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Antiques Furniture, Books, Magazines, Primitives and more Part 2 - Saturday November 21 5:00 pm

Item Description
1.Early Livingroom Chair

2.Swivel type Office Chair

3.3 Pieces of Marble: Approximately 1= 50x24?, 1= Brown Piece, 41x14 1/2", 1 = White 36x19"

4.Group of Window Screens

5.Wooden Framed Mirror: 21x27"

6.Sylvania Clock Radio: Model # 2202

7.Philco Transitone Radio: Model 48-200-121

8.Early Buttons

9.Sony FM Am Cassette-corder Model # CFM-120

10.The Practical Home Physician Book

11.22" Tole Painted Metal Tray

12.Philco Electric Radio: Model # L 861-124

13.Early Bottles

14.Plastic Globe Light Shade

15.29x29" Metal Weather Vane with James in letters on it

16.Florescent Light Fixture with 15 Watt Florescent Bulb

17.3 corner shelving glass

18.20x31" Mirror

19.11x9 Glass Wall ornament

20.Early Pack of Piedmont Country Smoking Tobacco

21.Channel Master, 15x7x9" AM FM Radio

23.Early Metal Watering Can

24.Self Powered AM FM Radio Flash Light, Raid Bug Killer, Moth Balls, Pine Disinfectant, Electronic Cleaner, Etc.

25.2 Stoneware Jugs, both have chips

26.2 oval Topped Wooden Framed Mirrors

27.1 Metal Piece attached to a wood block and 1 Brass Candle Holder

28.Metal Footed Stand

29.Deluxe Accessory kit and two vacuum cleaner attachment parts (1 is marked Dyson)

30.2 early feed bags Rockwell Quality feed, Canton PA etc.

31.Sanyo Car Radio Model FTU 50

32.1992 Sears Catalog

33.Wooden advertising box 13x9.5x7 Skinless Boneless�... Filled w/tiles

34.At&t digital answering system model 1710

35.Various older books and leaflets, homesteads, cowboys and coalmines, etc.

36.2 pcs of leather

37.Early Valentine Cards

38.Early tins, ashtrays, etc. w/metal measuring cup, spices, etc. w/2 early toasters

41.8 wooden drawers

42.11" Jug

43.Enamel 16x11x4 basin w/asst stain glass pcs.

44.9x9x5 metal box w/lid and early headphones (Western Electric) w/enamel pots and pans, metal pitcher, etc. w/misc. household liquids etc.

47.6 Clover Dairy Farm Inc. pint glass jars Each x 6

48.Made in Germany Coo Coo Clock

49.Early umbrella w/plastic handle of Pittsburg/Binghamton and the Eastern Railroad

51.48x8x58 Wooden mantel pc also round mirror that is 34" and a painting of a poodle

52.63" wooden rod w/wall attachments and a 79" board w/decorative fabric on it and 58x9x31 wall mirror shelf unit

53.52x17 etched wall mirror

54.17" Stoneware Lamp

55.10 1/2" Enamel coffee pot

56.Early Metal Tea Kettle, 9" Tall

57.2 Boxes of Wood Items, etc. with a Tea Spoon Holder, Leather Seats, Circular Wooden Box, Wooden, Painted Serving Tray, etc.

58.Kienzle Wind Up Brass Clock , Made in Germany

59.2 Women's Full Length Coats, Dark Red= Babhor ( Small to Medium)

60.Wood Framed Black and white Print signed P. Moran: 34x28"

61.A Wooden Drawer, An Early 'For Women Only' unopened Jig Saw Puzzle, a 1938 Life Magazine and other Mid Century Magazines

62.Bottom of an Enamel Roaster (Blue, 20") with Assorted Vases, a Gallon Jug, Bottles, Etc.

63.Metal Ice Cube Trays, Etc.

64.2 Early Metal Cake Carriers with Handles

65.Assorted Belts and Wooden Stretchers

66.2 View Masters with Film Reels and a View Master Junior Projector

67..Matchboxes , Pictures, Glass Items and Chandelier Crystals

68.A Lamp Shade, Children's Books and a Wilson Ball, Photographs, Wall Sayings

69.Pink Hat Box and 2 Valerie Modes Hats and 3 Additional Hats

70.Kitchen Items: Rival Electric Can Opener, Measuring Cups, etc.

71.Heavy Pencil Holder, Lidded Glass Jar, Bowl of Buttons, Stoneware Cup filled with Screws

72.Early tins, ashtrays, etc.

73.10 Cooper's Novels,

74.Shelf Unit ( No Contents) Wooden, 48x9x26"

75.Waterbury Electric Alarm Clock in Plastic Case, Approx. 4x8", Made by Ingersoll Waterbury Co.

76.2 Small Mixing Bowls, marked USA , E- 15, Small Brass Metal Box with a Handle, 2 Blue Enamel Pieces, Candle Stick Holder, a Small Copper Container, a Straight Edge Razor

77.Assorted Antlers

78.Blue Ridge Cheese Box

79.Pink Depression Glass Refrigerator Dish

80.Art Deco Sugar Dish and Spoon

81.2 Boxes of Assorted Dish Ware: Bottom of a Hall Refrigerator Dish, a Kitchen Craft Covered Dish, a Wooden Slicer, 3 Blue Oxford Dishes, a small, White Pitcher, etc. A Small Blue Stoneware Cannister with Lid

82.5 wooden shutter pcs and a approx. 7' wooden spindle pc.

83.Early leather trimmed suitcase 29x17x8

84.23x22 picture of lady and a 19x25 bull picture

85.wooden book shelf 36x12x25 of asst glass items w/misc. early jars, etc. w/asst early tins of early prints and photographs of historic places w/asst cleaning supplies etc. of asst metal items, chains, hook, etc. of wooden frames, table legs, etc. Jonathan M. Wilcox poster and wooden shutters

94.Early metal suitcase of asst wooden interior shutters

96.2 interior wooden shutters w/misc. phones and cords w/electrical items w/painting items, masks, etc.

100.Early Zenith hi fidelity am/FM electric radio

101.8x12 wood oval frame

102.GE infra red light bulb

103.misc. household medical items of asst tape orange juice bottle and a plate of misc. electrical

107.prince albert tin w/tacks and nails in it.

108.misc. household repair items

109.replacement slats for shutters and a small wooden picture frame of misc. wire

111.16x18 framed print titled Hope, painter is Watts

112.2 boxes of asst strings etc.

113.12x21 cardboard bucket Clarks chocolate French rolls

114.73" metal shelf brackets and a 16x14 metal register

115.Early hoover electric upright vacuum

116.Throw Pillows

117.Victorian Fainting Couch

118.Victorian Fainting Couch with 2 Extra Bolster Pillows

119.Walnut Victorian carved back arm chair

120.Assorted Wood Frames, Pieces of Glass and Unusual Wood Frame

121.Electric Cable Wire

122.2 Box Fans and 2 Large Window Fans

123.3 Pieces of Carpet and 2 Wooden Table Leaves

124.Hinged frames for privacy screen

125.Tote Containing a Chenille Bed Spread

126.2 Boxes of Cassette Tapes

127.Mid Century Plastic mold Chair

128.3 Enamel Bowls, Porcelain Serving Dish, Etc.

129.Scrap Materials and Upholstery Fabric

130.Art Deco blue glass top side table

131.2 Bamboo Chairs and a Two Tiered Glass and Bamboo Table

132.2 Bamboo Chairs and a Globe Shaped Table

133.Bamboo Chaise Lounge Set

134.Early Puzzle and a Cardboard, Broadway, NY Hat Box

135.Carve walnut Wall Display Unit

136.Bamboo Porch Chair

137.Tin with Assorted Buttons Inside

138.Tin Filled with Game Chips (says Stop Monkeying)

139.Wooden Towel and an Adjustable wooden Support

140.2 Early Living Room Victorian walnut Occasional Chairs Each x 2

141.2 Deer Hides

142.1940's Leather Chair and Hassock

143.3 Card Tables

144.Early Quilt

145.Early Quilt

146.Christmas Candle Lights

147.2 96x35" walnut carved Benches Each x 2 ( Contents on Bench NOT Included)

148.Electrical Cords, 2 Brass Ceiling Light Fixtures

149.Sunshine AT Home Book, 1883

150.Men's Shoes and Boots, Many are Size 9

151.Curtain Rods, Yard Sticks and a Box of Maysville Carpet Warp

152.Small Adorned style Primitive Stool

153.Circular Plastic wig Box with Chinese Paper Lanterns Inside


155.Wallets, Wicker Trivets

156.Old Newspapers (1980's)

157.Waste Basket

158.6 1960's TV Magazines

159.Vintage RCA Victor Stereo turntable in Wooden Cabinet

160.1950"s TV Magazines

161.1970's TV Magazines

162.Vintage floor model Silvertone Radio Record Player in a Wooden Case, Catalogue # 7100, Chassis # 101.811

163.2 Buckets with Assorted Yard Scissors

164.Galvanized Tub

165.Enamel Basin, Green Tone

166.2 Piece Metal Waste Basket and Lidded Container

167.2 Early Canton Post Cards: Main Street and the High School

168.2 Early East Canton Post Cards in a Frame

169.Framed Canton Bill, Dated 1894

170.3 Canton Post Cards, circa 1906

171.Framed Early Post Cards of New Albany, PA

172.4 Framed Early Post Cards of Canton Lake

173.8'x9'5" Chines Rug

174.3-4' x6-7' Oriental Rug Runner

175.6x4 metal w/glass turtle ashtray

176.asst early books and plays

177.#9 Tone wooden box w/SGT bar and heavy metal container w/two satin beaded collars of a silver covered dish w/ladies necklace and matching earrings

180.wooden wall display shelf

181.2 Early scrapbooks of ladies cloth gloves

183.wooden tray of early pens/pencils and nail files

184.misc. metal aluminum and plastic items

185.early military belt and kit, funnel, ashtray, mirror

186.1987 trump on the cover of NY Magazine

187.New handy reference atlas and the greater united states and the world pictorial atlas

188.child's plastic gun holster and some early children's books

189.leather ankle brace, book of poems, etc.

190.misc. crotchet items

191.candlestick, glass grapes, chipped porcelain vase

192.Shawnee USA #710 Dutch boy and girl planter

193.big box of table linens

194.qty of crotchet ladies collars

195.2 early pocketknives, fishing real, etc.

196.straight edge razor, ivory colored handled of embroidered table linens

198.4 boxes of asst feathers

199.2 wooden pcs

200.spats metal and porcelain items

202.Made in West Germany cut paper decoration

203.Leather band wooden handled device

204.2 brass items, 1 is a 10" brass vase, 1 is a 7" brass woman

205.3 boxes of new handkerchiefs and an article on handkerchiefs

206.Local Artists 1976, Ne w Albany, Wellsboro Sayre Towanda

207.3 leather bank deposit bags

208.2 glass picture negatives

209.Kitchen Kraft baking dish w/lid and silver server, plates, etc.

210.1940's and 1950 Scrapbook of Movie Stars

211.9x7 metal tea pot and planter w/damage of old Leather Book Covers

213.electric metal light w/timer

214.Box of asst early books w/asst items, metal desk lamp, plates, chimney cover etc. of asst table linens of asst fur pieces of asst fur muffs of asst mid century candles etc. of misc. table coverings and runners

221.2 serving trays, 1 is metal

222.2 Giant Corbels 27"x3' drop

223.Metal cart w/wheels (items on it not included)

224.asst prints

225.2 boxes of asst books of asst hand fans

227.qty of 45rpm records of asst early Christmas of misc. pcs of upholstery and other fabrics of 4 white glass lamp shades

231.lot of 5 art books of mid century window candle lights of asst curtains and curtain making supplies

234.large tapestry of asst doilies, edging etc. of Canton Sentinel 2006-2008 of Canton Sentinel 2004-2005

238.29x19 throw rug of asst needlework

240.22x19 needlepoint

241.early wheelchair w/pillow

242.metal floor lamp w/antlers and wooden plagues

244.7 coke bottles and cardboard holder

245.afghan, upholstery fabric etc.'s dress shirt and a hand made men's sweater

247.table covering

248.large tapestry style afghan

249.qty of silverware w/3 silver pcs. One Westchester State trophy, one tray, etc.

251.2 stoneware items, one says JAC 70 of asst toaster ovens and toasters

253.brass 27" spray pump

254.3 asst lamps w/3 early photographs of asst throw pillows of asst blankets and bed coverings

258.45x21x22 wooden chest John McCelland

259.lot of asst mirrors

260.2 manikins of asst brass and silver items

262.Leather arm chair

263.early suitcase

264.early hat box

265.3 bird cages w/1 fabric cover of asst yard and a shuttle

267.wooden table and 2 benches ---benches are 76x19x45, table is 64x28x30

268.roll of fabric and 7 wooden tubes about 56" long and 4" wide

269.Lycoming College metal desk lamp

270.wooden item w/brass trim

271.2 mid century toasters, 1 art deco style

272.metal floor fan and a metal floor heater

273.qty of felt banners's hats

275.7 asst magazines

276.6 pack of empty Nude Beer bottles in cardboard holder

277.3 silver items, pitcher and 2 trivets

278.wooden glass top table w/4 benches

279.about 65" wooden floor lamp

280.nesting glass and metal shelves w/lamp and a Hallmark Santa

281.3 silver plates

282.bamboo chair of asst colored string

284.Blue glass top Art Deco table

285.1 porcelain urinal , a Royal Stone China Wedgewood England bowl and mid century salt and pepper shakers

286.44"x6' Oriental Rug

287.2 Trays 1= Aluminum, 1 Enamel Lid, 2 Stuffed Animals

288.Wicker Arm Chair

289.Small Lamp Shades

290.Assorted Burlap and the roll of plastic upholstery fabric

291.4 Silver Vegetable Dishes, footed, all marked Benedict Indestructo Silver Solder, #1271

292.Misc. Candle Sticks, Metal Trays, Mug, marked PRINKNASH, Made in England, 2 Wonder Shredders, etc.

293.Early Pictures, calendar, Booklet, and Piece of Wool Fabric

294.Early Couch and Crochet Pillow

295.Oriental Rug Pieces

296.12x4' approximately Oriental Rug

297.Satin Comforter, Assorted Table Linens, Etc.

298.3 Heavy Tapestry Fabric Curtains

299.Victorian Style Fainting Couch

300.Women's Shoes, 4 Pairs, 2 Size 7, 1= 81/2. 1= size 10

301.Dark Red and Wood Living Room Chair

302.Penn State, 1931 Yearbook,

303.1939 Yale Year Book

304.Bed Sheets and Table Linens

305.Wing Back Chair

306.Trays and Playing Cards

307.Large Piece of Needlepoint and 5 Hooked Chair Seat Covers

308.Ash Trays, Trivets, Coasters, a Mr. Nutty Nutcracker.

309.Early Tools and Wood Items

310.Table Linens

311.Leather Upholstered Chair

312.3 Floor Lamps, some Sconces and an Early Shade

313.Foot Stool with Wooden Legs

314.Assorted Blankets and a Muslim Scarf Advertising Sugar, Some Quilts

315.Sheet Music

316.Wood Slat End Table Mid Century 28x28x17 1/2"

317.Citrus Glass Juicers and a Glass Bowl

318.Brass Ornamental, Pat. 1906, and a Die Castings, Ny, Ashtray or Serving Dish

319.Baxter Model # E 029-000 Seth Thomas Clocks Electric, but Cord Cut off

320.Cane Seat and Back walnut Rocking chair

321.Baskets, including a covered Basket and a small sewing basket

322.Upholstery Fabric a Blanket and some Misc. Scraps

323.Old Pulley 169 Patented and A60 and a Tin Box with Scenes on the Sides

324.2 Mahogany Dining Room Chairs Each x 2

325.3 Early Suitcases

326.1 Suitcase, 1 Box of Bed Coverings, a Crochet Afghan, Etc.

327.2 Dining Room Chairs

328.1 Wood Framed Mirror with a Picture marked Frank H, DSSCX and a Wooden Serving Tray

329.Metal Patio Chair


331.12 1960's Movie Magazines, no covers

332.6 1970's Movie Magazines, no covers

333.12 1950's Movie Magazines, no covers

334.Green Living Room Chair

335.2 Pieces of Upholstery Fabric

336.13 1/2x40: Slaw Cutter

337.National Biscuits Co. Advertising Crate and magazine rack

338.Box of Copper Pieces

339.Horseshoe and Borg Scales

340.Wicker Table

341.Rolls of Upholstery Fabric, Etc.

342.Bamboo Item

343.1893 Fire Side Companion Newspaper and some Old Magazines

344.Books and Calendars

345.Toilet Seat

346.Rolls of Upholstery Fabric, Etc.

347.Cardboard Pieces of Advertising

348.2 Paintings on Canvas, 1= Damaged

349.Early Door Knobs, Etc.

350.2 Wooden Crates, 1= Bear Creek Orchards

351.Oriental Rug Approximately 4x7'

352.Progress of the Breed: The History of US Holsteins

353.Saws and other tools

354.Walnut Victorian Occasional Chair

355.Wood Floor Lamp, 5'5" or so

356.Lot of 45 rpm records

357.Adirondack style end table

358.Crochet, Curtains, Etc.

359.Contemporary Swivel Chair signed Charles Emaes and by Herman Miller face repaired

360.Living Room Chair and Foot Stool

361.Wood Framed Mirror and a Wood Table

362.Variety of Fabric , a Rug or a Tapestry, Etc.

363.Maple Chair Morris Style but contemporary

364.Metal Floor Lamp, Approximately 48" Tall

365.Quilt and a Metal Quilt Rack

366.Oriental Rug ( Approximately 3x5')

367.Piece of a Oriental Rug ( Cut) Approximately 6x4'

368.Hand Sewn Heavy silk tapestry piece

369.Coverlet Piece

370.2 bed coverings

371.wing back chair

372.2 Early quilts

373.cane seat wooden painted rocking chair

374.branch end table

375.piano bench of misc. fabric and crotchet pieces

377.asst calendars

378.wood mantel piece about 5'

379.2 boxes, 1 has early games and 1 has bamboo pcs

380.4'x3' throw rug of heavy velvet drapes

382.lot of Asian panels

383.lot of Children's books etc.

384.2 leather skirts

385.wooden wall mirror books and journals

387.Early love seat and matching rocking chair Empire style

388.3 asst scrap books

389.lot of comforter, hand sewn quilt etc.

390.ladies bedroom chair

391.5'x3' Oriental rug (some damage)

392.2 metal table lamps

393.2 boxes of Richard Harding Davis books of 5 glass decanters

395.enamel pie plates and grill pan of asst silver items

397.2 enamel kettles

398.Pyrex wine decanter, cookie cutters etc.

399.2 tins, 1 Mellow mint w/2 crock items

401.brown rotary telephone

402.Tapered leg mid century occasional chair

403.2 bed coverings

404.approx. 5' Mid Century toleware style metal floor lamp

405.24x32 wood framed mirror

406.Therm-A-Hot early heater and early iron board

407.silver serving dish w/plastic handles of misc. Pyrex

409.wooden framed painting

410.3 aluminum items and 1 silver and glass item

411.Asian prints, aluminum soap dish etc.

412.marble top desk w/bench 30x18x30 of early photography items

414.2 Walnut Victorian carved chairs Each x 2

415.early quilt

416.2 wrought iron ends for a bench

417.wicker porch chair

418.Foot Stool with Wooden Legs

419.filet crotchet throw pillows

420.small oriental rugs

421.Early Empire veneered couch 84x28x38

422.wool blanket

423.Foot Stool with Wooden Legs

424.wooden pillar approx.3' of asst kitchen items

426.wooden plant stand

427.early paper celebration items and tissue paper

428.Snyder Auto visor of asst metal items w/mid century weaving loom and leather pieces of personal hygiene items of early classic books racket frame and a wooden folding chair (missing back canvas)

434.2 silver trays and other metal items in a tin can

435.2 grates

436.7 empty cans

437.curtains, hot pads, etc.

438.12" wood handled knife, marked Foster Bros. of asst bed sheets

440.cardboard cylinder filled w/wooden items

441.lot of early photographs

442.Sylvania solid state am/FM radio of leather straps

444.small wooden plant stand w/early plastic salt and pepper shakers etc. of misc. glass items

447.lot of tin items

448.Vision Ease early television filter

449.cane seat wooden chair of metal picture frames

451.Avon cologne cars

452.Crewel work panel and a filet piece

453.36x15" coffee table

454.misc. figurines, porcelain lid and other decorative items

455.Zenith plastic radio and record player

456.asst table linens

457.small cane bench (cane is damaged)

458.wooden piano bench

459.telescopic arm light fixture

460.cornices and heavy chase lap robe

461.4pc Samsonite luggage set

462.manikin made into a lamp of Canton Sentinel 1977-1978

464.Snowdrift Coconut tin can w/handles

465.Aluminum turntable

466.3 green enamel large overhead lamps 15x10

467.qty of aluminum trays

468.wicker basket and 6 padded dining room chair seats

469.2 early toastmaster items, a toaster and a coffee pot glass Art Deco Octagon sided flower stand

471.set of aluminum candle sticks

472.Columbia 960 mid century record player of Canton Sentinel newspapers 1996,98 and 99 occasional chair

475.Early velvet draperies

476.2 boxes of wooden hangers

477.4 boxes of misc. fabric, crotchet, candles, and table linens

478.large qty of records and albums

479.wooden rack

480.2 children's suitcases

481.asst table and bed coverings velvet curtains

483.17x18 metal electric mirror light

484.3 hooked 4x2 throw rugs of early carving forks and knives

486.carved wood foot stool

487.3 boxes of asst record albums

488.cookie tins and a early metal breadbox

489.3 stoneware items, 1 jug, 1 crock, and 1 crock w/lid

490.stack of early Columbia records

491.2 wood framed slates

492.decorative items, pink fan, flag booklet etc.

493.ribbon and early Christmas garland

494.electric candle in original box and early glass Christmas ornaments

495.7 metal trays and a salt water taffy box's clothing items

497.early bluebird records canning lids and a Wisk broom

499.3 Arabian horse world catalogs

500.canvas painting H. Simson

501.7 ironstone plates, some from England

502.stack of misc. bed coverings, pillow, paper lamp and newspapers

503.Hall China pitcher and misc. dishes

504.asst picture frames

505.boomerang dresser items metal soap dish and old bottles

506.misc. silverware early salt and pepper shakers, curling iron etc.

507.Lightolier lenses, arch support and an early tin

509.small copper oil can

510.wok set, locked metal box, and a derck's gauge dial

511.spoils of chenille

512.pcs of asst wood

513.Genuine electrolite electric metal light

514.stack of dishes and a citrus squeezer

515.Sun lamp kit, a tealight lamp and some early sunglasses

516.cast iron owl

517.4 early green handled kitchen utensils and a porcelain door knob

518.asst men's tie

519.2 clear glass lamp globes

520.desk lamp and a ceiling lamp

521.asst early tools

522.scrapbooks calendars and a leather item of asst drawer pulls

524.misc. wood decorative items and a wicker basket

525.lamps and lamp repair items

526.2 boxes of throw pillows etc.

527.set of Scotty dog wall ornaments

528.early dresser items

529.early Omega cigarette lighter

530.New York rubber corp inflatable items

531.2 boxes of linen curtains, doilies, and misc. fabric of 6 silver items

533.6 boxes of early glass Christmas ornaments

534.asst early plates and cups of asst plates, cups and glassware

536.moose hide of mid century Christmas decorations

538.early crazy quilt and asst bedding

539.asst handkerchiefs, etc.

540.asst throw pillows, throw rugs and misc. fabric

541.metal warmer ?

542.metal kettle

543.tin spray gun

544.big metal basin of metal parts, square metal box w/a lid of glass lamp shades and a butter dish

546.hay fever salve and an early atomizer of Pepsi glass bottles of early apothecary bottles

549.asst tin pots and pans

550.4 boxes of asst planters, dishes, etc. of mid century electric Christmas window candles

552.Chamber Pot

553.2 Enamel Items: Basin, Pot; an Everlast # 5008 Ice Box, etc.

554.Torso Mannikin35" Tall

555.Light Fixtures, Etc.

556.2 Boxes: Plates, Brown Bottles and Early Kitchen Red Wooden Handle Utensils, Etc.

557.Doilies, Table Runners, Etc.

558.6 Glass Milk Bottles: E.W. Milheim and Sons Each x 6

559.2 Boxes of Wilkie Collins Books

560.Early Asco Tin, Heavy White Pieces

561.Glass Items

562.Aluminum Items, Etc.

563.Early Books

564.Pictures, Prints and Frames

565.The New Yorker Magazines, 1970's

566.Empire Foot Stool with Wooden Legs

567.2 Biltrite Suitcases

568.Glass Light Shades

569.4 Boxes, Groups of Early Records

570.Early and contemporary Ceiling Light Fixtures

571.Foot Stool with Wooden Legs

572.Curtains, a Hat Box with Lady's Hats and Other Linens

573.Assorted Frames

574.2 Boxes of Blankets, Cloth Napkins, Doilies, Etc.

575.Early Table Linens, Lace Edging and a Lady's Hair Comb

576.Deer Leg and Antler Electric Lamp

577.Doilies, Table Runners.

578.Leather Chair with an Extra Seat

579.A Stack and a Box of Record Album Collections

580.Brass 14" Pitcher Style Candleholders

581.Group of Atlases

582.Aluminum and other Metal Items

583.Lot of Beads on a String

584.43x72" Oriental Rug

585.2 Oriental Rugs

586.Love Seat and an Early Hand Fan

587.Pittsburgh Paints Wooden Yard Stick, Assorted Frames

588.Midi, Made in France, Imported Velour Body Lady's Hat

589.Silverware, some is Utica Stainless

590.Lounge Chair

591.Wooden Foot Board to a Bed

592.Carved Wood Table Leg Base Only

593.Taylor Thermometer and Paper Chinese Lanterns

594.33x20x24" flat top trunk, Stenciled M.E.McClelland, Troy, PA

595.20x13" Early Wooden Framed Mirror

596.1 Zenith Trans- Oceanic Radio in Case, Model 8G005

597.1 Zenith Trans- Oceanic Radio in Case, Model 8G005

598.2 Boxes of Assorted Crochet Doilies and Table Cloths

599.Aprons, Etc.

600.Early Enamel Spoons, Etc.

601.Early Magazines

602.3 Boxes of Encyclopedias, Etc.

603.2 Boxes: A GE Model # AVT 160-25541 Vacuum Cleaner With Attachments; 1 Box of Electrolux Attachments

604.Assorted Extension Cords and Christmas Candle Window Lights

605.2 Lamp parts

606.Early Fabric Curtains

607.Leather Suitcase: Genuine Milock, Milwaukee Stamping Co. = Brass/ JRS on Suitcase

608.Group of Blankets, Tapestries, and an Early Quilt, Oriental rug pieces

609.Lap Quilt

610.2 Living Room Chairs: International Furniture Co. mohair Each x 2

611.2 boxes of cloth table napkins and coverings of asst sheets and pillow cases

613.2 boxes of drapes

614.2 boxes of asst crock items, etc.

615.stack of assorted plates and a box of asst items including a metal oil can of asst small lamp shades w/asst phones, etc. of asst rolled posters etc.

619.asst books on raising rabbits

620.early tied quilt

621.hat box full of early documents

622.1960's Daily Reviews

623.3 wooden chairs w/high backs Each x 3

624.1 tin and 2 enamel items, vase a bowl etc.

625.6 plates marked H. Burgess

626.2 boxes of asst Knick knacks etc.

627.8 salt and pepper shakers

628.velvet metal tobacco and pipe box

629.5 pcs of enamel

630.2 boxes of asst table linens and napkins

631.2 early electric coffee makers

632.manicure set and mirror in an early decorative box

633.Art Deco blue mirror glass top wood end table

634.Europe at War book 1914

635.Mechanical drawing Book by CL Adams 1913

636.3 lamp shades and 2 electrical lamps

637.Taylor Thermometer and Paper Lanterns w/slicer, photographs, calendars etc.

639.approx. 8" green depression glass bucket w/handle

640.ceiling light cover and toilet paper holder w/toilet paper stamped with $100 bills of asst silver ware

642.2 boxes of asst table linens, curtains, ironing board cover etc. of asst candles

644.Early radio RCA Victor, damaged veneer

645.fabric covered box w/sewing supplies inside

646.early autograph book, asst early postcards

647.tin type of asst silver ware some stainless

649.mid century metal lamp

650.2 mid century matching lamps

651.wooden mug and porcelain rabbit

652.stack of Ladies home Journals from 1906
653.Box of enamel and scribble items of misc. dishes etc.

655.Stangl dishware

656.lot of Century medical books

657.sugar and creamer

658.Jar of marbles

659.3 blue glass canning jars

660.28x35" Wood Framed Mirror

661.deleted item

662.3 Wood Table Leaves: 13 1/2x 42"

663.Group of Wood Framed Mirrors

664.Large Wall Mirror With Mirror Tiles, some detached in box: 36x66"

665.Walnut Victorian Head Board: 62" Wide

666.Wood Framed Mirror: 20 1/2 x 44"

667.2 Boxes of Assorted Nails, Tacks, Alarm Clock, IREY Shoe Store Shoe Horn, Early Matches, Manicure Set, a Belt, Shot Gun Shells, Etc.

668.Tapestry Fabric Pieces, Drapes, a Throw Pillow, an early Quilt

669.5 Bottles of ToniK Cologne

670.Presto Toaster/Broiler in Original Box

671.Upholstery Fabric Pieces, a Large Woven Rug

672.Wooden Shutters

673.Wood Framed Mirror: 12x19"

674.Portrait of a Couple in a Wood Frame

675.Glass Candle Holder

676.31" Large Circular Mirror

677.Foot Stool and Picture Frames

678.Netting Material--Heavy

679.Mirrors and Picture Frames

680.Ironstone Plates and others

681.Hand Made Placemats, an Early Ledger, a Wood Picture Frame and a Metal Lid

682.Moe-ridges Lamp

683.Metal Electric Lamp

684.2 Boxes of Lamps, Light Fixtures and Shades

685.2 Boxes of Curtains, Tie Backs and Fabric

686.16" Diameter White Glass Light Shade

687.A Throw, Pieces of Muslim with Writing on them, a Rag Drape

688.Woven Coverlet

689.Approximately 3x10' Metal Frame

690.Gold Framed Oval Portrait

691.1 Wood Framed Mirror with a Picture marked Frank H, DSSCX and a Wooden Serving Tray

692.Wood Framed Mirror, Early Picture Frames

693.Bat Trap A and J Barone

694.Used Greeting Cards

695.Heavy Drapes, Doilies and Table Linens

696.Glass Shades

697.Charles Dickens Books+

698.Old Magazines and Newspapers

699.1923, 1945 Magazines and Newspapers, Etc.

700.Early 1900's St. Nicholas Magazines

701.The Delineator Magazines, circa 1908

702.21x25 wood framed oval mirror

703.20x25 wood framed canvas painting

704.21x25 wood frame w/glass

705.2 women's wigs and a foam head

706.20x33 wood framed mirror

707.approx. 6'x4' Oriental rug of wooden clothes pins

709.Crewel work wall hanging

710.5 E.W. Milheim and son glass milk bottles Each x 5 w/7 asst books

712.5 glass lids

713.wooden easel

714.carved wood

715.4 boxes of asst table and bed coverings w/asst tins, light fixture, toaster etc.

717.2 suitcases and 2 leather bags

718.46x78 mirror and an oval shaped mirror

719.wooden end table

720.Early rocking chair and pillow

721.wicker corner hamper and a footstool

722.Early handmade quilt

723.Early handmade quilt

724.early pieced tied quilt star pattern

725.approx. 10 ft wooden ladder

726.early woven coverlet

727.contemporary wing back chair

728.mid century modern chair of doilies and other handwork items

730.Philco floor model radio. Model 90 Super Heterodyne

731.wood and leather unique chair

732.early wooden slaw cutter

733.3 asst early electric toasters

734.enamel bucket and 3 lids jar of asst silverware

736.white glass ceiling light globe

737.early quilt

738.big box of mid century draperies

739.Brother sewing machine in a wood floor cabinet

740.lot of asst chair cushions and draperies

741.approx. 4'x3' wall hanging mirror w/etched mirror edging

742.5 drawer Empire 2/3 drawer dresser with glass pulls of early asst books

744.6 chrome mid century kitchen chairs

745.asst shades, early garden hoes and table legs

746.3 tables (middle row, contents not included) Each x 3

747.small wooden table

748.asst draperies

749.metal train, wooden rolling pin etc.

750.2 hanging light fixtures magazines, 1937,1938,1939,1949,and 1950 magazines 1989-1993

753.good housekeeping 1937

754.2 glass jars w/corks

755.crazy quilt piece

756.4 chenille bedspreads

757.25 Peterson's magazines 1865-1868

758.2 boxes of champagne glasses Leerdam Holland Crystal

759.qty of early photographs

760.lot of framed prints and photographs

761.framed photographs and paintings

762.two boxes of asst candles

763.purple and white coverlet drapes

765.mink stole

766.asst ceiling light fixtures one is hanging for display Mid Century of asst mid century books

768.rotary wall phone and an aluminum tray

769.wooden hinged carved box

770.Westport toilet seat

771.bamboo stand

772.Empire No 7 bed frame

773.shelving, tiki lights etc.

774.Rosewood table top original square grand piano top

775.rolls of asst fabric

776.46x26" Walnut Victorian gallery piece

777.4 Scrapbooks: Cats, Flowers, Birds, Etc.

778.Towanda Newspapers About the Sesquicentennial

779.Troy Newspapers, Dated 1963 and 1954

780.2 Early Magazines, 1924, 1= The Building Age and 1= The Builder's Journal

781.Newspapers Regarding the End of WWII

782.Paper Catalogues

783.Books about Birds

784.Books on Art

785.Books on Music

786.Metal Desk Lamp and a Garment Bag Suitcase, Samsonite

787.Mid-Century Chrome and Plastic Kitchen Chair

788.Satin Wall Hanging with Unusual Rod, Approximately 51" Wide

789.Copper Electric Lamp

790.3 White Glass Ceiling Light Shades

791.Glass Coffee Maker, Carafe

792.10 American Artist, 1960's, 1970's Magazines

793.1960's House Beautiful Magazines, Etc.

794.1 Gunn's New Family Physician and 1 Merck Manual of Medical Information

795.Mademoiselle Magazines, 1939, 1940

796.1926 Americana

797.Animate Creation by Rev. J. G. Wood (no front cover) American Zoology

798.Early American Life Magazines, 1970's

799.5 Paperback Books on History

800.2 Wooden Frames

801.White Glass Globe/Shade

802.Framed 29x39" , 'Rydal Water, Montgomery Ansell', Damaged

803.Variety of Newspapers

804.Large Lot of National Geographic Magazines

805.Antique Magazines

806.Leather Bound Scrapbook (Nothing on Pages)

807.College Beanie with a Yellow B on the front, Size Medium

808.Filing Drawer with a Wooden Stick in it / An Early Hat Box? ' Wells Fargo and Co. Express

809.Lot of Table Protectors, Various Sizes

810.American Fl

811.Skis, Ski Boots, Dowel Rods, Etc.

812.Science Magazines

813.The Youth's Companion Newspapers, 1920

814.2 Magazines: The 1972 Flood

815.Wonder Pen Wood Burning Set

816.Roddy's Complete Geography Book

817.Antique Magazine, 1960's-1990's

818.Hello' Magazines, dated late 1990's and 2000's

819.2 Glass Hanging Ceiling Light Fixtures

820.A Sailor's Shirt

821.Country Life Magazines and a Bound Volume of Country Life

822.Garden Magazines

823.6 Harper's Bazaar, dated 1929-1932

824.2 Hanging Ceiling Lights

825.2 Metal Desk Top Filing Items

826.Ebony Magazines, 1990's

827.1960's Lady Magazines

828.Assorted Lady's Magazines

829.2 Books: The Adventures of America, 1857-1900/ Caricature: The Wit and Humor of a Nation In Picture, Song and Story

830.American Magazines

831.Scrap Book of Dried Herbs and Flowers

832.Early Children's Books

833.American Heritage Books, 1960's 1970's

834.TV Guide Magazines

835.American Home Magazines

836.New York Magazines

837.Smithsonian Magazines

838.Newsweek Magazines

839.Victoria Magazines, Etc.

840.Home D�cor Magazines

841.Assorted Magazines

842.Playboy Magazines, 1960's 1970's, Includes all Months for 1961

843.Star Magazines, Mostly late 1990's and 2000's

844.Country Home, Colonial Homes, Country Living, Home Style, Etc.

845.The New Yorker Magazines, 1970's

846.Box of Canton and Other Locality Phone Books

847.Wood Framed Stained Glass Window: 33x53 1/2" (crack in glass)

848.Carved Wood Work, a Wicker Planter and Other Items

849.2 metal electric early Railroad signal lanterns, 1 says Handlan, the other says Dresser Each x 2

850.Propane tanks and some lumber and fire extinguisher

851.lot of asst wooden shutters

852.lot of pcs of marble including sink top

853.qty of louvered shutters

854.interior and exterior solid wooden doors

855.early garden tools, lumber etc.

856.copper corner gutters and wire mesh

857.sledge hammer

858.early puller

859.2 wedges

860.2 wedges

861.metal watering can

862.lot w/windows, screen door etc.

863.early pedestal sink

864.lot of asst windows in wood frames

865.toilet w/tools etc.

866.claw foot bath tub and some primitive tools

867.florescent light and extra light bulb

868.wood beam and a 2x12 board

869.early bicycle

870.Western flyer 3 speed hand brakes bike

871.early bike

872.lot of asst grease guns, galvanized bucket, etc.

873.Tioga county court house wood pillars plus shelf above it w/attachments pillars are approx. 11 feet

874.heavy rope and sailboat wall shelf

875.early runner sleigh

876.wire frames

877.wooden book shelf including shutters , stain glass window and early wooden organ w/drill hammer yard stick etc.

879.wooden box w/leather handle and doll inside

880.lot of rake, sprayer, wooden molding pc etc.

881.lot of screen record albums and pcs of wood

882.lot of 2 wooden Adirondack chairs, table cane seat rocker and misc. tools

883.Broil King Toaster Oven, Gallon Glass Jars, Speed Charge, Electrical, Etc.

884.Cane Rockers, Misc. Tools, Step End Table, Etc.

885.2 Wooden Boxes and a Folding Chair with Contents

886.Stoneware Bowl, Citrus Squeezer, Brass, Copper, Stangl items, Old Sifter

887.Masonry, Painting Items and some Damaged Purses

888.Stairway or Balcony Spindles

889.Copper Gutter and Folded Copper

890.100x44" Wall Panel

891.Metal Jack, Tire Irons and a Wrought Piece

892.Antlers, Glasses, Sea Shells, Wire, Etc.

893.Early Door Hardware, Etc.

894.34x15x14" Green Wood Box, Saw Chain, Caulking Gun

895.KoldAir Metal Fan

896.Plane, Axe and a Hammer

897.5 Metal and Early Plastic Lights

898.2 Glass Gallon Jugs

899.3 Framed: 1 WWI document, 2 Pictures

900.Cunard Line Suitcase

901.Approximately 15' Section of Wood Structure and a 2x2' Board

902.8 Shutters and a Broken Stained Glass Window

903.11 Shutters

904.7 Clocks

905.Wood Handled Drill

906.Enamel Items

907.Empty Tennessee Lager Cans

908.Shoe Stretchers

909.Early Green Bicycle

910.Early Blue Bicycle

911.Insulation, Old Suitcases, Library Ladder, Bicycle Baskets, and Quantity Boards

912.Wood Pillar Supports

913.Quantity Louvered Shutters


915.Lots of Boards and zn interior Door

916.A Cupboard with Contents, a Snow Saucer, Rope Soil, Boards and a Sign, Etc.

917.A Nordic Track, a Sears Exercise Bike and an Alpine Tracker

918.Wooden Hand Rails and a Long Board

919.35x15x15" Wood Chest

920.Advertising Crates--6

921.2 Large Blue Enamel Lights

922.Hanging Electric Candle Chandeliers--2

923.Small Black and White Enamel Pitcher

924.Metal Building parts and Some Wrought Iron Pieces

925.Steam Iron Attachment in Original Box: Increases the heat

926.2 Wicker Baskets and a Wooden Piece

927.Items Along the Basement Wall, Pipes, Boards, Etc.

928.5 Doors and 4 Snow Shovels and 2 large Particle Board Pieces

929.Brass Floor Lamp 50"

930.Corner: Fluorescent Bulbs, Floor Brush, Snow Shovel, Rake, Aluminum Ladder, Rubbermaid Garbage Can, Mid Century Tin, Heavy Pulling Chain, Dishes, Etc.

931.Shovel Luan Board, Cast Iron Base, Boards

932.Lot Against Cellar Wall, Gutter, Desk, Copper Pipe, Canning Jars, Salt/Pepper Shakers, Plumbing

933.Wooden Shelves against Basement Wall, Marble Shelving Unit, PVC Pipe, Hardware Cloth, Etc.

934.Scrap Wood in Corner of Basement, Molding , Etc.

935.Plastic Bucket with 2 Burlap Bags

936.Plastic Carry Case with Assorted Tools

937.Large Electric Light: HOLOPHANE

938.Lot Against Cellar Back Wall: Wood, Molding and Staircase Pillars

939.Wooden Framed Mirror, University Diploma

940.Push Mower

941.Enamel Light Globe

942.4 Cast Iron Pieces

943.Wood Crate: Bottles

944.Lot of Assorted Wood Trimming, Boards, and a Wooden Butcher Block Table

945.Wood Table with Contents: Crate, Mounted Antlers, Glass, Roll of Screen, Mops, Etc.

946.Whole Wooden Counter with All Contents: Framed Windows, Wood Door

947.Enamel Container With Assorted Silverware

948.Brown and White Crock with the # 6

949.Brown and White Crock with the # 5

950.Enamel Straining Bucket with a Wooden Handle and an Enamel Round Roaster

951.Milk Strainer

952.Lot of Assorted Enamel Pans and Bowls

953.Capital Motor Oil Tin with Contents

954.Early Desk Lamp and a Master Electrician Round Cover and Lamp Holders

955.Coal Bucket

956.Aluminum Ice Cube Trays, Juicer, Candle Holder, Silverware

957.Wooden Crate with a Mid Century Androck Flour Sifter and an early Food Mill

958.Aluminum Tub with Assorted Ropes

959.Wood Framed Wheel Barrow

960.3 Wooden Crates, 1 Says Yuma Dome Valley Melons, Cal-zone Inc., S&S Brand

961.Large Wood Pieces: 8x8's, 1 1/2x23", and Wooden Trim Pieces

962.Wood Box 43x31x32 With Play Sand

963.Wood Table with contents: 2 Wood Half Doors and Large Plastic Pallet

964.Assorted Wooden Molding and Trim Pieces

965.Wood in the Middle of the Room

966.Enamel Pot and another Large Metal Pot

967.Enamel Pie Plate, and Early Wood Handled Food Mill, Etc.

968.3 Chamber Pots

969.Cross country 1 lb. metal duster

970.small enamel basin and cup

971.asst enamel items

972.early sweeper

973.Wood Handled Drill

974.large wooden table w/items on top, nails, boots, etc.

975.large green wooden table w/items on top and pallet underneath, flag, nails, pictures etc.

976.items in corner of basement, orchard ladders, shingles etc.

977.large green wooden cupboard in basement w/contents inside and on top

978.large pillar as is

979.holding tank and pump/motor

980.large work bench against wall in basement w/items on and under it, grinder, pots and pans, etc.

981.large metal leg table against basement wall w/contents wooden crates, pots and pans etc.

982.2 boxes of decorative cast iron

983.metal shelf unit against cellar wall, w/table leaf holder, screen, planters, ash shovel bone handled knife, hinges etc.

984.metal shelf unit in corner of basement w/contents including pcs of marble, asst jars etc.

985.enamel basin w/contents

986.metal cabinet against basement wall w/items including antlers, heavy chains brooder light, broom etc.

987.2 boxes of asst small bottles

988.lot of asst trays and cosmetic carry case

989.early tobacco tin w/contents

990.3 farming implements

991.metal container w/asst contents dresser pulls and hinges

992.metal cart w/mid century metal bread box

993.lot of asst enamel items

994.2 cake servers, 1 marked sterling handle, 1 marked stainless on the server part

995.lot of asst enamel items

996.cast iron pillar

997.GE early desk lamp

998.asst enamel items

999.asst copper pieces

1000.Rockwell circular saw in metal case

1001.6 glass milk bottles Each x 6

1002.early wood and cast iron pulley

1003.early electric toaster

1004.large pot

1005.large metal egg basket

1006.enamel basin and 3 glass gallon jugs

1007.Cedar Ledge early postcards

1008.1868 West Burlington map

1009.1868 Franklin map


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