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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
JD 450C Bulldozer, John Deere & Ford Tractors, Campers & More - Wednesday January 23 8:00 pm

Item Description
1.Runner sled Upper shed

2.3 Rollers for barn door UPPER SHED

3.Reduction gear with belt pulley UPPER SHED

4.Fuel tank with hand pump UPPER SHED

5.Spare parts UPPER SHED

6.Powermate generator 10 hp AS IS UPPER SHED

7.Tools, post hole digger, ect. UPPER SHED

8.2007 Lil Guy Double wide pull behind camper Sleeps 2 Holds 1 full size air mattress or 2 single air mattresses comfortably. Also includes snap on 10x10 screened tent that attaches to the trailer this option was an extra when trailer was bought new. UPPER SHED

9.1994 Fleetwood pop up camper Destiny by Fleetwood GVWR 1385, GAWR 1200, With 5.70 x 8,, Vin # 4CE680D15R7235873 UPPER SHED

10.Ford Tractor 800 Powermaster 800 Classic Ford 5732 hours Runs, New battery, PTO, 3 pt hitch, Good rubber, tin straight, SHED #2

11.John Deere 790 Compact Utility Tractor, 4 wd Tractor with JD 300 loader 632 Hours with canopy 30hp, PTO, 3 pt., Good rubber, Hyd good. Runs New battery. SHED #2

12.Lot of metal fence posts ABOVE BARN

13.Starcraft Aluminum boat approx 14' SIDE BARN

14.Hand Seeder

15.Small fuel tank approx 1.5' square

16.Hose reel, fertilzer

17.King Kutter #35594 Finish mower 48"

18.John Deere back blade No. 45 6 foot

19.IM 400 5 foot brush hog

20.2 sets of 4 foot harrows

21.8 foot drag

22.5 foot Big Bee brush hog, 3 pt. missing part of PTO

23.6 foot Trailer brush hog

24.14' Oliver running gear

27.48" Frontier rock rake LR1060L

28.6' King Kutter back blade

29.John Deere 450C bulldozer, 6 way blade with HD Winch 5732 hours, T41481

30.6 Approx 9' newel posts ALL

31.Trunk in milkhouse

32.Wooden step ladder


34.Edgemont replacement window 31 x 56

35.3 Tools shovel, fork

36.Approx 5' Cast early sink LOWER BARN

37.3 pc blowmold Nativity set approx 2.5' LOWER BARN

38.HR Grinder hand crank LOWER BARN

39.Craftsman Front tine 5.5 hp 24" rototiller LOWER BARN

40.Early feed bin AS IS LOWER BARN

41.Quantity of early windows LOWER BARN

42.Mud box

43.Ext. corn WORKSHOP

44.Early seeder WORKSHOP

45.2 levels WORKSHOP

46.TSC spreader bar for 3 pt WORKSHOP

47.Quick connect WORKSHOP

48.Stabalizer bar, fish tape, items on wall WORKSHOP

49.5 Gal. shop vac WORKSHOP

50.4 C clamps, various sizes WORKSHOP

51.Box of trowels, ect WORKSHOP

52.Hex driver WORKSHOP

53.Assorted wrenches, ect WORKSHOP

54.2 Small wrecking bars WORKSHOP

55.Table top of nails, staplers, bolts, ect WORKSHOP

56.2 Rolls WORKSHOP

57.Cub Cadet SS418 weedeater 29cc WORKSHOP as is

58.Posted signs WORKSHOP

59.Dayton 1/4 hp motor WORKSHOP

60.2 Analizers WORKSHOP

61.B & D circular saw WORKSHOP

62.2 mitre boxes with saws WORKSHOP

63.Harness vice WORKSHOP Bring tools to take off bench

64.3 power tool boxes empty WORKSHOP

65.2 Planes WORKSHOP

66.Gun Cabinet holds 6 guns, scope WORKSHOP

67.Cedar tongue and groove boards WORKSHOP

68.CN 100' steel air hose reel WORKSHOP

69.Handmade part to water wheel approx 2.5' dia. WORKSHOP

70.Hose end soap dispenser WORKSHOP

71.Arrow Eagle stapler WORKSHOP

72.Knuckle wrench WORKSHOP

73.Quantity of items on stand, wheel, sawblades, ect WORKSHOP

74.14" Beaver Blade 5500 RPM Max WORKSHOP

75.Protemp 125000 BTU torpedo heater WORKSHOP


77.2 Wooden levels WORKSHOP

78.Oregon WORKSHOP

79.4 pc drills, sabre saw WORKSHOP

80.Makita sawsall WORKSHOP

81.Air hose on floor WORKSHOP


83.B & D sander/polisher WORKSHOP

84.4 corner frame clamp WORKSHOP

85.Hammers WORKSHOP

86.Tool box WORKSHOP

87.Bucket with electrical items WORKSHOP

88.Assorted shovels WORKSHOP

89.T wrenches, ect WORKSHOP

90.Files and more WORKSHOP

91.Magnet WORKSHOP


93.Polisher WORKSHOP

94.Sockets WORKSHOP

95.Drill bits, ect WORKSHOP

96.4 Gas cans MAIN UPSTAIRS


98.Long pry bar MAIN UPSTAIRS


100.1 1/2 gal sprayer MAIN UPSTAIRS

101.2-2' rippers MAIN UPSTAIRS


103.6' Wooden step ladder MAIN UPSTAIRS

104.Early wooden wagon tongue MAIN UPSTAIRS

105.Fishing poles MAIN UPSTAIRS



108.ratchets ect MAIN UPSTAIRS

109.2 splitting wedges MAIN UPSTAIRS

110.2 belts MAIN UPSTAIRS

111.2 Navy signals MAIN UPSTAIRS

112.Solar charger as is MAIN UPSTAIRS

113.Bucket with chain and 12' chains MAIN UPSTAIRS


115.Endless belt MAIN UPSTAIRS

116.Ryobi drill battery operated MAIN UPSTAIRS

117.Oiler & pin MAIN UPSTAIRS

118.2 Stow away boxes MAIN UPSTAIRS

119.4 Early radios and 8 track MAIN UPSTAIRS

120.2 Breast drills MAIN UPSTAIRS

121.Weight Box for tractor MAIN UPSTAIRS

122.Early chair high back, break in top MAIN UPSTAIRS

123.Paragon electric Kiln with quantity of molds, molds are in the cubbies in the center of barn MAIN UPSTAIRS Not sure of condition or working order of kiln

124.Bucket of bolts, ect MAIN UPSTAIRS

125.Wooden clamp MAIN UPSTAIRS

126.B & D 3" belt sander MAIN UPSTAIRS

127.2 Antique cranks MAIN UPSTAIRS

128.Antique grease gun MAIN UPSTAIRS

129.Double bit hatchet MAIN UPSTAIRS

130.Fishing poles MAIN UPSTAIRS



133.Line for trimmer MAIN UPSTAIRS

134.2 Grease guns MAIN UPSTAIRS

135.Thin copper MAIN UPSTAIRS

136.Early typewriter MAIN UPSTAIRS

137.Crate with assorted tools MAIN UPSTAIRS

138.Splitting wedge MAIN UPSTAIRS

139.Bucket with assorted tools, welding helmet, ect MAIN UPSTAIRS

140.Bucket with assorted tools MAIN UPSTAIR

141.Chicken waterer MAIN UPSTAIRS

142.Tackle box MAIN UPSTAIRS

143.Small wooden wheelbarrow planter MAIN UPSTAIRS

144.4' pine bench needs some glue MAIN UPSTAIRS


146.Log grabber MAIN UPSTAIRS



149.Man's bike MAIN UPSTAIRS

150.2 shovels OUT

151.Wooden A frame OUT

152.Wheelbarrow OUT

153.Approx 10 pieces of Ash OUT

154.Approx 20' x 20' Aluminum framed American Steel building. BRING YOUR OWN TOOLS TO DISASSEMBLE Buyer is responsible for disassembling their purchase.


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