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Shamrock Online Auctions, LLC
Landy Family Estate Online Auction - Friday April 2 6:00 pm

Item Description
1.Ruby red luncheon plates, saucers, 2 red saucers 11 pcs KITCHEN

2.Red rim cube glass berry set, large bowl and 6 berry bowls KITCHEN

3.Peacock Victorian compote no top 7.5" KITCHEN

4.Large painting on canvas sheep in meadow signed Edmund Sullivan 46 x 28 KITCHEN

5.Hamper and plastic tubs KITCHEN

6.Wood advertising box Pinochle Bartlett Pears 19x12x9 KITCHEN

7.Oval braided rug with shamrock center 29 x 20 KITCHEN

8.Small brown bean pot with lid 7" KITCHEN

9.Covered urn 11" KITCHEN

10.Rosalie Cherry Chintz Germany divided dish 12" chip on base KITCHEN

11.Lot with Campbells cup,, Artmark Religious planter, Royal Albert cup saucer, etc. KITCHEN

12.2 Humming bird prints both KITCHEN

13.Cabinet with shot glasses and drinking glasses KITCHEN

14.2 Shelves of drinking glasses KITCHEN

16.2 Shelves of glasses, Brandy and others KITCHEN

17.Phone system KITCHEN

18.Pink pitcher, vase, glasses KITCHEN

19.Hall blue casserole no lid 3.5" high KITCHEN

20.6 Thumb dot cranberry to clear glasses 5.5" all KITCHEN

21.Etched pitcher, vase and other pitchers KITCHEN

22.Elderwood battery powered lantern KITCHEN

23.Revere teapot and 2 stainless bowls KITCHEN

24.Victorian white milk glass square bowl with lattice edging KITCHEN

25.Plastic ware, measure cups KITCHEN

26.Deviled egg dishes, platters 1 is Fostoria KITCHEN candleholders 3.5" KITCHEN

28.Pressed glass, nappy, dresser trays KITCHEN

29.Baking pans KITCHEN

30.Pyrex and baking KITCHEN

31.Cookie trays and more KITCHEN

32.2 Club aluminum pans 1 lid KITCHEN

33.Kitchen aid mixer Model KSM90 KITCHEN

34.Tham non stick pans KITCHEN

36.Salt and peppers, cruets KITCHEN

37.Spices KITCHEN

38.Drinking glasses KITCHEN

39.Colored champagne glasses KITCHEN


41.Everyday tools KITCHEN

42.Floral plate with wall hangers KITCHEN

43.Office chair KITCHEN

44.Hammered aluminum tray Hand wrought by Rodney Kent 408 KITCHEN

45.Artwork by Mariam Morhue KITCHEN

46.Everyday kitchen it3ems KITCHEN

47.Cleaning supplies KITCHEN

48.Fire extinguishers KITCHEN

49.Hardcase flash light KITCHEN

50.Nutri bullet KITCHEN

51.LifeSmart heater KITCHEN

52.Office items KITCHEN

53.Eye glasses KITCHEN

54.Lamp 32" KITCHEN

55.Lladro 5502 KITCHEN

56.Plated serving pieces KITCHEN

57.Sterling rim handled knife KITCHEN

58.Victorian Sweden serving knife KITCHEN

59.Rolex advertising spoon KITCHEN

60.Advertising Tymoski's Sayre Grill and Battle of Midway coin KITCHEN

61.Assorted decorative spoons, etc. KITCHEN

62.Waterford crystal votive holder 2.5" KITCHEN

63.Claddagh bread warmer, Italy Holy water holder KITCHEN

64.Mid Century Little Snick Gerber Legendary Blade KITCHEN

65.Gold tone eye glasses KITCHEN

66.Belleek Holder KITCHEN

67.Waterford Crystal 1994 Christmas decoration KITCHEN

68.Waterford Crystal 1986 Christmas decoration KITCHEN

69.Waterford crystal 1995 Christmas decoration KITCHEN

70.Waterford Crystal 1993 Christmas decoration KITCHEN

71.Waterford Crystal 1984 Christmas decoration KITCHEN

72.Decorative handled cheese knives KITCHEN

73.Knives, can opener etc. KITCHEN

74.Scissors, drink items KITCHEN

75.Toaster, crock pot Keurig coffee maker KITCHEN

76.Pots and pan KITCHEN

77.Stock pot, baking sheet KITCHEN

78.Kitchen utensils KITCHEN

79.Napkins, baggies KITCHEN

80.Corning ware dish KITCHEN

81.Paper towel holder KITCHEN

82.Canned goods KITCHEN

83.Faith Family Friends, clock KITCHEN

85.Toshiba flat screen television 42" LIVING ROOM


87.Television stand LIVING ROOM


89.Broyhill Brown recliner LIVING ROOM

90.Lamp/magazine stand 23x12x26 LIVING ROOM

91.Marble top washstand with candleholder stands 1 drawer over 2 door 30 x 17 x30 LIVING ROOM

92.Floor lamp with Mid Century shade 59" LIVING ROOM

93.Mahogany 1/2 stand with tapered legs 30 x 12 x 28 LIVING ROOM

94.Lift chair LIVING ROOM

95.Broyhill Brown couch 88" LIVING ROOM

96.Pillows LIVING ROOM

97.Bendelton throw LIVING ROOM

98.Michael Marcon painting 33 x 36 LIVING ROOM

99.Shelf of towels LAUNDRY

100.Shelf of sheets and blankets LAUNDRY

101.Laundry baskets LAUNDRY

102.Brass coated lamp BEDROOM FIRST FLOOR


104.7 drawer lingerie dresser 18 x 14 x 50 BEDROOM FIRST FLOOR

105.Mahogany Duncan Phyfe turn card table or hall table 32 x16x29 BEDROOM FIRST FLOOR

106.Stand 18 x 15 x 26 and small box BEDROOM FIRST FLOOR

107.Dickinson School of Law Arm chair BEDROOM FIRST FLOOR


109.Floor lamp with shelf as is BEDROOM FIRST FLOOR

110.2 Marble Living room lamps Each x 2 29" FOYER

111.1 Drawer Queen Anne leg end table 18 x 23x22 FOYER

112.1 Drawer Queen Anne leg end table 18x23x22 FOYER

113.Bed 79 x 58 FOYER

114.Religious picture 18 x 22 FOYER

115.Christmas Window Ireland Picture Copyright R Hevdusa 10x13 FOYER

116.Modern 6 drawer dresser 37 x 18 x 51 FOYER

117.Flag FOYER

118.Walnut Victorian oval white marble top stand FOYER

119.1 drawer drop leaf end coffee table 39x21x16 FOYER

120.Sheets FOYER

121.Sterling silver Norman Rockwell 1975 plate Home for Christmas 6th Annual Franklin Mint Christmas plate 184.9 grams DINING ROOM

122.Sterling Silver Norman Rockwell 1972 3rd Annual Franklin Mint Christmas plate The Carolers 197.8 grams DINING ROOM

123.Sterling silver Norman Rockwell 1971 2nd annual Christmas plate 177 grams DINING ROOM

124.Sterling Silver Norman Rockwell 1973 4th Annual plate Trimming The Tree 175 grams DINING ROOM

125.Sterling Silver Norman Rockwell 1970 1st annual Christmas plate 176.8 grams DINING ROOM

126.Sterling Silver Norman Rockwell 1974 Christmas plate Hanging the Wreath Fifth Annual 178.1 grams DINING ROOM

127.Flex steel couch 74" DINING ROOM

128.Fostoria divided dish, creamer, sugar DINING ROOM

129.Gorham silver candleholders and International creamer and sugar plated DINING ROOM

130.Large Sandwich glass platter, various candleholders and more DINING ROOM

131.American of Martinsville server on wheels 41x18x31 DINING ROOM

132.Basket with assorted items candles place card holders etc. DINING ROOM

133.Mid Century Pecan wood arm chair carved top DINING ROOM

134.Large leather office chair on wheels DINING ROOM

135.2 Wing back chairs Each x 2 DINING ROOM

136.2 Hurricane lamps electrified pair 18" DINING ROOM

137.Brass base triple candelabra with prisms 13.5" DINING ROOM

138.Waterford style living room lamp 21" DINING ROOM

139.Last Supper picture 33x17 DINING ROOM


141.Various cups and saucers DINING ROOM

150.Sterling weighted compote, 2 candleholders as is DINING ROOM

142.Silver plated serving dishes DINING ROOM

151.Small Lenox basket 7x4x4.5 DINING ROOM

143.Vintage gloves and fan DINING ROOM

152.6 Sterling monogrammed spoons total approx weight 108.3 grams DINING ROOM

153.2 Silver Christmas balls with hanger DINING ROOM

144.Miniature Victorian mesh coin purse DINING ROOM

154.7 Brass Presidential coins DINING ROOM

145.Derby International Plated teapot creamer and sugar DINING ROOM

155.Lenox style bell 3" DINING ROOM

146.Vintage pottery dog creamer DINING ROOM

156.6 Sterling silver plates total weight 155 grams approx. DINING ROOM

147.Franklin Mint Antique Car coin collection Series 1 25 piece Bronze DINING ROOM

157.Fostoria or Cambridge 2 small serving dishes DINING ROOM

148.Lot of silver plated items, serving pieces, gravy, compote DINING ROOM

158.Child's Benedict SPNS 672 cup 2.25" high DINING ROOM

149.6 Sterling silver sherbets G.H.F. 3.5" total 474 grams approx. DINING ROOM

159.Silver overlay decorated double handled divided dish, creamer, sugar DINING ROOM

160.Sterling base divided relish divided dish DINING ROOM

161.Fancy small covered relish DINING ROOM

162.Wedgewood plate 6.5" dia. DINING ROOM

163.Arklow Ireland ashtray 5" dia. DINING ROOM

164.Vintage tin Made in USA noise maker DINING ROOM

165.Sterling silver creamer and sugar Preisner 184.0 grams DINING ROOM

166.Knock pottery Ireland Holy Water holder 5" DINING ROOM

167.Empire Sterling silver weighted pair candleholders 2.5" DINING ROOM

168.National Sterling silver weighted candleholders 2.5" DINING ROOM

169.Silver plated crumber and brush Victorian DINING ROOM

170.Quad plate and silver plated napkin rings DINING ROOM

171.Sheffield England Loxley Pastry Fork setting in box and 2 extra spoons DINING ROOM

172.Gold tone tray, dishes and candleholders DINING ROOM

173.Oneida plate and bowl DINING ROOM

174.Vintage Dutch design cup 2.5" DINING ROOM

175.Spode England Christmas Tree candleholder 2.5Vintage Dutch design cup DINING ROOM DINING ROOM

176.Sterling weighted creamer and sugar 198.1 grams 3" DINING ROOM

177.Ruby red center plate and 2 small dishes plater is 14" dia.DINING ROOM

178.Ruby Fenton hand painted compote

179.Camping fork, pocket knife set DINING ROOM

180.Galway Crystal candleholder 8" DINING ROOM

181.Winchester vintage carving set DINING ROOM

182.Silverplated serving utensils 3.5" Eales Silverplate 1779 DINING ROOM

183.Wallace Sterling silver 4107 bowl 6x15" 81.7 grams DINING ROOM

184.Moose Lodge enamel pin, and more DINING ROOM

185.Avon Victorian style ring DINING ROOM

186.Belleek 2 cups and saucers green mark both DINING ROOM

187.Silverplated Early Military framed picture 5x6 DINING ROOM

188.Place card holders DINING ROOM

189.Pecan dining room table with 8 chairs 3-12" leaves table 66x44 DINING ROOM


191.Pecan American of Martinsville Dining room buffet 70x19x31 DINING ROOM

192.Oval beveled mirror 19 x 33 BASE OF STAIRS

193.Shark powered lift a way vac HALL CLOSET

194.Children's' books HALFWAY UP STAIRS ON LANDING

195.Pottery lamp 24" BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

196.Modern 4 drawer dresser 28x16x32 BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

197.Mahogany vanity stool 18" high BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS


199.Stained glass surround mirror 23x19 BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

200.Zenith box television BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

201.Walnut 2 drawer over 2 door wardrobe 37x22x55 BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

202.Box spring mattress 58x80 BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

203.Religious pictures and Crucifix BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

204.1 drawer leather top cabriole leg end table Harmony 19x24x23 BEDROOM 1 UPSTAIRS

205.Flower pictures 21x20 UPSTAIRS BATHROOM

206.Shower curtain bathroom rugs UPSTAIRS BATHROOM

207.bathroom items UPSTAIRS BATHROOM

208.Early football team photograph 22x16 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

209.Bow back rush seat chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

210.Modern 2 door cabinet with shelves 28x16x71 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

211.Day trendle bed metal modern UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

212.Print Train Independence Street Crossing 1949 Michael T. Zyla '90 160 of 950 34x24 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

213.Fire extinguisher UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

214.2 door credenza 44x13x29 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 2

215.Mother child picture textured Peter Brandstatter 65 12x22 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

216.Mahogany 2 drawer night stand 18x14x28 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

217.Mahogany pineapple bed complete footboard in attic 59 x 80 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

218.Machine stitched bird quilt UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

219.Crazy quilt modern UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3 lap size

220.Historic 1896-1988 Presidential Campaign button collection framed 12x14 2UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

221.Victorian vintage black dress with pink under hoop UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

222.Ladies early undergarments UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3


224.Box of various vintage style clothing UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

225.2 chalkware religious figures as is UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

226.Sylvania flat screen television25" UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

227.Mahogany 5 drawer chest of drawers 33x19x47 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

228.Nutcracker place card holders UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

229.Blankets pillows UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

230.Fancy Knights of Columbus sword with sheath UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

231.Pool stick in case UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

232.Plastic tubs UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

233.Coin sorter small extension cord UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3


235.Needlepoint stool 9" high UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

236.Mahogany 8 drawer dresser with mirror 52x21xx34 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

237.Pair white floral lamps both 16" UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

238.Mirror, small figurines UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

239.Amber pattern glass lamp 21" UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

240.3 Religious pictures all UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

241.His Prayers print UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

242.Oriental style throw rug 26x43 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 3

243.2 modern throw rugs UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

244.Bed complete footboard in attic 60 x 80 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

245.Ocean picture 28 x 22 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

246.white with rust tone flowers lamp 18" UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

247.1 drawer over 2 door stand Drew furniture 24x16x26 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

248.Art Deco framed dome top mirror 12x18 UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

249.Ladies rocker UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

250.Cabriole leg carved top arm chair UPSTAIRS BEDROOM 4

251.Vick's humidifier UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

252.Slat back chair UPSTAIRS HALL

253.Hoover upright vac UPSTAIRS HALLWAY

254.Gold framed mirror 24 x 36 ATTIC

255.Hoover 8 gal shop vac ATTIC

256.Pair early brass push up candleholders 10.5" ATTIC

257.Franklin Mint Coin Holder and Coin Medal cleaner ATTIC

258.Halogen light ATTIC

259.Vintage Donald Duck hat and cloth doll ATTIC

260.Northumberland County History book illus. Genealogical and Biographical Annals binding as is ATTIC

261.Vaporizer, fan, roll warmer, etc. ATTIC

262.Pair of hurricane lamps no cords both ATTIC

263.The Trident of Delta Delta Delta ATTIC

264.Early Larkin Soap Co. Factory 10 Family Buffalo NY Advertising box 27x16x10 ATTIC

265.Life books ATTIC

266.Vintage feather in as is briefcase ATTIC

267.Pair of 3" Fenton praying children ATTIC

268.Kirby parts ATTIC

269.Records ATTIC

270.The First Books by Watts ATTIC

271.Books asst Sorties of the Great Operas etc. ATTIC

272.Vintage teenage navels ATTIC

273.Box of various books ATTIC

274.JFK items ATTIC

275.Large Crucifix 14x29 ATTIC

276.Pink flower lamp 34" ATTIC

277.2 Early radios ATTIC

278.Composition doll as is sleep eyes ATTIC

279.Wood box holder ATTIC

280.Composition Nun doll as is ATTIC

281.Frosted white Art Deco bedroom lamp approx. 10" ATTIC

282.Harmony 1 drawer end table 20 x 24 x 23 ATTIC

283.Pair of mid century round end tables both 26" dia, x21 ATTIC

284.Waterford style pair of living room lamps 34" ATTIC

285.Large double handled early paste ware vase as is 20" ATTIC

286.Dremel shoe polisher as is ATTIC

287.Pair of Raggedy Ann and Andy cloth dolls ATTIC

288.CD's ATTIC

289.The Junior Classic books 10 Volumns ATTIC

290.2 Vintage suitcases ATTIC

291.Vintage umbrella handle as is ATTIC

292.Walnut Victorian settee 52" ATTIC

293.2 wood boxes Advertising The Call Havana Principes as is and dome top need hinges ATTIC

294.Records ATTIC

295.Purses ATTIC

296.Early belt ATTIC

297.Foot locker 32x18x12 ATTIC

298.Stuffed animals ATTIC

299.Sleeping bag ATTIC

300.Vintage hats ATTIC

301.Clothing ATTIC

302.Clothing ATTIC

303.Candleholders ATTIC

304.Foot locker 30x16x12 ATTIC

305.Vintage shaving bag, etc. ATTIC


307.Early Oriental mini saucers and finger bowls ATTIC

308.Sports magazine, Cardinals items ATTIC

309.18 x 15 Wallace Nutting ATTIC

310.Original framed picture 10 x 13 ATTIC

311.English style tapestry ATTIC

312.The Happy Hollister's Mystery's ATTIC

313.Religious ATTIC

314.2 Vintage wood baseball bats Hillerich and Bradsby Co. Yogi Berra and Orlando Cepeds ATTIC

315.Walnut Victorian caned seat and back ladies rocker ATTIC

316.Holiday items ATTIC

317.Afghans etc. ATTIC

318.Religious books ATTIC

319.Frames, picture ATTIC

320.Mahogany 2 door wardrobe 40x23x68 ATTIC

321.195/400 1st Day of Fishing by B. Johnson 17x13 ATTIC

322.Saucers, butter patties, etc. ATTIC

323.Early Luncheon dishes cups, saucers, teapot may find damage ATTIC

324.Foot locker ATTIC

325.Clothing in large box ATTIC

326.Clothing in large box ATTIC

327.Various items ATTIC

328.Stork design 4 saucers 2 cups Early may find crack ATTIC

329.Bullion cups and underplates ATTIC

330.Religious print as is poster ATTIC

331.Joke and Ireland books ATTIC

332.Metal 2 door wardrobe 30x20x64ATTIC

333.Metal 2 door wardrobe 30x20x60 ATTIC

334.2 garment racks ATTIC

335.List Finder, cards ATTIC

336.Travel bar set vintage 10x12x14 ATTIC

337.3 empty bar travel bags ATTIC

338.The Rapid Reading Kit ATTIC

339.Vintage cards ATTIC

340.History of Johnstown Flood book as is ATTIC

341.Thermos carrier ATTIC

342.Gun rack, gun cleaning kit, rifle cases ATTIC

343.Hat boxes and vintage hats ATTIC

344.Suitcases ATTIC

345.Exercise ball, back stretcher ATTIC

346.Dome top trunk 332x18x23 ATTIC

347.Racquetballs, golf balls ATTIC

348.Glassware ATTIC

349.Early books ATTIC

350.Speaker, cassette tapes ATTIC

351.Bunkbed ladder ATTIC

352.Vintage suitcase with books ATTIC

353.Early newspapers ATTIC

354.Records JFK etc. ATTIC

355.Music books and sheet music ATTIC

356.Books ATTIC

357.Books ATTIC

358.Life books ATTIC

359.2 boxes of records ATTIC

360.WestPoint air conditioner 23x21x16 ATTIC

361.WestPoint air conditioner 23x21x16 ATTIC

362.WestPoint air conditioner 23x21x16 ATTIC

363.Pair of Edinburgh silverplated triple candleholders KITCHEN

364.Early teapot KITCHEN

365.Wedgewood dishes England some damage Gravy, platter, serving bowl, plates, cups saucers, various 52 pieces KITCHEN

366.The Franklin mint The Governor's Ed of The Franklin Mint States of the Union Series 50 medal struck in 24kt gold on sterling and weights a full 500 grains. In box KITCHEN

367.Vintage Trifari necklace, bracelet and earrings KITCHEN

368.Faux pearl necklaces, etc. KITCHEN

369.2 Necklaces blue stone and shell KITCHEN

370.Bracelets assorted KITCHEN

371.Various earrings in jewelry box KITCHEN

372.Black stone magnet necklace, bracelet and earrings KITCHEN

373.Earrings KITCHEN

374.Faux pearls, earrings KITCHEN

375.Sterling Cross 10.5 grams KITCHEN

376.Rosaries KITCHEN

377.Godltone leaf necklace, bracelet pierced earrings KITCHEN

378.Brooches flower and costume KITCHEN

379.Various pins KITCHEN

380.Fresh water pearl necklace KITCHEN

381.Goldtone necklace, bracelet, pierced earrings Monet KITCHEN

382.Various necklaces KITCHEN

383.Knife lifelong KITCHEN

384.Magnetic necklace and bracelet KITCHEN

385.Costume necklace KITCHEN

386.Scarab bracelet KITCHEN

387.Scarab bracelet KITCHEN

388.Elgin pocket watch 26826209 Case Silverode 572645 All watches sold as is KITCHEN

389.American Waltham pocket watch 10103864 case 6763251 All watches sold as is KITCHEN

390.Necklace with goldtone pinecone pendant and long silver tone leaf pendant KITCHEN

391.2 Costume bracelets Faux pearl signed Richelilu KITCHEN

392.Early pocket knife KITCHEN

393.AK Gold Filled Cameo pendant and 1 screw back earring KITCHEN

394.14k marked chain with unmarked pendant with diamond accent total weight 2.4 grams not tested KITCHEN

395.Lorenza Cameo and faux pearl bracelet-gold tone KITCHEN

396.Victorian pin 1.5" Blue and clear stone KITCHEN

397.Costume necklace and pierced earrings KITCHEN

398.14k Setting white gold 7 graduated size diamond pendant 2.8 gram, RCI 14k chain gold not tested KITCHEN

399.Scarab bracelet marked 1/12 gold filled KITCHEN

400.Renoir copper cuff bracelet KITCHEN

401.Trifari pin and clip earrings KITCHEN

402.Tamey jewels bracelet gold tone and oval cab pearlized stones KITCHEN

403.Unsigned gold tone locket KITCHEN

404.Kelly Waters pendant KITCHEN

405.MI W. Germany pink stone plastic and gold tone necklace earring set KITCHEN

406.Miracle signed pendant KITCHEN

407.4 Diamond cluster pendant with 14k setting and chain total weight 2 grams KITCHEN

408.2 watches KITCHEN

409.Unsigned setting Irish tone pendant missing 1 seed pearl KITCHEN

410.Trifari gold tone necklace KITCHEN

411.MNKSN9 Victorian earrings KITCHEN

412.Bow brooch KITCHEN

413.Trifari brooch and clip earrings KITCHEN

414.Calamari stone pin KITCHEN

415.4" Wedgewood pin dish KITCHEN

416.Coldwater Creek 5 strand necklace KITCHEN

417.Kremetz marked chain KITCHEN

418.10k gold setting 2 grams KITCHEN

419.14k Italy AU Gold chain not tested 15 grams KITCHEN

420.Gold 14k Italy with faux pearl pendant 3.9 grams KITCHEN

421.Light bulbs, small extension cords BASEMENT STAIRWAY

422.Corningware BASEMENT

423.Over 60 pieces of Franciscianware dishes cups, saucers, bowls, different size plates may find some damage BASEMENT

424.Large candlewick punch bowl and under plate bowl 12" dia. Plate 19" dia BASEMENT

425.Various planters and assorted BASEMENT

426.Vases, cruet, BASEMENT

427.Toaster oven, coffee maker, pans BASEMENT

428.Tote of table linens BASEMENT

429.Candles BASEMENT

430.St. Patrick's Day decorations BASEMENT

431.Baskets and planter BASEMENT

432.Various everyday use chemicals BASEMENT

433.Garden chemicals BASEMENT

434.Children's books BASEMENT

435.Easter decorations BASEMENT

436.2 Sections of shelf of assorted tools and items used around the home BASEMENT

437.Flag, decorations BASEMENT

438.Linens and Snowman box BASEMENT

439.Drawer knobs and vintage brushes BASEMENT

440.Joke book, What's So Funny About Getting Old? BASEMENT

441.Vintage portable record player BASEMENT

442.Carrier book, plane poster etc. BASEMENT

443.Silver cloths BASEMENT

444.Smoke detectors BASEMENT

445.Early records BASEMENT

446.Child's gate BASEMENT

447.16 x 20 Float frame BASEMENT

448.Foot bath BASEMENT

449.Drain master Drum auger BASEMENT

450.Picnic items BASEMENT

451.Crutches BASEMENT

452.6 Gall on shop vac BASEMENT

453.Early drop leaf table 40 x 20 x 30 BASEMENT

454.3 stands all 1 leg as is BASEMENT

455.Holiday glasses BASEMENT

456.Nativity set most say Italy BASEMENT

457.3 drawer plastic stand and tub BASEMENT

458.Table 46x18x30 BASEMENT

459.Green Machine The Frog Band battery operated not tested BASEMENT

460.Vintage metal tiered cart as is BASEMENT

461.Linens BASEMENT

462.Folding table BASEMENT

463.Card table and 3 chairs BASEMENT

464.Salters BASEMENT

465.Red vases, amberina footed bowl BASEMENT

466.Knick knacks BASEMENT

467.Victorian stand 25 x 26 x 29 needs some repair BASEMENT

468.Bag chair BASEMENT

469.Early basketballs, toys BASEMENT

470.2 Tubs of Holiday decorations BASEMENT

471.Plastic glasses BASEMENT

472.Children's items BASEMENT

473.4 1/2 ft aluminum step ladder BASEMENT

474.Whirlpool upright freezer 28 x 25 x 66 BASEMENT

475.Frigidaire refrigerator freezer 29 x 30 x 66 BASEMENT

476.Glasses BASEMENT

477.Sharp clock BASEMENT

478.Italy Cake set plates only BASEMENT

479.5 Farber Bros. Amber and Chrome Art Deco 4.5" cordials BASEMENT

480.Vintage travel maps BASEMENT

481.Assorted Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars BASEMENT

482.2 White green rim cased glass 8" vases both BASEMENT

483.9" copper funnel BASEMENT

484.Celtic Blessings Book BASEMENT

485.Ruby 13" platter and 11" dia. Bowl BASEMENT

486.14" Vintage Holiday thermos bottle BASEMENT

487.3.5" dia Mid Century pottery planter BASEMENT

488.Gallon Jersey Milk bottle BASEMENT

489.Fenton Hand pted Irish Blessing Rose bowl 4" high BASEMENT

490.Iron mini pancake ball pan BASEMENT

491.Various cordial glasses BASEMENT

492.Child's Sylvester and Tweety Bird tea set dishes BASEMENT

493.Wagner ware 6.5" dia frying pan iron BASEMENT

494.Leaf bowl with nut crackers wood bowl cracked BASEMENT

495.Rooster soup casserole 11 x 9 x 10 BASEMENT

496.Studio pottery face mug 4 1/2" high BASEMENT

497.3.5" blue Toothpick boot BASEMENT

498.Roseville Ohio green spongeware small bowl BASEMENT

499.5.5" Brass Cobra snake candle stick BASEMENT

500.7.5" Pinkish fan vase BASEMENT

501.Pair 8" Brass decorated vases BASEMENT

502.2" Hummel Frier Tuck pepper BASEMENT

503.Lefton China 2.5" 3 pc Nativity BASEMENT

504.12" hand blown blue hand painted Bristol vase BASEMENT

505.Pyrex oval casserole no top BASEMENT

506.6.5" Baby head planter BASEMENT

507.Musical 7.5" bird cage not tested BASEMENT

508.10" Teardrop handblown vase BASEMENT

509.Blue milk glass Fenton bowl 8.5" dia, 2.5" high BASEMENT

510.Religious planters BASEMENT

511.Brass and pewter items BASEMENT

512.Chair BASEMENT

513.Various glassware BASEMENT

514.Records BASEMENT

515.Oval mirror 19 x 28 BASEMENT

516.10" 2 tone jug chip on base BASEMENT

517.Kuchen Stolz knives BASEMENT

518.Silverware BASEMENT

519.Griswold cast iron 5 qt. pan BASEMENT

520.Roaster BASEMENT

521.Crown 8 gallon crock crack and flaking BASEMENT

522.Small fan BASEMENT

523.Tin Playskool Pullman Sleep-Dolly-Sleep Toy Box BASEMENT

524.3 Canning jars BASEMENT

525.Table linens BASEMENT

526.Precision wrenches and screwdrivers BASEMENT

527.Unbearable Facts books BASEMENT

528.Silverware BASEMENT

529.Various glasses, etc. BASEMENT

530.Victorian Iron base Lion head design needlepoint top stool needs to be put together BASEMENT

531.Floor fan BASEMENT

532.Tool set BASEMENT

533.Drill, etc. BASEMENT

534.40 pc combination socket set BASEMENT

535.Tool box with ax mallet etc. BASEMENT

536.Slat back rocker BASEMENT

537.Tote of various items BASEMENT

538.Work light BASEMENT

539.Garment rack BASEMENT

540.Laundry basket full of table clothes BASEMENT

541.2 Vintage bed covers BASEMENT

542.Dovetailed lift top box 27 x 15 x 16 BASEMENT

543.Vintage clothes carrier, clothes pins BASEMENT

544.Early wicker seat child's stroller on wheels no handles BASEMENT

545.Footstool oval end BASEMENT

546.Wood Fisher Price Rabbit pull toy 11 x 5 x 4 BASEMENT

547.Wood Easter wagon 11 x 7 x 4 BASEMENT

548.3 Way speaker system Verit BASEMENT

549.Early table 43 x 24 x 28 BASEMENT


551.Early child's table as is 18 x 26 x 29 BASEMENT

552.Garbage can with umbrellas BASEMENT

553.2 large boxes of various Easter baskets etc. BASEMENT

554.Activity gym BASEMENT

555.Vintage wood and early wheel baby carriage as is BASEMENT

556.Electrostatic Action push sweeper small BASEMENT

557.Vintage bouncy horse missing feet holders BASEMENT

558.1 drawer over 2 door stand 31 x 16 x 34 BACK PORCH

559.5" Light battery operated BACK PORCH

560.Early candlestand 15" dia, 31" high BACK PORCH

561.35 x 35 framed picture BACK PORCH

562.Cube refrigerator 18 x 19 x 20 BACK PORCH

563.1 Drawer stand 26 x 17 x 28 BACK PORCH

564.Painted black stand 24 x 17 x29 BACK PORCH

565.2 metal porch stands both BACK PORCH

566.Weber Grill OUTBACK

567.Lights GARAGE

568.Propane tank GARAGE

569.New Troybilt blower GARAGE

570.Craftsman blower with extension cord GARAGE

571.2 Hoses GARAGE

572.Lionel train Engine 2067 with track as is GARAGE

573.Small camp grill GARAGE

574.2 gas cans GARAGE

575.Central Model 700B seeder GARAGE

576.Golf club, sun umbrella GARAGE

577.Handicap walker, potty seat GARAGE

578.folding chairs on wall, hula hoop GARAGE

579.2 snow shovels, cart GARAGE

580.Car wash items GARAGE

581.Tree trimmer and elec. Weed eater GARAGE

582.Long handled fishing net GARAGE

583.Lot of hand tools, rake, ax etc. GARAGE

584.Garden items in corner including trellis GARAGE

585.Concrete statue as is GARAGE

586.Planter GARAGE

587.Wood step ladder GARAGE

588.Advertising wood box 28 x 15x13

589.Primitive hand made wood stand 25 x 21 x 21 GARAGE

590.Small wood box full of bricks GARAGE

591.Primitive smaller triple bin feed box 32 x 16x28 GARAGE

592.Costume tennis bracelet KITCHEN

593.Gold filled pierced earrings 2 pair and one KITCHEN

594.14k gold chain 1 gram, Napier gold tone earrings and more KITCHEN

595.Sterling bracelet 6.8 grams KITCHEN

596.Unmarked gold tone locket with 14k Cross charm KITCHEN

597.14k Setting 8 blue sapphire around diamond chip pierced earrings total weight 2 grams KITCHEN

598.Earrings necklace KITCHEN

599.2 pair sterling pierced earrings 1 with abalone total weight 6.1 grams

600.Costume pin and clip star earrings KITCHEN

601.Sterling religious pendant chain not sterling KITCHEN

602.Unmarked Victorian gold tone child's locket with seed pearl KITCHEN

603.Costume pendant and clip earrings. Light blue stone surrounded with clear crystals KITCHEN

604.Handmade bracelet KITCHEN

605.Early costume bracelet and earrings with cut blue stones KITCHEN

606.Costume necklace, bracelet and pierced earring set KITCHEN

607.Men's golf shoes size 9 1/2 KITCHEN

608.CD's and cassettes KITCHEN

609.Sole Salvation KITCHEN

610.Yogi Berra book KITCHEN

611.Books Still Me, Wherever Green is Worn KITCHEN

612.Golf Instruction book KITCHEN

613.50 Sterling Silver Coins Treasures of The Louve 1st Ed. Proof set Each coin weighs approx. 40 grams total approx. weight 2000 grams DINING ROOM

614.Oak 2 drawer filing cabinet DINING ROOM

615.Box of assorted books KITCHEN


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