue Milk Glass Salt & Pepper

53.Asst Blue Transferware Bowls & Plates

54.Light Blue Milk Glass Juicer

55.Sterling Rim Tray 12"D

56.Asst Light Blue Milk Glass Items

57.Asst Light & Parts

58.8 Yard American Flags

59.3 Fishing Poles Pioneer Versitex Johnny Walker

60.8' Berkley Avenger Fishing Pole

61.3 Fishing Poles Eagle Claw Lucky Strike Kunnan

62.Great Lakes Rod Garcia Reel Heddon Rod Zebco Reel & Shakespeare Rod & Case

63.Synthetic Oil Can & Grass Whip

64.Asst Vinatge Christmas Decorations

65.Vintage Clothing 2 Skirts 1 Blouse Jacket & Handbag

66.Vintage Clothing 3 Blouses 4 Dresses & 2 Jackets

67.Asst Vinatge Items Keys Postcards Light Covers Etc

68.Asst Vinatge Cigar Boxes & Adv Tins Jars Etc

69.Sweet Dreams 4 PC Full Size Flannel Set

70.Asst Post Cards & Christmas Cards

71.Atlas of Bardford Co PA Beers Ellis & Soule

72.Axe Maul

73.3 9x12 Joan Nelson Ink Prints of Wyalusing PA Churches

74.The Dore Bible Gallery by Gustave Dore

75.Fur Cape

76.Asst Vintage Watch Maker Vials in Wooden Storage Box

77.2 Woven Baskets

78.Framed Annual Banquet Bradford Co Assoc Waldorf Astoria Mar 1, 1909

79.Asst Vintage Sheet Music

80.Vintage Alpahbet Runner

81.2 Boxes Asst Vinatge Books The Plum Tree The Lady Doc Etc

82.Asst Vintage Silver Plate Items

83.Asst Wooden Items

84.3 Tin Not An Exit 14x10

85.Vintage Embroidered Style Collars

86.Wooden Swordfish Bill Sword 26"

87.Laff A Day Reminder Calendar 1959

88.2 Boxes Asst Books The Friendly Road Chinese Characteristics Etc

89.Asst VHS Tapes

90.Asst Metal Display Racks

91.3 Realistic Speakers

92.2 Boxes Asst Books

93.2 Boxes Asst Books

94.Folding Table w/ Chairs in Plastic Case

95.Asst 8 Yracks Led Zeppelin Neil Diamond Etc

96.Double Size Machine Sewn Quilt Top

97.Box of Asst Books

98.Box of Asst Books

99.Box of Asst Books

100.Vintage Curtains Table Cloth & Comforter

101.Asst Cookbooks of Local Churches

102.Vintage Curtains

103.Box of Wooden Spindles

104.Vintage Meatl Index Box Yawman & Erbe Mfg Co

105.Basket of 5 Grave Vases

106.Asst Vinatge Pictures & Frames

107.Asst Vinatge Linens Doilies Apron Etc

108.Asst Glassware

109.Wooden Keyholder

110.Horse Brush Dog Bowl Leashes Etc

111.Rubber Mats for Stair Steps

112.Box of Asst Purses & Hats

113.2 Runner Rag Rugs

114.Rock & Roll Stepper

115.Box of Asst Electronics

116.Enamel Top Copper Fondue Etc

117.Asst Molson Adv

118.2 Runner Rag Rugs

119.6 Vintage Car Manuals 2 Chilton's

120.Asst Glassware

121.Asst Gold Rim Glassware

122.2 Boxes Asst Glassware

123.Road Sign 30x30

124.Coca Cola Wooden Box Pepsi Cola Palstic & 2 Lollipop Wooden Boxes

125.Stenciled Step Back Cupboard 66x54x22

126.Homedics Envirascape Rock Garden

127.Cast Iron Skillet

128.4 Vintage Catalogs Sear Shooters Bible Etc

129.2 Vintage Baby Books & Baby Gay's Q-tip Box

130.Vintage Toddler Dresses & Rompers

131.Mink Hand Bag & Wrap

132.Hand Painted Divided Plate & Blue & White Vase

133.The Country Quail Handwoven 60x60 Table Cloth & Napkins

134.Plymouth Mantle Clock

135.Lady Pepperell Double Sheet Chatham Orleans Blanket 70x90 & Fine Percale Sheets 90x108

136.Asst Crocheted Linens

137.Blouse Beautiful Blouse & Short Set & Pink Sweater

138.Vinatge 5 Under Skirts & 1 Pair Pantaloons

139.Adams England Blue Transferware

140.2 Small Wooden Trinket Boxes 1 Cherry & Coat Rack

141.Enamel Bowl 10"D

142.Florence Gold Trim United Workers Presbyterian Church of Wyaluing PA Plates 2 Dessert 1 Dinner

143.Jardeniere 8" Has Lg Crack

144.2 Gilbert Amercan Flyer Catalogs

145.Vintage Bow Needs TLC

146.Vintage Pan Has Crack

147.3 Vintage Railroad Spikes

148.Vintage Weight 5"

149.Hand Painted Pitcher & Urn 7"

150.Enamel Bowl 11"D

151.2 Vintage Dresses

152.Asst Vintage New Papers & Magazines

153.Cast Iron Corner Hanger 12x14

154.Asst Glassware Some Milk Glass

155.Asst Vintage Adv Items Mumford Simplicity Etc

156.Asst Knitted Gloves & Hats

157.3 Schaefer Serving Trays 12"D

158.Williamsburg Pottery Vase 6"

159.2 Vintage Ball Pein Hammers

160.Williamsburg Pottery Pitcher 9"

161.Williamsburg Pottery Candle Jar 9"

162.Nothing Runs Like A John Deere License Plate Coat/Hat Rack 12x7

163.Asst Vinatge Bottles Some Colored Glass Tallest 13"

164.Vintage Rabbit Lamp w/ Shade 13" Shade Needs Repair

165.Crock Bottle 11"

166.Vintage Sessions Wall Clock Electric 8x8

167.2 Vinatge Adjustable Lamps & Vinatge Cat Clock Cat Clock Need Lots of TLC

168.Vintage Glass Battery Container

169.Enamel Tea Pot 9"

170.Blown Glass Vase 7"

171.Williamsburg Virginia Pottery Mug & Soap Dish

172.Pottery Pitcher 8"

173.Asst Etched Stemware Glasses

174.2 Vintage Lunchboxes 1 Strawberry Shortcake

175.2 Woden Bowls Biggest 11"D

176.Cranberry Glass Lantern Globe 7"

177.Vintage Air Way Sprayer

178.Pewter Salt & Pepper Sterling Top Salt & Pepper w/ Glass Holder & Vinatge Podwer Container

179.4 Wooden w/ Glass Top Candle Hplders 2 Tallest 12"

180.Vintage Ansco Camera w/ Accessories

181.Asst Tea Cups & Saucers

182.2 Hand Painted Vases Tallest 9"

183.Winner Choice Baseball Glove AA 232-5

184.Wilson Baseball Glove A2164

185.Asst Ironstone Glassware

186.Stanley Sliver Duster

187.2 Vintage Prints 13x14 1 Need New Glass

188.Asst Tea Cups & Saucers

189.Glass Vase 11"

190.2 Vintage Prints Biggest 11x14 By Kenyon 1 Need New Glass

191.3 Framed Italy Post Cards 20x6

192.Vintage Collars & Cuffs

193.Asst Mugs

194.Ear Rings Desk Clock Etc

195.Poker Chips Keys Bobber Etc

196.Beaded Necklaces Hand Fan Etc

197.Vinatge Dreeser Items Perfume Bottles Etc

198.Asst Bells

199.Pokemon Cards

200.Pins Necklaces Etc

201.2 Embrodered Pcs Material

202.Asst Cast Iron Doll Furniture ROUGH SHAPE

203.Braided Rug Throw Pillow Etc

204.2 Small Oil Lanterns

205.Polaroide Camera GE Cordless Phone Etc

206.4 Joan Nelson Pen Prints Wyalusing PA Architecture

207.Asst Hand Radios

208.Tweed Blanket & Throw

209.Haviland 3 Dinner Plates 1 Sandwich & 4 Dessert Plates & Royal Norfolk Mug

210.4 Vintage Dresser Mirrors

211.Corelle Mugs Bowl Plates & Glasses

212.2 Vintage Quilts NEED TLC

213.Tote of Asst Frames & Prints

214.Asst Tins & Tackle Box

215.Boc of Asst Frames & Prints

216.Pot w/ Contents

217.Asst Afghans

218.Aluminum Bucket


220.Sanyo VCR

221.4 Boxes of Asst Records

222.Asst Throw Blankets

223.Pair of LG Rubber Boots

224.Asst Purses

225.Asst Frames

226.Ast Table Cloths & Linens

227.Blue Transferware Style Cups Saucers & Plates

228.Canvas Rock Wall Hanging

229.Asst Electronics

230.Christmas Tree Stand Wreath Etc

231.Wooden Folding Chair

232.Vintage Lace Material Pieces

233.Vinatge Toys & Print


235.Asst Glassware


237.Asst Table Linens

238.Vinatge Blanket

239.Asst Crocheted Doilies Towels Etc

240.Metal Bar 14x34

241.Asst Towels

242.Asst Wicker Baskets

243.Asst Books

244.Bissell Proheat & Shark Steam Mop

245.Michael Waltrip Cardboard Cutout

246.Brass Single Bed Frame w/ Box Spring

247.Single Bed Frame

248.River of Goods Amber Infinity Table Lamp Approx 23"

249.2 Rusty Wallace Mature Collector Figurines NIB

250.Goofus Glass Trinket Holder

251.Vintage Pitcher & 12 Glasses

252.Etched Glass Covered Pitcher & 5 Glasses

253.Waterford Bowl 6"H

254.Vintage Serving Knife Fork & Sharpening w/ Bone Handles

255.Vintage Compass

256.1/20 Gold Filled Locket Charm Hallmarked 1/20GF

257.West Germany Ear Rings

258.10K Gold Filled Ring Approx Sz 6 Hallmarked 10K

259.Silver In Lay Watch Fob

260.Glass Bead Bracelet

261.Glass Bead Necklace

262.Glass Bead Bracelet

263.Glass Bead Necklace

264.Glass Bead NEcklace

265.Glass Bead Bracelet

266.Glass Bead Necklace Bracelet & Ear Ring Set

267.Glass Bead Necklace

268.Glass Bead Necklace Bracelet & Ear Ring Set Missing 1 Ear Ring

269.Blown Glass Ornament

270.Geneva Watch w/ Beaded Safe T Pin Band

271.Glass Bead Bracelet

272.Glass Bead Necklace Bracelet & Ear Ring Set

273.Glass Bead Necklace Bracelet & Ear Ring Set

274.4 Glass Picture Negatives

275.New Belgium Brewing Co Bottle Opener

276.Vintage Drink Chips

277.Asst Pocket Knives

278.Cobalt Blue Salt & Pepper w/ Silver Coverings

279.Possible Sterling Bracelet

280.Milan Pocket Watch

281.Wedgewood Style Gold Pill Box

282.Sterling Chain & Sterling Pin Hallmarked Sterling

283.Scarab Style Ear Rings

284.12 K Gold Chain Hallmarked 12K

285.Glass Bead Necklace

286.Glass Bead Necklace

287.Glass Bead Necklace

288.Glass Bead Necklace & Bracelet Set

289.Glass Bead Necklace

290.Glass Bead Necklace 1 Bead is Discolored on Sterling Chain Hallmarked .925

291.Glass Bead Necklace Bracelet & Ear Ring Set

292.Glass Bead Necklace & Bracelet Set

293.Glass Bead Necklace Bracelet & Ear Ring Set

294.Glass Bead Necklace Bracelet & Ear Ring Set

295.Glass Bead Necklace Bracelet & Ear Ring Set

296.Glass Bead Necklace Bracelet & Ear Ring Set

297.Glass Charm on Sterling Chain Hallmarked .925

298.Glass Charm on Sterling Chain Hallmarked .925

299.Glass Charm on Sterling Chain Hallmarked .925

300.Glass Charm on Beaded Rope Necklace

301.Glass Bead Necklace

302.Glass Bead Bracelet

303.Glass Bead Necklace

304.Glass Fleur De Lis Charm Necklace

305.Glass Bead Necklace & Ear Ring Set

306.Glass Bead Necklace

307.Glass Bead Necklace

308.Glass Bead Necklace

309.Glass Bead Necklace

310.Mark Naimer Ladies Watch

311.Mark Naimer Ladies Watch

312.Glass Bead Necklace

313.Glass Charm Sterling Ear Rings Hallmarked .925

314.Stretch Bracelet

315.18K Gold Plate Chain Hallmarked 18KGP

316.Glass Bead Necklace

317.Glass Bead Bracelet

318.Glass Bead Necklace & Bracelet Set

319.Glass Bead Bracelet

320.Glass Bead Necklace

321.Glass Bead Necklace

322.Glass Bead Necklace & Bracelet Set

323.Glass Bead Necklace & Ear Ring Set

324.Beaded Bracelet

325.Glass Charm Sterling Ear Rings Hallmarked .925

326.Beaded Necklace

327.Glass Bead Necklace

328.Glass Bead Necklace

329.Glass Bead Necklace

330.Glass Bead Necklace Bracelet & Ear Ring Set

331.Glass Bead Necklace

332.Pink Bead Possible Sterling Ear Rings

333.Glass Bead Necklace

334.Glass Charm Sterling Ear Rings Hallmarked .925

335.Glass Bead Necklace

336.Glass Charm Necklace

337.Glass Charm Necklace

338.Glass Bead Necklace

339.Glass Bead Necklace

340.Glass Bead Necklace

341.Glass Charm Necklace

342.Beaded Neclace

343.Crock Cookie Jar 9"

344.Blown Glass Vase 11"

345.Asst Hand Painted Bowls 1 Noritake

346.Hand Painted Glass Blown Vase 12.5"

347.Hand Blown Vase 13" Signed

348.Hand Blown Coil Glass Ornamnet 5"

349.Welocme to Our Cabin Moose Lamp w/ Shade 15"

350.2 Silver Wall Sconces w/ Votives

351.3 Milk Glass Items Basket Compote & Vase

352.Hand Painted Glass Lamps w/o Shades 29"

353.Hand Blown Vase 12"

354.Hand Panted Electric Oil Lamp w/ Chimney & Globe 18"

355.Asst Glass Votives

356.Hand Painted Glass Blown Vases Tallest 12.5" w/ Chips

357.Hand Blown Glass Etched Ornamnet 14"

358.Hand Blown Glass Etched Ornamnet 14"

359.2 Jeff Gordon Mature Collector Figurines NIB

360.Kimberly Doll Mayrich Co NIB

361.Glass Lamp 21"

362.Asst Glassware

363.Glass Lamp 23"

364.Figurine Bowl Coaster Set Etc

365.Vases Angel Dessert Plates Etc

366.Religious Platter Pitchers Lidded Pot Etc

367.2 Glass Lamps Rose Design Tallest 28" Has Been Repaired

368.Asst Small Vases Pitcher Etc

369.Sliverware 2 Candle Holders & 2 Christmas Ball Ornamnets

370.Asst Dishes Plates Bowls Etc

371.Asst Books

372.Seed Bracelet Child's Spoon & Fork

373.Asst Mugs

374.Backgammon Frames Cigar Box Etc

375.20 Pfaltzgraff Mugs

376.Stemware Glasses

377.Vintage Bottle 9"

378.Cornflower Pattern Corning Perculator

379.Slate Tile Chipped Corner 14x8

380.Glass Lamp w/ Shade 19"

381.Home Interior Style Wall Scene & 2 Picture Albums

382.2 Small Glass Lamps w/ Shades 15"

383.Crystal Pedestal Fruit Bowl 15"

384.Asst Glassware

385.Small Glass Lamp w/ Shade 14"

386.Partial Imperial China Dalton Assoc Sincerity Dinner Set

387.Terry Labonte 12" Round Fixture Replacement Glass in Box Double Crisp Tin & Mini Car

388.50th Anniversary Nascar Barbie

389.Blown Glass Swirl Ornament 6"

390.8x10 Davey Allison Card

391.2 Tony Stewart Mature Collector Figurines

392.3 Dale Earnhardt Jr Mature Collector Figurines

393.Asst Nascar Memorabilia Tony Stewart Tins Hut Stricklin McDonald's Car Etc

394.Jeff Burton Double Crisp Tin & Mark Martin Tin

395.8 PC Holly Hobbie Glass Set in Box

396.Blown Glass Swirl Ornament 6"

397.Jadeite Milk Glass Westmoreland Covered Box

398.Hand Blown Glass Ornament 8"

399.Floral Print 32x28

400.Asst Dale Earnhardt Jr Memorabilia Hat Flag TV Guide Etc

401.Asst Dale Earnhardt Sr Memorabilia Cereal Box Tv Guide Etc

402.5 Crystal Stemware Glasses

403.Hand Blown Vase 12"

404.Hand Blown Vase 12"

405.Dale Earnhardt Sr Jacket Sz L & 2 Hats

406.Fenton Mother's Day Basket 10"

407.2 Milk Glass Fenton Candle Holders 4"

408.Blown Glass Swirl Ornament 6"

409.Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats Jeff Gordon & Dale Earnhardt Sr Cereal Box Opened w/o Cereal

410.Dale Earnhardt Sr Race Clock NIB

411.Hand Blown Vase 14"

412.Dale Earnhardt Jr 2000 Nascar Rookie Season Lg Budwesier Bottle

413.Asst Nascar Memorabilia Rick Mast Sterling MarlinBob Glidden Etc

414.Dale Earnhardt Sr Photo w/ Son & 2 Collector's Plates

415.Towle Candle Holder 10"

416.Handcrafted Damascene 1971 Limited Edition Currier & Ives Lithograph The Rocky Mts

417.Waterford Bouquet Vase 8"

418.3 Stemware Bowls 2 Etched

419.Asst Votives 2 Princess House & 2 w/ Gold Tone Bases

420.Asst Princess House Glassware Covered Candy Dish Glasses Etc

421.Asst Milk Glass Vases

422.Vintage Green Glass Lamp 12"

423.Illustrated John Deere 2 Cylinder Tractor Buyer's Guide

424.2 Insulators

425.Princess House Lamp 12"

426.Knickerbocker Raggedy Ann & Andy Dolls in Packages 6"

427.Princess House Chip & Dip Bowl & Pitcher

428.2 Beaver Figurines & Wolf Figurine

429.Misc Glassware

430.Travel Bag

431.2 Comforters

432.Asst Wooden Items

433.6 Bale Top Canning Jars

434.Blue & Floral Plastic Dessert Set Serves 4

435.Dale Earnhartdt Sr Popcorn Tin & Cooler

436.Christmas Decoeration 2 Stuffed Reindeer & Doll

437.Boc of Asst Plasticware

438.3 Boxes of Asst Christmas Decorations

439.Lg Wicker Basket w/ Asst Home Decorations

440.Tote of Asst Wall Print Asst Sizes

441.Rival Crock Pot & Krups Coffee Maker

442.3 Window Fans

443.Quilt Handmade Doll Glives Hat Etc

444.2 Boxes of Asst Novels

445.Box of Asst Throw Pillows

446.Deer Print 19x23

447.Cottage Print 31x26

448.Kodak Easy Share 5300 All in One Printer NIB

449.2 Small Wooden Wall Shelves Biggest 9x20

450.Asst Glass Candleholders

451.Racing Headphones Hand Radio Etc

452.Home Interior Style Mirros & Print & Candle Holders

453.Heritage 52" Alexis Ceiling Fan

454.Prestone Cloth Cover Pretty Big

455.Asst Hats & 1 Cooler Bag

456.Cast Iron Covered Pot Marked 8

457.Elk Print 24x20

458.Swivel Floor Lamp 52"

459.Deer Print 22x21

460.Computer Chair

461.Wolf Print 24x20

462.Wolf & Eagle Print 20x24

463.Cottage & Little Girl Print 20x17

464.Upholstered Couch 2 Cushions 33x84x36

465.Bear Print 23x19

466.Mountain Print 16x13

467.2 Prints Asst Scenes 16x13

468.Moose Print 20x24

469.Forest Print 22x18

470.Upholstered Love Seat 33x76x36

471.Lg Crosscut Saw

472.Pro Tech 10" Bench Saw

473.Oak China Cabinet Missing 1 Pane of Glass 1 Foot is Broken 58x44x16

474.Singer Sowing Machine in Wooden Case 31x24x18

475.Small Wooden Knick Knack Shelf 17x19x5

476.Painted China Cabinet 1 Pane of Glass Needs Put Back in 51x36x15

477.Brown Area Rug 4x6

478.2 Green Upholstered Chairs

479.2 Bohemian Palm Prints 20x23

480.Ceramic Jardeniere Pedestal 23"

481.Wooden Chest 12x26x14 Hinges Need Replaced

482.3 Drawer Dresser 33x41x19

483.Mirror 22x32

484.Lg Water Barrel 35"H

485.China Cabinet 56x42x17 1 Glass Pane Needs Repair

486.Gun Cabinet 62x24x10

487.Upholstered Stool 20"

488.3 Dining Table Leaves 42x12

489.2 Drawer Over 2 Drawer Dresser Bottom Need Repair 34x43x22

490.Dale Earnhardt Jr Mirror 21x21

491.Juvenile Sport 16x20 The Challenge

492.Lg Crosscut Saw

493.Bobby Allison Clock 12x9 NIB

494.2 Prints Asst Scenes 16x13

495.3 Drawer Dresser 33x42x16

496.Puppy Puzze Framed 22x15

497.Invacare Potty

498.2 Vinatge Wooden Folding Chairs

499.Troy Bilt Storm 8526 8.5 HP 26" Clearing Width with Cover

500.1/2 Ton Electric Lift

501.Matt Kenseth Cardboard Cut Out

502.David Stremme Cardboard Cut Out

503.Kyle Petty Cardboard Cut Out

504.Matt Kenseth Cardboard Cut Out

505.Dale Earnhardt Sr Framed Print 15x21

506.Dale Earnhardt Sr Framed Print 15x21

507.Dale Earnhrdt Jr 8 Mirror 26x19

508.Maxwell House Banner

509.Troy Bilt Pressure Washer Good Pump Bad Motor

510.Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer Good Motor Bad Pump

511.Walnut Display Shelf 58x28x11

512.Wooden Magazine Rack

513.Tromm Front Load Washer 2 Buttons Broken

514.Frigidaire Freezer/Refigerator

515.Asst Winston Cup Adv Posters Asst Sizes

516.May 1986 Winston Atlanta International Race Way Autographed Poster 24x30

517.May 1989 Winston Charlotte Motor Speedway Autographed Poster 12x39

518.May 1988 Winston Charlotte Motor Speedway Autographed Poster 15x48

519.May 1991 Winston Charlotte Motor Speedway Autographed Poster 13x51

520.May 1992 First Race Under the Lights Autographed Poster 22x58

521.May 1990 Winston Charlotte Motor Speedway Autographed Poster 21x50

522.May 1985 Winston Charlotte Motor Speedway Autographed Poster 24x30

523.May 1987 Winston Charlotte Motor Speedway Autographed Poster 24x30

524.Dale Earnhardt Jr Poster 24x36

525.Vanity w/ Mirror 57x36x19

526.2 Wooden Wall Shelves 36x7

527.3 Quilt Tops

528.Linen Towels Embroidered Baby Bib Apron Etc

529.4 Quilt Tops

530.Crazy Quilt Top Double Size

531.Asst Vintage Post Cards

532.Asst Vintage Valentine's

533.Crocheted Linens

534.Asst Vintage Post Cards

535.Asst Vintage Pictures & Portraits

536.Small Wooden Book Stand 12x9

537.Asst Quilt Pieces

538.2 Crock Lids

539.Asst Tea Cups & Saucers

540.Cooperstown Collection Starting Lineup Walter Johnson Dottie Kamenshek & Josh Gibson Figurines Figurines

541.Starting Lineup Classic Doubles Brett Favre & Bart Starr Legends Dick Butkus Heisman Doug Flutie Headliners Troy Aikman & Jerry Stackhouse

542.Realistic AM/FM Radio

543.Starting Lineup Classic Doubles Hank Arron & Jackie Robinson & Frank Thomas

544.Asst Vintage Round Eyeglasses

545.Vintage Camisole Bed Jacket & Nightgown

546.Asst Vintage Clothing Night Dress Wool Skirt Capri's Etc

547.Asst Vintage Men's Collared Shirts Elbeco Belnord Hallcraft Etc

548.Asst Tapestry Type Material

549.Vintage Napkins Handkerchiefs Doilies Etc

550.Vintage Thigh High Stockings & Seams

551.Asst Crocheted Linens Doilies Table Cloth Etc

552.Vintage Trousers Slip Under Garments Etc

553.Asst Glassware Some Hand Painted

554.Glass Top Hat & Basket

555.Green Glass Juicer Pink Milk Glass Dish & Stanford Sebring Planter

556.Framed Hand Stitched Wall Hanging 10x7

557.Coca Cola Tin 7"

558.Tip Up for Ice Fishing

559.Asst Covered Cheese Dishes & Knife

560.Nippon Glassware RG Bunting Slippery Rock Mug Ironstone Plate & Hand Painted Pitcher

561.Asst Glass Candleholders Cake Plate Pedestal Bowl Etc

562.3 Crock 12"

563.Hand Painted Oil Lamp 13"

564.Tan Crock Has Crack 5"

565.Olive Crock 8"

566.Jardeniere 11"

567.Brass Planter 6"

568.2 Tone Crock Pitcher 6"

569.B Co Crock 16"

570.Spalding Tinket Toy Big Boy & Educational Tinker Toy Both Have Tinker Toys Inside

571.Serving Fork Knife & Sharpener

572.Lincoln Logs

573.Fenton Milk Glass Hobnail Dish 4.5"

574.Westmoreland Milk Glass Dish 3.5"

575.2 Crock 2 Tone 9"

576.West Bend Hot & Cold Server 8"

577.Sponge Ware Style Crock 6"

578.Asst Milk Glass Items Some Hobnail

579.Fenton Carnival Glass Footed Bowl 2.5"

580.Hand Painted Nippon Child's Bowl

581.Vintage Ice Chopper

582.Metal Box Old Mail Box Style 9x18x8

583.3 Handled Crock 11"

584.2 Tone Handled Crock Pitcher 6" Has Large Chunk

585.Handled Crock 8"

586.Vintage Wooden Handled Box w/ Garden Tools & Bucket

587.Cast Iron Pot

588.2 2 Tone Crocks 8" Both Have Cracks

589.Asst Milk Glass Items

590.Asst Glassware

591.2 Totes w/ Lids & 2 Rolls of Wrapping Paper Snoopy 1 Unopened

592.Asst Glassware

681.Vintage Tom & Jerry Glass

682.Asst Glassware

683.Asst Pyrex Bake Dishes 1 w/ Lid

684.Asst Vintage Calenders Adv Vandervort Mills '49 & '50 Almanac Browning Oil CO Etc

685.3 Dale Earnhardt Sr Mature Collector Figurines NIB

686.3 Neclaces Gold Crimp Bead & Glass Pieces

687.Asst Glass Bead Bracelets Need Repair to Clasps

688.Asst Glass Bead Necklaces Need Repair to Clasps

689.Glass Bead Charm Necklace

690.Glass Bead Necklace

691.Dolphin Charm Necklace

692.Asst Glass Bead Necklaces Need Repair to Clasps and/or Beads

693.Glass Bead Ear Rings

694.Glass Bead Bracelet

695.Glass Bead Charm Necklace

696.3 Silver Tone Chains & 1 Sterling .925 Charm Clasp

697.Asst Glass Beads

698.Glass Bead Necklace & Ear Ring Set

699.Glass Bead Bracelet

700.Glass Bead Bracelet

701.Glass Bead Bracelet

702.Glass Bead Ear Rings

703.Dangle Ear Rings W/ Small Glass Beads 1 Missing Back

704.Glass Bead Bracelet

705.Glass Bead Ear Rings

706.Glass Bead Bracelet

707.Glass Bead Ear Rings

708.Glass Bead Bracelet

709.Glass Bead Bracelet

710.Glass Bead Bracelet

711.Glass Bead Bracelet

712.Glass Bead Ear Rings

713.Asst Glass Beads & Glass Bead Ear Ring Misfits

714.Glass Bead Necklace

715.Glass Bead Charm

716.Glass Bead Bracelet

717.Glass Bead Ear Rings

718.Glass Bead Ear Rings

719.Glass Bead Necklace & Ear Ring Set

720.Glass Bead Charm

721.Glass Bead Ear Rings

722.Glass Bead Bracelet

723.Glass Bead Ear Rings

724.Glass Bead Necklace & Ear Ring Set

725.Glass Bead Necklace

726.Glass Bead Ear Rings

727.Glass Bead Necklace

728.Glass Bead Necklace

729.Glass Bead Necklace

730.Glass Bead Necklace

731.Glass Bead Necklace

732.Glass Bead Necklace

733.Glass Bead Necklace

734.Glass Bead Necklace

735.Glass Bead Necklace

736.Glass Bead Ear Rings

737.Glass Bead Bracelet

738.Glass Bead Bracelet

739.Glass Bead Ear Rings

740.Glass Bead Necklace

741.Glass Bead Necklace

742.Glass Bead Bracelet

743.Glass Bead Ear Rings

744.Glass Bead Ear Rings

745.Glass Bead Necklace

746.Glass Bead Necklace

747.Glass Bead Bracelet

748.Glass Bead Necklace

749.Glass Bead Bracelet

750.Glass Bead Necklace

751.Glass Bead Bracelet

752.Glass Bead Bracelet

753.Glass Bead Bracelet

754.Glass Bead Necklace

755.Glass Bead Necklace

756.Glass Bead Charm on Sterling Chain Hallmarked .925

757.Glass Bead Necklace & Bracelet Set

758.Glass Bead Bracelet

759.Glass Bead Necklace

760.Glass Bead Necklace

761.Glass Bead Necklace

762.Glass Bead Necklace

763.Glass Bead Necklace

764.Glass Bead Necklace

765.Glass Bead Necklace w/ Sterling Chain Hallmarked .925

766.Woven Basket w/ Wooden Bathroom Wall Decoration & Divided Tray

767.2 Handled Sad Irons

768.Asst Green Glassware & Wire Basket

769.Asst Milk Glass Items

770.Vinatge Wooden Dallas Diry Dalla PA Crate

771.Croquet Set

772.Fireplace Log Holders

773.2 Golf Bags w/ Golf Clubs

774.Walnut Single Bed Frame


776.Priscilla Ware Tea Pot 10"

777.Asst Tea Pots Creamers Sugar Etc

778.Asst Metal Candle Holders

779.Gilbert Chemistry Outfit Box Only

780.Vintage Tru Play Baseball Glove

781.Milk Glass Bowl & 2 Tier Server

782.3 Vinatge Dennis The Menace Spoons

783.Small 2" Glass Ink Well

784.Small 2" Savarin Nickel Silver Pitcher

785.2 Pedestal Veggie & Dip Serving Trays

786.The State of the Union & District of Columbia Silver Plate Spoons on Display 24x16

787.Asst Forged Aluminum Ware

788.Brass Lamp w/ Shade 32"

789.Hoola Hoop Baton & Field Hocky Stick

790.Vintage Wonder Horse GREAT SHAPE

791.Wood Framed Mirror 20x34

792.American Racer Sled

793.Fleet Wing Racer Sled

794.Vintage Banana Seat Bicycle

795.Eureka Multi Vac

796.Lg Framed Mirror 28x50

797.Duralite Racer Sled

798.7 Amber Glass Cups & 2 Cow Creamers

799.Asst Glassware Some Milk Glass

800.3 Pyrex Bake Dishes 1 w/ Lid

801.Ball & Claw Organ Stool

802.2 Metal Marching Band Players Decorations 27"T

803.Peugeot Mt Bike

804.Pennsylvania House Drop Leaf Dining Room Table w 6 Ladder Back Rush Seat Chairs 2 Are Captain Chairs

805.Whirlpool Dryer

806.2 Upholstered Victorian Chairs

807.Delta Champion Truck Tool Box with keys for lock 15x68x21

808.Wooden Display Shelf 47x38x12

809.Troy Bilt Tiller Runs Needs Carb Rebuilt

810.2 Wooden Dining Chairs

811.Danby Reversible Mini Fridge

812.Small Wooden 1 Drawer over 1 Door Cabinet 18x17x17

813.Poulan Push Mower

814.Oak High Back Carved Chair

815.Bamboo Style Patio Chair

816.Small Wooden Book Holder 9x17x12

817.Vintage Wooden Music Cabinet 38x19x13

818.Dale Earnhardt Sr Clock 15x11

819.Vintage High Back Wooden Rocker

820.Cabin Print Signed 31x26

821.Oak 2 Drawer of 2 Door Buffet 1 Door Needs Repair 32x46x21

822.Eagle Print 31x26

823.Square Glass Table 17x38x38

824.Wooden Magazine Rack

825.Vinatge Storage Chest Handles Need Repair 20x30x17

826.28 Boxes 21 Loose Honey Honed Porcelain Tiles 12x12

827.Wood Framed Wall Mirror 27x33

828.Dresser Mirror 35x35

829.Dresser Mirror 35x48

830.Casual Wall Frame 24x36 Brand New

831.Framed Parchment Frame Needs Repair 31x35

832.Wall Mirror 30x42

833.4 Tiki Torches

834.Bench Buffer

835.Qty Wall Display Hooks

836.2 Emergency Strato Flare 219 Kits

837.Crate of Asst Wratchet Straps


839.2 Blankets

840.Whirlpool Refrigerator 59x24x24

841.Serviceman & Lady Print 16x19

842.Vintage Frame 15x19

843.Vintage Wooden Pulley

844.Asst Tools Vinatge Brest Drill Protective Goggles Etc

845.2 Flashlights 1 Craftsman

846.Asst Tools Hammer Screwdrivers Etc

847.Framed Sterling High School Diploma 22x17

848.Among the Lillies Print 19x23

849.Vinatge Wooden Pulley

850.Adjustable Dado

851.Asst Wrenches

852.Asst Drill Bits

853.2 Hand Drills Pliers Etc

854.Seat Saver Seat Covers Grey for SUV's & Pick Ups 1 Used 1 New in Box fits 2007-11 GMC Sierra 1500 HD & Chevy Silverado 1500 & HD PU

855.Asst Chisels

856.Asst Files

857.Turtle Wax NIB

858.Courtyard Print

859.Farm Print 28x25

860.Mistress Mary Print Glass Need Replaced 15x18

861.Asst Screwdrivers

862.4 Water Canteens 2 Army & Duffel Bag

863.3 Floral Prints 1 13x17 Signed 2 5x6

864.Asst Chisels

865.Craftsman Router 1.5 HP

866.Cinderella Vinatge Electric Clothes Washer

867.Country Print 23x18

868.Cabela's Northwoods Guide 6 Person Dome & Deluxe Alaskan Vestibule 8 Person

869.Mooney Bros Dairy Bottle 9"

870.Dairy Bottle Print Faded 9"

871.Cornell's Dairy Bottle 9"

872.Glendale Farms Dairy Bottle 9"

873.HL Kent Dairy Bottle 9"

874.Magic City Dairy Bottle 9"

875.Dairy Bottle Print Faded 9"

876.Dairy Bottle Print Faded 9"

877.Clovedale Farms Dairy Bottle 9"

878.Orange Dairy Co Dairy Bottle 9"

879.Lackawanna Dairy Bottle 9"

880.Dairy Bottle Print Faded 9"

881.Lackawanna Dairy Bottle 9"

882.Manual Down Rigger

883.4 4-Ways

884.2 Princess Hose Lamps 1 w/ Shade 16" w/o Shade

885.Princess House Lamp w/ Shade 31"

886.Dalmation Print 14x16 & Teddy Print 12x16

887.Master Class Series DVD's Vol 1-5 Beads Etc

888.2 Vintage Lamps 12"

889.Brass Tulip Lamp w/ Glass Shades 24"

890.6 Gold Rim Glasses & Pitcher

891.Floral Print 19x15

892.Watercolors Framed Print 40x22

893.Scrabble Game

894.HP 2100 Toner Cartridge

895.Home Depot Bucket

896.Asst Table Linens


898.Pierre-Auguste Renoir Print 18x14

899.Asst Hangers

900.Asst Books


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